A second RP created by Ryushusupercat .


For a long time, the Pokémon Chinchilair has been hunted down for its precious white fur. A single pelt can go for as much as Pokémon Dollar1000. But now their numbers are seriously starting to erode. This cruel fur trade must be put to an end!


You will not:

  1. Godmod
  2. Troll
  3. Destroy the fur trade organization in one go (it's an exhaustive team effort)



Those who want to stop the Chinchilair Fur Trade


Those who don't really care

  • Richard Tomms - Sonicfan


Those who want to keep the fur trade going to rake in the big bucks


Part 1

[In a forest, some poachers are busy riding through on an RV. They're armed with fairly high-tech equipment.]

(Ryu - Remember, anyone can play the poachers.)

Poacher 1: Man, those Chinchilair are getting harder and harder to find these days.

Poacher 2: We should tell the boss it'd be a good idea to start a Chinchilair farm.

The poachers continue on when, suddenly, a teenager in a cloak appears in front of them. They stop.

Poacher 1: Outta the way kid.

The teen faces them, then an item appears in his hand: a Pokéball.

Protectorate: Gizamaluk, stand by and wait for my command.

A large, powerful-looking Salamence appears in front of the teen.

Poacher 2: A trainer!

The first Poacher pulls out a Pokéball.

Poacher 1: If it's a fight you want, it's a fight you'll get! Go Carracosta!

He throws the Pokéball, releasing a Carracosta.

Carracosta: Carraaaa!!

A thin, shadowy, purplish shape drifts around behind Protectorate.

DQ Claire: Ah, hello again, Protectorate. Wanna double?

A flash of light, and a Dragonite appears.

Claire: Stun it with Aqua Tail and then use Thunder.

Drago: Droo!

Drago slams Carracosta in the side with Aqua Tail, then uses Thunder in its face.

Carracosta: CRAAAHH!

It goes flying into a tree.

(Ryu - Yeah, autohitting. That's nice. >.>)
(Uni - What else could I do? you can't use two moves at once without aiming. If I just said "used", Drago could be aiming at anything.)
(Xi - You don't have to be so specific with your aiming. I personally don't think that was autohitting, but the way you worded it sure sounded like it. Maybe try "Drago swept at Carracosta with Aqua Tail, then followed up with Thunder." Besides, Thunder is prone to miss anyways.)
(Ryu - Sorry, Uni, it's just...urgh, I've had to deal with people who auto-hitted INTENTIONALLY on SFW roleplays...VERY annoying.)

Protectorate: Good hit. Now......

Protectorate motions for Gizamaluk to fire a Hyper Beam at the RV, which blows up after the poachers scrambled from it. Suddenly 2 more individuals, wearing Team Protectorate armlets, jumped from the trees. One sends out a Basals while the other just gets into a combat stance.

Natalie: Let's talk.

(HZ - Why would you ever teach your Salamence Hyper Beam?)
(Ryu - Well, with a Modest nature and full Sp. Atk EV's, it gets a total Sp. Atk stat of 350. It still makes a better physical sweeper, though; with an Adamant nature and full Atk EV's, it gets a total Atk stat of 405.)
(HZ - Hyper Beam is a special attack, and even so, the cooldown hurts like a bitch. Your better off with Draco Meteor, due to the STAB, resulting in greater damage, and no cooldown whatsoever.)
(Ryu - But there's the loss of two Sp. Atk points with Draco Meteor. I practically never use moves like Hyper Beam, Draco Meteor of Fire Blast; Hyper Beam and Draco Meteor have the nasty backlash, and Fire Blast is too inaccurate for my tastes.)
(HZ - Since Salamence has both good attack and special attack, you could just switch to a physical attack from Draco Meteor. Otherwise, just switch out. Fire Blast can be useful, as you sometimes do need the power, but Flamethrower is indeed more reliable.)
(Ryu - Yeah; a good base power (95), accuracy of 100 and good PP)

Poacher 1: Grr...

Claire: Seriously. Or should I use my even tougher pokémon? Drago's only level 64. I have a few at level 100.

