Long ago, in a strangely futuristic world, old buddies will reunite to fight off a common evil. The fourth wall will be broken, Pokémon will talk, and Timelords will use superpowers while flying around on Star Wars-type spaceships! Welcome to the reunion of the old gang!


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Commander Lightning

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  • Mako Stripes
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  • Scythe
  • Zai


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  • Exin the Meowth


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  • Xenon the Explorer




An Odd Noise

Somewhere in the galaxy containing Origin, a large creature appearing much like a spiked, rocky Terran dinosaur walks alone in the desert. It peers into the darkness, attempting to see by the full moon the small footprints it follows.

???: Why do I feel this urge? Who am I following?

The saurian trips over a rock, gaining yet another crack in its green armor.

???: Agh! Why must I be pulled towards something, yet nobody feels inclined to keep me company!?

Just then, it perceives the slightest of rustles, off in the dusty scrub off to its right.

A Pikachu wearing gamer's headphones appeared from the scrub.

The Pikachu: I am Pika404, and I need your help.

???: Eh? I'm Thai.

Thai: I was hearing a strange rustling sound, but it couldn't have been you.

She peers into the distance with her dark eyes...

Thai: Somehow, not one of us...

Pika404: A human?

Thai: No, no. I'm not crazy but I swear it could not have been a living thing.

Pika404:Do you think....? Not Him?

The Pikachu looked up in thought.

Pika404(to himself):What is happening to this place?

As he looks up, he can see many frequent twinkles of light that seem to glow and then dim within seconds. Nineteen seconds later, this is followed by an even brighter glow of light that lasts for four seconds and gradually fades into nothing.

Pika404: What! Thai, did you see that?

Thai: I'm afraid I did. I was just cozying up in my round rockpile a while back on the path, and now all these weird happenings...

Pika404: Yes, these strange things have distracted me. The Pikachu Corporation is recruiting for a mission. That is what I need your help with.

A strange night
A figure sitting on a large branch of a tree nearby observes the two. It is barely visible in the moonlight but it's a silhouette of a bipedal Pokemon holding a two handed weapon of some sort.

The pair went past an old tree, that looked quite out of place there.

Pika404(quietly into microphone): Yes, I've made contact. No, nothing yet. It feels as if I am being watched.

The figure jumps down from the tree. Obviously, it is making no attempts to be quiet. With the weapon on it's shoulder, it looks at the two.

???: Hope it's not my eyes then. What are you two doing here?

Pika404 jumped, though Thai didn't move.

Pika404:Who are you and what are you doing here!?

The Pikachu pulled out a small dagger from who knows where.

???: I guess introductions are in order then. After you put away the small blade you have in your hand. Or else I may consider you to be a threat

Pika404: I shall not be quick to put away my weapon. First explain yourself. You have my word I will not attack unless you do.

???: Smart Pikachu

The figure sheathes it's weapon by putting it on it's back. Then it crosses it's arms, still looking at Pika404.

???: I'm here because of the lights that were just here moments ago. I suppose that you two aren't the cause of it?

Pika404: No, we're just as confused as you are. Unless... you know something?

???: I'm afraid not.

The figure walks into the moonlight. More visibility allows Thai and Pika404 to see that the figure is a male Meowstic wearing a makeshift tunic with a satchel on his back. The two handed weapon, a large Steampunk styled club, is holstered in it. The Meowstic also has a black baseball cap. The visor around his eyes is glowing green, and seems to be attached into his ears like headphone buds.

Pika404:Who are you?

???: I am a Meowstic with many names. Though other Pokémon refer to me as Xenon. It's kind've a catchy name. You?

Pika404: I am PIka404. That is not my name from birth, but what is none of your business.

Xenon: Right.

Xenon taps the left ear bud of his visor. The green visor covering his eyes retreats into said earbuds.

Xenon: What about your friend here? I haven't seen a passive Tyranitar ever since I left Mt.Travail.

