Wheee~ A new RP after having done a school assignment, after graduating from the Guild; Solar goes off to take the next step, to be part of the AHS, the transition will be tough. The Guild was like a middle school to him, and the new additions had many people that he didn't like.



Those just trying to get through with the help of their friends

  • Solarius C. Flare (Played by User of the same name; Freshman)
  • Lunarus D. Flare (Played by Bureaucrat Solar; Freshman)
  • Boomerang The Sinvy(played by Hi367)
  • Team Cocytus (Ryu; although only a few members get ample screentime)



  • Violet Loveshroud (Played by Bureaucrat Solar; Sophomore)


Those wishing to give other students (Including Neutral) a hard time.

  • Ricardo Soringaro (Played by Bureaucrat Solar; Junior)



Those wanting the best for all students, but gets on the antagonist students' cases.

  • Mistress Minamoto (Played by Bureaucrat Solar; part of the Battle Club and teaches as one of its instructors)


Those wanting the best, but unlike Protagonist teachers, rarely get on the antagonist students' cases.


Those who really don't give a damn about all students, hates kids but still bother to teach them

  • Eeo Clid (Played by Bureaucrat Solar teaches Art, but rather vaguely and views negatively on the students)

Don't be shy~


Part One

[It shows a train speeding through the subway. The counter at five hours to school.]

Solar: "So, a train?"

Lunar: "Yeee-up."

Solar: "That's to a school?"

[Lunar repeats.]

Solar: "Do you think Rose'll go here?"

Lunar: "Nnnnnope."

Lunar's thoughts: 'Arceus help me if she does...'

Solar: "Aw..."

???: "Who needs Rose when you've got me to keep you two company?"

[Violet peers over the seat, obviously still having an infatuation with Solar.]

Solar: "No Violet."

[Violet makes a pouty face.]

Violet: "Awww..."

[Meanwhile, a couple of train cars down...]

Roland: [Staring idly out the window, watching the subway lights zoom by]

Kirsikka: You're going to get dizzy doing that, Roland.

[A Charizard looks at them.]

???: "Only idiots would do that..."

[Roland looks over at the Charizard, frowning.]

Roland: Is that the general consensus or just your opinion?

Charizard: "General consensus."

[Some of the students laugh.]

"I heard that shortfry Solarius Flare is coming over, if Rose came over, I bet she'd love me more than him!"

[The Charizard pridefully grins, there has been a lot of talk of the Hero of Treasure Town joining Atriarch, but no talk of his girlfriend joining in. A few of Team Cocytus' members whisper excitedly amongst themselves at the prospect of two famous figures going to the same school as them. Roland, however, rolls his eyes.]

Roland: Please. She'd only like you if she was some dumb bimbo.

[This elicits smirks and giggles from the other members of Team Cocytus.]

???: "Nicely played Roland!"

[Some of the classmates that didn't laugh clap for Cocytus. Roland bows in a somewhat exaggerated fashion.]

Roland: "Thank you, thank you..."

(Albine Delacroix, another member of Team Cocytus, blushes and giggles softly.)

???: "What's this talk about Rose being a bimbo?"

[Solar's standing there, holding his Revolver; having it set to non-lethal.]

Roland: "O-Oh, I didn't say she IS a bimbo; I said she'd only like this jockey over here-[thumbs over to the Charizard]-if she WAS a bimbo, which she's not." ^^;

Charizard: "Well she would love me more than yo--" [He's hit by a glass of water.]

The Guild

[Solar grins a bit, it isn't long before the two get into a fistfight, Solar having the upper hand from knowing the TempestPunch attack.]

Belmont: "Fight! Fight! Fight!"

[It ends with the station guard breaking them up, Solar smiling innocently.]

Solar: "Amidoinitrite?" owo

Grigol: "Haha! You pwned that hot-headed jerk!"

[The Charizard growls.]

Belmont: "LOL he mad."

Solar: "Hey man; chu got problem? Chu got problem?" >w>

[The Charizard tries to slug Solar, only to get held back by the station guard.]

(Ryu-Do you think we should make more jockey characters?)

[Albine looks over her seat at the Quilava and the Charizard, noting the fury in the latter's eyes.]

[The Quilava is giving the Charizard a trollface.]

Roland: "That's the best-looking Trollface I've ever seen!" XD

Solar: "No it isn't."

[It seems he's modest natured.]

Roland: "Ahh, I understand the modesty. It's still really good, though."

[Solar repeats himself.]

Roland: Aww. Okay...

Solar: "Now; if Rose was here, how much y'wanna bet she'd run for Student Council right away?" x3

???: "20 Pokedollars."

[The voice came from behind him.]

[He looks behind himself.]

Solar: "Eh..?"

