This page contains elements or characters originally intended for use in the MYRP.
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A new Roleplay I just made, which takes place in a post-apocalyptic era, after a massive global war. A mysterious (yet apparently benevolent), currently unnamed organization managed to unite everyone after the war, and they've been elected as the new government. They preach peace and prosperity, yet even still, they have enemies...

But could the organization REALLY be as peaceful as they claim?


  1. Do NOT godmod
  2. Do NOT Troll
  3. Do NOT stray off the plot
  4. Do NOT control others' charas w/out their permission



  • Team Captivate (Played by Ryu; they believe that The Organization means well for everyone; they eventually realize that the Organization lied to them about wanting the best for everyone, and side with the opposers)
  • Team Nebula (Played by Intrudge)
  • Team HydroShock (Uni)
  • Team Strike (Uni)


  • The Organization (Played by Ryu and anyone else who asks permission)
  • Team Gem (Uni)
  • Notable Dialgas
  • Team Specter (HZ; the remaining Pokémon of a long deceased trainer who are caught in the crossfire of the chaos. They merely fight for survival, and trust no one but each other.
  • Luca (E-113:Xi; the lone Lucario of a trainer from long ago. He remained in isolation after his trainer's passing.)
  • Zach (HZ; a wandering Deoxys who occasionally lays waste to wherever he goes, due to his power and recklessness)

Enemies of The Organization

  • The Sneak (Played by Ryu; a mysterious loner who opposes the organization at all costs)
  • ACTAMC (Commander Lightning; Anti-Criminal Tactical Analysis Military Corps, a militant anti-crime organization that despises The Organization for their policies. They openly fight the criminal minds; though they're secretly monitoring the Organization (although The Organization is unaware of this).)
  • West Aereonn Security Police (the West Aereonn Security Police (or WASP), a law enforcement unit of which Sergeant Major Tin, Warrant Officer Copper, Oberleutnant Bright, and Captain Iron are part of)
  • Team Dust (Uni)
  • The Watchers (Silver; the Eclipse Twins (Lunar and Solar) only. These shady and ghostly figures are good-aligned but they will attack anyone who disturbs time or space, they secretly oppose the organization, in order to show that it needs to defend itself.)
  • Xorack Stinger and Aroido Webstring- (A Drapion and an Ariados respectively; a pair of mercenaries that conduct raids and theft against outlaws and collect bounty. They are bitter towards The Organization, as they believe that The Organization deceived them.)
  • Team Moonlight (Ryu; they've already been arrested by the Organization)
  • Team Aqua Blast (Sam; they know about the Organization and was harassed badly by the Organization itself. They even trust ACTAMC more than it)


Those who wish to disturb the peace!
  • The Five (Silver; Ryushu's allowed; Team Axem. These five are meant to represent the seven deadly sins, the other two left for anyone else to make.)
  • Naxa (Intrudgero; Anyone is allowed if they ask permission. Naxa wants to thrust the world into chaos and become dictator himself)
  • Team Black Hole (Uni)
  • Team Daredevils (Sam, tries to destroy BOTH the ACTAMC and the Orgazination and of course their number 1 enemy, Team Aqua Blast)
  • Vitalight and Whitebots (The Monster of the Law and her henchbots, respectively. Now that her rival, Obscuroar the Hero of the Dark, is resting, she will take a chance to destroy any chaotic Pokémon and will eventually conquer the region.)


Part 1

(In Treasure Town, a sign has recently been posted. It's a Wanted poster, of a cloaked figure named "The Sneak". The reward is 500,000 PokeDollars. He's wanted for continued opposition of the Organization, including active and subtle attacks against elderly female Purugly looks at the sign.)

Purugly: *sigh*

(She turns to her companion, an equally elderly male Luxray.)

Purugly: I hope someone catches that ruffian soon...

[They can see a young Quilava looking at the poster....]

???'s thoughts: 'Hmm......'

Luxray: (Looking at him curiously)

[The Quilava looks at him, showing a large cut over his right eye.]

Luxray: Goodness! What happened to you, lad?!

???: ......... "Oh, this?"

[He points at the cut.]

???: "Dialga gave me this, I'm the warden of Time...."

[But how does he look so young...?]

Purugly: Warden of Time? But how? You look so young...

???: "Ma'am, have you heard of a figure named 'Solius Flare'?"

Purugly: Yes! He's the hero of Treasure Town!

???: "You're lookin' right at 'im."

[He spins thrice in a circle, throwing away his hooded robe.]

HotD: Unused Theme Two

(The elderly couple gasp in amazement.)

Luxray: You're really him! Solius Flare!

Solar: "The one and only..."

???: "(Short malicious laughter)"

Purugly/Luxray: !!

Solar: "I know that laugh from anywhere.......Radley!"

Red: "It's Pride!"

Solar: "Have you had enough name changes ya crime-dealing ass?!"

Red: "Step aside Flare, you're ruining my chance of mugging these two."

Solar: "Over my fading body you will!!"

[Solar draws his Scythe, Blaze-Nightmare. The elderly couple watch in awe.]

Solar:: "Engarde!"

Red: "You think that trinket would stop all five of us?"

(Ryushu, you have permission on Pink.)

[The others of Red's gang comes out.]

Solar: .....

[Solar draws Blaze-Miracle. The Luxray gets in front of his mate protectively.]

Pink: (Blows a kiss at Solar)

Solar: .......... "I'm taken already, in fact, my virginity is already gone like the wind."

(Which reminds me, Megan, can you please get on Xat?)

Pink: Hmph.

(On top of the nearby building, someone is watching the confrontation...the figure starts to see Solar's expert swordsmanship, parrying then delivering heavy blows...]

Red: "Guh!"

Figure: (Watching silently)

[Solar parries a blow from Yellow's Sledgehammer.]

Solar: "(Grunt of Effort)"

[Solar sends Yellow barreling with a kick. Pink jumps out of the way to avoid getting hit by Yellow.]

Yellow: "Waaaah!"

[Green and Black go for Solar, only to hit each other.]

Solar: "(Sinister snickering)"

(The figure is still watching. Solar then walks up to Pink, brandishing Blaze-Miracle. She backs away.)

Pink: !

[several lights appear overhead and pass over them, the sound of helicopter blades can be heard]

Solar: "Now leave this Elderly Couple be...."

[3 slate-blue helicopters fly over them, circling the area]

ACTAMC choppers arrive.png

MH-53 Pave Low IV Pilot 1: [on loudspeaker] "Everyone remain where you are..."

(The stranger darts into the shadows before a spotlight can see him.)

MH-53 Pave Low IV Pilot 3: "Who was that?"

MH-53 Pave Low IV Pilot 1: "Whoever it was, he's gone." [on loudspeaker] "Everyone, remain where you are. Do not move!"

(The elderly couple are huddling together in fear. Then, all 3 lights beam on Pink.)

MH-53 Pave Low IV Pilot 1: [comlink] "Arrest her!"

[A small gun appears out from the underside of each helicopter, and fires 5 stun blasts at Pink]

Pink: AAAAAAGH!! (falls over)

[an electronet is dropped over her, which binds around her, being taken to the skies by the second helicopter]

[1 of the lights beams at the couple]

MH-53 Pave Low IV Pilot 1: [on loudspeaker] "You shouldn't be out here this late at night, especially with outlaws like "The Sneak" afoot!"

(They both nod and hurry home. In the shadows, the stranger sees Pink getting arrested...)

Stranger: Hmph...small price to pay...(leaves)

MH-53 Pave Low IV Pilot 1: [comlink] "Let's get moving."

MH-53 Pave Low IV Pilot 2: [comlink] "Yes sir!"

Solar: ...... "Okay......"

[The helicopters fly away, the second one quickly making the drop at a secure prison, then returning to formation with the rest of the helicopters back to an unknown location. The stranger leaves to an unknown location as well, one that is hidden far from prying eyes...once he gets there, he pulls a roll of paper out of his cloak. Unrolling it, he places it on a makeshift table; they appear to be blueprints of some sort.]

The Sneak: *to himself* Yes...finally, the blueprints I was looking for!

(The blueprints look very complicated indeed...)

???: "What are they about?"

The Sneak: ?! (looks around)

[It's a dark-looking Typhlosion.....]

???: "You against the organization?"

The Sneak: (Rolls up blueprints, putting them in his cloak) Perhaps...

???: "My brother and I are with you.."

The Sneak: Really...?

[Several storm clouds roll in, heavy rain falling throughout the area. The Sneak looks as if he's contemplating something.]

???: ", where is that rain coming from...?"

The Sneak: ?

Newscaster: [Over the radio] "The Aereonn Weather Center is call-*static*-for long periods of rainfall throughout the night into the morning-*static*-tomorrow. An entire day's worth of rain-*static*-that is. Repeat: Don't expect to see any break in the clouds until-*static*-morning after tomorrow."

[Flash of lightning]

The Sneak: Hmm...this could be a problem...or, it could not be a problem...

[The radio's channel fades to static after another flash of lightning]

The Sneak: Cheap radio... -_- (turns it off)

???: "Mhm, anyhow, so my name is Lunar.."

The Sneak: Lunar...well then, you can call me...

(The Sneak pulls down his hood, revealing his species; a Zuruzukin.)

Jengi: ...Jengi.

Lunar: "Nice to meet you."

[He tips his hat.]

Jengi: Same here. Sadly, very few people think the same...I have many enemies...particularly The Organization...

Lunar: "I believe it's just a conspiracy bound to turn on us once they have locked shackles."

[an Ariados and Drapion hurry inside from the storm]

Aroido Webstring: "2 days worth of rain. How about that, Xorack?"

Xorack Stinger: "A fierce storm has brewed within minutes, Aroido. I'd call that one vicious storm."

[Deep within his underground lair an elderly Xatu is crafting something. Back with Aroido and Xorack...]

Xorack Stinger: "Next time if we get caught up in a storm like that, we might not be so lu..." [notices Jengi and Lunar] "...cky..."

Aroido Webstring: ......

Jengi: How did you two get in here?! (grabs staff)

Aroido Webstring: "We were looking for shelter from the storm. But now we found more than just shelter..."

Xorack Stinger: [laughing]

Jengi: (Glares at him) What's so funny, eh?

[they inch closer toward Jengi]

Xorack Stinger: "Heh, nothing, except thinking about how much we'll have once we turn you in."

Aroido Webstring: "They'll pay us a great fortune just to finally have you behind bars."

Jengi: Heh. Don't expect me to go down THAT easily!

Xorack Stinger: "We're expecting to get that reward, so if it means taking you down by force, we'll more than gladly lay down a beating!"

Aroido Webstring: "So prepare to be turned in." [uses Spider Web]

Jengi: [Uses his staff to vault over the web]

Xorack Stinger: (sarcastically) "I thought you'd be more willing to comply, but I guess we were seriously wrong." [sprays a barrage of Poison Sting shots]

Jengi: [Fires a Shadow Ball at the Poison Sting shots]

Aroido Webstring: [descends from the ceiling and shoots another Spider Web] "So feisty."

Jengi: (Looks up at the Web coming at him) ! (launches a Fire Punch at it)

Xorack Stinger: "You're worth more than the reward says you are."

Aroido Webstring: "They'll pay double when they know what happened here and all the trouble we went through to catch you."

[Aroido uses String Shot, and Xorack launches Sludge at the same time. The String Shot wraps around Jengi's staff.]

Aroido Webstring: "Got you!" [pulls the staff toward him] "I wouldn't worry about your precious stick right now. You have something else to worry about." [laughs]

Jengi: Alright then; have it! [pulls back, then releases, making the staff slingshot towards Aroido]

Aroido Webstring: "Aah!" [is slammed into the wall of the room, then struggles to get up, angrily picking up the staff] "Don't... ...mind... ...if I do..."

[an enraged Xorack retaliates by using Sludge Bomb. Jengi counters with Shadow Ball.]

Xorack Stinger: "Perhaps they should triple the reward for the damage you've done, too." [throws a Poison Jab]

Jengi: [Dodges, but is grazed by the attack] Guh!

Xorack Stinger: "What's the matter? Losing your edge? Maybe this will help you get the point!" [fires Pin Missile]

Jengi: !! [rolls out of the way, landing on his feet]

Xorack Stinger: "How are you so tough when you should be behind bars by now?!!!"

Jengi: I've survived on my own for many years!

Xorack Stinger: "Oh they'll pay very handsomely now. But first I have to restrain you..." [attacks with Cross Poison]

[He counters with Poison Jab. Jengi's paw is locked with Xorack's claws, creating a power struggle.]

Jengi: I've outwitted and beaten money-hungry mooks like you plenty of times!

Xorack Stinger: "Who are you calling "mooks", you lowlife nightcrawler?!"

Jengi: *grins* You, ya mook! [suddenly lashes out with Ankle Sweep]

Xorack Stinger: "Agh!" [falls down, then slowly gets up] "This isn't over, Sneak."

Aroido Webstring: "You'll pay for this! We'll be back before you know it!"

[Xorack and Aroido flee, taking the staff with them.]

Xorack Stinger: "And at least we got a great consolation prize for this fight..."

(Back inside...)

Jengi: Hmph.

(Back outside...)

Xorack Stinger: "Ow! The hailstones are bigger than before!"

Aroido Webstring: "Run faster! Ouch!"

Xorack Stinger: "There's a cave!"

Aroido Webstring: "Any place will do at this point!"

[they rush into the cave, away from the hail]

Aroido Webstring: "Managed to steal this from the safehouse of that brat they call "The Sneak"." [tries to turn on the radio, but only static is heard] "Worthless piece of junk!" [throws it on the ground]

Xorack Stinger: "Let me try." [taps the radio, then gets shocked] "Aaaaghblblblblblblblaahgh!"

Weather Newscaster: (radio) "The latest updates call for continued and increasingly heavy rainfall. If you're in a low-lying area, such as a very low cave..."

Xorack Stinger: "A very low cave?!!"

Weather Newscaster: (radio) "Yes. A very low cave... ...expect moderate to heavy flooding."

[Xorack blinks twice after being given an obvious through-the-radio response. Later, Aroido and Xorack leave the cave and continue walking]

Xorack Stinger: "Those stingy greedy no-good..." [mutters a long line of gibberish] "...from The Organization do nothing to help out anyone!"

Aroido Webstring: "And they think they're so "good"! Those black-hearted fools."

(Unbeknownst to them, Jengi is following them!)

Xorack Stinger: "It'll be a long walk back. How about we go to Treasure Town to tell the others that we managed to take the Sneak's staff?"

Aroido Webstring: "I like that idea!"

Jengi: *thinking* If they hate The Organization so much...never mind...

Aroido Webstring: "As a matter of fact, I could go for something to eat right now, preferably a Gummi."

Xorack Stinger: "Another good reason."

(Jengi continues following them...)

Aroido Webstring: "Did you hear something?"

Xorack Stinger: "No, but it's best that we start running to Treasure Town."

[they begin running. Jengi runs after them.]

Xorack Stinger: [turns around] "Someone is following us! And it's the Sneak!!"

