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Heroes will reunite and clash with old enemies. Chaos shall ensue and a dark force shall be unleashed before the truth is learned. A competition shall not take place for the sake of fate, and the dark scholar will finally thunder in abandoned ruins when the first flowers bloom in the age of mental clarity...


A previously undiscovered storm-torn continent in an unexplored corner of Origin.


Protagonists and Neutral Characters

Team Aex - Uni

Team Slicekull - Uni

The Dialga Trio - Uni

Team Strike - Uni

Team HydroShock - Uni

Team Shine - Uni

Team SeaWeed - Uni

Team StormBlitz - Lightning

NBB3:50 - Uni and Lightning

ProtoVordartrian Empire - Lightning


Blade the Zoroark - Uni

Black Ice - Uni

Team Black Hole - Uni

Ninja Bots - Whoever

Daleks - Whoever

Black&White Crossover; Yamato 'Solar' Furea - SolariusFlare

Ask Uni before joining.

This RP is written in present tense with actions, setting, and notations being written in non-bracket sentence form. Spoken words are written by bolding the character's name, then writing a colon in front of their words. Therefore, it is to be analyzed with the general thoughts of all characters known to the reader, but not necessarily the other characters.


Three Dialga are seen inside a large hut during a storm. The long grass around the hut is pushed down by the heavy rain, revealing rivulets of rain water that flow into a small river downhill from the hut.

One of the Dialga, a small (for its species) purple-colored one, speaks first.

Dialga 1: I see something down there. What could it be?

Dialga 2: Prime, my grandchild, I'm sure it's nothing.

Dialga the Prime: It's moving, you see? Could it be another Pokémon?

Dialga 3: Father, I think Prime is right. It can't be grass; it's too wide and has calculated movements.

Dialga the True: Daughter, do you think it is time to invite the others?

Mistress Dialga: Yes, I do.

Mistress Dialga roars loudly in thoughtspeak, giving out coordinates to all that know her.

Within minutes the first to arrive appear in 5 ships. The leading shuttle folds its wings as it touches down, with the much larger craft landing second, and finally the 3 smaller craft landing.

Dialga the Prime: Ooh, I wonder who that could be?

The mysterious shadow by the riverbank disappears upriver, leaving no footprints.

Mistress Dialga: Darn it, we lost it!

???: We heard you call for us...and we have arrived.

After a flash of lightning and a roll of thunder, the shuttle's ramp opens.

Mistress Dialga: Ah, team Stormblitz. Long time, no see.

Descending the ramp, the same black Magnezone, black from base to antenna, with a cape being blown by the storm's winds. Taking the place of the usual screws found on ordinary Magnezone, a light on each side that would flash with each word and syllable (though not always). It is Sovereign Commander Lighsttrom, with Team StormBlitz indeed along with him.

Sovereign Commander: Such words are correct, Mistress Dialga. It has been a long time.

He leaves the cover of the shuttle, unhindered by the heavy rain. On his command, the shuttle disappears. The larger craft opens its hatch, and finally the 3 small craft. The team disembarks and joins Lighsttrom. Those ships disappear, too.

Sovereign Commander: Of course, those words have more meaning when they come along.

Dialga the Prime: Commander! Commander! Didja see anybody else on their way here?

Sovereign Commander: What I can tell you is that we were not the only group that was called.

A the air nearby the tent shimmers, and out of the distortion strides Team Aex in its lofty, supercilious glory.

Infinity: Thanks for the ride, Dex... Hey all, I saw Team HydroShock a ways back there; Gliscor got knocked out by some lightning so they're tending to him. They'll be here shortly.

Sovereign Commander: Ah. Infinity Aex, and the family and the rest of the team, too. We meet again. And I do hope Gliscor fully recovers from that lightning strike.

Next to him, a dark blue Magneton moves slightly forward.

???: That's 3 teams so far, including us.

Sovereign Commander: With more undoubtedly on the way. Knowing that they answered her roar, there is no mistake about it.

Just then, a whumph is heard on the roof of the hut. Infinity looks up.