[As soon as he turns around, he is hugged by Rose, who was standing behind him.]

Rose: X3

Solar: "Whoa!"

Charizard: .... [Jelly.]

Rose: "Hi, Solar~"

Solar: "H-hello Rose.."

[Solar intensely blushes.]

Rose: How are you?

Solar: "F-fine, thanks." o///o

Charizard: ... "Maybe I should take that kitten off your paws."

Rose: I'm not felid in appearance; I'm canid.

Charizard: "But you're like a sexy pussycat~"

[Solar pretends to throw up, pointing at his open mouth.]

Rose: Excuse me? ಠ_ಠ

Charizard: "You're a sexy pussycat~"

[Solar signals everyone else to gag with him. Everyone does, except for Grigol because his legs are too short to reach his mouth.]

Rose: ಠ_ಠ

Charizard: "What's wrong, Valentine?"

Rose: I'm going to hurt you if you call me a sexy pussycat again. ಠ_ಠ

Charizard: "How come? Y'kn--"

Solar: "Rose is a sexy kitsune!" 3:<

Rose: Yus. -w-

Charizard: "Oh c'mon, why do you take comments like that from that rat!?"

Rose: Because 1, he treats me with respect and doesn't call me a 'pussycat'. And 2, he's my boyfriend, so he's allowed to call me sexy. -3-

Charizard: "(Growling) I show you with respect..!!"

Rose: O RLY?

Charizard: "Yes really..!"

Rose: Prove it, then. Prove that you're not a womanizing jackass.

Charizard: ...

Solar: "Oooooh snap, Princess Valentine's bringing out the swag."

Rose: Well?

[He says nothing.]

Solar: "And bam said the Lady.."

Rose: I thought so.

[Solar hugs Rose.]

Charizard: "Then why do you prefer him, isn't he a womanizer too!?"

Solar: "Listen dumbass, Charming Rogue does NOT equal Womanizer."

Rose: Exactly.

Solar: "Princesses don't equal bimbos either."

Rose: Yeah!

"They are a great noble part of this world! They are Ladies, not promiscuous little girls."

(Ryu-Not to be mean, but I think he should've said "Ladies, not promiscuous little girls" instead of "Ladies, not women"; 'woman' typically connotates maturity)
(Fixed, normally at Prior Lake "Women" is considered an insult, sorry)
(Ryu-That's okay, but it is? That's weird in my opinion :/)
(How do you think I've gone mostly insane?)
(Ryu-Umm...well, I didn't think that was one of the reasons...)

[Some of the Cheerleaders throw their pom-poms at Solar.]

Rose: [Glares at the cheerleaders]

[Solar grips all of them and burns them to ashes.]

"You're gonna need more pom-poms..."

[Solar's eyes turn red for a split moment. The members of Team Cocytus look somewhat uneasy (probably because of the fire), while Albine just stares with wide eyes.]

Albine: O_O

[His eyes flicker a bit more. The cheerleaders cower away, while Team Cocytus look generally nervous now from Solar's eyes flickering.]

Solar: "Nyeh heh heh.....y'better have your death wishes, and y'all better write your wills, 'cause I won'--"

[He's stopped by Rose.]

Rose: ...

[Solar's eyes revert to normal.]

... "Sorry."

'Rose: It's alright.

Cheerleaders: "Ew, he's a monster AND a rat!"

Rose: EXCUSE ME?! >8[

Solar: o o

Cheerleader Captain: "You heard us, girl!"

Rose: For your information, Solar is NOT a monster! ಠ_ಠ

Charizard: "His eyes DID just change to a demonic color..."

[Solar's claws retract a bit, then slowly go back to normal, the seal on his back taking hold.]

Rose: So what?!

Cheerleaders: "So he's a monster!"

Rose: You're just saying that because you're mad!

[Solar sits back down, resting his head on Rose's shoulder.]


[She can sense distraught emotions. She gently strokes his hair. The distraught feelings slowly warm up, he smirks at his girlfriend, closing his eyes a bit. Smiling, she looks over at the cheerleaders and smiles mockingly.]

Cheerleader: "What are you smiling at..?"

Rose: Nothing~

[Solar starts to snore quietly.]

Charizard: "So why do you prefer that rat?"

Rose: Because he's nice to me, and knows me really well, too.

Charizard: ... "Yet he's not strong and buff." >v>

Rose: "He kicked your ass, didn't he?" >w>

[He falls silent. Rose smirks.]

Rose: "I thought so." >w>

(Two hours later..)

Solar: .... [Struggling with Rose's math teaching.] "Trig..."

[His mind burns with rage at the thought of the nickname for Trigonometry...]

Rose: ?

... [He plops his face into the book, smoke rousing from his hair, he gets a popped vein.]

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