An Arceus that has a heart full of darkness is trying to make the world abide to his evil ways. Very few are powerful enough to make a single point of damage on him, much less defeat him. It is up to (Maximum number: 50) Pokémon to stop him! This RP is in paragraph form. Minor cursing is allowed.

Dark arceus judgement


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"Heh, those Pokémon will never resist my trap of darkness! The world will plunge into chaos at my command!" Dark arceus plotted. He was just in it for the pleasure of evil!


"Hey everyone!" Thai the Tyranitar walked into Spinda Cafe, where many exploration teams are gathered. "I have some grave news to tell you, but I also have some good news. Which do you want first?" Thai asked.

Grace looked up from chatting with her Team. "In my opinion, I'd like the good news first. It'll be hard to make it seem so good if we knew the Grave news first."

Yang looked back and forth at Grace and "How about you combine the good news with the grave news?"

His team gave him cold looks, and he lowered his head.

"Just tell us already," said Pancaran, looking slightly impatient.

"The bad news is that something dark is wreaking havoc on our plan. We don't know what. The good news is, if you join the team to stop it, you get a lifetime supply of your desired gummies for you and your teams!" Thai exclaimed.

Team RockBurn exchanged bored looks. "Well, we don't have anything better to do..." MeganF said.

"A lifetime supply of gummies?" said Jengi, looking interested. Wysteria slapped him lightly on the back of his head.

"We're not doing this for the gummies," she said.

"But we can still have some?"


"Yes, all who would like to join in may join in as long as they are the first 50 to sign up. Write your names and desired types of gummies on the sign up sheet." Thai hands the sign up sheet to MeganF and tells her to pass it around. "This darkness is causing certain mystery dungeons to not work and/or disappear, and is causing earthquakes and great waves to suck the land into the sea."

After Team RockBurn did as Thai instructed, they passed the sheet to the next table.

"Goood, gooooooood. Continue on, teams." Thai calmly agreed.

Team Fighter signed their names next.

The Team Aqua Fire then appeared and signed their name and favorite gummis, and Swimud added "This dark something should never be forgiven. We must use our full power to stop it!!"

A Magnemite slowly approached the table, eying the sheet.

"What, Magnemite? Are you interested?" Thai questioned.

The Magnemite did not answer, but instead he grabbed the sheet, and flew into a pitch-dark section of the Cafe.

Karote, one of the Team Aqua Fire's members, had a terrible feeling after Magnemite did. "That Magnemite didn't want to let us to stop that dark something...”, added Karote.

The Magnemite was no longer in sight, having absconded with the sheet. But on the other side of the section, there was another room. The Magnemite gave the sheet to a dark blue Magneton. "Lieutenant, this is it." "Thank you, Sergeant Iron." Lieutenant Magneton in turn, placed the sheet on a black desk in front of him. A familiar voice said to him: "Something dark, eh? This is not good... So this is the roster list they've been writing up to fight the threat. Good work, Lieutenant. They'll have more assistance soon enough."

"By the way everyone, that's my friend, Lieutenant Magneton. You can leave his team be." Thai motions toward the dark section.


Lieutenant Magneton nodded and said "Thank you, Thai." 1 second after, that same voice acknowledged them. "This is a very interesting document you and your friends wrote here. I hear that you're dealing with someone unspeakably menacing."

"Yes...Commander, this is worse than Satan...I-it's Dark Arceus."

The Commander strongly noted to Thai "Dark Arceus is not to be trifled with, so just so that you make it back in a single piece, you'll need all the help you can get..."

The Team Aqua Fire follows but ended up to see two fainted Magnemite, shrouded in darkness, and aren't noticed by anyone else. One of them said "Dark Arceus...if I is a Dark Type one..." It fainted after for good.

Suddenly, a Rayquaza called Sky, appeared. He saw the critical situation and signed his name and his favorite Gummis. However, he chuckled and thinks "Those fools will fail!" (He just wants to help Dark Arceus.)

"No, no legendaries, please. Dark Arceus uses them." Garchomp sighed, and then scratched out Sky's name.

Sky noticed the rules and shouted "Curses! Take that!!" He uses Ice Beam at Garchomp and added "Those who moves will get hurt, losers!" He then makes a loud evil laugh.

"Sky, you'd better think twice about attacking us..." Sky found himself being choked by Force Grip.

Suddenly, a Zekrom who’s called Thunder save Sky by using Dragon Tail at the Force Grip user and flee Sky. He shouted "Don't harm my friend!!"

The voice shouted "How dare you, traitors!!!" while several Beldum attacked Thunder.

The Pokémon see a faint gold glow from the direction of Thai, and an Arceus walks out outragedly. "WHAT IS GOING ON HERE!? YOU!" The Arceus shouts in Thai's voice, while motioning towards Sky and Thunder, "Get out! The next person to say a word gets a taste of Judgment! NEVER betray anyone while I'm nearby! My golden ability is sometimes a curse, but it helps." There is a glow of golden light again, and Thai re-appears as a Mew. "Now, what happened, Commander? You're lucky that I'm not a true legend, otherwise, you guys would be dead by now...Anyways, answer me, Commander only."