Pika404: This is Thai. She, well, we really don't know each other that well yet.

Xenon: I see...

Thai: I once knew a Shinx who called himself Xenon. I thought him long dead. But Mount Travail you say? Are you from Aeroenn? Kalos natives are not endemic there. That's where I am originally from, on Origin. Speaking of which, what brings you two to Diurek

Xenon: I got wind of some strange events that occurs around this area and thought I'd seek them out for myself. Well, myself and a few others that is.

Pika404: Strange events, you mean the lights? There have been other things happening here as well. That is why I'm here.

Thai: Xenon, I asked you more questions.

A blinding light flashes in the middle of the path. Thai shields her eyes, and is afraid the others may have vision damage. A dimly lit figure, seemingly transparent, steps out of the light and speaks in a tenor voice.

???: Strange events are my specialty.

Pika404: Oh, great, what next?

He once again pulls out his small dagger.

Xenon: Well it could be either friend or foe. Hopefully it's the latter because I'm getting bored.

Xenon pulls out the Steampunk Club from his satchel and aims it towards ???, with sparks igniting inside the club.

???: Oh, don't worry, you two. I'm on your side. But just to be safe...

The weapons disappear into small lightbursts.

The Pikachu stopped in shock.

Pika404: What? No. No. NOOO. My weapon. Agh!

The Pikachu jumped at the stranger, but Thai held him back.

Thai sighs.

Thai: He's just messing with you. Besides, he's not fully solid right now. Right, Detritex?

Detritex: Agh! You've got me there, Thai. I heard you calling me with the Dimensional Scream. Here are your weapons, you ol' punks.

The weapons apparate, and Detritex solidifies. It is seen that he is a taller young man with a medium build. He has fiery red hair and mischievous, sparkling eyes. Little lights flash in them, much like twinkling stars.

Pika404: What? I am quite confused.

The Pikachu whispers into his mouthpiece, but recoiled.

Pika404: Agh! Is this your doing? My device! What has happened!?

Detritex: Hahahahah! Well, sadly, I did not cause your primitive device to malfunction. Anyway, I am Detritex Aex, the grand Guardian of Space! You must have heard of my sister and all her (sarcasm) glorious achievements.

Detritex grins insolently, and takes a couple steps backward. Right where he was standing a moment before, a huge purple lightningbolt strikes.

Pika404 glared at Detritex with loathing. He walks off into the distance to adjust his device.

Detritex: Infinity, why don't you show yourself instead of trying to fry us, huh!?

Detritex jumps as if badly startled, and the twinkles in his eyes cease for several seconds.

Detritex: [incoherent muttering] Whatever, lady.

Still, he looks flustered.

Thai: Talking in your head again, isn't she. Heh. Serves you right.

Pika404 continues to try to fix his device, when a man steps out of the shadows.

???: Hah, failed your mission, have you?

Thai: And who would you be?

Detritex: Harrumf. What do you mean?

???: I was talking to Pika404 here. I am Jacob Mastre.

Pika404: Jacob? What're you doing here?

In the meantime Xenon has seemingly disappeared the moment Detritex appeared.

Jacob: I have with me a few of your associates, Pika404.

2 pikachu appear from the shadows.

Pikachu 1: It's Jack!

Pikachu 2: It's Jason!

Both Pikachu Together: We're Jack and Jason Pikachu!

Pika404: Ugh. I hate them. I suppose you've joined them, Jacob. Is it Jack, Jason, and Jacob now?

The lights in the sky continue to glow and dim. A small cluster of smoking debris comes into view, barely visible, and explodes against the view of the sky.


If one were to venture very close, they would find that the lights are coming from a space battle. Two belligerent forces are in a fierce clash with each other.


The defenders, a small Imperial fleet, are engaged in battle against a group of particularly vicious enemies. They are winning, though the presence of their aggressors would be worrying to the others. The attacking ships belong to their sworn and most persistent enemies, the treacherous Cavriluon Army.

