This is a Roleplay by me, Artemis! THIS IS A MYSTERY DUNGEON RP! Pokémon only. no humans

Recently, Team Aurastrike, led by Aurion (riolu) and Evopsy (eevee) has been chatting excitedly about something, bviously something big. And it is...? Team Aquashock, a major team of immense skill and strength, is returnung to Treasure Town! They are led by Tigero [totdile] and Boltail [pikachu], and have severral subteam divisions among them. Many are curious as to the tales they have to tell, and what they've done!


Please join!


Those who wish to just talk or learn from Aquashock, and aren't ging to do anything bad

Team Aurastrike (Artemis)

(notable members)

  • Blazeraid (male, level 47, Blaziken)
  • Frospirit (female, level 35 Froslass)
  • Scyther (male, level 25)
  • Metang (genderless, level 25)
  • Mewtwo (genderless, level ??)
  • Aurion (male, level 86, Riolu)
  • Evopsy (male, level 86, Eevee)
  • Psywizard (female, level 45, Mismagius)
  • Psyeer (female, level 45, Mismagius)
  • Rubyghost (female, level 45, Mismagius)
  • Shaymin (female, level 80)
  • Flitchaye (male, level 15, Shiftry)
  • Periapt (male, level 42, Probopass)
  • SOUNDBOOM (male, level 42, Exploud)
  • Terratail (male, level 39, Torterra)
  • Cyndaquil (female, level 15)

Team Voltorrent (Artemis)

(notable members)

  • Tigero (male Totodile, level 100)
  • Boltail (male Pikachu, level 100)
  • Banette (male, level 45) [ghost division]
  • Misdreavus (female, level 41)[ghost division]
  • Shedinja (genderless, level 31) [ghost division]
  • Flamehunt (female Houndoom, level 49) [hunting division]
  • Blackblade (male Absol, level 36) [hunting division]
  • Startail (female Luxray, level 35) [hunting division]
  • Thunderfur (female Manectric, level 37) [hunting division]
  • Spiritfire (Male Ninetales, level 38) [Itemseeker division]
  • Kitsune (Female Ninetales, level 37) [Itemseeker division]

Team PIE (Pup)

  • Sebasti (Male, Squirtle, Level 5)
  • Chari (Male, Charmander, Level 5)

Team StormBlitz (Lightning)

  • Vykhtor Lighsttrom (male, usually Magnezone (black chrome))
  • Pikachu XXV (male, Pikachu)
  • Senior Lieutenant Magneton Jr (male, Magneton (dark blue))
  • Clinger (male, Octillery)
  • Latchgrip (male, Octillery (shiny))


Those with unknown intentions

Team Charm (Anyone)

  • TL Lopunny (Female, Level ??)
  • Gardevoir (Female, Level ??)
  • Medicham (Female, Level ??)

Team BlastWave (Silver)

  • Lunar Lunar (Male, Typhlosion, Level ??)
  • TL Solar (Male, Quilava, Level ??)
  • Jolt (Male, Jolteon, Level ??)
  • Feraligatr (Or Absol, both Male, Level 100)

Team Flare (Ryushu and Silver)

  • TL Ryushu (Eclipseon, female, Lv. ??)
  • Solar (See BlastWave stats)
  • Lunar (See BlastWave stats)

Team IronFist (Ryu)

See article.

Team Cocytus (Ryu)

See article.

Team Captivate (Ryu)

See article.

Team Phantasmic (Ryu)

See article.

Team SurfRider (Ryu)


Those who wish to steal from or attack Aquashock or the other teams.


Part 1

[Team Aurastrike and it's members are still chatting excitedly]

(A level 47 Blaziken is speaking with level 30-ish Metang, Scyther, and Froslass)

Blaziken:Never expected them to come here.

ScytherlThught they'd stay longer.

Metang:We can learn from them!


[A Level unknown Quilava pops right near the Froslass.]

Froslass:Oh, hello. You a new recruit?

Scyther:Looks a lt like that famous SOlar fellow

Blaziken:Because he is.

Solar: "That's right, I am..."


Blaziken:I'm Blazeraid. We're a divisin of Aurastrike.

Solar: "Nice to meet you, and these three?"

[Solar looks at the Froslass.]

Blazeraid:My team. Scyther, Metang, and Froslass.

Scyther:Good ta meet ya.


Metang:Our advantage is none of us share a common type. And we can use a variety of moves.

Solar: "Nice to meet you all. But, three fourths of you are weak to Fire it seems."

Blazeraid:Unfortuneatly, yes. We're working on that.

Metang:I can use Rck Slide. I believe may be able to learn a ground move.

Scyther:Yeah, there is that.

Froslass:We will overcome by being clever as well as strong.

Solar: "I see.."

Froslass:So, how are you doing today?

Solar: "I'm doing fine, thank you.."

Metang:Amazing they're returning, isn't it?

Solar: "Indeed..."

[Strangely, despite him being a fire-electric type, Solar looks lightly attractive to Froslass.]

Froslass:*stares at Solar*

Metang:They apparently have some very impressive divisions, and they'll be taking challenges. We're hyper!

Solar: "I can be hyper too.."

Metang:Blazeraid wants to take on some f their divisions.

Blazeraid:We certainly can't beat the leader and his partner.


Solar: "Froslass, something wrong?"

Froslass:No, nothing.

Scyther:She's weird, ignore her.

Froslass:*anime anger mark*

Blazeraid:*rolls his eyes*

Metang:And this is common.

Solar: "What do you mean common?"

Metang:Scyther and Froslass often get int fights. It is nothing new.

Froslass:I could freeze you in an instant, bugsy!

Scyther:At least I can touch the ground, ms. levitation!

Solar: "Hey! Step off from the nice Girl in the kimono!"



Blazeraid:*raises an eyebrow* Wow. almost nothing stops them.

Metang:Well, it IS Solar.

Solar: ...

(silence frm Scyther and Froslass)


Solar: "She does look nice..."

[a familiar black-coloured Magnezone watches from the monitor in Bunker 24F]

???: "BM56! OP50!"

Metang BM-56: "Reporting."

VL Magnezone.png???: "Be sure that nothing happens to them. Maintain watch. Above all, make sure nothing happens to Solar."

Metang OP-50: "Understood." [they head out nearby, hidden]

[Back with Blazeraid]


Scyther:Yeah right. Let me tell ya something. She's a htheaded weird floaty ghost/ice type with a ribbon around her waist.



Solar Rage Portrait.PNGSolar: ...

[Solar slaps Scyther, causing him to twirl in circles and fall down, fainted.]


[Solar's vein popped....just a simple slap from him caused Scyther's defeat...]

[Froslass is gone]


[Solar tracks her Aura.]

Solar: "I'll go comfort her..."

[her aura leads to a large bush]

Solar: "Froslass?"

[Froslass is on the other side]


[He grips her gently on the shoulder.]

Solar: "You okay...?"

Froslass:...scyther is right...

Solar: "No he isn't...you're not weird..."

Froslass:I AM hotheaded, I do wear a ribbon with a fancy name, I'm the only ice/ghost species there is, I do float, and I do act weird sometimes!

Solar: .....

[Solar suddenly hugs her!]


Solar: ................


[He lets go.]

Froslass:*puts her arms around him as his recede*....

Solar: "Some people can be horrid.."

Froslass:....th-th-thank y-you......

Solar: "You're welcome...Frossie..."

Froslass:*blushes much harder*.........*her hand gently touches Solar's cheek*

[He starts to blush lightly.]