Infinity: Well, it appears a piece of Team Strike has arrived. Ho, Dragonfly!

Dragonfly: Hello down there! Thai and the others are hanging back since they saw Team HydroShock in trouble. Togekiss is scouting the way back so we can all help.

Sovereign Commander: Well... Team Strike is here, too.

???: You were right, Commander. Better make that 4.

Sovereign Commander: They must be tending to Gliscor, just like Team HydroShock is.

The Commander's dark blue subordinate looks up.

???: We were told about the situation. How bad is it?

Dragonfly paces on the roof of the hut as she speaks.

Dragonfly: He's badly burned, but with a good prognosis. If you wish to tend to him, he would be very happy to see you all.

Sovereign Commander: We shall see to him immediately. Clinger, Latchgrip, you stay here while we assess the situation.

The shorter orange Octillery, Latchgrip, turns to speak to Lighsttrom, while the other Octillery, Clinger, remains quiet.

Latchgrip: How long do you estimate this will take?

Sovereign Commander: Given Dragonfly's statement, it should not take that long.

Latchgrip: Understood, sir.

With that, Lighsttrom goes to meet with Team HydroShock and Team Strike, with the other 2 accompanying him, leaving Clinger and Latchgrip to stay near the hut.

Dragonfly hops down from the roof and lands in front of the Commander, Clinger and Latchgrip.

Dragonfly: Charade will return from scouting soon. We need to hear what she has to say.

The blue Magneton asks a question, not wanting to suddenly have to wait to help.

???: So until then, you're saying that we have to wait here?

Lighsttrom moves a magnet in front of his irritated subordinate, motioning him to quiet down.

Sovereign Commander: I hope what she tells us is satisfactory...

The silhouette of a Togekiss is seen approaching slowly in the eastern sky.

Lighsttrom turns to see the silhouette, the rest of the team follow suit. Clinger points at it and grunts repeatedly.

Sovereign Commander: That must be her now.

As Charade nears, the characters see several scrapes and a few bruises along her body.

Lighsttrom turns to face the Magneton.

Sovereign Commander: Lieutenant Colonel, go help her out.

Lt Col Zaffre: Yes, sir!

Zaffre flies to Charade to help her.

Lt Col Zaffre: You look like you were hurt. What happened?

Charade: I was just coming back here from Team HydroShock, when something attacked me. All I remember is this sharp pain in my left wing.

Charade holds up her left wing for everybody to inspect.

Charade: The next thing I knew, I was upside-down on the ground with my attacker nowhere in sight.

Lt Col Zaffre: Now we know that someone else is here, and hostile, too.

Sovereign Commander: Someone will have to tend to Charade, because of the injury inflicted by the attacker. And chances are that there may be more than 1 in the vicinity. Because of this, Team HydroShock's most likely path of rendezvous is now dangerous.

Pikaichichu immediately speaks, concerned about this.

Pikachu XXV: We can't let them walk right into a possible ambush.

Dialga the Prime: Excuse me, sirs, but I saw something shady earlier before everyone got here...

Lighsttrom, Pikaichichu, and Zaffre turn toward Dialga the Prime.

Lt Col Zaffre: You did?! In which direction did you see this?

Sovereign Commander: I can answer that for him.

Lighsttrom looks east.

Sovereign Commander: Hearing from what Charade had told us, there is a very high chance that it was the attacker itself, so it was seen in the eastward direction.

He turns his gaze back toward Dialga the Prime, intent on hearing his response.

Sovereign Commander: ...Correct?

Dialga the Prime: Uh, well, I didn't exactly see it leave. I'm sure it left when it saw you all come here, though.

Sovereign Commander: ...Well, we can talk more about it soon. Right now, we have to see Gliscor, as well as warn the others of danger.

Dragonfly: Everybody is upriver, so that's where we should go.

Pikachu XXV: Then we should go now.

Sovereign Commander: You heard him.

Lighsttrom and Pikaichichu head upriver, while Zaffre stays near the hut tending to Charade.

The others follow.

Charade: Thank you for helping me, Magneton.

