The Battle Begins is the first roleplay in the Pokémon: 2112 roleplay series. This part takes place in April 17, 2112 and April 18, 2112.

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  • Don't control other people's characters without permission.
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  • Shacho
  • 10 Brave Kirbys
  • Commander Lightning
  • RexTennyson

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  • Jake(Ash's great-grandson)
    • Pokémon: Charizard, Dewott, Porygon, Porygon Z, Turtwig, Castform
    • Used by: Shacho
  • Bill(Jake's best friend)
    • Pokémon: Deino, Cubchoo, Axew, Tynamo, Wailord, Glaile
    • Used by: Shacho
  • Davi(Another one of Jake's friends)
    • Pokémon: Heatster (Note that he just started being a trainer)
    • Used by: 10 Brave Kirbys
  • Jaycee (Another one of Jake's friends)
    • Pokémon:Servine,Togekiss,Richu,Gallade,Timburr
    • Used by 10 Brave Kirbys
  • Zero (Jake's strong rival)
    • Pokémon: Emboar, Sawk, Haxorus, Volcarona, Braviary, Zoroark
    • Used by: RexTennyson


  • Arceus
    Kyvent- Arceus's Servent Pokemon


  • Dialga
  • Cresselia
  • Kyvent

You can make your own protagonists, but inform me if you want to make one. Only the creator of that protagonist can control it. You can't create or add any Pokémon protagonists(like Arceus). Shacho 21:15, April 18, 2012 (UTC)Shacho.

Unknown (will be revealed over the course of the story)


  • ???
  • ??
  • ????
  • ?????
  • ??????
  • ???????
  • ????????

-Commander Lightning controls this category



Team Rocket
  • Tyranart(current leader of Team Rocket)
    • Pokémon: Stararaptor, Gallade(2), Gliscor, Kinklang, Golurk
    • Used by: Shacho
  • Lance
    • Pokémon: Pawniard, Oshawott, Beheeyem, Grotle, Metang, Umbreon
    • Used by: Shacho
Team Rocket and Team Galactic
  • Ella(Lady that wants Kyvent)
    • Pokémon: Shaymin clone(2), Victini
    • Used by 10 Brave Kirbys
HD Academy
  • Damian (Current boss of HD Academy, Zero's lifelong enemy)
    • Pokémon: Houndoom, Arcanine
    • Used by: RexTennyson
  • Jack (Co-assistant of HD)
    • Pokémon: Dodtrio, Staraptor
    • Used By: RexTennyson
  • Zeo (Co-assistant of HD)
    • Pokémon: Golurk, Shaymin
    • Used by: RexTennyson

You can make your own antagonist, but inform me if you want to make one. Only the creator of that antagonist can control it. You can't create or add any Pokémon antagonists. Shacho 21:35, April 18, 2012 (UTC)Shacho



In Arceus's realm, a small Pokemon approaches him.

Small Pokémon: Kyv! Kyvent! Kyvent!

Arceus: So it has begun. The prophecy is finally happening. Now Kyvent, do you job.

Kyvent:(nods, and teleports in a small shower of particles)

Arceus: The others must be warned.

In Jake's room, he is waking up, when Kyvent appears in his room.

Kyvent: Kyv! Kyvent!

Jake:(looks at Kyvent drowsily) Am I still dreaming?

Kyvent:(shakes his head)

Jake: Wait, do you understand me?

Kyvent: Kyv!

Part 1

One hour later outside Jake's house...

Bill: So, you just found it in your room when you woke up?

Jake: Yup.

Bill: Wow, weird.

Davi: (Comes out of nowhere) Oh hi! Me and my Heatst...... (Looks at Kyvent) What In the world is that Pokémon Thing!!

Jake: I'm not even sure myself. It just appeared in my room when I was getting up.

Bill: Maybe we should have it be examined by a scientist.

Kyvent:(when Bill says this, Kyvent lets out a whimper) Ky... KY...

Davi: I don't think he likes the sound of that. Besides, He might go on an insane rampage If we do that. I herd that legendary Pokémon are rare and I have never seen that Pokémon before. Who knows, It might speak with its mind in order to talk like some legenday Pokémon can.

Jake: How do we know he's a legendary Pokémon?

Davi:Well, you see Pidove all over Unova. Right? Well, first of all I have never seen that Pokémon, and second of all my Pokédex is not responding. But if it can't talk then what are we supposed to say?

Bill: No idea.

Jake: Me to.


??? 1: Is it ready?

??? 2: Yes it is, Tyranart.

??? 1(Tyranart): Good. Proceed with phase one.

??? Agent:(bursts into the room) Sir! A powerful Pokémon has been detected!

Tyranart: Ella is going to probably like this. Bring Ella in here!

Ella:What is it!? I'm too busy for all of this? I'm trying to search for a powerful Pokémon on my radar and it won't respond!

(JSYK, nobody knows that the Pokémon is called Kyvent)

Tyranart: So you already know of this Pokémon. LANCE!

??? 2(Lance): Yes Tyranart?

Tyranart: Send out a squad to find to find this Pokémon. Bring Ella with you.

Lance: Yes sir!

Ella:Come on in the van! Looks like a couple of kids have the Pokémon. This will be as easy as walking.

(Second time I have to say that nobody knows about Kyvent's name!)

Meanwhile outside Jake's House...

Kyvent:(starts whimpering) Ky... KYYY...

Jake: What's wrong with it?

Bill: No clue.

Ella:(drives the van in, and comes out of it) Okay, hand over that Pokémon and nobody gets hurt.

