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This is the second RP of my first saga. It displays Shinx's true capabilities of combat, survival, and leadership. Although Tyke Sparks has not been hatched, Shinx must protect his brother with all his might; and all his might he shall use...

Location: Inside the Wall, Chinou City, Planet Kin'shua


Energy Alley
Inside the Wall, a hallway known as the Energy Alley. Here, Constructors, Sentinels, and Sentinel Majors guard the mysterious current that runs throughout the entire wall.


1. Shinx Sparks

2. Tyke Sparks

3. Monitor 293

- Sentinel Major

- Sentinel Minor

- Constructors

- Enforcers

4. The Flood

- Infection Forms

- Stalker Forms

- Ranged Forms

- Tank Forms

- Thrasher Forms

- Juggernaut (aka the beast)

Chapter One: The Shatter of the Antecesdent

[The Infection forms leap at Shinx all at once, opening their "mouths"]

[Shinx's sword charges with electricity, he slams it on the ground with great force, sending several waves of shockwaves. Upon impact, the Infection Forms explode from the electricity. The sword calms, Shinx pulls it hastily out, equips it on his back. He looks at the green-blood stained floor around him]

Shinx: "...what kind of atrocity is this?" [Looks at the chrome-container, containing the other egg] "..."

- Meanwhile -

[A Sentinel Minor falls and explodes, several Sentinel Majors fire at several Stalker Forms and Ranged Forms on the wall. The Stalker Forms emit fluids, and transform into the Ranged Forms. The wall covered with Ranged Forms fire spikes at the Sentinels, which fall one by one]

293: [Observing this on the monitor] "Send in the Enforcers!"

[As the last Sentinel falls, bombardments from above scatter and destroy most of the Ranged Forms. 3 Enforcers descend from the ceiling, firing the bombs constantly]

[The surviving Range Forms transform back into Stalker Forms, and scuttle off into the piping systems]

293: "..." [Turns around, to 29-3A (A Sentinel Minor)] "I want you to check on Shinx Sparks, aid 30-M if he needs assistance"

[The Sentinel beeps, flies off]

293: [Turns back to the monitors, only to find them deactivated] "Oh dear...they've shut down the power..."

[All around the Wall, every light and functioning system shuts down]

- Meanwhile -

[Shinx sits on a cliff edge, watching over the artificial jungle, holding the egg. The lights shut off above him, sound effects turn off. All Shinx can see is the dim glow of the entrance on the other side of the room]

Shinx: "...this's fake?!" [He looks at the egg] "Don't worry're still safe in my arms"

[A small rock rolls towards Shinx, who draws his blade. He looks into the cave behind him, a red eye stares back at hiim]

Shinx: "Who are you? Show yourself!"

[The eye remains afloat]

Shinx: "...I will kill you if you do not-"

[The "eye" fires a beam, which kills off a Stalker Form which was sneaking up on Shinx. It falls off the cliff, a light thump when it reaches the bottom. The Sentinel Major appears in front of Shinx, "glaring" at him with its eye]

[Shinx withdraws his sword, looks the distant door]

Shinx: " did not tell me that this place was artifical...then again..." [Looks at the Major] "You cannot speak"

[30-M beeps affirmitively]

Shinx: "..." [Looks at the cave] "Is there a way out of here? Asides from the entrance?"

[The Sentinel Major flies off, a Sentinel Minor comes out of hiding and follows. Shinx looks down at the jungle, then runs after them]

Chapter Two: Rage of the Undead

[293 watches Shinx run into to the cave]

293: "..." [Looks down, many Flood Infection Forms scuttle towards the cave, making squishy-plastic sounds as they scuttle] "The Makers wanted them to die...I shall fulfill their wish" [293's "eye" turns red, he fires a huge beam at large crowd of Infection Forms, they are engulfed in the light, disappearing once it settles. 293 floats in pursuit, eliminating any Flood form he sees]

[A huge creature lands on 293, cracking his eye. The creature picks up 293 with one tentacle, and hurls him at a Symbu Tree, knocking the tree over. Before impact, 293 covers his eye and himself in a Protium based-cover up. His glow disappears, and he lies motionless on the ground. The creature looks at 293, then stomps off into the darkness. Thousands of Infection forms follow, covering up 293 as they scuttle over him]

- Meanwhile -

[Shinx ventures down the darkness, 30-M floats in front of him, lighting the way as they advance forward. 29-3A guards Shinx from behind. The egg moves in his arm]

Shinx: "...he's going to hatch soon...we have to move"

[30-M halts, Shinx stops along with 29-3A]

Shinx: "What is wrong?"