(A middle-aged man wearing a cobalt blue trenchcoat appears from the trees)

???: Leave your Pokémon to their rest. We can work this out in a way that doesn't involve brute force.

Poacher 1: ?

???: You two! Consider yourselves lucky. Had this been another day, I would have stood idly by and watched these trainers annihilate your Pokémon. Leave this forest now, knowing that if I see you at this again, the outcome will not be the same.

Poacher 2: You fools got lucky...

The two poachers leave.

???: As for the rest of you. I do not deny that their deeds are unjust, but you do not have to provoke them with battles to make them stop. I doubt they will learn from my initial words, but when they strike again I shall give them a second warning. Afterwards... no mercy.

Protectorate: Wise words. I am 'Protectorate', leader of Team Protectorate, and these are my......friends, I guess is the correct word: Natalie and Quint.

???: I am Gemini, leader of the Ironite Gym of Venoell. I came here for pleasure, but it seems to have become business.

Meanwhile, at a large, important-looking building...

Poacher 1: Boss, we got run out...

???: Again?

The voice comes from behind a large swivel chair that has its back turned.

???: That forest's the last place in the whole region to find wild Chinchilair!!

Poacher 2: Why don't we just start a breeding farm?

The hidden man seems to contemplate this.

???: Hmmm...yes, that's a good idea...but we'll need a good number of males and females to breed...

The chair finally turns around, revealing a fairly husky, balding man with a gray walrus mustache and small, square spectacles.

???: Even if you have to nab them from trainers, you'll get me those Chinchilair! Understood?

Poachers: Yes sir!

They leave. A bit later...

Claire's Pokémon are seen training with her.

Claire: Good, Drago! Now, Kingdra, use Dragon Dance and then Blizzard!

[Kingdra spins around and then blows hunks of compacted snow in Luxray's face]

[Luxray paws at the snow, then uses Chargeamp]

Claire: Kingdra, do what you know best!

[Kingdra uses Draco Meteor on Luxray, making him faint]

Claire: Good, Pokémon, now rest. [Claire pulls her Pokémon into summoner balls]

Gemini: Your Pokémon are very skilled. You must have trained them quite well.

Claire: Yes, I'm the champion of the Osaja region.

Gemini: A champion? How prestigious. It is a pleasure to meet you, Champion.

Claire: Yes, I rarely get challengers any more because the league is so spread apart and hard. I'm travelling until I get a message to come back.

Gemini: I know exactly what you mean. My home region is so remote, of the few people who live there even fewer challenge our league. I have much free time to travel. I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name.

Claire: Claire the dragon queen.

Gemini: Nice to meet you, Claire. If you don't mind, may I request a quick battle? I would greatly like to see the rest of your Pokémon in action.

(HZ - Maybe it's just me, but I think we should focus a little more on the fur trade. Just saying.)
(Xi - I was thinking we should wait for Ryu before we advance the plot.)
(Ryu - You guys DO realize ANYONE can play the poachers and stuff (it's just that I alone play Montgomery)?)
(Xi - I know that. It is your RP, though. I just don't think it would be right to advance the plot without your goahead.)
(Ryu - Ohh.)

Claire: It's fine with me.

Gemini: Excellent. Now... Crossbolt, join us!

Gemini pulled a Pokéball from his coat pocket, and from it came a Skarmory, slightly larger than average. Its armour was faintly tinted blue, and it stood with a very proper manner. That is, until is spread its wings and cried out.

Crossbolt: Skaarrrr!

Claire: Luxray! Come into battle!

Claire throws a summoner ball into the air, and as soon as the ball hits the ground, it turns into her Luxray.

Luxray: LUX!

Claire: Hmm...Let's compare stats. Total of Skarmory, 465. Total of Luxray, 523. Skarmory breakdown, Speed is 70, Sp. Defense is 70, Sp. Attack is 40, Defense is 140, Attack is 80 and HP are 65. Weak to electric. Luxray breakdown, Speed is 70, Sp. Defense is 79, Sp. Attack is 95, Defense is 79, Attack is 120, and HP are 80. Nearly fair fight, Gemini. Yet, you failed to remember that I had an electric Pokémon that has better stats than your Skarmory. You're either very brave, or slightly scatterbrained.

