This is the fanfic where everything is possible! Except death, cursing, maming, super powers, anything you want that isn't lagitemate, and fried pickles.



  • Team Octane
  • Leader: Infernape
  • Leafeon
  • Honchkrow

  • Bulbasaur
  • Mime Jr.

  • Team Aurastrike
  • Leader:Aurion
  • Evopsy


Mistress Magius

Heatran (Illusion)


Seviper Gang

Villains 2

Drifblim (2)



Act 1: Avenging St. Empoleon

Leafeon ran quickly through a forest. She stepped upon a tile on the ground and she disappeared, leaving a faint scream of terror in place. Infernape hopped through the trees. He flipped and landed on a stone pathway leading to dark water. He stopped on a tile and was sucked into a void as well. Honchkrow was flying steadily through the air, and was suddenly sucked into a void.

The three Pokémon were thrown into a dark room, craggy floors and damp air around them. Infernape stood up.

Leafeon: Where are we?

Infernape: The worst place on earth, the forbidden and Legendary Dungeon: Hikari.

Honchkrow flaps his wings and is into the air. He looks around and spots a brown Pokémon staring at the trio.

Honchkrow: Hey, Infernape...

Infernape looked up at Honchkrow.

Infernape: Yes?

Honchkrow pointed to the form on the ground. Infernape shot towards it. He landed and poked the figure.


Aurion:*from behind Infernape, silent, poke him*

Infernape whirrs around and accidentally slapes Aurion. Honchkrow and Leafeon appear at his side, ready for defensive action.

[his slap is expertlycaught by Aurion, who rotates his arm, sending INfernape's hand back at him]

Infernape stops his own arm. Eevee jumps over Infernape's head and by Aurion.

Leafeon: Who are you!?

Aurion:Aurion, leader of team Aurastrike. This is my partner, Evopsy.


Infernape stands for a moment.

Infernape: I see. What are you doing here? This place is forbidden.

Aurion:It is?

A snaky voice slithered from behind them.

Voice: Yes, it truly is...

Suddenly, lights turned on and the five Pokémon were surrounded by purple and black snakes with red tails.

Seviper: We are the Seviper Gang. Thanks for trespassing!

Aurion:Evopsy, use Dig.

Evopsy:*Digs down into the ground*

Aurion:*takes fighting stance* Bring it on.

Infernape: Leafeon, use Reflect!

Leafeon summoned an invisible wall around her team.

Infernape: Honchkrow, Sky Attack.

Honchkrow's wings started glowing

Suddenly, all of the Seviper released Flamethrower to the Pokémon in the center.

Aurion:*thinking* Three...two...

Infernape raised a brow.

Infernape: What... He thought to himself.

Aurion:*suddenly activates the Petrify Orb!*

A bright power illuminates the room. When the flash disappears, the flamethrower were sitting in mid air, connected to the frozen-in-place Seviper. The fire was gray with petrification.

Aurion:Alright! *begins lashing out at the Seviper with Shadow Claw+1*

Evopsy:*repeatedly uses Dig on them*

Infernape sweeps two Seviper away with a Flamethrower, Honchkrow another with Sky Attack, and Leafeon throws one away with Iron Tail.

Infernape: Most of them are gone now...

Suddenly, a tremor shook the room. Boulders tumbled from the ceiling. Leafeon put up a large barrier above them.

Aurion:*destroys any boulders coming bear him or Evopsy with Force Palm*

Infernape's team was protected, and Leafeon found a passageway. Infernape, Honchkrow and Leafeon hurried down the dark pathway.

Aurion:...*shrugs* I guess follow them. *follows, with Evopsy*

As they team slows at the end of a tunnel, Honchkrow wipes its hat with its wing.

Honchkrow: Wow, kind of warm...

Leafeon: More like BOILING!

The three Pokémon turn as they hear footsteps behind them.

Aurion:*walks in, unbothered by teh heat*

Evopsy:*panting as he follows*

Infernape walked forward, as he saw it was just those two.

Infernape: Seems this is the heart of the dungeon...

Leafeon: If this was the heart of the place, why would there be lava flowing from the walls?

Lava seeped from cracks in the wall.

Infernape: Stupid question.

Infernape went deeper into the room. Honchkrow followed.

Aurion:*loooks at Leafeon* want any help? The fire may really hurt you.

Leafeon: Never...

Leafeon fell to her stomach, breathing hard.

Leafeon: Well, maybe...

Aurion:*smiles, and picks Leafeon up*

Further up ahead, Honchkrow scruffed its beak.

Honchkrow: Think St. Empoleon is here? Doesn't seem like heat is his thing...

Infernape: *lashes tail* It wouldn't be adapt to him if he was kidnapped you know...*stops at a ledge that falls down into a large pit of lava* Okay, then...

Honchkrow flies lower and spots something blue.

Honchkrow: *pointing with wing* Look! Infernape, there is a slab of rock floating in the lava with Empoleon standing on it!

The rest of the group catch up with them.

Aurion:*carying Leafeon in his arms*....Evopsy?

Evopsy:Got it! *uses Quick Attack to jump from rock to rock, trying to get to Empoleon*

Infernape: *from the top of the cliff, forms Vacuum Wave above head, then throws it, latching on to Evopsy's tail just in case*

Honchkrow: *flies down towards Empoleon*

Suddenly, the lava explodes and a waterfall is created that falls deeper into a cavern. Empoleon, along with the rock he was on, was sucked down. Evopsy's rock was nearing the edge.

Evopsy:*freezes in fear*


Infernape holds on tight to the Vacuum Wave. Suddenly, the rocks below him cave away and he falls, whipping Evopsy up to his arm. The two fall into the pit of darkness and flowing lava.

Aurion:*looks at Leafeon* Can't you use Vine Whip or Leaf Storm or something to help?

Leafeon: *says weakly* I know Psychic, but I can't really move, it's too hot here...sorry...*watches as everyone disappears in the darkness*

Suddenly, the lava, all of it, freezes in place. Aurion sees that Leafeon is breathing hard, but is using Psychic to stop the flow of lava.

Aurion:*boosts his own aura into Leafeon to help her*

Down below, Infernape was standing in front of Empoleon and Evopsy. Honchkrow was next to him in the air. The lava was flowing closer and closer. As Infernape was getting close to Empoleon, the lava suddenly shot back up into the air.

Infernape: What?

Honchkrow flew back up the cavern to see what was up.

Infernape turned to Empoleon.

Infernape: St. Empoleon! I am so happy we found you!

Empoleon: Yes, I must hand you my greatest gratitude for this...but now the issue is getting out.

Act 2: Into the Fire

Honchkrow landed on the ledge and met with Aurion and Leafeon.

Honchkrow: *sees Leafeon fainted* What happened?!

Aurion:*also unconscious, all his energy given to Leafeon*

Honchkrow tosses both Pokémon onto his back, and starts to fly downwards. As he does, he is smacked in the head with a rock, and he falls onto the hardened lava, knocked out. The two Pokémon fell off his back and into a hole that led down into another cavern.

Down below, Infernape scratched his head.

Infernape: Where could they be?!

He hops up the side of the cliff. As he reaches the top, he finds Honchkrow knocked out.

Infernape: What is this?!

Down in the other cavern, Leafeon's eyes flicker. She weakly stands up and looks around and the glowing red crystals protruding from the wall. She pokes Aurion.

Leafeon: Aurion *cough*, wake up!


Leafeon falls again.

Leafeon: Aurion...I can't do anything...wake...up...*faints again, the heat a little stronger here than before*


Infernape picks up Honchkrow.

Infernape: Wake up buddy, wake up...

Honchkrow's eyes flutter and he wakes up, waving his wings. He sails into the air.

Honchkrow: Infernape! They're in trouble! Down there!

Infernape jumps down the hole, while Honchkrow twists down into it.

Darkness prevailed, and in a moment, they saw Aurion and Leafeon sitting at the end of a long, red corridor.

Honchkrow: This doesn't feel right...

Infernape: Look! Leafeon and Aurion are standing, waiting for us! They look...happy...

Honchkrow: Infernape, there's something wrong...

[Aurion himself is still unconscious]

Infernape started walking down the corridor. Aurion and Leafeon smiled.

Suddenly, the room twisted and a large, purple and black Pokémon with pointed ears appeared, with a dog with sharp horns and black and orange body appeared.

Gengar: Heh...Intruders...

Honchkrow: Where are Aurion and Leafeon!?

In the other cavern, Empoleon was getting restless next to Evopsy.

Empoleon: WHAT is taking them so long?

Evopsy:I wish I knew!

Back in the room, Houndoom smirked.

Houndoom: Ready to die?

Infernape: Not yet...*reaches into bag slung over shoulder and pulls out Rollcall Orb. It glows, and suddenly, Leafeon and Aurion are next to them. Pulls out a Full Restore, and uses it on both of them*

Honchkrow: You get them up, I'll hold them off!

Aurion:*for some reason, he still doesn't regain consciousness*

Leafeon shoots up, fully healed.

Leafeon: Yes! Thanks. I have JUST the thing that will heal him! *taps Aurion's head with paw. Suddenly, energy shoots from Leafeon to Aurion* Natural Gift!

Aurion:*twitches*........aaagh...*struggles up*

Infernape: *gives another Full Restore* Aurion, we need your help. Can you and Honchkrow head back to Empoleon and Evopsy and get them?

Leafeon nodded.