The Commander answered very quickly, and some of the others could not understand what he was saying. "I'll tell you what happened. A Rayquaza named Sky tried to enlist, but his trust was very low, and therefore we saw through his ruse and he attacked us. Then came along a Zekrom who helped out Sky, and both had revealed their true allegiances, so therefore they fled to assist Dark Arceus. When I see them again, I will kill them..."

In the sky, Sky the Rayquaza said "We should warn Dark Arceus about the news. We should hustle!" They head to where Dark Arceus lives, in an unknown place.

"Ah, you, my loyal servants. What do you want?" A menacing voice bellowed.

Sky replied "If it doesn’t make you mad, here's some bad news...As I was in the Café, people (Pokémon) who want to stop you aren't as weak as I suggest..." Then Blazwater added "How your progression of darkness?"

"Did you understand any of that, Thai?" The Commander asked while tapping the desk in the dark room.

"Absolutely not, too many imbeciles were talking."

"Man we're sorry about that, Thai." Swimud excused, and then as he was insulted as imbecile, he replied "Oh, and you take that back!"

"No, because you were being imbeciles. I told you that the next person to talk without my permission got judgment. That's kinda stupid in my book. You're lucky that I don’t want to be charged for assault by the Exploration Federation, or you would be judged." Thai rolled her eyes.

"Oh, sorry." Swimud responded, who will stay silent after.

"So, Commander, please repeat." Just then, Team HydroShock walked in. Hydro looked sleepy, Amp looked ready to fall over, Gliscor was dragging himself across the floor, and Lagoon carried a sleeping Charizard on her back, looking tired herself. The Commander looked at Team HydroShock while tapping the desk. He said to them "Ahh, Team HydroShock. I expected that you would arrive here with the others. You all look worn out, though."

"Bleh. Ran...all" Hydro sputtered, then fainted. Lieutenant Magneton shook his heads and remarked "This doesn't usually happen with you.". He then looked at the rest of Team HydroShock. "Does it happen with her?" he asked. Strangely enough, they were all sleeping or fainted by then.

"Shadow?" asked Pancaran, looking confused.

"Let me look into Hydro's mind really quick..." Thai said. "Wow! It's Darkrai! He's the shadow! Dark Arceus must have got him!"

"Darkrai?!" cried Pancaran.

"This is bad," Jengi muttered.

Lieutenant Magneton quickly responded to Thai. "This isn't possible! How?!!"

"I don't know! Whatever it is, I'm sure he gave them nightmares!" Just then, Hydro stirs. "AAAAHHH!!!!!!!!"

The sudden sound sent Lieutenant Magneton flying backward into the desk, the resulting impact causing him to collapse into separate pieces.

"Hehhhhh.....Chhhheeeehhhhh.....Beheragon! Zizinerate! ATTACK!"

A great burst of fire exploded onto the building containing the heroes.


Sergeant Iron rushed to Lieutenant Magneton and alerted him. "The cafe is being attacked! An explosion just occurred on the roof!" Lieutenant Magneton reassembled himself and said "We must defend the place!"

Another explosion of fire occurred right at the front door.

"It's time...." Thai uses Stealth Rock on the walls of the entire cafe. "There is no escaping without a fight!" Thai then uses Stone Edge on Zizinerate, and then Focus Blast on Beheragon. She then uses Dragon Dance to gain even more power.

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The Stone Edge crashed into Zizinerate. It retaliated with a Fire Blast, aiming to set the building aflame. And then Beheragon came into view. It roared and lumbered towards the building. However, team Aqua Fire catches it. Swimud uses Ice Beam against Beheragon while Burner hit it with Quick Attack. Thai then fires Focus Cannon at it. (Multiple Focus Blasts fires in quick succession.) Quenia fires multiple Power Gems at it too.

The Quick Attack glanced off of the Legendary's thick hide. However, the Ice Beam caught its attention. With an angered roar, it charged at Swimud while the Focus Cannon and Power Gem attacks were intercepted by Zizinerate's Fire Blast. The result was an incredible explosion. Swimud yelped, but then use Ice Beam again in order to save himself, then ran in full speed then hide in a river in order to hide from either Beheragon or Zizinerate.

(HZ - Are Beheragon, Leviamort, and Zizinerate entirely separate Pokemon, or are they a Groudon, Kyogre, and Rayquaza with different names?)
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"Coward...he will never see my defeat. He is far too weak." Dark Arceus murmured. Sky murmured at his turn. "Yeah, they should think twice before they dare to stop you."

The explosion engulfed the building in a shockwave. Out of the smoke, Zizinerate flew at our heroes, screeching. Suddenly, it was intercepted by an Aura Sphere. It halted in mid-air, shaking its head. At that time, Rawnblade threw herself at the Legendary, her horn glowing brightly.


Unfortunately, Zizinerate managed to recover and struck the Dynastross hard with one flaming wing. She let out an agonized cry and went flying, taking out Jengi in the process.