Lt Col Zaffre You're welcome, Charade. We all try our best. Now let that wing heal. It will take a bit of time, but after that, it will look like nothing happened.

Sovereign Commander: Everyone, even though we should be there soon, remember to keep alert.

Dialga the Prime: Yes, the grass is quite thick here.

Dragonfly: Watch out for critters.

There is a splash in the river.

Lighsttrom gazes in the direction of the sound, then continues.

Sovereign Commander: Someone is watching us. Keep moving, and with caution.

Quite a few silhouettes of various Pokémon species are seen ahead among the tall grass.

Pikachu XXV: It looks like we're not alone here.

Sovereign Commander: That is correct. There are others here, as we can all see.

Dragonfly: It looks like it's all the others; let's hurry!

Pikachu XXV: It must be them.

Sovereign Commander: Then we shall continue. Stay alert, though.

Lighsttrom and Pikaichichu, though both still wary, go to see them.

A voice echoes in Pikaichichu's head. Only he can hear it. It repeats, "You think you can save them...You must find ME!..."

This makes him even more concerned, and he starts walking faster. Lighsttrom takes notice of this and hovers faster to keep up with him.

Thai: Oh, you're here! Great! Something really weird happened.

Garchomp: YEAH! Team Hydroshock looked all beat up, and then POOF! They're gone!

Sovereign Commander: They disappeared without so much as a trace, before we could meet again...

Pikachu XXV: That wasn't the only thing that happened. Just before we got here, I started hearing this strange voice, speaking the same sentence, repeatedly.

Sovereign Commander: This is very troubling, Thai. We must find them, quickly.

Thai: What was the voice saying, Pikaichichu?

Pikachu XXV: All I heard was "You think you can save them...You must find ME!..." and the voice kept repeating those words.

Thai: Hmm...

Garchomp: The heck does that mean!?

Sovereign Commander: If those words relate to their disappearance, then they must have been captured.

Thai: Do we know how big this place is?

Sovereign Commander: We will have to find that out for ourselves, Thai. Little to none have any knowledge about it, but with the situation we face, we have no choice.

Thai: Let's have a look around.

Infinity: I have drawn up a map of what we have seen so far.

Reunion Map One

Sovereign Commander: Despite having only detailed a small area, this map will prove to be even more useful when more ground is covered.

Pikachu XXV: And it will prove useful in the search.

Sovereign Commander: This sounds too easy. I am taking what their captor said as a threat, and it is likely that they are either being held as hostages, as bait, or even both. In addition, we will most likely put ourselves in danger if we simply rush in without planning first.

Dragonfly: Perhaps we should cross the river?

Garchomp: Easy for you to say...

Sovereign Commander: If they are on the other side of the river, then crossing it may be the only choice. Even so, there would have to be a way for all of us to get across.

Pikachu XXV: I could help out with that.

???: Ya sure you're going to go off and do this when there are more important manners to worry about? After all, the world's in danger through multiple threats spread askew within this world.

Sovereign Commander: ...I knew that fate would eventually bring us here.

The Commander turns around.

Sovereign Commander: I understand what you are saying. However, it is very important that we rescue Team HydroShock. We will need everyone that is here so far accounted for.

Pikachu XXV: We can't leave our friends in danger.

The white-haired male grins.

???: Let alone, a friend of yours is in need to be removed...

Sovereign Commander: There is only one that I plan on removing by force, and that would be the one who captured them.

???: I'm not talking them...I'm talking the so-called Three Star King. He's a danger to this timeline, after all.

Lighsttrom turns to Pikaichichu, who nods and wades into the river, ready to get the others across.

???: You know, that means killing him, already...And you already know the Three Star King...but who could it be? He was one of your associates.

Sovereign Commander: If you are referring to anyone very close, then be careful with the next choice of words...

???: Oh but I am~

Sovereign Commander: For now we must rescue Team HydroShock, for they are in immediate danger.

With that, he hovers over to the other side of the river.

???: Alright, then, I'll get to work to killing your Solar, then...

The Commander turns around, his eyes now orange and steadily turning red, and glaring. Not only did he suspect that he would be told this, but as expected, he is very angry.