Jacob: No, not quite. We've come here to terminate your work for the Pikachu Corporation. A new voice will speak through that there device. But, unfortunately, that voice will not be mine. It will be Team Masterful.

Pika404: Team Masterful? The group you tried to lead with your last name, and rejected your half-baked plan making son of a *****?

Detritex: He looks up. Well, how deja-vu. Seeya.

Detritex vanishes in a flash of light.

Thai: Nice. I'm all alone here with a bunch of savages.

Thai shields herself behind a rock. On her way there, she glows like molten gold and transforms into a Terrakion.

Pika404: Ugh, what now! I have pressing matters to attend to. I can do without these weird things! Thai, why are you a Terakion!?

Jacob: Ha, we shall be going now.

He and the two twin pikachu walk back into the shadows

Thai's ability manifests yet again, making her a Uxie.

Thai (Uxie): AAAAAGH! I'm so sorry I didn't warn you. I have an ability that is sometimes a curse and others times a blessing. Strong emotions change me into these powerful Pokémon. It's mostly out of my control.

Thai relaxes with the admission, and returns to her normal form. All the cracks that were present in her armor are gone.

Pika404: Uh. I need a nap. So many weird things going on. Wait a minute, there's someone there!

A small flare appears in the shadows and then gutters out just as quickly as it appears. In the short flash of light, the troubled face of a Pikachu could be seen.

???: Stay back, I'm warning you!

Pika404: Who in the Distortion World are you?

???: That's not important, what did I just witness?

Thai: Whyyyyyyyyyy!?

Thai becomes molten gold yet again, this time becoming Darkrai.

Pika404: It's important to me.

The Pikachu jumps back in shock, sending a smattering of flames in their direction unwittingly. They fall short and smoulder to the ground.

Mako: name's Mako.

Pika404: Your name means nothing to me. Where are you from, and what is your purpose here?

Mako: I'm from Moontown. That doesn't matter, I'm not like to go back there. My mission is my business only, now I'll kindly be on my way.

The cinders at their feet grew brighter.

Pika404: Do you have any special powers?

Mako's cheek flushed.

Mako: I...well. I'm a Pikachu but...but I'm a fire type. I don't know why. It's hard to explain, I mean...I can't learn any electric moves, but I can learn fire type ones.

The Pikachu stood back and shot a trail of fire into the sky. The serpentine line of flame was like a flare. Mako lowered the flames to swirl around him in a wall of blazing beauty before they petered out.

Mako: You see...

Pika404: I have no really special powers of my own, besides my electric attacks, but this device...

He takes off his headphones, and shows them to Mako.

Pika404: They aren't working at the moment, but they suppress my electrical powers and replace them with, say... Ghost Powers. However, only energy is compatible, so I can't use, say, Rock Powers.

Thai (Darkrai): Well, while you two are comparing notes, I think I'll test this form. Have fun!

Mako and Pika404 have blurry vision that soon turns into a swirling storm of black and purple. However, the odd illusion quickly disappears.

Vagary of The Hellion

However, Pika404 didn't notice. He is receiving instructions on his newly powered device.

Pika404: Ha. Haha!

He then proceeds to do some amazing things. He shoots beams of fire out of his hands, then blasts everyone with fresh air, then lets out a loud supersonic scream.

Pika404: This is incredible! More power than ever before! Yyyyeeeessss! Team Masterful truly is masterful!

Thai (Darkrai) appears to no longer be present.

Pika404: Where's Thai?

Several explosions hit the ground nearby.

Pika404: Agh! What the.....

It seems these displays have attracted attention from the combatants. Two Cavriluon fighters have appeared, and are descending to attack. Soon, they begin their run and open fire.

Pika404 is hit in the arm by a splinter of laser light.

Pika404: Aaaaaaaaaaah! Take this!

