Waves of baddies are invading Origin. It's impossible to stop them all at once, so shielding formed by the Secret Society, along with Shinx's Warphole neglecting invasions, helps slow them down to one wave at a time. However, this is not an easy mission. Enemies will vary from mere foes to total tyrant warlords. Portals have caused many characters to appear from distant times. Luckily, a bunch of heroes have decided to form their own teams. Those heroes are you. Good luck.



I am sorry, all characters that are controlled by me STAY controlled by me

- Shinx Sparks (Controlled by MudkipSpark)

- Will Sparks [A Luxray] (Controlled by MudkipSpark)

- Commander Frederic Smith (Controlled by MudkipSpark)

- Commander Keishu Sparks (Controlled by MudkipSpark)

- Timothy Delacruz [Zangoose] (Controlled by MudkipSpark)

- Carl Sparks [Aqua Blue Latios] (Controlled by MudkipSpark)

- Sarah Sparks [Pink Luxray] (Controlled by MudkipSpark)

- Cheryl Eon [Latias] (Controlled by MudkipSpark)

- Shade Eon [Dark Latias] (Controlled by MudkipSpark)

- Volt Maculous [Mudkip] (Controlled by MudkipSpark)

Team HydroShock -Uni

Team Strike -Uni

Team Aex (Infinity, Saysayylene, Waqron, Isecali, Detritex, Epsilon, Iris) -Uni

All other characters used in the RP. -Uni

Chapter 1

Shinx: [Sitting on a tree branch, carving a wood spear with his Combat Knife] ...

Carl: [Flies up to the tree] Dad?

Shinx: [Stops carving, looks at Carl] Yes son?

Carl: ...I made a new invention, it's supposed to rip time and space, at a miniscule rate

Shinx: [Hops off the branch, lands in front of Carl] Let's see then

[Shinx and Carl arrive at Carl's laboratory. Carl shows Shinx a strange, cylinder device]

Shinx: [Takes it, examining it] ...what is it son?

Carl: It's going to help us against this war dad

Shinx: [Gives it back] ...son...

Carl: Dad, don't be nervous. I got this handled [He opens the cylinder up, revealing small electromagnetic poles] it just needs several months for it to calibrate

Shinx: Why several months?

Carl: ...because...I accidentally... [Sets the machine down, then rubs his neck] ...uh...broke it?

Shinx: [Sighs] Alright, you do what you can son [He turns around and leaves]

Carl: Yeah dad... [Looks at the machine]

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