Quint was a young Pokemon trainer that Team Devastator captured and experimented on. As a result of the experiments, her mind is now half-human, half-Gardevoir. She was rescued by, and is now a member of, Team Protectorate.


Part of Team Devastator's experiments with her was to create a human with the powers of a Pokemon. However, with no apparent powers at first and the Pokemon mind semi-dominant, she was marked as a failure. However, as time went on, Quint developed the ability to use Psychic type Pokemon moves, as well as any that Gardevoir can learn, like Energy Ball and Charge Beam. However, her human half allows her to use more than 4 moves.


With a partial Pokemon mind now, Quint has quit as a Pokemon trainer, prefering to use her own skills in battle.

With the partial mind of a Gardevoir, she also has a special affinity to Pokemon, allowing her to befriend them easily.


  • Like Lieutenant Natalie, Quint is based off of the Hellcat Squadran character Natalia Llehctim, but to the extent that both are experiments made by both Leinads' enemies, but end up joining their respective Leinads' faction. However, a difference is the IceBite, the User does plan on adding Quint, abait with a slightly changed back-story, into the Hellcat Squadran series.