These are Cut Scenes from KP's Chatbox when KP (Cameron) and Ryushu (Megan) were roleplaying on it. These Scenes are on Cameron's Archives with his computer.

Scene 1

[Cameron was standing in his villa, playing a song on his Audio System.]

Cameron's thoughts: 'This music seems to be perfect for dancing.'


[The door explodes off it's Hinges.]


[Cameron dives to the sofa, reaching for Torterra's Pokéball.]

Cameron: "And you are?"

[The figure steps out, revealing Miror B.]

Cameron: "What'dya want my Stereo System? If you do I'll battle you for it!"

(Pointless Ludicolo fainting later)

???: "Get outta here ya Disco-Freak!"

Cameron: "Dissed."

Miror B.: "Who DARE disses Miror B. The Disco King!!?"

Cameron (To himself): "'Parentally everyone.'" -_-'

[The Storm brings up more, blowing Miror B. away.]

Cameron: "Now, who said that?"

???: "It's me, Megan!"

Cameron: "Oh, and what's next, Cory's been watching the fight..."

???: "CAMERON!"

Cameron: "Huh?"

[Cory peeks from the Bush, Dawn suddenly comes behind Cameron and Glomps (Ambush Hug) him.]

Cameron: "Oof!"

[Cameron blushes slightly.]

Cameron: "Hey Dawn.."

Cameron [whispering to Megan]: "Y'know, I think I want to invite Dawn to my home."

Megan: :3

Cameron [whispering to Megan]: "Probably dance with her too."

Megan [whispering to Cameron]: "You probably should..."

Cameron: "Hey Dawn, I'd like to invite you in my home..."

Dawn: "Aww Cameron that's sweet."

Cameron: "Well, maybe dance too..."

Dawn: "Oh that'll be so romantic!"


[Cameron kneels down to Dawn.]

Cameron: "Shall I have this Dance?"

[Dawn begins to blush.]

Dawn: "Of course!"

[They both begin to dance. Dawn seems to be extremely happy. A knock on the door is heard.]

Cameron: "Huh?"

Dawn: "Who is it?"

[Cameron looks out the window.]

Cameron: "It's the Prof...probably delivering some books."

[Cameron opens the door as Professor Rowan throws a package of Books at him, Cameron catches it but almost falls down doig it.]

Rowan: "Hm!"

Cameron: "Yep..books..."

[Cameron slams the package down near his Bookcase.]

Cameron: "Shall we continue?"

Dawn: "Okay."

[They continue dancing, However Cameron accidentally slips on a puddle of Water and goes down to the floor, bringing Dawn down with him, they accidentally make lip contact as they land.]

Dawn: !!

[Cameron breaks off the accidental kiss and ferociously blushes.]

Cameron: "I'm sorry!"

[Cameron repeats until Dawn covers his mouth.]

Dawn: "Cameron it's okay! Not to mention, it was kind of nice."

Cameron: "Y-you think so?"

Dawn: "Yeah..."

[Cameron lets out a smile. Blushing as he does.]

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