Without warning, a large beam of electricity struck Zizinerate, followed by a Water/Rock/Electric Tri-Attack.

Suddenly... "DREH!" A Hydreigon comes into view, along with a Metagross, a Roserade, and a Frosslass. The Hydreigon uses a strange electric attack, which flares up into the sky then comes crashing down on Beheragon and Zizinerate. "Always trust Athobus Spectrum to do it's job." Infinity murmured.

"Team Aex," Thai yelled over the commotion, "Where are Detritex, Epsilon and Saysayylene?" "They were taken...By Dark Arceus! I always warned them just to use powerful normal Pokémon instead of legendaries!" Waqron yelled.

Swimud had gotten out of the river and raise his hand in order to speak, as Thai is there and he doesn't want to be judged if he doesn’t. He taps the ground with his foot slowly while waiting Thai's authorization. "Go Ahead." Then Swimud ask "Do you think we are screwed if we fought immune legendary Pokémon like Dialga X, as it is also a legendary Pokémon?" "What do you mean? Dialga X is a member of Team HydroShock, he's on our side. It's too bad he can't fit in treasure town with his immense size, otherwise, Dark Arceus's minions would be screwed."

Lieutenant Magneton stopped frozen, then shouted in alarm. Lt. Magneton (alarmed) "Of all of those he had to kidnap, Dark Arceus took Detritex, Epsilon, and Saysayylene?!!!!!!"

The combined forces of Team Aex's attack sent Zizinerate crashing to the ground. Beheragon merely shrugged off the electricity, although it was starting to look slightly weary. It lunged at Team Aex, its monstrous mouth open to use Crunch. However, Frostia used Blizzard at Beheragon's mouth and hits. Then all of a sudden, a large yellow tail smacked Beheragon into the air, and far across the ground.

Suddenly... "CODE 240!" [A Flat Hydro Cannon, Thunder, Frenzy Plant, Aerial Guillotine, Muddy Hydro Cannon, and a Fire Blast hit Zizinerate and Beheragon and send them flying. "Miss us?" Hydro asked.

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"Good one!" Thai shouted over... Lieutenant Magneton continued his fight against the attackers, throwing a triple SonicBoom at them.

"Ghuuuaaah! Stop this fighting at once!" All of a sudden, a large, gray clawed, ghostly white scaled foot came crashing down on the ground, causing the ground to shudder, and the fighting to cease. "I am Dialga X! This must stop!" Sergeant Iron and Lieutenant Magneton froze at the sight of Dialga X, terrified.

Dialga Roar

Dialga Roar

2 Octillery crawled out to assist Lieutenant Magneton. Clinger jumped upon seeing Dialga X, refusing to go any further. Latchgrip tried to calm him down. "Easy, Clinger."

"I came to stop the fighting, not cause a fight. I won't hurt you, Clinger." Dialga mumbled.

5 Metang promptly flew outside as ordered, and a Metagross followed them. "You there!" The Metagross pointed, and indicated Dialga X.

"What do you want?" Dialga X questioned the Metagross. He promptly answered Dialga X. "His Excellency wishes to speak with you at once."

"Ah. Too bad I can't fit in Spinda Cafe. He must come out here." Dialga X murmured.

2 black Metagross immediately marched out of the Cafe and stood at attention. "And it shall be so." Dialga X waits. "Dialga X, I would say this was an unexpected arrival, had the situation not convinced me otherwise."

"Yes, I noticed some commotion in Spinda Café, and remembered that many exploration teams like to stay around there, and came to check it out. Are you in need of assistance?"

The Commander immediately answered his question. "We're enlisting teams so to stop Dark Arceus in his tracks. However, a few legendaries turned traitor and began their attacks. All 3 of them lashed out against this very Café, to be more precise. Now it is of higher priority to defeat the menace; heed my advice." "I will join you in this quest. My uncle can not control me." Dialga X sighed. "I appreciate you lending a hand in this cause. Will you be able to sign the roster?" The Commander asked him. "I have telekinesis, I've already signed." Dialga X replied.

"Excellent. Welcome to the coalition of defenders." The Commander responded quickly. "That'll be a great help for all of us." Another voice echoed. "What should we do next?" Dialga X questioned. "Your uncle will not get away with what he plans to do." The Commander pointed to the sheet again. "But even with your help, we still need more on this roster." "Well, there are many more teams out there that we know can assist in our cause, some of them very skilled." The echoing voice next to him added. "Which teams are these?" Dialga X inquired, "I can find them for you." The Commander answered his question. "Easily said. One of the teams is Team Seaweed."

"I'll summon them." Dialga X roars, and Team Seaweed appears. "Huh?" Swampert cried out. "It's been a long time since we last saw you, Team Seaweed. I must note that this was quite an entrance." The Commander stated. Lieutenant Magneton flew to them. "It's good to see you again." "Thanks, Lightning. Now, what are we here for?"

