Hello! This is the first Roleplay on the wiki!

It's a Team Tao Rp!

Team Tao is made up of Luna the Cleffa, Yin the Zorua, and Owen the Oshawott. It was created by Lugia, Kera, and Naru, but it is usually just Kera and Lugia that use the team.


This is the Rp of when team Tao was first formed! It has sudden twists, adventure, suspense, and more!



Team Tao - 1LL/Kera

Team Ecto - 1LL/Kera

Lilly the Igglybuff - 1LL

Guild Members - Anyone

Treasure town Residents - Anyone

Silvibelle - 1LL

Lucibelle - Kera

Team Dree - 1LL


Meg the Tsutarja - 1LL

Alex the Arceus - 1LL


Dusknoir - Anyone

Damian - 1LL/Kera

Fitz - 1LL

Reyna - 1LL

Part One: Awoken

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