New RP everyone! Down the Corridors of Death! Our heroes are sent on a mission by Psyche, the Pokémon that knows all to rescue the "Fork of Knowledge". However possesses this item will know everything that Psyche knows, which is everything! So the heroes must get this fork! This roleplay will play like a book.



Characters who are willing to get the Fork of Knowledge for Psyche

Team Nebula - Intrudgero98

Psyche the Alakazam - Intrudgero98

Tyler the Psyduck - Intrudgero98

Elrando the Grovyle - Intrudegro98

Poky the Pokabu - Intrudgero98

Team Unbeatable2 (MeganF [Mudkip], Poisonclaw [Croagunk], Masquerade [Gible], Blossom [Chikorita]) - 1LugiaLover

Eclipse the Egg - 1LugiaLover

<Uni's good teams and such> - Uni

Tom the Taillow - Magma-Man


Characters who don't believe in the Fork of Wisdom or just don't care

Vulcan the Typhlosion - Intrudegro98

Team Shine - Uni

Team Aqua Fire - Samtendo09


Characters who want the Fork of Wisdom for their own selfish needs

Marco the Abra [Son of Psyche] - Intrudgero98

Zeno the Absol - 1LugiaLover

Blade the Zoroark - Uni

Team Daredevils - Samtendo09


An Alakazam was meditating in the middle of a large island in a purple cave. Lush yellow flowers bloomed all around and the snow was barely present. It was the beginning of spring.

"The Fork of Wisdom is near...." spoke the Alakazam whose name was Psyche. "But I just can't find it. There is great magic surrounding it...." He opened one eye and examined the field. "I must find it....."

In the air an Abra in a witch's hat and robes chuckled on a broomstick. "You are a fool father! I shall find the Fork and gain more wisdom than even you!"

Psyche growled. "You have been pushed into the darkside son. And that side never prospers. I shall band together heroes who will stop you!"

"Just try you old bag!"

"I will...."

The Abra whirled away, the plants underneath his broomstick died. And the land became grim.

"I will...." Psyche repeated.

"Yes, you shall,", A deep voice boomed. It was apparently coming from an enormous pair of cold, sky blue eyes.

Psyche appeared not to be listening, he was deep in meditation, an everbeing...

Roleplay Chapter One

A large claw prods the Alakazam in the side. "There is no need to meditate, small one. You have one of the strongest allies a Pokémon can have. A 1700 foot tall (520 metre), 500 ton (4536 kilogram) beast with the power to control time! GROOOAARRGH!", the mystery beast growled and roared. Psyche raised his arm in order to show that he wished to be left alone. In a deep voce he muttered: "I do not need any allies, I don't need myself either. I do not need to fight for good or wisdom. I am omniscient, I know all, see all, and live in all. I know for a fact that our mission shall fail and whoever tries to fight the evil shall fall. Even you,"

"Fall? I cannot fall. I may fight, but I may not kill. As long as I do not kill, I can not be killed."

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