(HZ - In all seriousness, Luxray will have a painful time taking down Skarmory, who will just wall off with Roost and Whirlwind, and then proceed to safely set up spikes.)
(Uni - Still, Skarmory can't do crap in damage to Luxray. I have a strategy to get rid of Skarmory if it tries that.)

Gemini: Impressive, Claire. You've done your research. I'm also a little surprised to see that your Luxray recovered so quickly from its training with Kindra. I regret to inform you though, that I do not battle by conventional means. My Pokémon have been trained to defy the odds, and Crossbolt is no exception. Into the air, now! Lead-tech three!

Crossbolt: Skar!

With a great flap of its wings, Crossbolt lifted itself into the air, above the trees. As it was hit by the sunlight, it could be seen that something was sparkling in its talons.

Claire: Neither do I! Luxray! Use our connention!

Luxray: Rawrgh! [Luxray uses Thunder Spike to electrify the air, causing any move by Crossbolt to cause it to take damage]

(HZ - What is Thunder Spike?)

Gemini: Crossbolt, fall!

Responding to Gemini's command, Crossbolt let itself fall back down, suffering bearable damage from the attack, and perched itself on a tree. It waited for another command.

Gemini: An interesting technique. I don't think I've ever seen it before. Crossbolt, be on guard.

(Uni - One of my fanon moves. It unbalances the static electricity in the environment and causes the air to be crossed by lightning everywhere.)


Luxray uses Charge to gain defense and power for electric moves.

(HZ - So it's like an electric version of Fire Spin and other variants of that?)
(Uni - No, it's like a combo of that and Stealth Rock.)
(HZ - That's kind of OP IMO. There should be a flaw to it of some kind, such as a stat reduction of some sort, considering it's 100% accurate.)
(Uni - I'm still working on it, HZ.)
(Xi - So if it's like Stealth Rock, does that mean it won't hurt Crossbolt again? Even if I does, I won't mind it much as long as the damage is minimal. I'm just glad to know that there's no problem with using fanon elements that don't have pages.)

Gemini: Now, Crossbolt, use Spikes!

With a flap of its wings, Crossbolt laid a layer of Spikes onto Claire's side of the field.

Luxray uses Thunder to make a break in the spikes, and then uses Baton Pass, switching in Dugtrio.

Claire: Dugtrio! Use your connection!

Dugtrio uses Gravity, pulling Crossbolt down, then uses dig.

(Uni - In this part it's like Fire Spin. You take 3 damage every turn, and when you switch in your Pokémon takes 10 damage, then keeps taking 3 again.)
(HZ - Thundershock does not blow away spikes...)
(Xi - HZ is right. The Spike should still be there. They won't do much damage to a Dugtrio anyways.)

As Crossbolt fell to the ground, Gemini called her back her Pokéball and pulled out another one.

Gemini: You can continue later. For now, join us Flail!

Gemini released a Ferrothorn. Its sharp spikes glisened in the sunlight, and it spun like a top, showing that it was ready for battle.