Froslass:......you're......nice.....to me....

Solar: "Yeah..."

Froslass:.....*hugs him a bit closer*

[His blush turns to a Rose Red.]


[He hugs her back.]

Froslass:...*tiny smile*

[Solar starts to smile too.]

Froslass:...you....you...really don't....find me...strange at all...?

Solar: "Not really.."

Froslass:.....Thank you....*moves closer*

[His Blush turns a Crimson.]

Froslass:*hesistates, looks down a little, then looks back at Solar and gives him a quick kiss*

[Elsewhere, three Mismagius of team Aurastrike talk quietly]

[A charmander and Squirtle are walking toward them]

Psyeer:*turns around* Hmm?

Squirtle: uh.....

Charmander: w--we wanted t--to um....w--we are a n--new team and uh wanted to know if you could um give us some a--advice or omething....


Psyeer:A new team, eh...?


Squirtle: uh, yeah....I'm Sebasti, and the one who's hypervinalating is Chari

Chari: *hypervinalating* ....huh hah huh hah huh


Sebasti: he gets over-excited

Chari: *calming down* Pro-pro-pro-professionals....


Chari: it—its an honor t--to be here, in front of Pro—pro—pro—professionals

Beldum A6: "They are professionals? Interesting."

Beldum O4: "That stammering Charmander is awestruck in front of what he thinks of as stars."

Beldum A6: "...Wait. This is A6. Froslass disappeared."

Rubyghost:I thought Aurion was keeping our success covered.

Psyeer:He doesn't hide it, he just doesn't talk about it constantly.

Metang BM56: "There they are..."

Metang OP50: "Keep an eye on them, and most importantly, Solar."

[Solar seems to have disappeared too...]

Metang BM56: "He is gone!"

Metang OP50: "Not good..."

[something taps Metang BM56]

Metang BM56: "What was that?" [turns around]

[directly behind him is a Shedinja]

Metang BM56: "What the..." [hovers back slightly]

Metang OP50: [turns around] "Is someone there?" [hovers back slightly]

[With the Shedinja is a Misdreavus and a Banette]

Shedinja:*strange echo voice* Advance confirmed, affirm to main body.

Banette:ABout ti-hi-hime!


Metang OP50: "How did you find us here?"

Shedinja:Ghost division of Aquashock, return.




Metang OP50: "Now they know we are here..."

VL Magnezone (sinister look).png ???: "It means there is an acceleration in plans. Return to the bunker at once."

Metang BM56: "Yes."

Metang OP50: "Right away." [they both go back to Bunker 24F]

???: "You were spotted by the Ghost Division of Team Aquashock."

Metang OP50: "They appeared out of nowhere. What is surprising is the ease they could find us with."

Lieutenant Zaffre: "And there are more of Aquashock than those 3."

???: "We must be very careful now."

[The Shedinja floats slowly into treasure town]

[Beldums A6 and O4 are patrolling Treasure Town]

Shedinja:*stops in the center, and is motionless*

Beldum O4: "Look. It is a Shedinja."

[they approach the Shedinja]

Shedinja:*rotates to face them, otherwise motionless*

Beldum A6: [comlink whistles] "...Yes? Wait. The same one?" [turns to look at O4] "That was BM56. This Shedinja is the same one that approached our officers on the southern plateau."

Beldum O4: "That explains everything."

[the Shedinja suddenly emits a booming sound!]

[the Beldum soldiers back away]

Beldum A6: "Keep your distance."

Beldum O4: "Yes sir."

Shedinja:*stops after ten seconds*......signal confirmed.

Beldum O4: [looks at A6] "What signal?"

Beldum A6: ....

[the ground rumbles]

Beldum A6: "This is bad..."

Beldum O4: "Shedinja, you are out of your mind." [their eyes glow blue]

Shedinja:Signal reply. Aquashock approaches.

[they dart away to Bunker 24F near the crossroads]

[Team Aquashock, led by their leaders, marches into Treasure Town. The ground rumbling comes from the many, many recruits that are part of the team]

???: [watches from the monitor]

Lieutenant Zaffre: "That's no team. That's an army!"

Tigero:*deep breath*.....good to be home!

Boltail:Indeed it is. Wonder how everyone's been doing?

Shedinja:*floats over to Tigero* It would appear the a number of Beldum and Metang are in the area for a purpose.

Lieutenant Zaffre: "This is not good..."

???: ......

Tigero:Probably just a new team training or watching or something.

Shedinja:If you say so...

Boltail:If you're concerned, then you can have a few ghosts watch them.


Tigero:Me and Boltail'll take care of getting settled back in.

???: "Now they are sending that Shedinja to spy on us."

Lieutenant Zaffre: "This is not good at all."

Shedinja:*floats into the Aquashock ranks*

Tigero:I'll get our home neat again. You get supplies and missions and what not.

Boltail:Right.*both walk off, the recruits walk to their home*

Pikachu XXV: "So Team Aquashock returns."

???: "That is right. They are back."

Lieutenant Zaffre "Of course I can't recall when they first arrived."

Pikachu XXV: "Well, whatever they're doing, we can't be too sure what they're up to."

???: "That nosy Shedinja seems suspicious..."

Pikachu XXV: "It's no ordinary Shedinja, that's for sure."

Shedinja:*floats out of the recruit home and goes torward Xatu*

Shedinja:*instead of treasure appraisal, it and Xatu just talk a while, and Shedinja leaves*

Lieutenant Zaffre: "Well that was unexpected..."

Shedinja:*it floats over to one of the totem poles*

Shedinja:*stares at it, motionless once more*

Shedinja:*nods to the totem pole, and floats torward the guild*

Shedinja:*it goes to the bottom level, and to Croagunk*

Shedinja:*it exchanges items, and gets an item back, which it puts on and floats out with*

Shedinja:*floats torward Sharpedo Bluff*

[A Banette walks up to it, quietly says a few things. Sheinja nods, replies, and Banette disappears again]

Shedinja:*rotates so that it faces the nearest unit*

???: "Stay alert..."

Shedinja:.....I know you're there....

???: ((As do I know that you are there...))

Shedinja:And I'm going to find out why.

???: [hovers out of the bunker] "Step off. We operate here. No need for interrogations."

[Lieutenant Zaffre, Clinger, and Latchgrip leave the bunker, too. Pikaichichu surfaces from the water]

SouvKom: "We are Team StormBlitz..."

Shedinja:I see. *floats off, as if that's all it wanted to know*

Latchgrip: "Well, that went better than we thought."

Banette:*appears on top of Lieutenant Zaffre* Awwww, no more fun. *hops off and follows Shedinja*

Lieutenant Zaffre: "Gah. The nerve of some..."


[Misdreavus appears from floating over Lighsttrom]

Misdreavus:I LIKE being sneaky. *follows Banette*

SouvKom: "Ckeheheh... I am not surprised that you were following me."

Misdreavus:Take a guess, honey!*disappears*

SouvKom: "You must be the Ghost Division of Team Aquashock..."

Shedinja:*somehow behind him* Yes we are.

Lieutenant Zaffre: "They can't even stay put for a second."

Pikachu XXV: "They're everywhere at once."

SouvKom: "Anyways, we are Team StormBlitz."

Banette:*appears on top of Zaffre again* Everywhere at once is something we're good at.

Shedinja:I have heard of your team from time to time.

Clinger: "Eh?"

Shedinja:Particularly of the giant pikachu.

