On Treasure Town, the beloved outlaw hunter, Justice the Mew, arrived. Some minutes later, she announce something terrible...


Same as before, but no bloods, gore, or swearing. Legendary Pokémon are allowed, though.


You can add your own, like many Roleplays. Any canon characters such as the real Officer Magnezone can be used by anyone.



  • Fake Officer Magnezone - Anyone


Changed-Side Pokémon/Team:

Use this when your Pokémon had a changed side during this Roleplay. Neutral Pokémon/Team cannot be changed.

  • Justice The Mew - Good to Bad

Chapter 1: Entroubled Lifes of Pokémon

Justice has said "Everyone! I have a terrible news: Someone will play with laws, and it said that one day, everyone will be threatened as...outlaws...for no valuable reasons!" Some Pokémon panicked, other stayed calm, and few tended to stayed in their home to make sure that they will not seen nor captured. Things are actually become suspecious and few were caught by a Fake Officer Magnezone.

Things goes really wrong when this happened. Then, Justice added "There's something to stop this. We need to get back the Truth Stone at the Truth Wall. If anyone found this and hasn't heard the news, tell them ASAP. It is removed by someone who is corrupted."

Steelfist felt awkward. He going to investigate, until he found a mysterious stone. He interviewed with anyone, but not even Chatot or Wigglytuff or Lapras knows what is this.

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