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  • Cerin
  • Lace

Commander Lightning

  • Uopanosguhi


  • Sera


Chapter 1

Cerin Cerin walked along the road to Lace's house, but he walked slowly, expecting other friends.

A Wooper was walking much slower, in the opposite direction. She stumbled, and fell on the ground, coughing.

Cerin He walks faster to where the Wooper was. "Are you okay?"

"N-no." She coughs again, then slowly looks at Cerin.

Cerin "What's wrong?"

She struggles to get up. She is unable to do so. "I-I cannot move..."

Cerin "Does this happen often? Umm..." At a loss for what to do, he kneels next to the Wooper, preparing to lift her.

She slowly shakes her head. "N-not unless you g-get hurt badly..."

Cerin He lifts the Wooper easily, no doubt due to his odd modifications. "Where do you need to go?"

Too injured to wonder about the ease Cerin lifted her with, she just answers "Anyw-where I can rest."

Cerin He walks to a bench, and sets the Wooper down. "What happened to you, may I ask? I don't mean to be rude, a better first question would be "who are you", but I'm much rather interested in what happened."

"They...they attacked me...for saving someone from being robbed. I-I took down two of them, but was injured by another one." She answers, coughing.

Cerin "Well, who are you? What exactly are you doing in Celrest?"

Uopanosguhi "My n-n-name is Uopanosguhi. I was visiting, I'm not f-from here. I never knew there were s-so many vicious criminals in Celrest City. Who w-w-were th-they?"

Cerin "Likely Vahashii. Unless Orion's gang has broken from her service, but I find that unlikely."

Uopanosguhi "Vahashii? O-Orion's gang?" She asks, nervous, but faintly curious at the same time.

Cerin "Vahashii is an odd Gardevoir that took over Orion's gang a couple months ago."

Uopanosguhi "Sounds dangerous." She looks at Cerin. "W-wait. You never t-told me your name."

Cerin "Oh, I'm Cerin. Why did you come here in the first place?"

Uopanosguhi "I was visiting." She coughs. "I didn't expect any of that to happen. It is my first time here."

Cerin He looks confused. "Do you have family here or something?"

Uopanosguhi "W-when I think about it, I'm glad they don't live here. That city is not like what I was t-told."

Cerin "Oh, that was just Central. The rest of the city isn't that bad..."

Uopanosguhi "Oh..." Wincing, she slowly looks toward the direction Cerin was going. "Were you on your way somewhere? I'm so s-sorry for hindering you."

Cerin "I was just on the way to my girlfriend's house. I'm not expected there, though, and I was seeing if I could meet a specific friend on the way."

Uopanosguhi "A specific friend?"

Cerin "A pokemon named Emmet."

Uopanosguhi "Oh." Her eyes are now half closed from fatigue. "Maybe you'll m-meet Emmet on the way."

Cerin "Do you just want to stay here, or what?"

Uopanosguhi "I d-don't think... ...i-i-it would be s-safe to....." She is unable to stay awake any longer.

Cerin "Oh, it's alright. You're out of Central."

She hears this, but has fallen asleep, so she cannot respond.

Cerin "I hope she has shelter..." He walks away.

Two figures watch as he leaves. One of them turns to speak to the other figure. "Sounds like they know about a gang of criminals, who are said to be dangerous. One of them seems to have had a rough run in with them." "The other one knows a lot about that gang. Their types, how strong they are, and of much they have." The other voice answers, clenching a sharp claw, before continuing. "Let's go. Quickly." They follow him, being careful to find cover wherever they can. One of them stops next to the bench for a minute before quickly running to catch up.

A purple Gardevoir watches, invisible to all eyes. "Hmm... Very interesting....", she says.

Chapter 2

Cerin Cerin arrived at Lace's house and went inside, a bit disappointed that he hadn't seen Emmet, but not majorly.

Lace She had been laying face-down on her bed, half-unconscious, after a very long day. She hears the door open, and stirs.

