This is based on Mystery Dungeon, which means talking Pokémon and also no humans with Poke-balls to capture them, the Mystery Dungeon Teams are either Explorers or Rescue Teams.


  • Shinge (Grovyle, recognizable with the blue streak under his eye. Secondary Character)
  • Team Evolution (KP)
  • Garvoira the Gardevoir (Shima)
  • Victor Lightning (Team StormBlitz's primal leader, recognized mainly as a silver colored Raichu, a black colored Magnezone, a dark blue colored Darkrai with a black cape [without the white wraithlike hair], a green colored half-scale Groudon with Gyarados's back fins or a silhouette of any PokéMon with completely dark purple eyes, can alter his appearance, but always has dark green or dark purple eyes as default, unless disguising himself)
  • Pikachu XXV (a giant PokéMon, Victor Lightning's closest friend, a member of Team StormBlitz)
  • Lieutenant Magneton (former deputy of Magnezone's Police Force, Lightning's lieutenant in Team StormBlitz)
  • Team StormBlitz (a veteran exploration team led by Victor Lightning, and Pikachu XXV)
  • Ziral the Absol, Kharua the Aggron, Mokaan the scizor, Haganeru the Steelix, countless others (played by Ryu)
  • Draco the Bagon (KP)
  • Team Twister (KP, Ryushu is authorized to Control as well.)
  • Solar
  • Garvoira's Family (Shima)
  • Ninetales (played by Ryu)


Part 1

[Shinge was laying against a tree on a branch, seemingly bored..]

Shinge's thoughts: 'Still left unhired and all that...'

[Shinge jumps off of the tree.]

(At Cleftwood Village)

[Seven Eevee run by.]

???: "Excuse me, coming through!"

???: (2) "We're in a rush!"

[The Eevee seem to be heading for Evolution Forest.]

(A Gardevoir watches the Eevee run by)

???: What in the world...?

(She follows the Eevee)

[The Eevee seem to be faster than the Gardevoir, considering they have Run Away.]

???: (3) "Objective in sight Team Leader!"

???: Can't..keep up....(stops, then closes eyes. She uses Teleport to stay ahead of the Eevee) That's better.

[The Eevee stop at the Entrance to Evolution Forest, most with Evolutionary Stones. Some with Moon and Sun Shards.]

???: Oh...So they're evolving....

[They all evolve.]

??? (Jolteon): "There, now we can tell each other apart..."

???: Ah...Well, I better leave them alone. (she turns to leave)

Team Evolution: [In unity] "And you are?"

???: (freezes) Ah....(turns back) I'm....I'm Garvoira.

??? (Jolteon): "I'm Jolt, leader of Team Evolution."

Garvoira: Nice to meet you. (looks at the rest of the team) Quite a team you've got.

Jolt: "Not only a Team, we're a Family...."

Garvoira: Wow! That'd be neat to have a family as a team...(thinks, then looks down sadly)

Jolt: "Hey...what's wrong..?"

[Jolt approaches Garvoira. Probably to comfort her.]

Garvoira: Huh? (looks up, then shakes head) No, no, I'm fine.

Jolt: ... "I know something's wrong.."

Garvoira: It's just...(sighs) My family's missing...

Jolt: "I think we can help, right team?"

Team Evolution: "Right!"

Garvoira: (tears in eyes) Y-You'll help me?! Oh, thank you!

Jolt: "We are all as one family correct? We should all help each other, regardless of Species!"

Garvoira: Right! Again, thank you so much! I really appreciate the help!

Jolt: "Your welcome..."

[Jolt nudges Garvoira with his nose as if he was a loyal pet.]

(Garvoira smiles)

Garvoira: My father and mother are the only ones that are safe. My three younger siblings are two Ralts, a male and a female, and my other sister is a Kirlia. My brother is a Shiny Gallade. They shouldn't be hard to find....(thinking) I hope...)

Jolt: "With my speed and powerhouse attacks."

Umbre: "My Venom and cleverness."

Flare: "My 3,000 Degree flames and attack coordinates."

Espe: "My Intelligence and planning."

Glace: "My -50 Degree Blizzards and Coolness.

Leaf: "My knowledge of the Landscape and Defense."

Vapor: "And my hyper-sensitivity and Endurance."

Jolt: "We'll become the perfect search squad serving in your favor!"

Garvoira: I'm sure you will! But, can I ask for a favor?

Jolt: "Sure!"

Garvoira: I want to come with you guys. My younger siblings won't know to follow you or not, and they aren't easy to soothe when they're scared. Only me, my brother and parents can soothe them.

[Jolt bows.]

Jolt: "Be our guest..."

Garvoira: (smiles and nods) Thank you!

Jolt: "Your first order?"

Garvoira: O-Order? Um....I guess to gather more information on where my siblings could be...

Jolt: "We'll ask the Locals in towns nearby."

[Jolt and Team Evolution run, however, they seem slower, since their Run Away ability is...well..away.]

Garvoira: (notices that they are slower) Are you guys okay? You seem....slower....than before.

Jolt: "Our Run Away ability faded."

Garvoira: Oh...Do you guys want me to Teleport us there?

Jolt: "If you wish...wait a sec, Resistance spotted!"

[A Kabutops comes rushing at Jolt!]

Garvoira: Jolt! Look out! (uses Psychic on the Kabutops)

[Jolt looks at the Kabutops blasted back from him.]

Jolt: "Vapor, Leaf, Water Sphere, Energy Ball."

Jolt's thoughts: 'Did she just..?'

[Vapor forms a Water Sphere whilist Leaf forms an Energy Ball, They both fire at the Kabutops, knocking it out.]

Garvoira: Whew...

Jolt: "Garvoira....T-thanks for the save."

[Jolt blushes.]

Garvoira: (turns red) N-No problem..

Jolt: "Let's continue...the search.."

Garvoira: (regains composture) Right.

[More Kabutops come, but they are all knocked out by a series of elemental attacks.]

Jolt: "Okay....now that they're all KOed...how about a five-minute break..?"


Garvoira: Sure. Why not?

Jolt: "Sitrus if ya got 'em Flare..."

[Flare seems to have a Sack on her back, probably full of provisions.]

Garvoira: You guys must always be prepared! (facepalms) (thinking) Well, DUH! They have to be!

Jolt: "Eh, we have a lot of stuff...Umbre, Amplifier please..."

(Jolt custom-made this item, it amplifies his Accuracy and Electricity Attack..Seeing he's the Leader, he gets the only special item XD)

[Umbre pulls out of a sack, what seems to be a Leg Brace, and a targeting Lens.]

Garvoira: Whoa...

[The Amplifier then gets attached to Jolt.]

Flare: "Wait a sec Jolt, isn't it Valentine's Day today?"

Jolt: ....

Vapor: "Flare, It's best not to tell him."

Garvoira: Why's that?

Jolt: ....

(Basically because Jolt had a looooong history with Valentine's Day, like I do right now, I had to disguise myself as a Soldier in town 0_0)

(Shima Ah.)

Garvoira: I'm sensing it's a sensitive subject, so 'm going to leave it alone...

[Another Kabutops comes rushing in...]

Jolt: "Three...two...one..."

[Jolt jumps up and uses Close Combat on the Kabutops. Making it faint within a single combo.]

Garvoira: (thinking in astonishment) Wow...He's good! Better than my brother....)

Jolt: "Well, that five minute break is over....so let's continue..."

Garvoira: Oka. (gets up and follows Team Evolution. (thinking) I'm glad I asked these guys to help find my family!)

Jolt: [whispering to Garvoira] 'Y'know, I guess this is kinda fun doing this mission..."

Garvoira: (whispering to Jolt) Really? How so? I mean, I'm glad that you think it's fun...!

Jolt: [whispering to Garvoira] "Well, being with my Team, we are a powerhouse armed with Missiles, we make stuff go boom, and I like boom...and well...there's another thin'..."

[Jolt's face turns red.]

Gavoira: Like....what?

Jolt's thoughts: 'Yipe! Hoping she wouldn't ask that!'

[Jolt covers his face with his paws, but he falls down on the attempt.]

Umbre: "What's wrong Jolt, someone got your tongue?"

Garvoira: Uh....Jolt....? Ae you okay?

Jolt: .....

[Jolt's blush increases.]

Garvoira: Jolt...? (bends down and places a hand on his shoulder)

Jolt: ....

Jolt's thoughts: 'Please don't spot the blush. (Repeats)'

Garvoira: Are...Are you blushing? (face turns pink)

[Jolt yelps.]

Jolt's thoughts: 'Yipe!'

Garvoira (startled by Jolt's yelp) Jolt? Are you okay....?

(In other words, Jolt's in trouble. XD)

[Jolt seems to have yelped from Garvoira mentioning the blush.]

Garvoira: (looks at the rest of the team) Was it something I said?

(Shima: (evil laugh))

[The rest of the team shrugs.]

Espe: "Even I don't know how he feels or I don't know his thoughts."

Garvoira: Hmmm....(tries to use Telepathy on olt)

Garvoira's Thoughts to Jolt: Jolt....?

Jolt's thoughts [rather scared]: 'What..?'

Garvoira's Thoughts: Um...Ma I ask why you're blushing?

Jolt's thoughts: 'Yipe!'

[Jolt's blush increases.]


Garvoira's Thoughts: Come on, Jolt! You can tell me! (her thoughts gentl nudge his, like if she was touching his shoulder)

Jolt's thoughts: '...Fine...I'll tell...I kinda like you...'


Garvoira's Thoughts: You...Like me....? (outside her mind, her face turns red)

(Shima: Dun dun dun dun DUN!)

Jolt's thoughts: '...Yeah..'

[Jolt's whole face is covered in blush. The rest of the team seem to be trying to make their own items, oblivious to Garvoira and Jolt.]

(Garvoira backs out of Jolt's thoughts. Outside, her face is red. She then hugs Jolt)

(Shima: AWWWW! Weird coupl, but AWWWWW!)
(Believe it or not, my Jolteon, Spark, on Platinum has actually bred with a Floatzel XD)

[Jolt blushes quite largely.]

(Shima: Haha! I bred a Donphan and a Azumarill together and got a Phanpy! You should've seen my face when the Egg hatched!)

Garvora: I.... like you too...

(Shima: Holy crap! This reminds me of Akrulina!!!!!)

(Garvoira let's go and looks at her hands,still bushing)

Umbre: "HEY! What are you two doing..?"

Garvoira: Ah! (regains composture) N-Nothing! Hehehe...

Umbre: "Tell the truth!"

Jolt: "Hothead..."

[Jolt uses Thunder Wave on Umbre to suppress any attacks he'd make.]

Jolt: "Don't talk to an ally like that...sure to get ya destroyed.."

Garvoira: (stands up) We,uh, better get going....! (looks a Jolt and smiles)

Vapor: "Come on Hothead..."

[Vapor drags the paralyzed Umbre along as they go by.]

Garvoira: (laughs softly) (thinking) This is going to be an.....interesting journey.)

Chapter 2: Showdown with Team Dash

As Garvoira and Team Evolution make their way to the next nearby town, the day quickly turns to night...

(Chapter 2 created.)

Jolt: "If you don't mind Garvoira, I'd like to tell a bit of my history.."

Garvoira: I wouldn't mind at all!

Jolt: "I'm the fourth of five, Believe it or not, Glace and Leaf are my parents....But why me as leader? Because my mother and father are only temporary members, they actually lead a different team...they didn' tell me the name though..."

Garvoira: Why wouldn't they tell you? I mean, you are their son, after all..

Jolt: "I do not know..."

Garvoira: (pats Jolt comfortingly) Maybe...Maybe you'll find out someday.

[Jolt blushes.]

Jolt: "Thank you for the encouragement Garvoira..."

[Jolt smiles.]

Garvoira: (smiles and blushes) You're welcome. (covers her mouth to yawn)

Jolt: "I think it's getting late..."

[Jolt lets out a long yawn and curls up, falling asleep fastly.]

(Garvoira finds a tree, then leans against it.She brings her knees up to her chest and hugs them to keep warm.She falls asleep)

(The next morning...)

(Garvoira yawns and gets up)

Garvoira: Who would think that sleeping against a tree would be so hard on your back....?

[Jolt was holding a stick in his mouth, he seemed to be stirring something...He hums a tune that sounds slightly sorrowful, but a bit peaceful.]

(The tune is Eterna City's theme.)

Garvoira: (goes over to Jolt) Whatcha doing?

Jolt [Muffled]: "Booking..." (Cooking...)

Garvoira: (sniffs) Mmmm! Smells good!

[Jolt blushes.]

Jolt: "Y-you Bhink so?"

(Garvoira nods)

[Jolt grins while stirring, his blush also increases.]

???: "Hey look fellas, a cooking Jolteon."

[A series of laughs is heard.]

Garvoira: (growls) Who said that?!

???: "Whatsitoya?"

[It appeared to be a Mismagius, Rhyperior, and a Staraptor. The Mismagius snickers.]

Garvoira: Grrr...He's my....! (turns red)

???: "Your what?"

[Two Thunderbolts strike the Mismagius and Staraptor.]

Garoivra: Wah! (looks at the now crispy Mismagius and Straptor)

[The Rhyperior lunges at Jolt, using Rock Wrecker at him.]

Garvoira: No! Back off! (uses Magi Leaf on Rhyperior)

[Jolt yelps as he's hit by the rock, Most of Team Dash is now fainted, Mismagius is left..she seems to be preparing a Blackish Sphere similar to Shadow Ball.]