The Commander answered them. "It's Dark Arceus. He threatens us all by planning to shroud everything in darkness." "We'll need as much support as possible in order to stop him." A familiar voice echoed. "We'll help at any cost, Lightning. Sign us up." Swampert clenched her fist. "I'd have to ask you, Jungle, and Maggie to sign it personally. Only then will you be officially on this roster." The Commander affirmed to them. "Got it!" The team signed their names on the roster. Afterwards, the Commander took the sheet and looked it over. "Excellent. Welcome to this coalition."

"Wait, I have another to summon." Dialga X roars, and a Charmander appears.

"Guh-wha-whuh?" the Charmander cried, obviously confused about where he was. "Oh. Umm... let's see... Question one. WHAT THE FUDGE AM I DOING HERE?!" the Charmander proceeded to exclaim in question.

"You were called here to fight against evil because of your abilities. Victor, give him the summary." Dialga X rumbled. "As you wish." The Commander immediately explained. "If you don't already know, grave danger is impending on everyone. Dark Arceus threatens and plans to shroud everything in darkness. Therefore, much cooperation is needed in order to stop him."

"So, then. How much more powerful is this Dark Arceus than Arceus itself?" Char asked, only seeming to care that we was being drafted to fight against an omnipotent being.

"The only difference between them is their morals. Dark Arceus stands for evil." The Commander continued. "That's why he must be stopped."

"...Wait. That's i... Well, it makes sense Arceus hasn't helped himself," Char responded. "I guess I'll help."

"Dark Arceus can control all legendary Pokémon but the first born of their kind. Arceus and Dialga X are some of those." Thai grumbled.

"Great, sounds like another red spy problem," Char sighed. "Oh, and who are you guys anyway?" Char asked, looking a bit confused now.

"We're all members of exploration teams. I'm Thai, leader of Team Strike. We're Hyper Rank, and our members are over here." Thai motions towards her team. "Team HydroShock over there is a 2 star secret master rank team containing Dialga X as master, Hydro as leader, Amp as co-leader, Gliscor, Venusaur and Lagoon as supporters, and Charizard as supporter-in-training. Team Aex is of unknown rank, and contains Infinity, Waqron, Saysayylene, Detritex, Isecali, Epsilon and Iris. It's sad, since Detritex, Saysayylene and Epsilon are legendaries, and have been controlled by Dark Arceus. Oh yeah, Dark Arceus is Dialga X's uncle." Thai explained.

"Hi. I'm Char Y. I. Flamesong; just ignore everything else but Char. As you can see, I'm... a Charmander," Char explained.

Lieutenant Magneton, Clinger, and Latchgrip lined up in formation. "We're Team StormBlitz..." The voice was from Pikachu XXV, who immediately walked out and joined the formation with the rest of them. "...and we're part of this coalition to save everyone!"

"Alright, I guess that covers everyone. So, is there anything needing to be questioned?" Char asked. "Yeah, there is. How come WE'RE not part of this?" a Quilava loudly moaned as he walked into the cafe with his teammates, a blue Eevee and a Bulbasaur with a black bandanna scarf with the standard-issue Rescue Badge pinned right on it. "This sheet is a roster. All you have to do is sign it, and you'll be part of our cause." Lieutenant Magneton explained. "However, you must promise your loyalty to this cause..." The Commander warned them. The Quilava sighed. "Honestly, I think I've been dragged into a cult for fighting evil... but, since I was the one who got interested, sure," Kaywer blurted out, looking evilly at his teammates afterwards in a 'do it or die' way. Both the blue Eevee and the Bulbasaur nodded their heads, although not much in fear, and signed their names as well. Lieutenant Magneton read it over. "A rescue team. (((We don't see many of those around here...))) Okay then. Welcome aboard."

"Welcome indeed." Dialga X mumbled. "It's a bit too early to be getting comfortable here." The Commander noted. "We still need more teams to help out, and the roster numbers aren't high enough yet." Pikachu reminded them.

"You sure? I think the combined power levels here top an Arceus's by far..." Char muttered, having somehow put a scouter on his left temple; and it seemed like it was about to explode, though it didn't.

"Maybe my father. But my uncle can CONTROL all the other legendaries, in addition to having amazing power himself. His hide is so thick and resistant to attack that it's even hard to land one point of damage on him" Dialga X closed his eyes in sadness.

"Don't lose your resolve now!" The Commander sternly admonished him. "Get a hold of yourself!"

"I'll never lose control, but, all my family has. Now my son, granddaughter and great-grandson have been controlled. My uncle will pay!" Dialga X opens his eyes, and instead of being a bluish color, they're now the normal Dialga red.

Dialga Roar

Dialga Roar

Find the X's!

"This is unjust! Entirely unjust!" Lieutenant Magneton yelled. The Commander responded to the turn of events. "That's even more reason to take him down. Once this coalition is ready and when we find Dark Arceus..." The next set of words was flaring with hatred. "...he will suffer severe consequences..." (((...and suffer violently...)))

"Now, let's find him and end this! Is everyone ready?" Dialga X questioned.

