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RB:The Kanto Story is a series like HGSS:The Jotho Saga(it gave me the insparation for this,since my edits were all erased!)


Red Blaze:

Red is a starting trainer,with a powerful personality.

Blue Oak:

Red's Rival,he is strong & Confedient.

Green Grassland:

A pretty girl.

Season 1

01.The First Day!

02.Green Appears!

03.Kangaskhan's Sercret!

04.Wild Pikachu in the Streets!

05.Rise Of The Onix!

06.Gyara,The Wild Gyarados.

07.Who's Koga?

08.The Cascade Badge!

09.The Fear-ow!

10.Voltorb Up!

11.Buzz off,Electabuzz!

12.That's Snolax!


14.I Hate Arboks!

Season 2

15.Wartortle Wars!

16.One Mad Tauros.

17.The Jynx Jinx

18.A Tale of Ninetales

19.Blame it on the Cute Eevee


21.Versus.Vileplume,Pt 2.

22.What's A Nidoking?

23.One Weird Victreebel!

24.Rise Of Magmar!

25.What,A Dragonite!

26.You Know....Articuno!

27.The Fiery Moltres!

28.Kalling Kadabra!

Season 3:


30.Battle Of The Golbat!

31.Zap!Zap!Zap! The Zapdos!

32.Return of Articuno!

33.The Winged Legends!

34.Mewtwo,Pt 1.

35.Mewtwo,Pt 2


37.Golly Golem!

38.What's a Nidoqueen?

39.Capture The Spearow.

40.Red Or Blue!Who Will Become The Champion?(Final Episode)

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