Garvoira: Get...away...! (uses Psychic)

[The Mismagius takes the blow, but she fires, somehow Jolt took the Dark Sphere for Garvoira, letting out another yelp, he's knocked unconscious, however a Dark Sphere hits Mismagius.]

Umbre: "Back! Back you foul witch!"

Garvoira: (sees Jolt get hit) J-JOLT! (runs over to him, then growls angrily at Mismagius) You....You....! PSYCHIC! (a powerful Psychis attack hits Misamagius)

[The Mismagius faints.]

Umbre: "You....you two...just defeated the most powerful antagonistic Team on this landmass..."

[Umbre's Jaw drops, dumbstruck.]

Garvoira: I...I did...? (walks over to Jolt. She shakes his shoulder gently) Jolt...?

[Jolt's still unconscious...]

(Garvoira hugs Jolt)

Garvoira: Please...Please wake up...(to the team) Is there anything you have to help him?

[Jolt opens his eyes rather weakly...]

Jolt: "Ga...Garvoira...?"

Garvoira: (smiles in relief) J-Jolt! You're...You're okay!

Umbre: "Were you just...?"

Espe: "Hugging Jolt..?"

Garvoira: (blushes) I...Well, uh...

Flare: "Wow..."

Vapor: "Didn't see that coming..."

(Garvoira blushes more)

Jolt: "So what if she loves me. You got a problem with that?"

[Team Evolution hastily reply with negative, no, and other words similar and meaning no.]

Garvoira: (smiles) Good...

[Jolt lets out a weak grin.]

Garvoira: Now..(picks up Jolt) Why need to get you some help. Now do you want me to Teleport?

Jolt: "Go ahead if you want..."

(Garvoira nods, then uses Teleport, teleporting her, Jolt and the rest of Team Evolution to the nearest town)

(Location: Barkwood Town.)

[Jolt's irises bounce off the edges of his eyes, He probably never teleported before.]

Jolt: "Eeeeeeh..."

Garvoira: Whoops! Sorry, I should've told you that people new to teleporting get dizzy the first couple times..

[The rest of Team Evolution seem dizzy too..except Umbre, who is immune to Psychic Attacks.]

Jolt: "Don't worry...."

Garvoira: Okay...(looks around) We need to get some things to heal you, Jolt.

[A Grovyle with a Blue Streak under his eye hops down from a tree.]

???: "Well hey old friend..."

Jolt: "Shinge...?"

Shinge: "What brings y'all to Barkwood Town...And did Jolt get beat 'r Somethin'?"

Garvoira: (nods) Yeah, and we're here to find someway to heal him.

[Shinge tosses a Purple and Pink-looking berry to Garvoira.]

Garvoira: (catches it with Confusion since her ands are full with Jolt) Thanks! Here, Jolt. (gives the berry to Jolt)

[Jolt weakly eats it, he leaps up with a yelp.]

Jolt: "Dang that's sour!"

Garvoira: It healed you, didn't it?

Jolt: "And hyped me!"

Garvoira: (smiles) That's good! (puts Jolt down)

Shinge: "So, who is this Jolt?"

Garvoira: Oh, I'm Garvoira. Jolt and his Team are helping me find my siblings.

Shinge: "Always the helper..."

Garvoira: At least they're helping me. Evreybody else I asked didn't want to.

Shinge: "Heh.."

Jolt: "It feels good doing it too..."

Garvoira: (smiles) I'll be back. I'm going to ask around if anyone has seen my siblings. (walks away)

Jolt: "So...what's to do to kill--...."

[A couple of screams is heard.]

(I was planning for the city to be under attack, is that alright?)

(Shima: Yep. Garvoira can get caught up in the attack, then)

Garvoira: (hears the screams) What the...? (runs towards the screams)

[Jolt's ears twitch and runs towards the scream, Team Evolution along with him.]

(Garvoira reaches where the screams had come from)

[It appeared to be Team Dash!]

Mismagius: "Hey look, it's that Gardevoir that pummeled us, anyone hoping for revenge, it's three versus one..."

Jolt: "Not on our watch!"

Staraptor: "No fair! Nine versus Three!!?"


Garvoira: What, you can't handle that? I thought you guys were supposed to be tough...

Staraptor: -_-'

[A Thunderbolt strikes Mismagius and Staraptor just like before, Team Evolution starts to sputter out laughing at Staraptor's spiked-up feathers.]

Garvoira: (laughs) You look like a puff-ball!

Staraptor: "Shut up!"

[Staraptor attempts to attack Garvoira but Jolt jumps on him and uses Thunder. Jolt absorbs the shock but he transfers it to Staraptor, who lands down with a thud.]

Garvoira: Jolt...!

Jolt: "What...?"

[Team Dash retreats, with Staraptor being dragged by Rhyperior.]

Umbre: "Brutal AND Harsh little bro....That IS NOT how I told you to fight!"

[Jolt lets off a whimper, seemingly he doesn't like being yelled at...]

Garvoira: Hey! Don't yell at him! He did defeat those guys, after all!

Umbre: "Did you see how he took down Staraptor though!!? That was savage!"

Garvoira: Okay, I guess it was a little...

Jolt: ....

[Jolt suddenly takes off.]

Umbre: "What an infant..."

(Garvoira glares at Umbre,then chases after Jolt.)

[Jolt stops at the cliff and then lays down, his fur and most of his head sparkle with electrcity...Which normally all Jolteon do when they're slightly agitated..]

Jolt: [Upset tone of voice] .... "What do you want...?"

(In Cleftwood Village)

Pikachu XXV: "I've never been to Cleftwood Village before."

Victor Lightning: (as a black Magnezone) "Neither have I."

[Some buildings are Treehouses...others look Technically Enhanced.]

(Meanwhile, an Absol, an Aggron, a Scizor and a Steelix are going through a forest...)

[They encounter a Bagon along with a Gible, there is String Shot all over the Bagon's Rock Head.]

???: "Ugh, this goo is stuck to my head."

??? (2): "Stop whining Draco...at least help me get it off."

Draco: "I can do-it-myself..."

Ziral (Absol): What happened to you two?

Draco: "Horde of Caterpie and Wurmple..." -_-'

Ziral: Eeehhh...

Draco: "Ugh...."

[Draco gets the last bit of string shot off his head.]

(Back at Cleftwood Village)

Lieutenant Magneton: "I got here as fast as I could, Commander."

Victor Lightning: "This is alot different from the western part of Aereonn. Lieutenant, I'm not asking for reconnaissance, but you're probably familiar with this part of the continent."

Lieutenant Magneton: "Cleftwood Village was my hometown." (a secret is revealed about Lieutenant Magneton's past)

Pikachu XXV: "That's a twist."

Victor Lightning: "Not as much a twist as arresting Team Raider for plundering treasure that shouldn't be touched! But why do I get the feeling that something's happening elsewhere near here?"

Pikachu XXV: "I can feel it, too. A fight somewhere near Barkwood Town."

Lieutenant Magneton: "Somehow, I can picture it."

Victor Lightning: "What's it like? You and the Magnezone Police Force going into action, busting robbers?" [Pikachu laughs abruptly after the question]

Lieutenant Magneton: "Yes."

Victor Lightning: "I knew it." [Pikachu is still laughing]

Pikachu XXV: "Thanks for giving me a good laugh."

Lieutenant Magneton: "It's so quiet here."

Pikachu XXV: "You can say that again." [gazes around]

[A whistle is heard.]

[they all turn in the direction of the whistle]

[The whistler appears to be a Floatzel, a Lucario was at her side.]

Victor Lightning: "Ah. Hello. you must be 2 of the locals."

Floatzel: ... "Town Leader."

Victor Lightning: "Town Leader, eh? It appears we have a moment for introductions. The name's Lightning. Victor Lightning. This is Lieutenant Magneton." [points the magnets to the left toward Lieutenant Magneton]

Lieutenant Magneton: "You remember me? I used to live here."

Victor Lightning: "And this is my long time friend, Pikachu XXV." [looks up]

Pikachu XXV: "Hello."

Floatzel: "Hello Magneton, You remember me? I'm the Buizel you used to playfully tease."

Lieutenant Magneton: "So you do remember me!"

Pikachu XXV: "You knew Lieutenant Magneton before, Floatzel?"

Victor Lightning: "So, you 2 know each other? You never told me you had friends, Magneton. All I ever heard about was your time in the Magnezone Police Force."

Lieutenant Magneton: "Which is before I met you, Commander. That Sheriff of Treasure Town was too incompetent for my tastes."

Floatzel: "I wouldn't forget my friend."

Pikachu XXV: "That's nice to keep memories of your friends near. We always do."

Floatzel: "You remember what used to be Riolu correct?"

Lieutenant Magneton: "Lucario, right? Why does everything change so fast whenever I'm gone?" [this causes Pikachu to laugh again]

Floatzel: "Well, he's my mate now..."

[Lucario seems silent, as he always did.]

(It's possible, I've done it before)

[they all exchange looks]

Victor Lightning: "Have you heard of Team StormBlitz before?"

[Floatzel shakes her head.]

Floatzel: "The only teams we have here is Evolution which is at Barkwood, and I'm thinking of assigning Slick one..."

Pikachu XXV: [turns to look at Lightning, accidentally knocking down a tree with his tail in the process] "They're the ones at Barkwood Town!"

Victor Lightning: "You took the words right out of my... ...magnets, Pikachu. Floatzel, did they ever talk about coming back to Cleftwood Village?"

Floatzel: "They said they were recruited to find a Gardevoir's Family, however, they met this team called Dash and they tried attacking them."

Victor Lightning: "Team Dash must be causing more trouble again. I think they're holding the family for ransom. We ran into them once, but they ran off after Pikachu came."

Floatzel: "Evolution is quite an Experienced Team at a young Age, their parents never evolved when they had kids, 'til now."

Victor Lightning: "That must be how the team got its name. Is Barkwood Town far from here, comrade?"

(Belches, Spaghetti rules.

Floatzel: "Going through the Wild Forest, however, Team Twister was sent there, and have yet to return."

Victor Lightning: "Then we'll go and find out what's going on." [SFX: hovering]

Lieutenant Magneton: "Maybe I can stay here and... ...Yaaagh!!" [is pulled off-screen]

Pikachu XXV: "If they've been captured, we'll bring them back." [SFX: thundering steps]

Floatzel's thoughts: "They aren't stupid enough to get themselves' Captured."

(In Wild Forest...)

Victor Lightning: "2 exploration teams disappeared here, and now I get the feeling that we're being watched."

[Wurmple and Caterpie were watching them from trees.]

[Pikachu turns around and looks at the Caterpie and Wurmple]

Wild Wurmple: ....

Victor Lightning: "So you must be the ones who are watching us. Ckeheh. Answer these questions correctly and we'll leave you peacefully after finding what we came for. Did you see 2 exploration teams going through here?"

[They hit them with String Shots, they then point to North. They can't seem to talk English.]

Victor Lightning: "{Much obliged. Thank you. Try not to string us next time.}" [the group heads north, then Lightning abruptly stops to turn around] "{Are you telling the truth?}" (the braces mean he's speaking their language.)

(They don't speak any language at all, except for Sign.)

Victor Lightning: "When you decide to speak, tell me." [heads north with the others]

(2 hours later...)

Victor Lightning: "Finally there's a clearing!"

Pikachu XXV: "And I can see Barkwood Town from here!"

Lieutenant Magneton: "Easy for you to say, Pikachu."

Victor Lightning: "Cut the chatter, Lieutenant. Say, you never told me you had a friend other than us."

Lieutenant Magneton: "Sorry, Commander."

Pikachu XXV: "Team Evolution must already be there. It's almost nightfall."

Victor Lightning: "Don't worry. We're almost there."

Chapter 3: Welcome to Barkwood

Pikachu XXV: "So this is Barkwood Town?"

Victor Lightning: "I can feel their presence. Team Evolution."

Lieutenant Magneton: "Typical."

???: "Sharene, Sharene, where are ya?"

Pikachu XXV: "Who's Sharene?" [his voice echoes]

Lieutenant Magneton: "A local who lives somewhere around here."

[A Shinx peaks over a fallen tree.]

Victor Lightning: [slowly turns around, (for ominous effect) and looks at the Shinx] "Hello."

???: "Hey, have any of you seen a Vulpix around here?"

Victor Lightning: "No, although I could feel a presence of a Vulpix, just like I can feel your presence. Shall we introduce each other first?"

???: "My name's Slick..."

Victor Lightning: "Slick. Sounds like a slick name for you. The name's Lightning. Victor Lightning. You remember Lieutenant Magneton, right?"

Lieutenant Magneton: "I used to live in Cleftwood Village, Slick."

Slick: "Actually, I was not alive prior to where you lived in Cleftwood."

Victor Lightning: "Figures. And this is Pikachu XXV, a longtime friend and companion."

Pikachu XXV: "Up here."

Slick: ...."Whoa..."

(New RP!)

Victor Lightning: "Not to be blunt or anything, but did you see Team Evolution anywhere?"

Slick: "Yeah, I saw Jolt and his siblings with a Gardevoir..."

Victor Lightning: "Well, Slick, is this where they stopped? If so, then we found them."

Slick: "They were heading that way."

[Slick's tail points to the opposite where he was facing.]

Lieutenant Magneton: [hovers off in the direction]

Victor Lightning: "Wait... ...always on the move..."

Slick: ...

Victor Lightning: "It was good meeting you, Slick." [heads off after Lieutenant Magneton]

Pikachu XXV: "This looks like a nice town, Slick."

Slick: "Which one..? Barkwood or Cleftwood?"