He uses some sort of psychic power to affect one of the fighters, all while cursing quite loudly.

The fighter takes damage and loses some of its speed. Following this, it slowly ascends higher. One of its engines has been damaged by Pika404's attack, and it has lost a considerable amount of maneuverability. The other fighter flies to the left to ready for another run.

Pika404: NO!

He shoots a blast of ghostly energy at the fighter.

The fighter takes more damage, and slowly turns around. Before it can attack, it is blasted by lasers and explodes.

Pika404: What? Who did that?

Two fighters arrive. They are A-Wing starfighters. They dive and quickly destroy the other attacking Cavriluon fighter before it can cause anymore trouble.

Nearby, unknowingly to the others, Xenon has been observing the commotion while in an invisible form.

Xenon: [Seems to be speaking with someone. His visor is up again, covering his eyes] Right. Yes the Cavriluon are here as well. Yes. I'll keep you notified. Keep 293 offline for now until we really need it though.

The visor then retracts into the buds in his ears and he keeps observing. Arms crossed with a neutral expression on his face.

Pika404 is watching the fighters. He concentrates, then teleports inside the cockpit of one of the fighters.

Pika404: Hello.

Mako: What's going on here? What were those things that attacked us?

Pika404(somehow projecting voice): I think they were A-wings. I was debriefed on these before I came here.

Mako: This is all so strange. I hope we've not done anything to upset them...or got ourselves caught in the middle of something big.

Pika404 reteleports out of the cockpit and next to Mako.

Pika404: I dunno. I couldn't get an answer from the pilot.

With the attack repelled, the two fighters speed off into the sky, returning to the fleet.

Mako: The truth is, I'm trying to find out more about my powers and where I came from. I have no idea how I ended up here.

Pika404: Well, I'm always happy to help a fellow pikachu, unless of course your name is Jack or Jason. So, what do you know?

Mako: Well, for as long as I can remember I've been different. My first memory is of a blinding light that burned my eyes. Everything after that is a blur. I grew up on the streets, an outcast from other Pikachu because I was never like them - I was a fire type and they mistrusted me. I fell in with a bad crowd, a triad who got me to do their dirty work and commit crimes in their name. I didn't want to live that life so when our gang was busted I ran. That's when I met Scythe. He told me to go on this journey to find out where my powers came from.

Pika404: Hmmm. I was an orphan. I learned who my parents were from Protona. She knows much, maybe even everything about our race. I can take you to her, if you like.

A Hydreigon flies in out of the commotion, settling down next to the two Pikachu.

Hydreigon: You two! Come this way.

The Hydreigon takes off on its dark wings, flying towards the rising sun.

Pika404: What? We can't fly!

But nonetheless, he still went on, Mako right behind him.

Hydreigon at Daybreak

The lights of the battle fade away. The few remaining attacking ships are destroyed by the successful defenders. The Cavriluon ships that narrowly escape from the battle into hyperspace are a carrier ship that has remained at a distance throughout the battle, two modified armed transports, six fighters, and three scout craft.

Pika404(calling out): Where are you taking us!?

Shortly after the three Pokemon leave, a navy blue Di-Cokka II Tank makes it's way across the rough terrain to where the battle was. Attached to it's rear is a large water tank which is connected to the main cannon. It stops in it's tracks upon a wreckage of a ruined fighter. The lid flips open quickly as a Wooper wearing goggles surveys the area with a worried expression on his face.

Wooper: Dangit! We missed the fire! It's travelling due south. I TOLD you that we should've arrived sooner, but no, you had your book to worry about.

The voice that replies from the tank is muffled and echoes a bit.

???: For your information they just updated the weather scales again! It's not my fault that I have to keep up to date with what Arceus throws at us.

