This is like a Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Roleplay with talking Pokémon and no humans. Anyone can join! Trust me! There are loads of characters to choose from so take your pick! And yes, Pokémon can evolve. Fanon Pokémon are allowed! You can also play as your own characters! You can also choose more than one Pokémon! But remember first come, first served so hurry before thay are all used up!

Note: I am not Kyle, he's a friend of mine.

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Vaporeon - Intrudgero98

Wise Old Ampharos - Intrudgero98

Vulpix - Alya789

Spiritomb - Intrudgero98

Metagross King - Intrudgero98

Tigeking and his team - Artemis

Micra - Intrudgero98

Marowak - Intrudgero98

Sandslash - Intrudgero98

Bulbasaur - Alya7

Charmeleon - Intrudgero98

Chikorita - Alya789

Quilava (Silver) - Cameron

Sceptile - Kyle

Marshtomp- Alya789

Turtwig - Alya789

Mogyru - Intrudgero98

Mamepato - Intrudgero98

Shikijika - Alya789

Riolu - Cameron

Igglybuff - Intrudgero98

Cleffa - Intrudgero98

Coradew - Artemis

Naturis - Artemis

Embeed - Artemis

Ro - Artemis

Flufkit - Artemis

Smokin - Intrudgero98

Natica - Intrudgero98

Vinesmear - Intrudgero98

Mew - Alya789

Persian - Intrudgero98

Metang BM56 - Commander Lightning

Victor Lightning - Commander Lightning

Team StormBlitz (Pikachu XXV, Lieutenant Magneton, Clinger, Latchgrip)

Kabutops - Intrudgero98

Team Strike (Tyranitar, Salamence, Garchomp, Dialga TBH, Drago the Dragonite, Feraligatr) - Tyranitar Of Team Strike

Team HydroShock (Hydro [Blastoise] Amp [Raichu] Venusaur, Gliscor, Charizard, Swampert) - Tyranitar Of Team Strike

Team Snag (Seviper, Weavile, Gengar) - Intrudgero98

Many adult characters - Randomn

The Eclipse Twins (Lunar and Solar) - Cameron

Lopunny - Cameron

Beldum Soldiers - Commander Lightning

Porygon Soldiers - Commander Lightning

Team Kyubii (Ninetales, Houndoom, Manectric) - Intrudgero98

Scizor - Intrudgero98

Roleplay Part 1

Eevee: What's going on everyone?

Mogyru: I'm just digging!

Eevee: What's he digging for?

Charmander: He thinks he's going to find some buried treasure!

Mamepato: Hilarious right?

Eevee: He could!

Charmander: Get real!

Mogyru: I am going to find some treasure!

Mamepato: Yeah right!

Cyndaquil: ......

Mogyru: Well I'm bound to find some eventually!

Charmander: Sure you are...

Mogyru: I'm sick of your sarcasm!

Mamepato: Well you do have a point there!

Eevee: So what do you guys wanna do?

Riolu: "I don't know....I'm sure Cyndaquil wants to get a present for Vulpix."

[Cyndaquil blushes ferociously.]

Cyndaquil: "N-No I do not..!"

Charmander: Sure you don't!

Eevee: We're all sick of your sarcasm!

Charmander: Well excuse me!

Mogyru: Your excused!

[Mogyru grins, everyone stares...]

Eevee: Anyway - Wait! Cyndaquil! You and Vulpix!?

Cyndaquil: ...

[Cyndaquil blushes and pokes his fingers together.]

Cyndaquil: "She's cute. I admit."

Charmander: Hahaha!

[Eevee elbows him in the ribs.]

Eevee: I think you guys make a cute couple!

Mamepato: Yeah!

Charmander: Well I sure don't! She's mine!

Mogyru: I think I hear a Pokémon Battle coming up!

Charmander: Ember!

[Cyndaquil swiftly dodges.]

[Charmander growls.]

Charmander: Come back here you little -

[Eevee breaks them up before they can do any harm.]

Eevee: Just stop it you guys!

Cyndaquil: ......

[Cyndaquil immediately stops, glaring at Charmander.]

Charmander: What?

Mogyru: Guys! I found it!

Mamepato: Treasure!

Mogyru: Yep!

Charmander: What the?!

Cyndaquil: 0 0' "Well by Arceus they did it."

[Looks at chest.]