Cerin "Lace! That training? It's canceled! Emmet never showed up." He says, yelling at first, then later in a normal tone, as Lace appeared at the door, looking very sleepy.

Lace "I wasn't expecting you..."

Cerin "I know. I hope that doesn't mean that you're not happy to see me..."

Lace She smiles, then yawns. "Of course not. Come over anytime." She bows woozily, stumbling as she does so. "My home is your home."

Cerin He frowns, confused at her stumbling. "Are you drunk?"

Lace She grimaces and yawns again. "No, just sleep-deprived."

Cerin "Then sleep! Don't let me disturb you. I'll just leave, and..."

Lace "No!" She interrupts. "Don't leave me!"

Cerin He raises his eyebrows. "It still sounds like you're drunk."

Lace "I've just been without sleep, or comfort, for a week. Please stay."

Cerin "Don't have to tell me twice. I didn't want to leave."


Tails "Oh, Arceus, this is bad! The timelines are disintegrating! These people don't even exist anymore! In any timeline!" The Elders looked at him bemusedly.

Elder "Calm down and start from the beginning...."

Tails "Okay, okay, you remember this guy, here? He's gone. From all timelines. And he's not the only one."

Elder "I'm sure it's alright...."

Tails "No, damnit! I'm tired of this! You never take action! I'm fixing this, myself!"

Elder He looks bored. "You have disgraced the Council, you are hereby Banished." But Tails had already disappeared, and the Banishment failed.

Back outside of Celrest City, a Swadloon is going along the road. He notices Uopanosguhi asleep on the bench. He moves to the bench, deciding to keep her company for now.

??? Sitting on a bench somewhat opposite to Uopanosguhi but more down the road than anything. It is sitting with a bag half-full of groceries, ??? seems to be eating through the entire bag

The Swadloon keeping her company takes notice of this, but he remains where he is and does not say anything.

??? It looks at its claw and frowns. "That wasn't supposed to happen..." It goes back to eating.

???2 It walks to the nearest door with the lights clearly on in the house, which just so happens to be the one Cerin and Lace reside in. It knocks weakly on the door. "Oww..."

Cerin He awakes blearily from Lace's bed. "Who the..." He walks to the door and opens it.

???2 "Hello, th-thank Arceus you're here... Please, help..." It turns to its side, wincing as it does so, showing to Cerin a massive gash going over her back-left leg, quite clearly leaking a considerable amount of blood. (She looks very much like Ember although with all purple replaced with blue)

Cerin "How the hell did you get that?" He invites the pokemon inside, but prepares to fight, just in case.

???2 "You try having a beautiful necklace and body in this city at this sort of time. You can encounter some rather nasty individuals..." It walks in the door, wincing as it has to move the sliced leg. In the light of the room there are plenty of smaller cuts scattered around her. Her necklace is also visible, bearing 9 small, blue gemstones on the end of a gold chain. She gently pushes down Cerin's metal-adorned hand/arm. "I'm not going to attack you, even if I wanted to I'm not nearly in good enough of a condition to hold my own against yet another attacker... Or at least I'm not going to bet on it..."

Cerin "Medical supplies are in the bathroom. You'd be surprised how often this happens."

???2 "Maybe I would be... One of or both of you can escort me if you still feel distrust towards me..."

Cerin "The bathroom's just there. I don't distrust you, but I have to be cautious."

???2 "Good. Be cautious. It's good to give the benefit of the doubt but you don't know my intentions at all. Could be good, could be malicious... I'm glad that you trust me but be careful..." She walks into the bathroom. Flinching with every movement of her injured leg, causing it to leak more blood, staining her black, scruffy fur. "I can't quite reach..."

Cerin He gets the supplies. "Oh, yeah, what is your name?"

???2 "Thank you... I can't stand on my back legs for extra height in my current state... Oh, I'm Sera. Who are you..? Can you help me to patch my wounds? My body isn't so great for that sort of thing, especially with these injuries..."

Cerin "Oh, alright. Interesting name, stirs up memories.... I had a childhood friend named Sera. Come to think of it, I have no clue where she is. Odd. Actually, I have no idea where any of my childhood friends are."

