This story centers around Team StormBlitz and Team Knights.

  • Victor Lightning (Sovereign Commander of the Galactic Empire, and the leader of Team StormBlitz, one of the main protagonists)
  • Pikachu XXV (a giant PokéMon, Victor Lightning's closest confidant, and secondary leader of Team StormBlitz, another main protagonist)
  • Lieutenant Magneton (a dark blue colored Magneton, and a Lieutenant of Team StormBlitz)
  • Clinger the Octillery (Specialist of Team StormBlitz, and the mute of the group)
  • Dr. Clamp (role is enigmatic, but always allied with the Empire)
  • Chris Blackwind ( leader and founder of the Knights, one of the main protagonists)
  • Riu Eleks (Chris' second-in-command and one of the main protagonists)
  • Lucario ( leader of team AquaAura, and good with physical weapons, side protagonist)
  • Feraligatr ( lucario's trusted partner, loves to set things on fire, side protagonist)
  • Spectre-1 (the first main antagonist of this story, a rogue Spectre-rank explorer)
  • Team BlastWave (KP)
  • Team Charm (Anyone)

Chapter 1: Strange Sightings at Northern Aereonn

Dusk Forest

[Team StormBlitz is scouting Conifer Orchid Forest]

Lieutenant Magneton: "Nothing so far. This place is more abandoned than Zero Isles."

Victor Lightning: "It's as dead as that False Groudon spawned by Butler."

Chris Blackwind: "hows the search going, any luck?"

Clinger the Octillery: [shakes head]

Riu Eleks:[sighs]"we havent found anything here..... but theres something wrong....theres no sounds"

Lieutenant Magneton: "It's too quiet..."

Chris Blackwind: " i know magneton.... wait... theres this thing ahead of gonna check it out"

Lieutenant Magneton: "Be careful."

Chris Blackwind: " i dont know what this thing is...... we will wait for you guys to come here before we approach it anymore, i dont want to take any risks with this thing..."

[Clinger is sent to follow]

Riu Eleks: "hey clinger"

Chris Blackwind: "see if you can knock that thing out so we can get close enough"

Clinger the Octillery: "Eh!" [identifies the thing with Foresight and Lock-On]

[Chris and Riu get in position in case it tries to run]

Clinger the Octillery: [babbling, telling Chris and Riu what it is]

Lieutenant Magneton: "Has Clinger identified the object?"

Chris Blackwind: "Yeah Clinger identified it"

Victor Lightning: "Just what is it, then?"

Riu Eleks: " cant say, i cant understand clinger"

Chris Blackwind: "looks kinda humanoid....i dont know what it is...[looks at clinger] what is he saying Victor"

Clinger the Octillery: [fumes and walks closer on the tips of his tentacles to move faster]

Riu Eleks:" Its eating something.... what is it?"

Lieutenant Magneton: "Why don't you go see instead of acting as the sightseer?"

Riu Eleks: "fine i will" [approaches the creature which gets startled and runs away to fast to be caught up with]

Chris Blackwind: " darn thing is fast we cant catch up to it like that"

Victor Lightning: "Don't worry. We have the situation under control."

[on the other side of the forest, Pikachu rises from the trees and blocks off the creature]

Chris Blackwind: "good job pikachu"

[Chris and Riu block off all other escape routes]

Lieutenant Magneton: "You're surrounded!"

Clinger the Octillery: "Egh! Anh!"

Beldum P3: "Nowhere to run!"

Pikachu XXV: "Who are you, creature?"

Riu Eleks: " you might as well start with a name"

Victor Lightning: "Arrest that... ...thing!"

[Beldum Soldiers surround the creature and cuff it]

[the creature emits a light and blows everyone away and breaks the cuff, XXV and Chris are the only ones that werent blown away]

Victor Lightning: "Whoever that was, it's hostile!"

{Chris runs up to it and uppercuts him knocking him unconscious}

Lieutenant Magneton: "What is that thing?"

Chris Blackwind: " i dont know but it blew you and everyone else away...... check if everyones okay"

Riu Eleks: " im fine but... but what the heck is this thing?"

Clinger the Octillery: "We're okay."

Lieutenant Magneton: "I'm fine."

Victor Lightning: "It'll take more than a flash of light to stop me!"

Chris Blackwind: " good to hear that [looks at the creature] hmmm, things hostile and its problably not alone"

[suddenly more creatures sorround Team Knights and StormBlitz]

Chris Blackwind: [draws his hammer] "Guys get ready for a fight!!!"

[Riu draws his sword]

[Lightning activates 2 lightsabers]

[Pikachu stands his ground]

[Lieutenant Magneton prepares to fire a Tri-Attack]

[Clinger stands on the tips of his tentacles, and readies to fire an Aurora Beam]

[the creatures charge]

[Chris hammers one and knocks him towards another]

[Riu hacks 3 of the creatures]

[Lieutenant Magneton charges toward them and attacks with Tri-Attack]

[Clinger fires Aurora Beam]

[one of the creatures jumps on Riu]

Riu Eleks: "get this thing off me [gets biten in the arm] AGHH"

Victor Lightning: "Hold still!!!" [not hesitating, he slashes at the creature to kill it and save Riu]

[suddenly the leader of these creatures appears and blasts everyone the only ones to not get knocked out are Victor and Chris]

Chris Blackwind: "aghhh..... this ones tough"

[all the other creatures flee but the big one remains]

Victor Lightning: "Grr..."

Lieutenant Magneton: "Just how large is it?"

Chris Blackwind:" hes 10 feet tall..."

[the creature grabs Victor and flings him at the trees]

[Lightning spins around and stops short of hitting the trees, and fires Zap Cannon]

[the creature absorbs this and sends it back at Victor but Chris jumps in the way and takes the hit]

Victor Lightning: "What the..."

[Chris stands up and looks as if he dint take as scratch] [ he then charges at the creature and just hammers it several times]

Chris Blackwind: "Victor get ready" [hammers the creature towards lightning]

Victor Lightning: [grins and casts Force Lightning at the creature]

[Chris then fires his revolver and finishes it off]

Victor Lightning: "Well, that takes care of that."

Chris Blackwind: "is everyone alright..."

[no response]

[Chris then goes to see where they are but they where dragged away]

Chris Blackwind: "things are taking a turn for the worse.....they even took XXV somehow..."

Pikachu XXV: "Chris, I'm still here." [taps Chris's shoulder, and is looming right over him]

Victor Lightning: "Do you honestly think they could take Pikachu away?"

Lieutenant Magneton: "And I evaded them, too."

Clinger the Octillery: "Anh! Eh!"

Chris Blackwind: "then what the hell is that?!?!?" [points a drag mark big enough to be XXV's]

Victor Lightning: "That was why we came to Conifer Orchid Forest in the first place. We were getting reports of that strange activity. There must have been something else that caused this."