The Wooper scoffs. Two big floating mechanical-looking gloves emerge from the inside of the tank and float beside the upper part of his body, as if they were limbs attached to him via an invisible source. Both hands slam the lid of the tank back down. The Di-Cokka II, now having a visible Water emblem on the side of it as the sun rises, makes it's way towards a batch of burning rubble. Crunching it's way through piles of metal and already burned down cacti.

Wooper: Let's hope the fire hasn't spread because of this...

???: Bah. You worry too much. We're professionals in this. Now...where's the lever to accelerate.

Wooper: You're telling me that you don't know how to drive-

The tank's cannon spins to it's rear, then it fires a powerful Hydro Pump, blasting the tank towards the fire as it clumsily tumbles and hurdles. The panicked screaming of the two fades away as the tank draws near the fire.

A landing craft and a medium transport land near the wreckage of the destroyed fighter. As they do, two emergency speeders deploy in response to the fires. The tank is detected by the speeders, which quickly move ahead of it, spraying water and dousing the fire directly in its path.

Mako: I don't like this, I don't like this at all!

Pika404:Mako, you never answered my question. Would you come with me to Protona? Her residence seems to be along the way anyhow.

Mako: Of course, if she knows anything about why I'm different I'd love to meet her. When do you think we'll get the chance?

Pika404:If we don't stray from the path... It's just a short excursion, no one would miss us. It should come up in an hour or two.

Hydreigon: (Making pleasant conversation) What makes you think you need to see whoever this is?

Pika404: To find out Mako's origins!

The Di-Cokka II comes to a complete halt at the affected area when the cannon stops firing. The same Wooper emerges, dizzy and holds his head with the two "hands" he has.

Wooper: see what happens Volt?!

A Mudkip emerges from the top of the tank. He has a makeshift cannon on his back (that mimics the cannons on Blastoise) and is wearing a dark green scarf with dark blue goggles resting on it. The Mudkip lands outside the tank on his four feet. He is dizzy like the Wooper and seems to be losing balance when he walks towards the Wooper.

Volt: Well at least we know what the A does now. Speaking of which...where's the fire Chord?

Chord looks around after regaining steadiness. He is slightly confused by the lack of flames.

Chord: Well...unless if something got here before us. I don't know [He rubs his chin]

The immediate area is calm, with the nearby fires extinguished and the emergency speeders already far ahead of them. On the other side of Diurek, three CR90 Corvettes and their fighter escorts begin orbit above the planet.

Volt: [Still completely oblivious to the damage and activity] I bet that the Hydreigon we saw earlier was responsible for this!

Chord: We can't go pinning the blame on random people...but it's a good guess. Let's get going!

The two hop back into the Di-Cokka II.

Chord: [Voice echoed] Remember. Forward. Not backwards, sideways, or up.

Volt: Yeah yeah I

The click of a button is heard. The Di-Cokka II moves at normal speed towards where Pika404, Mako, and the Hydreigon were heading. Then it accelerates very quickly, speeding past the ruins of the battle and towards the sunrise.

Pika404: Just a few more minutes until we reach Protona's place.

Three small probe droids deploy from the landing craft. One of them discreetly follows the Di-Cokka II, while the other two collect data from the wreckage of both craft and transmit it to the medium transport.

Transport Crew Officer: We have recovered all data from the wreckage of the light fighter and is being uploaded here. The data from the wreckage of the scout craft is being recovered right now.

Transport Captain: We will need the wreckage itself as well. Get it aboard the transport as soon as you can.

Transport Crew Officer: Yes sir.

Recovery vehicles deploy to take the wreckage aboard.

Transport Crew Officer: We will have every piece on board when this is done.

Hydreigon: (To Both) What are your names, Pikachu?

Pika404: My name's, well, you can call me Pika404. And this is Mako.

Mako: Hey, I'm Mako. Thanks for getting us out of there.

Hydreigon: Where is this lady you are planning on visiting? I could probably scout out where she lives if you gave me some direction.

Pika404: That Hill! That's the last landmark I remember. She should be an hour or two beyond it.