Leafeon: We'll hold those two off!

Honchkrow hovers back to the group. Leafeon steps up in front of Gengar and Houndoom.

Aurion:*summons Shadow Claw in one hand, Force Palm in the other, and growls warningly at Genger and Houndoom*

Infernape: And I will take that as a no thanks!

Infernape scaled the wall back upwards while Honchkrow followed.

In the other room, the two Pokémon sailed down and greeted Empoleon and Evopsy.

Empoleon: About time! Are we going?

Infernape:, let's go!


[in the other room, Aurion approaches the two Pokémon]

Aurion:Leafeon, you're a grass type. it's too dangerous to be fighting these two. I'll handle it.

Leafeon *steps back* All right, but if something goes wrong, I'm Iron Tailing the heck out of these guys, no matter the disadvantage!

Aurion:*thinking* She's safe, I can handle them now.*moves quickly between them, raking Genger with Shadow Claw, and slamming Houndoom with Force Palm*

Up Above...

Empoleon: *looks around area and sees large walls and a ceiling were coal-black* Well, there is no exit from here. It is only from where you say you came from, I presume...

Suddenly, the hardened lava crackled. A figure erupted from it and stood in front of the three Pokémon. It was red with a gray head and devilish eyes.

Heatran: Heatran's the name...and what are you doing in MY VOLCANO!?

Act 3: The Volcanic Stone


Infernape: *glances over at Evopsy and gives an evil stare*


Honchkrow: Weeeeell...If we say yes, will you not kill us?

Infernape: *glances up and gives Honchkrow an evil stare*

Evopsy:Isn't a tourist basically a guy who wanders around without really knowing where he's going?

Heatran creats a ball of fire around its mouth.

Infernape: *facepalm* Just keep diggin that hole...

Honchkrow grimaces.

Honchkrow: Mr. Heatran sir, we're sorry for intruding!

Empoleon steps forth.

Empoleon: Let me try reasoning...

Suddenly, Empleon is flamed across the face with fire.

Empoleon: Nevermind...Evopsy? Continue digging...

Evopsy:....uhhh...let me see...they usually pay somethung...

Infernape picked up Evopsy and tied him to Honchkrow's back.


Suddenly, a large earthquake rocks the volcano.

Evopsy:*throws a Big Apple at Heatran in a last attempt to please it*

As the apple hits Heatran's head, it explodes in a wave of smoke, knocking Infernape, Honchkrow and Evopsy down into the second hole where Leafeon and Aurion where.

As the smoke clears, Empoleon is standing and sees a small red rock sitting where Heatran once was.

Empoleon: An illusion?

Down in the hole, the three Pokémon fall onto Leafeon. Infernape stands up and sees Gengar and Houndoom fainted. Leafeon kicks Honchkrow off and Evopsy hops next to Infernape.

Infernape: Did Aurion do this? Great!

Aurion:Just protecting Leafeon.*looking away from the others*

Leafeon smiled.

Suddenly, Empoleon appeared behind them.

Empoleon: *uses Surf and lashes away everyone to the farthest side of the room* Now, you are all extra baggage. I got the Volcanic Stone. Time for you to perish.

Act 4: Betrayal of the Water Kind

Aurion:OH REALLY!? *rushes torward him, Force Palm ready*

Empoleon: *coats himself in water and rushes quickly towards Aurion, slamming into him and pinning him inside a stone wall. Lands and smirks, holding out the Volcanic Stone* This is why I brainwashed you all those years...just to get this...Oh yes, and you helped me!

Infernape: If you've been lying to me all these years...*stands up and shakes off water* then tell me what REALLY happened to Torterra!

Empoleon: Heh, I don't think you can handle it...

Evopsy:*uses Quick Attack on Empoleon*

Empoleon: *Evades* Infernape...I threw Torterra into the Reverse World where he will endure pain and suffering for the rest of his life...

Hearing the truth, Infernape bows down, and his head flame grows larger.

Infernape: *blaze kicks in* Thanks for the truth! *releases a large, searing flame at Empoleon.*

Empoleon takes the attack, and shrugs it off.

Aurion:*growls, and zips with Force Palm again, while Evopsy charges with Trump Card*

Empoleon: *sighs and releases another wave of water, throwing them back. Eevee lands on top of Honchkrow, and Aurion lands in front of Leafeon.*

Leafeon: *steps forward* Now, deal with me!



Leafeon: *growls* Razor Leaf! *lashes out with sharp leaves*

Empoleon: *evades and shoots IceBeam*

Aurion:*shatters the Ice Beam with Force Palm*

Empoleon lands in front of Aurion and uses Metal Claw to slam it into the ground.

Leafeon: Aurion!

Honchkrow starts to glow bright, but before it did anything, Leafeon fired Razor Leaf at Empoleon, slashing it. Empoleon dropped the stone.

Honchkrow flew towards the stone and grabbed it in its beak. Leafeon growled at the now standing Empoleon.

Empoleon: Hmm...I see something here...too bad love is fleeting...*Empoleon fires IceBeam again*

[the Ice Beam is stopped cold by Aurion once more]

Aurion:You'll have to try harder than THAT. *fires the unaviodable attack, Aura Sphere, right into Empoleon's face*

As it strikes Empoleon, something fades away from it, and Empoleon falls in a pile of ashes.

Infernape: What?!

Suddenly, a ghostly form appears.

Mismagius: Hello there...My name is Mismagius...*something shoots from the Pokémon and grabbs the stone from Honchkrow* Thanks! I'll be leaving now! *disappears*

Leafeon: So, wait...that Pokémon was transformed into Empoleon?

Infernape: *climbs up hole* WAIT! WHERE IS ST. EMPOLEON!?

Honchkrow followed.

Aurion:Mismagius...We have a trio of Mismagius in our team. They're recruits, back in Treaure Town. Wish they were here now. Are you alright, Leafeon?

Leafeon: *light blush* Yes. Thanks for your concern! *smiles, as she hops up the cavern hole*

Aurion:*light blush, follows her with Evopsy*

Act 5: Leaving a Scar

Up above, everyone finally gathers in the corridor where the Seviper Gang encountered them.

Infernape: Mismagius could be anywhere...right now, we need to find 1. A way out, 2. St. Empoleon and 3. The reason Mismagius is here and why she wants the Volcanic Stone...

Aurion:I can answer that last one. The volcanic stone controls Heatran, and keeps the volcano from erupting. At least, I'm pretty sure of that.

Leafeon: But, it also controls all Fire-Type Pokémon on the planet...So...

Infernape: Oh no...


Evopsy:....well....that cratches out evolving to Flareon...

Everyone turns to stare at Evopsy.

Honchkrow: Anyway...*turns back to Evopsy* Good point...*turns back to the group* Uh...anyway, what do we do? We HAVE to find Mismagius, or else all of the fire-type Pokémon will be under her control...and that spells poopie...

Evopsy:Except for water Pokémon. and ground Pokémon. and rock Pokémon. Ooo, Vaperon!

Aurion:*staring at Evopsy*.....

Leafeon: *snicker*

Infernape: Yes, while Evopsy decides which Eeveelution he chooses...Um...Let's figure out how we'll get through this.

As Evopsy is saying more names, Honchkrow and Leafeon are staring in flabbergastment.

Evopsy:....Or Umbreon...the dark moves would be good on Mismagius...can't take the evo back, though, and it's only one situation...





Evopsy:or Glaceon, Glaceon are cool....Espeon would go with my name....of course,


Evopsy:Wha-? Oh...sorry...hehe..eeeehhh...

Infernape: Thank you. Sorry, I'm just a little weirded out that I just evolved on this week's episode of Pokémon...Anyway...what were we talking about?

[now Aurion and Evopsy are staring at Infernape about his episode comment]

Infernape: Eh?

Honchkrow: He doesn't mean anything...So, I think we should find out her location and take her down!

Aurion:*shadow claw slides out* Yeaaahhh...

Leafeon: Sounds good to me. So, how do we find where she is?

Honchkrow: I have a good idea. But first, we need to find a way out of here!

Evopsy:......Warp Seeds?

Infernape: *looks at Eevee wide-eyed* That is the single most useful thing you have said in the past hour...

Leafeon digs in her bag and finds a few seeds. She spits them to the ground. Infernape sifts through them.

Infernape: Weeeell...Two Violent Seeds, One Vanish Seed, an X-Eye Seed...and five Warp Seeds! *throws them in air for everyone to catch and eat* Remember to say where you want to go! Honchkrow, where are we going, anyway?!

Evopsy:*catches his*

Aurion:*catches one* Good wuestion.

Evopsy:Tiny Meadow?

Honchkrow: *catches* Athis Cave.. sorry...*swallows* Aegis Cave!

Evopsy:Aegis Cave!

Aurion:Ah, the Unown...Aegis Cave.

Leafeon: Aegis Cave!

Infernape: Aegis Cave!

Suddenly, everyone was enveloped in a white light and they disappeared.

In the shadows of the room, two pairs of red eyes loomed.

Voice: Mistress Magius...They are on their way to your base...The puzzle pieces are falling into places...

[with the group...]

Aurion:*shakes himself* Everyone okay?


Infernape: Yeah

Leafeon: Mhm...

Honchkrow: Yessums!

Act 6: Mistress Magius' Untruthful Truth

Aurion:*smiles at Leafeon* Good to hear...


Leafeon: *blush*

Honchkrow: All right, Mismagius would probably be in the deepest part of this cave. But there are three problems...

