Your Pokémon all wake up and find themselves awaken in cages and being transported via helicopter, all they remember beforehand is that they were encountered by some Pokémon Poachers and either tried to flee and got captured or were stolen from their masters. They may have resisted, but it was eventually futile. Now they are all trapped in these cages and are being shipped to someplace unknown. How will they escape? Will they give into the poachers or will they somehow either free themselves or return to their trainers?


  • Jaredthefox92 (Host)
  • Garydeansonic


  • Scylla the Weavile (Captured, Jaredthefox92)
  • Pokémon Poachers (Antagonists, played by Jaredthefox92)
  • charcoal the charmander ( captured, Garydeansonic)


  1. Everyone starts off with their Pokémon, they may have trainers looking to search for them, be Pokémon FC's, or perhaps rogue ones. However the start takes place on a helicopter and you must play the role of your Pokémon. Trainers would come in later.
  2. Standard roleplay Etiquette applies. (No auto-hitting,power-played, godmodding, etc.)
  3. No Legendary or mega evolved forms. Your Pokémon can be rare, but it would still be capable of being caught with relative ease.
  4. Pokémon may only speak to themselves and others who speak Pokémon, when interacting with humans they must talk like they do towards normal humans.
  5. This is not a requirement, but it would be useful to show Jaredthefox92 your characters via reference on the comment section.
  6. Your characters are trapped in reinforced, insulated, and thermal-proof cages. More than likely they won't be able to bust out of them by themselves and thus teamwork will be required.

Act One: On the Flying Machine

It was rather dark and yet the entire room that they were all held in was moving and shaking. The bizarre hum of the metal blades outside was heard through the faintly lit cargo bay of the craft. Every so often the cages themselves would jitter and shake as they held entire groups of Pokémon who have been caught by the vile poachers.Every so often the cages would clang and this would awaken any slumbering Pokémon that have been captured, everyone was bunched in together via types and certain types such as electric and water were separated from each other's cages. All in all it was a miserable sight and quiet depressing as the cruelty of greedy humans taking Pokémon away from their natural habitats, their trainers and loved ones, and against their will all for the sake of profit.

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