Sera She smiles "I guess her parents must have a good taste in names too... I know where quite a few of my old friends are, although almost all of them certainly take some traveling to get to..." She looks at the supplies Cerin got. "Do you think that will be enough?"

Cerin "I'm fairly sure. What kind of friends do you have, if you don't mind me asking."

Sera "Well, my friends consist only of Pokemon of varied genders... Come to think of it, there may well be one or two in this city... Who's the Sera that you met?"

Cerin "Just a friend," he says, clearly not wanting to talk.

Out on the streets of Celrest City, a female Jaguicked and a female Houndaemon were walking.

The Gardevoir, ever-watchful, though nowhere near, notices them. "What the....? They shall be fought, I don't like the look of them...."

30 minutes later, several Honedge approach the two.

The sight of the multiple Honedge cause the two to stop in their tracks. The Jaguicked narrows her eyes.

Esther (Jaguicked) "What's going on here?"

Honedge 1 "I dunno, do I?  We was sent here to attack you, they ain't tellin' us nothin' else, are they?"

Esther "If they don't tell you anything, then why listen to them?"

The Houndaemon, meanwhile, simply takes on an aggressive stance.

Hecate (Houndaemon) "You sure you want to fight us?"

Honedge 1 "Okay, look. I got myself two options. Fight you, or be punished by the dear Purple Lady. And you two don't look too hard to fight. Anyhow, even if you did, I'd still do it pretty quick-like. I ain't wanna be punished."

Hecate "You're calling us weak?? You'll regret that...!"

Esther "Hecate, stop!"

She looks back at the Honedge.

Esther "I feel sorry for you, to be honest. But anyways, who is this 'Purple Lady'?"

Honedge 2 "Didya hear that? 'Who is this Purple Lady' she says. How you ain't know the Purple Lady?"

Honedge 3 "Who is the Purple Lady? I'll tell you who the Purple Lady is. She is Vahashii, the..."

Honedge 1 "Shut up, don't be tellin' them too much like you always do. Less talkin', more fightin'."

The name 'Vahashii' did not ring any bells for the Albrecht sisters.

Hecate "Never heard of her. Now square up if you're that eager to be whupped!"

Esther rolls her eyes.

Honedge 1 "Here comes the fight." The three Honedge attack Esther and Hecate.

Hecate opens her mouth and spews a raging fireball at the three Honedge.

All but one Honedge dodge it, and the one that was hit stops, burned, but doesn't seem to be majorly hurt.

Esther dashes towards the burned Honedge, preparing to use Night Slash.

Another Honedge approaches from behind and slashes at Esther.

However, Hecate sees this and lunges towards the Honedge that's trying to attack Esther, trying to headbutt it away from her.

The Honedge crashes into one of it's brethren, and it reacts, thinking that it was purposeful on the other Honedge's part, and crashes into it, sending it flying into Hecate, full force.

Unable to react in time, the Honedge collides with Hecate, sending her staggering. Esther tries to use Night Slash on the Honedge that had been burnt by Hecate's Flamethrower.

The Night Slash collides with the Honedge, making a fierce metal clang that echoed. The Honedge's eyes faded, and it crashed to the ground, now only a sword.

Honedge #who cares "You killed my friend, your gonna pay for that..." He rushes at Esther.

Esther "You should have thought twice before messing with Team Moonlight!" She lunges up to meet him, claws outstretched.

??? Quite easily able to hear the noise of the conflict, ??? hops off of the bench and heads in the directions of the sounds, soon enough being close enough to see and be seen by those in the battle.

The Swadloon looks as ??? goes in the direction of the fight, then he resumes keeping watch on Uopanosguhi.

Honedge "Who the hell are you?"

??? "Me? I'm Venus... What are you?"

Both Esther and Hecate (who had recovered from the Honedge that crashed into her) looked towards Venus.

Venus It gently waves with its massive claw to Esther and Hecate. "Hello."