Eevee: You sure that's treasure in there?

Mogyru: Positive!

Charmander: That can't be treasure!

Mogyru: Says you! Come on guys help me open it!

Mamepato: I don't think it looks safe!

Mogyru: What could possibly go wrong?

Charmander: Everything!

Eevee: It looks like we don't need a strong attack.

Charmander: Why don't we ask Cyndaquil? He's pretty weak!

Cyndaquil: "Why don't ya say that again ya Grimer?"

Riolu: "Ooooooooh, Burned..!"

Charmander: That's it! Ember!

Cyndaquil: "Mach Punch!"

[Cyndaquil strikes before Charmander, hitting him with a rapid volley of punches.]

Charmander: Youch!

Mamepato: That's what you get!

Mogyru: Drill Liner!

[Chest burst open.]

Eevee: We have got to show the others!

Mamepato: I'll go get them!

[Flies off to show the others.]


Cubone: Oh, so it looks like those fools have dug up Kangashkans's Treasure. But what lies in there is what I need to revive my mother! Hmmm. Perhaps I should strike an alliance with this idiots and then at the last moment snatch up the treasure. Then I can revive my deceased mother and reak my unholy vengeance upon the world! But how...

(Lawl, what if Cubone's skull shattered from one of Riolu's punches? Everyone'd be: 0 0')

(Back with everyone else.)

Cyndaquil: "Who's the weak one now?" ^^

Charmander: Stupid! Fire Pokémon! I will burn you, first time I get a chance!

Mamepato: I'm back!

Meowth: So, where's the treasure?

Charmander: Down there, we need someone to push it up.

Eevee: Maybe Cyndaquil can do it!

Charmander: He's too fat to fit in!

???: I'm thin enough.

Charmander: What!? Who said that!?

[A Flufkit walks up]

Flufkit: Me.

(Back in Cubone's lair.)

Cubone: Those bumbling bafoons. Can't even get along with each other! Just think of how they would treat me when learning my villanous desire! But I need my mother back! And I shall do everything to get her back, but first I need to evolve! I cannot make an enemy out of them. I shall not treat them as foes until I get the treasure! Then I shall blast them all away!

Eevee: Whoa! What kind of strange Pokémon are you?

(Note: Flufkit is female.)

Flufkit: A Felinus Region Pokémon. Flufkit.

Mamepato: Felinus? Never heard of it!

(Oh, that's right, boliding. My, it's been a long time since I remembered to do that...)

Flufkit: It's a new region. Anyway, it's good to meet you.

Mamepato: Oh, sorry, my name is Mamepato! You're kinda cute.


Charmander: All right then get in the hole.

Mamepato: Don't be so mean to our cute new friend!

Charmander: I think you're falling for that weird Pokémon!

Mamepato: She's not weird! She's adorable!

[Flufkit blushes.]

Flufkit: Uh, thanks. I l-like adventure!

[Crawls into the hole easily]

[Mamepato "awes".]

Charmander: Think someone should go down with her?

Mamepato: I'll go!

Eevee: Slow down, lover boy!

Mogyru: Yeah! I should go down!

Mamepato: No me!

Eevee: Let's ask Flufkit who she wants to go with! YO FLUFKIT! WHICH ONE OF THESE BOZOS YOU WANT TO HELP YOU? MOGYRU OR MAMEPATO!

[Flufkit pokes her head out of the hole.]

Flufkit: Why can't they both come?

Mogyru: Both of us can't fit in that tiny hole! Oh well, let Mamepato go, he's the one who loves you!

Mamepato: I'm coming my love!

[Jumps in.]

Mamepato: Hey!

[Mamepato tries to act cool.]

[Flufkit blushes and scoots down the hole.]

Mamepato: So yeah, you doing anything tomorrow?

[Tries to pull chest out by himself to impress her.]

Flufkit: Dunno yet..

[Mamepato grins sheepishly.]

[Flufkit's moving around, never stopping.]

Garchomp: Treasure?! Tyranitar, Salamence, lets help these peops.

(Note: Most of team strike is female, all the main members are. Feraligatr is female, but, otherwise the roster is male.)

???: (((Treasure, eh? Well, not on my watch...)))

[From the top of a very high ledge, the magnets of a familiar figure charge with strange electric energy, as he hovers away]

Mamepato: Um, Flufkit, do you ever get the feeling someone's watching you? Like their going to attack or something?