Aroido Webstring: "You follow us, and we trap you." [shoots a Spider Web]

Jengi: [Leaps over the Spider Web]

Xorack Stinger: "Not this time!" [catches Jengi in his sharp poisonous claws, sneering at him]

Jengi: Gah!!

Aroido Webstring: "We're placing you under mercenary's arrest!" [sprays Jengi with another Spider Web]

Xorack Stinger: "Good shot, but make sure it only hits the Sneak!" [pulls the web off himself with his clawed tail]

Jengi: [Struggling to get free]

[Aroido and Xorack laugh maliciously at Jengi as they take him to Treasure Town, already having the staff]

Aroido Webstring: "Struggle all you want, you can't break free of this web!"

Jengi: You're against The Organization too! There's no point in us being foes!

Xorack Stinger: "Yes, we hate The Organization, and we know they won't pay us. But whoever put that poster up will pay us quite handsomely."

Aroido Webstring: "Speaking of which, why did you start trouble in the first place?"

Jengi: All you care about is the sicken me...

[The area starts to darken.]

???: "I say you let him go..."

??? 2: "Or you'll feel the burn of us...."

[The voices are obviously familiar to Jengi, but not to the two bounty hunters.]

HotD:Unused Theme

Jengi: ! (looks towards the voices)

[It's the Eclipse Twins..!]

Solar: "Now let go of the Zuruzukin."

[Solar draws the Golden Rapier out of his baton, blinding Xorack and Aroido temporarily.]

Aroido Webstring: "Hey!!!!"

Xorack Stinger: "Who dares to steal our prey?!"

[When their vision recovers, Jengi is gone..!]

Aroido Webstring: "Oh, we were so close..."

Xorack Stinger: "The only ones who would dare take our prize would be those from The Organization!!!!"

???: "Ckahag-- (Violent cough), we oppose the Organizations, we strive for balance, order, we are known to be wardens, we are...."

[Boss Flash, Solar and Lunar appear in front of them.]

Solar: "The Eclipse Twins!"

Aroido Webstring: "Hey, we saw you during that fight in Treasure Town against those thugs with the color names!"

Solar: "Of course, why am I helping The Sneak? There is no true government without I'm testing their metal."

Xorack Stinger: "They call themselves a government even when they do absolutely nothing!!!"

Solar: "Child, there are many forms of Government."

Xorack Stinger: "What did you say?!" [fumes at being called a "child"]

Solar: "Child."

[He grins as he disappears with Jengi and Lunar.]

Aroido Webstring: "The nerve of them to take our prize away..."

[they angrily turn to leave]

Part 2

Hydro: "So, you are the famous Solar Flare?"

Amp: [Winks at Solar]

(A Black Togekiss watches from the bushes)

Aroido Webstring: "Our boss won't be happy about this now, since we blew it..."

Xorack Stinger: "Those stupid pests! We almost had that scum turned in! IT ISN'T FAIR!!!!!!"

Aroido Webstring: "What now, Xorack?"

Xorack Stinger: "Let's get out of here and recover from the defeat..."

(A Shiny luxray confronts Xorack)

Team blackhole confrontation

Luxray: I wouldn't enter our territory if I were you. Now. Leave before I bring my friends.

Xorack Stinger: "We have no use for scum like you..."

Aroido Webstring: "Let alone have any reason to bother you..."

[they turn around and head near Sharpedo Bluff, west of Treasure Town]

Luxray: "Now you have me angry." [Eyes glow crimson] "Attack, Black hole."

[the black Togekiss, a red drapion, a gray and black lucario, and a gray and red salamence appear]

Aroido Webstring: "You? Choosing to fight us?!"

Xorack Stinger: "We just fought the likes of The Sneak, and we can certainly take you on if you insist on a fight!! Fools!!!"

[they both laugh maliciously, as Aroido shoots Spider Web and uses Toxic at the same time, while Xorack sprays a Pin Missile attack]

Luxray: "Hmmph." [A red lightningbolt strikes Xorack and Aroido faster than they can evade]

Togekiss: "Good night, PERMANENTLY!" [The two fall asleep]

Lucario: "You will be fun to kill." [Fires a barrage of aura spheres]

Drapion: "Heheh...Theres no hospitals to run to around here. And no running up to mommy and crying either." [He sticks poison spikes in both, then covers them in poison]

(To recap, Aroido and Xorack are an Ariados and Drapion respectively.)

[the poison has waken them up]

Aroido Webstring: "Heheh... you idiots!" [wakes up, jumps, and latches onto Lucario, using Leech Life]

Xorack Stinger: [jumps and bites Togekiss with Poison Fang]

???: "Enough, Team." [Team Black hole and the mysterious entity disappear]

Xorack Stinger: "Heh. Next time, they should think twice before messing with us!"

[Two red eyes appear] ???: "It is not that we are afraid. It is that you are worthless to our cause. Fighting won't change anything."

Xorack Stinger: "The feeling is mutual."

[Aroido and Xorack laugh and leave]


Solar: "Ugh, he's heavier than he looks!" ><'

Lunar: "He DOES have a LOT of muscle."

Solar: "I think my back's gonna give out!" ><'

Hydro: "Uh, do you two need any help?"

Amp: "Hydro, do you have a nick of an idea who those are?"

Gliscor: -_- "Nope. I can clearly see she doesn't."

Lagoon: "Erm....Hydro, thats the newest hero of treasure town, his name is Solar Flare."

Hydro: "So, your the person who stole our title?"

Venusaur: "But we will help you carry him anyway. Here, Solar, and Lunar, give us some weight."

Hydro: "So, how did you become a hero? We saved the WORLD, TWICE! Anyway....Uh....Has anyone seen the trio recently?"

[Five Distant roars]

Hydro: "I guess I summoned two extras...."

[2 patrol boats shine their lights in the direction of the roars]

Patrol Boat 1 Light Operator: "It's them....."

Ferarchie: "GRUUUUaaahgragha!!" {Get that light outta my face!}

Master Dialga: "What Ferarchie Says!"

Dialga X: "GREEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Dialga TBH: "Uhh...Thats a a bright light!"

Dialga True: "Put that light out!"

Patrol Boat 1 Pilot: "Off with the lights."

Patrol Boat 2 Pilot: "Shut the lights off."

[the lights immediately shut off]

Solar: - -' "Thanks Venusaur...."

[Solar glares at Hydro.]

Solar: "We didn't REALLY steal your title, it's just that WE were chosen to save the town. I don't know what my partner OR my girlfriend thinks about the organization, but if they do like it, possibly friendships will be scarred."

Patrol Boat 2 Light Operator: "The Organization? Oh, how they let crime slip through their fingers."

Patrol Boat 2 Pilot: "Exactly."

Patrol Boat 2 Light Operator: "They spend their time trying to keep the populace in check, or should I say in their terms of "in check"."

Solar: "Obviously what we're trying to prove...."

[A Pidgeot lands near Solar.]

Pidgeot: "Solar, you've assumed the worst, and you were correct, Lady Shiruba and her team is supporting the Organization."

Solar: "What?!"

[Solar slams his fist onto the ground.]

Solar: "Damn them!!"

[the patrol boats' searchlights beam on Solar and Pidgeot]

Patrol Boat 1 Light Operator: "Lady Shiruba..."

Patrol Boat 1 Pilot: "And Team Captivate. Those lowlife scum have betrayed Solar Flare. The air is heavy with treachery."


Hydro: "Anyway, lets call it a draw. Is there anything to do in treasure town anymore? I haven't been here in 5 years. Ever since we scattered darkrai's minions."

Solar: .....

Patrol Boat 1 Light Operator: "That's right, Gliscor. Treachery."

Patrol Boat 1 Pilot: "It's not surprising. In fact, we know Shiruba all too well."

Solar: "Then who is her true identity?"

(Lightning, here's a challenge, do this, without looking at her (Shiruba's) page. >:3)

Patrol Boat 1 Pilot: "She is known to you as the Lovely Rose. Am I not mistaken?"

(I knew this for a long time. Ckhehehehehh...)

Patrol Boat 2 Pilot: "You can't trust Rose Valentine. She has no definite allies."

[Solar feels his heart plummeting as he hears PB2's saying.]

Solar's thoughts: 'I can't trust Rose...?!'

Patrol Boat 2 Pilot: "She's just another turncoat. In fact, you can't trust anyone that sides with the Organization. Once they side with them, they become an enemy."

[Solar hyperventilates...]

Solar: "I....I..."

[Solar runs off, silently sobbing.]

Patrol Boat 1 Pilot: "The truth can hurt, but it's only necessary that he knows about Shiruba's true nature..."

Patrol Boat 2 Pilot: "Maintain the lights. Keep them on until morning."

[Solar blazes past Team StormBlitz.]

???: "Looks like Solar found out the awful truth about that rotten, wilted Rose Valentine......"

[They can see the crystal-like glows of his tears dropping to the floor as he runs..]

???: "WAIT!!!"

(About five minutes later...Solar stops at a cliff, alone...)

Solar: "(Sniffling)"

[a letter of thin paper flies right to the ground in front of him, and it says...]

Letter: Sorry to hear about Shiruba's betrayal. The truth is none of us can escape the truth. There are some that know that from the start, and those who don't find out until it's too late. She may be lost, but we're not. We'll make sure that something like this doesn't happen again. Since this is shocking as a discovery, take some time to recuperate where you're at now, or you can talk with us... --signed by an old friend and comrade

Hydro: "Solar, are you ok?"

[the searchlights suddenly turn off]

Patrol Boat 1 Pilot: "Pull away."

Patrol Boat 2 Pilot: "Aye, sir!"

[the patrol boats leave into the dark]

Solar: .... "No I'm not..."

[Solar puts on his Time Warden Coat.]

[the letter suddenly glows faintly with a copper light]

Letter: P.S.: We never gave up on you.

Solar: ?!!

Solar's thoughts: 'Gave up on me for what...?'

[the letter glows brighter, and then disappears, a Fiery Gem appears in its place]

Venusaur: (Telepathic Network) {|{\Solar needs help./}|}

[after 2:00 the lights in the distance immediately shut off]

[Solar sits down, affected by insomnia.]

Amp: "Can we do anything to help you?"

[a gentle early morning breeze brushes across the rocky cliffside]

Solar: "I' fine..."

[the worn-out and tired Aroido and Xorack collapse by the cliff, not realizing that Solar is there]

Xorack Stinger: "...I've had it with that pesky Sneak..." [struggles to get up] "...Agh, he'll pay for this nonsense..." [faints]

Aroido Webstring: "...He's driven us... ...crazy... ...and..." [faints]

[gusty winds whip up for 8 seconds then die down. Jengi the Sneak is watching Xorack and Aroido, laughing silently.]

Jengi: *thinking* I don't think I've ever managed to run circles around two fools so proficiently...

Aroido Webstring: (thinking) (((When I find that Sneak, I'll throttle him...)))

Jengi: *still laughing silently*

[loud thunder crackles through the sky as a bolt of lightning strikes nearby]

Infinity: Who is controlling my lightning? It's not even storming! Strange planet... [Stands under the lightning and absorbs it, then striking a nearby rock with the power charge]

[very strong winds whip up suddenly as anvil clouds form]

Jengi: [To himself] I should get to shelter... [leaves]

Infinity: [Rolls eyes] Really? [The clouds float over to Imperial Palace and turn into one solid block of ice]

Jengi: [Sees the giant block of ice hovering over Imperial Palace] ...?

[suddenly a beam of light from the Imperial Palace shatters the ice block into very small pieces of falling ice]


[Solar looks up at the shattered pieces, keeping his Fedora over his tear-stroken eyes.]

[the ice is scattered away from the Imperial Palace's vicinity, and sent over the western coast of Treasure Town]

Solar: ....... [He looks at the crossbow in his paws.]

Jengi: That ice is heading for Treasure Town... [looks at Solar, standing a good ten feet away]

Solar: ......

[the ice falls into the waters off the coast of Treasure Town, not a single piece touching the ground]

Jengi: ...never mind. None of it hit the town.

[Meanwhile, with Team Captivate...]

[Shiruba can feel one of her senses vibrating.]

Shiruba: ! *thinking* Solar...!!

Tabitha: Shiruba...?

[....The sense is heavy...]

Shiruba: [Ears droop] Solar...[starts to run]

Tabitha: !! Shiruba, wait!!

[Shiruba keeps running, trying to find Solar.]

[the winds suddenly whip up, stronger than the ones in Treasure Town]

Shiruba: Aaahh!! [crouches low on the ground, trying to keep from being swept away]

[She sees Solar in the distance..]

Shiruba: S-Solar!! [despite the wind, she runs to him]

[the already strong winds gust]

[He looks at her with his bloodshot eyes, he puts his Fedora back on and lets himself be taken by the winds.]

Shiruba: SOLAR!!!

(HZ - I need to know when to start so I don't accidentally interrupt a moment. I count on having my characters witnessing the beam and such.)

[Aroido and Xorack stir, wake up, and notice Shiruba]

Aroido Webstring: Look who it is...

Shiruba: [Doesn't notice them] Solar...!!

[a bolt of lightning strikes near her]

Shiruba: [Jumps back] *frightened yelp*

???: Shiruba!!

[Zann the Zephyrgoose runs towards Shiruba.]

Zann: We've got to get out of here! It's too dangerous!!

Shiruba: But...but what about Solar?!

[He cloaks himself, having to faked commit suicide.]

???: "He committed Sssssuicide.."

[Lunar appears in front of her, having a black robe with his hood up, wielding Solar's scythe.]

Shiruba: WHAT?!

Lunar: "Yessss, all...because...of you..."

[Lunar points his gnarled claw at Shiruba's chest.]

Shiruba: !! W-What...?!

[loud thunder rumbles through the area, after a flash of lightning]

[Lunar throws his Scythe to intercept it.]

Lunar: "Your lost love LOATHESsss the organization..."

Shiruba: B-But..they only want to help us after that war...!

[Lunar points the Scythe at Shiruba's neck.]

Lunar: "FOOL!"

[Lightning strikes.]

Lunar: "Do you know what consequences could be held?!"

Shiruba: *frightened whimpering* I...

Lunar: "It'd cost Solar's job, both your and his homes! All of the support he worked little-by-little to save up for your children!"

[Lunar stares at her, crying tears of hate, the tears are out of blood.]

Lunar: "Arceus damn you...!!"

Shiruba: N-No...I-I didn't want that to happen...I didn't know it'd happen!!

[a Psybeam flies toward Shiruba out of nowhere from within the trees]

Shiruba: !!!!

[the Psybeam, having a clear target, strikes]

Shiruba: Aaaghh!! [is sent skidding a few feet]

Zann: Shiruba!! [looks towards the source of the attack and uses Hone Claws]

[Lunar projects a Shadikinesis barrier over them all.]

Lunar: "That was karma...But now it will strike you in a more heinous-than-ever mood."

Shiruba: I didn't want anything bad to happen...I just wanted things to go back to normal...!!

Lunar: "Well look, BAD THINGS ARE HAPPENING! What madness has claimed you...?! You betrayed Solar's trust, and now look, HE'S DEAD!! Arceus damn you....I thought I could get here in time, I thought I could stop him!"