Honedge "Whaddayamean 'what are you?' I'm a Honedge, for Vahashii's sake!"

Venus "I'm not expected to memorize every single Pokemon ever recorded... I guess I just forgot some of them..."

Honedge "And they sayin' I'm dumb..."

Venus "Are you dumb?"

Honedge "Apparently."

Venus "That's a shame... At least I don't have that problem..."

Hecate and Esther exchange confused glances.

Esther "Should we just leave?"

Venus She looks at Esther. "Why would you? It's a nice night..."

Honedge "Leave? Oh, no. There'll be none of that."

Venus "Instead you can keep me company..."

Hecate "Are we going to fight these goons or what?!"

Honedge "Yes! Fight us!"

Venus "We're fighting?"

Hecate "Well, we were..."

Honedge "Why not SETTLE THIS!!??"

Venus "Oh... So... Erm... Who am I supposed to be fighting?"

Sera (Still with Cerin) "Alright then... Should I move myself so that the supplies are easier to use on me..?"

Cerin "What?"

Sera "I'll need someone else to apply the things to my wounds... I just can't do it by myself, I'm not built very well for that sort of thing..."

Cerin "Oh, Lace can help. Be right back." He walks off to do something, and Lace approaches.

Sera "Thank you both for everything..." She looks at Lace. "Would you like me in a different location? Assuming it would make it easier for you to do what you plan to do..."

Lace "Why? The bathroom works, it's what we always use.... Is it not to your taste?"

Sera "I don't mind the bathroom at all. I was just wondering if it would be easier on your end if I was to move to a different location..." She lies down on her stomach with her legs somewhat spread out. The damaged leg isn't nearly as spread out though; it would likely hurt to do so.

Lace She winces and kneels down. "How exactly did you get this?"

Sera "Well. I have a nice necklace and body. There are rather nasty individuals that want to take one of or both for themselves and I managed to protect myself..."

Lace "May I ask what species was the pokemon who did this?"

Sera "There was an evolved Roggenrolla and an Empoleon... The latter gave me the big cut..."

Lace "Empoleon? That isn't normal..."

Sera "Oh, well... It's taken care of... Thank you again for letting me in your home and caring for me..." Her fluffy tails wag lightly.

Lace "That's alright."

Sera "I'm glad that it is... Although this bleeding is anything but alright..." It's only as she mentions it that it becomes noticable that her tone of voice has gotten... weaker... over time, compared to when she first arrived at the house.

Lace "Are you?.... I mean, alright? Are you alright?"

Sera "Well, mentally, yes. I feel quite happy. Physically on the other hand, no. This bleeding is quite literally killing me..."

Lace "We've never had anyone die here, but there's a first time for everything..."

Sera "Well, you're the one that decides if I live or die... Do you want for there to be a first?"

Lace "Of course not. But it's bound to happen, you understand?"

Sera "I guess it is imminent... Oh, well... I'm at your mercy regardless..."

Lace "There. Your wound is covered at least."

Sera "Thank you..." She rests her head down and closes her eyes. "Hopefully I have enough blood left in me..."

Lace "Do you plan to venture out, or stay here for the night?"

Sera "I hate to sound rude seeing as you saved my life and whatnot, but I'm suffering from heavy blood-loss, several flesh-wounds, am fatigued from walking here and fighting off two Pokemon and haven't slept in 20 hours... What do you think my plans are?"

Lace "I had no way of knowing that, and you do sound rude. You can use the other bedroom."

Sera "I'm sorry for sounding that way... Thank you for letting me stay here, even though my physical condition is meaningless to you and your friend..."

Lace "Meaningless? Wouldn't say that. I prefer to disconnect myself from the people here. We're moving soon, and someone else'll have to do this."

Sera "I hope you enjoy wherever you end up at... This home is quite nice, save for my blood staining it..."

Lace "Well, I'm going to leave you."

Sera "Alright then... I may need help to stand up though so that I can go to whatever room I'm allowed to stay in..."

Lace "Here." She helps Sera to her room.

