Hey guys! It's Intrudgero98 here, bringing you the latest Intrudgero Roleplay. It's my Twilight parody........AFTERNOON!!!!!!!!!!!! BTW it features Pokemon Trainers but can have Pokémon main chars too considering Edington Fullen can turn into a Zubat.


Edington Fullen (Idiot vampire and main character, until Part 14 that it, and you'll see why.....[Evil Grin]) - Intrudgero

Patricia Chedderhead (Stupid herione) - Intrudgero

Bucky Barnbreath (Dumb lycan (werewolf) and turns into a Poocheyna) - Intrudgero

Chalice Oruna (One of Patricia's um....[How can i put this?] "Normal" friends. Can turn into a Togetic) - 1LugiaLover

The Other Fullens (Edington's siblings: Fathead, Stoopid, Thisistheworstnameeverforavampire and Maleversionofmileycyrus.) (Like turning into bats and sucking each other's blood) - Anyone.

Blooboof Thickskull (Can turn into an aggron) -Uni

Roleplay Part 1

Patricia: Hi! I'm Patricia Chedderhead! I moved from-wait let me see.......Um, I suck at geography so let's just say I mvoed and I met this a mazing person!!!!!!!! Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well this is my story about a vampire!!!!!!!!! And my irritating Pokémon..........

Magikarp: Hey! I'm not irritating!

Patricia: Oh look! There's my friend-er, what's her name again?

Chalice: Hiya, Patricia! It's me, Chalice!!! :P

Patricia: Chalice! Hi! Well our adventure starts when I-

Chalice: Did you say Adventure!? I packed something [Hands Patricia a seemingly normal cupcake]

Patrcia: [Scoffs it down]

Magikarp: Oh boy......

Chalice:........You ate one of my Explodey Cupcakes! Expect bad indigestion and gas later. They are one oc my food creations! Like this gum that'll NEVAH leave the underside of a table once it's stuck there.

Patricia: [Grabs the gum and eats it] Hey look! My new school!

[An ugly messed up kid walks in front of them]

Patricia: OMG HE'S GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! [Farts and everyone runs away from her] What?

Chalice: Uh....................Seeyaatlunch, bye!!!!! [Runs inside]

(It was Chalice's misfortune she had to sit next to Edington Fullen)

Edington: Yo girl! Wazzup????

Chalice: Nuthin' [Starts writing down ideas for [Ahem] "Recepies" including: Bouncy Meatballs, Never-Pop-Gum, and Jolly Roger Pizza] [Suddenly, her Poké Ball opens, and a Shiny Hoothoot starts flying around] GOLDEE! GET BACK HERE! [Chases Goldee into the hall]

Patricia: OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Goldee: Nyah-Nyah-Nyah-Boo-Boo! You can't catch me!! [Flies around, ducking into open lockers and classrooms]

Chalice: GET BACK IN YOUR BALL!!!!!!

Edington: I'll get it! [Uses his super vampire speed]

Goldee: AW SHOOT!!! [Flies as fast as he can]

Edington: [Runs into a lampost]

(Later that day Edington saves Patricia from a falling piano)

Patricia: I know what you are!

Edington: Then say it!!


Patricia's Mother: [A transvestite man] And the little mermaid ran all the way home. The end!

{Flashback end}

Patricia: A mermaid!!

Edington: That's right!!!!!

Chalice: Uh...................... 0_0

Goldee: What idiots!

Chalice: GOLDEE!!!

Edington: I'M GONNA BITE YOUR NECK YOU STUPID OWL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Goldee: I thought you were a Mermaid! Why would Mermaids bite necks?

Chalice: OK! BACK IN THE BALL! [Returns Goldee] I'm thinking about trading him for a Tailow..... T_T

[Suddenly a bucktooth kid with cavaties bit Chalice's arm]

Patricia: OMG he's gorgeous!

Edington: What's so great about him?

Chalice: OW! WHAT THE?!

Bucky: Er..........................dope.

Magikarp: That there is Bucky Barnbreath!

Chalice:...............T_T Well, he didn't have to bite me!

[Bucky turned into a Poocheyana and bit Chalice's head]

Patricia: OMG he's gorgeous! The most gorgeous thing I ever saw!

Edington: NOT EVEN A DOG CAN BE MORE GORGEOUS THAN ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chalice: [In a poof, a Togetic is in her place, and she starts flying around the room.] WELL, QUIT BITING ME AT LEAST!!

Patricia: OMG he's gorgeous! [She points to the Togetic]


[Suddenly a Hotwheels car hit Patrica's foot]

Patricia: OOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!! Why didn't you save me?

Edington: Mermaids don't save people!

Patricia: I hate you!

Edington: Does that mean your not my prom date?

Chalice: I'd best be going now. Too much yelling. [Flits away]

Patricia: Come back here talking butterfly! [Grabs Chalice's tail]

Chalice: What now?! I need to get home and work on my recepies!

Patricia: You sound just like my friend Malice (XD)

Chalice: 1. I think you mean Chalice. and 2. So what if I sound like her?! I AM HER!

Patricia: And I thought you were hot! [THrows brick at Chalice.]

Chalice: [Dodges] Whatever. [Flits away]

(I probably should stop making comedy RPs and advance this plot. Introudicing antagonist....]

???: This seems....interesting

[??? looks at five differently coloured gem stones.]

Roleplay Part 2

The next day the other Fullens showed up. There was Fathead, Stoopid, Thisistheworstnameeverforavampire and Maleversionofmileycyrus. Thisistheworstnameeverforavampire attempted to flirt with Chalice.

Thisistheworstnameeverforavampire: Yo girl, you me at the prom? Glad you agreed, pick you ap at seven in the mall! Be there!

Chalice: Uh, NO.

Thisistheworstnameeverforavampire: THEN I'LL BITE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Gotta go shuvel snow off my dad's car :()

Chalice: Shaddup. [Sends out Goldee]

Goldee: YEAH SHADDUP! [Pecks Thisistheworstnameeverforavampire's head]

Thisistheworstnameeverforavampire: MAAAAAH HEEEEEEEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [Turns into a Zubat and bangs into Stoopid]

Stoopid: Er...............dope.

Chalice: [To Patricia] Listen, I really need to get back home before my new batch of Explodey Cupcakes burn.... Could you watch Goldee for me?


Patricia: Sure! We'll be the beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssssssssst of friiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnnnnnnnddddddddddddddddddddddds!

Goldee: Now I am officially scared.