Lieutenant Magneton: "No one can capture Team StormBlitz!"

Chris Blackwind: "Then lets follow the trail it may lead us to where they are"

Riu Eleks: [near a cave] "aghhh my frikkin arm and now im seperated from the others....great just great"

[Lightning follows the trail, accompanied by StormBlitz]

[Chris follows the trail too which leads to a cave]

Chapter 2: A Trail Gone Dark

Dark Hill

Lieutenant Magneton: "Look! It's Riu!"

[Riu sneaks up on a guard then stabs him in the back and covers his mouth so he doesn't alert anyone]

Riu Eleks: "hehe i still got it....

Beldum A3: "Riu, where have you been? We thou-"

Victor Lightning: "Shut up."

Beldum A3: "Yes sir."

[a guard spots Riu and charges at him, but Riu grabs him in the neck]

Riu Eleks: "scum" [snaps the guards neck]

Lieutenant Magneton: "We found you when we followed this trail."

Riu Eleks: [pulls out revolver and aims at Magneton] "get down"

[Chris pulls Magneton down and Riu shoots a creature that was following them]

Victor Lightning: "Who are these guys?"

Chris Blackwind: "us or them"

Riu Eleks: "they are moving targets"

Victor Lightning: "Those unknown creatures..."

Chris Blackwind: "i dont know but these things represent a threat to everyone who passes through here so we have to take them down or other pokemon are going to get killed"

Victor Lightning: "Then ve shall end this threat. Activate Goggle Specs and X-Ray Specs."

Chris Blackwind: "that we will Victor" [goes in the cave with Riu]

Victor Lightning: "Whatever created that trail may be very dangerous." [enters the cave, followed by StormBlitz]

[deep in the cave]

Riu Eleks: "you know these things look familiar Chris"

Chris Blackwind: "kinda look like those things on Ziron"

Lieutenant Magneton: "Then they must be exterminated."

Chris Blackwind: "these things are the Archnid they have been found on other planets and they are really really hostile....what weve fought are the drones......"

Pikachu XXV: "Then the leader must be in the heart of this cave."

Riu Eleks: "good guess"

Chris Blackwind: "and guess how big it is...."

Lieutenant Magneton: "I would say around 137'40"."

Riu Eleks: "the cave tunnels are bigger than pikachu for a reason"

Victor Lightning: "Either they needed space for the leader to walk through, or the leader itself dug those tunnels."

Chris Blackwind: "both...."

Riu Eleks: " i remeber it was hard to kill the damn thing...."

Lieutenant Magneton: "...There's the depths of the cave... ...keep quiet..."

Chris Blackwind: " everyone hold up...theres too much radiation up ahead....."

Riu Eleks: "great that means i have to find another way"

Victor Lightning: "Radiation is no problem to Pikachu and myself. Lieutenant, Clinger, follow Chris and Riu to find a way around."

Chris Blackwind: " im immune to radiation too so ill go with you 2"

Riu Eleks: " and im not ill go with the other guys and find another way good luck [leaves with clinger and magneton]

Chapter 3: The Hive

Victor Lightning: "There are many of them. I can feel their presence. Proceed with caution."

Riu Eleks: "got it"

[Lightning tosses a mass of thermal detonators and pushes them into the hive. They explode shortly after, killing most of them, except for a select few and the leader]

Chris Blackwind: "that should soften them up a bit"

Victor Lightning: "Well, they know we're here now, but we only have to deal with 4 of them."

Chris Blackwind: " you remember that 10 foot thing in the woods that should be a guard so expect at least 3 of those"

Victor Lightning: "Then be prepared for a long fight unless the other group arrives."

[the entrance to the leader's room is gurded by 3 royal guards]

Chris Blackwind: "stay here i got them [pulls out revolver and sneaks up on a guard]

[Chris climbs on one of the guards and shoots it in the face killing it then he shots the other one in the face killing it also]

[the other guard tries to run away but Chris pulls him with psichyc and hammers him]

Victor Lightning: "Prepare to be destroyed!" [fires Signal Beam at the leader]

Pikachu XXV: [confronts the leader and roars] "GRAAAAAEEEERRRHHHHHHHAOOHHHRRREHHHH!!!"

The leader: " i think not" [fires a beam that incapacitates lightning and all the entrances get blocked]

Pikachu XXV: "You monster!!!" [tackles the leader to the ground]

[the leader gets up and punches XXV in the face] [insert ut99 colussus theme here]

[Pikachu smacks the leader into a wall with his tail, and fires a Charge Beam]

[the leader survives and punches XXV in the face 3 times then uppercuts him and knocks to the ground]

Victor Lightning: "Chris, look out!" [pulls Chris away right before Pikachu hits the ground]

Pikachu XXV: [gets up] "Nice try." [unleashes Yellow Heat Ray at the leader]

The leader: [absorbs the heat ray and unleashes it in XXV's face] "hahahahahahaha"

Chris Blackwind: "i need one of your lightsabers lightning" [takes one of lightnings saber and runs toward the leader]

[Pikachu absorbs the Yellow Heat Ray, and this strengthens him. He steps out of Chris's way]

[Chris jumps on XXV's head and then to the leaders]

Pikachu XXV: "Hey!!!" (He doesn't like it when someone uses his head as a springboard)

Chris Blackwind: [activates the lightsaber] "say goodnight pendejo" [stabs the leaders head to whom thrashes around wildly]

Victor Lightning: "Good strike!"

{Chris falls and then the leader falls on top of Chris dead}

Victor Lightning: "Chris!!!"

{suddenly the leaders body gets lifted and pushed away and Chris stands up}

Chris Blackwind: "takes more than that to take me down"

Lieutenant Magneton: "Commander! Commander! We got here as fast as we could!"

Victor Lightning: "It's okay. We held out. However, there's no fighting left to do here."

[Chris throws the lightsaber at Lightning]

Riu Eleks: you guys alright"

Chris Blackwind: " im fine [looks at Pikachu] you alright Pikachu?"

[Lightning catches the lightsaber and deactivates them]

Pikachu XXV: "It takes alot more than that to hurt me. I do appreciate your concern, though. It shows that you care about your partners." [smiles]

Chris Blackwind: "what about you Lightning are you okay , cause you took a beating"

Victor Lightning: "What kind of question is that? I was shown up by the leader of the Archnids. I'm most certainly not okay! As far as damage goes, for the most part, I took little to none."

Riu Eleks: " soooooooooooo your fine?"

Victor Lightning: "Yes."

Lieutenant Magneton: "Heh. Officer Magnezone's Police Force would've fared much worse."

Pikachu XXV: "That battle I engaged the leader in seemed odd, because it was on equal terms."