Sovereign Commander: You accuse Solar Flare of this?......As being a danger to time?...

Pikaichichu, hearing this, is taken aback. He does not handle this well either.

Pikachu XXV: No! Solar isn't dangerous to time!

???: "I would know~ After all. Don't you recognize the slightly familiar voice?" [The boy walked out, holding a different katana then the two Solar uses.] "Oh come on, you know why I'm here, old man. I'm here to set things straight. That Temporal Dragon thought he could fix it by manipulating time so it is so? How foolish.."

Dialga the Prime: Commander, what does he mean? Is he threatening Uncle?

Sovereign Commander: I know who this is.

Lighsttrom's anger fades. The boy's questions set him into a pensive state of mind.

Sovereign Commander: Yes, I have known you for a long time. You were in fact among those that had played an important role in many battles. Throughout the stars, there were some that have heard about you, some even looking at you with great respect.

He turns facing away from them.

Sovereign Commander: However, I cannot let you kill Solar Flare. One of the heroes of Treasure Town, and someone that is like a brother to me. I cannot let you. I cannot...

Trinity Solar: Then I guess you're to get in my way, right now?

Pikachu XXV: There has to be another way. Please, let him live!

Trinity Solar: You shits and your pacifist views. Fighting always happens in the end...You can't change my mind.

Sovereign Commander: Pacifist? If that were the case, I would have already stepped aside. I fight my enemies, as well as those that try to kill or destroy who and what we protect.

He turns around, approaching Trinity Solar.

Sovereign Commander: I have tried to be reasonable with you, but since you have made it clear through your defiance, your words, and hostility that you are thoroughly determined to kill Solarius Flare...

Lighsttrom reveals a black hilt, grips it in his left magnet claw, and...


Sovereign Commander: now leave me no choice.

Solar: "Make your move, old fart..."

Sovereign Commander: Such a poor choice of words... ...Ckhhhheheheheheheheheheh...

From his right magnet claw, he launches his first attack: Bullet Seed. In this case, it sounds like a machine gun.

Solar easily counters by conjuring a firewall, causing the Seeds to burn up easily, he then slams the fire towards him with pyromancy, light footsteps heard behind the wall.

Lighsttrom launches a stream of water from his magnet claw and douses the fire right before it can reach him. Hearing the footsteps, he ascends higher and sends powerful jets of water crashing against and just over the wall. Rocks begin falling from the force of the blasts.

Out of the steam, The Commander finds...nothing...?

Lighsttrom descends, lightsaber ready to block any attacks.

Sovereign Commander: ...You cannot hide...

He approaches warily.

A gunshot is heard, at his right.

Solar: That I can.

Team Strike and the Dialga Trio stand back, as they do not believe this is their fight.

Sovereign Commander: So you would think...

Lighsttrom launches a Shock Wave at Trinity Solar.

Sovereign Commander: Everyone, go on ahead and find them! I will handle this!

Pikaichichu, standing in the river, waits for them.

Pikachu XXV: Come on! This way!

A bullet would slam into the Commander's shoulder, as Trinity Solar absorbs the Shock Wave.

Solar: ...Oh my, what a poor getting a little rusty that I'm also what he is, but fairly better?"

He lets off a sarcastic clap would emit from his palms.

This seeming blunder does not faze Lighsttrom, who retains his composure.

Sovereign Commander: Ckheheheheh... are sadly mistaken about me, as well as the situation. As foolish as the move may have seemed, that move, combined with your boastful response, gave me the time needed for this...

He turns his attention to a small round metal object in fair proximity to Trinity Solar. It is a remote explosive, and it detonates.

Solar responds by detonating his bullet, snapping his fingers, to give him a likewise explosion...

Solar: That was quite smart...I'll admit, heheh..

Solar coughs a bit, but he rises up, slowly.

Solar: But I also have things he doesn't two sisters, whom are witches skilled in engineering...I'm not an opponent who is unprepared, Commander.."

Solar dusts himself off, grinning lightly, staggering a little.

Sovereign Commander: I know that you are indeed an opponent not to be taken lightly...