"It would be unreasonable if we weren't, master Dialga," Kaywer quickly responded. Seed and Kori just nodded their heads in response, although that action also signaled that they weren't prepared to be living chatterboxes yet. Char also gave a verbal response, but in a much shorter (and inexplicably ruder) form: "Yeah." "You could say it less rudely." Latchgrip said to Char with a chuckle. Pikachu responded to Dialga X and answered affirmatively "All of us are ready, too."

"Please don't call me that. Master Dialga is my grand-daughter's name...," Dialga X sighed. "Anyways, let’s figure out how to find him, any ideas?"

Lieutenant Magneton came up with an idea. "Why don't we start by searching locations where darkness holds a dominant atmosphere?" Clinger cringed at the thought.

"That finally sounds like a plan," a voice said from the corner. A lone Gallade wearing a hat was standing there, unnoticed before because of the commotion. Latchgrip looked in his direction and asked curiously "Who are you, Gallade?"

"Who let you in this conversation?!" Thai angrily growled, then glared at the hatted Gallade hostilely. "We have enough members already. But if you insist, you can sign up to help us."

"No need to get hostile with potential allies." The Commander informed Thai. "As long as Dark Arceus endangers this planet and possibly the Universe, we can't take any chances, und you know it."

"Oh yes, the signing part," Gallade's face played a smirk. "As far as I'm concerned, I can be let into this action without signing that paper."

"On the contrary." The Commander immediately pointed to the sheet. "Everyone here has signed the roster for this coalition."

"Okay, I guess," the Gallade said and sent a light pink wave towards the sheet. On the piece of paper, a single word started to form. 'Erlay'. "But it's just a formality. I get paid for helping in situations like this." Erlay finished and walked out of his standing spot.

(((Ok, then, Mr. Cocky. Don't get too cocky, or I'm afraid I'll have to erase you from reality itself.))) Infinity sarcastically reminded him in telepathy. (((I really can, you know.))) That time, she was serious.

"I'm hostile to anyone who thinks they can do anything they want. This is no task assigned to the ETF. If I do say so myself, they don't even know about it." Thai rolled her eyes.

"Well I do know about it, Thai of Team Strike," Erlay fixed his hat. "And I am eager to aid in this cause. I leave the lead to whoever wants it," he smirked again, "after all, I never had it. Consider me ETF's reinforcement."

"And where exactly did you hear about it? I'm not assigning it to them. This is my mission, and I refuse to only have one-tenth of the reward I deserve. Also, I'm the LEADER of team strike; I'm not just a member. Anyways, do you know where Dark Arceus is hiding?" Thai questioned.

"Remember when you came in with those good and grave news? That's where I heard it. I was on my daily visit in the Café, and it had nothing to do with my job at ETF. I'm under your command, Thai, leader of Team Strike," Erlay said, with an emphasis on the word leader. "To answer your second question, no I don't, but I do have a few theories."

"And what are those theories? I would love to hear them, as long as they are plausible." Thai questioned.

"Well, the first one is kind of lengthy to explain." Erlay started to walk around the room slowly. "I have heard certain folklore in which there is a world similar to ours where there live humans instead of Pokémon. But that's not my point. I was thinking, that in this world there is also a god, like Arceus, and subsequently Dark Arceus, in this world. The god there supposedly lives in the heaven, or sky if you will. So it would be logical to search in the sky, too." Erlay folded his arms, then continued on talking. "My second theory involves a place called Destiny tower. Ever heard of it?" Without waiting for a response, Erlay continued. "I think that it has a purpose somehow related to the cause. Come to think of it, why would anyone build a giant tower whose only purpose is the fun of climbing it? Plus, it has an Arceus statue atop of it, right? That concludes my two most probable theories," Erlay finished his monologue and propped himself against a wall, letting others debate his two findings.

"Those sound logical, but that may not be what we're looking for. What if he is hiding in the least probable place, such as the last place we look?" Thai wondered.

"Good insight, Thai. Come to think of it, he could be hiding anywhere. He could be hiding where we most expect, where we least expect, or even somewhere in between. However, there is a problem that at times, Dark Arceus could be on the move so that he can hide easily. Another frustrating problem is that he will probably try to elude us when we're close to finding him." Pikachu explained his answer to Thai's question.

After looking over the sheet, the Commander warned Erlay. "Even though you know about this cause, you must never let the Exploration Team Federation know, Erlay. It is not their matter to interfere in. Understand?"

"Of course," Erlay said and saluted. "And," he turned to Thai again, "I don't really think he's in the last place that I would look."

"Don't be so naive." Lieutenant Magneton looked at Erlay. "Dark Arceus is not like the common criminal. Even some of the smarter criminals can't compare to him, and he won't hesitate to hide where you least expect him to hide."

"Clinger, take this roster and keep it safe." The Commander handed the sheet to Clinger. Clinger, in turn, took the sheet and stored it safely into his backpack.

"I'm positive," Erlay turned to Lieutenant Magneton, "that he's smart enough not to hide in the Guild." Lieutenant Magneton shook his heads, as he was not convinced. "Not an ideal place to hide, but we can't be too sure if he would or wouldn't hide there."