[6 Beldum Soldiers appear out of the trees and approach them]

Beldum KS4: You must be Lunar Flare, if we're not mistaken. We have a warrant for the immediate arrest of Rosaline Valentine, otherwise known as Shiruba; and her accomplice.

Shiruba: W-What?!

Zann: ?!

[The scythe extends, the blades pointing at all of them.]

Lunar: "I'll take care of her myself, got it?"

[He angrily glares.]

Beldum KS4: As soon as you're done with her, turn her and her accomplice over to us. [hovers backward]

Shiruba: [Cowering on the ground]

Lunar: "Soldier, I said, I'll take care of her myself, fully...remember, I'm on your side, but you, are definitely not on mine..."

[The storm clears as an Eclipse appears, Shiruba can see Solar in front of her, seven yards away, his face slightly mutilated.]

Shiruba: *gasp* [stumbles backwards]

[She can still sense his's weak, nearly on its breaking point.]

Shiruba: You...y-you're alive...! [She walks over to him hesitantly]

[...He's in shock..]

Shiruba: O-Oh Arceus...I-I'm so sorry...! [hugs him]

Zann: [Looks at Lunar] So you were lying about him killing himself.

Lunar: "Actually, that was the truth.."

Zann: ...then he survived it...

Lunar: "Snrrk, barely.."

Shiruba: Solar......[uses her Healing Kiss on him]

[His wounds seal, but he lies unconscious for a moment, his eyes pop open to see Shiruba.]

Solar: "Hhaagh!"

[He starts to violently cough.]

Shiruba: !!

[He seemed to have been hyper ventilating...he then looks at Shiruba.]

Solar (Upset): "Why...?"

Shiruba: I didn't know this would happen.... ;~;

Beldum KS1: Solar Flare!

Beldum KS2: We thought the worst happened.

Solar: "..You can thank R-- I mean, Shiruba."

Shiruba: ...if you want me to stop supporting the organization, I will.

Beldum KS1: Wise choice... Shiruba.

Solar: "What of your team...?"

Shiruba: Hopefully they'll agree...

Zann: But...are you sure it's a good idea to just turn like that...?

[Lunar growls at Zann.]

Zann: !!

Beldum KS4: [looks at Zann] If you were smart, you'd realize that the Organization is wrong.

Zann: You calling me an idiot?!

Shiruba: Zann...[to Beldum KS4] We honestly didn't know they had bad intentions...

[Solar and Lunar fell asleep in the argument...]

Beldum KS4: Many others didn't know, either. That's a reason why they still get support.

???: We've got to expose them.

Solar/Lunar: Zzzzz...

Part 3

[Meanwhile, in the skies not too far away...]

Unknown Aerodactyl: Interesting indeed.

[The aerodactyl flies away, several kilometers until he reaches a Tyranitar, an Excadrill, and a Gyarados.]

Aerodactyl: Sir, the beam we had witnessed earlier was from the Imperial tower. It shattered what appeared to be a giant block of ice. I then spotted an Ariados and Drapion stalking a Ninetales, who then had some drama with a mutated Typhlosion, over what seemed to be the death of a Quilava. Six Beldum then arrived to arrest the Ninetales. The Typhlosion and a Zephyrgoose were going to defend her, but the conflict was resolved when the Quilava was actually alive. Both the Quilava and the Typhlosion are now asleep. I assume that they are not moving anywhere anytime soon.

Tyranitar: What of the Ariados and Drapion?

Aerodactyl: They do not appear to be in league with the group. They also watched from a distance.

[A Pause]

Tyranitar: Rodan, keep them under your watch. We will follow.

Rodan: Aye aye, sir.

[after a few minutes the winds seem to slow down for a short time, but still continue]

Xorack Stinger: Well, so much for our reward.

Shiruba:?! [looks around] Who're you?!

Aroido Webstring: I think she should calm down.

???: You two again...

[Jengi steps out of the shadows, glaring at Xorack and Aroido.]

Xorack Stinger: It's the Sneak!

Aroido Webstring: Again!

Shiruba: W-Who???

Jengi: [pulls off his hood] One of the first to oppose the Organization.

Aroido Webstring: We first met him in a small but reasonable house.

Xorack Stinger: We knew how much he would be worth if we turned him over to the police. That's why we went to collect the bounty on him.

Aroido Webstring: But now, the situation is-...

Xorack Stinger: [cuts Aroido off and looks to Shiruba] We're beginning to think that trying to catch this Sneak... [looks at Jengi briefly] becoming too much for us to handle, even when we managed to take his staff for a short time.

Aroido Webstring: Not only is he strong, but he's resourceful, too. When we had him captured, a Typhlosion spirited him away...

Xorack Stinger: ...And out of our grip.

Jengi: [Looks at Lunar] And I see my savior is at rest.

Xorack Stinger: And this was the first time we ever failed to successfully apprehend our target.

Aroido Webstring: Of which you are no longer.

Jengi: Is this a truce, then?

Aroido Webstring: More than a truce.

Xorack Stinger: We're done chasing you.

Jengi: I see.

Aroido Webstring: It's true.

Xorack Stinger: Besides, we earn more money just by stealing all of it from criminal hideouts.

Aroido Webstring: The reward for your capture wouldn't amount nearly as much, no offense.

[The Eclipse Twins awaken, once they see Aroido and Xorack, they immediately get out their guns, Lunar with his Shotgun, Solar with his Revolver and Handgun.]

Aroido Webstring: Hold it! Don't shoot!

Solar: "And why the Hell not?"

Jengi: They're not going to bother us anymore.

Solar: "Good..."

[They sheath their arms.]

Aroido Webstring: Like the Sneak, we hate the Organization, too. All they care about is themselves, and they don't help at all. They let even the worst criminals thrive off of everyone.

Jengi: Would a truce be in order? [holds out his hand]

Xorack Stinger: Like I said: We're done chasing you. Chasing you around will get us nowhere.

Aroido Webstring: We are helping now. [shakes his hand] Consider us both part of this effort to oppose The Organization.

Solar: "First of all."

[Solar illusionizes a board.]

Solar: "The Organization don't let the worst criminals thrive off of all."

[The board switches images. It shows a business chart.]

"What they are really after is the Guilds, they're trying to drive them out of business by making the place peaceful."

[The board switches images. This time Wigglytuff's Guild Hall is in flames, the guildmaster shown to be dead, and a majority of the members in shackles, being led by the Organization's Knights.]

"As a result, most of the guild rose up in protest, only for it to be sacked."

[The board switches images. It shows a bunch of dead people around what seems to be a violent and enraged Ryushu.]

"After which, they have, in secret, been sending assassins after the survivors, some guildmates who feared death or are just utterly pitiful joined the organization; or supported it's ideas? Me, I've feigned to be a good person, now, I'm a wanted criminal, which lead to Rose and I's argument from before.."

[The board switches images. Showing a fight between Rose and Solar.]

"Believe it or not, Rose and I clashed blades before; I was once incarnated in a prison, some Sceptile helped me escape, but the escape route's only obstacle was Rose."

[The board switches images, showing the current Solar.]

"They figured I'd be too dangerous to capture so they let me off."

[He has the board shatter, hugging Rose.]

"But we've made up, haven't we Rose?"

[She hugs back, a bit teary-eyed.]

Rose: Yes, of course...but...I-I'm still so sorry for causing so many problems.... ;~;

"'ey, cheer up my little princess.."

[He holds her tenderly and gently. She leans her head against his.]

[The KS troopers retreat silently into the shadows]

Aroido Webstring: The Organization is more selfish and vile than we thought.

Xorack Stinger: And that reward is probably fake, not that it matters. [picks up a Wanted poster, and shreds it with his pincers]

Jengi: They've got a lot of dough in their collective pockets; wouldn't hurt their budget to give some away as a reward. But you're right. It doesn't matter now. What matters is finding other opposers to the Organization and rallying them up.

Solar: "Right."

Aroido Webstring: If you do plan on finding help far from the Treasure Town area, be careful. Bandits and possibly even hired thugs can attack you at any time.

Solar: "Then what about the Skymin community....Roooose...?"

[Solar slyly grins at his girlfriend.]

Rose: *smiles* I'll be sure to contact them.

Aroido Webstring: I hope they're of help in this cause, Solar.

Solar: "Of course, they're opposed, their Princess is now opposing, their savior is as well. What can possibly go wrong?"

[Solar shrugs.]

Xorack Stinger: Let's see. Pitfall traps, traps that trigger chestnuts or rocks to be dropped on you, criminals, bandits, explosive traps, that's what could go wrong; that is if you're a novice. Believe me, even B rank criminals have trouble with those traps. [laughing]

Aroido Webstring: Otherwise, knowing you and ourselves, these hazards can be handled.

[Solar nods; laughing slightly nervously.]

Aroido Webstring: We know where traps are set in most cases. When it comes to these commonly placed traps, just watch your step.

Xorack Stinger: Especially with pitfall traps.

Eleanor: At least the Organization hasn't made any new traps.....right?

Solar: "Yep..." [Solar resumes his nervous laughter.]

Rose: Solar, you sound nervous...

Solar: "N-nervous!? I-I'm not're the one who's nervous..!!"

Rose: You're laughing nervously...

Kailis: C'mon man, chin up! We can get through this!

(Kailis is naturally chipper and happy, and she speaks with a hint of a Cockney accent.)

Solar: ...

Zann: Probably not the best time, Kailis...

[Both Xorack and Aroido turn in Kailis's direction, and glare at her]

Xorack Stinger: Anyone else dropping by, Kailis? [blinks once]

Kailis: Huh? What do you mean?

[He (Sol) seems panicked.]

Aroido Webstring: Why do you sound so surprised? We could hear this one... [indicates Zann] ...utter your name.

Zann: Yeah; Kailis is a part of Team Captivate, which is us. [gestures to the other team-mates]

Aroido Webstring: Now I'm wondering why I needed to ask that question...

Xorack Stinger: (slightly frustrated) ...Solar, if this helps, we'll disarm any possible traps up ahead before you get there.

Solar: "It's not the traps; it's...something...more..."

[Rose can see what he's thinking about and it's rather horrifying. Her eyes widen and she covers her mouth with her paws.]

[Aroido tilts his head slightly, as if to attempt to figure out what the problem is]

Solar: ....

[He seems disgruntled about what might happen.]

Aroido Webstring: If he's hesitant, then something must be wrong.

Xorack Stinger: Aroido, you assume way too much. Maybe not in most cases, but you assume way too much in this case.

Solar: "One of the Organization's plans...mainly..."

Xorack Stinger: The Organization?! [snarling] They'd better not try to ruin this! (((I have no problem of punishing any of those loathsome lying brutes that even try to cross us.)))

Solar: "Well...they plan to..."

Rose: But how...?

Aroido Webstring: Then we have to make sure they don't carry it out!

Solar: "Well, here's the problem. We...They're trying to put Rose in an uncontrollable demonic state."

Aroido Webstring: Demonic state? That settles it. We're stopping their plan before they can carry it out.

Rose: W-What...?! O_O"

Solar: "Mmmmhm. And guess who's the mastermind?"

Rose: "W-Who...?"

Solar: "Your very own Father."

[There is a shocked silence.]

Rose: ....b-but.......but........n-no.......h-how.........?!

Solar (Trying to calm her): "Rose..."

Rose: Why...w-why my father....?!

[He tries to hug her lightly. She clings to him in response.]

Solar: (Struggling to breathe, choking from her death hug)

Rose: S-Sorry... [loosens her grip]

[He collapses, clenching his chest, his disease not helping from his forced out breath.]

'Rose: Oh gods...! [tries to help him, looking even more panicked now]

[He slowly recooperates.] "Did you...(gasp) just say...Gods..?"

Rose: U-Umm... o_o"

...."I thought you...believed in Arceusism..."

[He grins teasingly, but it's evident that he's still in pain.]

Rose: W-Well, the other Legendaries can be considered gods too...b-but nevermind that, we need to get you some medical attention...!

"I'm fine..."

[German stubbornness...]

Rose: No you're not; you can hardly breathe...!

"Rose, I'm. Fine.."

[She can still sense pain in his chest, perhaps a Healing Arte would help...? Or maybe just convincing?]

Rose: Hmm...[attempts to use Magic Arte: Recover on Solar]

"I said I was fine..." -w-

[The pain stops.]

Rose: There.

"Rose....why are you so persistent..?"

[What a hypocrite...]

Rose: -w-


"I already healed you."


[Rose makes a "Tee Hee~" face.]

(Ryu-I gotta go to bed now)



[Xorack and Aroido exchange looks, then step in]

Xorack Stinger: (impatient) If we're going to stop them anytime soon, then we can't just stand here!

[Team Captivate nods in agreement.]

[Lunar nods as well.]

Solar: "Another thing we need to do though, is make a new guild, let the Organization know that we are a serious threat. I'm willing to form one with Rose as my second in command, the Silver Star guild, Ryushu has her own guild as well, and they've all been in hiding....but what to do to take them down...Rose, you were a warden of the Knights, right?"

Rose: Yes.

Solar: "Y'know that cabinet you were told never to open?"

[Solar gets a very sly smile.]

Rose: ....... :3

"Get what's in there and bring it back, if you'd will.."

[She nods eagerly and runs off to obtain the mystery item.]

"Let this be a declaration of all-out war to the Organization!"

[Solar pans his hand out to the side, Smite sliding out of his sleeve and he fires a shot, the Organization's Grandmaster assassin goes skidding past Rose, his face half burnt-off...guess Rose is getting a promotion.]

Part 4


Solar: "How did it go?"

Rose: I got it.

Xorack Stinger: Anything worthwhile in there?

[Solar takes what's from Rose, raising up a folder, documented Confidential; plans for Treasure City.]

[Aroido looks somewhat unnerved]

Aroido Webstring: What are they up to?

Solar: "We'll know."

Aroido Webstring: [glances at the folder and reads the label] Whatever it is they plan to do with Treasure City, I don't like it... [pauses to watch 3 helicopters pass straight over them quickly] ...not one bit.

Solar: "Let's start a riot!" >:3

[Suddenly, a Madamare runs up to the group, looking worried.]

Zann: Astrid? What is it?

Astrid: Team Moonlight just got captured by the Organization...!

Solar: "All the more reason to riot~!"

Xorack Stinger: Where did they go and where did they take them to?! [clenches pincers tightly] (((When I find the captors, I'll rip them apart and tear them to pieces!)))

Aroido Webstring: The Organization has become all tyrannical. [pulls out an electronic map] Team Moonlight could be of help; that is, if we rescue them. [pulls out another electronic map and tosses it to Xorack, who immediately catches it]

Xorack Stinger: Now this is getting interesting.

[Solar opens an old-fashioned map.]

Rose: Then we best get a move-on.

Solar: "I always wanted to start a riot..." >:3

Xorack Stinger: Come to think of it, I feel like starting a riot, too. [grins maliciously]

Kailis: "Oh boy! Riot time!"

Zann: [Facepalms] And how is a riot going to help rescue Team Moonlight?

Xorack Stinger: It's just a thought, but what are we accomplishing by just talking?!