Lieutenant Magneton: "I would say so."

Victor Lightning: "Indeed."

Chris Blackwind: " somethings wrong here....wait everyone move!!!!!!"

[A hand comes out of the ground and grabs Chris and knocks everyone back]

[Lieutenant Magneton fires a Flash Cannon at the hand]

[The queen comes out of the ground and other royal guards sorrounds the explorers]

Victor Lightning: "Ah, you must be..."

Pikachu XXV: "The queen of the Arachids..."

[the queen is much taller than XXV] [the queen then swallows Chris]

Riu Eleks: "oh dear god!!!"

[ XR-85 Battle Tanks roll in and open fire on the queen]

[the queen then blasts the tank and destroys it]

[5 more tanks remain, and their lasers are more than powerful enough to pierce through the queen's exterior]

[some royal guards sacrifice themselves and take the blasts while the others go and destroy the remaining tanks]

Victor Lightning: "I never go unprepared."

[another squad of 7 XR-85 tanks arrives, and open fire with their main particle cannons and lasers, finishing off the last of the guards, and the rest of the blasts strike the queen]

[the queen emits a light and blasts all the tanks and incapacitates everyone also the tanks are destroyed and the entrances are blocked]

Lieutenant Magneton: "Look. We still have a chance, Riu. The queen is badly injured. You see those open wounds there?!"

Chapter 4: Enter Dr. Clamp, Surrogate Leader of P.O.W.

Victor Lightning: "Excellent..." [opens comlink] "Come in, Dr. Clamp. This Sovereign Commander Lightning."


[a menacing figure in a chair turns on his monitor]

Dr. Clamp: (deep gravelly voice) "Yes. What is it?"

Victor Lightning: "Be ready to fire an ion blast at the given coordinates."


Dr. Clamp: (deep gravelly voice) "With pleasure." [maniacal laughing]

Chris Blackwind: " aghh.... oh great i been eaten......hehehehe" [starts placing explosives inside the body]

Lieutenant Magneton: "Let's get her!" [uses Tri-Attack at several of the wounds]

[the queen emits another light and blasts everyone away and grabs lightning and swallows him]

Chris Blackwind: [looks behind him and noticies lightningg] "oh great now were both screwed" [continues setting explosives]

Victor Lightning: "[Bleep]! That's the second time that happened!" [fires disruptor blast]

[sets the explosives]

Chris Blackwind: " alright explosives set........" [click and the queen blows to bits]

Victor Lightning: "Well, that's the end of them."

Riu Eleks: [getting up] " wow... you actually did after you said you would never do that again"

Chris Blackwind: "ahhh shut up.....everyone okay?"

Lieutenant Magneton: "Yes."

Clinger the Octillery: "Ah!"

Pikachu XXV: "We're all fine."

Chris Blackwind: " what about you Victor, is your pride still intact"

Victor Lightning: "What kind of question is that?"

Chris Blackwind: "well... you were incapacitated by a beam and then you were swallowed and then you started firing your disruptor pistol while swearing and then i blew it up and well..... is your pride still intact?"

Victor Lightning: "I don't see why you should be asking about my pride."

Chris Blackwind: ".........screw that your fine... now any ideas how we get out of here..."

[ion blasts, landslide breaks apart]

Victor Lightning: "There you go."

Chris Blackwind: " alright then lets go" [goes through the tunnels with Riu]

[Team StormBlitz leaves the cave through another tunnel]


Chris Blackwind: " well were out of that cave and stormblitz went another way.."

Riu Eleks: " i wonder if they are outside already"

Victor Lightning: "We're right beside you. There was another tunnel that led to the same entrance."

Riu Eleks: " okay then...."

Chris Blackwind: " well we identified the sightings and killed theyre queen... so whats next?"

Victor Lightning: "Well, we finished what we came here for. So, let's take a 5 minute break."

Lieutenant Magneton: "Very good, sir."

Victor Lightning: "Smoke if you got 'em. {Translation: You're on break, so do what you want.}" [falls forward and collapses from fatigue]

[Riu breaks out laughing after watching him fall, while Chris goes and sits beneath the shade of a tree]

Lieutenant Magneton: "He almost never does that. But then again, at a certain point, he may or may not fall to fatigue."

Chapter 5: Nuisance

[Riu comes with a stick and pokes lightning]

Chris Blackwind: {by the trees} "damnit Riu dont do that"

Pikachu XXV: [glares at Riu] "Stop poking Victor!"

Chris Blackwind: "told ya...."

Riu Eleks: [draws his sword] "dont......... move" [at XXV]

Lieutenant Magneton: "Riu, I wouldn't pick a fight with him if I were you. That would be a bad mistake."

Riu Eleks: " dont talk....its a cant see it"

Chris Blackwind: [silently] "not another hunter........."

Victor Lightning: ((Just what is it that they want this time? They never know when to quit...))

[the hunter looks uninterested and leaves]

Riu Eleks: [sighs in relief] "damn that was close" [resumes poking Victor with a stick]

Chris Blackwind: "dude seriosly dont do that"

Riu Eleks: " hey he said: you're on on break, so do what you want"

Chris Blackwind: "...... hes got a point XXV"

Victor Lightning: "Other than poking me. It's too annoying."

Riu Eleks: " fine i will stop with a stick" [he levitates a lightsaber towards him] "nice many of these you got"

[Chris falls asleep on the trees]

Victor Lightning: [snatches the lightsaber back] "That's for me to know only."

Chris Blackwind: "Riu why dont you do something else than bug everyone else and climb this tree and keep lookout"

Riu Eleks: "Why cant you do it?

Chris Blackwind: "Did you forgot already?"

Riu Eleks: "ah right" [climbs the tree and takes a lookout]

Clinger the Octillery: "Eh! {You see anything?}"

Riu Eleks: [lights a cigar] " nothing so keep on break, and sleep now if you need

Victor Lightning: "Hey. No smoking!"

Riu Eleks: "what you rather have me do...bug you and your team [resumes smoking]

Victor Lightning: "Actually, I'd rather you do neither."

Riu Eleks: [scoffs] "your not my boss so i dont have to follow orders from you"

Victor Lightning: "I strongly advise that you put out that cigar. We don't need to press the issue!"

Riu Eleks: "fine..." [puts the cigar out] "we may want to move soon and get out of the forest now before the hunters return"

Victor Lightning: "Break is over. Let's go." [he and Team StormBlitz start moving]

[team Knights follow shortly]

Lieutenant Magneton: "What are the hunters doing in this area, anyway?"

Riu Eleks: " im talking about the achnid hunters not the frikkin pokemon or anything..."

[Chris spots something and sprints in that direction] [note: night has fallen]

Chapter 6: The Hunted

[Chris runs to some injured explorers]

Pikachu XXV: "That doesn't look too good."