Pikachu XXV: "I'm talking about Barkwood Town, but Cleftwood Village is neat, too. What do you think of this town?"

Slick: "I think it's kinda full of thugs and shady characters, take Shinge for example. He's kinda Shady..."

(I drew Palkia Armor)

(I'll check it out.)

(Not bad.)

Pikachu XXV: "We ran into alot of thugs all over the place. We just arrived here, so I had a feeling that this town seemed a little suspicious. Sorry to have surprised you when we met."

Victor Lightning: "They must be here somewhere..."

Lieutenant Magneton: "They're nowhere to be found!"

[A Mismagius, Staraptor, and Rhyperior were being chased by almost all the Eevee Evolutions (Excluding Leafeon, Glaceon, and Jolteon)]

Pikachu XXV: [looks at the pursuit] "It's Team Dash! I'll stop them."

Lieutenant Magneton: "I'll head them off." [goes to flank them from the side]

Victor Lightning: [heads to flanks them from another side]

Umbre: "You three get back here, We'll clean your clocks!"

[Lieutenant Magneton blocks off Team Dash from the left, Lightning blocks them off from the right, and Pikachu blocks their way with his tail]

Victor Lightning: "Sie sind verhaftet! {You're under arrest!}"

Lieutenant Magneton: "You're in alot of trouble!"

Pikachu XXV: "You're in big trouble!"

[Mismagius shakes and then she's hit by a Dark Sphere, sending her right near Victor, Vapor hits Rhyperior with her tail, knocking him out, the Staraptor then attempts to run away only to be hit by a Fire Blast.]

Victor Lightning: [grins wickedly at Mismagius] "You picked the wrong town to stir up trouble in."

Mismagius: .....

Victor Lightning: "You'll love your new home. Picture a gray room with steel bar doors."

[Mismagius goes unconscious.]

Victor Lightning: "We heard about your fight, and we came to help. You are Team Evolution, are you not?"

Umbre: "Part of it..."

Victor Lightning: "There must be 8 of you in all then."

Umbre: "Eight..? No, there's Five of us."

Victor Lightning: "Alright."

Pikachu XXV: "And I can see why they call you Team Evolution."

Umbre: "Mhm."

Pikachu XXV: "What's your name?"

Umbre: "Umbre." (Pronounced Um-BUR)

Pikachu XXV: "I'm Pikachu XXV. But you can call me Pikachu."

Vapor: "Talk about super-sized..."

Pikachu XXV: [rolls his eyes with a shy giggle]

Vapor: "I'm serious..Your a super-sized person, I bet your team members are lucky to have you!"

Pikachu XXV: (laughing) "Well, what can I say?"

Victor Lightning: "Someone told me that a Gardevoir came by here. Is this true?"

Umbre: "Garvoira? Last time I seen her she went off to comfort Jolt...served him right for giving a brutal Take Down to Staraptor."

Victor Lightning: "I see. Now I don't want to sound like a burden, but can we accompany you for now? We're new to this area, except for Lieutenant Magneton."

Umbre: "Why not."

Lieutenant Magneton: "Excellent!"


Garvoira: I...I came to check on you... :(

Jolt: .... "Umbre's right, I wonder about the Legend...."

[What Legend...?]

Garvoira: Legend..?

Chapter 4: Tragic Truth

PMD2_-_I_Don't_Want_To_Say_Goodbye_(Long_Version) I don't want to say goodbye!

Jolt: "There's this legend of Five Siblings, the fourth ruling them in a team, however, the fourth will go insane and trust almost no one. He'll also transform into a heartless beast...."

Garvoira: Wh-What?! (gets a horrified look on her face)

(Back with the Rest of Team Evolution and Team StormBlitz)

[SFX: general conversation] Lieutenant Magneton: "I'm surprised that you don't remember me, Umbre. I used to live in Cleftwood Village.

Umbre: "Magnemite...?"

Lieutenant Magneton: "Yes!"

Umbre: "Where were you..?"

Lieutenant Magneton: "I was once part of Officer Magnezone's police force. After a while, I realized what a bumbler he really was. So I left, then I met up with the Commander sometime after."

Victor Lightning: "You made the right choice, Lieutenant. So, do we have to look for a house, or are they out in the open?"

Umbre: "Most likely, in the open..."

Victor Lightning: [notices Jolt and Garvoira] "Umbre, your intuition serves you well."

Jolt: "What indeed...."

Victor Lightning: [groans and winces from a Force tremor] "Something is troubling Garvoira."

Garvoira: (to Jolt): I-It can't mean you...can it?

Victor Lightning: "We'd better wait until they're done talking about whatever they're talking about."

Jolt: "I'm the fourth of five in my family...."

[Jolt's paw slumps.]

Victor Lightning: "Ack!" [collapses from the intense Force tremor]

Garvoira: (falls to knees; shakes head; tears in eyes) N-No...it can't be..

Lieutenant Magneton: "Commander! Commander!!"

Pikachu XXV: "Victor!"

[A mulitude of gasps is heard. Espe and Umbre run to Victor's side.]

??? (Swellow): "He's the Fourth of Five!!?"

??? (Quilava): "Get him outta here, before he kills us all!"

Jolt: .....

Garvoira: (glares at the Swellow and Quilava) Don't you DARE touch him!!

Swellow: "What are you, his Girlfriend? What if he ends up killing you!!?" (Garvoira growls, and her eyes glow with her Psychic energy)

Pikachu XXV: "Please be all right."

Victor Lightning: [regains conscience] "Agh... There is something that really troubles Garvoira, regarding Jolt. A terrible omen. He has a dormant side that will become the dominating side of him. A beast."

Jolt: "....Garvoira....please....run....."

[Jolt collapses. The Swellow and Quilava look at each other and run.]

Victor Lightning: "They must have been friends for a long time, otherwise there wouldn't be so much agony with this."

(Garvoira shakes her head, and goes over to Jolt. She pulls him onto her lap and holds him)

Garvoira: You'll be alright...(cries)

Victor Lightning: "Reminds me of that time we got separated at Temporal Tower. It was the worst I ever felt in my life."

[Jolt's white fur turns Smoke Black. His Yellow Fur turning Dark Purple.]

(Garvoira hugs him tighter)

Garvoira: C'mon, Jolt..fight it..

Victor Lightning: "We can't hesitate! We must act now!"

[Jolt slowly opens his eyes, Red instead of Blue....]

Garvoira: (scared voice) J-Jolt..?

Victor Lightning: "It's the beast."

(OptCam Correction Completed)

Jolt [Colder and Darker]: ..... "Release me at once!"

[Darkness Jolt attempts to shake himself out of Garvoira's Arms.]

Victor Lightning: "The legend was true. The worst part is he can't be reasoned with."

(Garvoira hangs on the Darkness Jolt with unimaginatable strength)

Garvoira: (to Victor) Help me!

[Darkness Jolt's agitation increases, his pinned fur poking into Garvoira.]

Victor Lightning: "Come on!" [moves closer in and intervenes]

Lieutenant Magneton: "I'm on it!" [follows]

Pikachu XXV: "Right!" [follows Lightning]

Garvoira: (yells in pain as Darkness Jolt's fur pokes into. Her grip slips slightly)

Lieutenant Magneton: "HALT!" [uses Thunder Wave on Darkness Jolt]

[Darkness Jolt's Volt Absorb makes Thunder Wave useless! He gets a bigger boost and manages to get out of Garvoira's grip, he then runs with an incredibly fast speed.]

Garvoira: No, Jolt!

Pikachu XXV: "Stop right there!" [blocks Darkness Jolt with his tail]

[Darkness Jolt leaps over it.]

(Jolt can jump high.)

Pikachu XXV: "I said stop!!!" [tail-pounds the ground to throw Darkness Jolt off balance]

(Garvoira tries to run after Darkness Jolt, but can't due to her injuries from his fur)

Darkness Jolt: "GO AWAY FROM ME!"

[Darkness Jolt seems to be rather doing fine with Balance.]

Victor Lightning: "Lieutenant, tend Garvoira's injuries. I'm going after Jolt!"

Lieutenant Magneton: "Yes sir! Garvoira, hold still. This might sound very loud, but it works." [clangs the magnets to perform a makeshift Heal Bell]

(Garvoira covers her ears (or...something))

Lieutenant Magneton: "I told you it would be loud, but at least you're healed."

Victor Lightning: "A heartless beast that can't be reasoned with and has no conscience is unthinkable. ...This is bad..." [darts after Darkness Jolt at high speed]

Pikachu XXV: "Get back here, Jolt!!! You don't know what you're doing!" [chases after Darkness Jolt]

[Darkness Jolt growls and stomps on the ground, sending a Darkness Shock Wave!]

Victor Lightning: [is impacted by the Darkness Shock Wave] "You'd dare to defy me? Only a fool would do such a thing without realizing the consequences!"

Pikachu XXV: "There you are!" [catches up to Darkness Jolt, blocking off his path] "Don't you dare hurt him, Jolt!" [smacks Darkness Jolt with Tail Whip 2 (this Tail Whip actually refers to physical damage with the whipping of a tail)]

[Jolt's light body sends him flying, actually off the Cliff...]

Victor Lightning: "Fitting end for someone destined to become a mindless and heartless beast."

Umbre & Flare: ....

[As he's falling he fades in a mysterious shadow.]

Victor Lightning: "Wait. He's still alive. I can feel it. But why him? Why did Jolt have to be the one to become that beast?! Now Garvoira is ruined because of this legend. I'm at the end of my rope, although technically I'm not holding a rope, or walking on one."

(Later in the Realm of Darkness)

Darkness Jolt: ........ "Guards, reveal yourselves!"

[A pair of Dusclops walks out.]

Dusclops (1): "Look who came back..."

Dusclops (2): .... "That's not Him..."

Darkness Jolt: "I am taking over this joint!"

Dusclops (1): "What makes you say that?"

Dusclops (2): "You dare challenge the might of the Army of Darkness!!?"

Darkness Jolt: "Indeed I do!"

Victor Lightning: "A terribly dark presence is where he's at. He's probably there to challenge a so-called Army of Darkness." (he ran into them before in Dark Crater, but the Dusclops don't know that.) "We can't do anything about it here. Let's get back to Barkwood Town." [begins hovering to Barkwood Town]

Lieutenant Magneton: "Come on, Garvoira. Let's go back to Barkwood Town." [helps Garvoira get to Barkwood Town]

Pikachu XXV: "Let's get going. To Barkwood Town." [walks to Barkwood Town] "Vapor?"

Vapor: ....

Pikachu XXV: "Well, I didn't know what to say back there. You really flattered me." [laughing]

Vapor: ....

(Vapor and Jolt are really close Siblings)

Victor Lightning: "The legend was true. All that's left of Jolt is the beast. Come on, we're almost there."

Pikachu XXV: [sighs and continues walking] "Sorry, Vapor. I didn't mean to knock him off the cliff."

Victor Lightning: "I take full responsibility for this. No need for you to be blamed."

[Vapor looked like she was crying.]

(Back in the Realm of Darkness.)

[Jolt unleashes a powerful Dark Shock Wave, hitting the Duskclops out in a single hit.]

(Moments of Straining Fighting later.)

[Jolt was breathing heavily, a collapsed Dusknoir at his side, meaning he now rules the Army of Darkness.

Victor Lightning: "Jolt has taken over the Army of Darkness. This is bad."

Pikachu XXV: "Vapor." [a few tears are in his eyes, too] "I hope Jolt is back to normal soon."

Chapter 5: That Evening in Barkwood

Victor Lightning: (while arriving at Barkwood Town) "Now it's busy. It was quiet before we left."

Garvoira: ......

Lieutenant Magneton: "We all know how crushing it is that Jolt turned out to be the beast."

Garvoira: (looks at Lieutenant Magneton sadly) There has to be a way to help him!

Umbre: "He kinda deserved it in my terms...."

[The rest of Team Evolution Glares at Umbre.]

Umbre: "What..?"

Pelipper: "Extra Extra, read all 'bout it!"

Pikachu XXV: [his mouth hangs open in surprise at Umbre] "Umbre..." [sees Pelipper] "What's the news today?"

Garvoira: Huh? (looks up at the Pelipper)

Pelipper: "A Jolteon now took control of the Army of Darkness."

Pikachu XXV: "We heard. It's shocking!"

(Garvoira seems to get more depressed)

Flare: "Garvoira..?"

Garvoira: I'm okay..

Victor Lightning: "That's it! That fiend has gone too far! We can't let the Dark Jolt destroy the town!"

Garvoira: Uh-huh..

Victor Lightning: "Maybe we can slowly get the word out, but first the 3 of us need to become more familiar with the town's locals."

Garvoira: Right...(starts walking away) We can split up...We'll cover more ground that way...

Victor Lightning: "Now there's a gathering in the center of town."

Garvoira; (stops) Should we go check it out..?

Pikachu XXV: "I think so."

Garvoira: 'Kay.......

Victor Lightning: [hovers closer] "So anything going on here?"

(A young Kirlia looks at Victor)

Kirlia: I don't know. I heard something about a Jolteon, but...(she sees Garvoira) G-Garvoira...?

Pikachu XXV: "Are you Garvoira's sister?"

Kreida: (sniffles) Uh-huh...!

Garvoira: (hugs Kirlia tightly) K-Kreida...

Pikachu XXV: [picks up Kreida and Garvoira and hugs them] "Isn't this just a nice family reunion?" [lets them back down]

Kirlia: Gah!

Garvoira: Yeah...(smiles, but is still a little sad)

Victor Lightning: "There is a way to bring Jolt out of his current state and kill the dark entity that controls him. It's surprisingly quite simple, if you don't mind being torn to pieces on sight by the beast. All we have to do is use a Luminous Orb."