Eleanor: Nothing! We need to get going now!

Solar: "Zann Zann Zann, you are rather...incapable of seeing how it could help, it seems, I doubt you'd like Plan B, Plan A is start a riot with the info we'd be showing to civilians, and while they're distracted by the riot, it's a lot easier freeing Moonlight, however, Plan B would be involving Rose, Violet, and a few others in Team Captivate distracting the guards..."

Xorack Stinger: Both sound daring and clever.

Zann: Then why didn't you say the riot would be used primarily as a distraction? ಠ_ಠ

Kailis: Rioting sounds fun...but so does distracting...

Solar: "Kailis, before you get ahead of yourself; what I mean by distracting is seducing...and I don't think you want a bunch of power-corrupt guards to get all googly-eyed all over you."

[Xorack and Aroido seem disturbed and look at each other skeptically]

Aroido Webstring: [tries hand signals to Xorack, forgetting that he has no fingers]

Xorack Stinger: What?

Aroido Webstring: I said: Did you hear that, Xorack? [shudders]

Xorack Stinger: Yes. I think I'd prefer going with the first plan, Aroido.

Kailis: Uhh...seducing....?

[Seems she's naive too...]

Rose: You don't want to know what it means, dear.

Solar: "Rosie's right."

Kailis: Okay..

Aphrodite: "Personally, I think it'd be fun to lull the guards into a false sense of security before beating them up." >:3

Rose: O_O L-Let's just go with the riot plan first. If that doesn't work, then we really don't have a choice but to go with Plan B...

Solar: "Plan A it is~"

(Hours later)

[Solar enters Treasure City, now everyone glaring at him, he looks at the wanted signs posted for his arrest...again. The elderly Luxray and Purugly couple happen to be there as well. They look at Solar hesitantly, but without anger.]

Solar: "You two might wanna--"

Guard: "Halt!"

Solar: "I'm sorry, I'm afraid I haven't made myself clear."

[Solar pulls out the folder, smiling.]

Guard: !! "Y-You aren't supposed to--!!"

Solar: "Fading Wolf Strike!"

[Solar backdashes before slicing through the guard in lightning quick speed, now at the other side, the guard falls over, in shock. The elderly couple obediently backs away. The Luxray looks first at the guard, and then at Solar, a serious expression on his face.]

Luxray: Give' em hell, Hero.

[Xorack returns a glare to those that are still in question]

Aroido Webstring: (((How did they manage to organize so much attention so quickly?)))

Xorack Stinger: Solar, we're ready when you are... [takes out a rifle armed with Poison Barbs]

[Solar slides the folder to them.] "Take a look at that, take a look, ALL OF YOU. Can't you see? They're planning to get rid of the guilds, the guilds revolted because they were feeling like they were being threatened. And now what do they plan to do? They plan to kill off the seeds the guild sprouted, such as Ryushu's guild. Oh, and that's not all...Guess what they plan to do next!?"

[More guards come in, only to be intervened by Violet and Lunar. A curious crowd starts to gather around Solar, some looking skeptical, while others horrified.]

"Remember this pretty little face?"

[Solar pulls Rose out of seemingly nowhere, but it was obvious she was cloaked.]

"They plan on turning her into a full demon!! For what purpose, I might ask? Commanding a lot of people's loyalty with improper use of her charms!"

[The crowd gasps and mutters fearfully.]

Solar: "Ohohoho that's right, and who did you ignore? The Guild? Who did you turn your backs on? The Guild, are you going to let the Organization make complete fools of yourself!?"

Aroido Webstring: [takes out a poison baton with a web grip handle] And there's more to it than you think! Destroying the guilds and corrupting her are only the beginning of what they plan to do! Open your eyes!!!

Solar: "And guess who's orchestrating this!?"

Aroido Webstring: Be ready to hear who's behind it, because the answer will take you by complete surprise!

Solar: "Veniterak Valentine, Rose's own father! Are you willing to let this noble man treat the commoners like filth!? And use his own daughter to use all of you!?"

[A chorus of outraged cries and yells of "No!" answer them.]

Solar: "Then what are you going to do about it!? What are you going to do to show the Organization that you won't stand for this!?"

"Let's fight them!!"

Solar: "We want change; and we'll show them that's what we want! Isn't it!? Look what they did to your hero and heroine; they tear down the hero's status and try to use the heroine! But now, it's when the tables turn! Citizens, REVOLT!"

[The crowd erupts into cheers.]

[Solar smiles at the chaos he caused.]

Xorack Stinger: It's time to drive the Organization out of here! Attack!

[8 Skorupi and 5 Gligar join the riot and attack any approaching guards on sight]

Aroido Webstring: I can see why Solar's called the hero of Treasure Town... ...respected and courageous, and dedicated to protecting others in times of darkness and danger.

[Rose nods in agreement, blushing slightly and smiling as she looks over at Solar.]

Xorack Stinger: Focus, Aroido. We still have a job to do!

Aroido Webstring: I know. We have to rescue Team Moonlight.

[Solar takes Rose by the hand and starts dashing towards the's been a while since he's ran this fast...]

Skorupi Mercenary 3: Boss, we'll take it from here!

Xorack Stinger: Remember to take out every last guard in the city.

Skorupi Mercenary 3: Yes, boss!

[Xorack runs toward the prison with Aroido following]

(Ryu-Can we cut to some of the elite guards with Team Moonlight?)
(Ryu-Kewl :3 I wonder if any of the guards will hit on the female members :B)

[Meanwhile, in the prison...]

Hecate: We didn't do anything wrong...!

Elite Guard: "Of course you didn't, you're probably in league with the fallen Hero, Traitor to Treasure City!"

Leopold: You mean Solar...?

Lestat: He'd never betray Treasure Town!

Elite Guard: "Then why does he oppose our great organization? We preach peace but--"

[He's interrupted from their disagreement.]

Lestat: 'Preach peace'; I don't believe you.

Elite Guard: "And why is that?"

Lestat: You arrested us when we've done absolutely nothing wrong. We didn't speak out, we didn't cause any riots, etc. etc.

[Another Guard stops near Hecate.] "So, in town much~?"

Hecate: E-Excuse me...?

"In town much? 'cause you're a fi--"

[He's interrupted by a loud knock on the door.]

Hecate: [Hears the knock] ?

[A gunshot is heard, the door opens with a knight having a dent in his armor, his face bleeding all over, having pure horror on his face.]

Team Moonlight: !!

Solar: "Knock knock, Death's at the door." [Solar aims his handguns at the Elite Guards, though it isn't long until he's shot numerous times, Solar's smile turns to relative shock as he collapses to the floor, experiencing it...though having the appearance of death.]

Elite Guard Two: "Solar the Traitor is dead..!!"

[Aroido drops from the ceiling and delivers a strong smack to the guard with his baton, knocking him to the ground]

Aroido Webstring: The only traitors I see are you and the Organization!

Xorack Stinger: [bashes open another door and enters] You claim to "preach peace"... ...but we know these are lies.

[A shadowy aura envelops Solar's "corpse".]

Part 5

Aroido Webstring: [looks at the cell, then back at Xorack] Xorack, I think-

Xorack Stinger: Not now, Aroido. Not now. [aims rifle at the downed guard] I have to kill this two-bit lowlife. [fires a Toxic Barb]

[Solar slowly gets up, the shadowy aura still constant. He opens his eyes, now cherry red, he lets off a somewhat menacing smile as he gets out Goldbrand.]

Solar(?): "You piece of rotting filth..."

Xorack Stinger: [looks in Solar's direction and steps out of the way] You may finish him at any time. [looks back at the guard, grinning evilly]

[Solar speeds through, backfisting the guard and grabbing him, throwing him over his shoulder, he then gets a hold of the Elite Guard's halberd and starts to slash him brutally, slashing even when the guard is clearly dead.]

Solar(?): "(Maniacal Laughter) Die..! Die..! DIE!!"

Xorack Stinger: As entertaining as this is, I think that lowlife is already dead.

[Team Moonlight simply looks on in horrified fascination.]

Aroido Webstring: I'll go unlock and open the cell. [skitters to Team Moonlight's holding cell] You must be Team Moonlight...

Lestat: Yes. And you are...?

[Solar looks for a short moment, they can see his red eyes.....but this can't possibly be Primal Solar...his fur isn't darker...nor is he acting feral. He resumes slashing at the guard.]

Solar(?): (Grunts of effort)

Xorack Stinger: Okay, he's as good as dead. We still have a job to do, Solar.

Aroido Webstring: We're here to get you out. The Organization lied to everyone about the so-called "peace".

Lestat: We know. We were arrested for supporting the Hero of Treasure Town.

Solar(?): "It's not enough, it's NEVER enough."

[He hears the door slump open, he looks towards it to see Rose and the others part of the Silver Stars, they see the Guard's massacred chest and the bloodied halberd Solar's holding, his paws are also dripping in blood, Rose and Violet can see a shadowy aura, but everyone can see the cherry red eyes.]

Rose: Solar...!

[Solar's eyes widen for a moment, reverting to the usual blue and gold color, the shadowy aura disperses.]

Solar: "(Startled gasp)"

Xorack Stinger: There you are. We still have a job to do.

Aroido Webstring: The Organization attacks the guilds, discredits Solar, and forces you to disappear from the city. [starts working on unlocking the cell] They don't like heroes, they like oppression and evil.

[Solar's standing there, silent, he can't seem to hold the halberd either...What's with the sudden fade of strength...?]

Solar: "Aah! (Startled huffs to keep it up)

Xorack Stinger: (puzzled) Solar, this is not like you. You could hold that weapon with no problems before. What happened? Did that tire you out?

[Rose walks over to Solar, looking concerned.]

Rose: Solar, are you okay?

[Rose can see the shadowy aura rolling in again...Solar suddenly holds it back up.]

Solar(?): "Of course I'm okay..."

Xorack Stinger: You don't sound okay.

Aroido Webstring: [continues working on unlocking the cell] Just several more seconds and it should open.

Solar(?): "You should probably get out of the way, Aroido."

[Team Moonlight exchange confused, nervous glances.]

Solar(?): "I'd recommend you guys to stand back as well. Don't want any dead allies, would we?"

Aroido Webstring: Whatever you say. [backs away from the cell]

[Team Moonlight obediently backs away from the cell doors. Solar shoots the lock, blowing it entirely off with an enchanted Sindori bullet.]

Xorack Stinger: That's easier than prying it open. [blinks]

Solar(?): "Exactly."

[He turns around, Rose can see the bullet holes in his chest area and above the stomach area, all but one scored a hit on his organs, the heart, but it's protected by a crystalline casing of some sort..]

Aroido Webstring: Moderate-hard part is over. Thanks for the assist, Solar. [opens cell] Let's get moving, Team Moonlight.

Solar(?): "Hard? That was easy...of course we won."

Aroido Webstring: I was talking about the unlocking of the door. But you're right.

(Solar, Xorack and Aroido got attacked by the Super Sleep Powder from Crueltion. She and her team had then appeared)

Crueltion: Well isn't it tragic? Being the opposite of the ironic!

[Team Moonlight then appear, having avoided the Super Sleep Powder attack.]

Leopold: The hell are you???

[Solar's Nonsleeper IQ Skill keeps him up.]

Solar(?): "Nice try, but you aren't good enough.."

Crueltion: Not good enough?! Then take this!

[Crueltion used Super Paralysis Powder against Solar(?), and Antapeace used Hydro Pump against him]

[Solar tenses his nerves a bit to relax, he falls backwards, dodging the Hydro Pump as if by mistake.]

Solar(?): "Hahah~ Rose, some assistance please~ Aromatherapy if you'd will~"

[Lunar and Violet go to defend Rose. Rose's flower shimmers as she uses Aromatherapy, releasing a calming scent. Solar leaps back up.]

Solar(?): "Now it's my turn, Swallow Fury!"

[Solar dashes past Crueltion, letting Goldbrand out to the side to break the defense before trying to release a kick slash combo.]

Aroido Webstring: [lashes at Crueltion and Antapeace with Pin Missile] You may have sent him to sleep, but you're foolish to think you could do the same to me. You'd better get out of our way right now!

[But the Blaziken grabbed Aroido and burnt him, but not killed him, with Fire Blast. Then Ghoulface had taken over control Lunar with half of his spirits, Furybird used Drill Peck to hits Violet very hard, and Darkagon used multiples, powered-up Tri-Attacks against the team Moonlight]

[Solar, breaking through the careless Crueltion's defense, hits her with a barrage of spinning kicks and slashes, Lunar regains his own control, sealing Ghoulface's spirits inside his axe and flinging it back as a weapon.] "You wish to control me!?" [Lunar cackles, his control over death quite potent and useful for those wanting to possess him.]

Solar: "Pure Havoc!"

Violet: "Luna Rise!"

[Violet jumps and slashes at Furybird with an ice-based slash. Solar, continuing his aerial assault, kicks her up and hits her with a flurry of fiery kicks and slashes before kicking her down to her team-mates.] "KABOOM, B****!"

[The multiple Tri-Attacks are countered by a flurry of Shadow Balls and Dark Pulses from Team Moonlight, causing a large explosion.]

[Solar snaps his fingers, causing Goldbrand's mageto effect to activate, covering Crueltion's whole team in a catastrophic fiery explosion, caused from the wounds that Cruelition took after not caring for her defense, the fire swelling inside her body now from the explosion..]

Crueltion: Ourgh!! Aromatherapy!!

[Crueltion, now knowing her defense, used Aromatherapy to heal her inside burn]

Crueltion: They're too tough! Retreat!!

[She and the rest of the team, seriously injured, ran away]

Solar(?): "I won't let you get away that easy!"

[Solar activates his Ten-Star IQ Skill Temporal Statis, they all hit a dome.]

Solar(?): "You all will pay..."

[Solar grins evilly, coldly approaching them with a malicious look.]

[Xorack wakes up and holds his rifle on them, Aroido recovers and Glares at them]

Xorack Stinger: You made a big mistake, bandits! Now you pay the price... [laughs maliciously as he prepares to fire several Venom Barbs]

Solar: "They're my prey, not your's.." (at Crueltion) "So, where's your irony now, huh? SHOW IT TO ME!" [Solar punches her, this then turns to a rapid flurry of punches.] "Are you listening...?!"

(I predict a bit of trauma for Rose.)

Rose: Solar, stop it...!!

Xorack Stinger: They deserve it for jumping us like that! It's simply retaliation.

Rose: H-He's going to kill her...!!

[Team Moonlight looks conflicted. Some want Solar to soundly trounce Crueltion, while others look rather trumatized at his savagery.]

[Solar blinks a bit, Rose can see the shadowy aura go it a new Primal form of some sort...? He looks back at Rose, his eyes back to normal again..]

Solar: ...

[Solar jumps off of Crueltion.] (Coldly at Crueltion and her team) "Scat, all of you, now...and don't come back unless you've written your will and said your death wishes..."

Aroido Webstring: (((But just in case...))) [uses 3 Blowback Orbs, resulting in Crueltion and her team being carried off by the winds]

Xorack Stinger: Next time it will be 64 knots. [makes twisting motion with pincers]

Solar (Coldly): "Well, what are you waiting for...?! Piss off...!!"