Chris Blackwind: "what happened?!"

Explorer: " these...things"

Chris Blackwind: [lowers head and nods] "descansen en paz" [closes the explorers eyes and takes his and his dead teamates badges]

Lieutenant Magneton: "What are those murderers doing all the way out here?!!!"

[Riu punches a tree]

Chris Blackwind: [looking at the badges] "they were team elektrum" [puts the badges away]" the hunters.....they operate seperatly from the archnid.....we cant go after them or anything...all we can do is try to find the other 2 missing teams...."

Pikachu XXV: "If Team Elektrum was killed out here by the hunters, it will only be a matter of time before another group or individual falls victim."

Chris Blackwind: "i rather not send us to our deaths" [stands up] "but i rather not condemn any more lives....we must try to see if we can find the other teams so we may have a fighting chance against the hunters..."

Victor Lightning: "Orders are to eliminate on sight."

Beldum T6: [comlink] "Yes sir!"

Chris Blackwind: "Victor you take your team and go find theyre home,stick with pikachu that way the hunters wont get to close....we are going to make them regret killing explorers" [leaves with Riu to find the other 2 teams]

Beldum T6: "Aye, Chris. But we have already done so. The place was ransacked by the hunters!"

-other side of forest-

Riu Eleks: "hey look its one of the missing teams...they look like....AQUAAURA!!!"

[Chris and Riu sprint over to them]

Chris Blackwind: "Lucario...Lucario you still alive?"

Lucario: "yeah...we we're on a mission when the next thing i knew i was out cold, Feraligatr is still unconcious."

Chris Blackwind: "hang on your still hurt" [gives lucario a stim which heals him]

[Lieutenant Magneton scurries over]

Lieutenant Magneton: "We just received word that Team Elektrum's home was raided by the hunters after their demise!"

Chris Blackwind: "damnit.....tell victor we found one of the teams and its aquaaura"

Riu Eleks: " come on you overgrown lizard...wake up

Feraligatr: but i'm still hungry...*wakes up*

Lucario: thats something you'd expect from me...

Victor Lightning: [hovers over] "No need. I could feel their presence from where we were at."

Pikachu XXV: "So could I."

Clinger the Octillery: "Ah! En! Ah! Na! {AquaAura!}"

Chris Blackwind: "listen guys i need you 2 to stay focused we just lost a team out there, so i dont need any of your frikkin Crazy bull[bleep], understand"

Riu Eleks: we still need to find the other team"

Lucario: any idea who the other team is?

Feraligatr: or what Pokémon are in it?

Victor Lightning: "The other problem is that we don't know the other team's whereabouts."

Chris Blackwind: "no but we need to find them lets go" [stands up and helps Lucario get up]

[they begin searching for the other team]

Victor Lightning: "We'll search the Opal Bayou. You go on ahead." [Team StormBlitz moves southward toward Opal Bayou]

Chris Blackwind: "come on Aura we got to find our people"

Beldum P8: "So far, nothing in the bayou. We'll continue searching."

Chris Blackwind: "see if you can find where the hunters are after we find the 3rd team we are going to hit them hard"

Beldum T6: "Wait! There they are. The hunters are dead ahead." [the Beldum Soldiers sneak up on the hunters, and Zen Headbutt them with great strength]

[Chris hammers one of the hunters and Riu stabs another after they kill them it can be noticed they were feasting on the corpses of the 3rd exploration team]

Metang LO21: "I think we've found our other team."

Chris Blackwind: "[bleep]!!!!!!"

[note we should take turns commenting to avoid editing conflicts: Me then Commander lightning and then aquaaura okay] (Wrong. I started this storyline, so I go first, then Loony Chris, and then AquaAura)(very well no argument there ill go after you go)

Chris Blackwind: "lucario are you sure you're alright, these things attacked you"

[Riu grabs the dead explorer's badges]

Victor Lightning: "Either way, we're too late. At least we managed to dispose of the ones who killed the exploration team. Now that we know the threat, we have to do everything in our power to stop them..."

Lucario: we're fine...

Lieutenant Magneton: "Good."

(Somewhere in Pineoak Woods)

[mechanical bipedal steps]

AT-PT Pilot 1: "All of these hunters are dead. Move to the east."

AT-ST Pilot 1: "Yes sir!"

AT-PT Pilot 2: "Right away!"

(Back at the marshes of Opal Bayou)

Lieutenant Magneton: "We must stop them here!"

Victor Lightning: "I agree. It's best to end the threat as soon as possible!"

Pikachu XXV: "Whatever they're up to, they must be stopped!"

Lieutenant Magneton: "Who knows where those hunters will strike next?!!"

Clinger the Octillery: "Err! Err!"

Chris Blackwind: "i know where they will strike next"

Lieutenant Magneton: "You do?!!!"

Chris Blackwind: " yup they have hit our other teams when they least expect it....someone here has to play bait"

[everyone stares at Lucario]

Lieutenant Magneton: "Lucario doesn't do much except goof off."

Riu Eleks: "its decided then Lucario your the bait"

Lucario: "what?"

Victor Lightning: "You have no choice, Lucario." [flash of light, a dark blue Rayquaza appears in his place with dark green eyes] "...Unless you want to deal with me..."

Chapter 7: fighting back

[Chris is tying Lucario to a tree]

Lucario: "Man you guys suck"

Chris Blackwind: "Quit bit[bleep] okay, if we make it through this ill buy as much food as you want."

Victor Lightning: "Good choice, Lucario." [flash of light, the same black chrome Magnezone is in his place] "It'll be at least 15 minutes before they arrive."

Chris Blackwind: "everybody take ambushing positions go, go, go"

[Team StormBlitz spreads out in several hiding locations]

[Chris hides in the shadows...with his black armor he is invisible and Riu stands on top of a tree]

Lucario: "i better get bacon for this!!!!"

Victor Lightning: ((You'll get a beating if you don't shut up!))

{the hunters hear this and come over to lucario}

Chris Blackwind: [quietly] " not yet............NOW!!!!!"

{Chris hammers one of the hunters and Riu stomps one and then slashes another}

[Beldum Soldiers attack with Signal Beams and Psybeams]

[Team StormBlitz follows up with their signature attacks]

{Riu does his signature Aura blast in combination with Chris' hammer slam these attacks kill most of the hunters]

Victor Lightning: "That last one is protected by strong armor. Well, now he shall deal with me..." [flash of light, a dark blue Rayquaza with dark green eyes, and the wings of a Giratina, as well as the wings of a Salamence, and the teeth and tongue of an Arbok; appears right before the armored hunter, while the others watch] "Guided by the Force, I shall put an end to thee! Ckehehehehahahahahahahahaaahhh!!!" [sneers and grins at the armored hunter] VL Hellish Rayquaza

Armored Hunter: "Bring it. On behalf of my race, as the leader, I shall be the one to smite you!" [lunges at Lightning, only to be blasted backwards right into a rock by a blue ray of DragonBreath]

Victor Lightning: "Did you really think you had a chance?" [glares at the hunter, then fires off with another blue ray of DragonBreath, pounding the hunter's armor]

Armored Hunter: "Aghhh..." [attempts to attack, this time, is attacked by a Hyper Beam, which is too powerful for him, and he dies completely]

Victor Lightning: [flash of light, his black chrome Magnezone form returns to view] "All too easy."