Victor Lightning: "Dark beasts like that one have shown weakness to intense light."

Umbre: "....I'm Dark, Barkwood was very sunny, and Jolt transformed in it..."

Victor Lightning: "Not Dark types, I meant malicious and villainous beasts like that one. He was weakened during the exposure. That's why he fled during this afternoon in a suddenly-formed dark portal. He'll attack at night."

Pikachu XXV: "That was his escape route, Victor!"

Victor Lightning: "Which is why when he comes back, I'll disable his powers, and prevent him from opening a portal. We'll have to hold him off until the Sun rises again and we also use the Luminous Orbs. Jolt will be returned to normal soon enough!

Umbre: "Ummm, The Sun was out WHEN he shadow faded."

Victor Lightning: "But he was in the shadows, and the exposure weakened him and led him to retreat. We'll be waiting for him at night. He'll arrive any time now. He will NOT escape this time!"

Victor Lightning: "Assemble! If you're in serious danger, on the verge of demise, or need assistance!..."

Lieutenant Magneton: "Whatever the threat! Wherever it may occur!..."

Pikachu XXV: "Team StormBlitz is on the way!"

[Darkness Jolt appears in front of Victor.]

Darkness Jolt: "BOO!"

Victor Lightning: [casts Force Lightning at Darkness Jolt] "So you finally decided to show yourself, beast!!! Umbre, Vapor, Flare, Espe, hurry!!!"

Chapter 6: The Duel

[The Force Lightning gives Darkness Jolt more power due to Volt Absorb! Victor is suddenly hit by a Powerful blast of Darkness Energy, so is the others!]

Lieutenant Magneton: "Commander!!!"

Victor Lightning: "Easy, Lieutenant. Just focus. I've faced worse than this."

Lieutenant Magneton: "Yes, sir."

Pikachu XXV: "No one hurts Victor!!!!!" [utters a high-pitched Roar]

Kirlia: Aaah! (covers her ears)

Victor Lightning: "You'll regret this day, dark one!" [gives off a Flash against Darkness Jolt]

(Garvoira covers Kreida protectively from the Flash)

Lieutenant Magneton: [fires a Sonicboom at Darkness Jolt]

[Darkness Jolt dodges.]

Darkness Jolt: "A big mistake using Lightning on me...."

Victor Lightning: "Think about what you're doing! Oh, wait. You can't, because you're just a mindless, heartless, stupid beast! You're all darkness and no brain. Hah hah hah!" [fires an Energy Ball]

(Suddenly, Darkness Jolt is grabbed by Psychic and lifted high into the air)

Victor Lightning: [watches the Energy Ball fly toward nothing] "Blast it! I missed my shot! Garvoira, why did you make me miss my shot?! The Energy Ball would have finished him and saved Jolt!"

Garvoira: How?! It would have killed him!

Victor Lightning: "And your tactic is any better? Show me what you plan to do."

Garvoira: I...I don't know what I was going to do..

[Jolt fades through the Psychic power, being an Electric-Dark type.]

Victor Lightning: "THAT'S IT!!!!" [darts at Jolt and shoves him into a lamppost]

Kreida: (yells in fear)

Victor Lightning: [alters his appearance into a half-scale green Groudon, then slashes Darkness Jolt] "You'll never know what hit you, beast!"

Darkness Jolt: "Is that your best?"

[Darkness Jolt lets out a Highly Powerful Darkness Blast!]

Kreida: G-Garvoira, what do we do?!

Garvoira: I...I don't know...

Victor Lightning: "You want more? Be my guest." [alters appearance into a navy blue Darkrai (without the wraithlike hair) and darts at Darkness Jolt]

[Darkness Jolt dodges in a fast rate, hitting Victor in the back with a Super-accurate Red Thunder.]

Victor Lightning: "Ach. Impudent brat! Who do you think you're dealing with?!!!"

Lieutenant Magneton: "HALT!!!!" [uses Tri-Attack against Darkness Jolt]

Darkness Jolt: "Tch! Brr! HAH!"

[The Electricity part of Tri-Attack increases Darkness Jolt's power even further! He runs at an Incredible speed around Victor, unleashing a Red Circle in his path...]

Victor Lightning: (telepathically to the others) Hit him with the lights.

Pikachu XXV: [goes to grab Jolt]

(Gotta Go, Pause for me.)

[The Red Circle unleashes a very Powerful Red Lightning Blast! Hitting everyone with it, starting the buildings on fire..Even with enough force to knock Pikachu XXV down!]

Pikachu XXV: "No! You're not getting away, Jolt!"

Victor Lightning: [alters appearance into a black Magnezone]


Chapter 7: Magneton's Sacrifice

Pokemon_Mystery_Dungeon_2_Visions Visions, flashbacks of the encounter

Lieutenant Magneton: [struggles to get up] (Thinking) ((Those described dark beasts are weak against intense light. Back at the field, after immediate exposure, Darkness Jolt retreated. But it's night time now, so how are we going to find any concentrated light? Wait. The Luminous Orbs!)) Courage [looks at the 2 Luminous Orbs dropped on the ground] ((But he's fast. He needs to be held off, but in order for me to do that, I'll have to sacrifice my own life. Now it's up to us to save Jolt and the town.)) [takes the 2 Luminous Orbs, springs up, flies at Darkness Jolt and grapples him] Sacrifice, is this the end of Lieutenant Magneton? "Enough is enough, beast! If one of us has to go down to stop you, I will! I'm taking you down with me, you foul demon!!!" [his entire life flashes in front of him, from his beginnings in Cleftwood Village, to joining the Magnezone Police Force, to becoming a lieutenant in Team StormBlitz, to traveling all over Origin, all of the events that eventually led up to this, his moment of annihilation]

Victor Lightning: [gets up] (alarmed) "No! Wait! Lieutenant, what are you doing?!"

Lieutenant Magneton: "Doing my job!"

Pikachu XXV: [gets up] (alarmed, and tearful) "Magneton, don't do this!"

Lieutenant Magneton: "I'm sorry. I have no other choice."

[The Red Circles lets out another blast. Hitting everyone with an intense force.]

Darkness Jolt: "Fweh....Fwahahahahah!"

Lieutenant Magneton: "Please tell Floatzel and Lucario what happened here." [binds his life force with the glowing Luminous Orbs] "I'm proud to have been an officer for you all of this time, Commander. And Pikachu, I'm proud to have been your friend all of these years."

Victor Lightning: [salutes Lieutenant Magneton] "We'll miss having you with us, Captain Magneton."

Pikachu XXV: "...Why are you choosing to do this?..."

Lieutenant Magneton: [the Orbs glow even brighter] "It was all in the line of duty..." [the Orbs flash intensely]

Darkness Jolt: "Fweh...Fwaheheheheh..."

Lieutenant Magneton: [at the last second, in his dying moments, uses Last Resort]

Victor Lightning: .........

Pikachu XXV: .........

Darkness Jolt: "Scared of the Dark?"

[Darkness Jolt inhales, he then blows out, letting out a pulse, but it doesn't harm everyone, but the area seems to get darker...]

Victor Lightning: "I've had enough of you!" [fires an Energy Ball at Darkness Jolt]

[Darkness Jolt grins, he flicks his paw, sending out a Dark Sphere, it collides with the Energy Ball and sends it haywire.]

Victor Lightning: "Perhaps you'd like this!" [the magnets fire a dual Ice Beam at Darkness Jolt] "Everyone in Team Evolution, attack now! We have to stop him!"

[Team Evolution attacks, Vapor is the first one hit by Electricity, immediately fainting, Umbre is comboed by Jolt's Dark Combat. Flare, and Espe walk up calmly.]

Victor Lightning: "It's the end of the line, beast."

Darkness Jolt: "End of what?"

[The sky gets darker! It's a Solar Eclipse!]

Victor Lightning: "It's that time of year again. Don't fret. The rays are more intense during this time."

Darkness Jolt: "It's called Eclipse E-CLIP-SE."

[The Emphasis on the "ssss" sound was thoroughly put.]

Chapter 8: A Miracle

Lieutenant Magneton: [because of the strange eclipse, the rays somehow revive him] [coughing] "What did I... ...miss?..."

Victor Lightning: [turns around] "Welcome back, Captain."

Lieutenant Magneton: "I'm coming to help!"

Victor Lightning: "No. You've done enough. You've weakened him significantly. Now take shelter."

Lieutenant Magneton: "Yes sir!" [floats to a recovery center near the outskirts of Barkwood Town]

Victor Lightning: "Now let's finish this!" [uses Twister against Darkness Jolt]

Darkness Jolt: ....

[Darkness Jolt causes Red Thunder to strike Victor as the Twister hits him, he's not hurt much.]

Chapter 9: Two Forces Clash

Pokemon_Mystery_Dungeon_2_Fiend Dark Battle

Victor Lightning: [the impact is sharp, but he manages to shake it off] "You're 1 tough fighter. Interesting." [dives right at Darkness Jolt, and bashes him with ExtremeSpeed]

Darkness Jolt: "I've experienced a hundred of those!"

[Darkness Jolt shakes his head from the impact.]

Victor Lightning: "Now, you can experience this!" [attacks with Earth Power, followed up by Sky Uppercut]

[Darkness Jolt dodges the Sky Uppercut, but the Earth Power has done decent damage, He fires a Dark Sphere Volley, hitting Victor in various places.]

Victor Lightning: "Egh. You have proven tough, but don't think you've won, beast." [fires a Signal Beam from his center eye]

[Darkness Jolt fires a Dark Charge Beam, combating the Signal Beam.]

Victor Lightning: "That's what I was hoping you'd do." [suddenly throws a Mach Punch]

Darkness Jolt: "Ditto. And I don't mean the Species!"

[Darkness Jolt uses Darkness Fang to grapple onto Victor's Hand, throwing him away with the superior strength of his nose and jaw.]

Victor Lightning: "So that's how you want it?" [attacks Darkness Jolt with Drain Punch]

[Darkness Jolt dodges, he bites Victor on the shoulder with Darkness Fang again.]

Victor Lightning: "You forget that I'm made of Steel as a Magnezone." [viciously attacks the biting Darkness Jolt with Drain Punch]

[Darkness Jolt quickly dodges again. getting hit by one punch however.]

Darkness Jolt: "Steel eh?"

[Darkness Jolt attacks with Superheated Electricity.]

Victor Lightning: [dodges very quickly, and counters with Comet Punch]

[Darkness Jolt is hit, but he retaliates with a Super-accurate Red Thunder.]

Victor Lightning: [is nicked when almost dodging the Red Thunder] "Egah. Taking off the kid gloves..." [his magnets fire a dual Mud Shot at Darkness Jolt]

[Darkness Jolt jumps out of the way, letting out a Full Rage BlazeStorm.]

Victor Lightning: [counters the BlazeStorm with Mud Shot and powers through with Hyper Beam] "So you want to act ruthless with me? I can be ruthless too." [chokes Darkness Jolt] "Do you think it's fair for the rest of us to have to put up with you?!!!! It's over, beast!!"

[Darkness Jolt lets out a croak, Victor is suddenly hit with a Full burst of Red Lightning!]

Victor Lightning: [he's blasted back far, but still able to fight] "Vell, you attempted a dirty trick, didn't you? I'll show you a real trick!" [moves a corded phone off of the lamppost and telepathically whacks Darkness Jolt with it] "Hello? Operator? I believe my party's been... ...disconnected!"

Darkness Jolt: "Pweh. You want a trick?"

[Darkness Jolt suddenly disappears...]

Victor Lightning: "You can't hide for long!" [casts a Light Screen and Reflect] "Go ahead and attack me."

[Darkness Jolt reappears, using Brick Break. Shattering Victor's Barriers.]

Victor Lightning: [takes a sharp blow, but endures it and rams right at Darkness Jolt with Slam]

[As Victor rams into Darkness Jolt, his Sharp Fur pokes into him like thorns...]

Victor Lightning: "You've really crossed the line now." [fires a dual Mud Shot and a Solarbeam]

(Victor'll need to charge for a Solarbeam right..?) (Actually, the solar eclipse intensifies solar rays, contrary to popular belief, so it only takes half the time now.)

[Darkness Jolt growls in Anger as he's hit, but he lets out a bark, calling down a Thunder Cloud.]

Pikachu XXV: "Easy come, easy go." [allows the lightning to strike his tail and he absorbs the electricity]

Victor Lightning: "You're not the only one who can absorb electricity, dark beast, as you can see." [blasts Sacred Fire against Darkness Jolt]

[Darkness Jolt uses Mirror/Magic Coat.]

Victor Lightning: "Ckehehhh..." [darts at Darkness Jolt and attacks point-blank with Sky Uppercut]

[Darkness Jolt responds with Counter.]

Victor Lightning: "You're very clever. Too bad it will only help for 3 more minutes now." [uses Fire Spin]

[Darkness Jolt again, responds with Magic Coat.]

Victor Lightning: "You may have shielded yourself from damage, but you're trapped!" [fires a Superpower blast, an unknown ability negates the stat reduction]

[Darkness Jolt responds with Counter, seeing it causes Two times the damage, Darkness Jolt attacks with two times the Superpower.]

The Battle on the Tower

Victor Lightning: [dodges the Superpower right before impact] "Oh, you fool. You're an easy target." [uses Fire Blast]

[Darkness Jolt responds with Magic Coat, it's like if he's toying with Victor...]

