Duskinor has somehow returned! He seeks revenge and has teamed up with Darkrai! The heroes must stop him before it's too late!


  • No power playing/god modding/autohitting/instant KOing (Unless OHKO Move)
  • Try not to stray TOO far off the plot
  • No excessive swearing, once in a while is fine (Definitely not the S, B, or F words)
  • No ending the Rp early
  • This is now a paragraph roleplay. Any script roleplaying will either be altered into paragraph format or removed. Bad grammar will be edited to be correct, but not counted as a penalty.

If any of these are broken three times, whether one is broken three times or three are each broken once, you will be kicked from the roleplay.


Duskinor - Kera (Anyone when he's offline)

Damian the Sableye - Kera

Uxie - 1LL

Mesprit - 1LL

Azelf - Kera

Grovyle - Kera

Sableye Henchmen - Anyone

Darkrai - 1LL

Team Ecto - 1LL & Kera

Meg the Tsutaja - 1LL

Ponder the Victini - 1LL

Cindi the Victini - 1LL

Rayquaza - Kera

Lugia - 1LL

Alice the Shiny Eevee - Kera

Wisty the Celebi - Kera

Chester the Meowth - Kera

Hattie the shiny Spinda - Kera

Pockie (Buneary) - Kera

Lilac (Shaymin) - Kera

Shaymin - 1LL

Nixx the Shadow Shaymin - 1LL

Articuno - 1LL

Zapdos -

Moltres -

Ho-oh -

Guild Members - Anyone

Team Strike - Uni

Team Hydroshock - Uni

Dialga TBH - Uni

Temporal Dialga - Uni

Team Aex - Uni

Dialga X - Uni

Dialga Prime -Uni

True Dialga - Uni

Master Dialga - Uni

Team Tao - 1LL&Kera

Team Nekofury - Artemis. Occasional.

Baby Arceus (BA) - 1LL

Arceus - Anyone

Heart the Zuruzukin - 1LL

Vomit the Zoroark - Trudge

Marco the Abra - Trudge

Monaxiesmenos the Scrafty - Trudge

Pushmepullyou the Girafarig - Trudge

Pingius the Snorlax - Trudge

Silence the Banette - 1LL

Team Unbeatable - 1LL

Explorer Team Omega - IceBite

Team Everlost- Kera

Team Specter - HZ

Lone Dialga - HZ

Illithnik - IceBite

Team Dree - 1LL

Reaper the Minun - 1LL

Starry The Oddish-Hi

Team StormBlitz - Commander

Volt Maculous - MudkipSpark

Ace the Yanmega - MudkipSpark

Roilurus Sparks - Mudkip Spark

Xenon Sparks- Mudkip Spark

Wilton the Marshtomp - Mudkip Spark

Cheryl Eon - Mudkip Spark

Lillith the Castcade - 1LL

Feel free to add!


Uxie sighed. It had been a long time since any visitors came. Then again, those visitors were the guild members of Wigglytuff's guild. It was a bit overwhelming, but two certain Pokémon made it seem okay. He blinked. Those two had been tied into quite a lot. Not only had they been thrown from the future, aging from babies to teens in an instant, but they were just pieces of a far sinister plot. At least it was all over. They were safe. Yin, the Zorua; and Luna, the Cleffa. They had friends now. They would keep their friends safe, and vice versa.

"Taking a trip down memory lane are we?" A cold voice murmured. Uxie froze in midair. He hadn't heard that voice since he was in Treasure Town. He only said one thing.

"Dusknoir." He turned slowly, but there was nothing. Behind him the lights of the Volbeat and Illumise slowly faded. Fogbound Lake was dark.

"You think I would show myself? How can I be sure you won't contact your little siblings, Azelf and Mesprit?" The voice sneered.

"Already done. Wonders of a Psychic type. They'll be here any minute. Better state your business." Uxie sent back. His voice stung with old venom. He hadn't actually notified his brother and sister, but he could any second.

"Hmph. No matter, they won't be able to help you."

"What, are you going to try and erase Yin's memory again? Like you can make me do that this time!" Uxie lifted his two tails, an attempt to look intimidating.

"Maybe not now, but soon you will have to give in."

A shadow loomed over Uxie from behind. He turned, making an attemot to attack, but a blow to the head sent him sprawling. He attempted to get up, but black flooded his vision. As a last resort he sent out a faint "Help" telepathically. Another blow knocked him out.

"Did you hear that, Azelf?" Mesprit whined. Her eyes were wide, and she seemed very agitated. "I heard something! It was Uxie!"

Azelf blinked. "No. I didn't hear anything..."

"It was Uxie! He's calling for help!" Mesprit took her brother by the shoulders and shook him a few times. "We need to help him!"

Azelf sighed. He knew his sister wasn't going to stop until they did something. "Listen." He said, pulling her off him. "We'll go to Treasure Town and see if anyone can help. There's loads of teams that can find out what's going on. Just calm down."

Mesprit whimpered for moment, then nodded. She took her brother's hand and the two floated off.

Roleplay Part One

"Celeste! Pay attention!" The Zadree received a small smack on her forehead. It wasn't very strong, seeing as the sender was an Ardree. Her pale blue sister gave a small glare, then continued speaking.

"As I was saying, there's been a bit of commotion at the guild. Would you like to check it out?" She blinked, looking at her sisters. Celeste, being the youngest, had a shorter attention span, but Bianca was usually on top of things.

"Oooh, I'm not sure. Lots of scary teams were over there yesterday. I heard from Green that it has something to do with Mesprit, Uxie, and Azelf." The Modree folded her wings and looked around. The cafe was a little more active then usual. "Come to think of it, quite a few of them have popped in here."

Among the cafe's patrons was a Lucario, a Blaziken, and a Gardevoir. The trio were also conversing amongst themselves. "So, what do you think we should do?" the Blaziken, Aria Scorch, asked the Lucario, Alban.

Alban replied, "A lot of teams appear to be going. Many of these seem to be no more than kids. I believe we should also investigate the occurances."

Aria turned to the Gardevoir. "Lillian, what do you think?"

Lillian had just finished sipping her Gold Gummi Juice. She responded, "If there is trouble brewing, it would be our duty to investigate it."

Aria nodded, content that the team would help out if any issues were to arise.

"Let's go, you two." Daphne said to her sisters. "If we keep talking about it, we may as well go look." She picked up her empty Oran Berry Tea cup and placed it in a nearby trash can. Her sisters followed suite with their own empty drinks. Soon, the three birds were making their way to the door of Spinda's cafe.

Just then, the door opened. A Seedot and a Porygon2 appeared, and entered through the doorway.

Daphne and her sisters paused to let the two pass, Celeste giving a small nod. Once the Seedot and his companion had moved a distance, the three flew outside.

The Seedot gave a quick glance at the now empty doorway, then looked to the accompanying Porygon2 and nodded. Not a single word was exchanged between them as they looked around and quietly listened to the conversations around them.

Alban, Aria, and Lillian were still conversing with each other. "So, Aria," Alban asked his partner, "you got your teams orders?"

"Loud and clear. I'll get Panzer and Star Adder and we'll look for leads as to where whatever's causing the occurances is."

"Right," Alban said, "And Lillian?"

"Roblon, Oremik, and myself will look for Azelf and Mesprit, obtain from them information on these occurances directly."

"Right. I'll take Sonic, Arcturia, Aknek, Miri, and Seklor to investigate Fogbound Lake. I heard that Uxie was supposed to be in trouble."

"Ok," Aria responded.

"Roger," Lillian replied.

"Ok, Exploration Team Omega, move out!" Alban commanded, and the trio left the cafe.

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