"And just what's going on here?" A voice called. A shiny Dratini had arrived, noticing the large group.

"Hi Zenith! Where's the rest of your Team?" Thai wondered.

Zenith blinked, then remembered the one speaking to her. "Oh, they're not too far. I decided to go on ahead since Rosalind and Shelbee were fighting again."

After hearing the about situation regarding Rosalind and Shelbee, the Commander firmly spoke to Zenith. "Then why did you continue on instead of stopping the fight? Infighting is extremely embarrassing and completely unacceptable. It leads to more problems, and more infighting. You should know that."

Zenith gained a somewhat annoyed look on her face. "Life's nothing without embarrassment. Besides, it happens all the time. By the looks of it, they've stopped anyway."

Zenith had directed her attention to a Mew and a Shaymin, followed by a Dragonair and a Pikachu. The mew and Shaymin were giving each other rotten looks, but they held their tongues when the Pikachu gave them a stern look.

"Well, now I can see why you continued on. Because someone stopped the fight for you." Lieutenant Magneton pointed out. Latchgrip translated Clinger's babbling. "Why are they both so hostile to each other in the first place?"

"We don't really see eye to eye..." Rosalind muttered. Zenith shook her head in annoyance, and then returned to her original question. "As I asked before, what's going on?"

Pikachu XXV told them the situation. "A heartless and diabolical beast called Dark Arceus is planning to inflict untold devastation to all. He already captured 3 of Team Aex, and is enslaving several Legendary Pokémon to do his bidding. We and the other teams have formed a coalition to put an end to his evil plot."

Cori frowned slightly, assessing the information. "This is obviously not good...Is there any chance we could help?" he asked after a moment.

The Commander motioned for Clinger to give him the sheet. After taking the paper, he answered them. "I knew you'd ask. Ckheheheh. Actually, you can help. Every team in the coalition has their name written on this roster. Loyalty to the coalition, competence, and signature on the roster are all that is required."

"Very well." Cori agreed, signing the roster. He then turned to Shelbee and Rosalind. "You better not disrupt anybody with your squabbling." He said. Shelbee and Rosalind, still giving looks at each other, nodded in silent truce.

"Excellent. And remember this: There will be no infighting..." The Commander read over the paper. "Now that we're all in agreement, welcome to the coalition." He gave it back to Clinger, who once more stored it in his backpack.

"I have a hunch. Help me, everyone." Thai bent over and started pulling on one of the floorboards of the café.

"What are you planning now?" Erlay asked and lifted the floorboard up with Telekinesis.

"She has an idea, Erlay." Lieutenant Magneton answered as he split into 3 Magnemite, struggled to lift 3 floorboards, and pried them out.

After the first floorboard is pulled up, it shows strange markings in the bare rock. Underneath the second and third were similar markings. Floorboard1

Lieutenant Magneton reassembled himself, and looked at the markings. "Under the floor, we find these...odd markings?"

"They don't look like anything I've seen before..." Cori said quietly, looking them over.

"Technically, under the rest of the flooring..." Erlay started to think, surrounding his hat with a pink aura. "I get it! It's a pattern!" he called out finally, his hat ceasing the glow.

"Spinda, was this floor in when you refurnished the place?" Thai asked.

"Yes, the floor was a bit beat up. We had to resurface it, but these are the original boards, they've been here for hundreds of years." Spinda replied enthusiastically.

"Were you aware of this pattern that is under the floorboards?" Lieutenant Magneton asked Spinda in an interrogative manner.

"I'm afraid not. I'm just as bewildered as you are." Spinda stared at his spots.

"When is Spinda not confused?" Latchgrip whispered to Clinger, and they both began laughing. Pikachu lifted a row of floorboards to reveal the rest of the markings. "Thai, Erlay, look at this!"

"Well, I definitely say woah," Erlay stated after checking the floor out. "Now, my question: Why is it here?!"

"Wait for us!!" Swimud yelled, as the team has caught lately. He then represents his excuses. "I'm terribly sorry about our sudden approach, we were seperated from you because we chased that irritating Darkrai, but it has escaped."

"That Darkrai is a coward. It's in its nature" The Commander sneered. "It'll always try to flee when it has the chance. You can't give that ghoul any chances."

"I didn't know that Darkrai is a coward...But never mind." Swimud spoke. "We must keep going, Commander."


"It's now or never!!" Sky commanded, making a sudden attack against Arceus. Sky used Draco Meteor, Thunder used Bolt Strike and Blazwater used Splash-Blaze, all at full power.

Quenia had recognized the voice. "It Sky's voice...It came from down there!"

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!?!?" Dialga X angrily roared, kicked the attacking Pokémon into the ocean, and repaired the damage with his powers. "Guuurrrgh..." (((That was the only clue we got to saving the universe, you imbeciles! You nearly got everyone killed!)))

(HZ - I am entirely confused as to what is going on.)
(Lu - Samtendo attacked the picture I think)
(HZ - Samtendo, you need to cease the spontaneity. The RP will go nowhere if you do that.)