Chord: We're gaining up on them. Just a few more metres and-WHOA!

The Di-Cokka falls face-in a river.

Chord: Volt! I thought you were driving! Volt?

Volt: [Sleeping against the wheel]

Chord: ...for the love of Arceus... -_-'

Mako: Who were those right behind us?

Hydreigon: Hmm?

Hydreigon looks back.

Hydreigon: Some old friends...

Pika404: I'm dying to know your backstory, whatever your name is, but I can see Protona's place.


The vision of the two Pikachu goes black again, and then clears. It is seen that the Hydreigon is not really a Hydreigon, but a female humanoid figure. She is slightly transparent and does not seem to be all the way there. All the while, tiny light flashes much like those in Detritex's eyes appear, but they are scattered throughout her body.

???: Thank you, Thai.

Thai walks out of the brush, no longer a Darkrai.

Pika404: Agh! What is going on?! Ugh. You are revealing secrets!? I shall reveal secrets!!! Come on, Mako, let's find out about your past.

He walks off down a small path with Mako, when a meowth materializes, floating 2 feet off the ground.

Exin the Meowth

Pika404: What the....

The meowth opens its eyes. They are completely white, except for blue outlines.

The Meowth(in a strange echoey voice): Iiii aaaam Eeeexxxxiiiin.....

Some distance away, a Crustle is scouting the desert. Through his binoculars, he sees the group. He talks into the compact transceiver.

Crustle: Desert Scout 14 here, objective acquired. I'll send the data now.

The scout presses a button on his binoculars, and this sends the data.

Elsewhere, a Parasect is given the data. He immediately turns on a small monitor and begins communications.

Aphioco: This is Aphioco of Division C to headquarters. We have found them.

Pika404: What in the...

Exin: Yyyooooouuuuu ssshhhaaaaall dooooo aaaasss Iiiiiii cooommmmmaaaaaand! AAAAAAAAAAA!

The meowth starts to scream extremely loudly, for Pika404 was attacking it with psychic power.

???: ((Need some help over there?))

Some small purple lightning bolts crackle around ???, seemingly originating from the center of her chest.

Pika404 barely heard her, for he was being assaulted by Exin's psychic counterattack.

???: Phsh! Whatever.

The assaulting Meowth flickers, and then is positioned again where it first appeared, seemingly unaffected by Pika404's prior attacks. Suddenly, an ethereal cage which glows vaguely yellow-orange surrounds the Meowth.

???: Who dares to interfere with my attack!?

???2: That would be me, Polaris.

A grizzled Raichu with long whiskers seems to appear from behind the Meowth.

???2: I'm sure you remember me from somewhere.

???: ...Amp?

Amp: Yep, that's me. I've got up an electromagnetic field around this Meowth here so he can't attack us and we can hear what he has to say.

???: Why are you here without your team?

Amp: We'll get to that later. Exin, what are your intentions?

The meowth puts his paw on the edge of the cage, but withdraws it, completely blackened. Then his paw falls off and a new one grows in it's place.

Exin: Iiii-iiii Iiii wiiiishhh toooo DEEESSSTRRROOOOY thth- thhhiiiisss eeeenneeerrrrgyy!

He points at a strange orange mist behind them.

Exin: Yyoooouuuuuu aaaarrrrreeee iiiiiinn myyyyyyy waaaayyyy! Ththiiiisssss caaaaagggee! Aaaaaaaaahhhhhh! Iiiiiii muuuusst AAAAAANNNIIIHHHAAAALLLLAATTEEE ththee eeennnerrgggyy!

Amp: (Calm and collected) Can you explain the nature of this energy?

Exin(losing part of the echoeyness(If that is a word)): Iii hhaavve sseeaarrrchcheed fffooorr iitt ffoorr aa lllooonnnggg lloooonnnngg tiiimee.

???: But what is it?