Infernape *dashes off ahead without listening*

Honchkrow: And all three will take his brain down...

Leafeon: One could...

Aurion:? problem...

Honchkrow: Well, we should hurry ahead before Infernape kills himself...*sails ahead in the tunnel*

Leafeon: *follows quickly*

Aurion:*follows close behind Leafeon*

Evopsy:*follows behind as well*

Further up ahead, Infernape stumbles upon a room with a panoramic window view of a large mountain. Standing, or rather floating, at the back of the room was a purple Pokémon.

Infernape: Hello, Mismagius

Mistress Magius: First of all, I go by Mistress Magius. Second...*melts away into a Gengar holding the Volcanic Stone* I'm not Mistress Magius!

Evopsy:*zips into the room with the others*

Gengar: Oh no you don't...*presses button on wall and Leafeon and Aurion fall into a hall, while Honchkrow into another and Evopsy into another.

Infernape: HEY! What did you do?!

Gengar: Now they must survive against the Three Regis...

Down below in Aurion and Leafeon's hole, they were in a large, icy room.

Leafeon: What's up here? Know anything about this, Aurion?

Aurion:I-I'm afraid I do. I've been to Aegis cave. One, Mismagius/Gengar must be a Ditto. They use Transform. Two...We're going to have to deal with Regice.

Leafeon: First, it may have been just Gengar doing the morphing. You remember that one back at Hikari? And Ghost types can morph...and two...I suppose Regice is an ice-type?

Suddenly, the ice at the other end of the field starts to shatter.

Aurion:Bingo. Luckily, both your Iron Tail and my Force Palm will be supereffective.

Leafeon: So this would be a bad time to tell you that Natural Gift replaced Iron Tail, right? I just said that before so I didn't have to let it off so easily...*turns*

Suddenly, a form emerges from the ice, yellow beads on its face glowing bright.

Regice: Re-Gi-Ice...Hello. I suppose you're intruders. So, I'll just destroy you now! *comes forward, smashing through the ice*

AUrion:*stands calmly, undisturbed, facing Regice*

Regice: *releases multiples shards of ice, Ice Shard...*

Leafeon: *Razor Leaf*

Regice: *doesn't affect the ice*

Aurion:*uses Poison Jab to smash the ice away from Leafeon*

Leafeon: Nice! *fires a ray of Psychic energy at Regice*

Regice: *is thrown backwards through the ice*

Aurion:*leaps forward and slams Regice with Force Palm*

Leafeon: Great job!

Aurion:*blush* thanks..

Back in Evopsy's hole...

Evopsy:Ugh...Darn it...Pitfall trap or something...

Looking around, he sees that it is full of steel plating all over the room. Suddenly, at the other end, a gray figure rises out of the ground.

Evopsy:Oh god, Registeel! I don't...wait...I have Dig...

Suddenly, it rushes forward


Evopsy:Oh god, I can't Dig in this steel...Bite and my normal moves won't do much...AAAAAAAAAAAA!*runs around the room*

Suddenly, Infernape appears. He throws a Mach Punch into Registeel and throws him back through the wall. Infernape rushes to Registeel and pulls out something embedded in the back of its head.

Registeel: *Stands* What?

Infernape: You were under control...follow...*picks up Evopsy and the trio climb the hole back up*


In Leafeon and Aurion's hole...

Aurion:That takes care of that...*walks over to Regice and examines it*

Leafeon: *examines* Hey, Aurion, lookie! *points to something glowing in Regice's back*

Aurion:*takes it off* What's thin thingy?

Suddely, Infernape appears again. He rushes up to them and takes the thing in Aurion's hand, crushing it. He pickes the duo up and taps Regice.

Regice: Hm?

Infernape: Come on...

The quads then head up the hole.

In the room from before, Infernape stood, setting down Leafeon and Aurion. Honchkrow was perched on the ground next to Evopsy. Regirock, Regice and Registeel were standing in front of them all.

Infernape: Honchkrow, did you track where Gengar went?

Honchkrow: Yes, to that mountain! *points to the mountain in view of the panoramic window.*

Aurion:Good. *glances at Leafeon*


Leafeon: *beam* Then off we go!

Act 7: Terra Mountain

Infernape: How do we get there?

Aurion:Hmmm...*looks at Honchkrow*

Honchkrow: How am I supposed to know everything!? This is the part where we all look at the least likely to come up with a plan!

...*everyone looks at Evopsy* Evopsy:.....Mobile Scarf?

Infernape: Eh? A crobiale what-now?

Evopsy:Mobile Scarf. That thingy that lets you go through walls and stuff and pretty much anywhere you want.

Leafeon: Seems as if the 'most unlikely' has come up with the main two plans of this entire journey...

Infernape: But let me guess...we don't have ANY Mobile Scarfs?

Evopsy:I'm useful sometimes. ^_^

Aurion:Actually...*takes off his pack and roots around in it*

Aurion:....four of them.

Leafeon: So...what's the verdict?, defective hearing I guess...

Infernape: Wait...four...Four of us would have to stay...

Aurion:I think Honchkrow can fly... me Evo, Leafeon, and Infernape can use scarfs.

Regice: Me stay?

Regirock: Me Stay?

Registeel: Me St-

Infernape: YES! *puts on scarf* so, how does this work?

Aurion:It's like being a ghost Pokémon.*puts one on*

Evopsy:*puts on his*

Aurion:*blushes slightly as he gives Leafeon hers*

Leafeon: *smiles while taking it and slips it over head* So, just walk through walls?

Honchkrow: I suppose...Well, I'm gonna head out there. When you guys see me outside, follow me...

Honchkrow flies upwards and out an opening.

After a few minutes, they spotted him pointing to the base of the mountain where there was a large crevice.

Infernape: *runs through the glass and stops in front of the mountain*

Leafeon: *does the same*

Aurion:*does teh same, as does Evopsy*

In a few minutes, they had entered the mountain.

Inside, it was cool, and blue crystals were sticking out of the wall. As they approached a wall, a slanted, rolling hill led deep underground. Darkness was all that was seen.

Infernape: *getting closer* Wouldn't it suck if we fell down this thing? *gets too close and slips* Of cooooooouuuuuuurssssseeee...

Aurion:Guess that's where we go.

Evopsy:*rolls into a ball and rolls down* WHEEEEE!

Honchkrow flies downwards, following Evopsy.

Aurion:*next to Leafeon* Ready?

Leafeon: *nods* Yup! *starts sliding down the 'ramp'*

Aurion:*slides down next to her* AURAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

Down at the bottom, Infernape hears Evopsy and catches him when he falls. Infernape sets him down in front of him, on a piece of rock. Honchkrow lands next to Infernape. Leafeon falls onto the rock, and Aurion falls next to her. In front of them was a large pool of water.

Honchkrow: What is this?

Infernape: I believe this is where Kyogre lives...or Suicune...OR SOME WATER LEGENDARY >_< This story has to go somewhere...

Aurion:*walks up to the pool*.......

Suddenly, a large, long blue and white whale rises out of the water and crushes the land Aurion stood upon, causing Aurion to sink. A Wailord face the four Pokémon.

Leafeon; Aurion!

Evopsy:AURION CAN'T SWIM! *rushes at the pool*

Infernape: Maybe you should have chosen Vaporeon...


Leafeon: *uses Psychic and lifts the Wailord* Infernape!

Infernape: What?! I can't do anything!

Suddenly, Aurion was thrown up from the water in a large spout of water. From under where he came up, a large dark blue Pokémon appeared, devilish yellow eyes.

Wailord was thrown to the other side of the pool.

Kyogre: I am Kyogre. May I ask what you are doing here?

Honchkrow catches Aurion.

Aurion:*coughing* thsank you, honckrow..

Honchkrow landed.

Infernape: Well, we're tracking a ghost Pokémon named Mistress Magius. She is planning on taking over all of the fire-types in the wo-

Kyogre: WELL GOOD RIDDANCE! All fire-type, and ground type as well, want to do is create more land...I HATE THEM! *splashes and creates a tidal wave that takes Infernape, Leafeon and Evopsy down into the water. Kyogre sinks and uses Water Spout, lifting them up through the room and through the roof of the underground, throwing them into the mountain. Honchkrow follows quickly.

Aurion:What about INfernape?

Up top, Infernape was lying, his head fire very low.

Honchkrow: Infernape! Anyone got a fire-type move?

Evopsy:I've got a Flamethrower TM.

Leafeon: None of us can learn it...

Voice: I can...

A dog, black with horn, walked out.

Houndoom: Hello. I'm the Houndoom you saw from before...


Houndoom: No, no...I defected from Mistress...Er, Mismagius...She is horrible...and I'm fire...So, teach me that TM and we'll get cooking.

Evopsy:......Well....alright...*hands him the TM*

Houndoom: *tm shatters and Houndoom glows. Releases Flamethrower on Infernape's head*

Infernape: *stands up weakly* a's like I saw my entire life as a Monferno and Chimchar...Paul was so abusive...Ash is so nice...Barry made me fly and use Blaze to evolve the other, what a RUSH!


Leafeon: Eh?

Houndoom: Mismagius is currently at the peak, trying to coax Groudon to allow her to take control of this mountain so she can use the Volcanic Stone to brainwash all Fire-Types across the land...

Leafeon: And that's bad?

Everyone turns to stare

Leafeon: Just a question...