(Back above the hole.)

Meowth: Oooooh, their taking too long!

Eevee: Be patient Meowth!

Meowth: I hate being patient!

(Team Strike)

Tyranitar: The commander.

[Before the Magnezone figure can be seen by anyone else, he vanishes through a Spacial Rend]

(Back with everyone else.)

Cyndaquil: "You're fatter." ^^

(You guys didn't wait for meh. DX)

(Oh, we're really sorry! :0)

Charmander: So fat, ugly rodent finally speaks!

Meowth: I don't like the sound of this!

Mogyru: You don't like the sound of anything!

Roleplay Part 2

Bulbasaur: Hey wake up everybody, it's already morning.

Chikorita: Huwaaa.....nyem..... mornin' Bulbasaur.

Bulbasaur: Hey Wig, wake up or i'll vine you up..

Turtwig: Huaaah... five more minutes...theen....i'll wake up.....zzzzzzzz

Bulbasaur: That's it, VINE WHIP!

Turtwig: OUUUUUUUCCHH!!!!!!

Chikorita: Stoop foolin around you two! let's go meet the others....

(At the main square)

Shikijika: Look Vulpix... there's Chikorita and others....

Vulpix: Y'a guys are late..!

Chikorita: Sorry... we just try to wake up Turtwig anyway...

Turtwig: Anyway... where's know...slowpoker...zzzz

Mudkip: WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Everyone run away for your life....

Shikijika: From what?!

Vulpix: Is that answer your question....

(A herd of Tauros stampede into the main square)


(B,C,T,S,V followed Mudkip into the mystery dungeon)

Mudkip: Wheww....I hhhh......think we lost them (Sigh)

Shikijika: Look... I think we in the bottom of the Mystery Jungle...

[A shimmer of light appears behind them shocking them all]

(Back with everyone else.)

Charmander: I will crush you! Metal Claw!

Eevee: Charmander don't!

(In his chair, in the heart of Silent Chasm)

Silent Chasm Lair Screenshot 1

???: [Watching the monitor] "What fools..." [Tapping armrest of the chair with his right magnet] "At each other's throats just because of a treasure. They shouldn't be after it anyway. I sense someone is trying to get it just for vengeful and malignant purposes. BM56, intercept the team before they get the treasure! I want no one taking it from its resting place!"

Metang BM56: "At once, sir!"

???: "But to make doubly sure they fail to get it, seal off the end of the jungle... with these." [Hands a Fill-In Orb and Rocky Orb to BM56]

(In Cubone's lair.)

???: Finally I evolve!

Nauticas: Master! Have you evolved?

Vinesmear: I think he has!

Marowak: Yes! Finally!

[A Kabutops steps into the light.]

(Note: Kabutops is silent.)

Marowak: Gentlemen. Meet Kabutops! He is a hired assassin and will help us steal the treasure!

Nauticus: But my lord! We are your most trusted men!

Marowak: Consider yourself, DEAD!

[Throws lethal sharp bone.]

Smokin: Master!

[Three Pokémon, fall down dead, Marowak laughs maniacly.]

Marowak: Now Kabutops, I want you to find our special member!

[Kabutops takes a bow]

(Somewhere far away)

Treeko: Aaah. Nothing like relaxing on a warm afternoon.

Micra: Too right!

(At the heart of Mystery Jungle)

Beldum A6: "No one's here yet."

Metang BM56: "Good." [Takes out Fill-In Orb and Rocky Orb] "And now..." [Uses the orbs, causing a landslide to block off the end of Mystery Jungle]

[Kabutops runs into Mystery Jungle and sees Beldum and Metang, he immediately lunges at them killer fast with his claws outstreched.]

Beldum B9: "Halt!" [Fires a Zap Cannon from his eye]

[Kabutops gets blast back. He shakes his head then jumps high, he dives to the ground, for another attack.]

[The 2 Beldum soldiers prepare to fire a Solarbeam]

[Kabutops slashes through the landslide before they fire and down, he was on his way to the other Pokémon!]

Marowak: Yes! I understand that Kabutops is a brilliant assassin but he is also an awesome tactitian. Though I must watch out for those two Beldum and that Metang, they might be the only one who know my antagonistic value! Oh, mother. You shall see the sunlight once agian and then we shall dominate this HELL! I would give anything to have you back, and now that finally might happen!