(Uni - The power of the Thundershock cleared them away in a one foot radius. It's not the they were blown away completely.)
(Xi - Alright, but one foot isn't a lot, you know. Dugtrio would have to surface only in that spot if it were to avoid damage.)
(HZ - Why is Thundershock being used over Thunderbolt?)
(Uni - It wasn't being used to do damage to the opponent.)
(HZ - Oh, okay.)
(IceBite - In the games, Thundershock doesn't remove Spikes. However, in an RP, there should be some leeway to use moves in unconventional ways, ie: using Thundershock to clear away a strip of Spikes.)
(Xi - Whether or not it is being used as an attack, wouldn't it be a waste of moveset space to have Thundershock over Thunderbolt, though? Or are we not putting a cap of four on that for RPs?)
(HZ - I personally think we should still have some game-bounds to prevent otherwise-improbable tactics from massively turning the tides of the battle.)
(Ryu-I agree with the four-move limit. I also agree with IceBite's thought of unconventional move use.)
(Xi - I agree as well. However, I think we should battle similarly to the anime, rather than calculating stats and such. And by the way, Ryu, you haven't answered my question on the talk page yet.)
(IceBite - So, it's settled: there's still a 4-move limit (dang-it!) but the use of Thundershock as a Spike-sweeper is still allowed, right?)
(HZ - Thundershock can be used as a semi-spike-sweeper.)
(Ryu-Personally, I think the 4-move limit should be null on any RP's that are PMD-based.)
(IceBite - Personally, I think the 4-move limit should be null on any RPs at all, but I won't argue.)
(Xi - I think the matter of PMD RPs is best left to be decided on PMD RPs. Infinite moves on this kind of RP would be somewhat unfair. It would be completely understandable to have unlimited PP, but I think it should stay as four moves only.)
(IceBite - Ok, now can we get on with the RP???)
(Xi - As soon as Uni updates, yes.)
(IceBite - (a few days later) - Ok, please hurry up or I'll continue by having one of my characters appear.)
(Xi - You'll have to talk to Uni about that. I can't continue until Dugtrio resurfaces.)

Suddenly, the two trainers hear a ringing.

Claire: Oh! It's my Xtransceiver, I've got to go.

Gemini: So suddenly? How disappointing. Might this be that long awaited challenge you spoke of?

(IceBite - Is the call supposed to be a specific person or can anyone be on the other line?)
(Uni - It's just a call to stop this battle so we can continue, it's her challenger.)

Claire: Dugtrio! Return to the wilderness!

Dugtrio turns back into the sphere, and the sphere appears in Claire's bag.

Claire: It's my challenger. Sorry, I won't be back for a week or two.

Gemini: Alright then. Good luck with your challenge. Flail, return.

Gemini called Flail back into his Pokéball, and placed it back in his coat pocket. After Claire had left, Gemini walked off elsewhere in the forest. As he thought about the incident from earlier, he came across the two poachers chasing after a Chinchilair.

Poacher 1: Get back here you little runt!

Poacher 2: Quiet! Those dang trainers might still be around here.

Gemini: Not these two again. *looking around* Where did Protectorate run off to? Well, until I find him, I suppose this is my problem.

Gemini ran after the poachers, taking a shortcut through the trees to get ahead of them. He jumped out between them and the Chinchilair.

Gemini: What did I tell you to before? Leave, now.

Poacher 2: What're you gonna do? I bet you were just bluffing before.

Gemini: Oh, was I?

Gemini pulled out a Pokéball from his coat pocket and tossed it, releasing a shiny Bisharp.

Gemini: Sabre, get ready to show these two what you're made of.

Then, one of the female individuals that were with Protectorate appeared. This one wore attire and had a hairstyle that made her look almost exactly like a Gardevoir.

Quint: Protectorate had to leave for the time being. He left me here to keep an eye on things. I am Quint.

The Chinchilair bounded gracefully up into the boughs of a tree, and watched the people below.

"Chinch?" it said.

Quint looked up to it and muttered something. To humans, it sounds like gibberish, but a Pokémon would understand it perfectly.

Quint: (In Pokémon Language) Go! Run! Hide!

The Chinchilair obediently bounded away, seeming to leap gracefully upon the wind.

Gemini: Well Quint, would you like to join me in teaching these two some manners?

Suddenly, a whitish Tyranitar lumbered into the clearing.

Tyranitar: GOOOOWWWAAAARRRRRGGHHHHH!!!!! (At Quint in PokéLanguage) I am Claire's Tyranitar. Just tell me how I can help.

Quint: (In Pokémon Language) Just follow my lead.

Quint then lept forward and fired, to everyone's shock, a Psybeam (as in the Pokémon move Psybeam).

Poacher 1: What the......did that kid just use a Pokémon move herself?! That's not good! (cue FFXII track 'Clash on the Big Bridge here)

Poacher 2: I... Uh... It doesn't matter what kind of freakish powers you have. You Chinchilair are forfeit to me! Go Archeops!