Pikachu XXV: "Where did you hear about me?"

Shedinja:Various things. "Big as a skyscraper", "giant electric rodent", "home crusher", though that one was by a Wurmple.

Pikachu XXV: "I can understand the first 2: "big as a skyscraper", and "giant electric rodent", but "home crusher"?"

Shedinja:Apprently, you may have accidentally destroyed a Wurmple's home.

Pikachu XXV: "Well I apologise if I did..."

Shedinja:*appears to shrug*

Misdreavus:*appears on top of Pikachu* I CAN SEE MY HOUSE FROM HERE! Okay, I lied.

[Pikaichichu laughs]

Lieutenant Zaffre: "Well, we heard about your sudden return to Treasure Town, Shedinja."

SouvKom: "We decided to wait for the right time."

Shedinja:Our training session is over. So we have returned to get back to usual.

Latchgrip: "How long was the training session?"


All: "Months?!"

Shedinja:NOw, we're more powerful than ever.

SouvKom: "You should be careful not to become overconfident."

Shedinja:We are not overconfident. We know that there will always be someone stronger, no matter what we do. all we can do is become as strong as we can.

Lieutenant Zaffre: "So what happened to the rest of the team?"

SHedinja:The rest are getting used to being back here. The recruits are at their home, and our leaders are preparing.

SouvKom: "Do not hesitate to ask anything if you need to." (At this point, their stance shifts to Allies)

Shedinja:Thank you. You may consider the same from us.

Pikachu XXV: "No place like home, right?"

Banette:*sitting on Magenton* Yep!

Lieutenant Zaffre: "Would you do me a favour, Banette, and not sit on me?"

Banette:Awww...Alright.*jumps off*

Lieutenant Zaffre: "Anyways, where did you hear about the team?"

Misdreavus:We listen to people when they talk.

Latchgrip: "Figures."

Shedinja:We've found the Lost Loot twice thanks to that.

SouvKom: "Let me guess. You heard about the Lost Loot from listening to Murkrow."

Banette:Murkrow just rambles, no locations.

SouvKom: "Well, know this: The Mystery Parts and Secret Slabs are useless to everyone except for the creators of those artifacts."

Shedinja:We have those as well.

Pikachu XXV: "It's said that they actually were once part of a single larger artifact."


SouvKom: "However... there are some, namely referred to as "legendaries", that seem to be drawn to those artifacts if in range."

Shedinja:That we already know. As we have done so, and have even recruited some of said legendaries.

Lieutenant Zaffre: "Very astounding."

SouvKom: "Then the Lost Loot was just child's play, I see... ...Someone's presence can be felt elsewhere..."

Shedinja:*eyes sparkle* It is easy for ghosts. For it was in the very walls!

Banette:*sits on Lighsttrom*

SouvKom: "I had a feeling you would say that. As for us, we picked the treasures carefully, and guarded those that were not meant to be taken." [pulls out the Space Globe and looks at it] "This, however, was bestowed onto me by Arceus himself when we endured the dangers of Destiny Tower. He summoned me there to go through a trial after helping another exploration team defeat Darkrai." [puts away the Space Globe] "So, I have had this with me ever since, and it is a very special artifact to me."

Shedinja:*echoes him* Destiney tower.....

Misdreavus:That sounds familiar...

Banette:*shrugs, and starts dancing on top of Lighsttrom*

Lieutenant Zaffre: "What the heck are you doing, Banette?"

Banette:*makes a pose on top of the little rod, then continues* ENCORE!

[the antenna starts glowing red, and becomes very hot, causing it to burn Banette's feet on contact]

SouvKom: "Now I could feel a very familiar presence, that of Solar's. And another one - one who I have yet to meet."


SouvKom: [spins around rapidly] "So where are they?"

Banette:*by scissoring his feet rapdily, he stays on VL, looking graceful*

SouvKom: [generates an electric field around himself] "Now, where were we? Ah yes. Where is Solar at?"

Banette:*ignores whatever pain is felt, and starts disco*

Shedinja:*silence*..............Now I know. My ghosts keep contact. And it appears he wishes to be left alone.

VL Magnezone Angered.png SouvKom: "This is not amusing at all. Banette, please get off me."

Banette:*makes a graceful backflip, and lands on one of the Metang*

Lieutenant Zaffre: "Does Banette do this often, Shedinja?"

Shedinja:Only to Beldum, Metang, Metagross, Magenemite, Magneton, Magnezone, and other floating Pokémon.

SouvKom: "We will give Solar his alone time."

Shedinja:That would be wise. It never is good to interrupt love.

Banette:*doing some old-age forgotten dance on Metang*

[Metang TZ54 looks annoyed]

Misdreavus:*sneaks up behind Banette as it dances*

Metang TZ54: [becomes increasingly annoyed]

Misdreavus:*slams Banette with Shadow Ball, laucnhing Banette into Lighsttrom, and Banette comically slides off of him*

SouvKom: "Well, that was rather annoying. Banette, let that be a lesson for you. Thank you for the help, Misdreavus."

Misdreavus:Oh, he'll never learn. BUt I figure there was only so long before one of you got him, so I wanted to go first.

SouvKom: "What I was about to do was send him into a nightmare, so luckily you got to him first."


VL Magnezone (sinister look).png SouvKom: [inches closer to Misdreavus] "You ghosts are not the only ones that can do that, you know. At any rate, I recall that a Froslass was with Solar."

Shedinja:Indeed. They're apparently in love. Strange.

Misdreavus:Oh I know. I know. Boy, do i know.

Lieutenant Zaffre: "I... ...I... ...well... ...there's this Blissey that lives near Barkwood Town, and..."

Misdreavus:Whaddya know, two weird pairings. A froslass to a quilava, and a magneton to a blissey. Love apparently comes in all forms.

(Back with Froslass and Solar)

Solar: ?!

[Solar's cheeks becomes deeper than crimson, his flames go up a little.]

Froslass:*looks like she's about to run out of embarrassment*

Solar: "No, No, it's okay, Frossie..."

Froslass:....*looks up at him*...

Solar: "It kinda felt nice..you don't need to be embarrassed..."


Solar: "Sure, I'm famous, but...you have no need to be embarrassed."


Solar: ?


Solar: "Yes?"

Froslass:...I...Like...You...a lot...

Solar: "Hah.....?"

[Solar's cheeks turn a Crimson shade, the blush then spreads down to his Chest.]

Froslass:....*starts shying away*

Solar: "Well I think I feel the same..."

Froslass:*blushes deeper, her cheeks crimson, she stops*

Solar: .......

Froslass:.....*moves a bit closer again* r-really?

Solar: "Yeah.."

Froslass:*hugs him*...

Solar: ^^

Froslass:*starts smiling*

[He hugs back, his fur is so warm and soft!]

Froslass:*smiles, eyes close, relaxes*

[Solar's smiling too.]

Froslass:*rests her head on his chest*

[Solar slowly strokes her head.]

Froslass:*happy, content sigh*

Solar: ^^

Froslass:Th-thank y-you....

Solar: "You are welcome Frossie..."

Froslass:*content, hugs Solar tight*mmmmm...

Solar's thoughts: 'It feels nice being hugged by a gorgeous Froslass.'

Froslass:*eyes closed, smiling, hugging him tightly. She seems content staying just like that, enjoying the feel of his fur. She sighs in pleasure*

Solar: ^^


Solar: "Yes?"

Froslass:...Think I......love.....you...

Solar: "I love you too, Frossie..."