[Solar walks over to Rose and buries his face into her shoulder.]

Solar (Telepathically to Rose): 'What did I...?'

[She holds him tight.]

Rose: 'I...I don't know...'

[Rose can see the seal on Solar's back glowing...]

Rose: !

[It's flickering a bit....the seal seems to be doing it's job, but it seems somewhat defunct...It IS a new Primal Solar...just, not as feral and mindless..]

Aroido Webstring: Solar? You seem...different. [looks around] I don't mean to be rude, but we have to get out of here.

Lestat: He's right. Let's move.

Solar: "Right..."

Xorack Stinger: Let's go. We're leaving. [exits through the doorway he previously entered through]

Aroido Webstring: Time is wasting. Don't fall behind. [follows Xorack through the doorway]

[Solar nods, taking Rose by the hand and running after them.]

Part 6

Aroido Webstring: [scans the surroundings of the hallways, and continues to the exit] We must keep going. It's not much further now.

Xorack Stinger: [reaches the exit] And now to open the gates that block the way... [pries open the doors and runs through with Aroido]

[Team Moonlight goes through the gate as well.]

Solar: "Why would you pry them open if we could just blow them open? The riot's a distraction enough for the Organization."

Xorack Stinger: Because the door was jammed... [hears weapons arming and is greeted by the sound of helicopters, raises claws above head] ...shut.

Aroido Webstring: [raises forward legs above head] How...?

[many light grey Seedot appear, 3'09" (2'01" taller than their natural counterparts), turrets extending out of their "caps" (which also look very different)]

[several Beldum show up as well]


Xorack Stinger: .........unbelievable...

[Team Moonlight runs outside, only to skid to a halt at the sight of the Seedot and Beldum forces.]

Leopold: What...???

Esther: Who are these people...?!

Aroido Webstring: I don't know. Something tells me they're not with the Organization; but whoever they are, I don't think we can walk away from this one.

Eligor: Guess we'll have to fight these guys too. [cracks his knuckles]

Aroido Webstring: Normally I'd agree with that course of action, but now doesn't seem like a good time to pick a fight!

Solar: "Definitely does, seeing that they're all weak to Fire.."

[Hecate snorts out flames.]

Hecate: Excellent...

[Solar slashes Goldbrand at the ground and snaps his fingers, creating an explosion, covering the whole area in dust and smoke.]

[a thick mist is sprayed and mixes with the smoke, dissipating it steadily, a stun blast impacts the area. Esther's Limber ability prevents paralysis.]

Mi-24 Pilot: [loudspeaker] Keep your hands in the air! You are surrounded!

[5 Magnemite and 3 Beldum appear behind them]

Mi-24 Pilot: [loudspeaker] You will remain still until ordered to move!

Solar(?): "You can't talk to what you can't see...State your business..we haven't got all day..."

[The voice seems to be coming from just about everywhere..but it's noticeably the tone that Primal Solar has..]

[the mist finishes dissipating the smoke, the Seedot now slowly approach]

Mi-24 Pilot: [loudspeaker] The "business" will be stated shortly.

[2 Kabutops approach from the left and right sides as a CH-47 helicopter touches down]

Mi-24 Pilot: [loudspeaker] And to state this "business": when the doors open, all of you will walk into the rear passenger compartment.

Solar(?): "Suspicious as Hell...I like it...but not good enough..."

[Rose feels a sudden tug at the back of her coat.]

Rose: ?

[the helicopter doors slide open automatically] Mi-24 Pilot: [loudspeaker] Move.

[1 Kabutops and 3 Seedot motion them to go into the helicopter]

[Rose gets suddenly pulled over, a pistol pointed at her head, Solar's waiting there with red eyes and a malicious grin.]

Solar(?): "Tell us, or this b**** gets a date with a .65 caliber..."

Solar(?): (Telepathy to Rose; blocked from interception) 'Play along or so help me...!!'

Rose: *gasp* [Telepathy: "Okay.."]

Solar(?): "Make your choice, remain to be secretive, and I'll call you out just like I did with the Organization, as well as letting this tart die. Or reveal your motives and I come along peacefully.."

[a copper-coloured Magnemite approaches Solar]

?: [whispers] If you go to the helicopter, we can talk, but not out here.

[Solar smiles.] "That's more like it."

[Solar sheathes the handgun and walks in towards the helicopter, he motions his claws to his eyes, removing what seems to be red contacts and smiles at the others..]

[They realize that it was a ploy, but they keep straight faces.]

[Solar shrugs as he reaches into his pocket for something, only to see Rose has snatched it and is carrying it in her mouth.]

Solar: .... Aww....

Rose: ;3

[Xorack and Aroido walk slowly into the helicopter, escorted by 4 Seedot]

Mi-24 Pilot: [loudspeaker] That means the rest of you, too.

Konstantin: Are you sure we'll all fit...?

[a tin-coloured Magnemite rolls his eye]

?2: [whispers to Konstantin] It's a big helicopter. Of course you'll all fit.

Konstantin: If you say so..

[Solar bites onto the Vanilla bar and breaks off part of it, he chews and then swallows.]

Solar: "Sorry sweetheart, can't let you win this time."

Rose: [Mock sadness] Oh phooey.

Mi-24 Pilot: [comms] When everyone is aboard, begin takeoff procedures.

CH-47 Pilot: [comms] Yes sir.

Solar: "Hmhmhmhmhmhmhmhm~" [Solar lies down, his head resting on Rose's knees.]

[the copper-coloured Magnemite boards the helicopter and enters the rear passenger compartment, 2 Seedot guards stand at attention upon his entering the compartment]


?1: [tips helmet] Good evening. I hope you like the seats. You'd have to be really barmy to think that they're uncomfortable.

[The Hero of Treasure Town seems to have fallen aslumber...]

?2: How are the passengers?

?1: One of them drifted off.

?2: [looks over] He's asleep? Then I guess we should let him get his rest.

?1: Knowing what he went through, he could use the re-

CH-47 Pilot: [interior intercom] Everyone must be aboard before takeoff. Repeat: Everyone must be aboard before takeoff.

[Team Moonlight is already aboard. Jengi and a few of Team Captivate's members have just finished climbing aboard.]

[Despite the fact that the intercom went off and the blades are starting to whirl, the Purelava is still asleep.]

[the doors slide closed automatically]

?1: Say, aren't you the Sneak that the city had been chatting away about earlier? Well, you surely know how to make an entrance.

Jengi: Ehehe. I do what I can.

?2: We'll be taking off soon. 2 escort helicopters will cover us. [turns around] All of them are aboard.

CH-47 Pilot: [intercom] Everyone is confirmed aboard. We will begin takeoff shortly. [comms] We are taking off.

Mi-24 Pilot: [comms] Copy.

CH-47 Pilot: [intercom] All checks are cleared. We are taking off now.

[the CH-47 transport helicopter lifts off the ground and takes flight, the other helicopters (except for 2 MH-53Ms) fly away]

?2: We're in the air now. The passenger compartment is over here.

Lestat: Alright.

[The riot is still about, some can see outside dead knights, some knights crawling into alleys because of their wounds, and organization-supportant buildings being burned down, there's a ton of protesters outside the organization's well as the Guild HQ being rebuilt, statues of Wigglytuff and Chatot being erected for their honor. It pains the exploration members on board to see their former mentors, whom they now know is dead. Due to the guild's protest, and in return, being sacked..The statue of Solar is being rebuilt, and the statue of Rose, having been untouched (except for her claw holding Solar's paw).]

Eleanor: *sigh* It's so hard to believe that Wigglytuff's really dead...

Lunar: "He may have been able to Hyper Voice his way out of nearly anything...but..." ....

?2: The Organization does not show regret in any suffering they cause. I was told that in fact they see pride in and revel in even their worst plans and actions.

Lunar: "They do have pride in that, but that's because they're either truly evil or think that they're doing good. And they tell the people that. Anyone who knows their secrets, though, they hunt after, or they just give up if the person is too dangerous...but they don't care about anyone's suffering, even if it tempers with one's family ties, affiliations, or even....their....heart..." .....

[Lunar falls silent and closes his eyes.]

?1: No. From what has been seen, they actually enjoy making others suffer.

Lunar: ...

[Lunar holds his head, apparently the Organization did something to him too..]

Kailis: What's wrong, Mr. Moon?

[She doesn't seem to know his name, but automatically associates him with the moon and lunar energy.]

Lunar: "Just...Lopunny supported the organization, unlike Medicham and Gardevoir...we broke up after Solar made his escape from prison..."

[Kailis' eyes widen a bit and she covers her mouth with her paws.]

Kailis: Ohh...I-I'm so sorry.... <8C

[The other girls start to hear this as well.]

Solar: "Vat...?"

Rose: O_O

Tabitha: Oh dear...

Lunar: "She's probably off flaunting her beauty with someone else, I don't give a--"

[Kailis can't hear what Lunar's saying, Solar's covering her ears with his paws. The older members hear him perfectly fine, however, but don't seem to terribly mind his "French".]

Rose: I wish I knew where Medicham and Gardevoir are...

Solar: "They're probably holed up with Ryushu, and seeing those three are together, they'd possibly handle anything the Organization can throw at them, seeing they're all graduates, thus, stronger than Wigglytuff."

[Lunar moves away from the others a bit, only to bump into Astrid.]

Lunar: ?!

Astrid: ! [looks around] Huh?

Lunar: "Sssorry.."

[He appears to have bumped into her.]

Astrid: That's okay..

?2: If they're good at hiding, you won't find them so easily.

CH-47 Pilot: [intercom] We are about to land. Prepare to disembark when the doors open.

[the transport helicopter touches down at a cliffside landing pad]

Lunar (At Astrid): "Ever shot a gun before?"

Astrid: No, I haven't.

Lunar: "This might be your chance, then...Solar, where did you put the gun bag..?"

Solar: "Eins...zwei...drei...ugh..."

[Solar looks at the three backpacks...he opens the black one, before being shown up by Rose who opens the red one, the red one containing the guns.]

Solar (At himself): "Dummkoph..!!"

?1: [brushes off helmet] We all make mistakes. Don't worry about it, chap.

?2: As for guns, we're covered. [takes out an M2 carbine from his weapons case]

[Solar slides a sniper rifle to Astrid.]

Solar: "Seventy-five caliber, engraved bullets for explosion, that explosion compartment is on the right side of the barrel."

(Won't be around for the rest of the day, my Father decided to be an ass and say Oh you're not bringing your laptop over there. -Sol)

Xorack Stinger: Explosive bullets... I like the sound of that. [laughs maliciously]

[Astrid takes the rifle, examining it.]

Astrid: Ooh...

Solar: "Rose has a s--"

[He's interrupted by a missile, Rose has an anti-tank rifle sitting next to her. Solar flushes.]

Solar: "Hot damn..." o///o

Rose: *giggles*

[Solar goes silent a bit.]

Lunar: ...

?1: Charming. Just be careful with that.

CH-47 Pilot (Oberleutnant Bright): Sergeant Major Tin, show them to the entrance.

?2 (Sergeant Major Tin): Yes sir, Oberleutnant Bright!

[Then Team Aqua Fire stands in front of Sergeant Major Tin, Oberleutnant Bright and ?1]

Swimud: Halt! Beware, Organization-doers, cause you're just front of Team Aqua Fire! Your Organization is targeted by us as they badly harassed us!

[Team Moonlight stares at Team Aqua Fire from behind Deputy Tin, Oberleutnant Bright and ?1.]

Natashya: *flatly* What.

[Swimud noticed Team Moonlight]

Swimud: *Felt awkward* What the—Sorry for our mistake! *Get nearby to the team and Deputy Tin, Oberleutnant Bright and ?1* What are you planned for now?

Oberleutnant Bright: We are not part of the Organization as you may think, Swimud. Perhaps Warrant Officer Copper can show you to the entrance of this outpost.

?1 (Warrant Officer Copper): Alright. Follow me.

Solar: .... [Solar looks at Aqua Fire and facepalms.]

Warrant Officer Copper: ...this way, please.

Solar: "Gotcha."

[Copper and Tin hover to the doors, and open them]

Sergeant Major Tin: This is the outpost situated at Drenched Bluff. Of course, it's situated near this cliff, so if you decide to go back outside, watch your step, unless you float.

Swimud: Thanks for the advices. But what will do the Organization under your statement now?

Sergeant Major Tin: (confused) I couldn't understand what you said in the second sentence. Would you please repeat that?

Solar: ... [Solar whispers into Tin's audio receptor, it starts to chill him a bit.]

Sergeant Major Tin: ......Okay, now I understand... Now, if all of you will go inside.

Warrant Officer Copper: Yes, we have much to discuss.

Swimud: Alright then. [Aqua Fire gets inside]

[Solar just hesitates a moment.]

Warrant Officer Copper: Any reason you're waiting, Mr. Flare?

Solar: "I've got a real sketchy feeling about that team..."

Warrant Officer Copper: I've met Team Aqua Fire before. They can be a bit hasty, I understand that. Even such, they firmly believe in justice, especially Swimud.

Swimud: [Stays between the doors] Do you have anything against us, Solar?

Sergeant Major Tin: (firmly to Swimud) I said to go inside. We're not here to start fights with each other.

Solar: "That and you'd be picking a fight with the wrong guild.. (Clears his throat) What I mean by sketchy is that you are arousing my suspicion."

Warrant Officer Copper: Why does this have to be so difficult? [4 Magnemite approach them]

Solar: "Not my fault they're sketchy."

Warrant Officer Copper: It does not matter at this point. Sketchy as they are, we cannot risk losing them to the enemy. Now go inside. We have much to discuss, as I said before.

[Solar heads inside, but keeps his hand ready.]

Warrant Officer Copper: This is the entry hallway. Yes, it's a hallway, but if you chaps know your way around corridors, you won't get lost in hallways.

Lestat: We don't exactly live out in the wilderness, you know.

Warrant Officer Copper: Not my point, Lestat.

Sergeant Major Tin: A few refugees arrived here by chance, and they weren't too familiar with this place at first. They're on the floor below this one, in the recreational room. It was the first time this outpost received any refugees.

[Solar looks around.] "Pretty nice, reminds me of what Rose's home was when she told me about it, before that flood occurred..Think we'll find Kassendera here? If Veniterak survived that flood, then so did she.."

Sergeant Major Tin: Yes, what you say about them surviving is true. However, this place is well hidden, so she didn't even notice it.

Rose: mom isn't here...?

Sergeant Major Tin: Do you want her here? She is still somewhere in Drenched Bluff. We can arrange for a patrol to bring her here.

Solar: "What do you say, Rose?"

[Rose perks up at this, and eagerly nods.]

Rose: Yes, please!

[Solar nods, though looking a bit saddened for some reason..]

Sergeant Major Tin: Then it will be done. [turns to look at 3 Magnemite] You know what to do. [they salute and go into Drenched Bluff]

[Rose looks at Solar.]

Rose: Solar, what's wrong?