[30-M stares into the darkness, a Stalker Form approaches them, transforming]

Shinx: "That thing? Again?"

[29-3A remains behind Shinx, in attack mode]

[The Stalker grows larger and larger until it turns into a Tank Form, it roars in attack, then slowly limps forward to 30-M]

[30-M fires it's blue beam, backing off as the beast advances. The Tank then charges, knocking 30-M into the wall (whom explodes) and heads for Shinx. Shinx draws his blade with his free hand, and stabs the monster right in the "eye" (bunched up tentacles), it stops moving, Shinx slashes the monster in half. The remains fall flat on the ground, Shinx equips his sword on his back. He turns to 29-3A, who is still in attack mode]

Shinx: "We must keep moving"

[The Sentinel Minor closes up]

[Shinx advances forward, the Sentinel following behind. They keep travelling until they reach the piping system. In front of Shinx is a hatch]

Shinx: "...let's go" [He goes on the hatch, puts two hands on the egg]

[The hatch opens, Shinx falls, lands on two feet. He looks up as the Sentinel Minor descends from the closing hatch]

Shinx: [Looks around, sees a deep abyss in front of him. He looks behind him, and sees two open rooms, filled with Enforcer parts and green-blood] "...this place is quiet..."

[He walks towards one of the rooms, then he hears a shriek. He turns around, only to find a Thrasher Form tearing up 29-3A apart. He hides behind the wall, the Thrasher form approaches his location slowly. Shinx looks at the side of the Thrasher as it enters the room, which stares straight ahead. It turns around and begins to leave. The egg in Shinx's hand cracks, the Thrasher halts]

Shinx: ((Darn it it's going to find me...)) [He puts his hand on his sword, a sweatdrop rolls down his forehead]

[The Thrasher roars, charges directly at Shinx, whom came out of hiding. Shinx evades its charge, and stabs it in the back. He pulls out the sword as the beast screams, the wound regenerates, Shinx hesitates in surprise]

Shinx: "The beast does not fall by my blade..." [Evades another charge, eyeing it with no fear] "...there must be another way..." [Shinx looks at the remains of 29-3A, he runs to it, grabs the Sentinel Beam with one hand, aims it at the beast as it charges closer and closer. He fires, the beast's upper body is blown off. It drops on its knees, then falls "face first" into the metallic floor]

[Shinx pants]

Shinx: "...that...was too close..." [Looks at the egg, there's a crackline across it's surface] " not hatch just yet...not during this dark time..." [He walks into the other room, heads for the second part of the abyss]

[Behind him, the creature eyes him silently. It hops down, with no noise on impact, then follows Shinx]

Chapter 3: Failure at the hands of a brother

[Shinx peers around the corner, sees the abyss once again. He hops on to the platform, walks to a pillar-like object. All the sudden, he hears a loud roar. He turns around, only to be whacked against the pillar with great force. The creature advances to Shinx with quick pace. The pillar lifts up, steam emitting from the hole it has opened. Shinx falls through, letting go of the egg]

Shinx: "NOOO!!!!" [He lands on his back, the egg rolls away from the pillar towards the beast. The pillar begins to close, Shinx grips his sword and attempts to jump back up, but the pillar closes up before he could reach the edge] "" [He kicks the pillar HARD] "DAMMIT! DAMMIT ALL!!!"

[He stops kicking, looks down, teardrop]

Shinx: [Sulks, leans his head against the pillar]

[Outside, the egg hatches, a shiny baby Shinx cries as the beast reaches for him. It is blasted by spikes from several Enforcers, who advance forward against the monster. The monster roars in aggression, runs off. Two Enforcers chase after it, one Enforcer gently carries Tyke, puts him in its square container. Tyke looks around, confused inside the Enforcer, which flies off]

- Meanwhile -

[Shinx walks into a room, he eyes on the strange current that's running across the long hallway ahead]

Shinx: "" [He looks down, teardrop] "I-I'm sorry..."

[His ear twitches, he turns around. millions of floating shadows appear, he draws his sword]

Shinx: "...I will avenge you...Tyke..." [Advances forward]

[One of the shadows floats to Shinx, a blue, cracked eye shines]

293: "Shinx Sparks, is that you?"