Froslass:*smiles at him, eyes half closed*.......*leans in*

Solar: ^^

Froslass:*gently kisses him, holding it this time*

[He blushes, but his flames does not go up this time.]

Froslass:*holding the kiss*

Part 2

(Meanwhile, in a forest...A lone Xatu walks through...also in the same forest is Team IronFist.)

Xatu:*walking along*.......C'mon...Reviver Seed....Gotta be around here somewhere...

(With Team IronFist...)

Kochita: Capraz, what are we even doing in here?

[an Ominous Wind suddenly blows nearby!]

All: !

Capraz: (Looks around) Who's there?

[A Xatu runs past, being chased by hundreds of angry Banette! A Beldum soldier notices this from afar]

Skarr: Holy--

Haganeru: We must do something!


Capraz: IronFist, attack!!

Haganeru: (Charges at the Banette horde, about to use Crunch)

Skarr: (Flies at the Banette horde)

Capraz: (Tucks in his legs and float-dashes at the Banette horde)

Banette horde: 0_0 PROFFESIONAL EXPLORATION TEAM! RUUUUUN! *they scatter in a completely disorganized fashion, running into each other*

(This makes Team IronFist stop.)

Capraz: .........

Xatu:*walks up* .....thank you.

Capraz: You are welcome.


Kochita: Why were those Banette chasing you?

Xatu:I was seeking supplies, and I walked into their territory unknowingly.

Kochita: Oh.

Beldum SO34: [puts away X-ray Specs and leaves]

Xatu:My name is Psychrobe. I'm Aquashock's supply recruit.

Skarr: "Aquashock"?

Xatu:Team Aquashock. Led by Tigero and Boltail.

Capraz: Aquashock...the name sounds familiar...

Psychrobe:It should.

Kochita: Why?

Psychrobe:They're a very powerful exploration team that, a long time ago, went into private training. just recently returned.

Skarr: Private training, eh?

Psychrobe:Yes. We are more powerful than ever.

Skarr: I see...

Psychrobe: We are certainly not ultimate. Tigero says there will always be something that can't be done, always be someone stronger.

Capraz: That is true...


[the green Beldum flies off to the crossroads]

[They hear....Music...?]

???: "Lunar, that music is too freaking loud!"

[A vehicle passes them, it's made out of mostly flameproof steel, but there's no doubt there's wood under it.]

19-2000 Soulchild

[SO34 returns to the crossroads]

Beldum SO34: "Commander!"

SouvKom: "Report, Scout!"

Beldum SO34: "Sir, I found a team called Team IronFist, and a Xatu named Psychrobe is with them. They're at Bohrran Forest."

Beldum SO37: "Commander, we found Solar." [whispers to Lighsttrom]

SouvKom: "Good. Now we know exactly where they are... Leave him be."

(Back in Bohrran Forest...)

Psychrobe:Anything I can do for you?

Capraz: No, but thank you.

Kochita: It'd be interesting to meet this Team Aquashock...

Psychrobe:Sure. Follow me. *walks toward Treasure Town*

(Team IronFist follows Psychrobe into Treasure Town.)

Psychrobe:*makes a sharp turn past Duskull bank and into the woods beyond*

Brynja: They're in these woods?


Brynja: Well, okay...

Psychrobe:*walks up to a cliff and stops*

Team IronFist: ..........

Psychrobe:*pecks the cliff*

Team IronFist: ..................


Team IronFist: (Look at each other) ..................

[several Steelix suddenly appear from the top of the cliff, curling around each other and forming a ladder to the top]

Haganeru: ':S

Psychrobe: The largest one is Irontail. The base is at the top.

Capraz: Alright then.

Psychrobe:*levitates to the top*

(Capraz levitates as well, while Skarr flies with Kochita on his back. Haganeru and Brynja take the living Steelix staircase.)

Haganeru: *thinking* Hmph...talk about slave labor...

Irontail:I HEARD THAT! We are NOT slave labor! Which probably explains why I HEARD YOU!

Haganeru: O_O"

Irontail: *rears up. True to Psychrobe's word, he is much larger than normal, and is wearing a headband made of orb shards.*

Kochita: Wha--

Haganeru: Sweet Mother of Arceus!!

Irontail:If we were slave labor, would I be small and be wearing this?

Haganeru: Uhhh.....no, probably not...

Steelspike:(another Steelix) Arceus has a mother?

Haganeru: It was an expression. ._."

Irontail:Hmph. Aquashock would never do that.


Beldum SO34: [returns to Bohrran Forest, and continues monitoring Team IronFist] "Now I am beginning to think the name Team IronFist suits them very well..."

[Team StormBlitz arrives in Bohrran Forest, from the eastern part of the clearing]

SouvKom: [hand signal, sends 5 Beldum soldiers into the woods beyond the Duskull Bank, where five other Steel-types have already went off to]

"What is this now, Team IronFist?"

[the 5 Steel-types approach them]

"So I heard you were using Steelix as slaves..."

[the one speaking gets smashed into the ground by Irontail's tail]

Irontail:*growling* FOR THE LAST TIME, WE'RE NOT SLAVES!

(weakly) "Get him..."

[the other 4 jump onto Irontail and attempt to latch onto him]

Irontail:*almost effortlessly knocks three off, and blasts the last one with Dragonbreath*

SouvKom: [watches via monitor] "That Steelix proves to be tougher than revealed by appearance...."

Pikachu XXV: "I agree. But apparently they're using themselves as a makeshift ladder..."

Irontail:Get it through your steel-type heads! We're not slaves!

"Alright already!" [mutters] "...ill-tempered, behemoth metal snake..."

Irontail:I heard that.

SouvKom: "Enough!" [approaches with the rest of Team StormBlitz with the 5 Beldum soldiers already waiting for him]

Irontail:Someone else who thinks me and my Steelix are slaves. DO YOU THINK THAT!?

SouvKom: "Absolutely not."

Pikachu XXV: "We respect what you do."

Lieutenant Zaffre: "These guys must have run into some misunderstanding."

Irontail:...That's not all we do. We're full fledged recruits. It's just a side job.

(Ryu-We need moar villains.)
(Art-Too true...Hmm...I could whip something up.)

Part 3

(Back with Psychrobe and Team IronFist...)

Skarr: .......something's going on down there...

Psychrobe:Judging from what I can sense, someone else just called Irontail a slave. Tiresome.

Skarr: Should we go down there...?

Psychrobe:Irontail is no idiot...he should be able to handle himself...I think...

Skarr: Okay..

Psychrobe:The ghosts are there to keep things under control. They're under Shedinja's command.

Kochita: Ghosts?

Psychrobe:At the cliff? An assortment of Haunter, Gengar, and Gastly.

Kochita: Oh...

Psychrobe:We are very well organized. Tigero likes it that way.

Kochita: Okay.

Psychrobe:Shall we continue?

Kochita: Yeah!

Psychrobe:*grins* I love my side job. Guide! *walks along the cliff.*

Team IronFist: ?

Psychrobe:Come, come.

(Team IronFist follows Psychrobe.)

Psychrobe:*comes to a quick spiral that leads inside, and walks down*

(They follow him inside.)

[inside is thousands of Pokémon, all recruits of Team Aurastrike. There is one main cavern at the end]


Brynja: Th-There's so many recruits...!!

Psychrobe:Our reputation precedes us.

Brynja: Yeah...

Psychrobe:You wanted to meet Tigero and Boltail?

