A rowdy gang of Pikachu have been causing a lot of ruckus in Treasure Town! Can the heroes convince Jamie Nic-Sauer, the leader of the group to stop everything?


  • Cursing allowed (B, S, and F words are unacceptable)
  • Minor gore allowed (No blood fountains, no killing)
  • Only romantic actions allowed are hugging, kissing, and flirting


Pika Pack

Jamie - Lu

Tobias - Lu

Other Characters

Yin - Lu

Nixx - Lu

Cori - Lu

Team Norm - Ryu (most in more basic evolutions)

Solar Flare (Younger)- Sol

Roleplay Part One

Green: Gah! Red, where did you put the spare Apples?

Red: Right over... There. [Turns to a corner of the shop, only to find the Apples missing]

???: Heh! Suckers!

Red: ? [Looks out the window]

???: [A green Pikachu with white and black markings is juggling a few of the apples. She sees Red and throws on at the window smashing it. Gathering the rest up, she runs off]


[The crash is heard by a Zigzagoon wearing a light gray ascot.]

Zeke: ?

???: [Almost runs into Zeke, swerving to avoid him] Watch it, dude!

Zeke: !! [Leaps awkwardly out of the way] Curse these stubby legs...!! [lands on his face] Oof!!

[A nearby Cyndaquil looks at them, strangely, this one has his eyes open.]


??? (2): "Huh...? Oh."

[The Cyndaquil lets out a very weak discharge of electricity.]

???: [Leaps away, then throws an apple at the Cyndaquil] Nyeh!

[He catches it and tosses it to Green. He fires a strangely-colored flamethrower, white instead of orange (Sunthrower) near the thief, creating a heat wave around her.]

???: Seriously? Well, if I can't fight, then I guess Tobias will.

Tobias: [A black Pikachu with bright green cheeks darts from behind a tree and Quick Attacks the Cyndaquil]

???: You call that an attack? Yeesh, if you're going to be in our group, at least put some strength into it! [Stomps her foot, accidentally setting it into the flames. She yowls and hops back on her good foot]

[The Apples start to rot quicker from the heat.]

??? (2): "You call that good handling?"

[The Cyndaquil smiles mockingly.] "You seem to be out of your LEAGUE."

[The Cyndaquil flings a Focus Punch at Tobias.]

(What I never got is that in Mystery Dungeon, you don't stop your Focus Punch, even if being attacked..Is there an IQ Skill for that? Because I didn't seem to lose my focus when being attacked.)

(Probably since it's a direct move, and you might use it in a corridor or something. It would also be a ripoff, since wild Pokémon have regular attack where they don't have to use a move at all)

Tobias: [Slides back, and remains still. After a moment, green electricity starts to spark around him, building up over time]

??? (2): "Bring it, you'll be surprised at the results."

Tobias: Oh really? I think you will, too.

[He releases the power, creating a blinding flash. When it fades, both Ikachu aregone]

??? (2): "That's right, run!"

[The Cyndaquil smiles.] "Though I was unable to get most of your cargo back, sirs, their effort was wasted, they'll see themselves..My heat dried out the Apples and caused them to rot from extensive heat...eating them would give them poison. I'll put a notice on the Outlaw Boards."

Green: We thank you, sir. That's the second time this week they've come and taken some of our wares. We're glad at least something is being done about it.

[He nods, putting his paw out to shake.] "Name's Solar, Solar Eclipsus."

Green: [Takes it and shakes] Well, a pleasure meeting you. I better go calm my brother down now. [Walks back to the store]

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