First of all this RP is for every one there is no need to ask to get in but if you want to post it in the disscusion page

Second this RP is about Pokémon (named or unnamed) no trainers cause it's a Pokémon rescue team thing

Third this rescue team is what i call an adapter team (many different rescue teams formed together for the same purpose) so feel free to make your own rescue teams of at least three Pokémon



Now that i have that out of the way this is the story of a famous rescue team called Rescue Team Diamond Fang (given the name by the diamond fang from the Crystal Onyx that hangs by a rope around the leader's chest). The leader of Team Diamond Fang is a lowly Raichu with the ability to evolve on command. This Raichu is filled with legendary strength and none can defeat him (and don't try to or you'll be banned). His partners are an Infernape and a Torterra. The team actually though is made mostly up of 8 Pokémon. 2 rescue teams and an explorer team. the second rescue team is made up of an Ambipom, a Typhlosion, and a Feralogator. the explorer team is made up of a Lucario and a Rypherior.........wait where am i going with this first you must know how they all came together (link coming soon)



Daniel the Raichu (played by user gale the hedgehog)

Sean the Lucario (played by gale)

Rex the Feralogator (played by gale)

James the Infernape (played by me)

Ryan the Rypherior (played by me)

Aaron the Typhlosion (played by me)

Johney the Grotle (played by user draon029)(can evole when needed to)

Taylor the Aipom (played by user draon029)(i warn you he's a retard)(not draon... the aipom)(evolution destroyed when he became retarded)(though not what you think he's stupid but he packs a mighty powerful punch when serious)

(MAKE MORE CHARACTERS UNDER THESE WITH LINK TO THEM)(you can add character's in neutral and bad as well)


Matthew the Zoruark (bad but now good)


Dredlock the Garchomp (male)

Grenda the Medicham (female)

Hector the Herracross (male)

Jango the Umbrion (male)

Shila the Jolteon (female)

History of Dainial

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