Solar: ..."I envy parents have been either missing or dead, most likely dead."

Rose: Oh...

Solar: "Yep, that's right, Ryushu isn't my true mother."

Oberleutnant Bright: That is yet to be confirmed. [2 Beldum fly over to Bright, and nod] My apologies, but I must attend an important matter. [hovers to the end of the entry hallway and approaches 2 sliding doors to the right, they open, then close after he passes through the doorway]

Solar: "You'll find no traces, Bright."

Warrant Officer Copper: I think you should tell him that when he returns, chap.

Solar: "I was just. Talking to myself."

Warrant Officer Copper: You were? Then, do forgive me for overhearing you, Flare. It's rather quiet in this hallway.

Solar: "It's just that my parents have been truly dead or missing, don't show their faces in public."

Warrant Officer Copper: Since it's still unconfirmed, there is a chance that they could be alive, and in hiding.

Sergeant Major Tin: He's right, Solar. It's too early to dismiss the possibility of them being alive, so don't assume the worst yet.

Solar: "How should you two know...!?"

[Solar looks up, his eyes starting to bloodshot, but he's calmed by a soothing grip and whisper from Rose.]

Sergeant Major Tin: Well, I do recall that Captain Iron told us that they may be alive.

(Ryu-We need something interesting to happen. And keep in mind that anyone can play the Orgo's knights.)
(Patience. The patrols are about to find Kassendera.)

[the comms whistles]

Sergeant Major Tin: Hold on. [responds to transmission] Yes? did? Then return here immediately. [shuts off comms] Rose, I have some good news.

[Rose looks up, ears perking.]

Rose: What is it...??

[Solar looks up in curiosity.]

Solar's thoughts: 'Please be Kass...please be Kass...'

Sergeant Major Tin: The patrols found Kassendera and they'll be back here with her in a few minutes.

Swimud: Good things! Let's be aware though, as our enemies will attack by surprise...

Sergeant Major Tin: You mean those attackers that ran away just as we arrived? [looks at Swimud] They were being quite a bunch of pests to you, I could see that, Swimud. [looks at Solar] They must have been scared off after being dealt a serious beating.

Warrant Officer Copper: Even if they did decide to attack you again, they'd have to face the West Aereonn Security Police first. And we are the West Aereonn Security Police.

Solar: "I'm pretty sure they're all focused on the riot right now..."

Sergeant Major Tin: They are a nasty bunch, aren't they?...


Oberleutnant Bright: [returns to the lobby] Sorry to keep you vaiting, Herr Flare. You're a member of the Vatchers, right?

Solar: "Mmmmhm..."

Oberleutnant Bright: It was brave of you to rescue Team Moonlight from those murderers. I commend you for that.

Swimud: Murderers, eh? If I saw them again I'll put them to jail! By the way, who's those murderers?

Sergeant Major Tin: We indicate The Organization. They are the murderers.

Warrant Officer Copper: The destroyer kings and bad bosses are nearly harmless compared to The Organization and the atrocities they committed and still commit...

Solar: "After all, they DID want to enslave Rose to being the seductress of the whole nation to force mainly the Male population to join their military, and women to be like the enslaved Rose, but thankfully that never happened...I betrayed the Organization to show their flaws, they preach peace yet tried to kill me, used my own girlfriend against me, and tore up our relationship, until we made up and she saved me...But when I found out about their plans..." ......

Warrant Officer Copper: They were alerted and tried to pop you off.

Patrol 4: Sir. [salutes] Sergeant Major Tin, we have returned and she is here as promised.

[2 Beedrill and 3 Magnemite enter the lobby hallway, Kassendera with them]

Sergeant Major Tin: Good work. Rose, here she is.

Rose: [Jumps up] M-Mother...!! [runs over to her]

Sergeant Major Tin: As promised.

Oberleutnant Bright: I concur, Tin. [an incoming transmission interrupts him] Hallo? ...Ja. Of course, Captain Iron... ...They are here with us. [pauses] Jawohl. We will be there. Oberleutnant Bright out. [turns off comms]

Part 7

[Solar would smile in envy, Rose's mother appears as a blood-red haired woman with piercing violet eyes, staring at her would normally give people the creeps, but that might be because she's, like Rose, a Tan'ari, it's tough to tell her species, but it's presumed she's a Skymin, though her fur and muzzle are more of a Ninetales', she smiled lightly, brushing through her daughter's hair. She would speak with a quiet, hushed tone. But it appears she's having some life assistance technology on her, mainly to help her breath, probably from sacrificing herself to save Rose, twelve years ago when she was six.]

???: "Lovely, it's been so good to see how much you've one of the continent's famous pleases me that you have the heart I would have..." [She would look at Solar.] " he...your..?"

[Rose looks over at Solar as well, smiling happily.]

Rose: Yes, he is.

Warrant Officer Copper: Oberleutnant, was that Captain Iron?

Oberleutnant Bright: Yes, and he has ordered us to be present at headquarters. And not just us... [turns around facing the others] ...therefore, when everyone is ready, we will go through the door across from the stairway, enter a small hallway, and then we will head to the holding station via teleport tiles. [turns to face Copper and Tin] The train will arrive by the time we're there.

Sergeant Major Tin: Yes sir!

[Solar would blink silently.]

???: "My my, the...shy type, isn't he..?"

Aroido Webstring: And exactly why would you say that?

???: "If I recall..I'm entitled to my opinion.."

Aroido Webstring: That wasn't the point. I was just asking why you think he's shy.

???: "Well, he's keeping silent and blinking." [As Rose's mother went on, Solar's cheeks start to blush.] "Oh~ And look, his cheeks are going rosy."

[She looks at Rose, having made a pun.]

[Xorack and Aroido look at each other and blink, then look back at her]

Xorack Stinger: I see.

???: Sounds like an intriguing conversation. [a (regular) Magneton shows up beside Copper]

Warrant Officer Copper: What are you doing up here? Weren't you down in the recreational room?

???: Yes I was, but this just sounds really interesting.

Oberleutnant Bright: You cannot just wander the lobby hallway. It is restricted...

???: I understand. Well, since I'm here, Oberleutnant, is there anything you'd like?

Oberleutnant Bright: Nein.

???: Not even a cup of cocoa?

Oberleutnant Bright: Not even a cup of cocoa, Herr Magneton.

??? (Rose's Mother): "There's....something...not right, though...isn't your mate pure, Lovely? There's no pure essence coming from him..."

[An impostor..!]

Oberleutnant Bright: [turns around] No pure essence?... [activates a switch that locks every door, window, and hatch]

Warrant Officer Copper: We were tricked! [glares]

[Xorack and Aroido draw their weapons]

Xorack Stinger: Now we know why he's been so quiet!

[Aroido sprays a Spider Web]

Sergeant Major Tin: You're under arrest, phony!

[Solar simply burns it with fire.]

Solar: "Open your god damn EYES!"

[Solar would glare at them with red eyes, it's obviously the side of Solar from the prison with the shadow aura.]

Sergeant Major Tin: Ah. [looks at Rose's mother skeptically] That is Solar, Kassendera. Sometimes, his aura can be masked.

Oberleutnant Bright: We apologise for the misunderstanding. Security measures. [deactivates the lockdown]

Aroido Webstring: [scratches head] Sorry about that...

Kassendera: "Oh.....woops...s-sorr--"

[Solar walks out, silently cursing, annoyed at the fact.]

Kassendera: "Ooooh..." [She gets a concerned look.]

[Xorack fumes and charges forward, only to be tackled to the floor by 3 Magnemite]

Sergeant Major Tin: Relax, Xorack. She didn't know. She just made a mistake, so you don't need to take out any frustration on her.

Lunar: "That, and I'm pretty sure Kass would kick your ass...If Rose is an excellent swordswoman, that must mean that Kass might've been too."

Oberleutnant Bright: Inheritance of skill...that seems very common.

??? (Magneton): Oberleutnant, are you sure you don't... [looks at Lunar] ...wait. I remember you...'re Lunar Flare, aren't you? [floats closer] It has been a long time since I have seen you and Solar around.

Lunar: "Five years..."

[He would blink, already looking ancient compared to Solar's youthly appearance...a loud thump is heard above.]

Sergeant Major Tin: Find out who's doing that.

Patrol 2: Yes sir! [goes outside]

??? (Magneton): Do you remember me?

[A cloaked person lands down, a tall one at that, drawing out a familiar golden katana (Solar's Goldbrand), albeit longer.] "..."

Oberleutnant Bright: What is the meaning of this sudden intrusion? [draws C96, then lowers it] ... Wait. You look familiar.

[A wound suddenly splits open on Solar's stomach, Lunar's neck is slit wide open.]

Solar: "Gkkt...!!"

[Rose lets out a gasp of horror and runs over to Solar. Lunar falls over, dead before he even could hit the ground...]

??? (Magneton): Lunar!!! [rushes to Lunar]

[Astrid runs in, just in time to see Lunar hit the floor.]

Astrid: Wha...?!

Warrant Officer Copper: My word! [rushes to Solar] That's an assassin! Are you okay?

Oberleutnant Bright: Ein Attentäter!! Erschieße ihn!

[the officers draw their weapons and fire on the figure]

[A bullet haze occurs, the figure has guns drawn..all of the bullets collide with the oncoming fire...time manipulation..]

Sergeant Major Tin: Subdue that murderer!

[the officers lash out with a Thunder Wave]

[All he does is absorb it.] "Thanks..." [He'd hit them all with a Supernova attack!]

??? (Magneton): [glares at the figure] Not so fast! [attacks him with Double-Edge]

[The opponent jumps on him.] "Yeah, that's right....Not so FAST!" [He jumps off of him, letting momentum take it's run, a large clock appearing underneath them all.]

Sergeant Major Tin: How does he do that?

Oberleutnant Bright: These types of attacks could only mean that the attacker is a traitor... [uses Swift]

[The 'Clock' shatters, freezing everyone's movement and their attacks.]

[the 2 Magnemite patrols return inside and attack the figure with Mirror Shot]

Patrol 2: Just you wait...there will be consequences for your actions.

[He counters it with a....Sunthrower!?] "Do I look like I give a flying s*** about it?"

Patrol 2: [notices the oddity] (((No one else is capable of...))) ...You traitor!!! [attacks with Magnet Bomb]

[The opposition gets hit.] "Enough! I grow tired of this!"

[He fades then reappears behind them, the ground under them's apparent he slashed it with manipulation of time and used the Katana's Mageto to the advantage. Natashya, Lestat, Hezurrak and Morgana (under the temporary guise of a Shiny Swampire) fly above the explosion, while the other members of Team Moonlight jump the best they can. Rose draws Northern Star, looking frighteningly furious.]

'Rose: You...son of a b****...!!

..."You don't really want to hurt me..."

[The man lowers his cloak, revealing to be Solar, albeit older (As old as his current chronologic age), holding scars from the storm, his right eye slashed over grotesquely.] "Do you...?"

[She stops, looking both horrified and shocked.]

Rose: Why...?! Why would you do this, Solar...?!

[Solar would pause.] "Are you HONESTLY that dull!? Look! I'm not fading! What does this POSSIBLY mean!?"

"You didn't have to ATTACK your present self!!"

...[His eyes turn crimson red and go to tears.] "It's a fake! A phony! You've been going with a masquerade! Why are you like this!? Couldn't you see there was no pure essence!?"

"Then why did Lunar die...?! If that wasn't the real Solar, he shouldn't have been affected by the fake getting attacked...!"

"Lunar's a demon, a simple neck slit won't kill him, that person was a mere fragment of the other..."

[Astrid looks up at this; she had been kneeling over "Lunar's" body, distraught. Rose, meanwhile, says nothing. She merely looks down, still somewhat in shock over the fact that she had been played for a fool by the imposter.]

(Sorry, back.)

Solar(?): "RAAAAAGH!"

[The real Solar slices him down easily.] "Amateur!" [He collapses, revealing his true form, a shadow-colored Ditto, the real Solar walks up to Rose and hugs her tightly.]

Solar (Softly; contrasting to what Rose said to him when he was younger): "It's okay...everything's fine, have me.."

Rose: [Hugs back] I-I can't believe I didn't know the difference...!

"It's okay, Rosie..."

[Kassendera walks over.] "So my suspicions were right....Lovely, you should listen to's okay, they're already dead..."

Warrant Officer Copper: Unbelievable...both of them were impostors, after all...

??? (Magneton): Both of them were fakes. How did we fall for this?

Warrant Officer Copper: [turns to look at the Magneton] Well you must admit that it was a well planned charade. All this time we were tricked.

[Solar stands up.] "Now....

[He glares at Magneton, Copper, and the Patrols.] I believe I deserve an apology..." - -'

Oberleutnant Bright: Forgive us for misjudging you, Solar.

??? (Magneton): They had us practically blind to their deception.

Warrant Officer Copper: Do understand that we were deceived by them.

Sergeant Major Tin: We are sorry that we didn't see through their ploy.

[Solar would smirk and nod.] Hm.

[He looked towards Rose, his right eye still slashed over..Medical assistance would be of need, but most likely he'd refuse it.]

??? (Magneton): The poor thing looks like he's hurt.

Patrol 2: What do you mean?

??? (Magneton): You see his eye?

Sergeant Major Tin: You there, help him out.

Patrol 1: Yes sir! [hovers over to Solar]

[Solar puts a paw to Patrol 1.] "No, let it heal in time."

Patrol 1: But sir, I-

Sergeant Major Tin: He said to let it heal in time. If he wants it to heal on its own, we will allow it.

Patrol 1: Yes sir.

[Lestat sits down, rubbing his brow and sighing.]

Lestat: If our enemies went to such lengths to deceive us, we won't know what they could be planning next.

??? (Magneton): There are other reasons as why they would do that. Don't you think they may have been trying to discredit Solar and Lunar, as well as trying to turn everyone against them?

Lestat: Most likely, yes...

Solar: "That Ditto actually did some of my work for me."

[Solar glares at the Ditto, his eyes flashing red and gaining a shadowy aura..he steps on its back.] "And where the Hell do you think YOU'RE GOING!?"

???: "P-please, spare me..!"

Solar (Red-eyes): "I can't HEAR YOU!"

[He presses on the Ditto's back with his foot, he starts to scream in pain.]

Oberleutnant Bright: Warte! Hold everything. [looks at Patrols 1 and 2] Both of you float guard here. [hovers to the end of the entry hallway and enters through the doorway to the right with Copper and Tin while Patrols 1 and 2 guard the Ditto]

??? (Magneton): I should punish you right now, you sneaky little slime ball.

Patrol 2: You will wait, Magneton.

Magneton Sr: Sorry.

[The red-eyed Solar is held back by Lestat, Astrid, and Rose.] "Let me at him! I want to cut him in pieces, torch those pieces, and then send them to Hell where--." [He gets his mouth cupped by Rose, obviously the fear of him being too vulgar. Magneton Sr covers the screws on his heads while this is happening.]

Magneton Sr: Right...

Patrol 1: ............

Patrol 2: ............