Act 8: Aurion vs. the World

Aurion:Yeah, it's bad. WE better get going.

Houndoom showed them the staircase he had climbed and the six Pokémon hurried up them.

Later, they approached a hot area and peeked out a crevice, seeing Mistress Magius talking to a Groudon.


Mistress Magius: Just give it to me, you big cazoo. I already told you why!

Aurion:It would be a very bad idea to give her that mountain, unless you want to be her slave.

Aurion had stepped out into the open.

Groudon: AND WHY IS THAT?!

Mistress Magius opened its mouth and summoned a Gengar and Dusknoir in front of her.

Mistess Magius: Keep your mouth shut, you little Riolu!

Aurion:Because she has the volcanic stone. *slides out Shadow Claw*

Groudon: FOOLISH BOY! I WOULD NOT BE AFFECTED BY SUCH! I AM A GROUND-TYPE! AND YOU HAVE BOTH TESTED MY PATIENCE LONG ENOUGH! *strikes the ground and Aurion is tossed into air. The crevice is sealed tight, and everyone else is closed off from coming to his help*

Mistress Magius: So, we're on the same side? *Groudon nods*

Aurion:You're also a fire type! *lands* geez, I thought legends were smarter than that.

Groudon: I SUPPOSE OUTSIDE Pokémon AREN'T VERY SMART! I AM A GROUND-ONLY TYPE! *throws Aurion a very specific Pokémon handbook that states Groudon as ground-type*

Aurion:No, I meant the part about actually letting an outsider have your volcano. That's not smart in the least.

Groudon: *morphs into a small, electric/ghost Pokémon*

Rotom: Heh, you're persistant...Anyway, we've already taken down Groudon...*pushes Mismagius out of the way* I am the real leader of this brigade. Now, you wanna take on four powerful ghost-types?

Aurion:*holds up his Shadow Claw+1* Hmph.

Rotom: Gengar!

Gengar hops forward and uses Psychic, tossing Aurion into the air.

Aurion:*thinking* God, I hate Psychic. *he comes down on Dusknoir with Force Palm...and his Emit Ring allows it to hit hard!*

Dusknoir: *falls back, suddenly morphs into a Minun*

Minun: *looks around and runs away*

Rotom: Gengar, Shadow Claw and take that ring away!

Gengar: *shoots a hand towards Aurion, and grasps the ring*

Aurion:*quickly slices Genger with his Shadow Claw*

Gengar: *morphs into a Plusle*

Plusle: *skitters away*

Rotom: Urgh...Mismagius!

Mismagius: *creats magical leaf and throws them at Aurion, Psychic powered and incredibly accurate*

Aurion:*counters with Poison Jab*

Mismagius: *some slash at Aurion's leg and he falls*

Rotom: Hah...*fires Thunderbolt*

Aurion:*takes teh Thunderbolt, but he's grinning* Surprise time. *uses Attract on Mismagius!*

Mismaguis: *morphs into a Lucario, kneeling*

Lucario: *blinks, and opens its mouth*

Rotom: Oh no...Aurion...from the future

Aurion 2(tried to change it, but you edited too fast :(): What? ROTOM! *forms Aura Sphere. Emit Ring dangles from wrist*


Aurion:*thinking* What just happened?

Rotom: *is hit with Aura Sphere and topples across the ground*

Aurion 2: *turns* Aurion, are you all right?

Aurion:I'm fine...

Aurion 2: *helps up...rams into crevice door with BrickBreak and opens it up, letting in the other 5*

Leafeon: WHOA! I've never seen a Lucario before! Who is this?

Aurion 2: My name is Aurion. I am your Aurion in the future...Now, we need to find Groudon!

Infernape: Uh...not to cut into the moment but...And Empoleon!

Act 9: The Two Faces of Aurastrike

Aurion:*thinking* Why would I learn Brick break? huh...

Evopsy:......*falls over*

Aurion 2: *taps a watch on his wrist. Suddenly, a Jolteon and Leafeon Appear by him*

Jolteon: Aurion! Finally, I was wondering when you would contact us...Where are you?

Aurion 2: I was turned into a Mismagius, sorry for not contacting you, Evopsy. I'm on a mountain...Groudon is probably in the cavern behind us...

Evopsy 2: I see...

Evopsy:*walks up to his future self*......Do you happen to remember why I decided on Jolteon?

Aurion:*glances at the future Leafeon, and blushes*

The old Leafeon walks next to Aurion. Honchkrow landes next to the future Aurion.

Honchkrow: So, you're the future Aurion?

Auiron 2: Yessums...Anyway, everyone! Can we focus on getting to Groudon? I believe he is in that cavern *points to hole in the mountain behind him*

Evopsy 2: You see, you chose, I chose, Jolteon because...

Suddenly, a small tremor alerts them.

Aurion 2: Seriously! EVERYONE INTO THE CAVERN!

Aurion:*races into the cavern, along with Evopsy*

Team Octane races into the cavern, followed by future Leafeon, Jolteon 2 and Aurion 2.

Inside, the two Leafeon's settle by each other.

Leafeon: So, you're me from the future? Why are you with Aurion?

Leafeon 2: Why aren't you? *snicker*

The group was sitting in front of a large field of erupting geysers.

Infernape: PERFECT >_<

Aurion:Hmmmm....Wait....We can use this to our advantage. Theses geysers.

Evopsy 2: And how do you suppose to do that?

Aurion 2: I think I'm on to him...

Aurion:It's lava, right? Lava turns to stone when cooled. There's another thing, too. Honchkrow can take advantage of the rising heat.

Infernape: And how do you plan on cooling the lava?

Honchkrow: And how can I help exactly?

Aurion:Rainy Orb. And rising heat, rising air. It'll help flight.

Infernape: Great idea! *Infernape, Aurion and Honchkrow, along with the future Leafeon, all talk this out, while Aurion 2, both Evopsy's and the present Leafeon talk privately*

Leafeon: So, why did you have to come back to the past?

Aurion 2: Because the future is ruled by Fire-Types. And were forced to evolve into Jolteon. You were almost turned into a Flareon, but Jolteon prevailed...Happy now?


Suddenly, it started raining.

Infernape held his bag over his head as he approached them.

Infernape: Come on!

Everyone rushed into the larger room across the geyser field.

Aurion:IT WORKED! *running across the field*

Evopsy:Alright!*runs with him*

Aurion 2, Jolteon and Leafeon 2 all travel on the left side, while Team Octane on the right, Honchkrow flying quickly.

At the other end, they find a large crater with a Groudon inside.

Aurion 2: Groudon, we've come to arrest you!

Infernape: Wait...arrest?! Mismagius is the bad guy!

Without a word, Groudon morphs into Mismagius, and suddenly, everyone falls into darkness and they are put to sleep...

[Aurion wakes up in his dreams]


[his dream is surrounded by visions of Evopsy and Leafeon...quickly interrupted by random outlaws from the past, which form into Mismagius]

Aurion:......*growls*....*fires random attacks at teh mismagius in his dream until he wakes up*

As he wakes up, everyone is in front of him.

Mismagius: You cannot defeat me...*crushes the Volcanic Stone* NOW, FIRE-TYPE Pokémon OF THE EARTH! COME TO ME!

Infernape: *suddenly, loses control of self and walks mindlessly over to mismagius*

Honchkrow: Infernape!

Suddenly, a powerful earthquake rocks the mountain.

Aurion:*thinking* It'll still work! *once more, he uses Attract on Mismagius*

Mismagius: Ominous Wind! *waves of wind sweep through the area and the attract is negated*

Aurion 2: Leafeon, this is what we trained for! Go!

Leafeon 2 dashed forward and slammed into Mismagius

Leafeon: What is she doing?!

Aurion:I don't know! *rushes at mismagius, Shadow Claw ready*

Act 10: The Truth Behind the Future

As Leafeon collided with Mistress Magius, a gem on her neck glowed and the pieces of the Volcanic Rock put themselves back together. Leafeon and Mistress Magius disappeared in a white light. Aurion was thrown back harshly. Aurion:AAAGH!*Slams into a wall*

Evopsy:Aurion! *runs to him*

Aurion 2: Leafeon...

Leafeon: Urgh...Does that mean I die in the future?!

Aurion 2: Of course not...You risked your future life for this, so now you WON'T die because of the fire-types...

Honchkrow: But does anyone feel that something is still wrong...?

Evopsy 2: I don't know

Aurion:....sssssoooo....if the future is changed....why haven't you guys disappeared?


Aurion 2: Well...I have no idea...But I believe...

As he started talking, his arm started to face.

Aurion 2: Aurion, you will become an awesome Pokémon in the future...remember that you are friends with others, and don't try to overpower them or become evil...You don't want to know why I tell you this...

Evopsy 2: Bye Evopsy!

Evopsy:Uh...Bye, me...Well....Back to deciding evolution...


Aurion 2: *fades away in sparkles*

Evopsy 2: *fades away in sparkles*

Honchkrow: Well...Now what?

Infernape: We still haven't found St. Empoleon...

Aurion:*Tosses Infernape a Rollcall Orb* Try that. *walks next to Leafeon*

Evopsy:*starts rambling about his evolution choice.*

Infernape: *grips the orb* I'm not sure if it will work...He's been gone for awhile...*crushes orb and a bright light illuminates the area. suddenly, in front of them, a large blue being stood*

Empoleon: Infernape! Thank you so much for rescuing me!