Victor Lightning: [angrily lashes out with Brick Break and smashes through the Magic Coat] "No one toys with Victor Lightning!" [whirls out another Fire Spin, followed up with Fury Cutter]

[Darkness Jolt dodges fastly, he hits Victor with Close Combat, seeing he's currently a Magnezone(?) it is almost sure to make him Faint.]

Victor Lightning: "Well played. Too bad for you, I have more than just a few tricks." [wickedly grins, and then accurately fires a One-Shot Orb before staggering regaining his footing] "I'm not just some ordinary opponent that you would face. Ack! I have more will than you can imagine. Eghh."

[Darkness Jolt activates Protect.]

Victor Lightning: [rams at Darkness Jolt and uses Feint] "Did you honestly think you could win, when you were up against someone like me?" [uses Flash Cannon]

[Darkness Jolt dodges the Flash Cannon, latching onto Victor.]

VL vs. Dark Jolt (Pillar).png

[Lightning swings Darkness Jolt off of him, and darts at him, sending them both on the roof of a house. Lightning pulls in a piece of the top of a lamppost with a magnetic pull, turning it into a makeshift club, swinging at Darkness Jolt with each strike. He strikes Darkness Jolt and knocks him onto another roof before tackling him again.]

[Darkness Jolt lets out a Grunt, but Lightning left himself out in the open.]

Darkness Jolt: "Say (Grunt) Cheese..."

[Suddenly! In all directions, Victor is struck by Red Lightning!]

Victor Lightning: "You're more of a pain in the neck than I thought. Agh!" [swings at Darkness Jolt with the makeshift club] "Your time is up, beast! It's over!!!!"

[Darkness Jolt clamps on the Makeshift Club, using Electricity to shock Victor even further!]

Victor Lightning: [now sees Darkness Jolt's strategy and starts to absorb the electricity] "You miserable little whelp!!!" [uses Fire Blast at point-blank and inflicts a burn on Darkness Jolteon, now that he has the chance]

Pikachu XXV: "Is there any way to stop the fighting, Umbre? I can't stand it anymore. Victor, we can't keep watching this fight. Jolt, come to your senses. Come back and get rid of the dark entity who possesses you! Come to your senses!"

Umbre: ....

[Victor is paralyzed from absorbing all the Electricity. Umbre seems to be knocked out.]

Darkness Jolteon: ....

[Darkness Jolteon then lets out a weak laugh.]

Darkness Jolteon: "If I'm going down.....I'm taking you with me!"

[Darkness Jolteon tackles Victor, using Distortion Explosion!]

Pikachu XXV: "Victor!!!"

Victor Lightning: "Ckeheh. We shall see."

(Distortion Explosion pulls both the spirits of User and the Affected on him into the Distortion World.)

Chapter 10: The Distorted World

Victor Lightning: [all that can be seen of him is a sphere of arcing energy, his true form] "I've been here before, beast. So don't even think that you have a chance!"

Pikachu XXV: "Victor is in the Distortion World. I hope he's all right."

Darkness Jolt: "Yet, have you been in the Darkness Distortion World?"

Victor Lightning: "Should I have been? Look, you pulled us both into a distorted mess. I'm going back, and I won't let anyone get in my way. Auf wiedersehen, beast." [explores around to find the exit]

Darkness Jolt: "That's the problem, we CAN'T get out."

Victor Lightning: "Then I'll find a way to get out. Where there's a will, there's a way."

[Darkness Jolt shivers. Jolt's fighting back!]

Jolt: ... "There is no way out Victor..."

Victor Lightning: "What do you mean there's no way out?!"

Jolt: "Because, (Grunt) Giratina told me...."

Victor Lightning: "I've met Giratina before, twice, in fact. Perhaps he can help. There's always a way out."

Jolt: "Well, find a way out if you want, but I'll remain here for Eternity..."

Pokemon_Mystery_Dungeon_2_Alone Alone

Victor Lightning: "Why?"

Jolt: "'Cause of all the trouble I caused."

Victor Lightning: "I can't leave you here! Your siblings will be heartbroken, not to mention that they'll hate me for life. They need you. Can't you see that? You're their team leader! Who else are they going to turn to?"

Jolt: "They'll turn to Umbre, they won't be heartbroken, they feared me."

Victor Lightning: "But they'll think I killed you. Vapor doesn't want you gone. Don't you understand what you're doing? It's not Team Evolution unless you're all together."

Jolt: "They won't think they killed me, you know why? Because Espe can sense if I'm alive..."

Victor Lightning: "I can't convince you any further to come back, but I must leave." [slowly floats away, and turns around briefly, shaking] "Take care of yourself, Jolt......we'll all miss you..." [leaves the Distorted World through a portal, back into Barkwood Town]

Chapter 11: Returning to Barkwood Town

(In Barkwood Town)

Umbre: "So he 'killed' himself to kill Victor...well, that's not one of his tactics, But I'm sure he's failed to."

Espe: "He didn't kill himself you nitwit, his spirit is just floating in the Distortion World!"

Pokemon_Mystery_Dungeon_2_Memories Memories

Victor Lightning: (as a black Magnezone) [hovers back to where they're at, with a melancholy look in his eyes] ......

[Flare nuzzles Victor.]

Flare: "Hey, what's wrong?"

Pikachu XXV: "Victor!" [runs over to Lightning]

Victor Lightning: "I couldn't bring Jolt back here. At least he's back to normal..." [quivers in sadness] "...but I couldn't bring him back here. I tried, but he wouldn't come back. I'm sorry, Flare, Vapor, all of you. I failed..."

Vapor: ....

Umbre: "Gooood riddance..."

Pikachu XXV: [glares at Umbre] "What?! What did you just say?"

Umbre: "You heard me, Good Riddance! We were all scared of him!"

Victor Lightning: "Umbre, I'm ashamed of you. He told me to say that you should be the new team leader. I guess I should take that back and give the leadership position to someone who's more caring, like Vapor. Last chance, Umbre."

Umbre: ....

Victor Lightning: "He respected you. Think about that."

[Umbre walks off, rolling his eyes.]

Victor Lightning: "What do you say, Vapor? You want to honor Jolt by becoming the team leader?"

Vapor: "Fine...I...WILL!"

[Vapor lets out a Tough look.]

Lieutenant Magneton: [hovers over] "Then it's settled. You're the new leader of Team Evolution."

Victor Lightning: "We will need another team member, because now that Jolt is gone, there's only 4 of you."

Lieutenant Magneton: "How about Glace and Leaf?"

Victor Lightning: "There's an idea. After all, 2 new team members are better than 1." (telepathically) ((Jolt, take care of yourself...))

Pikachu XXV: "But we need to find Glace and Leaf first."

Lieutenant Magneton: "Vapor, did you see Glace and Leaf anywhere?"

Vapor: "Mom and Dad are at home..."

Pikachu XXV: "They're your parents? No wonder you look so nice."

[Vapor blushes.]

Vapor: ....

Pikachu XXV: "It's the least I could say for you flattering me earlier, and you do look nice."

[Vapor blushes even more.]

(Garvoira, meanwhile, is at the edge of the town by herself)


Pikachu XXV: [looks at the town's edge and walks over to Garvoira] [SFX: thunderous footsteps] "Victor told us that Jolt decided on his own to stay in the Distorted World. I'll miss him."

Garvoira: (voice breaking) Not as much as I will...(cries)

Pikachu XXV: "I'm sad, too. But look at Victor. He was hit the hardest besides you and me."

Garvoira: (sniffs) He...He was?

Pikachu XXV: "He pleaded for Jolt to come home, but Jolt refused and thought he was a danger to everyone around him. So Jolt stayed in the Distorted World. I'm so ashamed I couldn't get Jolt to come back. Why did he have to leave you?!" [breaks down into crying]

Garvoira: I..I don't know...(cries silently) (thinking) Jolt....)

Victor Lightning: [hovers over to them] "Vapor is the new leader of Team Evolution... ...although I can't really call it Team Evolution, because we lost an Electric element to the Distorted World. I'm sorry, Garvoira. I tried to bring Jolt back... ...but... ...I couldn't get him home!..."

Garvoira: (wipes away tears; takes deep breath) Is..Is there a way into the Distorted World..?

Victor Lightning: "You can't go in there. It's too dangerous. Second: I was pulled into the Distorted World. I know how you must feel about this. Let me look back into the times you spent with him." [taps into Garvoira's memories of her and Jolt, 3 minutes later, he quivers even more] "Ssso that's why..."

Garvoira: (turns red) What that a bad thing?

Victor Lightning: "You had a strong friendship. It's so touching. The same thing happened 2 months ago with Pikachu and I. When we were leaving Temporal Tower, I vanished. He was despondent that I was gone. At least we reunited a few days later, and we rejoiced in the reunion."

Garvoira: Yeah...but at least you got to see him again...

Victor Lightning: "We do know this: Jolt is still alive, and he may come back someday."

Garvoira: (nods) I hope so...(Kreida somes up to her)

Kreida: Garvoira, why do you look so sad..?

Garvoira: O-Oh, i-it's nothing...

Pikachu XXV: "Hey, Kreida."

Kreida: (waves at Pikachu) Hi! (smiles)

Pikachu XXV: "You know, Vapor told me that Glace and Leaf were her parents. I could figure that's why she looks so nice. So I told her that, because... ...well, you can see why she buttered me up earlier on."

Kreida: (since she wasn't there) Ooooh, maybe she likes you!

Garvoira: Kreida!

Kreida: What?

Pikachu XXV: "So this is what happened earlier this afternoon."

(start flashback)

Pikachu XXV: "And I can see why they call you Team Evolution."

Umbre: "Mhm."

Pikachu XXV: "What's your name?"

Umbre: "Umbre."

Pikachu XXV: "I'm Pikachu XXV. But you can call me Pikachu."

Vapor: "Talk about super-sized..."

Pikachu XXV: [rolls his eyes with a shy giggle]

Vapor: "I'm serious..Your a super-sized person, I bet your team members are lucky to have you!"

Pikachu XXV: (laughing) "Well, what can I say?"

(end flashback)

Pikachu XXV: "I couldn't say that much because I was so flattered. Vapor really knows how to butter someone up."

Garvoira: That she does.

Pikachu XXV: "Maybe she thinks that I stand out in a crowd." [laughs]

Kreida: (laughs)

Garvoira: (looks from Kreida to Pikcahu, then laughs softly)

Victor Lightning: [laughs] "When Vapor said that, it also gave me a good laugh."

Pikachu XXV: "Do you know anyone in this town besides us or Team Evolution?"

Kreida: (jumps up and down, waving her hands like crazy) I do, I do, I do!

Victor Lightning: "Hyper one, isn't she?"

Pikachu XXV: "I'll say!"

Garvoira: (puts a hand on Kreida's shoulder) Settle down, Kreida.

Pikachu XXV: "It's okay, Garvoira. Kreida looks really excited to show us around." [gives Kreida a lift] "Aren't you?" [sets her back down next to Garvoira]

Victor Lightning: "Perhaps the locals here would be able to know where Leaf and Glace are."

Lieutenant Magneton: "Do they live around here, Vapor?"

Vapor: "Cleftwood."

Lieutenant Magneton: "That's my hometown."

Vapor: "That's nice to hear..."

Lieutenant Magneton: "We went through that strange forest to get to here from Cleftwood Village."

Victor Lightning: "2 mute bugs were there, and all they did was shoot silk and point in a direction. They didn't say so much as a single word."

Pikachu XXV: "He even tried talking in their dialect, and they still said nothing."

Lieutenant Magneton: "It's no wonder they call it the Wild Forest."

Vapor: "They're just shy..."

Victor Lightning: "So that's why... ...Is there any way around it?"

Vapor: "No, since there is a lot of cliffs around us."

Victor Lightning: "We've only been in Wild Forest for a few minutes, so we have yet to figure if the travel route is safe or hostile."

Vapor: "Please, promise me one thing...this includes you Pikachu..."

[Vapor presses her head against Pikachu's leg.]

Pikachu XXV: "I'm listening, Vapor. Go ahead."

Vapor: "Don't tell my parents that Jolt is choosing to stay in the Distortion World...it'll break them apart..."

Pikachu XXV: "I won't tell them. I just wish Jolt would come back. At least he's still alive, though."

Kreida: (talking very fast to Gavoira) I have to show you all the places I've been and all my new friends!

Garvoira: Hehehe...Okay.. (Kreida pulls on Garvoira's arm after her)

(Meanwhile in the Distortion World)

[Jolt was nibbling on his nails.]

Jolt's thoughts: 'Just face it Jolt, you're all alone, and your friends are safe from you...'

(Jolt hears footsteps approaching him)

Jolt: !

[Jolt whips around in the direction the footsteps are approaching.]

Chapter 12: Kreida's Tour

Victor Lightning: "We can do your little tour first, Kreida."

Kreida: Yaaaayy! (bounces up and down)

Pikachu XXV: [laughs] "The most hyper Kirlia I've seen!"

Kreida: Okay, first we have to go to this reeaaallllyyy cool rock thing I found!

[Team Evolution seems to be staying behind...]

Garvoira: (to Team Evolution) Aren't you guys coming?

Victor Lightning: "Of course we are. Right?!"

Vapor: "....Wrong...."

Pikachu XXV: "I'll gladly go along with you, Kreida." [follows Kreida]

(Kreida leads Pikachu to a large stone in a deep forest)

Kreida: I found this when I first came here. I tried to touch it, but it wouldn't let me..

Pikachu XXV: "It wouldn't let you? Was the stone somehow sentient?"

Kreida: It just wouldn't let me...See, watch. (she puts a hand out to the stone, but something stops her) See?