Archeops: Aaarrrrrr!

Gemini: Well... this is an interesting development.

Quint then fired off a Charge Beam at Archeops.

From the trees, another Chinchilair was watching...but this one was a Shiny, with a pink ribbon tied around the base of its tail.

Tyranitar uses Hyper Beam at Poacher 1, and then uses Giga Impact on Poacher 2, without a pause.

"What the-?!"

Poacher 1 barely avoids the Hyper Beam by leaping out of the way.

The second poacher's Archeops was struck by Quint's Charge Beam. She then did an equivalent to Calm Mind, to ready her next attack.

Quint: (quieter, distorted voice) To think that someone experimented on for evil is now fighting for justice. How full of irony this world is.

The Shiny Chinchilair continued to watch, unnoticed.

Quint caught a glimpse of something in the corner of her eye, but she was currently focused on the poachers.

Suddenly, a powerful blast of wind interrupted the chaos, splitting the heroes away from the poachers. A woman in a detective uniform appeared below a Skarmory.

Superintendent Amy: Halt! Skarmory, use spikes around the poachers and whirlwind their Pokémon back into their Poké Balls!

The Armor Bird Pokémon quickly drops spikes around the poachers and then whips up a similar gust of wind as the previous one, sending the Archeops back into its owner. The poachers are unable to do anything, as a single step could pierce through their feet.

Superintendent Amy: I appreciate your stopping of the poachers, but this is not your matter to deal with. You two (turns to the poachers), are under arrest.

Quint: (Normal Voice, Eyes Blue again) Sorry, but as far as myself and my allies are concerned, this 'Fur Trade' is our problem, too.

Superintendent Amy: I have placed them under arrest; please take no further action. However, I do thank you for your aid.

???: You got these, sure, but how will you stop the others?

Suddenly, Protectorate, mounted on his Sleipine, Destrier, appeared from the forest.

Protectorate: I arrived too late to save a few Chinchilair from several more poachers like these ruffians.

The Shiny Chinchilair continues to watch from its perch.

Protectorate glances up at the Chinchilair, but goes back to speaking.

Protectorate: Don't think you can handle this by yourself. And my forces are spread thin. We all need every trainer that can help to help.

Superintendent Amy: I do not expect to. I do what I can, but sadly, the government do not fund enough for Chinchilair protection.

The Superintendent returns her Skarmory, cuffs the two poachers, and leaves.

Protectorate motions to Quint, who gets on Destrier's back, the Sleipine bellowing with glee as it takes on another passanger. He then toses to Gemini an orange crystal.

Protectorate: It's called a gate crystal. Merely say 'Cipher's Lair' and it'll teleport you to our hideout. Use it if you need us.

After that, Destrier, with Protectorate and Quint on his back, galloped into the trees. The Shiny Chinchilair silently watches them depart.

Gemini: Cipher? Could he have meant... no, it can't be. (to the trees) You can come out now. There is nobody left here to hurt you.

Samuel appeared and keep silent, as he wouldn't want to taken by surprise. He questioned himself.

Samuel[Thinking]: I wonder what's going on there?

He approached the tree and use his Electrivire, and that Pokémon pick him on his back to climb up in that tree and saw Gemini and a Shiny Chinchilair.

Samuel[Whispers]: Hello there! Who are you? (He doesn't know who Gemini is.)

(IceBite - First off, its not a Pokemon called Destrier, its a Pokemon called Sleipine, this one nick-named 'Destrier'. Second, Destrier is Protectorate's Pokemon, not Gemini's. Third, Protectorate already left, so Samuel wouldn't have even seen Destrier.)
(Sam - Understand. I cut the lines until it only written "He doesn't know who is Gemini.")
(HZ - Whatever happened to the Tyranitar?)
(Uni - That's why you don't blast off the story without me.)
(Ryu-Wait, if he's in the tree, how is he speaking to Gemini?)

The Tyranitar waits below to catch anyone who falls. The Shiny Chinchilair elegantly leaped down from the tree, seeming to float upon the wind as it descended.

