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キバナ Kibana
The tamer of dragons
Raihan anime.png
Age 20+
Gender Male
Eye color Teal
Hair color Black
Hometown Hammerlocke
Region Galar
Relatives Unknown
Trainer class Gym Leader
Generation VIII
Games Sword and Shield
Leader of Hammerlocke Stadium
Badge Dragon Badge
Elite Trainer of Unknown
Champion of Unknown
Specialty Dragon types
Brain of Unknown
Symbol Unknown
Member of None
Rank None

Raihan (Japanese: キバナ Kibana) is a recurring character in Pokémon Resurgence. He is the Gym Leader of Hammerlocke's Gym, known officially as Hammerlocke Stadium and specializes in Dragon-type Pokémon. He's also well-known for utilizing weather tactics in his battles.


Raihan is recognized as the strongest Gym Leader in Galar. He is the self-proclaimed rival of Champion Leon, and despite a losing streak of 0 to 10 against him, is the only person who has come close to beating him, having managed to knock out more of Leon's Pokémon than anyone else.

He's said to be strong enough to become a Champion if he moved to another region, but has refused to do so out of desire of wanting to defeat Leon.

While he specializes in the Dragon type, he will often use Pokémon of other types to set up weather conditions such as sandstorm and harsh sunlight. Uniquely amongst Galar's Gyms, Raihan's Gym also heavily focuses on Double Battles.

Pokémon Resurgence: Sword & Shield

He is first seen being introduced at Wyndon Stadium, having an exhibition match with Leon who he had challenged for the Champion title. Thy both exchanges greetings and begin their match. Leon defeats Raihan to retain his title.


Raihan is a young man with light brown skin and a tall and slim build. He has black hair styled in a Mohawk, and teal eyes.

Raihan wears the Dragon-type uniform under a gold hoodie with dark blue, orange, and tan-colored accents. The hoodie has a collar that resembles the teeth of an open mouth. The sleeves end as his elbows with orange cuffs stopping at his forearms. He wears this along with dark blue-orange shoes, and as an orange hairband.

He sports a Dynamax Band around his right wrist.


Raihan is often seen taking selfies on his Rotom Phone, a habit he initially picked up to remind him of the pain of defeat, but eventually this habit spread to other parts of his lifestyle.


Raihan keeps his Pokémon in Ultra Balls.

On Hand

Raihan's Duraldon ↔ Gigantamax Duraldon

Raihan's Duraldon ↔ Gigantamax Duraldon
Duraldon ↔ Gigantamax Duraldon
Duraludon is Raihan's first known Pokémon, as well as his ace and capable of Gigantamaxing. Raihan used it in his battle against Leon where it went up against Charizard, only to be defeated.

Duraludon's known moves are Iron Defense, Iron Head, Stone Edge, Dragon Claw, Flash Cannon, Breaking Swipe, and Metal Burst.

As a Gigantamax Duraludon, it can use Max Rockfall and Max Steelspike.

Debut [[]]
Raihan's Flygon
Flygon is Raihan's second known Pokémon.

Flygon's known moves are Sandstorm, Crunch, Dragon Claw, Dragon Breath, Steel Wing, Breaking Swipe, and Earthquake.

Debut [[]]
Raihan's Goodra
Goodra is Raihan's third known Pokémon.

Goodra's known moves are Rain Dance, Aqua Tail, Muddy Water, Dragon Breath, Water Pulse, Dragon Pulse, and Thunder.

Debut [[]]
Voice actors
English Allegra Clark
Raihan's Turtonator
Turtonator is Raihan's fourth known Pokémon.

Turtonator's known moves are Sunny Day, Flamethrower, Fire Blast, Dragon Pulse, Outrage, and Shell Trap.

Debut [[]]
Raihan's Torkoal
Torkoal is Raihan's fifth known Pokémon.

Torkoal's known moves are Solar Beam, Flamethrower, Heat Wave, Lava Plume, and Eruption.

Debut [[]]
  • Note: Raihan is also known to have at least two more Pokémon on hand.

Voice Actors

  • Tatsuhisa Suzuki (Japanese)
    • Kousuke Toriumi (Japanese; Pokemon: Twilight Wings)
  • Nazeeh Tarsha (English; Pokemon: Twilight Wings)



  • Raihan's uniform number is "241", which can be read in Japanese as goroawase for 強い tsuyoi, meaning "powerful".
  • Raihan's and the Gym Trainer's uniforms resemble Lance's outfit.
    • The anime references this by having Lance state that his outfit was based on said uniforms.
  • Raihan is one of three Gym Leaders who are battled in a Double Battle for a Gym Badge, the other two being Tate and Liza.
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