Should Shinx Sparks have succumbed to evil? Should the universe fall into his hands? depends on the heroes we all rely on. These heroes are the best of the best, they are the ultimate warriors. These heroes, are you.

Open Roleplay:


1. Join anytime, I don't mind!

2. This is a bloody cruel roleplay, so don't join if you're afraid of death, cruelty and gore

3. State your characters under the character list, don't put up a character if you plan a surprise appearance for them :D

4. Every kind of lifeform is allowed. No god-like powers, please.

5. You must know the dignity and respect of combat in all roleplays, if you do not, please leave. (Aka, you cannot be near to "untouchable")

6. Anymore questions, put up one on my talk page, thanks for joining my RP

Main Characters (aka good guys)

  • Red Yoshi
  • Commander Frederic Smith
  • Septor Knight
  • Michael Eon
  • Leah the Quilsel - 1LugiaLover
  • Kraath the Quilsel - 1LugiaLover
  • Agustine the Unhatched Egg (Not Known What he is yet, but is a Male.) - 1LugiaLover
  • Eclipse the Quilava - 1LugiaLover
  • Shade the Umbreon - Numbuh712
  • Team HydroShock -Universalguardian1003
  • Team Strike -Universalguardian1003
  • Infinity Aex -Universalguardian1003
  • Saysayylene aex -Universalguardian1003
  • Waqron Aex -Universalguardian1003
  • Detritex "Dex" Aex -Universalguardian1003
  • Epsilon Aex -Universalguardian1003
  • Isecali-Universalguardian1003



  • The Hell's Army
  • Red Tail Force
  • Secret Society
  • Galifreyan Fleet
  • Black Venom's army

Roleplay 1

[A fleet of ships approach Origin]

Shinx: ...[Taps his armrest] ...puny little planet...

Malide Corporal Abik: [Speaking in native tongue] "Sir!"

Shinx: "Speak up Corporal"

Abik: "We are ready for an attack sir-"

Shinx: [Pounds his armest] DO NOT ATTACK UNLESS I ORDER SO!

Abik: "....yes sir" [Leaves]

Shinx: [Looks at Origin, glaring at its surface. He then picks up a weird skull that is rested beside him, looks at it. He polishes it's surface, chuckling darkly]

[Somewhere unknown, a strange Pokémon is twirling a Staff while another readies a Bow]


[Septor looks at Kraath]

Septor: ...what kind of weapon is that?

Kraath: It's a Bo Staff. It's one of the few weapons that can be used offensively, but defensively as well. Leah! Fire away!

Leah: [Fires a few arrows at Kraath]

Kraath: [Spins the Bo and deflects the Arrows]

Septor: Impressive combat skills. I too, have a weapon of my own. [He draws out a Katana out of his sword belt. He flips the blade vertically, it is barely visible] This is my Katana, it has helped me get through many harsh situations. [He strikes the air and blocks it as if it was an attacker with an impressive manner]

Leah: Very Impressive. But the Bow is not my weapon of choice. I use either Shurikens or Lightspeed, my Dagger. [Looks at her watch] I need to go. [Runs off]

Kraath: [Starts to juggle his Bo by throwing it spinning in the air and catching it smoothly] I need to go as well. [Walks away, still juggling the Bo]

Septor: Alright


[A huge ships hover over the ocean]

Red: ....

[A White Quilava with Black flames is holding a deep blue egg]

Eclipse:.......[Blinks slowly]

[The egg shivers slightly]

Black Venom: [appears] (He is not crippled as he is in the article and the other RP) Mr. Sparks, I wish to have an alliance.

Black Venom: Mr. Sparks? I wish to help you destroy this planet with my army, and yours, together. We shall rule!

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