Seconds later, the dust kicked up by the explosion clears, and Lighsttrom hovers forward.

Sovereign Commander: However, even with all of that, your fight is far from easy. In fact...

He quickly draws a modified blaster with it set on stun, and fires.

Sovereign Commander: ...this fight is now over.

As a reaction from a blaster being pulled, and due to the shadowing area due to the dust, he shadowforms, the blast going right through Solar.

Solar: Think so?

Sovereign Commander: Ah. That makes it very interesting...

Mistress Dialga, to Pikachu XXV: I think we should make our way back to camp and gather the others. I'm sure The Commander can apparate back to the camp when this is over.

Showing much concern, Pikaichichu responds without hesitation to Mistress Dialga.

Pikachu XXV: If we're going back to camp first, then we have to gather them quickly. We need to save Team HydroShock!

With that, he dashes extremely fast toward the camp, prepared to tell the others as soon as possible.

Mistress Dialga lets out a roar, and speeds up time for her and Dialga the Prime so they can make it back to the hut in a hurry. Dialga the True speeds up time for himself and Pikaichichu.

Latchgrip: Hey! They're back!

Zaffre, still remaining near Charade, turns around. Pikaichichu meets with Zaffre, who salutes him.

Lt Col Zaffre: So you and the group brought them back. I can see that Team Aex and Team Strike are here now.

Lt Col Zaffre looks around again, this time with concern.

Lt Col Zaffre: But where's Team HydroShock?

Pikachu XXV: They've been captured.

Clinger jumps in surprise.

Latchgrip: What?!

Lt Col Zaffre: How did they get captured?!

Pikachu XXV: I don't know. All I was told by them was that they suddenly disappeared.

Lt Col Zaffre: I don't see the Commander, either.

Pikachu XXV: He's in battle with someone that wants to kill Solar Flare. His opponent is similar to Solar in many ways.

Lt Col Zaffre: That is weird.

Sovereign Commander: Ckhhheheheheheheheh......

Lighsttrom begins strafing around Trinity Solar. As he does, he fires a light tan beam from his antenna at him. It is his own form of the move Earth Power; it is in beam form.

Solar jumps, allowing the beam to go under him, he tosses a tanto at Lighsttrom.

Before it can hit, Lighsttrom slices the tanto into pieces with his lightsaber, and flies higher. He resumes his attack, using the same attack again. This time he fires at the ground near Trinity Solar instead of directly at him, with the beam exploding on impact.

Solar, noticing what Lighsttrom is up to, uses the handle of the tanto and blazes it in electricity, a thin, nearly microscopic wire connected to the handle and a gauntlet under his sleeve, would blaze in the same electricity. He vaults over him (the idea of how he could do so is likely electromagnetism, using his own bioelectric field, and the metal of the brace on the tanto), this time, throwing a tanto of purplish metal, his arcane aura surrounding it.

Solar: Shame that I have to use my favorite...

Solar lifts his left arm into the air, channeling magic to use with it.

Lighsttrom quickly dodges the thrown tanto. He circles the battlefield, launching jet after jet of water.

Solar blazes the tanto's handle into electricity, as well as the wire, positive to positive polarity, so he swings at an arc, positioning himself with a kick towards Lihgsttrom while dodging most of the jets, though being hit by some as he gets closer. Using electromagnetism again to his advantage...whoever this guy is...and even though he's a lot like Solar, he seems to possess a lot higher intelligence when it comes to fighting.]

Seeing him getting closer, Lighsttrom fires another beam of Ground-type energy while continuing the strong water attack.

Solar swoops downward to dodge the beam, switching to negative polarity in order to be drawn closer to his tanto, and assists with the dodging, though upward to dodge the water, back to positive polarity. He draws his revolver and starts firing, one shot bringing three magnum bullets.

The first bullet hits, but it ricochets off with a distinct metallic sound, while the other two are zapped and explode before they reach him. He launches another blast of water, before circling in the opposite direction and stops attacking.

Sovereign Commander: You know, I find this rather troubling. You are hunting an innocent being like Solar Flare, while you could be helping us out, with you maybe even taking down the one responsible for capturing Team HydroShock.