Leafeon: *hugs Aurion* Yes! Thank you Aurion!

Aurion:*blushes* Y-you're welcome.

Empoleon: Well, Infernape. Now that you've rescued me...Can we return to Treasure Town?

Infernape: First, I want you to tell me what really happened to Torterra...

The twosome headed outside, leaving the four inside to chatter.

Honchkrow: So, Evopsy, what are you guys doing next?

Leafeon: Yeah!

Aurion:W-we'll probably head back to Treasure Town and do as we usually do.

Evopsy:Although we have been thinking about exploring Sky Stairway.

Leafeon: Oh hey! We have too!

Honchkrow: Yeah. Master Rayquaza lives up there...Hrm...I wonder if Infernape wants to! *flies out of the cavern*

Leafeon: Hey, if you guys go, we'd probably go too! *smiles*

Aurion:Th-that'd be nice..*blushes*

Suddenly, Honchkrow flaps back in.

Honchkrow: Guys, Infernape said that if Team Aurastrike goes, we go too! But...we need to get back to Treasure Town first...

Leafeon: Wonderful! Come on Aurion!

Honchkrow carries Evopsy out, while Aurion and Leafeon head out together.

[Aurion and Evopsy gather their usual regime of supplies while at Treasure Town]

[Team Octane give a visit to the Khangaskan Storage Facility and withdraw some items]

The two teams meet at Sharpedo Bluff...

AUrion:Everyone ready?*looking at Leafeon*

Leafeon: Mhm! *giving a glance to Aurion*

Honchkrow: Yeah!

Infernape: Then I guess that means...We're off!

Aurion:*slides his X-ray specs over his eyes as they approach the dungeon*

Evopsy:*puts on his Evolve Charm on*

As they approach, they see several Drifblim chattering amongst themselves.

Honchkrow: Wait, let's see what's up here...

To Be Continued...

Sky Stairway: The Friendship Challenge

Act 1: Air Lock

Aurion:*walks to the Drifblim*

Everyone hears the Drifblim chattering.

Drifblim: Come on, let's all goooooo up to the top!

Driblim 2: No! Let's go in different grooooouuuups!

Drifblim 3: If we keep chaaaatering, we won't passed the friendship chaaaalenge!

Drifblim 1: That's too baaaaaaad!

Drifblim 3: But we came to challenge thaaaat!

Driblim 2: Wooooow! Can't we juuuuust deciiiiiide?!

Leafeon: Excuse me, what are you having an issue iwht?

Driblim 1: Weeeell, we can't decide if weeee should all go tooooogeeeether, or seperatelyyyyyy...

Leafeon: Well...altogether would save time and up your defense!

Drifblim 2: Gooooood idea! *they all float off towards a stairway, and disappear into a cloud.

Aurion:*walking next to Leafeon* Wow.

Evopsy:I saw something like that once.

Infernape: Like what?

Honchkrow: Complete insanity? I sure have seen complete insanity...*everyone turns to stare at Evopsy, then turn back and whistle nonchalantly*

Evopsy:....Umbreon....Of course, Vaporeon can melt into water...

Aurion:*rolls his eyes* C'mon, let's see what this place has to offer.

The team enters the cloud, and they feel a burst of moisture. Complete blindness was in front of them, then they appeared in the center of 16 stairways that led up into clouds where they could not see...

Leafeon: I say 15...

Infernape: I say 7...

Honchkrow: I say 3...

The three members stare at each other.

Leafeon: *hears mumbling* I hear the Driblim on Stairway 14...But...*doesn't hear them* they must have disappeared into the clouds...

Aurion:We all have to go together.

Honchkrow: *hears Evopsy mumbling again* Evopsy, evolve into Wingeon! There, chew on that...

Leafeon: It's definite that we have to go together...

Infernape: Wait...wasn't there something saying that if you stay in the center too long...

Honchkrow: Nope, urban legend.

Evopsy:*standing in front of Honchkrow, staring at him* Wingeon?

Aurion:C'mon. Let's jjust try Stairway 1. ALL TOGETHER.

Infernape: *stepping on number 7* Did you say something?

Leafeon: *sigh* Everyone to stairway 1! *uses Psychic and throws Evopsy, Infernape and Honchkrow towards the first Staircase. walks towards the stairs*

Aurion:*walks to them*


Infernape: *bobs head and tosses Evopsy from head flame*

Leafeon: By the way, did anyone bring the Sky Pianica?


Aurion:Harmonica, you mean.

Evopsy:Really? I thought it was Pianica too.

Honchkrow: *digs beak through bag, and pulls out a Harmonica* Differs with how you wanna talk. I got it! *pitches it to Leafeon*

Leafeon: All right, we should be able to summon Rayquaza when we get to the top, so let's head up those stairs!

Aurion:*puts a paw on Leafeon as he walks up with her*

Evopsy:*snickers as he skips up the stairs*

Infernape: *smiles as he walks ahead of everyone upstairs*

Honchkrow: *glides over everyone and perches in front of the clouds that lead onto the high stairs*

Evopsy:*while walking up* I wonder if there's such a thing as a Wingeon, like Honchkrow said?

Infernape: *hears* *thinks to self* Wow...he'll be mulling over that until it's proven...*snicker*

Everyone reaches the top and Leafeon walks up with the Harmonica*

Leafeon: ...Ur...Wait...*tosses Harmonica to Honchkrow* We don't need that yet! *walks through clouds and beckons everyone to follow*

On the other side, a large room made of clouds was in front of them.

Honchkrow: The horrible thing for you guys is that when you step on a certain spot, you'll fall to the entrance of this floor again...but as for me, I can just fly through!

Infernape: Correct. And there are no alternatives...We have to step on the right cloud...

Honchkrow; *sails away*

Aurion:Hmmmm....Is it like a pitfall trap?

Leafeon: Rather. No matter where you are, on the first floor or the 60th floor, you will be sucked back to right where we are standing...

Aurion:What if you tested it first, with your foot? Would that work? Testing where you walk?

Leafeon: Weeell, that's also more elaborate. The Sky Stairway is a very ancient, intricate dungeon. It has all 493 Pokémon's weight programs and different things inside the vapor of the clouds. Hard to comprehend, but bare with me. So, it won't let you enter, unless you are a flying Pokémon and you can just sail on in, until you present your name...*tries to walk forward, and a small vapor screen shocks her back* see? So...*says her name, walks forward* There, and, I also stepped on the right cloud, so you guys come too!

Infernape: *steps on the same cloud as Leafeon*

Aurion:*says his name and steps next to Leafeon on the same cloud* all 493, eh? Then it's missed a few. HMMMMM...

Infernape: Eh?

Leafeon: Evopsy, coming?

Evopsy:*sitting, mumbling to himself*

Infernape: Aurion, what do you mean?

Leafeon: EVOPSY!

Aurion:I mean I know there are more Pokémon than that.

Evopsy:Maybe evolve to a Leafeon? THat would make for some fun sometimes...

Infernape: Well, they haven't established themselves in the region...we're in...


Aurion:*slowly grinning*

Evospy:Huh!? sorywhat?

Leafeon: We need to head out!

Infernape: Right *steps forward onto a cloud and falls through, yelping. Suddenly, he appears five paces behind them, at the start* Wow, that was redundant...

Leafeon *chuckle*

Aurion:Well, that's not a good cloud. but I have an idea.

Infernape: Yeah? And what's that? *steps on cloud*

Aurion:All we have to do is get a new-region Pokémon here, right?

Leafeon: No, no, what I meant by that was you can't test it, because you can't get IN here without presenting your name, and then they are set for your weight...Sorry if I mislead you...

Aurion:Oh....Okay, new idea. We get a large flying type and ride on it. 60 floors of random trips is too much.

Leafeon: We've already entered. It won't let us back out until we've climbed the entire place...

Infernape: Evopsy, how's Wingeon sounding now? *sigh*

Evopsy:*staring eerily at Infernape* What's it look like, how is the evolution obtained, what kinda moves, what ability, does it exist?

Infernape: *glaring through Evopsy* No...

Leafeon: Well, let's get a move on! *hops three clouds ahead*

Aurion:*closely follows Leafeon*

Infernape: He likes her doesn't he? *skips across the three clouds, then follows them with Evopsy*

Evopsy:*grinnign* yep.

Act 2: Come Fly With Us...

Further ahead, Leafeon reaches a large cloud with a sign on it.

Leafeon: Oh yes, I forgot to mention if you reach a checkpoint...You're safe if you fall after it...Hrm...

Aurion lands next to her.


Infernape and Evopsy land next to them.

Infernape: And now more of this...*steps on to a cloud and falls, reappearing beside Leafeon* Again...REDUNDANT!

Leafeon: *mega chuckle*

Evopsy:*steps onto the same cloud as INfernape did* WHEEEEE!

Leafeon: He doesn't come off as the most un-spontaneous person, does he?

Aurion:Evopsy is definitely energetic.

Leafeon: That's for sure...

Suddenly, wind started to pick up heavily. Leafeon was tossed across the clouds and up stairs at the end of the clouds. Aurion was tossed that way too, along with Infernape and the newly fallen Evopsy.

Leafeon: *flutters eyes. wakes up* What? What happened? *looks around and sees they are in a large arena type area, the floor made of clouds*

Infernape: *stands up* What in the world? ...I guess that saves us from climbing all the clouds?

