Rinku Unluck

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Rinku Unluck is a pokemon trainer and Fursona of Puppy1.


Early History

Rinku lived in Littleroot Town. His father was a Gym leader, but dissapeared in a mysterious balloning accident. when he was around six or seven, a stranger came to town. Rinku said hi, this for some reason angered the stranger, he layed a curse on Rinku, now he is EXTREMELY unlucky....

The Journey Begins

Years later, on his tenth birthday he left to become a Pokemon Master. he Wandered into the tall grass on his way to Prof. Birch's lab. he tripped and fainted. once he woke up, he realized he was in Pallet Town (apparently he fell into a boat). he started to walk, trying to not look panicy, he then found his way to Prof. Oak's lab. before he asked for help, he remembered that some trainers came here to start there journeys. so he asked for a pokemon. Oak gave him the choice of a Bulbasaur, a Squirtle, and a Charmander. he was about to choose Charmander, when a strange-looking Bulbasaur walked in (it had two square horns coming from its face and puipless green eyes). after a bit of arguing, Rinku took the bulbasaur and nicknamed it "Weird Venusaur", because, although Prof. Oak said it wouldn't, he knew it would one day evolve.

[The rest can be seen in an eventual page that will be called: Rinkus Journey ]


Rinku can be fairly creepy at times, though he truly cares for his Pokemon. he is fairly shy, though not afraid to stand up for himself. he prefers not to be seen. he doesn't like it when people continually complement him or talk about him. He continually throws threats at the opponent and people who hurt his pokemon. these include; "Do it and you lose it", "hurt him/her again, and I'll rip off your arm", "hope you don't miss your Eyeball, 'cause if you do that, I'll take it", "you sicken me", "if you do that, i'll rip off your [insert body part here]", and "*twitches* no....one....does.....that...*pounces and claws at him/her* GRRRROOWWWWWLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!".



Weird Venusaur

Species: Venusaur

Level: 30

Moves: Sweet Scent, Horn Attack, Leaf Blade, Leaf Frenzy.

On/Off hand?: On hand.

Quirks: She has a genetic disorder making her have square horns, on pupils, an inability to smell, and poor eyesight.

Gender: Female


Species: Charmeleon

Level: 28

Moves: Flame Wheel, Flame Punch, Bite, Flamethrower

On/Off hand?: On hand.

Quirks: His right arm is crippled.

Gender: Male


Species: Monferno

Level: 23

Moves: Flame Wheel, Scratch, Flame Punch

On/Off hand?: On hand.

Quirks: He imitates various internet memes, Such as: IT'S OVER NINE THOUSAAANNNDDDDD!!!!!!! I Pity Da Fool! I'll Be Back!

Gender: Male


Species: Torchic

Level: 8

Moves: Peck, Growl, Ember

On/Off hand?: On hand

Quirks: She wears a hot-pink extension.

Gender: Female


Species: Squirtle

Level: 10

Moves: Water Gun, Head Butt, "snuggle"

On/Off hand?: On hand

Quirks: Can only say "SNUGGLES!!!!!!!!!". He usually hugs various people, trying to "snuggle" them. They usually recoil. Snuggles is somewhat upset by this and wishes to have someone to snuggle with. He then forgets and does it again.

Gender: Male


Species: Pichu

Level: 2

Moves: Scratch, Growl, Volt Tackle

On/Off Hand?: On hand.

Quirks: none.

Gender: unknown. to young to know for sure.


Species: Mew

Level: ???

Moves: Her moves change depending on terrain. Defult: Pyschic, Transform, Mimic, Barrier

On/Off Hand: off hand.

Location: Mirage Cave

Quirks: none.

Gender: Female.

Notes: She is not actually owned by Rinku, but is something of an old friend of his. He can use her by blowing a whistle made for him by her.

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