Solar's hit by the water burst, but seems to take it a lot better than the other Solar..he seems annoyed to've become wet, but the only damage he got was more of a bit of blunt trauma and hitting the ground. He slowly got back up, dusting himself off.

Trinity Solar: I'd hate to tell you that you're wrong. I have no quarry with the so-called 'Team HydroShock', nor the one who captured them. The reason why I'm here is that your Solar isn't meant to exist in this specific timeline. Why do you think he would've disappeared? It's because he had no place. And in altering not only the events of the future, but even the past, he had disrupted the balance of the universe.

I'm only here to remove your Solar and see to it that another Solar would take his place. Though that also means in altering the timeline so drastically. So I guess I'll just let you all merge the universe or let it stay separate. But it'll drastically change the course of history. And your Solar regardless...

The human-like Trinity Solar stands tall, compared to the blue-eyed Solar, and his eyes were a deep, shadowy violet.

Sovereign Commander: ...I was only trying to protect someone who meant very much to me. A friend that I have known for a long time. We have been through very much together. To part with him forever, would be extremely difficult. I am not the only one, for there are others who are very close friends with him and would quickly defend him from harm. Permanently separating him from everyone he has come to know and removing him is not a good answer here. I know there is a better way of restoring the balance of the universe.

Trinity Solar: That's where you and I have our differences. I'm sorry, but I'm still to continue my plan. That Dragon thought by giving him a place in the timeline would fix things, it truly didn't. Tell me, which is better? To move him back to his own place for him to bring everything to Hell there because of his time-warped spirit, while trying to deal with it? Or to remove him completely without any temporal dangers to the objective of keeping him? Or most of all. To merge the two universes together, while it may change the course of history and commit a bit of memory loss, would put it together how it should be?

Sovereign Commander: You seem all too eager to carry this out. If those are the options, then either way, we both have lost. There is a better way, even if you deny it......

He turns around and flies back toward camp.

The man sighs, leaning back and lighting an E-Cig.

Solar: Shame...but there's no such thing as a pacifist route when we come to deal with it...

The Dialga Trio roars, and brings Team Strike over. They had to leave them for a minute because they can only speed up time for two Pokémon per Dialga during times of battle.

Dialga the True: Teams SeaWeed and Slicekull are approaching.

Lt Col Zaffre: Sounds like convenient reinforcements.

Pikachu XXV: And familiar faces...

Maggie: Hey guys! This seems like a fun place to explore!

Rampardos: Is there anything you need us old guys for?

Pikachu XXV: Yes, though I wish the reason wasn't so dire. All of Team HydroShock has disappeared, and from what I have been hearing, they were most likely captured.

Lt Col Zaffre: The problem is that we have no idea about their location, and worse, we have no suitable map yet.

Omastar: I was drawing up a map from where we arrived from the sea.

Reunion Map Two

Latchgrip takes a look at the map.

Latchgrip: Looks like you covered a lot of ground there.

Zaffre also looks at the map.

Lt Col Zaffre: Looking at this map, I think that they could be in any of those 4 areas.

Jungle: Have you seen Team Shine anywhere?

Clinger shakes his head "no".

Latchgrip: No. There's been no sign of them.

Pikachu XXV: We haven't seen anyone from Team Shine come here yet.

The others arrive from the battle site.

Thai: So, what's the plan?

Zaffre shows the map to Thai.

Lt Col Zaffre: According to this map that Omastar had drawn up, we have reason to believe that Team HydroShock may be in any of these 4 areas. Everyone here is familiar with "dungeons", and if we enter any of these 4 "dungeons", chances are we may find them.

Latchgrip: We have another problem. Implying by what Jungle asked us, Team Shine should be here, but they've gone missing.

Bright flashes of lightning fill the sky. Seconds later, Lighsttrom arrives. The tone of his voice in the following sentence sounds grim.

Sovereign Commander: There is more to be told than just that...

Dialga the True: I'm so sorry to have gotten you all into this mess... What's this news, Vykhtor?