Suddenly, everyone wakes up and turns to see the four Drifblim from before fighting a some other flying Pokémon, specifically a Staraptor, Skarmory, Pidgeot and Noctowl.

Leafeon: What's going on?

Aurion:*looks around*....get ready to fight...

Suddenly, a loud booming voice overcame each of their ears. The other flying types didn't seem to hear it, as it must have been directed straight at the group.

Voice: You will not fight until instructed! When the right of passage is cleared...*the voice stopped.*

Honchkrow appeared by their sides.

Honchkrow: Master Rayquaza! *takes out Melodica*

Rayquaza Voice: have proven yourself...Wonderful...*suddenly, a large wind sweeps the area and the eight flying types vanishes into thing air*

Aurion:what now?

Evopsy:I wonder if tehre's a Dragoneon or something...

Infernape: Wow, Evopsy, if there was ever a worse time...

Rayquaza Voice: The rest of you, come! *the clouds below them wrapped around them and they were propelled into the air. Screams were heard from inside*

Suddenly, they landed and were released from the vapor on top of a marble floor. A large green snake-like Pokémon was in front of them.

Rayquaza: I'm glad you have come...For I am weak without the Melodica...

Aurion:*suddenly, upon seeing Rayquaza, bows*


Infernape: *bows*

Leafeon: *bows*

Honchkrow: *bows* *stands up and takes out the Melodica again* Master Rayquaza, here is your item! *flies towards the large Pokémon*

As he approaches, Rayquaza releases a wave of energy that passes through Honchkrow and throws him reeling back across the marble

Rayquaza: My sincerest apologies, but nothing can get close to me as I am having problems distibuting my powers...Countless flying Pokémon have come to help, but nothing has helped me at all. And my staircase will soon collapse because of my loss of energy...

Honchkrow: Can I...toss you the Melodica?

Leafeon: *stares at Honchkrow awkwardly*

Honchkrow: Sorry...

Aurion:*walks torward Rayquaza fearlessly, tense and ready to endure whatever hits*

A shockwave erupts from Rayquaza and it passes destructively through Aurion.

Leafeon: AURION!

Aurion:*doesn't even wince, continues*

Rayquaza: *winces and fires a large green ball of powerful energy that explodes on Aurion*

Aurion:*slams it with Force Palm to reduce the blow, and continues*

Rayquaza: *eyes glow red* FOOLISH CHILD...*winces and throws tail at Aurion, slamming it through the marble*

Aurion:*almost nonchalantly flips over his tail and rushes at Rayquaza*

Suddenly, Rayquaza fired another ball of energy at Aurion.

Leafeon: Agh! *uses Psychic and throws Aurion to the side, so the ball explodes on the ground. Aurion falls*

Aurion:*thinking* WHy is it always Psychic? *quickly,Aurion eats a Quick Seed, and zips torward Rayquaza again*

Rayquaza: *eyes finally stop glowing and it settles*

[Honchkrow realizes it's not holding the Sky Harmonica anymore]

Aurion:*as soon as he gets close enough, he attempts to use his own aura mastery to balance Rayquaza's aura*

Infernape: Didn't know he could do...whatever he's doing!

Rayquaza: *struggles, but suddenly become calm and motionless*

Honchkrow: What happened? And...what happened to the Harmonica? *sees Aurion is holding it*

Aurion:*gently, he gives the Harmonica to Rayquaza*

Evopsy:He is an Aura Pokémon, isn't he?

Infernape: *glares at Evopsy* Don't make me throw you in my head flame...

Rayquaza: *harmonica fades away in sparkles. Rayquaza wakes up, his eyes glowing* WHAT IS THIS?! THIS IS A MOCKERY! A SHAM! A FAKE! I SHALL DESTROY YOU!

Leafeon: Oh, crud...Wait, how could it be a fake?

Honchkrow: *fades and morphs into a Drifblim*

Drifblim: Heheheheheh, yooooouuuu guys are in troooooouble! *shows them the real harmonica before he disappears*


Rayquaza: *throws tail into Aurion and throws him across the groun, in front of Leafeon**comes very close to fainting*

Leafeon: *uses Natural Gift and gives Riolu more health, helps him stand up* This is no time for fainting...he's angry and...

Rayquaza: *barrels forward*

Infernape: Evopsy, WINGEON, WINGEON!

Act 3: The Sky Stairway Collapses

Evopsy:*seeminglu unnoticed of everything happening* Do you think it's really called that, or something like Cloudeon?

Infernape: *grabs Evopsy* FORGET IT!

Leafeon: *runs towards where the marble ends and the clouds are present. Jumps down them*

Honchkrow: *flies down clouds*

Infernape: *follows with Evopsy*

Aurion:*jumps down with Leafeon*

As they fell through the air, they saw Rayquaza's form falling after them.


Honchkrow: I have a feeling that isn't Master Rayquaza...

Aurion:Listen to that voice. hello, Drifblim! *strikes with Shadow Claw*

Drifblim: Agh...*flies through air, dropping harmonica*

Infernape: *grabs it* But where's the real Rayquaza?

As they fall, they suddenly land at the entrance of the Sky Stairway. They look forward and up and see all of the stairs and clouds disappearing.

Leafeon; There it goes...

Aurion:I just got an idea for finding ghost types that morhped.

Leafeon: Oh yeah?

Aurion:Emit Ring makes fighting moves hurt ghost types. a lot. So..*starts Force Palm* I just wave this near a person, and if they're a ghost, they'll feel pain or flinch.

Leafeon: Hrm...I guess...But if you encounter a Gochiruzeru, it won't work. Good thinking though.

Honchkrow: Remember? Gochiruzeru hasn't been established here...

Infernape: *sighing* What now?

Aurion:First off, let's make sure we are who we think. *tests everyone*

Leafeon: Aurion, do you seriously not trust that we are who we are? Your friends?

Aurion:I trust my friends. Especially you. but if it's a morphed ghost, it's not my friend. And I'm sure you wouldn't want me to mistake a ghost for you.

Leafeon: Very admirable...*suddenly, she shoots out and slams into Aurion, causing him to roll and crash into a rock* *morphs into a Banette*

Banette: But you are rather slow...*disappears*

[suddenly, Banette is hit from behind by Evopsy's Bite, and Aurion quickly follows with Shadow Claw]

Before Shadow Claw hits, Banette turns into Leafeon, looking into Aurion's eyes with a helpless expression.

Leafeon: Aurion! Don't hurt me...

Aurion:You're NOT Leafeon.*strikes*

Banette: *falls, fainted*

Infernape: Where's the real Leafeon?

Banette: *fainted*

Honchkrow: I think it's fainted...*pokes*

Aurion:*to Infernape* I don't know, but I have to find her!

Infernape: Yeah, we all need to. There is no way she could have disappeared like that...

Honchkrow: Let's replay our events...It seemed all right when she was explaining it at the beginning of the stairway...

Infernape: How do you know that? You took off ahead!

Honchkrow: *eerie silence*

Aurion:.....*lightly pokes Honchkrow with Force Palm, just to make sure*

Honchkrow: QUIT IT! *slaps Aurion away* I'm not a ghost, dang. I just have good hearing. Infernape, you should know that!

Infernape: *silence* OKAY! I just wanted to see you get poked...*stale laugh*

Honchkrow: Unless...


Honchkrow: Poke him...

Infernape: *wide eyes*

Aurion:*does so, Shadw Claw in his other hand*

Infernape: *sits content* You know, that does hurt a little but I am not a GHOST!

Honchkrow: So, moving on?

Act 4: The Great Leafeon Caper

Aurion:Now I have to find Leafeon....Speaking of Eon....Where's Evo?

Infernape: *looks to his side and everywhere else, not spotting Evopsy* Oh this is just perfect >_<

Honchkrow: Ain't it though?


[Suddenly, Evopsy hits the ground in front of them, a few stones in his mouth, which he spits out]

Evopsy:M'kay, apparently not the way to get Cloudeon. Or Wingeon. Or thingy.

Honchkrow: *glances at Infernape*

Infernape: *thinks, shakes head* No, I don't wanna know

Honchkrow: Er, me neither...

Evopsy:THingyeon! Hey, where's Aurion?

[Aurion's run off to find Leafeon]

Infernape: I suppose we should follow him...

Honchkrow: He ran off towards...the Surrounded Sea...

Evopsy:Wow, gues this means he might like her a bit.

Evopsy looks back and sees Infernape and Honchkrow gone.

Somewhere close to the sea...

Honchkrow: Are you sure we should've left him there?

Infernape: He'll be fine...

Honchkrow: You do know I mean EVOPSY right?

Infernape: *stops and thinks* He'll be fine...


[Evopsy comes slamming into Infernape, his tail on fire]

They roll across the ground until Infernape finally lands face first in sand.

Honchkrow: What the...*catches up to them*


Honchkrow; *blows it out*

InfernapeL *sets Evopsy down* What happened?!

Evopsy:*trying to speak and failing*

Infernape: *light slap* Better?

Evopsy:EON ARMY!

Honchkrow: Hit him again. He's still confuzzled

Infernape: *light slap* Now...explain what happened...

Evopsy:Eon Army!

Infernape: Elaborate or I will slap harder...

Evopsy:*irritably slaps Infernape withhis tail* EON! As in Eevee evolutions! ARMY! WHAT DOES THAT MEAN TO YOU!?

Honchkrow: Oh, poopy...

Infernape: Wait, how was this caused? I mean...what?!