Chris Blackwind: "good work lightning"

Riu Eleks: "now can we please get out of this place"

Lucario: "ummm guys im still tied to a tree"

Victor Lightning: [telepathically snaps the ropes and frees Lucario] "Well, I don't see why we shouldn't leave. We killed them all, including their leader. So there's no reason to stick around this area."

Chris Blackwind: "yeah lets go...i rather not stay here any longer"

Victor Lightning: "We'll be heading back southwest at the crossroads."

Chris Blackwind: "yeah...but we have to come back later to give the other explorers a proper burial......."

Victor Lightning: "We already did."

Chris Blackwind: "very well then we can go now" [Begins heading southwest with Riu]

Chapter 8: Return to Treasure Town

Lieutenant Magneton: "Let's see. Spinda's Cafe, Treasure Town, the Guild. And Sunset Beach."

Pikachu XXV: "Well, I'm tired."

Victor Lightning: "I understand. It's been a long day."

Chris Blackwind: "we will be at the cafe if you need us" {Chris and Riu go to the Cafe}

[Clinger follows Chris and Riu, all the while Lieutenant Magneton and Lightning go into Treasure Town. Meanwhile, Pikachu walks up the steps and looks at the Wigglytuff Guild]

Pikachu XXV: "It's been several months since I was last here."

Riu Eleks: "wonder shake please" [gets a wonder shake]

Chris Blackwind: "man 3 whole days searching..." [falls asleep]

Clinger the Octillery: "Anh..."

[Riu passes a wonder shake to clinger]

Riu Eleks: "on the house" [drink his shake..."

Chris Blackind: " aghh i cant sleep on a wooden table" [leaves the cafe and heads for the cave beach]

[coincidentally, Pikachu is heading for Sunset Beach]

[there is a gate blocking the entrance to the cave and Chris pulls out an old key and opens it]''

(note: this was the original Knghts guild site)

[Chris heads for his old quarters]

Pikachu XXV: "I guess it's just the 2 of us for the day." [tries to walk in, but keeps bumping into the low clearance cave entrance] "Darn it. I can't get in."

Chris Blackwind : "hang on" [suddenly the gate opens much more and the interior is big enough for XXV to fit]

Pikachu XXV: "Thanks, Chris." [walks right through the gateway and into the cave]

{the interior is a building not a cave it has stuff inside it}

Chris Blackwind: "this place was made with large pokemon like yourself in mind, if you need theres a space over there you can use to sleep"

Lucario: [returns to sharpedo bluff with feraligatr] with the hunters and the being kncoked out, its been a weird day

Feraligatr: yeah...[both fall asleep]

(At Treasure Town...)

Lieutenant Magneton: "Look! There's some Gold Thorns!"

Victor Lightning: "Good call. Perhaps we can buy them from those merchants..."

(Back at Sunset Beach and Chris's old quarters)

Pikachu XXV: [turns to look at Chris] "You really had PokéMon like that in Team Knights?"

Riu Eleks: "cool they both went away now i dont have to buy them any food"

Chris Blackwind: "this place has been made WAYYYYY before you or Victor was born and i know how old Victor mind the dust please, and we had Groudon, dialga, palkya and way bigger pokemon than you back in the day"

Pikachu XXV: "Groudon, Dialga, and Palkia are actually much smaller than I am, to tell you the truth."

(At Treasure Town)

Victor Lightning: "Alright, here's 2 credits for a single Gold Thorn..." (muttering) "Cheapskate..." [Lightning and Lieutenant Magneton leave the merchant shop]

Chris Blackwind: " maybe but then this huge pokemon came and busted through the gates from that moment on i knew this......""we need a bigger gate"" so we expanded and thats why you can fit here"

Riu Eleks: " Clinger i bet i can drink more shakes than you!!!"

[Clinger glares in challenge and goes at it]

[they both begin drinking like crazy]

Clinger the Octillery: [gets dizzy and collapses]

Riu Eleks: " hahahahahahaha i win!!!!!!!" [drinks one more shake and collapses]

Pikachu XXV: "Better safe than sorry, some would say. So who was it that came in that day, Chris?"

Chris Blackwind: "cant remember....its been 35 mileniums since that and i simply decided to forget about that fool one day.....although he was babbling about something....saying about like ah...darnit i cant remember, well you get the idea"

Pikachu XXV: "You should fasten the equipment in here now."

Chris Blackwind: "all the equipment here and the archives have been taken to erathia the only things left is the blacksmith and the quarters of everyone who served here"

Pikachu XXV: "Then hold onto something." [takes a deep breath, and blows the dust away with a storm-force gust of breath]

Riu Eleks: [getting up] "hah i win in your face clinger"

[Clinger looks at the viewers, snickers, and fires an Octazooka shot and Gunk Shot into Riu's mouth]

[Riu Evades this]

Riu Eleks: "dont go seeking any unwanted trouble Cling"

Clinger the Octillery: [snickers]

Pikachu XXV: "There we go. The place is cleared of dust."

Chris Blackwind: "good job pikachu"

[Pikachu winks with a smile]

Pikachu XXV: "Thanks, Chris."

Victor Lightning: "Chris! Pikachu! Can you believe this?!!!" [enters the quarters] "They charged 200000 for a single Gold Thorn! It's a complete ripoff!"

[throws a nova at victor]

Chris Blackwind: is that enough to cover your expenses"

Victor Lightning: "A Kecleon Merchant was raising the prices on everything! A random merchant from Happy Outlook."

Chris Blackwind: "and this is important to me and everyone else how?"

Victor Lightning: "Extortion is a very serious crime, sir. And that Kecleon is red, but that's another story."

Chris Blackwind: "then you have my permission to hurt his feelings in german but before that you can go sleep a while at the quarters [points toward the quarters]

[moderate tremor] [Pikachu falls asleep on the bed]

Victor Lightning: "Well, I don't go to sleep, to tell you the truth, but Pikachu does." [heads to Treasure Town and starts screaming and swearing at the extortionist merchant in German]

Chris Blackwind: "yeah right, and our the one who collapsed and fell asleep when hunters came"

Victor Lightning: [continues screaming at the extortionist] "Und wenn Sie jene Scheiße wieder ziehen, werde ich Sie töten!!!"