(They aren't in the house right now)

Davi:What do you need him for anyways?

Ella:That is not your problem. Hand him over!

Jake and Bill: Not without a fight!

Jake: Turtwig! Charizard! Dewott! I choose you!

Bill: Axew! Wailord! Deino! I choose you!

Davi:Heatster! I choose you!

Ella:Victini and Shaymin clones! Go!

Davi:Heatster! Use Heat Tackle! (Uses move but it goes right throgh the Shymin clone) There is something strange about these clone Pokémon. I wonder where she gets them and how.

(Nobody currently knows the names of the Team Rocket members right now)

Jake:(sees Victini) Were did she get that Victini?!

Bill: That's weird. Isn't Victini a legendary Pokémon?

Davi: Come one, Team Rocket member!

Ella:I am not part of team rocket! I sort of am. But I am not keeping the legenday Pokémon due to they are stronger when cloned. So I left them to join team galactic. They believe that my idea is better. Anyways, Victini use V-Create EX 0.2! (V-Create seems to do more damage and when one opposing Pokémon is hit all seem to take the same pain)

Dewwot:(gets hurt)

Jake: Samurott! Use Aqua Jet(damages Victini)

Bill: Deino! Use Dragon Rage!

Deino:(tries to damage one of the Shaymin clones)

Lance:(comes out of the van) Were you just going to leave me out on the action, Ella? Metang! Umbreon! Grotle! I choose you!

Jaycee:Guys! I heard there was trouble and I came to help! No time to talk! Go Servine,Togekiss,Richu, Gallade and Timburr!


Arceus: The prophecy is happening. All of you will have to be very careful.

Dialga: There is no need to. We won't be caught.

Palkia: I'll follow Arceus's orders. I mean, after all, Victini and possibly Shaymin have been captured.

Dialga: Victini and Shaymin are easy to catch. We aren't. How could Team Rocket catch us without the help of another legendary?

Palkia: Hey, how come Girantina and Kyvent aren't here?

Arceus: I sent Kyvent to find the chosen one, but I'm not sure about Girantina...

Back outside jake's house...

[The Trainers and Team Rocket are still fighting each other, both sides hoping to win]

Kyvent:(the swirl marking on his head starts glowing, getting brighter by the second)

Davi:Whats happening?

Kyvent: KyyyyyyyyyyyyyVENT!!!(Kyvent fires a blast of blue energy from his swirl mark, defeating all of the enemy Pokémon, including the Shaymin clones and Victini, and knocking Ella and Lance backwards)

[The Victini then gets put in a mysterious, glowing Pokéball which appears in a flash of light. This Pokéball gets put in Jake's hand.]

Jake: This is to weird.

Part 2

Bill: What's going on?!

Davi: I don't know, but I think we won!

Kyvent: Jake, it is time you are told.

Jake: IT TALKS!!!!!!

Davi:I knew it whould totally scare the wits out of us at the right moment!

Kyvent: Jake. You are the chosen one, of the prophecy. Arceus has sent me.

Bill: This is to weird for me.

Jaycee: What the?


Kyvent: You must protect the legendaries from being captured by Team Rocket. If you don't, the world's fate will be sealed. You have currently got one of the legendaries, Victini. You may release him now.

[the strange Pokéball opens up, a Victini flies off]

Kyvent: You must now get Shaymin.

Jake: Okay, it'll take a while for me to get used to this.

Jaycee: But why the legendaries?

Kyvent: What would be better than creating the ultimate legendary with the combined powers of all legendaries? Jake, we must now find Shaymin. Lets go.

Jake: But to where?

[Kyvent fires a beam of light from the swirl on this head, and makes a light beam come from the location of Shaymin. It will actually move, depending on if Shaymin's location is changing]

Jaycee: Anybody have a flying Pokémon?

Kyvent: There is no need to. We will walk.

Davi: So how much further till we get to Shaymin?

Kyvent: We will have to walk for one mile.


Tyranart: So, this Pokémon fired a beam of light at you two, and defeated all your Pokémon?

Lance: Yes! It's true! And Ella said something about Team Galactica...


Jaycee: I see Shaymin! (Turns into a Palkia) Okay, (Turns into a Mew) Oh that's what it rea... (Turns into a Victini) What the... ( Turns into a Starly) Okay, what is this thing! (Uses Togekiss to attack) Oh it's a Ditto! I'm gonna catch it now that it only has like 2Hp left! (Catches Ditto) And throws Ditto out to check if any TM's will work! Wow, All my TM's work! (Turns into Mew) Guys, I think this is a mew just turning into a Ditto!

Kyvent: We are getting close to Shaymin. I can sense. He appears to be in that building.

Jake and Bill: A Team Galactic Building?

(Have you you forgotten about what Ella said about being part of Team Galactic, and have you forgotten about Davi?)

Meanwhile in the team Galactic Buliding

Ella: (Watches the trainers from a hidden camera) Okay, guys. Are you ready to create a TM for Seed Flare using my latest invention? We'll make millions selling these legenday moves that even the weakest Pokémon can be capable of legendary powers!

Team Galactic Member: Affirmative!


Davi: So, are we just going to barge in?

Kyvent: We will have to sneak our way in.

[3 red Bronzor observe distantly]

Davi: (Enters the HQ)

(alarms go off)

Jake: He told us to sneak in, not walk in!

Davi: Oops.

Zero: Jake! Long time, no see.

Jake: Zero? What are you doing here?

[the Bronzor disappear as soon as the alarm sounds]

Davi:I think It's time to battle!

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