Sovereign Commander: Solarius Flare is in danger. A figure who fought very much like Solar in combat told me that Solar somehow is not supposed to exist. He is either going to erase him completely or alter existence in ways that cannot be imagined. Either way, Solar will die as a result!

Pikaichichu becomes quiet, but it is noticeable that he is upset.

Lt Col Zaffre: This is outrageous... ...going after a hero of Treasure Town.

Sovereign Commander: In the way he spoke to me, he made it clear that he does not care about what the others think of Solar, and sounds all too eager to get rid of him. He dismissed me as insane, because I know there is a way to prevent disaster without getting rid of a friend I knew for a long time...

Dialga the True: What I don't understand is why me and my family can't just create an alternate timeline for him to live in, or another dimension, even.

Sovereign Commander: He would hunt him down and try to kill him regardless!!

He swings his left claw into a rock, which smashes into tiny pieces scattering across the ground.

Sovereign Commander: If there really is a disruption in time, then we will fix it. With what I plan to have built, we will do just that. While doing so, we must keep Solar safe from that killer, or our efforts will all be for nothing.

He turns around to face the others.

Sovereign Commander: In the meantime, the rest of you should go on ahead and rescue Team HydroShock.

Latchgrip: And Team Shine?

Sovereign Commander: If Team Shine is anywhere nearby, you should look for them, too.

Mistress Dialga: So, you will be the only one working on the Solar issue?

Garchomp (to Dialga the True): So, what is this region called?

Dialga the True (in reply to Garchomp): We call it Vann, due to the abundance of water here. (to the Sovereign Commander) I sure hope the dungeons aren't flooded.

Sovereign Commander: I never said it had to be done alone. You are welcome to help me out if you want to. As for the dungeons of Vann, we cannot rule anything out, as we still know very little about this region. However, given the weather we have been seeing here since our arrival and noting the abundance of water, it is highly likely that some of the dungeons may be flooded.

Lt Col Zaffre: It's better that we stay prepared, since no one can really expect what to find there.

Thai: Okay, so, the question is: How are we going to explore these dungeons? Will we split up and tackle them all at once, or hit them one-by-one until we find our answers?

Sovereign Commander: That is an answer that all of you will have to discuss. Right now, I must commence with the project.

With that, he begins working on the planned device.

Clinger nods to Latchgrip, who nods as well.

Latchgrip: Well, Thai, we could do two at a time. That's an option.

Thai: Sounds okay with me. How do we split it?

Lt Col Zaffre: Well, Latchgrip seemed to be thinking the same thing, because I had an idea of the number of teams forming two groups, but Team Shine is missing. Without them, it would be uneven.

Rampardos: Well, there were some footprints on the beach...

Lt Col Zaffre: Okay, but if they were on the beach, then they're most likely heading inland. So, the sooner we get going, the sooner we could possibly find them on the way.

Latchgrip: And the sooner we can sort the teams evenly into groups.

Lt Col Zaffre: And the sooner we can begin exploring the dungeons.

Garchomp: So, head to the beach it is?

Lt Col Zaffre: Well, at least in that direction. If they're still at the beach, then yes. What do you think?

He looks up at Pikaichichu, who nods at him.

Lt Col Zaffre: Right. Let's go!

The Pokémon head west, towards the beach. Small things plop into the water as they go.

Clinger and Latchgrip look around, though still moving.

Latchgrip: Sir, Clinger and I just heard something.

Lt Col Zaffre: I heard it, too. Thanks for the early warning, Latchgrip.

(Location undisclosed, Trinitarian Camp)

Solar: Lense?

Lense looks back, eating some meat he brought with them from their world.

Lense: Mm?

Solar: I want you to be the first to fight my displaced counterpart, willing to do so?

Lense: Shit, about time...

Lense hefts a red-ore axe, which has gold designs, as well as a black and gold shaft, over his shoulders. His eyes burn a demonic red, along with his hair being the bleakest of black, he then heads off to the beach...

Clinger looks around again, more nervously.

Latchgrip: Don't worry, Clinger. We should be there soon, and we'll find Team Shine.