Pikachu XXV: "Okay. Now I'll try." [tries to pick up the stone, but is also stopped] "You were right."

Kreida: I don't get it... (tries to touch the stone again) Grr!

Pikachu XXV: "Calm down." [strokes Kreida's head] "You really feel tense."

Kreida: (pouts) But I can't touch the rock!!

(Back at Barkwood Town)

Victor Lightning: "Sure you are, Vapor. Or I'll fill your life with misery and woe." [rushes to the forest, then pops up under a street tile] "Even if you quit." [rushes to the forest again]

Vapor: "I'm not scared..."

Victor Lightning: "I'm sorry. What was that? Come on, guys! Kreida is offering to show us around!"

Vapor: ....

Victor Lightning: "Alright, have it your way. Lieutenant, stay here." [rushes off to the forest]

Lieutenant Magneton: "Yes sir!"

Vapor: "I worry for Jolt, What if he encounters Giratina..?"

Lieutenant Magneton: "My word! Only the Commander would know, and anyone else that was in that dimension. As we said before, he's alive."

(Back with Jolt and the Figure.)

Jolt: "Who are you?"

[Jolt begins to spark with blue electricity.]

Chrono Trigger: Boss Fight!

???: Whoa, whoa! Calm down there, Sparky!

Jolt: "Sparky? If I ever had a son, If I didn't turn into a beast, I'd call my son Spark."

[Jolt blasts Electricity, hitting a Sableye that was attempting to steal from the figure.]

Victor Lightning: ((Someone else is there...))

Jolt's thoughts: 'And that person would be..?'

Victor Lightning: ((That figure you see, is... ...a relative of Garvoira's.))

Jolt's thoughts: .... 'I'm no longer part of Team Evolution Victor....but I'll tell him that his sister is looking for him.'

Victor Lightning: ((I appreciate the favor you're doing.))

Jolt's thoughts: 'It's best she gets her family back.'

Victor Lightning: ((And you deserve better than that dismal dimension you're in.))

Jolt's thoughts: 'What do you mean?'

Victor Lightning: ((We have no idea where Umbre went off to, after he slandered you.))

Jolt's thoughts: 'He's like that when he's pissed.'

Victor Lightning: ((What are Leaf and Glace going to think about your disappearance? We won't tell them, but they'll find out sooner or later.))

Jolt: ....

Jolt's thoughts: 'I bet my Father only sees me as a tool and my Mother only sees me as something to watch.'

Victor Lightning: ((So it's back to that angry child talk again? They care very much for you. If they knew you're gone, they would be torn to pieces. We were gonna meet them because the team is a little short-handed, but after Vapor brought up not mentioning your disappearance, the plan was off. Without you, there's no Team Evolution. Just an ordinary exploration team.))

Jolt's thoughts: 'Team Evolution STILL exists...They can exist without me...'

Victor Lightning: ((As just another ordinary exploration team whose name is taken for granted.))

???: (looks at the defeated Sablye) Whew! Thanks! (out of the darkness steps a shiny Gallade. It's Garvoira's brother!)

Victor Lightning: ((A relative of Garvoira's. I told you, Jolt.))

(Back at the forest...)

Pikachu XXV: "You want to head back to Barkwood Town, Kreida?"

Kreida: (sighs) Yeah...(sticks tongue at the rock) Stupid rock!

Pikachu XXV: [kicks the rock, but it somehow hurts] "Ow!!!" [grasps his foot in pain, jumping up and down] "That rock is really strong. Ow!!! Ow!! Ow!!!!"

Kreida: Oooh, are you okay? (looks at Pikachu's foot) That looks like it hurts...

Pikachu XXV: "Let's just get back to town, so we can meet up with the rest."

Kreida: Okay...

Victor Lightning: "Welcome back, you 2."

Pikachu XXV: "Thank you, Victor."

Garvoira: She didn't give you much trouble, did she?

Pikachu XXV: "No. Not at all, although that rock really hurt my foot."

Victor Lightning: "Must be harder than diamonds."

Kreida: But I thought nothing can be harder than diamonds..!

Victor Lightning: "Or so we've been told. That must be a unique elemental rock."

Pikachu XXV: "The stone shrine of the forest..."

Victor Lightning: "The stone shrine of the forest?"

Kreida: Wait, that was a shrine? (turns to Pikachu) You kicked a sacred place!

Pikachu XXV: "Because you were so frustrated, and I didn't realize it until Victor mentioned "unique elemental rock". Don't forget that you stuck your tongue out at a sacred place and called it stupid."

Victor Lightning: "Something is happening in the Distortion World."

Kreida: Yeah, but that's not as bad as kicking it!

Garvoira: what do you mean that something's happening?!

(Back in the Distortion World)


Jolt's thoughts: 'Oh why did I say that...? It pains me to say her name...'

???: ...Yes. And that surprises you h- Wait, you know my sister!? (grabs Jolt by the shoulders and shakes him) How is she?! Is she okay?! What about my other siblings?!

Victor Lightning: ((Okay, it's time for both of you to come home.))

Jolt's thoughts: 'Him...not me Victor...'

Jolt: "Last time I saw her she was alright...I'm not sure now...but she's sure to be in Barkwood...I sense that she did find her younger sister."

Jolt [to himself]: "I hope she's okay, I hope she isn't devastated about the fact I'm staying here.."

Chapter 13: Homecoming

Victor Lightning: ((Ah ah ah! No excuses! You're both coming home!))

???: (sighs) Good...(drops Jolt) Hey, I'm Glayde by the way.

Victor Lightning: ((We can save the introductions for when you both get back to Barkwood Town.))

Jolt's thoughts: 'Y'know why I don't want to go home!!? Because I'll lose my memory when I get back! There, happy I've said why now!!?'

Jolt: "I'm Jolt....Listen y'gotta get yourself back in the real world, I'm staying here..."

Glayde: (laughs softly) What do you think I've been trying to do ever since I got here? Look, I've been here for over two years. I would be out of here by now if there was a way out.

Victor Lightning: ((That's the idea, Jolt. You've been wracked with pain, so it's time to let go of that pain.))

Jolt's thoughts: 'No, and that's final Victor!'

Victor Lightning: ((Wait. I came out of that dimension, and I didn't lose a trace of memory.)) "Jolt's not listening to us. Come on, Glayde." [opens a portal]

Glayde: Huh? How did you ..do that...(looks at Jolt) Aren't you coming?

Victor Lightning: "There are many things about me that you don't know, Glayde, like how I knew your name."

Glayde: And how did you happen to know my name?

Victor Lightning: "I can hear whatever's going on in the Distortion World whenever in Barkwood Town."

Glayde: R-Really? Then you can tell what my sister's doing!

Victor Lightning: "She's with us right now. Go ahead and go through the portal."

Glayde: (takes a step towards the portal, but stops and looks at Jolt) But...What about him?

Victor Lightning: "Leave him. He believes this to be his destiny."

Glayde: But...

Victor Lightning: "No time for hesitating. Come on!"

Jolt: ....

PMD2_-_I_Don't_Want_To_Say_Goodbye_(Long_Version) I Don't Want To Say Goodbye

Victor Lightning: ((Go in the portal, Jolt. You won't lose your memory if you go into this one. Hurry!))

Jolt: .....

Glayde: Hey, Jolt, come on! Your friends are probably waiting for you!

Jolt: .......

Victor Lightning: ((This is not your destiny to stay here! You still have your whole life ahead of you! You can make it! Come on!))

Pikachu XXV: ((Jolt, we all miss you. Vapor misses you. Flare misses you. I miss you! Your parents miss you! Please come back!))

Jolt: .........

Garvoira: Jolt!

Victor Lightning: ((Jolt, the time is now. This portal is impervious to amnesia effects. Go! Now!))

Garvoira: Jolt, please come back!!

Jolt: ...."Garvoira."......

[Jolt slowly approaches. But holds back thinking he might turn back into Darkness Jolt.]

Victor Lightning: ((Jolt! The beast has been dispelled!))

Lieutenant Magneton: "Jolt!"

Pikachu XXV: ((Jolt!))

Garvoira: JOLT!!!

Victor Lightning: ((Jolt, THE TIME IS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!))

[Jolt then makes a quick leap through the portal, however something hits him and he's knocked unconscious!]

Victor Lightning: "AAAAAAAAGH!!! GRAAAAAGHHHH!!!!!!!!! SOMETHING HIT HIM!!!!!!!!"

[Jolt did make it through however...]

Victor Lightning: [feels a familiar tremor] "Wait. It's the same one as last time. Of course. Darkrai. If he destroyed Jolt's memory, I will kill him."

Garvoira: J-Jolt..? (goes over to him. Glayde comes out of teh portal as well)

Victor Lightning: "Jolt better be unaffected."

(It wasn't Darkrai...Palkia proved anyone can cause a Memory Loss.)

Victor Lightning: ((Good thing I can restore someone's memory.)) "Jolt, wake up."

Jolt: ....

Victor Lightning: "I take it you don't know any of us."

Garvoira: Jolt...? Do you..remember me..?

Jolt: ...? "Who are you? Who are we? Who AM I!!?"

[Jolt falls over.]

Garvoira: Jolt!

Glayde: Hey, man, get up! (shakes Jolt)

Garvoira: G-Glayde...?

Glayde: Hey, sis!

Victor Lightning: "Feh. Maybe you'll remember this!" [the center eye glows yellow, and little by little, the glow triggers a flashback from earlier moments leading up to this]

[Jolt shakes his head.]

Jolt: "I don't remember that...."

Victor Lightning: "Well, you'd better believe it. You're back."

Kreida: Yeah!

Jolt: .... "I still don't remember..."

Victor Lightning: "What?!!!!!!!!!" [an enraged Lightning blasts a lamppost to ashes with Fire Blast]

Kreida: (cries in fear from the Fire Blast)

Jolt: ....

Victor Lightning: "All of this for nothing. I should've left you in the Distortion World so you would still have your memory. Now, it's wiped out. Useless. Kaput. Poof."

Jolt: "Distortion World...?"

Gavoira: (crying) No..Jolt..

Victor Lightning: "What will it take to restore his memory?!!!! I'll kill whoever wiped it out! Show yourself, you dirty villain!!!"

[No answer...They must've been in the Distortion World.]

Pokemon_Mystery_Dungeon_2_-_Living_On Living On

Victor Lightning: "I'll face him in a final showdown myself. If it that's what it takes to restore Jolt to normal. It's up to me now."

Pikachu XXV: (crying) "Victor... ...Victor, you can't leave..."

Victor Lightning: "I'll return soon, Pikachu." [opens a portal and enters the Distortion World]

Glayde: Victor!

[Victor is blasted out by a Dark Hyper Beam. Far powerful than Darkness Jolt's powers.]

Jolt: "I am getting confused here."

(Jolt's Startled Portrait)

Victor Lightning: "Not this time! Just remember that you're my brother, Pikachu, and I love you with all of my heart." [darts into the Distortion World] (They consider each other as brothers.)

Lieutenant Magneton: "Commander!"

Pikachu XXV: (crying out) "Victor! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Lieutenant Magneton: "If it means saving Jolt, then he's doing the right thing. Let's all hope for the best."

Pikachu XXV: "Please come back... ...I know you will. ...I can't live without you, Victor..."

Chapter 14: Unlocking Jolt's Memory

(In the Distortion World...)

Victor Lightning: "Reveal thyself!"

[It reveals to be Sableye!]

Jolt: ...

Victor Lightning: "Ah, yes. The cowardly Sableye. You must be the one who attacked Jolt! I could feel your presence in the Distorted World itself." [alters appearance, this time into a silver Raichu] "You tangled with the wrong team, Sableye. It will be your undoing."

Pokemon_Mystery_Dungeon_2_-_Palkia_Battle_Music Onslaught]

Victor Lightning: "No one gets away with hurting my comrades, and lives through it!" [casts Thunder at Sableye]

[Sableye disappears after being hit by Thunder.]

Victor Lightning: "Show yourself! Do you know who I am?!" [detects Sableye with Sense, then paralyzes him with Thunder Wave]

Jolt: "Sir that's enough he's disintegrated already!"

Finale_-_The_Brave_Little_Toaster_Original_Soundtrack A Break in the Fight...

Victor Lightning: "Jolt? Is that you?" [stops, but vanishes from sight, still alert]

[Jolt was speaking through the portal seemingly.]

Victor Lightning: "But how..."

Jolt: "I can also see through this thing..."

Victor Lightning: "There's no way you could have realized this, unless..."

[Jolt would've used "Portal" however. Not "Thing".]

Victor Lightning: "Wait. You would know for sure if Sableye was disintegrated. I can still feel the fiend's presence." [remains hidden] "Come out now."

[There's a Pile of Ashes near Victor...]

Victor Lightning: "There has to be a way to reverse Jolt's amnesia!"

Garvoira: Victor! Did you find anything?

Victor Lightning: "The ashes of Jolt's attacker, which was a Sableye. I destroyed him for attacking Jolt."

Jolt: "Who's Jolt...?"

Victor Lightning: "You're Jolt. Sableye must have wiped his memory clean. Now we'll have to start all over again. Sorry, Garvoira. You'll need to start from scratch."

Garvoira: Wh-What?!

Jolt: "Start what...?"

Victor Lightning: "Even I tried to restore his memory. What would you be able to do if I failed?"

Garvoira: (sighs) Alright...But it won't be the same..

Jolt: ....

[Jolt backs away slightly, as if he was in fear...]

Victor Lightning: "But the good news is he's safe, and he doesn't know who I am..."