Shinx: [Calms down] "...hello again..."

293: [Menihical laugh] "I presumed you were dead, looks like I am mistakened. Where is 30-M, 29-3A, and the egg?" [Looking around anxiously, then floats back to Shinx]

Shinx: [Clenches his fist, looks down, eyes are not seen] "They're dead..."

293: " not fret, we'll build more guards once this trouble has-"

Shinx: [Looks up at him, glaring] "They're ALL dead..." [Clenching his teeth]

293: [Backs off a little, then floats back] "...I'm very sorry about your loss..., I just hoped I have been there sooner..."

Shinx: [His expression calms, looks down, eyes shut] "'s not your's mine. I failed to protect my brother..." [Shuddering] "I-I failed to protect him...I..."

293: "Shinx..." [Shinx looks up at him] "Even though it has been days...I assure a temporary father, I know Tyke is alive"

Shinx: "How do you know? He's been seems like forever..."

293: [Emits a small pulse] "He's safe Shinx, don't worry. For now I want you to remain here with the Sentinels, they will protect you from the Flood" [Begins to float away]

Shinx: [Looks at him] "And what about you?"

293: [Flying into the darkness, humming to himself]

Shinx: "..." [Looks at the Sentinels that swarm above him, complete each task they were assigned to do] "...what is my role? What...can I do...for this universe...?" [He looks at the current] "I have done nothing more...than failed to protect my brother...if I really am one of my people...then why am I different?" [Looks at his hands] "Why did"

Chapter 4: The Shard

[The Enforcer carrying Tyke flies away from the Wall, flying towards the ruins of Chinou. It hovers over an abandoned building filled with Sentinel Minors. Constructors fly overhead of the Enforcer. The Enforcer opens up its "head", Tyke, confused and scratching the walls of the small compartment, is gently carried off by the Constructors. They set him down, and sprays a mist of water on Tyke. Tyke coughs. The Constructors then scan him with a blue beam, then they place him in a metallic square bed. The bed is magnetically levitated off the ground. Sentinels then approach the front of the bed, face the other way, and begins to fly off. The bed follows alongside them]

[The Sentinels emit a constant small pulse, all other Sentinels respond and follow]

[Tyke looks blankly at the clouded sky above him, then paws at the wall on the right side of him playfully]

- Later -

[Tyke is placed down in an artificial island. The metallic pillars tower over him as he stares at the blue beam it is emitting at the sky]

[One Sentinel Major looms over Tyke, and opens up into attack mode. It uses it's "arms" to gently pick up Tyke, and carries it off into the entrance of the island. Two Enforcers guard the Entrance, as millions of Constructors enter through a small pipe on one of the pillars]

[Tyke is placed in a room, the Sentinel Major's "eye" glows blue as the only exit locks on them]

[Tyke begins to crawl around the small room, unaware of the Major whom is eyeing him with caution]

[He picks up a shard of some sort, engraved with strange symbols. Tyke then swallows the shard, and begins to cough]

[The Major is unmoved]

[Tyke tears as he coughs harder, falls flat on the floor. Not another sound emits from him]

[The Major leaves through the exit without a sound, which closes and locks again]

- Meanwhile -

Shinx: [Hesitates, clenches his head] "Why do I"

[A small Sentinel Minor floats in front of Shinx, looking at him as if concerned]

Shinx: [Looks up at it] "I'm fine, leave me be..."

[The Sentinel Minor continues to look at him]

Shinx: [Lowers his hand] "You're quite smaller than the other machines, perhaps you are a new model?"

S-10: [The Sentinel replies in a surprisingly normal voice] "No, I am not"

[Shinx backs off]

Shinx: [Surprised] "You SPEAK?"

[S-10 nods]

S-10: "I was sent here by Major 23-43-L, he would like to inform you that Tyke Sparks is dead"

[Shinx looks down]

Shinx: "I...I knew it would come to this...I was..." [Looks up at the Sentinel, teardrop] "I w-was too late..."