Chris Blackwind: "like that does anything"

[Beldum Soldiers arrive and arrest the extortionist]

Victor Lightning: ((No, but that does.))

Riu Eleks : "huh whats going on....i heard someone swear in german!!"

Clinger the Octillery: "Enh?"

Riu Eleks: "wait that was problably victor" [resumes ddrinking some shakes]

Clinger the Octillery: "Bleh." [shrugs and taps on the table with rhythm]

{Riu joins the rhythm}

[Lightning heads to Bunker 24F]

Pikachu XXV: ...... [wakes up, yawning]

Chris Blackwind: "just so you know Victor went to the Bunker"

Pikachu XXV: "I know... ...but how did you know?"

Chris Blackwind: " i have my OWN methods"

[Pikachu gets off the bed, and begins to walk out, but trips over a wire and falls forward onto the floor]

(At Bunker 24F)

Victor Lightning: "And that's the plan for today, soldiers."

Beldum OO90: "Yes sir!"

(At Chris's old quarters)

[Riu gets knocked out of the seat due to the tremor of XXV falling]

Chris Blackwind: " uh you okay there, pikachu?"

[Pikachu is now wide awake from the fall]

Pikachu XXV: "Just a little shaken."

Chris Blackwind: "alright then, carry on"

Pikachu XXV: "Okay!" [salutes and marches out, the tremors are louder]

(At Bunker 24F)

Victor Lightning: "What happened to the thug?!!!"

Beldum A9: "He got away!"

Victor Lightning: [pounds fist on table] "Find him!"

Beldum A9: "Yes sir!"

Riu Eleks: [bumps into the extortionist] "hey there why in the hurry?"

[the extortionist Kecleon Merchant says nothing as the Beldum Soldiers haul him off to the local prison]

Riu Eleks: "oooooooooookayyyyyyyyyyyy" [goes into the beach cave]

Victor Lightning: "Excellent, now take the criminal and bring him to me." [an elderly Armaldo, the notorious outlaw, is cuffed and taken to the Bunker instead of the Guild]

[inside the cave Riu goes to his quarters to sleep]

The Trash Compactor

Beldum G0: "Here's the criminal, your Excellency!"

Wanderer B-rank Outlaw Armaldo: "What do you want?"

Victor Lightning: [back remains turned] "Glad you asked, criminal. I was going to dispose of you, but we have other plans. Do you happen to remember your old "apprentice"? He's now the Guildmaster."

Wanderer B-rank Outlaw Armaldo: ......

Victor Lightning: "I'd be willing to have Officer Magnezone clear your name, for a little exchange."

Wanderer B-rank Outlaw Armaldo: "You mean...?"

Victor Lightning: "Your freedom, in return for the Guildmaster's arrest."

Wanderer B-rank Outlaw Armaldo: "What?!! Never! He showed me alot of respect, and we went on more adventures like never before in my life, and he renewed my spirit."

Victor Lightning: "Maybe so, but he cost you the rest of your life by bringing you out of hiding, and eventually Magnezone found you. What was the point of listening to that buffoonish pink moron?! Your whole life was wasted away in prison because of him!!! He was your undoing!"

Wanderer B-rank Outlaw Armaldo: "Are you trying to tell me that he was the reason I was caught?"

Victor Lightning: "Look at it this way. If we work together, we can reverse this. I'll arrange for Magnezone to declare your innocence, as long as you agree to have the Guildmaster arrested. He was in a way, an outlaw. So we can frame him. Just trust me."

Wanderer B-rank Outlaw Armaldo: ............"You're right. What was I thinking?!!! When I see him, I'll crush his bones!"

Victor Lightning: "Patience. By bringing the Guildmaster to prison, we'll both have our revenge."

Wanderer B-rank Outlaw Armaldo: "Oh, we shall!"

Victor Lightning: "CkehahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!" Wanderer B-rank Outlaw Armaldo: "Hahahahhhh..."

Chris Blackwind: [at the guild] "hey wiggly"

Wigglytuff: "hi and what are you doing here Chris"

Chris Blackwind: "eh just wanted to tell you that your old master lost it and joined Victor and Victor want to arrest and problably kill you so uh yeah be careful and i already talked to magnezone"

Victor Lightning: ((He lies! I never intended to kill you! Just a little exchange. What do you say, Guildmaster? Do you wish to see your old master again?))

[Chris nods at wigglytuff]

Wigglytuff (( NEVAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ))

Victor Lightning: ((Feh. Thanks alot, Chris. Guildmaster, if you don't agree, I will have him sent back to prison...))

[Chris nods at wigglytuff again]

Wigglytuff ((okay send him to prison ))

Victor Lightning: ((So be it. You do know I only did this because you stole 90% of the rewards we received after every mission, rewards that we alone deserved. You didn't work for those rewards, yet you get almost all of them. You're always taking rewards away from exploration teams. You should be ashamed of yourself!!!))

Wigglytuff (( i don't care i already have the money so bye-bye ))

Victor Lightning: ((Chris, I can't thank you enough for revealing Wigglytuff's true nature.))

Chris Blackwind: (( hehehe your welcome ))

Victor Lightning: "Magnezone, here's the outlaw that escaped."

Officer Magnezone: "We appreciate your support." [apprehends Armaldo, who winks at Lightning]

Victor Lightning: [winks back] (((Hmm... I guess I'll have to take care of this myself...))) (triple parentheses cannot be heard by anyone except for the one thinking)

(Later that night)

[Lieutenant Magneton's officers, who look like Magnezone's police, arrive in the Guild's lower floors]

Sergeant Magnemite: "We apprehended Armaldo, and we're taking him to prison."

[Chris is at his quarters looking at a picture while Riu is still sleeping at his quarters]

[after a session of talking between Sergeant Magnemite and Guildmaster Wigglytuff, Magnemite finally reveals the intentions of him and his officers]

Sergeant Magnemite: "In the name of the Magnezone Police Force..." [magnets glow] "'re under arrest, Guildmaster!" [the lights in the Guild shut off, and following the incident is the Guildmaster, cuffed by Sergeant Magnemite and being escorted out]

Riu Eleks: "what the" [runs out and sees wigglytuff] [burts out laughing] "that SOB finally got his"

Guildmaster Wigglytuff: "But officers, I didn't do anything wrong!"

Sergeant Magnemite: "Let's see... ...Extortion, aiding and abetting a B-rank outlaw in the past, theft. I'd say you fit the criminal profile to a T." [they take Wigglytuff away to the local prison]

[Riu goes back inside laughing and returns to sleep]

[Lieutenant Magneton follows Riu inside, laughing]

[Riu then stops laughing and looks at magneton........then they both resume laughing together]

[Chris is polishing an ancient badge its rank is unkown but it is higher than any master rank]

Lieutenant Magneton: [laughing] "Boss Hogg finally got his, eh?"