Garvoira: But isn't that a bad thing that he doesn't know you?

[Jolt backs away more.]

Victor Lightning: "In a way. But in another way, it's a good thing. But it's bad that he doesn't know you, though. You and him were destined to be together. Now look what has happened. If there only someway to bring him back. I guess I can only say: mission failed. Come on, Pikachu. You, too, Lieutenant Magneton. We're going home."

Pikachu XXV: "Okay, Victor."

Lieutenant Magneton "Yes... ...Commander..."

Kreida: (sees Jolt backing away) Something wrong, Jolt..?

Jolt: ...

Garvoira: (looks at Jolt) Jolt..?

Victor Lightning: "Sorry that I let you all down. I guess Jolt will never be the same again."

[Jolt's sweating, he's probably afraid...]

Team Evolution: .....

Victor Lightning: "All I did was cause even more grief than when Jolt was in the Distortion World. Do whatever you can, but I can't do anything else. I've done all I can to try to save Jolt."

Garvoira: At least you tried...

Kreida: (goes over to Jolt) Jolt..? Are you okay?

Victor Lightning: "Thank you, Garvoira. But if I can't restore Jolt's memory, I don't know what can..."

Garvoira: I don't know, either...(looks sadly at Jolt)

Victor Lightning: "But who knows? You could have a stronger friendship than the last one."

Garvoira: Yeah..

[Jolt still seems afraid...]

Victor Lightning: "It won't be a problem for us, because we hardly even knew him at all. For the rest of you, it might be very hard."

(Garvoira goes over to Jolt)

Garvoira: Jolt... You really don't remember, do you?

Victor Lightning: "That's it! I can't take it anymore!!!! Jolt, it's time to remember!!!" [his center eye glows yellow, and this time a powerful ray penetrates into Jolt's mind]

[Jolt yelps.]

[the ray that struck contains every event that happened in Jolt's life]

(After the Ray.)

Jolt: "Ooooh.....head..."

[Jolt puts his paw on his forehead.]

Garvoira: Jolt! (glares at Victor) What did you do to him!?

Victor Lightning: "I didn't hurt him. What were you expecting it to be? A painless light?!"

(Note: Penetrate. xD) (Counternote: Penetrate doesn't always mean "stab" or "pierce". However, the pain was a side effect of the Memory Pulse.)

Chapter 15: Welcome Back!

Pokemon_Mystery_Dungeon_2_OST_Good_Night Good Night

Victor Lightning: ...

Garvoira: ...Maybe. (turns to Jolt) Are you...?

Jolt: "Garvoira..? Do you know how to ease headaches..?"

[Jolt's eyes seem whitish as he holds his forehead.]

Pikachu XXV: "Jolt! You're back!!!!"

Garvoira: (hugs Jolt) Y-You're back...! (Jolt's headache seems to heal)

Victor Lightning: "Jolt, the pain will subside. It's only a side effect."

Jolt: "It already did...Garvoira healed it, along with hugging me..."

Garvoira: ^_^

Victor Lightning: "I never even thought about a place to stay for several nights. Everywhere must be a full house in this town by now."

Kreida: I know a place we can go!

Victor Lightning: "You do?"

Kreida: Uh-huh! We can go to the place I've been staying at this whole time!

Victor Lightning: "Which is where?"

Pikachu XXV: "You're acting hyper again." [laughing]

Kreida: Follow me! (glares at Pikachu) Nuh-uh!

Victor Lightning: "We'll follow you." [follows Kreida]

Pikachu XXV: "Right behind you 2." [SFX: Thunderous steps]

Chapter 16: A Strange House

(So Kreida leads the group to a nearby building, where a Blissey steps out and meets them)

Kreida: Momma Blissey! (hugs Momma Blissey)

Victor Lightning: "This is your mother, Kreida? A Blissey? No wonder you're so cheerful and hyper all the time!"

Lieutenant Magneton: [his 3 eyes show hearts, but is promptly slapped and spun around by Lightning] "Ow. You didn't need to do that."

Momma Blissey: Oh, no, I'm not her mother. Everyone calls me that.

Victor Lightning: "Ahh. I see. So Kreida used to stay here before?"

[Jolt raises his eyebrows with interest.]

Kreida: Yep, when I got separated from Garvoira.

Momma Blissey: (pats Kreida's head) The poor dear was scared to death when she first arrived!

Victor Lightning: [looks at Kreida, then back at Momma Blissey] "She must have shaking violently with terror. Who could have terrified her, though?"

Jolt: "Hmmmm..."

Victor Lightning: "No one around here could scare her like that. Strange. Was it you, perhaps, Blissey?"

Momma Blissey: Oh, no! I stay here most of my time, taking care of other Pokémon. I rarely go into the woods at night or during a storm.

Kreida: Yeah...(whimpers slightly from remembering when she got lost)

Pikachu XXV: "I guess that's why they call you "Momma Blissey"." [laughing]

Momma Blissey: (puffs up angrily) I'm proud to wear this title, thank you very much!

Pikachu XXV: "Hey! I wasn't making fun of you! I like that title you have."

Jolt: "Oh boy."

Pikachu XXV: "Momma Blissey, my name is Pikachu XXV. But you can call me Pikachu."

Momma Blissey: It's nice to meet you, Pikachu. Now, if you'd like to come inside, I have some food prepared. It's getting dark, and it looks like a storm's brewing.

Lieutenant Magneton: "Aye aye, ma cherie." [he's slapped again] "Ow! Commander, don't do that!" [floats inside]

Pikachu XXV: "There's just 1 problem with that. How can I get inside?"

Momma Blissey: (slightly red from the "ma cherie") We have a special entrance for Pokémon like you. (turns to Kreida) Can you show him?

Kreida: Uh-huh! C'mon! (goes to the back of the house)

Pikachu XXV: "You never miss a detail, do you? Thank you!" [walks toward the back of the house and goes inside]

Jolt: "I'll stay out here..."

Victor Lightning: "I'll wait for you in the morning." [floats inside the house] "Something just doesn't add up, though. How did Blissey know to put in a larger room and a larger door in that house? How did she know that?"

Lieutenant Magneton: "Lucky guess, maybe?"

Victor Lightning: "Lieutenant, that could be a case, but I doubt that. There must be some other reason."

[Jolt is suddenly stricken by Electricity, however Volt Absorb heals him.]

Victor Lightning: "Wait. Perhaps someone was here before."

Lieutenant Magneton: "Whoever was here, we won't be able to ask him/her."

Victor Lightning: "That's a reason why I chose you as a lieutenant. You're realistic about the situation, apart from your crush on Blissey. You did a noble thing back there in weakening the beast for me to take down. I thought you were gone forever, Magneton. At least you survived your sacrifice."

Pikachu XXV: (from another room) "It's a wicked thunderstorm out there."

Lieutenant Magneton: "That's Pikachu!"

Victor Lightning: "Let's go into his room. It must be very spacious in there." [they hover to his room] "I think I heard Jolt being struck by lightning out there." [very loud thunderclap]

Lieutenant Magneton: "Yeow!! My ears (the screw on top) are ringing from the noise!"

Pikachu XXV: "I remember nights like this back at western Aereonn, in Treasure Town."

Lieutenant Magneton: "Sharpedo Bluff seemed very dangerous during those nights."

[More Thunder strikes Jolt.]

(Note: The story may change focus from time to time.)

Lieutenant Magneton: "This seems more intense than usual!"

Pikachu XXV: "Heh. I'll say."

Lieutenant Magneton: "More intense than at the Palace!"

Victor Lightning: "Don't be too sure, Lieutenant. The storms there can be very nasty."

[More Thunder.]

Victor Lightning: "Which reminds me: where did Team Evolution run off to?"

Jolt [Yelling]: "They went back home."

Lieutenant Magneton: "So much for their company."

Pikachu XXV: "Jolt, aren't you coming inside?"

Jolt [Yelling]: "No thanks, it feels kinda nice out here."

[Obvious since he's Electric.]

Pikachu XXV: "Okay. I'll let you stay out there, but come inside when morning comes."

Jolt [yelling]: "A'right."

Victor Lightning: "11:00 PM. It looks like this storm will continue throughout the night and morning. Brace yourselves, because this storm looks like it will only get worse."

Momma Blissey: Why don't you two go and take a rest? You must be tired!

Garvoira: (yawns) Nah, I'm fine...

Pikachu XXV: "But you sound tired, Garvoira."

Garvoira: (shakes head) I'm okay.

Victor Lightning: "Alright, but I don't want to hear you complaining that you're too tired in the morning."

Garvoira: (nods) Don't worry, I won't.

Momma Blissey: Okay, but at least take some of these blankets. You still need to keep warm. (hands everyone a large fluffy blanket)

Lieutenant Magneton: "Thanks, Momma Blissey." [hearts appear in his eyes]

Victor Lightning: "Blissey, how did you know to add a large door and a large room to this house?"

Momma Blissey: Now, I'm not too familiar with large Pokémon such as Pikachu here, but I've had my share. (Hint hint: Snorlax (they're big))

Pikachu XXV: "You mean like Snorlax?"

Momma Blissey: Yep! Well, I'll leave you be. I need to go get myself some shut eye. Good night, everybody! (she leaves)

Lieutenant Magneton: (dreamily) "Good night, ma cherie." [is magnet-slapped again] "Ouch!"

Pikachu XXV: [loud yawn] "Good night, Victor." [falls asleep]

Victor Lightning: "Good night, Pikachu."

Garvoira: (watches the storm outside)

Lieutenant Magneton: [collapses to fall asleep] "Oh... ...Blissey..."

Garvoira: (smiles) You like her, don't you?

Lieutenant Magneton: [reassembles] "Like her? I think I love her!"

Garvoira: Are you going to tell her?

Lieutenant Magneton: "I don't want to get her mad, but it's eating me alive! I can't hold on to it forever." [his eyes are now hearts] "She's the most beautiful PokéMon I've ever seen."

Garvoira: Aw, that's sweet! Mayeb you should get to know her better, then tell her. (yawns) I guess I will go to sleep. Good night... (curls up into a ball on the floor and sleeps)

Lieutenant Magneton: [collapses to sleep]

(3 hours later)

[very loud thunder clap]

[Jolt springs up, His Pinned fur launching into the ground.]

Garvoira: (jerks awake because of the thunder) Wah!

Lieutenant Magneton: "YAAAGH!! Where's Momma Blissey?!"

(Somewhere in the house, a baby Pokémon starts top cry)

Momma Blissey: Oh, dear! (rushes past the room to the nursery)

[Pikachu is sound asleep]

Lieutenant Magneton: "How is he able to sleep through this?"

Victor Lightning: "Years of practice..."

Garvoira: Oi... (Kreida comes in crying because of the storm and holds onto Garvoira)

Kreida: Waaahh!

Jolt: 0_0'

[Jolt was on the tips of his nails.]

Garvoira: (to Jolt) Something wrong?

Victor Lightning: "And if you think the storm is bad now, just wait. It gets worse. I know. Jolt, get inside. It's too dangerous!"

Jolt: "Aww, Fine."

Lieutenant Magneton: (aloud) "Momma Blissey, you hold a very special place in my heart. You make me vivid with love."

Jolt: "Wha....!!?"

[Jolt looks at everyone else.]

Victor Lightning: "Quiet! You, too, Lieutenant! Are you trying to wake everyone up?"

Pikachu XXV: [sleeping]

Garvoira: He said it..

Momma Blissey: (comes in carrying a baby Togepi; blushing) Wh-What was that..?

Jolt: ....

Lieutenant Magneton: (blushing) "Nothing, Momma Blissey."

Momma Blissey: Okay.. (walks away with the Togepi)

Lieutenant Magneton: "Errgh. AAAH! Okay! Momma Blissey, I can't think of what to say when I see your beautiful face every time you come in. I...I love you."

Jolt's thoughts: 'Cra-ZY.'

Garvoira: (taps Lieutenant Magneton) Um, she isn't here...

Pikachu XXV: [knocks Lieutenant Magneton out with his tail] "...crazy..."

Jolt: "Ditto, and I don't mean the Species."

[the random Ditto slumps away]

(Note: That was Pikachu's Sleep Talk and his sleep talk.)

Victor Lightning: "He should be out until dawn."

Garvoira: Wow, heavy sleeper.

[Jolt shrugs then falls back asleep. But another Thunder Clap keeps him from doing so...]

Victor Lightning: "What makes you think he's a heavy sleeper?"

Garvoira: Look at this storm! It's hard to believe he's not waking up to it!

Victor Lightning: "You do have a point. We'll wait out the storm."

Jolt: .....

[Jolt looks irritated at the Thunder Claps.]

(4 hours later)

[howling winds, thunder clap]

Garvoira: (dark shadows under her eyes) Will this EVER stop...?!

Jolt: .....

Victor Lightning: "It should... ...right... ...about... ...now..."

[the dark clouds remain, the rain continues, but the thunder and lightning stop]

[Jolt curls up near Garvoira's Feet if he was a loyal pet.]

Garvoira: (smiles)

Kreida: Finally, it stopped...

Pikachu XXV: [pleasant-sounding yawning] "The storm finally ended."

Lieutenant Magneton: "What did I miss???"

[Jolt then falls asleep.]

Garvoira: The storm is over, Lieutenant.

Lieutenant Magneton: "Where's Momma Blissey at? I want to tell her something important, Garvoira."

Kreida: You can check the nursery.

Lieutenant Magneton: [floats into the nursery] "Momma Blissey?"

Momma Blissey: (puts a blanket over a sleeping baby Growlithe) Yes?