Sera "Thank you for everything... I couldn't have made it without you..." She lies down on her bed once she gets to it, with her most damaged leg positioned differently from the rest.

Lace "You are welcome."

Sera "Good... Did my arrival interrupt anything?"

Lace "Hmmm?"

Sera "Well surely you was doing something before I knocked on the door..."

Lace "Sleeping. I was sleeping. W-why do you care?"

Sera "I'm just curious, is all... I'm sorry to disturb your sleep..."

Lace "Not really a problem..... I'd like to get back to sleep though.."

Sera "Don't let me stop you from sleeping. Go for it..." She winces with pain as she stands up and steps off of the bed, heading into the living room. She's outright limping with her crippled leg by this point.

Lace She returns to her bed, too tired to wonder what Sera was doing.

Sera She spots Cerin in the kitchen and limps over to him. "Hello again..."

Cerin He looks up from his meal. "Shouldn't you be asleep?"

Sera Her ears droop a bit. "Possibly so, but I just wanted to have a friendly conversation or something with you. I don't like feeling lonely and I've still got a bit left in me..."

Cerin "A bit of what?"

Sera "Energy, I guess... And I guess I've got some life and blood too..."

Cerin "It seems that something is bothering you."

Sera "Whatever it is, it's neither you nor your friend... You both have been great... I'm sorry if I seem bothered, I'm just a little depressed from the potential murder attempt directed towards me erlier... Otherwise I feel surprisingly good considering the pain my leg is giving me..."

Cerin "Okay.  Is there anything I can do?"

Sera "Well, just spending a bit of time with me would be nice... Would you be willing to brush my fur? I'm admittedly looking a bit scruffy..."

Cerin "Yes, actually I would mind. Can you just sleep?"

Sera "I'm sorry... Can we just spend a bit of time together then?"

Cerin "In the morning.  No offense, but I'm betrothed to Lace, not you, and I'd rather spend time with her."

Sera "Alright. I just wanted to spend time with you as though I were a friend. I have no desire to replace the one you love..."

Cerin "Talk to me in the morning." He yawns, drops his spoon, and walks off to sleep.

Sera "Aww... Alright..." She goes to her temporary room and tries to sleep.

Chapter 3

In the morning....

Cerin He awakes from his sleep. He yawns, and looks over at Lace, who is still asleep, of course, and gets up.

Sera Still sleeping with a bit of blood on the bed where the coverage wasn't perfect.

Cerin He walks to the kitchen, and begins to make breakfast, rather loudly. This awakes Lace.

Lace "Ugh, guess I'll have to get up.." She walks into the kitchen, and Cerin notices her.

Cerin "Damn, I was trying not to wake you."

Sera Her sleeping is disturbed but not disrupted by the sounds. She fidgets a bit.

Cerin "Hope you slept well..."

Lace "I would if you hadn't've woken me...."

Cerin "I know....."

Sera She fidgets again, flicking her crippled leg outwards. She wakes up with a pained yelp. "Owww!"

Cerin "What was that?!" He and Lace run off to Sera's temporary room.

Sera She's audibly whimpering and crying. "My leg... It hurts so much..."

Lace "Here, take this." She gives her a tube of something.

Sera She holds the tube with her front paw. "A-alright... What is it..?"

Lace "Put it on your leg. I forgot to give it to you yesterday."

Sera "Thank you..." She opens the tube and puts the contents on her leg's wound.

Lace "That was our last tube..."

Cerin "Yes, it feels better, doesn't it, Sera? Anyway, why don't you go out into the city a bit and use that leg. The paste should've healed most of it, but we want to prevent muscle deterioration. Also, we have some very important things to do."

Lace "Packing, just packing!" she said, turning bright red.

Sera "Well it does feel better, thank you. Even if the bar was set rather low... Maybe I can stop being a chunk of dead weight to you both and rather help out with your packing? It's the least I can do for her, seeing as she spared my life..."

Lace "Hmm, I dunno. Maybe.... Sera, do you like shopping?" She groaned inwardly, for Lace did not like to.