Wood is heard being chopped in the distance...

Pikachu XXV: Anyone else hear that?

Lt Col Zaffre: Yes. I hear it.

Pikachu XXV: Someone else is here, and I don't like what they're up to...

Latchgrip: Hey, where did Clinger go?

Lt Col Zaffre: He was with you.

Latchgrip: Wait. There he goes!

Clinger follows the sound, and climbs one of the trees nearby, using the branches as an observation point.

It seems to be someone chopping wood...

Latchgrip rushes after Clinger.

Lt Col Zaffre: Wait!

Latchgrip joins Clinger on the branches.

Latchgrip: What is it?

Clinger points at the one chopping wood.

Latchgrip: Oh! That's what they thought it sounded like... ...woodcutting, here. This is not good.

The figure then starts to further chop the wood, making logs...

Latchgrip carefully makes his way onto one of the flanking trees. He nods to Clinger. With this, they spray the site with Smokescreen.

The figure looks, and backsteps.

???: The Hell!? I'm only making a boat to get off the coast!

Clinger and Latchgrip hide behind the trees just before the smoke clears. As they do, they cannot help but wonder how that figure ended up in an unknown region like Vann, and what was it doing there in the first place. The both of them then deem the situation suspicious.

He looks at the tracks they left within the sand, and then resumes carving the wood with a Bowie Knife.

The grass begins its transition to sand, and faint footprints are seen...

Reunion Footprints

Pikachu XXV: Zaffre, look.

Lt Col Zaffre: So this means they must have been here...

???: Help me! Help! They left me!

The call comes from just behind them, in the tall grass.

Pikachu XXV: Sounds like someone was left behind!

Lt Col Zaffre: I'll go see who it is.

Zaffre flies over the tall grass, and begins scanning it.

A red, white, and blue bird can be observed among the grasses.

Zaffre moves in closer, ready to help out.

Lt Col Zaffre: What happened? How did you end up left behind?

???: We were attacked, and they didn't notice I wasn't with them. My wings are singed, so I can't fly...

Zaffre carefully gets him out of the tall grass.

Lt Col Zaffre: Something very similar happened to Charade earlier. Well, we are trying to find Team Shine, so you'll be back with them once we find them.

???: I'm part of them, ya know.

Lt Col Zaffre: I know.

Pikachu XXV: If the rest of them are still nearby, we'll find them sooner.

Impact: Will somebody carry me?

Pikachu XXV: Certainly. I'll carry you.

Zaffre mutters to himself.

Lt Col Zaffre: I wouldn't be surprised, if Team Shine was attacked by the same attacker that injured Charade...

Impact: Thank you, huge Pikachu. Where are we headed? If it's exploring, I'm not sure you'll fit in these dungeons...

Pikaichichu walks over to Impact, and carefully picks him up.

Pikachu XXV: It's actually both an exploration and a rescue mission. I just hope what you said isn't the case, as I really want to help out...

Lt Col Zaffre: First, we're going to find the rest of Team Shine. Once we have found them, we will tell you the whole story.

Impact: Well, it's getting kind of late. I think we should sleep.

Lt Col Zaffre: What? No. No. If the tasks weren't so important, then I would consider it an option. But right now-

Pikachu XXV: Wait, Zaffre. I agree with what you're saying and I really want to continue, but I think we should hear from the rest of group first.

Zaffre salutes.

Lt Col Zaffre: Right.

Pikaichichu speaks to the other teams.

Pikachu XXV: The two of us have been told that it's getting late. I can understand, even though Zaffre and I really want to go on. So, what do you think we should do now?

Thai: I think it is in our best interests to rest. However, it is imperative that we have at least one Pokémon awake at a time, keeping watch.

Pikaichichu nods in understanding, then talks to Zaffre.

Pikachu XXV: Zaffre, I think they've decided.

Lt Col Zaffre: .........It's no use for me to protest this any longer, is it?

Pikachu XXV: However, we have also decided that someone must keep watch.

Lt Col Zaffre: Since everyone needs their rest, then I will.

Pikachu XXV: ...I really hope we can find them after this.....

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