(Back at the cliffside)

Lieutenant Zaffre: "A side job?"

SouvKom: "Quiet, Lieutenant."

Lieutenant Zaffre: "Yes sir."

Pikachu XXV: "Do you like that job, Irontail? I'm just asking."

Clinger: "Enh?" (remember, he's a mute, so he doesn't say much.)

Irontail:Yeah, It's pretty cool if ya think about it. Living ladder to da top! Epic. On many levels.

Lieutenant Zaffre: "Glad you think so highly of that."

Irontail:Hmph. Again, not all we do. So go ahead and even come NEAR callimg us slaves again and see what happens.

Lieutenant Zaffre: "We don't think that you're slaves, for the last time!" [he is smacked by Lighsttrom and is spiraling]

SouvKom: "That is enough, Lieutenant. Do not yell. Again, Irontail, we do not think you are slaves."


Irontail:*rumbles back to the clifftop*

SouvKom: "Team StormBlitz, to Bohrran Forest."

[they head to the eastern part of Bohrran Forest]

Lieutenant Zaffre: "We should stay here. We don't want to disturb them."

SouvKom: "Yes. I do not want to ruin it for them."

(Back with Froslass and Solar.)

[Solar's still blushing.]

Froslass:*holds the kiss a bit longer, then breaks it*

[Solar then calmly breathes, though his cheeks are Crimson.]


[He hugs her!]

Froslass:*smiels wide* That's warm...and soft..

Solar: "Mhm..." ^^

Froslass:Solar...I love you....

Solar: "I love you too Frossie.."

Froslass:*blushes cimson*....*hugs him tightly and lays her head on his chest*...mmmmmm...

[He strokes her ghostly, icy hair.]


Solar: "I love you to the deepest of my heart..."


Solar: .... "Really.."

Froslass:....Solar...*lays her head on his shoulder, smiling wide*

[He smiles wide as well.]

Froslass:*hugging tight*.....I love you too...a lot...

Solar: ^^

Froslass: *smiling, buries her head in his chest again*....*leans up a little and touches her forehead to Solar's, and uses Captivate*

(Lets just hope Froslass doesn't know Charm, Captivate or Attract. XD)

(Let me ceck the moveset.....Blizzard....Shadow Ball...Captivate...and Growl. I can replace Growl. With Attract!)



("Do it! Do it!" -Manager from Laser Tag I played yesterday.)

(DOne! ^^)

(Gahahah. I'm thinking she'll Captivate first.)

(She just did!....you gonna reply?)

(Erlauben Sie, bitte. {Allow me, please.})

[there's a rumble of thunder, dark clouds seem to be coming from the west]

[Solar starts to blush.]

Solar: "Don't worry Frossie, I have Volt Absorb."

Froslass:Okay..*hugs him tightly*.....*rubs her head on his, using Attract*

[Solar's cheeks turn darker than crimson from the Attract, but he stays focused.]

Froslass:*touches her lips to his, keeping her focus on the Attract*

[He still keeps his determination on protecting Froslass from blasts of lightning.]

Froslass:awww...you're all tense about the storm....Hmmm...*turns to face the storm*.......*fires Blizzard at it*

(It is a true fact that Solar's abilities is Volt Absorb and Flash Flare, In Mystery Dungeon, a Pokémon can have more than one ability.)

(dis I know. And I hate to correct, but i believe it Flash Fire. Anyway...)

(At Eastern Bohrran Forest...)

Latchgrip: "There's a storm approaching from the west!"

SouvKom: "They may be in danger. Latchgrip, Clinger, help them."

Clinger: "Aye!"

Latchgrip: "Aye, sir!" [they both get up on the tips of their tentacles and head west]

(Back with Froslass and Solar.)

Solar: "I don't think that solved anything.." > <'

Froslass:Rats...I KNOW! *puts on a Weather Band*

Solar: "There we go.."

Froslass:Don't worry. I'm safe. *still using Attract, runs her head on him*

[Clinger and Latchgrip approach them, but still far from clear sight]

Solar: ^^

Froslass:*intensifies the Attract, holding him close to her*

[He still seems a little focused.]

Froslass:*speaking in a sweet tone* What's wrong?

[Clinger and Latchgrip come even closer, now into clear view]

Froslass:*thinking* ooh...now the moment's ruined.....*sighs*

[Solar notices the two.]

Solar: "Oh, hello Clinger, Latch..."

[He seems to be blushing Crimson.]

[Froslass separates from Solar sadly]

[Solar, however, is still hugging her.]

Latchgrip: "We need to get you two out of this storm."

Froslass:.....*starts fading out*

Solar: "I have Volt Absorb...."

[only Froslass' outline is left]

Solar: .......

[he feels Froslass kiss him before she completely disappears]

Solar: ....................


[A wind blows by, Solar's silent.]

(Art:What do I do now?)

Clinger: "Gah!"

Latchgrip: "Why is she so shy?" [looks at Solar worriedly] "We're in trouble, aren't we?..."

Solar: "No, not really....I was gonna protect her from the storm with Volt Absorb....."

[Suddenly, lightning strikes, and they all hear Froslass' shriek]

[Clinger and Latchgrip rush to find Froslass, Clinger drags Solar along]

[they eventually find Froslass lying on the ground, sparks still jolting through her]

Solar: !

[Solar slips out of Clinger's Grasp and hugs Froslass, absorbing the Sparks.]

[Froslass seems to be in a state of shock, not unconscious, but not responding. She breathing hard]

Solar: .......

[Solar kisses her!]

Froslass:*eyes shoot open*!!!!

Latchgrip: "Come on. It's too dangerous here, you two. There's shelter in the eastern part of the forest. Hurry!"

[Solar breaks off.]

Solar: "Okay..."

[Solar keeps Froslass close in his arms and runs that way.]

Froslass:*without any energy left, she takes advantage of her levitation and falls asleep, almost weightless for Solar*

[3 metal healing tents are at the inner part of Eastern Bohrran Forest]

Lieutenant Zaffre: "Clinger, Solar, Latchgrip, Froslass, hurry!"

Pikachu XXV: "She's wounded. These tents will heal her overtime."

[Solar dives in, accidentally landing on Zaffre.]

Lieutenant Zaffre: [grunts] "Solar, I see that you're happy to see me."

Solar: "Sorry sir...But I'm not happy to see Froslass wounded."


Pikachu XXV: "Zaffre designed these miracle workers himself. The tents heal you when you walk into one of them."

Solar: "Like my Blood."

[Solar strokes Froslass' frost hair.]


SouvKom: "Just as they said, Solar. They work like magic."

Solar: "I see.."

Froslass:*opens her eyes slowly*

[Froslass appears to be in Solar's arms.]


Solar: "Are you well?"

Froslass:Yeah...I feel better...*notices everyone else, and blushes*

[Solar hugs her.]

Froslass:*blushes deeper, and shyly hugs him back*

Solar: ^^

Froslass:....*smiles wide, hugs him tightly and buries her head in his chest*

[Solar starts to stroke Froslass' frost hair again.]

Froslass:*sighs in content*...*quietly* thank you...Solar...

Solar's telepathy: "You're welcome Frossie."

Froslass:*snuggles into Solar, smiling*

Solar: ^^

Froslass:*snuggles in more comfortably* I love you...

SouvKom: "Even though Clinger and Latchgrip pointed you both in the right direction, it was your love for each other that saved you."

Froslass:*shies from Lighsttrom slightly, blushing*

SouvKom: "It is nothing unusual. A lot of individuals fall in love."