Honchkrow: Evopsy, did you come from a colony of Eevee? Like, did you come from the main branch of Eevees? Or did you come from a sidebranch? I wanna know because if you recognize them, then someone infiltrated the main colony and got them all to evolve. This could be an issue of another war being stricken between Pokémon!

Infernape: *silence* So, Evopsy, if you understood the first part of what he said, what's your answer?

Evopsy:No, no, there's...There's a hidden place for Eevee. The Eon Army protects them. I saw ten Espeon, five Umbreon, two Flareon. A small scouting force. They're looking for something.


Honchkrow: Seems kind of absent-minded if you ask me...

Evopsy:Because they're...well..

Suddenly, they heard a bunch of chattering coming their way.

Infernape; *looks around desperately. Sees a rock column and takes Evopsy behind it, Honchkrow following*

Honchkrow: Do we have to be wary of them?


Suddenly, Infernape saw a glimpe of purple, as on an Espeon.

Infernape: *whispering* THEY'RE WHAT?!

Evopsy:*whispering* From a rival branch to mine!

Infernape: *facepalm, facepalm, facepalm* Of...COUUUUURSE!

Suddenly, Two Espeon spot them.

Espeon 1: O_O OMG OMG OMG! *runs to the back of the line of Pokémon*

Espeon 2: -_- What are you guys doing there?

Infernape: *slowly slides Evopsy behind him* Nothing. You may go on about your business

An Umbreon walks in front.

Umbreon: ?_? What's behind you?

Evopsy:*curls up, looking like a ball*

Infernape: *picks up Evopsy* It's the new...uh, Eevee Bouncy 5000! *bounces Evopsy off the wall like a ball* See?

Honchkrow: Heh, yeah!

Umbreon: O_- Okay...Anyway, we need to get to Surrounded Sea...

Infernape: Why?

Umbreon walks away, his group following. No other words were spoken.

Infernape drops Evopsy onto the sand.


Honchkrow: Hey, it was nice acting how you made it look like you got hurt ^.^

Evopsy:It did hurt.

Honchkrow: *tries to ignore evopsy jokingly* Well, Surrounded Sea?

Act 5: The Great Leafeon Caper, Part II

At the edge of the water, a large tunnel led down into the water, where it was hollow inside and transparent so you could see all the water Pokémon inside

Infernape: Seems all the Eon's have gone inside...Think we should go?

Honchkrow: Well DUR!

Evopsy:Aurion'll already be deep inside, searching for Leafeon's aura.

Infernape: *already inside*

Honchkrow: Welp, you can just get on your tail and slide down after Infernape...It's slick, so you can slide! *flies down*

Evopsy:Glaceon..?*slides down*

Somewhere in a light pool of water, Aurion was searching around.

Aurion:Where is she..?

Evopsy:AAAUUURRIOOON! (Evopsy wasn't down there yet, but this can work!)

Evopsy slipped down into the water and saw Aurion. There must have been separate tunnels and Evopsy was separated from Infernape and Honchkrow.

Aurion:...Hello, Evo.

Evopsy:Hi, Aurion! Found her yet?


In another water room, Honchkrow appeared and looked around.

Honchkrow: Hmm...*sees a blue object in the water and flies down to it*

In another room, Infernape careful wades through the water.

Infernape: NOTHING IN HERE >_<

Suddenly, he sees a whole bunch of Cloyster stare at him.


Back in Aurion's room...

[They're wandering]


Evopsy:....Are you alright?


Suddenly, a form raises out of the water. It wasn't a Pokémon.

Voice: If you are looking for Leafeon...follow me...*drops back into the water*

Aurion:*sucks in breath and follows immediately*

Aurion drops into a large room that seems to have walls made out of water. Evopsy falls behind him.

Aurion:*looks around, quickly taking everything in*


Suddenly, a small green sphere appears in the air a few yards away from them. It glowed and span in the middle of the air.

Aurion:*quickly runs torward it*

Suddenly, the sphere expands and shoves Aurion back, crashing into a pillar of coral reef.

Aurion:*lands on both feet on the pillar, and quickly regains balance*

The green sphere reaccumulates.

Sphere: Aurioooon! I'm trapped in the spheeeeere! But, there's nooooo way out! Some Pokémon are guarding it...Help!

Aurion:Hello...Drifblim. *slides out Shadow Claw*

The purple aforemention Pokémon appeared above the sphere. It disppeared and Drifblim floated to the ground.

Drifblim: Believe you can defeaaaaat me? *uses Psychic and sticks Aurion in place, causing his move to fall in his hand again.* Hypno, use Disable on all of his moves! *a large yellow Pokémon appeared and it shot a blue beam at Aurion. It glowed over Aurion, and all of its moves were sealed* Heheheheeheh!

Aurion:*grins* Here's the other thing I trained in. *lets off a flurry of Silver Spikes. his high IQ and constant use of them make them deal a lot of damage*

Drifblim Ominous Wind! *blows them away into the water* Too bad a foolish child like you forgot that an Emit Ring only works for moves! And, the IQ has nothing to do with the ability to wipe them away! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Aurion:*grins again*

Evopsy:*in another of his typical surprise attacks, Drifblim gets hit from behind with Bite!*

Drifblim: *topples into water, then disappears, as it was a Double Team*

Sphere appears.

Sphere: Aurion! Evopsy! The real Drifblim is...

Suddenly, Hypno appears behind Aurion as a Drifblim, uses Pyshic and binds it, completely restricting all movement whatsoever. Another Drifblim appears behind Evopsy and does the same thing. Two more appear.

Drifblim 3: Ha, thinking you could beat my Group...You will never get Leafeon back! Ha!

Drifblim 4: See ya!

The two Drifblim disappear, along with the sphere, and other two are left to restrict the two Pokémon.

Aurion:*glances at Evopsy*

Evopsy:*glances back, and reluctantly moves hi eyes up and down in a nod*

Aurion:Alrighty, Drifblim thingys. drop us, or get blown away. Hard.

Drifblim 1: Meh, what are you gonna do? *an Ominous Wind starts whipping intimidatingly around Aurion*

Drifblim 2: Nice, Blimso!

Aurion:I'm gonna do what I was born to do. *using his own aura, he starts powerfully ripping the Drifblim's auras*

Drifblim 1 and 2: AAAAAGH! *releases both Evopsy and Aurion.* AAAAAGH!

Aurion:*as soon as he's released, he slashes both of tehm with Shadow Claw, and stops his aura hold*

Drifblims: *transform into two Eevee that Evopsy recognizes*

Evopsy:Hey......Do I know them...?

Aurion:No time, those other teo Drifblim have Leafeon!

Suddenly, Infernape and Honchkrow thud to the water behind them.

Infernape: Agh...Uh, Aurion! We saw two Drifblim leaving Surrounded Sea, also holding a blue egg, and they headed for Crevice Cave!

Honchkrow: You know, thinking back on that...WHY DIDN'T WE FOLLOW THEM!?

Infernape: I told you to!

Honchkrow: Welp, it would have been nice to tell me...OUTSIDE OF YOUR OWN MIND YOU DIMWIT >_<

Infernape: Excuse me, I'm the leader of this team, so I would appreciate...



[Aurion continues to go on a long rant that basically revolves around the point that they need to stay together, stop arguing, get the Drifblim and find Leafeon]

Honchkrow: Never thought you'd be the voice of reason...

Infernape: Yes you did...

Honchkrow: Yeah, I did...So, Crevice Cave?

Infernape: I suppose so...

Act 6: The Great Leafeon Caper, Part III

Aurion:Right, then. To Crevice Cave!

Evopsy:He only gets like that when something very important to him is threatened.

Infernape: Aww! You care about the poor Drifblim that will freeze there! :3

Honchkrow: ...Uh, yeah, THAT'S what he's worried about...

Evopsy:D'you think he likes Leafeon?

Infernape: Definitely...

Honchkrow: *nods and flies up the water shoot, out of the sea*

Evopsy:huh...never woulda guessed...

Infernape and Honchkrow called from the top of the chute. Infernape had gone while Evopsy was zoned out.

Infernape: You realize we are going to leave you if you don't stop pondering things!? Right!?

Evopsy:Oh! *follows*

Up top, the trio looks around.

Infernape: South to Crevice Cave?


Infernape: do we get there? *looks up at Honchkrow and is surprised to see him flying away* HEY GET BACK HERE YOU DITCHER! *runs after him, leaving Evopsy sitting, staring*


Vacuum Wave latches onto Evopsy and Infernape pulls him onto his back.

Infernape: Will you give it a rest? You will be a Jolteon and that's the end of it!

Evopsy:Well, that was in the other future.

Infernape: You do know the 'other' future IS the future? Like, YOUR future...

Honchkrow: *is flying up ahead, listening* There is no point in trying to coax him...*thinking*

Evopsy:Well, what if I was an Umbreon?

Infernape: You'd get moon burn now let's MOVE!

Later, Aurion is standing at the entrance to Crevice Cave, a large, snow capped mountain. It was blizzarding ferociously, and it was hard for him to keep his footing in the snow.

Aurion:*thinking* Hmph. I train balance on top of fiercer mountains than this playground.

The crevice opened a little wider at his voice, and he walked inside.

Aurion:*looking around for Leafeon*

Suddenly, a Zangoose appeared in front of him and slashed him right across the full body with Crush Claw. A Vigoroth caught the fallen Aurion, and all darkness came.

