Every summer, hordes of Marswing fly down from the mountains in the Ulfuria region and into the valley below, where countless Venuswing gather there and wait for their suitors. It is their mating season, and this time is heralded by an increase in the numbers of Venuswing in the area, as well as the blooming of the rare Marenus flowers.

But the mating season will not go smoothly this unknown group of villains plan to capture all the Venuswing! It is unknown why they want these Pokémon...but it is clear that they must not fall into the villains' hands!


You will not;

  1. Godmod (that means no avoiding every attack, no beating anyone easily)
  2. Hog all the glory
  3. Show up out of nowhere
  4. Troll
  5. Defeat the villains easily/in one go (it's an exhaustive team effort)



Those who want to protect the Venuswing!



The villains who want to capture the Venuswing (or simply cause chaos)!

  • Unknown villain group (played by Ryu/anyone with her permission)


Part 1

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