A roleplay that's a sequel to Roleplay: Attack of Darkrai. It features enemies, old and new, and a new cast of main characters! Old ones also appear. All term and conditions from Attack 1 apply.



Shinx: A young Pokémon who will learn his destiny. His sparky powers prove useful for the bunch. His position and role are the same as Pikachu's. Moves: Tackle, Charge, Bite, Spark. Played by Loreofwings

Piplup: Shinx' best friend. She's bubbly, and has a crush on Shinx. She has more than a bubbly personality. Her position is the same as Marill's. Moves: Pound, Bubble, BubbleBeam, Peck. -Lore

MeganF: A Totodile with glasses. Likes to act silly, but when she realises something big is going on, she'll calm down. Moves: Aqua Tail, Bite, Ice Fang, Attract. - 1LugiaLover

Buizel- A rival of Shinx's. He sometimes acts cold. He also has a crush on Piplup. His powers prove useful. His position is the same as Snover's. Moves: Aqua Jet, Water Gun, Surf, Dive. -Lore

Dew the Zorua: A white and blue Zorua that chanced upon Shinx and co. Moves: Bite, Aqua Ring, Shadow Ball, Thunder Fang. - 1LugiaLover


Buneary: A Pokémon who's Piplup's BF, despite them having the same crush. Moves: Rock Smash, Bounce, Mega Punch. -Lore

Poisonclaw the Toxicroak - 1LugiaLover

Happiny: A smart Pokémon who prefers to play on the sidelines. Moves: Pound, Charm, Copycat, Refresh. -Lore


Miniana the Meganium: A scorceress of great power. Very good at disguising her true nature. Will act nice and friendly but then attacks. - 1Lugia

Palkia's Army

Palkia: A mad Palkia who is crazy after a battle with Dialga. Moves: Spacial Rend, Curse, Draco Meteor, Aqua Ring. -Lore

Tentacruel: Palkia's Lieutenant. -Lore

Tentacool: Palkia's servants. -Anyone

Dialga's Army

Dialga: An engimatic and mysterious Dialga with a secret. Hates Palkia with his whole. Moves: Roar of Time, Dragon Pulse, Draco Meteor, Aerial Ace. -Universal

Aggron: Dialga's lieutenant. -Universal

Lairon: Dialga's servants -Anyone

Darkrai's Army

Darkai: A sinister dark villain with a vengeance. Moves: Nightmare, Dark Pulse, Dark Void, Dream Eater. -Lore

Haunter: Darkrai's Lieutenant. -Lore

Gastly: Darkrai's minions. -Anyone

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