Note: This is a What-if, it has nothing to do with the main storyline

Solaire the Sly, the name commonly given to the infamous thief, Solarius Flare, some people would speak his name in fear, he would commonly go off and steal from the Dungeon Shops using Trawl Orbs, and then running off, then selling them to make a big profit. It's presumed that Solar has became a thief after losing his faith in the community of Treasure Town, having been banished, gone through two years lost, alone, and afraid, but then killing a man in order to be welcomed back, only to stab them in the back partially. Though this does not mean that Solaire is a completely BAD person, he has been an informant to the Police, but merely does it for the thrill of it, Magnezone's Squad tried capturing him numerous times, but the attempts have been unsuccessful, eventually, they gave up.

The question is this; Will there be people following under Solaire, or will there be someone to stop his thieving spree?


  • Magnezone's Police Squad (Played by those with permission, these cops have given up on chasing after Solar after his numerous escapes, Magnezone is played by Sol and others with permission, though officers can be played by anyone.)
  • Wigglytuff's Guild (Solar was known to be formerly affiliated with this guild until he was banished from Treasure Town, their attempts have also been unsuccessful except for a few people talking sense into Solar, little by little. Played by skilled or trusted RPers who can roleplay the members correctly)


  • Solarius Flare (The character this roleplay focused on, Solar turned to a life of thievery and has been somewhat terrorizing the populace, though he informs of other crimedoers (Unless they're under his wing), he's cynical, antagonistic, and a person of lost faith to the community, but the question is, who will stop him or help him? All he generally is focused on a bit of revenge, he uses incredibly sharp throwing knives and is skilled at parkour played by Sol)


  • Blighter (An Ampharos, who is a corrupt police officer, only given the name Blighter due to the amount of people he got in trouble, in order to cover up his behind, he is going after Solarius, but plans on killing him instead of capturing him, he won't hesitate to attack other pursuers of Solaire. He claims to have a revenge want after Solar, despite being a corrupt cop, he has a care about his relatives.)
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