Riu Eleks: "hahaha he aint getting his perfect apples now is he" [laughs]

(At the Local Prison)

Guildmaster Wigglytuff: "This apple tastes like cardboard!"

Jailer: "It is cardboard, you overblown buffoon!"

(Back with Riu and Magneton)

Lieutenant Magneton: [continues laughing, and then collapses from the crazy laughter]

[Riu falls on the floor going ROFL]

[Chris is now shining the badge]

Victor Lightning: "Is that some kind of badge, Chris?"

Chris Blackwind: "yup....its even a higher rank than you."

Victor Lightning: "Higher than the 3* Secret Rank?"

Chris Blackwind: "yup....right now my team and a few other are the only ones to unlock this rank...."

Victor Lightning: "Impressive... ...Most impressive..."

Chris Blackwind: " i would tell you the name....but im not allowed to tell anyone that is not this rank, about this rank"

Victor Lightning: "Says who?"

Chris Blackwind: "says the feds" [resumes shining the badge]

Victor Lightning: "You mean Officer Magnezone?"

Chris Blakwind: "no no no no.....the exploration federation"

Victor Lightning: "I'm acquainted with the Exploration Federation, you know."

Chris Blackwind: "yup i know that......but i think they woudnt mind me telling will problably end up as one some day......[shows badge] the rank is "Spectre Rank" by being this rank i can do whatever i want, because WE are above the law.....Right now im an Omega spectre, the highest and most powerful Spectre rank there is....." (mass effect reference)

Deep Sealed Ruins

Victor Lightning: [moves a space backward] "Above the law? That's dangerous!"

Chris Blackwind: "yup but you can calm down.....i never overdo it....unlike the others...."

Victor Lightning: "Good to hear that. Because with great power comes great responsibility.

Chapter 9: The Spectres

Chris Blackwind: " as a spectre i may do whatever i want even for no good reason....i could walk to treasure town and gun everyone down and walk away...... luckily i don't become mad with power even though i am an Omega.....but most other spectres become outlaws and cannot be punished or anything....when that happens the same spectres are the ones to deliver justice......because of this there are only around 3 other spectre teams.....and My team is the only im the highest one here"

Victor Lightning: "This is getting ridiculous. How could they allow someone to gun down anyone for no apparent reason? And in my own galaxy, no less?"

Chris Blackwind: "as i said we are above the law...... and im the only one these days that can promote other teams to spectre.....not the federation.."

{Riu and Magneton are watching wigglytuff on the monitor}

Guildmaster Wigglytuff: "Why is this apple so hard?!!!"

Jailer: " a wax apple you lumbering idiot"

{Riu and magneton simply burst out laughing}

Lieutenant Magneton: "Such genius on television these days. This could be a sitcom."

Guildmaster Wigglytuff: "It's much more difficult to keep up with the standards here."

Victor Lightning: "Then, boy, does your life suck." [adds a laugh track on the television]

Chris Blackwind: [his badge begins beeping] "oh crap"

[Riu's badge starts beeping and he stops laughing and goes to Chris]

Victor Lightning: "Just when we were getting to the best part, a Blast Seed disguised as an Apple. I guarantee that'll give him heartburn for weeks."

Chris Blackwind: "come with me" [grabs Victor and drags outside and also shoots the TV camera]

Riu Eleks: "You too" [grabs Magneton and drags him outside and shoots the apple with the blast seed] "dont eat that"

Victor Lightning: "This deal is getting worse and worse. Now they're destroying everything..."

Chris Blackwind: "we have a problem and the wigglytuff thing is going to have to wait"

Victor Lightning: "Let me guess. There's some kind of conflict arising again, right?"

Chris Blackwind: "worse....keep guessing"

Victor Lightning: "I'm not playing 20 Questions, just tell me what's going on."

Chris Blackwind: "another spectre team is killing some Civies......we have to stop them"

Victor Lightning: "My thoughts exactly!"

Lieutenant Magneton: "We should hurry!"

Chris Blackwind: "and guess where they are at" [suddenly a part in treasure town EXPLODES!!!!!!!!] "lets go [Runs toward Treasure town]

Victor Lightning: (((Why must I have to deal with foes that rival my potential...))) [climbs in an AT-PT and heads to Treasure Town]

{the spectre is seen killing his own partner and then resumes killing the other townfolk]

Chris Blackwind: "stand down!!!"

Spectre-1: [while chocking lucario] "i knew you would come for me" [throws lucario to the side]

Victor Lightning: "I don't think so, Spectres!" [rapid-fire lasers]

[the spectre dodges this and plants explosive on the AT-PT and destroys it]

[the AT-PT lags to the ground, and collapses]

Victor Lightning: "Slime!"

[the spectre aims its automag at Victors face but then gets tackled by Chris]

Victor Lightning: "What was the Exploration Federation thinking when they allowed that rank to be implemented?!!!"

Chris Blackwind: "stop bit[bleep] and get up" [helps Victor get up]

Spectre-1: "well now i dint expect for Chris to personally come and stop me..... but you will just end up like my partner"

Victor Lightning: "Spectres, you may be out of reach of the police, but you can't go unpunished when you face us! There will always be justice to stop you!" [activates 2 lightsabers and attacks Spectre-1]

[the spectre grabs lightnings arm and dislocates it he then grabs the other lightsaber and slashes lightning with it]

[Lieutenant Magneton rams Spectre-1 into the ground, as Lightning stands back up]

[spectre-1 gets up and activates the lightsaber again Chris grabs one of lightnings saber and it becomes a duel btween him and spectre-1]

Victor Lightning: "Note to self, construct new lightsaber for Chris Blackwind..."

[they are still dueling and then Chris grabs spectres-1 arm disarms him he then puts the lightsaber pointed at his throat]

Chris Blackwind: "surrender"

Victor Lightning: "Finish him."

[Spectre-1 points his gun at lightning and Chris cuts spectres hand off then spectre-1 makes a break for it]

Victor Lightning: "Not so fast!!!" [stuns Spectre-1 with Force Lightning]

[spectre-1 absorbs the lightning and sends it back at lightning....he escapes]

Victor Lightning: "You never said anything about Spectre-1 being able to deflect Force Lightning!"

Chis Blackwind: "and how exactly am i supposed to know that he is able to do that" [throws lightsaber at lightning]

Victor Lightning: "Because you know about Spectre-1 more than I do."

Chris Blackwind: "i know about his background but im not force sensitive so i cant prove if he is frikkin sensitive too" "besides he is a raichu"

(Force Lightning isn't really electricity.)