Lieutenant Magneton: "About last night, I did have something to say. I don't know how to put this, but you're just the most beautiful PokéMon I ever laid my eyes on, too beautiful for words. Don't take this the wrong way, but I...I...I love you."

Momma Blissey: (blushes) Wh-Why, I don't know what to say...!

Lieutenant Magneton: [moves back] "I'm sorry! I couldn't help it! I don't know what came over me!"

Momma Blissey: No, no, it's okay! It's just that we only just met, and..

Lieutenant Magneton: (blushing) "But I really do think you're really beautiful." [tries to hide the blush]

Momma Blissey: Wh-Why thank you...!

Lieutenant Magneton: "Sounds like everyone's waking up. Let's go greet them."

(Back with Garvoira, Jolt, Lightning and the others.)

Jolt: [Wakes up and yawns, giving Garvoira a sunny look.]

Garvoira: (smiles) Good morning! Have a good night's sleep?

Pikachu XXV: "I know I did."

Jolt: "Yeah, I have.."

[Jolt stretches and his back cracks.]

Garvoira: (winces at Jolt's back cracking) Well, that's good.

Victor Lightning: "Sounds like the storm took a toll on your back, Jolt."

Jolt: "Hah hah hah..."

Pikachu XXV: "No need to be all grumpy, Jolt."

Jolt: "No it's just that my Body's aging as twice as fast..."

Victor Lightning: "Maybe you shouldn't have stayed out there in the storm so long."

[Jolt coughs.]

Jolt: "Distortionexplosionside-effect."

[Jolt coughs.]

Victor Lightning: "You mean when you were attacked by the Sableye upon return here?"

Jolt: "No I'm meaning that Distortion Explosion makes me age slightly faster."

Pikachu XXV: (worried) "You won't age too fast, right?"

Victor Lightning: "Apparently, darkness has no regard for self-safety."

Jolt: "I'll be fine, it'll wear off in about a year."

Victor Lightning: "Why do I get the feeling that you won't even have a year by then?"

Jolt: .....

Pokemon_Mystery_Dungeon_2_Bubbles Bubbles

Victor Lightning: "Very difficult to face the truth, isn't it? The Distortion Explosion might slowly age you, but the initial blast alone takes a sharp toll on your age."

Jolt: .....

Victor Lightning: "Just several weeks left, I'm afraid... Errgh!!!" [collapses]

Jolt: ......

Pikachu XXV: (tearfully) "Jolt... ...no..."

Jolt: ......

[Jolt runs off.]

Victor Lightning: [regains conscience] "And just when I was about to tell him about the antidote for the aging effects..." ((Jolt, I must tell you about the Essence Stone. It heals the aging effects completely.))

Jolt: ....

Victor Lightning: ((It may be your only chance. Chances are that the Stone is somewhere around here.))

(I gotta eat.)

Garvoira: (thinking) He'll age faster...than me..

Lieutenant Magneton: [floats into the room with Momma Blissey walking behind him] "...and that's what happened at the New Mauville Generator."

Momma Blissey: (star-eyes) Wow...

Pikachu XXV: "Good morning, Momma Blissey. What were you talking about back there?"

Momma Blissey: Oh, Lieutenant Magneton was telling me a wonderful story about New Mauville!

Pikachu XXV: "Magneton, you were talking about the events at New Mauville's generator?"

Lieutenant Magneton: "You're a goldmine of knowledge, Pikachu."

Jolt's thoughts: 'That's what I'm trying to find Victor....'

Momma Blissey: It was very interesting!

Pikachu XXV: "Did Magneton say to you about what he was going to say to you a few hours ago?"

Momma Blissey: (turns red and nods)

Lieutenant Magneton: "It's true, Pikachu. I told her that I love her."

Pikachu XXV: [stands up, accidentally bumping the chandelier] "Ow. I have to watch where I'm standing..." [scratches his head]

Momma Blissey: Oh, sorry about that..!

Pikachu XXV: [displays a very welcoming smile] "It's okay, Momma Blissey. You gave me a room with alot of space, so I have that to thank you for."

Momma Blissey: Well, you're very welcome! ^_^


[Jolt was on Sky Tower, searching for an Essence Stone.]

Pokemon_Remix_Album_GOLDEN_SUN_&_SILVER_MOON_Sky_Tower Sky Tower

Victor Lightning: ((The center is where you will find it...))

Jolt's thoughts: 'Already looking...'

Victor Lightning: "We should wait for Jolt to return. If he doesn't return within an hour, I'll go after him. If you don't hear from me in 3 hours after leaving, send Lieutenant Magneton."

Momma Blissey: Be careful!

Garvoira: (worried look)

Victor Lightning: "I didn't say I was leaving now."

Momma BLisey: Oh, right..! My bad..

Victor Lightning: "Let's just hope for his return."

Garvoira: (nods)

Chapter 17: Retelling a Story

Lieutenant Magneton: "Momma Blissey, do you want to have dinner after Jolt returns?"

Momma Blissey: That would be lovely!

Glayde: (thinking) Even when Jolt's missing, he still has time to ask her on a date..)

Pikachu XXV: [giggling] "Magneton must love her alot."

Victor Lightning: "Obviously, especially if he was willing to tell her about what happened at Kanto Power Plant and New Mauville."

Garvoira: Was it bad?

[Jolt returns with the Essence Stone twirling on his Claw, he seems to be so energetic that he's walking on his Hind legs currently.]

Victor Lightning: "To an extent. The bad thing was we failed to stop the reactor from going haywire, and the generator from going critical."

Pikachu XXV: "The energy that surged out of it, however, seemed to be drawn toward me. That's the reason why you see me like this now, Garvoira."

Victor Lightning: "Welcome back, Jolt."

Garvoira: (to Pikachu) Ah.

Glayde: (see Jolt walking on his hind legs) Wow..That's a new trick!

Jolt: "What, never seen a Four-legged on his Hind Legs? Take Solar for example."

Glayde: Ah..nope.

Victor Lightning: "I've never seen him do that before."

Pikachu XXV: "That does seem new!" (to Garvoira) "Coincidentally, the crime rings forced Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh to mobilize their military strength. And when the Kanto Department of Defense arrived, they used a very disparaging term for me: Shockzilla."

Victor Lightning: "Jolt, see what I told you? That stone does the trick."

[Jolt looks as if he's still the same age, he acts like it too, he also sounds like it, but he seems so full of energy.]

Victor Lightning: "Of course, it doesn't revert your current age. It just stops the effects of Distortion Explosion."

Kreida: Shockzilla! (laughs)

Pikachu XXV: "I didn't think it was funny."

Kreida: (stops laughing and bows her head) I'm sorry..

Pikachu XXV: "It really hurts my feelings."

Kreida: (puts, then hugs Pikachu) I'm sowwy! :(

Pikachu XXV: [sighs] "Oh, it's okay, Kreida. I just feel like I don't fit in whenever I'm called that."

Kreida: Aw, don't say that! (hugs Pikachu some more) You're a really nice Pokémon!

Pikachu XXV: "Thanks, Kreida. Victor thinks so, too."

Jolt: "It just makes my Body age faster Pikachu.."

Pikachu XXV: "The Essence Stone?"

Jolt: "No Distortion Explosion, it includes the INSIDE of me too."

Pikachu XXV: "The Essence Stone should have stopped the effects."

Victor Lightning: "Exactly. It should have stopped the effects of the accelerated aging by now."

Pikachu XXV: "I really hope so." (to Kreida) "You're very nice, too, and really funny."

Kreida: (beaming) Thank you! ^_^

Pikachu XXV: "You're very welcome, Kreida."

Jolt: "Wheeee..."

Victor Lightning: "All levels of Distortion activity have subsided. You're all clear, Jolt." [his eye flashes bright yellow for a split second]

Jolt: "Great."

Victor Lightning: "Now, Lieutenant Magneton is staying with Blissey for dinner, so we can stay here with them, or we can continue on and wait for him to return."

Jolt: "I do not know.....I'm under Garvoira's Command basically...even though I led Team Evolution..."

Victor Lightning: "You mean when..."

(flashback; don't ask how he knows this)

Jolt: "With my speed and powerhouse attacks."

Umbre: "My Venom and cleverness."

Flare: "My 3,000 Degree flames and attack coordinates."

Espe: "My Intelligence and planning."

Glace: "My -50 Degree Blizzards and Coolness.

Leaf: "My knowledge of the Landscape and Defense."

Vapor: "And my hyper-sensitivity and Endurance."

Jolt: "We'll become the perfect search squad serving in your favor!"

Garvoira: I'm sure you will! But, can I ask for a favor?

Jolt: "Sure!"

Garvoira: I want to come with you guys. My younger siblings won't know to follow you or not, and they aren't easy to soothe when they're scared. Only me, my brother and parents can soothe them.

[Jolt bows.]

Jolt: "Be our guest..."

Garvoira: (smiles and nods) Thank you!

Jolt: "Your first order?"

Garvoira: O-Order? Um....I guess to gather more information on where my siblings could be...

Jolt: "We'll ask the Locals in towns nearby."

(end flashback)

Victor Lightning: "Just like the soldier on the battlefield, taking orders from a general who just relays the situation..."

Garvoira: W-Wait! I-I don't command anybody!

Jolt: ...?

Victor Lightning: "...Nevertheless, I can only say that they take your orders without question, Garvoira. Am I right?..."

Garvoira: Yeah...

Victor Lightning: "There's always an answer that turns out to be right."

Pikachu XXV: "Kreida, I'm bored. How about you?"

Kreida: (fell asleep from boredom) Zzz...

Jolt's thoughts: 'Please don't be scared.' (Repeats seven times.)

Victor Lightning: [winces] ((What is there to be scared about?))

Jolt's thoughts: 'I just feel so eager to follow any orders she gives me.'

Garvoira: What if...I say something wrong..and he gets hurt because of it...?

Victor Lightning: "Simple, you take responsibility. They pledged their loyalty to you, so therefore with great power comes great responsibility."

Garvoira: But I haven't had this much responsibility before...

VL Magnezone (sinister look).png Victor Lightning: [turns around with an antagonistic look and a yellow eye] "...You should have thought about that before taking it, then..."

Garvoira: (bows head)

VL Magnezone.png Victor Lightning: "Just remember, you're not only responsible for Jolt, but all of Team Evolution."

Garvoira: I know..

Jolt: ....

Jolt's thoughts: 'I hope I didn't put her into trouble....'

Victor Lightning: "You didn't put her into trouble as much as she put you into potential danger."

Jolt: ....

Victor Lightning: "Life's screwy, ain't it? Well, everyone has their price."

Jolt: "True."

Pikachu XXV: "You need to be there for each other, because she swore to protect you, and you swore to follow her."

[Jolt nods.]

Victor Lightning: "Who knows what you might face out there? It's always best to stay prepared."

Jolt: "That's what Solar said."

Victor Lightning: "I know of Solar. I ran into him one time recently."

Glayde: Who's Solar?

Victor Lightning: "Solar is a male Quilava who I ran into recently."

Glayde: Oh..

Pikachu XXV: "I saw him, too, Glayde."

Glayde: What does he do? Is he like you guys?

Victor Lightning: "In terms of exploring, yes."

Glayde: Ah.

Victor Lightning: "Why? What did you think of similar as?"

Glayde: I just thought he was the same as you guys...and stuff..

Victor Lightning: "Far from that. Sometimes, I tend to be very ruthless. He doesn't have that, of course, neither does Pikachu nor Lieutenant Magneton."

Garvoira: I don't think I've seen you ruthless before..

Victor Lightning: "Then you didn't see that duel against the Dark One in Barkwood Town."

Garvoira: (winces) I tried to block that from my mind, you know..

Victor Lightning: "D'oh!!!"

Garvoira: Yeah..

Victor Lightning: "Solar could be nearby, for all we know."

???: "I'm right next to you...."

Victor Lightning: "Solar? I thought I could feel your presence..." [turns around with a grin] "Strange how coincidence is..."

[Solar was playing his flute.]

Victor Lightning: "And I thought I had seen it all. Back on Earth, there's solar-powered cars, solar powered houses, same thing on Origin. But I've never seen a Solar-powered flute before."

Pikachu XXV: [bursts out laughing]

Solar: "Oh?"

[Solar's Sun Mark appears on his left eye.]

Victor Lightning: "You remember me, right?"

Solar: "Of course."

Victor Lightning: "I thought so. Then you remember Lieutenant Magneton and Pikachu."


???: Solar!

Pikachu XXV: "Who said that?"

[Solar turns around.]

Solar: "Urm?"

(A female Ninetales runs over to Solar, Pikachu XXV and Victor.)

Victor Lightning: "A Ninetales, eh?"

Solar: "Hey Ninetales!"

[Solar hugs the Ninetales.]

Pikachu XXV: "Well, it looks like you know each other. Ninetales, did you and Solar ever see each other before?"

Nintales: Wha..? Of course!

[Solar smiles as he's hugging Ninetales.]

Victor Lightning: "Allow us to introduce ourselves, if Solar hasn't already told you yet."


(I KNOW it's been an hour, but I'm back.)

(I understand. Welcome back...)

Victor Lightning: "Ninetales, the name is Lightning. Victor Lightning."

Jolt: "I'm Jolt."

Lieutenant Magneton: "Lieutenant Magneton reporting in!"

Pikachu XXV: "And I'm Pikachu XXV, but you can call me Pikachu."

Garvoira: I'm Garvoira, and this is my sister, Kreida, and my brother, Glayde.

Victor Lightning: "Now, forgive me for overstepping my bounds, Ninetales, but you look kind of familiar."

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