"So, those 3 fools decided to attack again?" The Commander venomously hissed at the intent of the attackers. "When they come back on their third attempt, I'll destroy them..."

"Being taken over by Dark Arceus must have affected their brains. I'd say that they are mentally retarded to attack a picture." Dialga X rolled his eyes.

Lieutenant Magneton laughed. "This I'd have to concur with."

"Yes, I very much agree, but may we get back to the matter at hand?" Zenith asked.

"Okay," Thai started up relevant discussion again, "What does this picture mean?"

Clinger and Latchgrip looked at each other, and nodded. Latchgrip answered her. "Whatever it is, it could be a precursor to the future."

"It looks like if Arceus uses some kind of power over a structure, it traps Dark Arceus inside some kind of prison." Thai told everyone her idea.

"Just trap him?..." The Commander sneered. (((Sounds too merciful for someone like him...)))

"Maybe it's a kind of power sapping prison," Thai wondered, "Where his powers are taken away and given to someone else. If that power goes out of him into us, then we could defeat him pretty easily."

The Commander scoffed at the idea. "A power sapping prison? Well, I don't think the picture depicts a power sapping prison."

"I agree." Cori said. "In my opinion, it depicts some sort of power balance between the two. Or something of that matter."

"Or maybe they are using their power against each other!" Told Quenia. "We never know, but the importance is that Dark Arceus is evil...But if Arceus become traitor, we're doomed. Don't worry, Arceus himself will never betray his own creations."

Meanwhile, Sky, Thunder and Blazwater get wet after landing in the ocean. Sky became angry and roars. "Humph, I thought that it is the real Arceus, but it is just a picture!" Yelled Sky. "We better be more careful this time, and stay away from them in at least a bit further!"

Back to the heroes, Burner disagreed with Quenia and agreed with Cori. "I'm not sure of that." Burner said. "Maybe Dark Arceus is just a power-hungry maniac."

"In this, I'm with Thai," Erlay said. "These colorful streams here and here," he pointed at the inner rainbow lines, "could be power being sucked out and here and here," this time he gestured to the outer ones, "would be power being distributed." He fixed his hat and pointed at Arceus. "If we find Arceus, he could help us," he said finally.

The Commander dismissed the idea again, this time with a very defiant response. "What I see is a prison that merely contains Dark Arceus, just as prison cells and detention centers detain outlaws. If his power was being drained, those streams would be much darker."

"Finding Arceus would be a great help. However, we can't forget about rescuing the hostages." Pikachu reminded Erlay and the others.

"I doubt we'll be able to rescue them until Dark Arceus is defeated," Thai pointed out, "If they are being controlled by Dark Arceus, they won't want to be freed."

"We can't risk injuring Team Aex or Dialga X's family!" Pikachu looked down at Thai, very concerned. "There has to be a way to free them!"

"What happens when we disrupt time? Maybe Dialga X's family will get some control back, and then while they still have that control, tell them to fight Dark Arceus from the inside..." Garchomp noted.

The Commander contemplated on this idea. "A daring strategy. But, you'd best hope for that scenario to be possible and likely..."

Meanwhile, at Dark Arceus's lair...

"You imbeciles! Can't you tell a picture from reality!?!? That Arceus picture was the size of a Vulpix! Arceus is just a bit smaller than I am!!" Dark Arceus scolded.

"I know, I know..." Sky said, depressed. "We will be more careful next time. We promises. But I got sad news...A certain Tyranitar called Thai have some kind of a Golden Ability. I don't know its function, but it transform her into Arceus once we fled. I swear! Thunder and I heard Arceus's voice!"

"I am aware of her abilities...," Murmured Dark Arceus in a low voice, "But they will not stand between me--us and victory."

"Well then, I guess the situation is kinda confusing to me, but I'm sure our victory will be guaranteed if Arceus and Thai cannot defeat you" Sky said quietly.

"When do you suppose we attack? We must do it soon...before they have a very large force to compete with...," Dark Arceus chuckles, "I will not stand for that much trouble...I will claim an easy victory and have this world-- no, this universe-- to myself."

Back at Spinda Café...

Lieutenant Magneton thought about this strategy, but did not hesitate to tell Garchomp of the possible factors that could work against it. "Before we go and conclude this, I must tell you that we can't ignore any problems that may be posed to us. It is highly likely that Dark Arceus's henchmen will step in to protect him." The Commander followed his statement. "Ja. Nothing their persistence despite their ineptitude, it is safe to caution that they may choose to fight to the death. If that is the case, then we will have to destroy them as well."

An explosion was heard. Swimud warns everyone "Hey! There's an explosion outside! Let Team Aqua Fire investigate this out!" The team heads to the exit. Lieutenant Magneton quietly motioned for three of his officers to follow and provide cover.

"I'm not missing any of this!" Shelbee shouted. She hurriedly followed Team Aqua Fire and the other officers, not taking notice of her team's shouts of disapproval.

