Hey! As you may have noticed, I deleted A TON of my roleplays. Let's face it, the plots were crappy. BUT NOW, THANKS TO TUMBLR... ( ) I shall provide new one!


Alex is finally old enough to manage a reality on her own. But without warning, her mother Faye and her grandfather Khan somehow reappear. The laws of reality state that there can only be one Arceus at a time, so how is this possible? Khan, being the oldest, takes over.

The legendaries are confused. Some of the old ones, like Darkrai and Giratina, want to go back to Khan's way of running the world; avoiding imteraction with normal Pokémon and no fair trial. Others like Shaymin and Articuno wish to continue Faye's way, treating other Pokémon as equals. Alex becomes pressured as they believe she can convince her mother and grandfather.


Alex the Arceus - Lu

Faye the Arceus - Lu

Khan the Arceus - Lu

Shaymin - Lu

Darkrai - Lu


"We have called an emergency council because of recent events." A sharp, small voice called. The source, a white hedgehog with green grass-like fur and a big pink flower, looked around. "As you know, Alex recently completed an important part of her training. But shortly afterwards..." She trailed off.

"What Shaymin is trying to say," a colder voice picked up. "is that Khan and Faye have returned. The father and mother of quite a few of us, I believe. Dialga, you are one of the few remaining children of Khan, if I'm not mistaken?"

"You should know that, Darkrai." The Dragon-type responded. "You are my brother, after all."

"And still you treat me with such scathe." The other mused.

"Anyway, we were going to decide which Arceus should be in power until things are sorted out." Shaymin continued, launching stern looks to the two.

"I regret to say this, but as always, age before beauty." Dialga sighed. "Khan will have to take over as Alex hones her abilities."

"Very well. All opposed?" Shaymin asked, looking around.

There was silence. Some of the legendaries made to raise their hands, but hesitated and changed their minds.

"Very well. Khan will take on the regular duties of an Arceus. We are adjourned." Shaymin called.

The younger legendaries began to vanish, a few sticking their tongues out or glaring at their elders. Soon, only Dialga and Darkrai remained.

"You do realize Khan is harsh, cold, and merciless, yes?" Dialga asked, not really looking at his brother.

"Maybe to you. But faith should always be with blood. And father is the closest source of blood for me." The Dark-type replied.

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