Samuel: I'll follow that Chinchilair so I will give it's safety. The Chinchilair Fur Trade could be illegal! Electivire, let's go!

Samuel's Electivire: Electivire!

Samuel and his Pokémon will follow that Shiny Chinchilair, without trying to track it out as they might scare Chinchilair if they do.

(HZ - Something tells me that this last part doesn't make sense, according to "The Tyranitar waits below to catch anyone who falls. The Shiny Chinchilair elegantly leaped down from the tree, seeming to float upon the wind as it descended.")
(Sam - I add "Gotten down from the tree and catched by Tyranitar,[...]")
(HZ - Don't write for others in order to continue, please. Also, your grammar was off.)


(A tall man walks up to a poacher)

Poacher 3: So you got the money.

???: Yeah yeah. (Hands him over 1,0000 dollars)

Poacher 3: You know your a few bucks short.

???: Well it's overpriced anyway!


???: *Sigh*Hands him an exta 500 dollars.

Poacher 3: Nice doing business with ya. (Hands him the silky faur coat and walks off)

???: Wow. Back in Orre no one in the right mine would wear this! Still back in Sinnoh my niece will be so happy to get this! It's a little cold. (Puts on the coat) I guess I can wash this on the way. (Starts walking towards the others)

Then, suddenly, an Icthioniv and a Basals appeared in front of him.

Natalie: You! Leaving so soon?

???: *Gulp*Let's talk this out because when it comes to Pokémon battles...(Throws out a Charizard and a green skinned Pokémon wearing comoflauge fur and holding a rifle and that only reaches his knees)..I'm no pushover!

Parsa: Basssss

Suddenly, the Basals's eyes locked onto the unknown Pokémon, freezing it in place.

Natalie: It's called Basilisk's Gaze. It's like normal Gaze, except it doesn't miss as easily. Now, let's get down to business.

???: Don't know why your attacking me but I'll fight you if that's what I must do! Chrizrd use fly!

(???'s Charizard flew up high)

Natalie: What's not to get?! You appear to be supporting that cruel Chinchilair Fur Trade by buying one of the poachers' products! Tusk! Sky Sail!

Tusk: Ikkkk!

Icthioniv, although not as fast, followed Charizard.

(Charizard used fly on Basal)

???: Cruel or not they're selling it! Look around at any store. Not my fault. You can freeze to death if you want to because this thing is warm! Morpherogue use Sneak attack!

(The unknown Pokémon (Mopherogue) ran to the back of the Basals and started climbing it's back)

Tusk attacked and rammed Charizard and knocked it off course.

Natalie: Not so fast. Parsa, Tail Spear!

Parsa rolled and shot its tail's 'horns' at Mopherogue.

(The charizard hit the ground and Parsa's attack missed then Mopherouge finished his attack by striking Basals's head with his rifle)

Parsa was daized by the attack.

Natalie: Tusk, defend Parsa.

The Icthioniv then used Aqua Jet at the Mopherouge.

(The Mopherogue took minor damage, Mopheroge used quick attack on Tusk then Charizard used fly)

Natalie: Parsa, use Tail Spear and stop Tusk's attacker. Tusk, use Sky Sail!

The Basals used its tail as a spear again, shooting it at Mopheroge while Tusk pursued Charizard again.

???:TIME OUT! Why can't I get this coat for my niece? She's been dying to get it for ages. I just want to see her happy.

Natalie: Nothing against your niece, but I do not see what the point of these coats are! There are other sources of coat materials and the Chinchilair are in danger of going EXTINCT! *Thinks for a minute* I can now see your point. *sighs, then calls back Parsa and Tusk* The Chinchilair used to make this coat are already dead. But think about what I've told you this day.

Then, Natalie slips into the underbrush.

???:Wait! I hate this whole fur trade as much as you do.....I want to end this thing...(makes all his Pokémon return)...it's just that my niece is so picky when it comes to clothes. (Holds out hand)I'm Lucus Raine and you are?

However, there was no response. Natalie was long gone.