Exin(concentrating hard, then teleporting outside the cage to the energy): Iiit iiisss...... hhaaarrrd toooo eeexxxxppppllllaaainn.

He then reaches an arm out to the energy. It snakes up his arm and he falls to the ground convulsing. His eyes flicker, then go out.

Pika404: I think he's dead.

Just then, a meteor strikes, crushing Exin.

Pika404: Now he's definitely dead.

???: Well then. ((That better not have been you, Detritex!))

Pika404 walks over to inspect the meteor.

Pika404:Hang on, there's something strange...

He lifts the meteor with psychic powers, and underneath there is a small pit with a microchip inside, and no sign of Exin.

Officer: (over transceiver) You are to return at once. Your objectives are complete.

Desert Scout 14: Yes sir, and what of the tank that is stuck in the river?

Officer: We will send some help. They will get it out. In the meantime, you are to report everything that you have found once you get back here.

Desert Scout 14: Understood, sir.

The Crustle skitters away just as a darker-shaded probe droid flies to where he was and cloaks, disappearing from sight.

Pika404 picks up the microchip and examines it.

Pika404:Anyone a technology expert?

Amp: I am.

Pika404: I can tell it's a memory chip, but I don't even know what software, or hardware even, really, to read it.

Pika404 hands Amp the chip.

Amp: I'm afraid I haven't seen it before, but it may become useful sometime. I'll keep it.

Mako: That seems interesting.

Pika404: Enough fooling around, let's see Protona, Mako.

Two small tracked vehicles move across the desert and approach the river, coming across the Di-Cokka II. Without delay, the vehicles move into position to the left and the right it. Using special equipment, they clamp onto the treads and hoist onto the hull of the tank. They steadily move back, pulling the tank until they finally get it out of the river. They detach from the tank and turn around, driving away.

Mako starts acting strangely and then freezes in place. Amp tries to snap him out of it, but it seems almost like Mako has become part of the landscape.

???: Strange things are happening around here. Let's see if Protona can help him.

Universalguardian1003: Eew.

A huge fish comes out of the sky and crushes Pika404. Then the fish and Pika404 turn to desert dust.

Amp: Well then.

The sand begins to boil and shift. A brown-furred hand emerges from the sand. A tan-colored Pikachu emerges.

???: What the heck..... What am I even doing here?

Elsewhere, four Cavriluon fighters land in the hangar of a capital ship. A pilot is called to the bridge. At the bridge waiting for him is a man in a uniform that looks somewhat tattered.

Cavriluon Pilot "Reporting, Major Slarnik."

Major Slarnik "Where is the rest of your squadron?" He growls.

Cavriluon Pilot "It was destroyed, Major. In addition, one of our fighters was damaged by those inferior creatures living on Diurek, then was destroyed along with the other one by that alien, Rh'iizh."

Major Slarnik "You were ordered to clear out that area so Colonel Odnhusio could have us begin landing on Diurek. And you failed!" He takes out a pistol and shoots him, killing him. "Get me in contact with Colonel Odnhusio, and General Dhiifoye. Now!"

The two fighters land in the hangar of an MC80 Cruiser.

"Hro'tav Rh'iizh, remain in your fighter. We have received a message from command."

A crew arrives in the hangar to perform checks on both craft.

"Good to see you back here safely as always." Rh'iizh's personal mission officer, a fellow mercenary, goes to hand Rh'iizh his pay. The officer is then given a report. While he reads over it, he notices one of the details. He speaks to one of the crew.

Rh'iizh's Officer "Are any of you aware of this? During the battle, a Pikachu teleported on board his R-22, unannounced, no less."

"We know. We are making the modifications necessary to ensure that such intrusions do not happen again."

Rh'iizh's Officer "So then his Spearhead will be completely protected against that from then on, just like the rest of your craft? And your cruisers?"

"That is correct."

Thai blinks after the giant fish and Pikachu death.

Thai: (addressing the new Pikachu) Well then. What have we here?

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