[Patrols 1 and 2 appear stunned as if they almost knew what Solar was trying to say]

Solar (Red-eyes): "(Muffling curses about what'd happen to Ditto)"

[Patrols 1 and 2 look at each other in shock]

Patrol 1: (together) Unbelievable...

Patrol 2: (together) Unbelievable...

Eligor: Tch, that little slime-ball deserves it.

Belphoebe: Eligor!

Eligor: What?

[Solar starts to foam at the mouth as if having a rabid desire to mutilate it.]

[Bright, Copper, and Tin return, surrounding the Ditto]

Oberleutnant Bright: We just received direct orders...

Magneton Sr: (taken aback) Direct orders?

Oberleutnant Bright: That's correct. [glares at it]

Aroido Webstring: Allow me to take care of this. [sprays the Ditto with Spider Web]

Xorack Stinger: Nice shot, Aroido!

Oberleutnant Bright: You are under arrest for conspiracy, deception, and malicious impersonation.

???: "(Shivering groan sound)"

Solar (Red-eyes): "(Growling and snarling) Let me at him! Let me at him!"

Warrant Officer Copper: Mr. Flare, calm down. [whispers in his ear] What they have in mind for the criminal will be more difficult on it than you would think.

[Solar would calm...his mouth would spread into a grim smile.] "Oh~?"

Warrant Officer Copper: None of these heinous acts go unpunished.

Oberleutnant Bright: And I must mention the last charge: [narrows his glare] Treason.

[the patrols drag the Ditto to the end of the lobby hallway, where 2 other Magnemite approach (they have a dark slate grey complexion) and grab the Ditto with a tight hold]

6? (first dark slate grey Magnemite): Good evening.

[they enter a doorway to the corner right, and the doors close]

Patrol 1: (nervous) Good e-evening.

6?: M.A.I.S.P.O.D.. We are here to take the prisoner away. [glares at the Ditto]

Patrol 2: But the prisoner is a Ditto.

M.A.I.S.P.O.D. Officer 1: Relax. [floats over to Patrol 2 and quietly whispers] We have been implanted with a device that prevents any shapeshifting prisoners such as this Ditto from transforming. [moves the Ditto through another room to a station where an armoured hovertrain awaits departure and goes aboard with it]

Patrol 1: I really wish that that Ditto was on our side.

M.A.I.S.P.O.D. Officer 2 (second dark slate grey Magnemite): [whispers closely to Patrol 1] Don't we all?... [boards the hovertrain]

Patrol 2: What did he say? [watches the hovertrain leave]

Patrol 1: Nothing. Just a bit of advice.

[the patrols return to the lobby hallway]

Patrol 1: Sergeant Major Tin? [nods to indicate the task being finished]

Sergeant Major Tin: Good.

Warrant Officer Copper: Mr. Flare, it has been taken care of. [moves to the right and looks to the end of the hallway, even though no one is there] They are quick little chaps.

Oberleutnant Bright: Aren't they, Copper?

Solar: "Excellent..." [Solar maintained his grim grin.]

Xorack Stinger: Wherever they're taking it, I hope it involves scaring it out of its wits! [laughs maliciously]

Oberleutnant Bright: [looks at arrival timer, muttering] 5 minutes until the train arrives.

Magneton Sr: I'm sure they will, Xorack. Now calm down.

Xorack Stinger: Right...heh heh...

Sergeant Major Tin: I think we should get ready for the train's arrival.

[Solar shrugs.] "I've no worry towards time...though..." [He digged into his coat pocket, bringing out a few blue-green shards..] "I wish I could rewind a few things.."

(Flashback; Treasure City Prison)

Solar: "I'm getting out, Rose. I will not hesitate to gut you if you stand in my way..."

[Solar glared at Rose, who's wearing her Knight Warden uniform, excluding the helmet, who has Northern Star drawn as a precaution.] "Lay her down. Rose..I'm serious." [He pointed Goldbrand at her.]

Part 8

(Back in the lobby hallway)

Sergeant Major Tin: I... ...I suggest we get our equipment together immediately. [looks to the patrols] Both of you head to the station!

[Patrols 1 and 2 salute and go down the corridors to the station]

Warrant Officer Copper: Mr. Flare, come with me. There is something I want to show you, and I think you may like what you're going to see. [floats next to the left wall, nothing in sight, yet]

Solar: "Ni."

Warrant Officer Copper: Relax, chap. It will not be a waste of time.


Warrant Officer Copper: Why do you give such an answer?

"I see no reason to do parents are dead. And they've been tell the truth...I honestly hate them."

[Solar...hates his parents..?]

Warrant Officer Copper: I see. I won't ask why. They must have given you a lot of trouble, and I'm willing to leave the details at that.

Swimud: [Arrives from behind along with his team] You killed your parent, Solar!? It is reasonable?

Warrant Officer Copper: He never said that... [slowly turns around to sternly look at Swimud]

Solar: "You're a fool to jump to conclusions."


Sergeant Major Tin: (teasing Swimud) What's the matter? Are the waters really chilly back home? Is that why you jump to conclusions so quickly? [fakes shivering with both sound and movement]

[2 Magnemite float past them, 1 of them briefly passing a glance at Tin]

Swimud: [Angered] HECK NO!! [Shakes Tin] I may not clean my ears since a month...I might misunderstood.

[Copper sees this and pulls Swimud away from Tin]

Warrant Officer Copper: Most improper! I know you're mad, but restrain yourself from attacking an officer!

[Solar sneered.] "People kill others; it's a f***in' way of life. It may not look like it, but our little princess here, is a Grandmastress Assassin, and she's killed a lot of people." [He lets off an icy glare at Rosaline.] "However, I did not kill my parents. Even though I would if I got the chance, and if you don't have the balls to accept it." [Solar unsheathes his Katanae pointing it at Swimud and Rose.] "Then I'm right here." [Lunar tries to swipe his axe at Solar, only managing to graze him.] "And you, I wish to have my POWER back!" [The two get into a fight, it would seem rather dangerous to intervene.]

[Sergeant Major Tin imitates a whistle with Supersonic, and 4 Magnemite hurry over]

[It would end with Solar being impaled to the wall, who, in return, shoots Lunar in the head, the helmet would shatter as Solar's holding a new firearm, which seems to be longer than Smite, and lacks the golden wings.] "...That's the end of that."

Sergeant Major Tin: "Enough!"

Warrant Officer Copper: "Save the fighting for our enemies, not each other! Infighting is completely unnecessary and-"

Oberleutnant Bright: "Achtung! The train is here!"

[Team Strike is seen walking towards the group]

Thai: "What brings you lot to the station? Need anything?"

Garchomp: "We need something to do."

Dragonfly: "So bored!"

Warrant Officer Copper: "Team Strike? I say, you arrived just in time."

Sergeant Major Tin: "But how did you know where to find us and this outpost?"

Thai: "We just stumble in at the right time smetimes."

Dragonfly: "It's tradition!"

Oberleutnant Bright: "Well, anyway, I was informed by Captain Iron that we are to be present at headquarters as soon as possible. That is why the hovertrain has arrived."

[Lunar would lie dead, Solar popping more and more rounds in, right in front of Team Captivate and Team Charm, as well as the others, Solar would glow with a purple energy.]

[the 4 Magnemite generate a combined magnetic field to block the exchange]

[He then fires a light elemental shot as the last one.]

[another Magnemite activates Light Screen and takes the shot, receiving heavy injury and falling to the ground. 2 others carefully move the wounded officer out of the hallway.]

Sergeant Major Tin: "He needs to recover as soon as possible. The train is already here."

Patrol 3: "Yes sir."

Oberleutnant Bright: "Enough of the infighting!"

Solar: "He's dead now.."

Warrant Officer Copper: "Well, there was really no need to kill him."

[Solar snickers and sneers.] "Oh? He has something in my possession anyways."

Sergeant Major Tin: "Nothing can be achieved from that."

Warrant Officer Copper: "It only shows a bleeding lack of restraint from both you and Lunar."

[Solar's eyes now turn a purplish hue.] " 'Restraint'? What is 'restraint'? None of us here know it, including you, Warrant Officer. We all may not exist right now, even though we're talking to each other, because it's how we perceive reality, Lunar was never real to begin with."

Warrant Officer Copper: "...Well, regardless of the case, Mr. Flare, my fellow officers and I have always held you in high esteem. That officer stepped in because we did not want either of you getting killed." [glances for 2 seconds at Oberleutnant Bright and Magneton Sr boarding the hovertrain, then looks back at Solar] "You're too important to everyone to perish. Please do understand that..." [turns to float to the hovertrain]

[Solar sighs.] "SNAFU; Situation Normal, All Fucked Up." [He smiles at Lunar's now faded corpse, oh my, he avoided the censor, didn't he?]

(Did you notcie that Solar and Lunar aren't in the character section?)

Thai: "Have you people seen Team HydroShock lately?"

Garchomp: "Or The Dialgas?"

Dragonfly: "When do we leave?"

Shark: "Better yet, when do we eat?"

[The other members roll their eyes]

Charade: "Shark...really? You have a backpack with food in it."

Storm: "Duh."

Sergeant Major Tin: [shakes head] "This way, please."

Aroido Webstring: "Right." [sighs as he and Xorack board the train]

Thai: "Let's go."

[Team Strike boards the train, as Team HydroShock runs up, yelling "WAAAAAAAAIIIT!!", and then they board]

Sergeant Major Tin: "Team Hy-" [spins from them running right past him] "-droshock! Go on ahead."

(They are, actually, as 'The Watchers')

[Solar looks, annoyed by the loud yelling.]

Patrol 3: "And that should do it."

Patrol 10: "Good. Now let's go." [boards the train with the other 4 patrols]

Sergeant Major Tin: "Now, as soon as we get the others on board, we can leave."

Mmmmmmhm... [Solar lights a smoke, his eyes still purple.]

[Sergeant Major Tin notices this, and seeing this along with the previous fight gives him a feeling of suspicion. He proceeds to speak with Team Aqua Fire]

Sergeant Major Tin: "Swimud, get your team together. It's time to get on board the train."

[Solar whispers to Tin.] "So why do we have them with? I understand why we need everyone we can get, but why a kid who assumed that I murdered my own parents?" [Solar blows off smoke to the side, the smoke being converted to steam due to the initial light alignment.]

Sergeant Major Tin: [whispers to Solar in turn] "I know that this mudfish can be quick to assume, but he has a strong sense of justice." [shifts eye around] "And those with a strong sense of justice can be strong allies. Besides, Captain Iron is hoping to see many arrive from the hovertrain."

"Those with a strong sense of justice can be blinded.." [He narrows his eyes at Team Captivate.]

Sergeant Major Tin: "I can understand that. Still, there are some with a strong sense of justice that aren't blind to the truth." [motions for 3 officers to escort Team Aqua Fire on board the train, and they do so, while he motions for the other 2 officers to escort Team Captivate on board as well]

Patrol 8: "Team Captivate, it's time to get on board the train."

[Rose nods.]

Rose: Right. Let's go.

Sergeant Major Tin: Alright. This way.

Solar: "..."

Rose: .....? Solar...?

Patrol 8: No time to wait. This way.

Rose: [Nods] Right.

Solar: "......" [He's leaning on his wakizashi, though Rose can recognize that he clearly has that look.]

Rose: ........

Solar: "..."

[Rose decides to break the tension a bit.]

Rose: So, uhh...[looks at Patrol 8] How long until we get there?

Solar: " long..? I thirst..."

Patrol 8: (ignoring the questions) You have to get on board the train so we can leave.


[He gets on, then waits again. Team Captivate and Team Moonlight are silent.]

Solar: [Glaring at Swimud.]

"From now on, call me Solstice."

[Astrid still seems upset at Lunar's death.]

Solstice: "......Look; he's still here."

Astrid: [Looks up] He...he is...?

Magneton Sr: So did everyone get on board?

Warrant Officer Copper: You would have to ask Tin that. He's making sure that they do.

Solstice: "In me. Lunar was never his own person."

[Astrid looks quite surprised at this.]

Astrid: Really? Was he a sort of effigy then?

Sergeant Major Tin: Make sure the rest are on board.

Patrol 8: Yes, sir. Okay, everyone should be on right now.

Swimud: (Look at Solstice) I am sorry about what I was doing. We should not fight unless you or we prefer to become a traitor. Don't abuse us mentally though.

[It's still that look.]

Burner: Uh... Bud...I got a terrible feeling about this...

Swimud: What do you mean-!! My skins...It is...shaking...

[Other Aqua Blast (Aqua Fire's new name) members' skin are also shaking except of Karote but his belt does.]

Karote: What is happening!?

Queenia: I have no idea...I think that someone have a terrible aura...

Frostia: It is enemies incoming!?

Aroido Webstring: What?

Xorack Stinger: What do you mean? Is someone trying to annoy us?!

Eligor: Maybe we'll get the chance for a proper battle now.

[But Rose knows what it is...she looks as Solstice, worried.]

Solstice: "..."

[Rose can sense something... pure hate...]

Swimud: Oh dear...Something bad is coming...It must be devillish foes incoming...Stay alarmed!

Solstice: "What are you all talking about?"

[He looks flatly.]

Rose: .........

[She doesn't know what to do in this situation.]

Solstice: "Sa~nzu no Kawa~"

Swimud: Wait a minute...Rose, what is he saying?

Rose: Uhh...

[She looks rather he saying what she thinks he's saying...?]

Solstice: "Sa~nzu no Kawa~ 'ne~"

Oberleutnant Bright: Prepare for immediate departure.

Sergeant Major Tin: Yes sir. We are preparing for immediate departure.

Xorack Stinger: It's about time.

Aroido Webstring: My thoughts, too.

Swimud: Good...I hope that things get better...espeacilly for Solstice.

[Team Aqua Blast leaves without problems]

Solstice: "Sa~nzu no Kawa, anata de Makai 'ne~"

Warrant Officer Copper: Alright.

Sergeant Major Tin: We're ready.

Oberleutnant Bright: Then departure from the station begins now.

[the hovertrain departs from the Drenched Bluff outpost]

[He (Solstice) would raise seemingly a new katana over his back, of a bright blue luster, he stretches and then places it at the ready, the blunt side resting on his right shoulder.]

"I'm not gonna make any doubts that at least some'll be waiting for us.."

Sergeant Major Tin: Captain Iron is the one waiting for us.

Warrant Officer Copper: He expects us all to be present.

Swimud: Good, our ground-scouting did also goes very well.

(They actually really does ground scouting since they left before the departure, and destroyed Anti-Air enemies and vehicles that aimed the transporter with Solstice and others, but Frostia had recently yelps in disgust.)

Frostia: All of this war makes me sick!

Swimud: [Noticed Frostia conplaining] I know how much you dislike this, dear...but we are in a war, and si tu veux la paix, prépare la guerre. This is chaotic but we are not alway lawful, especially when we fight...

Solstice: "..."

[He lets out a short whistle tone.]

Sergeant Major Tin: It sounds like someone already tried to attack us....

Warrant Officer Copper: We will not be covered by the terrain much longer.

Oberleutnant Bright: The cloaking device has activated.

[The hovertrain disappears from sight just as it goes into the open.]