Metang BM56: "That rogue has gone after the treasure! Seal off the end of the jungle!" [Heads off to the end of Mystery Jungle]

Beldum B9: "Yes sir!" [Flies off with A6 to the end of Mystery Jungle]

[The Beldum soldiers and BM56 seal off the end of the dungeon with Rock Slide and Rock Tomb]

[Elsewhere, Flufkit continues to look for tresure in the hole]

Flufkit: Do you see it yet, Mamepato?

Mamepato: Right there! Come on, help me get it out!

[They finally pull out the treasure.]

Meowth: FINALLY! Lets see whats here, an ugly bone-

[Throws the bone behind him.]

Charmander: That might be valuebe!

Meowth: All I care about are these jewels!

Eevee: Hey a Water Stone! This may come in handy in later!

(Back in Marowak's lair.)

Marowak: Curses! Those fools found the treasure! When will Kabutops go and murder them! Oh that's right! He's gone to find Treeko! Oh well, SANDSLASH! BRING ME THOSE TOO ROUND BALLS!

Sandslash: Yes my leige...

[An Igglybuff and a Cleffa roll in]

Marowak: Ah yes, you will be perfect little targets!

Cleffa: Please! Lord!

Igglybuff: Spare us!

Marowak: An what fun will that be?

[Kabutops arrives at Treeko's hammock and takes him under his arm.]

Micra: Hey put him down!

Treeco: Yeah! Put me down!

[Kabutops bruttally slashes Micra.]

Treeco: MICRA!

[Kabutops flashes forwards.]

Marowak: Alright you snivelling nincumpoops! Teleport Treeco here so I can send Kabutops out to get those little Pokémon!

[Treeco pops up.]

Marowak: Hello, secret agent!

[Kabutops zooms up at the Pokémon just as Mamepato and Flufkit get out the hole, he attempts to kill them.]

Meowth: Yow!

Eevee: Everyone run!

Metang BM56: [hears a whistle on his comlink] "Yes?"

???: "They found what they were looking for! GET THEM!!!"

Metang BM56: "By all means, my lord."

[BM56 and the Beldum soldiers rush to the designated location]

Beldum A6: "HALT!!!"

[Flufkit seems to have gone...]

Beldum B9: "They've escaped!"

[All the Pokémon jump into the hole, Kabutops following them, cluching the bone,]

(At Marowak's lair)

Marowak: He's got it! Yes! Now Treeco I want you to attack these targets until you evolve.

[Treeco nods,]

Cleffa: Please don't!

Igglybuff: Spare us!

Treeco: I have to obey my master!

[Treeco starts hitting, leveling up with each hit,]

Metang BM56: "After them!"

[The squad pursues them through the hole]

(Back at the Mystery Jungle)

Shikijika: Woooow.... What's that

[Mudkip snifs]

Mudkip: Everyone Duck!!!!

[B,T,C,M,V,S Ducks]

Chikorita: What was that anyway...

Turtwig: That was a FLAMETHROWER attack!!


B,T,C,M,S: But Who?????

???: It's me

Mudkip: WHO ARE YOU????

Mew: I'm Mew.. Guardian of the Grass Cornet and...YOU TRESPASSER ARE GOING ON MY WAY!!! TAKE THIS FIRE BLAST!!!!!!

[The Flame went on to Bulbasaur]

Chikorita: Bulbasaur!!!! Watch Out!!


Mew: Oh no you don't!

[Start firing SolarBam at Mudkip]

Vulpix: Not even going to happen! FLAMETHROWER!!!!

[SolarBeam and Flamethrower clash together then a smoke came out]

Roleplay Part 3

Charmander: Where are we?

Metang BM56: "In alot of trouble..." [Closes in on the group, flanked by the Beldum soldiers]

Mamepato: FLUFKIT! Where are you! Uh, let me go! I need to find Flufkit!

[Far away, elsewhere, Flufkit wanders, lost.]

Flufkit:........[Curls up against a tree]............I'm alone........

(Back at the underground cave)

Metang BM56: "Hands, legs, paws, or claws where I can see them!" [Points claws at them as if they were cannons, charging up a Solarbeam]

Beldum A6: "You're all under arrest!"

