Hello. This is a...strange RP. Its 1000 years in the future, and all Pokémon but the legendaries are caught by trainers. The trainers ran out of food and died, the Pokémon wouldn't eat their trainers and they died. The legendaries must get together, Find their father, Arceus, and their mother, Mew, to bring the universe back to life. Dialga speaks to arceus in a dream, and a mysterious prophecy is told. "You must travel through the Three Arches to a Great Hill, then climb it under the Midnight Sun..."


Dialga (Uni)

Zekrom (Uni)

Father Arceus (Uni)

Mother Mew (Uni)

Rin the Lugia (1LL)

Ponder the Vicini (1LL)

Lilac the Shaymin (Kera)

Wisty(Wisteria) the Celebi (Kera)


Dialga: Ponder, what shall we do about this problem?

Ponder: ........

Dialga: How about you, Shaymin?

Ponder: Not sure. I've tried to contact Rin and she'll try and be here soon.

Lilac(Shaymin): ._. Uh. I don't know.

[A baby Lugia with odd colors appears] Rin: I'm here! ....

Ponder: [fiddling with his Red scarf]

Zekrom: I know what we can do.

Rin: ?

Zekrom: You know Father Arceus and Mother Mew?

Ponder: Yeah.

Dialga: Oh Yeah!

Rin: Yup

Zekrom: Well, they can create the world again!

Ponder: Really? you think so?

Dialga: They probably can.

Lilac: But we have a big problem with that.

Zekrom: What?

Lilac: We don't know where Father Arceus and Mother Mew are.

Ponder: You're right. ._.

Dialga: Yes, this is a large problem.

Rin: ...

Lilac: So what, do we have to scour the globe?

Dialga: What do you mean scour the globe! That's too big of a job! We need clues!

Lilac: Well, what else are we going to do? We have no clues!

Zekrom: Maybe we can see them in our dreams, and ask them.

Ponder: << Uh....

Wisty: Yes. Because we all know how to contact them via dreams.

Rin: I don't think it's that easy....

Wisty: It was sarcasm, you baka.

Rin: What was that?

Ponder: Wisty called you an idiot.

Rin: [Glares at Wisty]

(You DO know Baka also means Bake in Swedish...?)

Dialga: I have dream power...[Goes to sleep]

(Yes, but we got a big Japanese kick from Vocalois and we were listening to Cirno's Perfect Math Class, and we found out Baka is Japanese for Idiot)

Rin: I'm not sure if anything will happen.

Ponder: Well, we'll find out. [Hangs upside down by legs on the tree branch he's on]


Dialga: Gaahhh....Father? Mother? Ah are here....

Arceus: Ah...My son. What would you like?

Mew: Hi Honey! ^^

Dialga: I need to ask you something...can you tell me where you are?

Arceus: We cannot tell you exactly, but, we can give you a hint. You must travel through the three arches to a great hill, then climb it under the midnight sun. Gooodbye, by son...

[Dialga Wakes up]

Dialga: They say "You must travel through the three arches to a great hill, then climb it under the midnight sun." What's that supposed to mean? You can't have sun at midnight!

Ponder: Maybe it doesn't exactly mean a sun. Maybe it means the moon. You can have a moon at Midnight.

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