Lieutenant Zaffre: "I know this Blissey that lives near Barkwood Town. Such a nice caretaker. I still think about her to this day."

Pikachu XXV: "It happens to almost everyone, Froslass."

Clinger: [nods in agreement]


Latchgrip: "Still embarrassed, I see. It's okay to be embarrassed sometimes. Zaffre collapsed when he looked crazy in front of everyone when talking about her."

Solar Happy Portrait.PNGSolar: ^^


Solar: "Froslass, there's no need in being embarrassed unless you never truely love me..."

Froslass:I-I do truly love you!

Lieutenant Zaffre: "Well, it looks like our friend Solar has finally found love."

Clinger: [smiles]

Latchgrip: "And so has Froslass."

Froslass:*blushes, but smiles at Solar*

[Solar hugs her.]

Froslass:*hugs him, no longer blushing, but smiling*

[Solar smiles.]

Froslass:*leans up to him*

[Solar strokes her hair.]

Froslass:*kisses him*

[He closes his eyes this time, blushing a cherry red.]

Froslass:*holds the kiss, eyes closed*

Solar: (Muffled, content sigh.)

Froslass:*same, kissing*




(Is CMDR Lightnign even on this late, I wonder? Oh, and have you met Naru? He's a great storywriter for MD. And Roleplayer...)

Solar's telepathy to Lighsttrom and his troops: 'Don't you boys have somewhere else to go?' ^^

Froslass:*kissing Solar*

SouvKom: ((My apologies, Solar.)) [they leave and head back to the crossroads]

[Solar hugs Froslass as she's kissing him.]

Froslass:*hugs him while kissing*

[He makes the hug tight.]

Froslass:*also hugs tight, kissing*


[Solar's asleep against the tree.]

[Froslass is also asleep, resting in his arms]

SouvKom: "Actually, Lieutenant, we do have something to do."

Lieutenant Zaffre: "That's right! Guarding Aegis Cave!"

SouvKom: "Precisely."

Metang OP50: "We will handle it."

SouvKom: "Good. Station your company there immediately."

Metang OP50: "Yes sir!"

Solar: Zzzzzz....

Froslass:*asleep, silent*

[Solar only has light snores...]

Froslass:*pleasant sigh as she rests on him*

[Solar hugs her and holds her in his left forearm.]

Froslass:*smiles happily, and snuggles into him*

Solar: ^^

Froslass:*smiling, uses Captivate*

[He starts to snuggle into her.]


Solar: Zzzzz....

Froslass:*strokes Solar's cheek in an attempt to wake him up*

Metang OP50: [scouts out Aegis Cave with his company] "OP50 here, Commander. No problems."

[His eyes poke open.]

(Sorry about the slow responding, the KP-UC are planning to do somethin'.)


Froslass:*rubs her head on his, using Attract*

[He rubs back.]

Solar: ^^

Froslass:^^ *hugs tightly*

[He does the same.]

Froslass:mmmm...*puts one hand on Solar's cheek*

Solar: ...

Froslass:*stares into his eyes*

[He's doing the same.]

Froslass:*leans in a little*

[He then gives Froslass a soft kiss on the lips.]

Froslass:*closes her eyes as she's kissed, kissing back*

[He hugs her as she does.]

Froslass:*tightly hugging him, hand on his cheek, kissing*

[He keeps his breathing still, blushing a crimson.]

Froslass:*kisses slightly deeper*

Solar: ....Nn....

Froslass:*kisses deeper* mmm...

[He hugs tighter.]

Froslass:*thinking* This is nice....*still kissing, hugging tightly*

Solar: ...Mmmrrrrr...


[Solar hugs even tighter.]

Froslass:*same, kissing*

Solar: ...Mmmmmrrrrrr...

Froslass:*kisses deeper*

Solar: ....Mmmrrrrrrrrrrr....

Froslass:*presses herself to Solar tightly, kissing*

[Solar does the same.]

Froslass:*gently parts, smiling at him*....You're wonderful...

Solar: "You're beautiful..."

Froslass:*blushes* Solar...*snuggles into him*

[He snuggles back.]

Froslass:I love you...

Solar: "I love you too Froslass.."

Froslass:Well...My actual name is Frospirit...that's just what I'm called..

Solar: "Frospirit...beautiful name..."


Solar: "You're sincerely welcome."

Frospirit:What do we do now...?

Solar: "I....do not know..." > <'

Frospirit:*strokes his cheek gently*

[He lightly blushes. Frospirit can feel the warmth coming from his cheeks.]

Frospirit:*eyes locked on his, continues stroking*

[His eyes look as if they're looking in her very soul.]

Frospirit:*holds the gaze*...

Solar: ......

Frospirit:*gently runs her hand down Solar's back*

[His back doesn't burst to flames....]

Frospirit;*continues to gently stroke him, and rests her head in his shoulder*

Solar: .....

Frospirit:*continues like that*

[Solar strokes her hair.]

Frospirit:*smiles wide*

Solar: ^^

(Mind if you make Frospirit's Page?)

Part 4: Team Cocytus is Bored

(Meanwhile, in Team Cocytus' HQ, the storm is still going on...)

[SFX: intense thunder clap]

Roland: Jeez...this is a bad storm...

[SFX: strong winds]

Belmont: I don't think it's been this bad in...well, a long time...!

Kirsikka: Well, looks like we're not going outside at all...

All: Awwwww....

Belmont: *facedesks*

[intense bolt of lightning]

[SFX: very loud thunder clap]

All: !!!

[then they all hear a jingling noise]

Belmont: (Ears perk up) What's that?

[they see a tiny, very scruffy dog Pokémon, tan color, walk in. it has a short tail and it's fur covers it's eyes. it wears a jingle bell collar and two jingle bells are attached to each ear. The Moejack.]



Moejack:*pads up to Belmont...*

Belmont: OMG what is it?! It's so CUUUUUTE~

[the wind intensifies]

[intense flash of heat lightning]

[SFX: castle thunder]

Moejack:*undeterred by the thunder, it looks at Belmont's foot*

All: ..........

Belmont: ?

Moejack:......*comically bites his foot*

[SFX: hail]




Moejack:grrrr!*lots of jingles as it does this, which begins to hurt the ears*


Moejack:*doesn't let go*

Kirsikka: ...........

Moejack:*eventually lets go, landing on the floor with a bark and a jingle*

[a hailstone falls right on the doorstep]

Belmont: (Holding his foot) AAAAAAAAAGH OH JUDAS PRIEST--

Hoth: (Goes to the door) ?

Moejack: *follows Hoth*

(Hoth opens the door.)

Moejack:*becomes disinterested and walks to Kirsika*

Kirsikka: ..........

Moejack:*sits in front of her*

Belmont: (Still holding his foot) Why did it bite ME?! ;~;

Moejack:*looks at Belmont and seems to silently laugh at him*

Belmont: FFFFFFFF-

[A much larger, scruffier dog comes in wearing a miniature jester suit with a long, moplike tail. It also wears a jester cap and collar]

Benjester:JACQUE! There you are.


Belmont: The little monster has a NAME?!

Benjester:Let me guess, he bit you.

Moejack:*does as such again*


Benjester:*uses Hyper Voice, And Moejack instantly walks under Benjester*

Belmont: Thanks.... T_T

Benjester:Sorry, he must be hungry. We're part of a beginner team, along with Sakony and Lekony.