??: "Stop it, all of you."

[A white-furred Typhlosion walks in.]

??: [Taps armrest impatiently] "Who is that?!" [Switches monitor view] "Lunar Flare..."

Beldum B9: [Looks sternly at the white-furred Typhlosion] "Step aside. We're placing these thieves under arrest."

??: "I am not Lunar..But, you expect my Grandson to be a thief?" - -'

Beldum A6: "We didn't ask for a name, or your relation to your grandson. We're telling you to let us carry out our orders. Those thieves are trying to snatch treasures from Mystery Jungle. They're being arrested for it. The artifacts and treasures are to remain in their resting places. Now stand aside."

??: "I think not."

Metang BM56: "Well you thought wrong! You are all under arrest as of now!"

[A massive Tigeking steps in, grwoling]

Tigeking: You cruel lowlifes. Arresting new, young teams who just want a bit of adventure and excitement, just because of your stupid belief that treasures should stay where they are. You know what? Maybe that's true for some treasures. But you certainly won't be teaching anyone like this. No-one's under arrest. As of now, you're leaving. unless you think you can win against me.

[A Metagross enters]

Metagross ER96: "You think you can just discredit us by calling us lowlifes? You listen here. I'll have you arrested if you try to defend their actions!"

Tigeking: They're a new team, for the last time. They have no idea of your silly beliefs. NOW STAND DOWN OR GET BURNED.

Eevee: [Whispering] Who's the weird Pokémon?

Meowth: Beats me!

Beldum B9: "We don't care if it's their first day on the job!

Beldum A6: "They infringed on the wrong treasures!"

??: "Do you soldiers even know who WE are?"

[The figure seems to be a fusion of Lunar and Solar...!]

Metagross ER96: "You do look familiar." [Scans databanks] "You're..."

??: "Eclipse Flare."

Metagross ER96: "Eclipse Flare."

Eclipse (Solar): "Exactly."

Cyndaquil: .....

Cyndaquil's Thoughts: 'He isn't my Grandpappy?'

Eclipse (Lunar): "We are your adoptive Grandfathers."

Metagross ER96: "Eclipse, you and your grandson are free to go."

Charmander: Hello! We exist to!

Meowth: Yeah! And we've got to escape! So see ya!

[Runs off.]

Eclipse (Lunar): "You others aren't going anywhere."

[Lunar's Eclipse Side wraps up their feet with Shadow Slip, preventing further escape.]

[Kabutops watches in the background, unseen and forgotten, he watches as Meowth struggles out of Metagross' reach, and slowly tiptoes up to Tigeking to slash his heart out!]

Charmander: Steel is weak to fire so EMBER!

Meowth: Charmander! Your glowing!

(Charmander evolves!)

Charmeleon: Yeah! And I'm gonna flame thrower this place up!

[Kabutops strikes!]

Mogyru: It's HIM!

???: [Comlink] "CRUSH THEM!!!"

Metagross ER96: "As you wish." [His eyes glow a dark blue]

Metang BM56: "You'll regret ever tangling with us!" [His eyes glow dark blue as well]

Mogyru: DON'T!

[Kabutops lands on Metagross' head and breaks his concentration, he then jumps onto Metang and does the same before running away through a tunnel with the bone.]

(In Marowak's lair.)

Marowak: You have finally done it! Welcome Grovyle!

Grovyle: It's time!

[Sandslash watches uneasily.]

(Back in the cave.)

Mamepato's Thoughts: Wherever you are Flufkit. I vow I will find you!

Charmeleon: Now's our chance! Run through the tunnel!

Eevee: Right where the murderer went!

Charmeleon: Just follow me!

[Everyone follows Charmeleon into the tunnel.]

[The squad pursues them through, firing Spike Cannon barrages]

(Gaah...this is why I don't play multiman roleplays much anymore. I was left behind again.) (Sorry about that.)

(Kyaa..S'not yer fault, CMDR. It's just what happens.) (Something is about to happen anyway.)

[5 Porygon soldiers sneak up from behind the tree and grab Flufkit]

Cyndaquil and Eclipse: ..........

