Welcome to my new Roleplay! This is a MD RP. The inhabitants of Treasure Town are excited. The Yin Orb and the Yang Gem have finally been detected! Now it's a race to see who can bring them back to Treasure Town, but what will happen when a mysterious stranger comes to Treasure Town?


Marco the Abra - Intrudge

Morpho the Drowzee - Intrudge

Guild Members - Anyone

Team HydroShock - Uni

Team Strike - Uni

Vulcan the Typhlosion - Intrudge

Keckleon Brothers - Anyone

Team Furious - Intrudge

Roleplay Part 1

[Everyone in Trreasure Town was very excited, for today a top rank Exploration Team had found the Yin Orb and the Yang Gem]

Hydro: I'm so happy! I thought Walrein would never find the treasure!

Spikebomb: Yeah! But now it's a total race to get them out, who would've known they were so powerful eh?

Scuttle: Yeah, I heard whoever owns them has control over the whole of Treasure Town!

[In the cave]

Walrein: Who do you suppose will be the first to get the treasure Tyranitar?

(You can be Tyranitar DM)

Tyranitar: I don't know, it may be Hydro. She is Walrein's wife, after all.

Walrein: [Grunts] I'm putting my money on Mamoswine, the guy has tusks, TUSKS!

Mamoswine: Did someone say tusks?

Walrein: Did you say tusks Tyranitar?

Tyranitar: No, you did.

(Trudge, Walrein has the same attitude as the one that took Manaphy, since they are the same Pokémon.)

(THE ONE WHO TOOK MANAPHY? DM, I am sorry but I do not know what is going on! Seriously! Where did this come from?)

Walrein: Right.......

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