S-10: "...if you wish to know...he died by an accidental choking, he swallowed a shard, the Major found him dead in a containment room-"

Shinx: [Concerned all the sudden] "What was he doing in a containment room? I thought the beast had killed of my brother"

S-10: [Looks around, as if worried] "I...uh...I..." [Floats away]

Shinx: "..." [Sits down on a "bench"] "...they were traitors the whole time...why did-no, I need to stop this, I must move on foward. For my brother. For my people" [He walks away and disappears in the blackness of the Energy Hallway. Not far behind, something is watching him]

Chapter 5: Avenger of the dead

[Shinx looks up at the current that flows overhead him, continues walking down the long hallway that leads to the next energy room]

[Monitor 293 approaches him from the shadows]

293: "Ah, Shinx Sparks, funny I would have find you wandering around"

[Shinx continues walking without a word]

293: "I regret to inform you about Tyke Sparks's loss, he will be dearly missed"

[Shinx grabs the Monitor, glares at him]

Shinx: "You and I both know that death was planned by you" [Pushes him away, the Monitor regains levitation, shakes his head] "Why did you kill him? only brother...YOU WILL PAY FOR HIS DEATH!" [Grips his sword]

[The Monitor shocks Shinx with his lightning beam, Shinx is paralyzed]

293: "Ah ah ah, do not be rash. You're still my specimen, and I will gladly eliminate you if you attack me" [Floats around the paralyzed Shinx] "Such a loss is not my bidding" [Laughs menihically, faces him, two Sentinel Minors arise from the depths of the darkness] "You will surely be an interesting lab rat for my experiments, but alas" [Shakes his head, backs off] "Tsk tsk tsk, you're too hostile to experiment on" [He looks at the two Sentinels, then at Shinx, whom is released from the paralysis and clenches is shoulder in pain]

Shinx: "Ggh..." [Looks at 293] ""

293: "Save his head, dispose of the rest" [Is engulfed in a golden ring-cylinder teleport, disappears]

[The Sentinels' eyes turns red, they blast Shinx with a blue beam. Shinx falls, screaming in pain]

[All the sudden one Sentinel is whacked far away, the other is grabbed and dragged into the darkness, an explosion illuminates the assassin that killed it]

[The same beast approaches Shinx slowly, whom attempts to get up. He struggles to grip his sword, then draws it, stomach burned to a crisp]

Shinx: "B-bring it...ggh..." [Holding the sword with one hand]

[The beast waves its arms wildly, then charges at Shinx, readying for a strike]

Chapter 6: Battle for survival

[Shinx evades the beast's charge, but the beast whacks Shinx into a wall, his sword drops into the abyss below him]

[Shinx gets up, glaring at the monster with clenched teeth]

[The beast lunges at Shinx, grabs him with one tentacle around, and slams him to the ground. Shinx is propelled into the air after impact, and the monster whacks Shinx, sending him spinning into an energy container]

Shinx: "Ggh..." [Struggles to stand, the beast runs around the obstacles on the way, heading straight for Shinx]

[Shinx looks at the remains of the energy container, picks up a sharp shard, and grips it]

[The beast jumps at Shinx, sending Shinx flying back from the shockwave. Shinx is grabbed, and the beast begins to open it's "mouth"]

[Shinx throws the shard in, the beast lets go and stumbles back. It spits out green fluid as it chokes on the shard, and falls into the abyss below. Shinx looks at the beast as it disappears into the darkness, a hard thump responds two seconds later]

[Shinx looks up at the energy current, then begins to walk into a room]

[All the sudden four Sentinel Majors are deployed from the wall, and begins to fire their beams at Shinx. Shinx narrowly dodges and slams the pillar in the center of a room. The pillar opens in response, Shinx jumps down the hole. The Sentinels do not follow, instead they remain where they are]

[Flood Stalkers immediately attack Shinx once he lands, he is hit but counterattacks one with a Sky Uppercut, then kicks the flying Stalker into another one. They splatter and tear apart upon impact. A Thrasher charges at Shinx as Infection forms swarm behind him. Shinx evades the Thrasher and begins to run to the other pillar on the other side of the room. Evading many Flood, Shinx jumps off the wall and punches the controls of the pillar. The pillar opens, and Shinx jumps in, narrowly evading the grasp of a Tank]

[Shinx lands on the floor, looks at the outside of the wall that is in front of him like a window. He looks down, a 1000 metre drop lies before him. An Enforcer, whom has been waiting for Shinx, fires several spikes. Upon hearing the spikes being fired, Shinx evades it by jumping out of the way. More Sentinel Majors appear behind the Enforcer, and they charge up their beams. Shinx looks at the drop, then at the Sentinels. He jumps down]


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