Sera "Well, I don't mind shopping at all... I wouldn't quite say that I enjoy it though... Do either of you need help with shopping then?" She smirks a bit. "Or do you want little ol' me to keep one of you company?"

Lace "What? You misunderstand. I'm saying that either just you leave, or me and you leave."

Sera "I don't mind either option, although it would be nice for you to accompany me..."

Lace "Be right back, then, Cerin."

Cerin "Okay, fine."

Sera "Which of my saviors am I accompanying then?"

Lace "Me, of course. I have to pick up some things, which we were planning to do later, but you came and screwed up our schedule."

Sera "I'm sorry about your schedule... I'm more than happy to go with you though, I should be able to carry some things..."

Lace "Yeah! That'll work! Now let's get this crap over with....."

Sera "Alright, Lace." She gets off of the bed and stands by Lace's side. "Hopefully this time I won't get assaulted..."

Lace "Doubtful. This isn't Central, remember? Close, but still not Central."

Sera "Either way, at least you can protect me... After all, you're in far greater condition than I am..."

Lace "Yeah... Anyway, let's go."

Sera "Alright then... You know the way, so I guess you should lead the way..."

Lace "Alright."

A few minutes later...

They stop, for there is a huge problem.  A riot has broken out, unknown as to the cause, and gunshots rang out, crowd control or otherwise.

Sera She sighs and looks at Lace "Are you still doubtful?"

Lace "Ummm, this definitely should NOT be happening."

Uopanosguhi "At least you didn't have to wake up to this." She hops near them, looking and sounding irritated, the Swadloon following and looking annoyed, mixed with his usual gloomy expression.

Lace "Okay, I'm seriously confused.  A riot outside of Central?  When did this start?  And who are you?"

Uopanosguhi "My name is Uopanosguhi. I don't know exactly when it started. I woke up to this." She pauses before asking Lace "And who are you?"

Lace "I'm Lace. Nice to meet you."

Sera She looks at Uopanosguhi. "How long ago did you wake up to this? At least that will help give an idea as to how long this may have been going on for..."

Uopanosguhi She shakes her head. "It has been one hour since I woke up." Her accompanier nods.

Lace "I can think of no possible reason.... Can you tell what they're saying?"

Uopanosguhi "Normally I could, but not over this commotion."

Lace "Whatever it is, it isn't normal. All I can hear are gunshots and indistinguishable yells."

Sera "It's nice to hear that gunshots aren't normal here..."

Lace "Well, they aren't."

Sera "Well that's at least somewhat comforting... Although seeing as you saved my life, I will do whatever I can to protect yours..." 

Lace "I'm conflicted as to what to do.... If I help, who do I help? The ones in the riot, or the crowd control?"

Sera "Pin down a rioter and threaten them to get information... At least that's what I think will work..."*

Uopanosguhi She looks at Sera. "I know I'm new here, but I do not think threatening them is what you should do first...anō...who are you?"

Lace "Pin down a rioter.... Seriously?"

Sera "Sorry... My name is Sera, by the way... I guess that method is a bit too aggressive... I'll try to come up with something less idiotic..."

Lace "They don't seem to mind us.... We just fit right in...."

Sera "Well, we haven't been attacked yet so at least we have that going for us..."

Uopanosguhi "Hai..." Her accompanier whispers to her. She nods. "Sounds like a good idea."

Lace "What is?"

Uopanosguhi "He says that if we ask both the rioters and the crowd control, we could find out what all of this is about."

Lace "Yes, that is a good idea." She walks up to one of the raging passersby. "Excuse me, could you tell me what is going on?"

Rioter "They've shut down the stores, that's what! One criminal walks by the plaza, and they shut down the entire Outer Center!" The Outer Center was a plaza in Outer Celrest.

Sera She looks at Lace "I have the feeling I'm not going to be very useful with this..."

Lace "What exactly do you mean?"

Sera "I don't exactly have a lot of knowledge to input here..."

Lace "Oh, yeah, I forgot, you're new here.... Where ARE you from, anyway?"

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