Victor Lightning: "Well, I'll explain to the Federation about ousting Spectre-rank promotions entirely."

Chris Blackwind: "they wont help....after they saw what they did ,they now ignore all spectres....we are still above the law but we dont answer to anyone else , except the Spectre omega"

Victor Lightning: "We can fix that. They'll just be outlaws within the law's reach, only dangerous."

Chris Blackwind: "no matter what you do we will still be above the law.... [reloads his revolver]

???: "Get back here you Rat!"

[Solar comes dashing by, Holding an unknown treasure on his back.]

Solar: "Hey Victor."

[Solar is soon followed by Team BlastWave. Then Team Charm.]

Victor Lightning: "Solar, it's good to see you again."

[the P.O.W. Jet soars through the skies. It's Dr. Clamp and Panthera Noir, his pet Skitty]

Dr. Clamp: "There they are. Let's set down, eh, Panthera Noir?"

Panthera Noir: [screeching laugh]

[Solar takes off like a bullet from his pistol.]

Victor Lightning: "SOLAR, COME BACK HERE!!!"

[Chris and Riu simply ignore them and leave following spectre-1]

[He was actually being chased by Gardevoir and Medicham from Team Charm, he probably took their (Or so they claim) treasure.]

Victor Lightning: [deploys 5 Probe Droids that pursue Gardevoir and Medicham]

Spectre-1: damnit my hand [enters his lair and puts on a mechanical hand]

[TIEs fly over the town and disappear into the sky]

Spectre-1: "damnit i dint expect for Chris to come personally to kick my butt"

Chris Blackwind: "so Victor........when am i getting my Lightsaber"

Victor Lightning: "I've provided you with the necessary materials: Iron, Titanium, Aluminum, and an assortment of lightsaber crystals, except for the Kaiburr crystal. Now, could I have my lightsabers back?"

Chris Blackwind: "sure" [gives the lightsaber to lightning]

Victor Lightning: [picks up the other lightsaber stolen from him] "Now, think about the design of the lightsaber you would prefer, and the crystal of your choice."

Chris Blackwind: "i want to keep it simple, not overdo it or anything and im going with a green Crystal" [takes the material to his quarters and begins constructing a lightsaber]

Chapter 10: The Shadow of an Apprentice

[doors slide open] mechanical breathing

Chris Blackwind: "um.....Can i help you?"

???: [mechanical breathing] "I'm here to see my master."

Chris Blackwind: "the Vader impersonation is uncool and Victor is over there, now leave me be im constructing a Lightsaber"

Dark Meta Knight: [mechanical breathing] "Impudence of others." [heads the other way]

Victor Lightning: "Welcome back to Origin, my apprentice."

Dark Meta Knight: [mechanical breathing] "Thank you, master."

Chris Blackwind: "i heard that Vader!!!!!" [resumes construction of the lightsaber]

Victor Lightning: "Come inside, Dark Meta Knight. We have a matter to discuss."

Dark Meta Knight: [mechanical breathing] "On my way." [follows Lightning into the bunker]

Riu Eleks: [enters Chris's quarters] "what up with the Vader wannabe"

Chris Blackwind: " Visiting the Emperor ......anyways"


Medicham: "Look a Chest! It's ours' for the taking!"

Gardevoir: "But what's inside?"

[They open the chest and Solar pops out, scaring them!]

Solar: "GRAH!"

Team Charm: "AAAAH!"

[Solar grabs the treasure and jumps off their heads, one-by-one. Then running off with it, the treasure appears to be a sheathed sword.]

???: "Did you three really get scared by that?"

Lopunny: "Huh?"

[They all look to the right, finding Lunar taking a sip of coffee.]

Lunar: "Did you really fall for such a flat-out trick?"

Lopunny: "It was a Rotten Trick!" 3:<

Lunar: .....

[They are all suddenly hit by a Darkness Appeal.]

Team Charm: "Oooooh, So Dreamy..~"

[Lunar then walks off, waving.]

Team Charm: "Bye...."

(Back with Lightning and the others)

Riu Eleks: "uh Chris....whats wrong"

Chris Blackwind: "i dont know.....but i had a feeling that something stuppid happened somewhere else, anyways" [resumes construction of the Saber]

Victor Lightning: "Listen closely. There are Spectre-rank explorers causing mayhem around here. Your task is this: Kill any Spectre explorers on sight."

Dark Meta Knight: "Yes, master."

Riu Eleks: [watching Wigglytuff on TV] "....pfffff BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA"

Chris Blackwind: "first the spectre then the vader wannabe and now this jeez i cant build a lightsaber in peace....."

Jailer: "Alright. Time's up!" [smacks Wigglytuff]

Guildmaster Wigglytuff: "Ow!"

Jailer: "Now get out of here!"

Lieutenant Magneton: [bursts out laughing]

Riu Eleks: [laughs uncontrollably] " MY new favorite show" [keeps laughing]

Victor Lightning: "First thing's first. We must find out where Spectre-1 is hiding..."

Chris Blackwind: " Haha done [gets shot in the back] augh"

Spectre-1: "never let your guard down" [Shots him again and Chris falls on the floor]

Dark Meta Knight: "You should not have come back, Spectre!" [brandishes the similarly named Spectre blade, and attacks Spectre-1]

Spectre-1: "im not here for you, Yet" [Sidesteps then Warps away]

Dark Meta Knight: "You cannot hide from me forever." [leaves]

Chris Blackwind: "[sacastically] yeah im fine and thanks for helping me up" [Gets Back up]

Dark Meta Knight: "Spectre-1 has escaped again, my master."

Victor Lightning: "Don't let him get away next time."

Dark Meta Knight: "Yes, master."

Chris Blackwind: "jeez i get shot in the back then help comes and leaves without checking that im okay...." [activates the Lightsaver] "i made some modifications to it hehehe"

[a Staryu and Starmie head through and see Chris, but they keep moving along, no one knows their names yet]

[Suddenly, Spectre-1 is hit by a Slash that distorts the dimension slightly!]

Victor Lightning: "Let's get going, apprentice." [picks up lightsaber, then suddenly falls into a Dimensional Scream] "What the..." [snaps out of the Dimensional Scream shortly] "I think I saw something... ...I'm not sure what it was..."

Chapter 11: Dimensional Scream Returns

Lieutenant Magneton: "Is that what I thought you were in?"

Victor Lightning: "Yes. It was the Dimensional Scream. Didn't have any of those in a while. Not since during that past exploration in Aegis Cave. I thought Regigigas had drained that ability away, but I was wrong. He was merely storing it up to now, when I needed it again."

Pikachu XXV: "Depriving you of that ability until disaster revisited us? That's just cruel..."

Victor Lightning: "I know..."

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