When he awoke, he was lying in a room, a red Pokémon looking over him.

Scizor: Hello? Hello? I'm Scizor...Are you all right?


Scizor: I see...Leafeon...Never seen a Leafeon in these Drifblim sound familiar? They aren't common here...

Aurion:*growls * Drif! Bli...m....Leafeon.......*almost unconscious again*

Scizor: Marill, Aqua Ring...

A Marill waddles up to Aurion and splashes a face full of water on him.


Scizor: *helps him up* You know this, Leafeon and Drifblim, I see? No?

Aurion:Have to find Leafeon...

Scizor: I see...Well, I could give you an escort to the deepest part of...(is cut off by Aurion)

Aurion:Stop! I don't need an escort to the deepest part of anywhere! *gets to his feet* I just have to find Leafeon!

Scizor: Aurion, no matter how tough you believe you are, I'm sorry to say that NO-ONE can get through this place alone. Not even I, a Champion Rank, highest Rank, could get through alone...

Aurion:I've got the master three star rank. And I've actually been through here before. Hmph.

Scizor: I suppose if you think you can...

Aurion:Anything to find Leafeon.

Scizor: You're very held to this person...*Scizor closes his eyes, and opens them again* I want to help you.


Scizor: Then let's get a move on. Crevice Cave has altered slightly, so let's take a relatively unaltered course...*Scizor skitters out of the room and down a sliding path. His feet easily skid down it*

Aurion:*comes after him. His paws are hardened fromt aining, and also skid*

At the end of the skid, Scizor looks around.

Scizor: Aurion, see any areas we could head through? Heh, that was about all I could come through for...sorry

Aurion:*grolws, and smashes through the rock with Force Palm*

Scizor: Impressive...*hops through the wall. On other side, Drifblims stood with their backs turned. Aurion started to leap, but Scizor stopped him* Shh, *whispering* let's see what they're up to...

One shifted and Scizor saw them talking to a Pokémon with a strange figure.

Froslass: Ha! I love the idea...

Aurion:*barely restraining self*

Scizor: The resolution is not always violence...*looks down and sees Aurion gone*

Froslass: Wonderful...*notices Aurion and Scizor* Intruders...hmm...

Aurion:Where's Leafeon?

Drifblim 1: *turns* Wouldn't you like to know!

Act 7: The Great Leafeon Caper: The Climax

Aurion:I would, actually! *zips to the other side, sped up by something* And you're gonna tell me! *slides out Shadow claw, and Force Palm in his other hand*

Froslass: Sheer Cold! *the floor below Aurion freezes him neck-high, restricting movement*

Scizor: *thinking* I knew this would turn out bad...*outloud, dashes forward* Night Slash! *jumps and comes down on one Drifblim, a powerful attack bringing it down* Iron Head! *rams into the other, knocking him into the wall of ice*

Froslass: A brave one...and it's Mr. Scizor! Heh...*sheer cold freezes his legs in place* You're a problem...

[the ice on Aurion cracks]

Aurion:*force palm glowing on both, he's straining hard* You've got bigger problems!

Froslass: Do I? *forms a ball of ice and throws it. Rest of Aurion freezes*

Suddenly, Honchkrow appeared at the doorway, panting.

Honchkrow: Lady, that won't help your case...*Infernape comes shouting over Honchkrow*

Infernape: LET'S GO!

Froslass rolls her eyes and freezes them both in Sheer Cold. Not even Infernape could break out.

Froslass: Lawls...

Aurion:*though frozen, his eyes are wide and intense*

Froslass: *grimaces. Rams towards Aurion with Shadow Claw*

Scizor: Aurion! Break Free! *as Froslass gets about three feet from Aurion, he fires Hyper Beam at Aurion and a large splinter of ice flies every where and smokes invades the room*

[for a moment, smokes obscures everything. then, Froslass is hit with a Force Palm fury]

Suddenly, Evopsy runs in with a Sunny Day orb and throws it, creating heat. The other three Pokémon melt and beam.

Infernape: *fires Flamethrower*

Froslass: *the beaten Froslass explodes and the Flamethrower mises. Another appears behind Aurion, holding two Green Orbs* You are putting me through quite a lot...*cracks orbs and Leafeon and a large Pokémon with a tree on its back appear*

Infernape: Torterra...

Aurion:*hugs Leafeon* You're alright...

Suddenly, Leaf Blade strikes him from the leaf on the front of her neck. He falls to the ice.

Leafeon: *robotic voice* I am no longer one of you. Affection is...Futile.

Froslass: I see there was something there...Not anymore!

Aurion:.........*his struggle takes it's toll, and without anything to drive him, he faints*

Infernape: *jumps over everyone and uses Flamethrower, incinerating Froslass. She blows up and nothing is left. The two orb glow and trickle over Torterra and Leafeon*

Leafeon: *shakes head* Owwwww...what happened...*sees Aurion* AURION!

Aurion:*out cold*

Leafeon: *uses Natural Gift*

Infernape: *stands with Torterra* I thought I would never see you again!

Torterra: Hey, sweet thing. That was cool what you did...Now, before I explain everything, I need to help tend to that boy...*a vine lashes out from tree and uses Natural Gift with Leafeon*

[despite this, Aurion doesn't wake]

Leafeon: Oh...Come on!

Infernape: What can we do...?

Scizor: I don't know...

[Aurion's body suddenly ignites in aura, and it burns off him]

Scizor: Extraordinary...

Leafeon: *eats a berry and the power grows larger*

Aurion:*bruning, because he has so little energy his aura is uncontrolled*

Scizor: I know what to do...*taps on Explorer Badge and summons a Pokémon to the room* Lucario, help him...

Lucario: Hello, Scizor...*summons an orb of aura above his head, his eyes closed* I sense his aura is distraught...*the aura ball is spliced and turns orange. He holds it, then sets it on Aurion, sinking in*

[for a moment, their auras connect, and a jolt of extreme emotional pain streaks through Lucario]

Lucario steps back but whips his head back and forth.

Lucario: He'll be fine, I believe, just take him somewhere safe...

Scizor: Thank you, Lucario...

Lucario: *holds hand out and one more jolt of emotions rasp between them* Goodbye! *Lucario disappears*

Infernape: So...head back to Treasure Town?

Honchkrow: *lands* I guess...

Leafeon: *scoops up Aurion and throws him on her back* Let's go...

Evopsy:*nods and follows*

[as they enter Treasure Town, Aurion stirs]

As they reach Sharpedo Bluff, Leafeon sets Aurion down. Infernape sits on the edge, facing them, while Evopsy sits next to him, and Honchkrow on Evopsy's left.


Leafeon: Oh, hey! He's waking up!

Infernape: Great! Aurion?

Leafeon: Aurion?

Aurion:.......*he's awake, but silent*..

Leafeon: *half aware he's awake* Listen...if you can...I'm happy that you came all that way to save me...even when it was shouldn't have done that, you were exhausted and worn...I mean...that took true honor from someone to do that kind of thing...Thank you...Aurion...

Aurion:.....*waekly* you're welcome............

Leafeon: *hugs Aurion, and notices a cut that was healed partly by Natural Gift* What happened to you?


Infernape: Psst, Leafeon...not to ruin a moment you already ruined, but YOU did that to him, while you were a robot. You Leaf Bladed him...

Leafeon: OH MY GOOOOOOSH! Sorry...*says to Leafeon*

Honchkrow: And not to ruin it anymore, but what are we gonna do now...?

Evopsy stares at Honchkrow angrily.

Infernape: Psst, Honchy, you know that there can be some PERSONAL RELAXATION time for people who are injured...Ahem...

Leafeon: *sighs*'s alright...

Three days later, Team Octane was hanging out in the Spinda Cafe while Team Aurastrike was with them, at a table.

Infernape: *sips smoothie* And then I go 'That's not Darth Vader! That's your father!'

-Bunch of laughs-

Leafeon: Oh that one takes the cake!

Honchkrow: Right?

Infernape: So...what's next on our agenda, Octane?

Leafeon: No idea...what about you, Aurastrike? *gestures to Aurion and Evopsy, who sat next to each other with smoothies*

Aurion:Well, the ghost division is heading to the Concealed Ruins, Blazeraid's team is going to Apple Woods on a food raid....and us...I'm not entirely sure yet.

Evopsy:*whispering Eon Pokémon names to himself*

Honchkrow: Wow. More dilemmas...

Infernape: Well, Team Leaf Storm wants us to go with them to...some dungeon...*says to teammates*

Leafeon: Where?

Infernape: I don't know...Uh, Destiny Tower...


Aurion:.....okay.......and Destiny Tower is....?


Infernape: No more eeveelutions!

Honchkrow: Er, anyway. Destiny Tower is said to be the place where Arceus resides...I think we should go with them.

Leafeon: Great idea...


Infernape: Team Leaf Storm is crazy, but let's do it! *Team Octane high-fives each other*

Aurion:Sure. Why not?


So, our heroes are taking on a new adventure! Will they have fun, will they be successful? Or, will they go down in flames? Will Evopsy ever shut up!? We'll find out soon on...RP 3: The Destiny Tower!

(Okay, but if he never gets back to it, there's no point in keeping him up there. Deal? I know, he can start at any point, but if it isn't for a long time, I'm taking him off...actually, I'll put him on the new page I'll create for the Destiny Tower. This one's getting cramped :D)

(Alright. And Evopsy?.....I honestly don't know)

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