(Ryu-We need something exciting to happen :U)
(On it..)

[Men dressed in black, red, and gold arrive with seemingly military grade weaponry, they load and cock their weapons.]

??? (Operative): "Don't shoot; friendly, friendly!"

[Despite being friendly, they have their weapons still out and upon the ready, most of them holding SMGs and Assault Rifles, having a knife on the shoulder or a sword at the side.]

??? (Operative 2): "Breach Team, UP-o-t-E! Friendly!"

Sergeant Major Tin: What...just what's going on here?

Warrant Officer Copper: Who gave you permission to board?

Solstice: "I did.."

Rose: [Looks at Solstice] You did?

Solstice: "I did."

Eleanor: least they're friendly.

Solstice: "Be aware that they're advised to retaliate upon attacks unless apologized to."

Eleanor: Well then, it's best to not attack them.

UPotE Operative 1: "...."

[He has his SMG at the ready, though has trigger safety. Eleanor stares at the operative, unblinking.]

Eleanor: We're not your enemies.

UPotE Operative 1: "Just. In. Case. I'm on your side, but I need to see if you're on mine just yet.."

[The Slowqueen crosses her arms.]

Eleanor: Very well..

UPotE Operative 2: "...." [They move on outside, those outside didn't hear the conversation a whole lot safe for them saying 'friendly'. And that was it. They look about, weapons raised and ready.]

Xorack Stinger: Armed and ready, aren't we?

Warrant Officer Copper: [turns to look at Xorack] Do settle down.

UPotE Operatives: "..."

Sergeant Major Tin: Don't mind him. He's just being impatient from waiting so long.

[They resume taking point, passing Swimud and his team.]

Swimud: Hey, don't leave anyone behind without warning.

[The team are armed with Stealth Rocks and Geyser Bombs as well with a rifle filled with Blast Seeds]

Swimud: Just in case of these new "allies" making ruses.

Solstice: "Talk of paranoia, that strong sense of Justice making you afraid of us free people?"

Swimud: Nay. Beside, you're going to become paranoia soon if you prefer to kill all of us!

Sergeant Major Tin: Not again...

Solstice: "I would've done it already since I can easily do just no, I'm not paranoid, just more of choosing whom to trust and whom not to. Then again, a Lawful like you would fail to see that reason."

Swimud: Excuse me but those Magnemite are also lawful. If you don't trust us, try to kill me, I dare ya! (Turns at Tin) And as of you, you're not able to change Solstice so easily! He is saying that killing is part of life and even tried to menace me and Ro--

Burner: Swimud, shuddup! Don't lose your cool! It's not like--

[A bulletshaped gadget had quietly on Solstice and started to drain it's energy, but because of his pure hate, it started to get out of control and immobolize [he can still talk and crawl], as well as keeping from absorbing energies. Any Non-Electric Type as well as Ground-Type cannot approach as it will result a pushing forcefield.]

Swimud: Whoa--

Karote: What in the world is this!?

Gadget voicebox: *Beep!* Unknown energy absorbed. Out of control. Self-destruct starts in 5 minutes. *Beep!*

[While the self-destruct will not be fatal, it will causes huge problems for them as it will let enemies to locate them. The shadowed Blaziken, who had fired the gadget, had fleed but was seen by Quenia]

Quenia: Follow that Blaziken!

[Team Aqua Fire chases the mysterious Blaziken]

Gadget voicebox: *Beep!* Four minutes thirty seconds left. *Beep!*

Sergeant Major Tin: Get that intruder!

[Patrols 3 and 8 chase after the Blaziken, shock pistols firing]

Oberleutnant Bright: We cannot allow the train to be compromised! Stop that intruder!

[One of the soldiers gives Solstice a Panacea bottle, which cures the Paralysis, he takes it off and throws it at the Blaziken with seemingly hellish force.]

Solstice: "Wanna try that again cocksucker!?"

[His eyes turn to a different pupil shape, tracking the Blaziken's life, that probably explains the Hellish throw..]

[But it turns out to be a Robo-Pokémon, made by the an unknown person. This one is a Robo-Blaziken and finally reveals itself.]

Robo-Blaziken: Surrender enemies. Or else you will face the our wraith. Beep!

??? [Actually multiples]: Beep! Beep-Beep! Kzz!

[The train had been stopped by Robo-Rhyperiors by using Earthquake to lift a groundwall. Fortunately the train can take no damage from this. An Army of Robo-Excadrills comes aboard and attack them with Drill Run]

(Sam; did you have permission to play as the Organization? e e)
(Furthermore, it is impossible for The Organization to find a cloaked hovertrain.)
(The Organizations have actual soldiers, too. :T)
(Also, The Organization thinks the Watchers and the other teams were arrested by the police, so no soldiers would have attacked the train in the first place, even if the hovertrain was visible.)
(I think all of this recent rulebreaking, after all, I did ignore and recover an autohit and all, is not out of your Roleplaying.)
It's to kill Solstice, isn't it?)
(Ryu-I DID give everyone permission to play as the Orgo's forces. But I kinda feel like Sam is auto-hitting.)
(We should redo those last few lines, because it does not make sense for The Organization to attack the train when they think the Watchers and the other teams have been arrested by the police; and furthermore, they cannot see an invisible hovertrain.)

[Solstice simply puts a bullet in the Robo-Blaziken's head as he continues to tell them to surrender (Which obviously left him open in the field of battle), due to the sun silver being more resilient than your average metal.] "Shut the fuck up. What, are they trying to 'sell' you to us?"

Oberleutnant Bright: (((Oh no. That earlier breach had caused the cloaking device to malfunction...)))

Warrant Officer Copper: What is the meaning of this?!

Sergeant Major Tin: Where did they come from?

(Sam: Since I break some rules I decided to give my team serious injuries)

Swimud: Grrr...Darn those robots...

[Patrols 1, 2, and 10 fire at the attacking robots]

Oberleutnant Bright: Sie erschießen!

[2 of Bright's officers get into position and fire at the robots]

Solstice: "Shuuto! Korosu!"

[The operatives of the UPE start to fire.]

Whitebot Blaziken: For Vitalight! (By the way she is my fanmade Pokémon)

Karote: That...that Monster of the Law?! I'll show her!!

[The Sawk is enraged by this, and ate a Sitrus Berry to heal himself, and destroyed the Whitebot Blaziken with Close Combat and expelted the Whitebot Excadrill with Fire Punches. Multiple Whitebot Beedrill appears and are set to attack him with Twineedle but he resisted]

Karote: Don't let them to harm my teammates!

Solstice: "Shinu!"

[He threw a bag of bullets in the air and shot the tie off, bullets now rain down, not that harmful, but hitting friend and foe alike, mostly foe.]

Sergeant Major Tin: Alright. Now, scrap them!

[Patrols 3, 8, and 11 attack the group of Whitebot Beedrill with Flash Cannon]

[The Whitebot Beedrill got destroyed by both attack, but Swimud and other injured members are even more damaged thanks to Solstice's bullet rain attack, but Karote stayed trustful and confident]

Karote: I'll take cares of my friends. Stay on our position however, because more Whitebots will comes!

Sergeant Major Tin: Well, we can't keep Captain Iron waiting for too long.

Oberleutnant Bright: If there are any Whitebots left, destroy them. We have to secure the train.

[Solstice raises his paw up, ready to snap.]

Karote: Okay officers, join him before he'll ring up from impatience.

Swimud: Whew... Thanks for healing us. Now let's take on the rest of Whitebots...but they will bring more powerful ones. They might even bring a Legendary-Whitebot...

Warrant Officer Copper: Then we must fight them off before they do bring such a Whitebot.

Solstice: "Destruction!"

[He snaps his paws, the bullets glow.]

[Whitebots Greninja, Gyarados and Mega Heracross jumped in, noticing the glowing bullets]

Whitebot Gyarados: What the Golduck!?

Quenia: Watch your mouth, you brute!

Warrant Officer Copper: And there they are.

Sergeant Major Tin: Stop them.

[Patrols 3, 8, 10, and 11 use Thunder Wave on them]

Solstice: "You just set up my trap card!"

[The bullets explode, covering a mass of the battlefield in a fiery and electrical explosion, the UPE operatives take cover.]

[The Team Aqua Blast are fainted because of this, and the three Whitebots are destroyed]

Patrol 8: All systems have been repaired.

Oberleutnant Bright: Resume course! Schnell!

[The hovertrain once more disappears and continues its course]

[However, a Whitebot Kyurem, who is outside, growls and let it go, while he approach slowly and carefully.]

(The hovertrain is now completely invisible, so it will be impossible to intercept it.)

Oberleutnant Bright: The cloaking device is active again. However, the hovertrain seems to be taking us a different direction.

Sergeant Major Tin: What?

Warrant Officer Copper: The intended route has been cut off, so it's taking a different path to headquarters.

Sergeant Major Tin: Don't want to delay Captain Iron any longer.

Swimud: Woah ho...You did so well Solstice. That will teach those darn Whitebots...[give glance at the Magnemite] But Vitalight will not stop now, and it is not just Solstice as their highest target.

Rose: Really? Who else is of such high priority to them?

[Solstice and the UPE still remain behind, having gotten off and never have gotten back on, he throws a molotov at the Kyurem.]

Sergeant Major Tin: Swimud, with what we've seen from them, those terrorists are dangerous.

Warrant Officer Copper: This is of high significance. Vitalight and those Whitebots could pose a threat if left unchecked.

[The molotov explodes, lighting the Kyurem. But the Whitebot Kyurem remains stable, yet confused since the hovertrain is not seen, so he set up a Hail and teleported back to it's base]

"..." [He puts on his hat so the hail bounces off of it, it's wider brimmed now, and it's also black, along with it having a white ribbon.]

Tabitha: Well, now what?

??? (Mega Blastoise with Scottish Accent): "Well, Solar's out there fighting whitebots, perhaps trying to sate his bloodlust. Missy should've went to." [He looked at Rose, his shell is painted red and black, with the edges being golden, his skin is seemingly painted black, his main cannon seems to have been replaced with a railgun, and his hand cannons seem to have been replaced with what seems to be steaming water rifles.]

Rose: [Looks up at the Mega Blastoise] I know you?

Warrant Officer Copper: Well, we need Mr. Flare on board.

Sergeant Major Tin: He's extremely important to us, to all of us.

???: "Trust me, going after him during a fight is the worst way to pitch his mood."

[He (The Mega Blastoise) looks at Rose.] "No, you don't, my name is Lexington."

Rose: I see. It's nice to meet you, Lexington.

[He nodded.] "Aye...and you must be Maiden Valentine.."

"Yes, I am."

Lexington: "The Hell's a lass like you doing here? Aren't you Organization?"

[Hie railgun lowered, aimed at Rose's face as a precaution.]

[She frowns.]

Rose: Not anymore.

Warrant Officer Copper: Lexington, at this point, I see no reason to point that cannon at her.

Sergeant Major Tin: She's with us now.

[Rose stares impassively at the railgun.]

Rose: They're right, you know.

[It raises up.] "...Alright; lass, but I'll keep an eye on you.."

Oberleutnant Bright: There is another reason. The expected arrivals at Drenched Bluff must come with us to headquarters.

Sergeant Major Tin: Those were the orders.

(Ryu-So, what now?)

Warrant Officer Copper: This alternate route will take us a bit longer to reach headquarters, but not too long.

[within the explained time the hovertrain arrives at the station at Security Police headquarters]

Kailis: Oh! The trained stopped! [she jumps up]

[the hovertrain doors open to reveal an enclosed station with automatic doors leading to the entrance of headquarters, guarded by four Beedrill as a Magnemite approaches and salutes]

Oberleutnant Bright: [returns salute] I apologise for being late, but we were attacked. We are all here now, though... ...well, except for Herr Flare.

Officer: What happened to him?

Sergeant Major Tin: He stayed behind to hold off the attackers.

Officer: Let's hope he gets here soon.

Warrant Officer Copper: Okay, chaps. Let's go.

[the officers get off the hovertrain]

Xorack Stinger: Come on, Aroido.

[they both get off the train. Team Captivate and Team Moonlight exit the train as well.]

Part 9

[Meanwhile, the United Partisans and Solar are still fighting the Whitebots, both sides taking casualties, as it would appear.]

[The Claydol Whitebots had surrounded them, charing a combination of Solar Beam and Focus Blast]

Whitebots (Claydol): Surrender fools!

[Quenia, being in the hover, had sent her multiple Attack Order Combee to attack those Claydol)

Attack Order Combee #1: Charge! (Uses Feeler Sting)

Attack Order Combee #2: Heee-ya-ya-ya!! (Uses Bug Bite)

[The Claydol got distracted by these attacks. Meanwhile, Whitebots of Magmortar and Aurorus attack from distance with Flamethrower and Freeze-Dry, respectively.]

[Solar responded by taking most of the solar beams, using the types to his advantage, he then whisks out a clockwise slice of dark energy, whiplashing a maelstrom at the incoming attacks and the Claydol, the Partisans are now at 1/4th of their fighting strength, safe for Solar, who still seems to be in optimal condition.] "Die die die die DIE!"

(Ryu-Should I have one of my other teams join in to help Solar and the others?)
(CL-We need to keep this active.)
(Ryu-Well then, I'll enter Team Clairvoyance.)

???: Did somebody yell die?!

[Out of nowhere, a blur dashes towards the Whitebot Claydol, a blade of grass trailing in its wake; it aimed to strike the Claydol with Leaf Blade.]

[The Claydol got defeated by the Leaf Blade]

Whitebot Claydol: RAAH!!

[Solar grins a bit, clutching his arm.] "Whoever's there has my thanks."

[But the Whitebots of Magmortar and Aurorus kept from attacking with different attacks of Fire Blast and Focus Blast (from Magmortar), Blizzard and Rock Slide (from Aurorus), respectively. Meanwhile, the blur skids to a halt, showing to be a Gallade wearing a pink ascot, signifying that he is a member of Team Clairvoyance. The Whitebot Magmortar tries to shoot at that Gallade with Signal Beams]

[The Gallade grinned.]

Gallade: No problem at a-[being distracted, he was hit by the Signal Beam attack, and was sent flying back a bit] Gah!!

[Solar used his speed to evade a majority of the attacks, safe for flinging himself in front of the fire blasts to initiate Flash Fire to up his special attack, his presence melted most of the Blizzard into water, making the ground damp and using the water to his advantage, splashing everyone, ally and foe alike..]

[The Gallade got back up after taking the Signal Beam, rolling his shoulders. Then he was splashed by the melted Blizzard.]

Gallade: Jeez that's some cold water! Anyways...

[The Gallade runs at the Whitebot Magmortar, and performs a Low Sweep attack, trying to hit the Magmortar with it.]

Whitebot Magmortar: Grrr...

[The Magmortar decides to charge up his Shadow Ball, then launched it at the Gallade]

[Being close by the Magmortar meant that the Shadow Ball would be an almost point-blank attack, and it does manage to hit the Gallade, who staggers back with a cry of pain.]

[The water would start to make the metal on the bots rust. Solar jumps over and strikes at the exposed Magmortar after he put in his attack.]

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