Belmont: "Hungry"?! Don't tell me he'll grow up to eat Malistoats!!

Benjester:I doubt it. He's just young.


Team Cocytus: !

[Sakony and Lekony walk in. Belmont is still holding his foot, which was bitten up quite badly.]

Sakony: *looks at his foot, then looks at Moejack, who whimpers*

Belmont: ;~;

Sakony:I am very sorry. Maybe I can make it up to you?

Belmont: I'd be happy with something to make it stop hurting...

Lekony:*uses an unfamiliar move, her eyes glow green, and it stops hurting*

Belmont: Ooohhhh thank you! -w-

Lekony: Of course.

(Meet it's evolution...Benjester! Also inspired by a dog. Our very old dog, Benjamin.)
(Art-Tank you. ^_^)

(Back with Team Aquashock and Team IronFist...)

Psychrobe: So, did you want to meet the leaders?

Capraz: *nods*

Psychrobe: *walks toward a cavern straight ahead, and walks up the stairs*

(Ryu-do they follow?)

(Team IronFist follows them up the stairs.)

Psychrobe:*walks to the top, and steps to the side. Tigero is chewing on what appears to be a load of paperwork, while Boltail gives him a dry look, rolls his eyes, and then notices Ironfist]

Boltail:Oh, hi!

Capraz: Hello.

Tigero:Mrphra hrmgrmp

Boltail:Will you spit it out?

Tigero:mrf grmph.

Kochita: ._."

Tigero:*swallows it* Sorry. Anyway, welcome to Team Aquashock's base.

Capraz: Uhh...thank you...

Tigero:Those were all fake treasure locations wanting rewards for the info. Worth chewing up.

Capraz: Oh.

Tigero:*shrugs* High-rank teams have to deal with stuff like this. Its gets irritating sometimes, but hey, free lunch.

Boltail:*sighs* think you could act a little less like this in front of visitors?

[SFX: loud thunder clap]

[hail begins falling]

Part 5

Metang OP50: "Area is clear. Returning to base."

SouvKom: "Copy."

[Team StormBlitz proceeds to return to the bunker]

[However, an unknown vehicle flies over them.]

??? (Highly familiar to Lighsttrom): "Woohoo!"

SouvKom: "I know who that is..."

[The vehicle crashes down, revealing Jolt in it, Lunar driving.]

Jolt: "Hi guys!"

SouvKom: "We meet once more."

Pikachu XXV: "It's good to see you again, Jolt. You too, Lunar."

Lunar: "Yes, and we're speeding off.."

SouvKom: "We can see that. Although you need to work on your driving."

Lieutenant Zaffre: "So what brings you to Western Aevaroen? Anything of interest?"

Lunar: "Just competing with Team Charm for treasure."

SouvKom: "Team Charm again. They are persistent..."

Lunar: "Yes, Solar hates them too..."

SouvKom: "Speaking of Team Charm, I remember the first encounter a year after they left the Concealed Ruins to us and Team Poképals. They attempted to raid another location behind our backs. Manganese Caverns. We would not allow that, so we put them in their place. They left Manganese Caverns for good."

Lieutenant Zaffre: "We knew that Medicham was making a big mistake there when she tried to attack us."

SouvKom "Then, months later, some impostors tried futilely to kill me, so I destroyed them at Concealed Ruins. Fortunately, none of that was seen, so there was no misunderstanding or any need for explanations."

Lunar: "That means you could've also ended Solar if you ended them."

Pikachu XXV: "How is that so? Are they connected?"

Lunar: "Believe it or not, Solar had to work with Team Charm. Because of the Loon (Wigglytuff)."

Lieutenant Zaffre: "Well, the guild seemed to drain the rewards of others working there with only a tiny portion left to them. We decided to fix that situation. They even tried to do the same with those that graduated, and some had been completely out of their jurisdiction after a few years ago."

Lunar: "I see..."

Lieutenant Zaffre: "Chatot the chatterbox was rather annoying to get by in the first months."

Lunar: "Amen."

Latchgrip: "Yes."

Lunar: "Chatot DOES say a mouthful, it's VERY annoying."

Lunar (Perfectly imitating Chatot): "SQUWAK!"

Lieutenant Zaffre: "You sound just like him."

Lunar: "Sunspot and I EXCEL at imitation."

Lieutenant Zaffre: "Well don't you both always..."

Lunar: "Not always, we both have trouble imitating Dialga and Wigglytuff."

SouvKom: "A lot have trouble imitating Dialga."

Lunar: "Mhm."

SouvKom: "As you know, Aurastrike and Aquashock have returned."

Lunar: "Yes, I know."

Lieutenant Zaffre: "Of course, we only met with the Ghost Division."

Lunar: "Solar met with the one that the Blaziken's in, dun' know wha' it's called though."

Lieutenant Zaffre: "You mean Blazeraid of Aurastrike?"

[suddenly, the ground in front of Lighsttrom cracks]

[A cackling laugh similar to Spiritomb or Sableye comes from the crack, which shadows now flow out of]

[Team StormBlitz steps back]

[Suddenly, a rather large Efradeline bursts from the crack]


Lunar: 0 0'

Lieutenant Zaffre: "What the...?!"

Pikachu XXV: "An Efradeline, the Efreeti Shadow Cat PokéMon."

SouvKom: "Team StormBlitz, Stand your ground."

Efradeline:*faces Lunar*........Kakakkakaaakk....*it pulls it's tombstone from the ground, and makes it levitate a few feet off the ground so it can move, and moves torward Lunar*

Clinger: "WATCH OUT, LUNAR!!!!"

Efradeline:*whips around to face clinger* KAKKKAKKAKAAAAK! *Fires Zap Cannon*

[Clinger gets knocked back, and falls to the ground]

Latchgrip: "Clinger!!" [fires Octacannon at Efradeline]

(do you mean the water move Octazooka, or a move you made up?-Artemis) (Octacannon, of course. It's a longer ranged and more powerful variant of Octazooka, as an artillery cannon outranges a bazooka. This move is less accurate, though Latchgrip makes up for it with Lockon Specs. It's Latchgrip's signature move, the only Octillery to know it.)

(Very creative! I lyk it!)

[Lunar uses Darkness Slice in conjunction with Jolt's Thunder Fang!]

Lieutenant Zaffre: "Good shot!"


[all three moves hit!]


[Lunar then forms a Thunder Frost Lance with Jolt, they both throw it at Efradeline!]

Efradeline:KAK!*sucks itself into its tombstone, dodging the blow. The stoen falls onto the ground, glowing a faint eerie purple*

[the stone's glow remains constant, glowing once every second]

Lieutenant Zaffre: "I have a bad feeling about this."

Lunar: "It's just scared now."

[The stone seems to be frozen...yet the glow persists]

Latchgrip: "But I wouldn't approach it. It still seems dangerous."

[Lunar freezes it more.]

[it glows bright for a second, all the ice melts, then the glow stops altogether]

Latchgrip: "Maybe it's either...dead or asleep.

Lunar: "Yep."

[as if in protest to the "dead" part, a small spurt of shadow comes from the stone, then goes back]

Lunar: .....

[the stone is now motionless]

Lunar: "Dead?"

[The Efradeline pops out from its stone, glares at Lunar, then levitates the stone again]

SouvKom: "Dead, no."

Lunar: "Short-tempered? Yes."

Pikachu XXV: [laughs] "I agree."

Efradeline:*snorts, and floats off*

[Pikaichichu growls back at Efradeline's snorting]

Efradeline:*turns and returns the growl*

Lieutenant Zaffre: [mutters] "The nerve of some..."