Outside, a loud, scary and grotesque roar have been heard. "Gwooooawr!!!" Swimud then noticed Shelbee and scolded her. "What are you doing here!? You'll be in deep trouble if you stay here for too long-" Before Swimud ended his warning, a Dialga (Not Dialga X) caught Shelbee and trapped her in time, then a dark beam hits her, and Dialga fixed the time on Shelbee after becoming Dark Arceus's henchwoman.

"Shelbee...Are you okay!?" Screamed Burner.

Shelbee shook a few times, then scoffed. "You call THIS dark energy? Please. I-" She cut off, then glared, voice growing cold. "What's it to you, mudskipper?"

"Mudskipper!? You-- Hold on...I can't beleive it...How could this happen!?" whined Swimud, then he continued "Maybe...Maybe Dark Arceus decided to unleash the invasion immediatly..."¸

"She's one of us now. It's useless to warn her." said the Dialga. He flew away and about twenty Genesects had appeared around Team Aqua Fire.

"How could it's ended up like this? It can't be true..." Whined Frostia. Shelbee smirked, an evil fire in her eyes. She stood up, then snapped her fingers, sending the Genesects to attack.

Swimud used Earthquake to take down half of the Genesects. Burner burnt the rest of the Genesects with Lava Plume. As of Quienia and Frostia, they hold on Shelbee. Karote got to Spinda Café and gave everyone inside a huge warning.

Shelbee knocked them away with a high speed Reflect, then gave a soft chuckle. "You goody-two shoes never give up. When will you learn that evil deserves a chance to win?" She charged at Swimud, knocking him back with a Tackle.

"Muh...She's stronger than I expected...But not enough to stop me!" Murmured Swimud. He uesed Close Combat at the Shaymin at high speed and rapidly jumped back for a safe distance. Some Genesects tried to get up but knocked out by Quenia. Frostia gave Swimud a Reviver Seed in case of Grass Type Moves. Burner covered himself of lava with Lava Plume to reinforce his power.

In the meanwhile, Karote arrived and gave a warning. "The invasion has begun already! Look outside!" Cori and Zenith gained looks with a mixture of shock and worry for their fellow team member.

Shelbee cackled, shrugging of the Close Combat. Whatever damage was done, she didn't allow it show. "Remember what team I'm in? Because you sure don't seem to." She reached across her back and dug in her green fur, then pulled out a bright pink flower. She shook it in front of her, scattering pollen in the air. The seeds on her back began to glow, as did the rest of her body. Within seconds, she was in her Sky Forme, gliding around. She stuck her tongue out at the ones below.

"How dare you to taunt me!!" Scolded Swimud. He and Frostia used Blizzard (which makes a Double Blizzard) to stop her and hits. "I don't care what team you're in, what's important is self-confidence- Oh ho!" He suddenly noticed that the Genesects are actually programmed to be weak and reunite to became a giant Genesect. That one roared and charged to the two with Metal Claws. "How could this possible!? Team Aqua Fire, we better not let our guard down!"

Shelbee, frozen, fell to the ground with a crash. She slowly got up, kicking a shard of debris away. Her regular green fur had turned a muddy purple, and her white seemed to be grey. Her flower was wilted, all of this being an effect of the dark energy being used to control her. Scoffing, she winced. "Lucky shot. You'll regret this, though." She raised from the ground and flew off, leaving them to handle the Genesect. Zenith and Cori had arrived, simply staring after her.

Karote whined "Shoot! She's gone!" Cori gave Karote a withering look. "Yeah, and the fact she left is our biggest concern." He said sarcastically.

Karote glared at Cori. "Wouldn't you like to see worse things, Cori!?" But he noticed that the giant Genesect and used Instant Focus Punch at it. "Take that, robotic insect!" The Genesect is enraged and shoot a Mud Shot at Karote, but dodged and the shot was headed at Cori and hit.

Cori darted out of the way, then darted up the Genesect's side with a Volt Tackle. Once he got to its head, he charged a Thunder and released it, making tge Genesect collapse. The three Magnemite officers surrounded the Genesect, and flew at it from all directions in a combined Double-Edge attack.

Cori hurried back over to Zenith and exchanged a few brief bouts of hushed conversation. They nodded once they were finished, and Zenith went back inside the cafe to notify the rest of their team.

But the Genesect, received insufficient damage from the Magnemites, tried to get up and used Fire Blast at the ofiicers, but Burner used his own to counter and finished it with Fire Blitz, separate the Genesects and flew away at the same time.

Swimud asked "What should we do now?" Quenia responded "We'll make sure no baddies will get the Spinda Café." They goes nearby to the Spinda Café.


"What's going on!?," Thai chattered away "Quick, keep Team Aex safe. If they're caught, who knows what Dark Arceus will do with them!"

"This is a very high priority. Team Aex must be safe. Putting them in danger is unacceptable!" The Commander responded to Thai quickly.

"Excuse me! I got bad news and good news." Swimud talked while raising his hand. "The bad news is Dark Arceus had successfully brainwashed Shelbee. The good news is no one's injured...Want to expect better news? We don't have any so sorry..."

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