Meanwhile, the Shiny Chinchilair continued on its journey through the trees.

Waiting below was a young man with green hair and a cube-shaped item hanging from his belt. The Shiny Chinchilair didn't notice the man waiting below.

However, Samuel did notice it. He tend to stay behind a tree as he might think that man is a bad guy.

The Shiny Chinchilair finally stops, resting on a branch.

The young man was there, sent by other members of the organization he joined, to keep an eye out for Chinchilair poachers. However, he hasn't seen any. Though it isn't long until they see shady looking people in uniforms of black and sky blue, as well as white and gold.

Samuel tend to stay silent, as he don't want to startle anyone. He picked a Pokéball with his Weavile on it and wait if the shady people are no good. The green-haired young man also did so, one particular Pokéball ready to go. Samuel took all concentration and will throw the Pokéball as soon as possible if the shady people attacked.

One of the shady people looks up, appearing to have brown hair, his eye color can't seem to be determined due to sunglasses being in the way. Four of the trainers seem to be wearing hats similar to the phenomenal legend of Sir Aaron, could they be aura sensors? The one wearing the sunglasses spoke, having a feminine voice.

??? (Sunglasses): "Any sign of any Chinchilar?"

???: "No we haven't, Echo."

Echo:: "Hm...alright Soldiers, keep looking."

??? Soldier: "Yes, Echo."

Just hearing the word "Chinchilar", Samuel reacted and knows that they are Chinchilar Poachers and released Weavile, and silently command him to use Ice Punch against the strangers.

Echo turns around, feeling the cold chill. "I knew I s-sensed s-something..! S-s-soldiers!"

The Soldiers all released their Pokémon.

Echo: "We have you now, Poacher...!!"

The young man watched the 2 groups, unsure of which group is the poachers. He kept the Pokéball ready, just in case.

[Their Pokémon looked at him, preparing their attacks. It seems the two groups are on the same side...]

?: "Which sides are you on? Poacher or anti-Poacher?"

Echo: "Obviously we're Anti-poachers.."

?: Good. I'm called 'N'...that's really all I go by.

Echo: "Mister Harmonia, then...I've heard of you."

N: You have?

N became nervous that he only knew him by his former rank as king of Team Plasma. That was one life he'd left behind him, but wasn't sure everyone else would.

Echo: "I've spent quite a time in Unova...Mainly because of--."

Soldiers: "SHUT YOUR YAP, BOSS!!"

[They all cover his mouth.]

N flinched at this. What kind of secret are they keeping?

N: Listen, if there's no poachers here, I'm supposed to patrol this area.

Echo: "Well we were thinking of patrolling here as well."

Samuel: Okay now what's going on? Why not to engage a Pokémon battle to determinate who can patrol here instand of going to yell at each other? Beside, there's already a Chinchilair...Right there. [Points at the Shiny Chinchilair]

[But there's no Chinchilair there...]

Echo: ... "A Pokemon Battle'd let your guard down, besides, it wouldn't be fair..."

[Echo looks at the seven soldiers behind her.]

Samuel: Oh, sorry. I think it's a too distractive idea...

Echo: "How about we divide it into sections?"

N: We'll need a way to keep in contact.

[Echo sets down her backpack, digging into it before pulling out two headsets.]

Echo: "Would these suffice?"

Samuel: Why do we need these...headsets?

Echo: ... [Echo raises her Poketch, the other Soldiers also seem to have headsets on.] "Long-distance communication?"

Samuel: ... [Noticed that the bag is empty] Looks liked that everyone but me needed those.

N: Ok, we should move quickly, or any poachers traveling through here might slip through.

Samuel: Right then. [Called Weavile back with his Pokéball, then calls on Terrakion]

Terrakion: Terra!? Terrakion Terra Terrakion! [Excuse me!? I was just about to take a nap!]

Samuel: Terrakion, there are poachers and they wanted the Chinchillairs for the furs. We need to stop them.

Terrakion: Terrakion Terra, Terra Terrakion!! [How could humans do such unacceptable thing, we better do!!]

Samuel: Where we have to go first?

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