Efradeline:*glares at Zaffre, somehow hearing him*

[the team shuts up now]


SouvKom: "Well, we should wait to hear from Solar now."

Lunar: "Solar? Haven' heard from him in two days."

SouvKom: "I have. Just a while ago. Right when that storm hit."

(should I do something, Commander...?)

(Go ahead and work your magic, Artemis.)

(*flexes fingers* Alright, another chance to spread my fanon poke's around.)

[VL begins to feel the presence of a nearby magnetic pull, approaching]

[it becomes stronger as something approaches, about the size of a Grotle]

Lieutenant Zaffre: "Feels like something's approaching."

SouvKom: "I am aware of that."

[the pull becomes strong enough to start drawing steel things torward it]

Lieutenant Zaffre: "No. No no no no!" [grabs onto a tree]

[it becomees very strong as a Genepower lazily walks in]

Lieutenant Zaffre: [screams as he's pulled off the tree]

Genepower:?*Lieutenant Zaffre slams into its side*......Gengengengengen...

Lieutenant Zaffre: "Well, this is a sticky situation." [struggles to free himself from the magnetic pull]

Genepower:*looks out of the corner of its eyes at Zaffre, then violently shakes itself*

Clinger: [angry babbling]

Latchgrip: "Let go of Zaffre!"

Genepower:Make him let go of me!

[Zaffre continues to struggle to free himself of the pull]

Pikachu XXV: "Well, he can't. You're pulling him in."

Genepower:....I am?

SouvKom: "Yes. He can hardly budge."

Genepower:........*sighs* Great... Look, I got hit by a couple hundred Magnet Bombs up on Sky Stairway, and I think I ate a magnet.

Lieutenant Zaffre: "Which explains..." [strains to free himself unsuccessfully] "...your spontaneous magnetism."

Genepower:I'm Genolectro. Who are you?

SouvKom: "The name is Sovereign Commander Lighsttrom."

Pikachu XXV: "Pikachu XXV, or Pikaichichu."

Lieutenant Zaffre: "Lieutenant... ...agh... ...Zaffre. Pleased to make your... ...ergh... ...acquaintance."

Clinger: "Clinger."

Latchgrip: "And I'm Latchgrip."

Genolectro:Uhmm...Nice to meet you..

Latchgrip: "Now, how will we be able to demagnetise this situation?"

Genolectro:Uhm..Well...Errr...Get something with magical ability to deaden the magnetism?

Lieutenant Zaffre: "Does this mean I'm stuck like a bunch of magnets?!"

Latchgrip: "Actually, you are a bunch of magnets that is stuck."


Lieutenant Zaffre: "Must... ...get... ...off!" [he finally frees himself, but falls on the ground as scattered pieces of magnets and iron spheres]

SouvKom: "Lieutenant, good job freeing yourself. Now straighten yourself out."

Lieutenant Zaffre: "Yes sir!" [reassembles]

Genolectro:.....Aaaaagh...ohnohnoohnononononono-*gets pulled off the ground and zips torward VL*

[Pikaichichu blocks Genolectro's path with his tail and catches him]

Genolectro:Thank you. The last time I hit a Magnezone, I regretted it.

Pikachu XXV: "I get the feeling it's happened more than once. Don't worry. Our leader keeps a cool head."

Genolectro:Goodie.*starts floating up*.....Look up...and tell me if there's a Skarmory above me...

Lieutenant Zaffre: "Actually, we see one."

Pikachu XXV: "And it's flying in circles."

Genolectro:-_- Whoopty doo.

SouvKom: "I will get you down from there." [Force Pulls Genolectro down, inadvertently forcing the magnet to be coughed out]

Genolectro:0_0 HAAK! *spits an Ultramagnet onto Lieutenant Zaffre*

Lieutenant Zaffre: "Okay." [tries to pull off the Ultramagnet] "Help."

Genoletro:.....At least I don't have stomachache anymore.

[Zaffre pulls out a stainless steel case, and contains the Ultramagnet]

Lieutenant Zaffre: "That was too close."

Genolectro:Wonder what that thing was.

Pikachu XXV: "An Ultramagnet. It has a very strong magnetic pull, and that's why it's contained in a stainless steel case with a rubber padded interior."

[Lunar and Jolt seems to have left.]

Lieutenant Zaffre: "Jolt, Lunar, have you met... That's strange. They were here a minute ago."

Genolectro:Huh. Okay. Well, thanks! Uh, here. *drops about 3000 poke'* that's for the trouble

SouvKom: [picks up the 3000 Poké] "I appreciate your generosity." (((Even if this is nothing more than... ...money...)))

Genolectro:*bows however much a Genepower can bow, and then walks off*

Pikachu XXV: [smiles] "There goes a great guy."

Genolectro:*stops*....*turns around and runs back* Agh, wait, wait, can I ask something?

SouvKom: "Of course."

GEnolectro:*looks at the mojroity of their team, as if confirming something*.......Could I join?

SouvKom: "Well, of course you can join. But... depending on your skill, I will assign you to either Branch C or Branh D."

Genolectro:Is there a test?

SouvKom: "That also depends. But knowing you have been to Sky Stairway and managed to endure many hits and kept going, you will be assigned to Branch C with the regulars. Once you have gone through the orientation and a small amount of additional training, you will become a full fledged member of the team. Congratulations."

Genolectro:Th-thanks! ^_^

Lieutenant Zaffre: "Welcome to Team StormBlitz!"

Genolectro:^_^* energetically stomsp the ground and charges up*

Latchgrip: "I can tell you're excited." [laughs]

Genolectro:Well, of course!

SouvKom: "I must tell you: Team Aurastrike and Team Aquashock have returned."

Genolectro:Yeah, I know about them. Aurastrike specializes intrainging recruits, whereas Aquashiock is just plain massive.

Lieutenant Zaffre: "It makes me wonder if Aquashock even takes the time to train their recruits."

Genolectro: They try, I think. I've met some recruits.

(Meanwhile, again...)

[Solar seems to have fallen asleep.]


Solar: "(Light snoring)"

Frospirit:Sleep well...*strokes his back*

Solar: ^^

Frospirit:*strokes him for a while before falling asleep herself*

[His coat is rather soft.]

Frospirit:mm...*snuggles into him*

Solar: Zzzzz..


[He snuggles back.]

Frospirit:^^ zzz...

Solar: ^^

[a few hours later, Frospirit wakes]


[Solar's still asleep.]

Frospirit:*stretches* rrrrmmm...

[He rolls around in his sleep.]

Frospirit:*holds him to her*

[His warm and soft fur makes contact.]


Solar: Zzzzz...

Frospirit:*sings softly in his ear*

Solar: ^^

Frospirit:*continues* ^^

[Solar curls up.]

Frospirit:*curls with him*

Solar: Zzzz....


Solar:' ^^

Frospirit:*falls asleep again*

[Solar then wakes up, smiling and stroking her frost hair.]


Solar: "Sleep tight."


[He falls asleep.]


Solar: (Light snoring)

Frospirit:*content, and silent*

[Solar hugs her in his sleep.]


Part 6

(A small force from Aquashock approaches the Zero Isles. They consist of a Probopass, a Shiftry, an Exploud, and a Sakony. At almost precisely the same time, a ghost division consisting of a Haunter, Mismagius, Shajicat, and Shedinja heads for a point precisely between four different dungeons.)