Flufkit: YIPE! [Strikes with Fury Swipes]

Porygon2 L56: "Gah!" [retreats 3 steps back]

Porygon L12: "You are now being impounded for striking a soldier!" [grabs Flufkit tight]

Fluflkit: IMPOUND YOURSELF FOR ATTACKING INNOCENTS! [Uses Fur Darts, striking everywhere around her]

Porygon-Z L93: [Falls to the ground] "You were an accomplice to those thieves in the Mystery Jungle. You're not innocent!"

Flufkit: Huh? Thueves? What thieves?

Porygon-Z L93: "Were you not with a Mamepato, a Cyndaquil, a Meowth, a Charmander, and an Eevee in there?"

Fluflkit: Oh. Those guys aren't thieves, we just started out. What happened?

Porygon-Z L93: "They stole a dangerous bone that was meant to stay in its resting place. They handed it off to an assassin after that, and tried to escape."

Flufkit: A bone? Huh...[Shrugs.] May as well find a new team then. Some all-cat team forming with a Tigeking leader lately. Seeya.[Leaves]

Porygon L12: "Agh... You're lucky we can't get up right now."

(Back in the cave)

Mogyru: Keep running!

[The squad continues to pursue them, now attacking them with Pin Missiles and Spike Cannons]

[The tunnel splits off into two,]

Eevee: Let's go right!

[Everyone follows but then they all come face to face with Kabutops!]

Mamepato: Move! I need to find Flufkit!

Metagross ER96: "We'll take the right. You 2 head to the left!"

Beldum A6: "Yes sir!"

Beldum B9: "Right away!"

Mamepato: I said move!

[Mamepato sends an attack so powerful, Kabutops get shot out of the roof, Mamepato then flies out of the roof screaming Flufkit's name multiple times, followed by his team.]

[The Beldum soldiers hear this and run back through and head to the right corridor]

[Mamepato sights Tigeking, flying through the sky with Flufkit and several other cats on its back]

(back to the Mystery Jungle)

[The smoke clears off]

Mew: Where are they??


Mew: Oh no!!!!

[Mew hit by a leaf]

Mew: [coughs]

Bulbasaur: PETAL DANCE!!!

Shikijika: ENERGY BALL!!

Chikorita: MAGICAL LEAF!

[Hit Mew again and Fainted]

Mew: You defeated me..take this

[Gives the Grass Cornet to Vulpix]

Mew: Can i go with you guys?

Vulpix: Of course you can!

[Mew along the rest leaves the Mystery Jungle]

Roleplay Part 4


[Kabutops gets up and rubs his head. He searches the ground for the bone.]


Grovyle: Yes sir!

???: "I wouldn't do that if I were you.."

[The voice is spine-chilling...]

Marowak: What! Go get him Sandslash!

Sandslash: I would be honoured! SCRATCH!

Metang BM56: "They escaped..."

???: [Comlink] "WHAT?! Return to base, then."

Metagross ER96: "By your command."

Mamepato: Flufkit! I know you're there!

Meowth: Poor guy...

Mamepato: I see Flufkit! Down there! I'm coming!

[9 Beldum soldiers search the area]

Beldum K4: "There they are!"

(Back with Marowak and his minions)

???: "Ice Beam!"

[He hits Grovyle, Marowak, and Sandslash with a chilling Ice Beam.]

[The Beldum soldiers dive at Mamepato and Meowth]

Meowth: Run!

Mamepato: But what about Flufkit?

Meowth: She'll be fine!

[Drags Mamepato with him.]

Beldum K1: "Halt!"

[Cyndaquil and Eclipse are STILL staring.]

???: [Comlink] "I want them captured!!! Injure them if you have to!!"

Beldum K1: "It will be done."

Beldum K2: "With pleasure."

Cyndaquil: "WAIT!"

[Cyndaquil looks at them.]

Eclipse: "I win."

Cyndaquil: ><'

[The Beldum soldiers pass them and continue to chase the others]

Cyndaquil: "At least...spare....Eevee...."

Cyndaquil's Thoughts: 'Because Eevee and Grandpas Lunarus and Solius are the only ones that really understand me....'

Beldum K6: [Turns around] "No." [Resumes pursuit]

Cyndaquil: ...........

Charmeleon: Just leave us alone! We did nothing wrong!

???: [Comlink] "Get those thieves, especially that Eevee!"

Beldum K6: (Sinisterly) "With pleasure." [Boosts his speed in the pursuit]

[They bump into something hard.]

Beldum K1: "No! We were so close, too!"

Lunar: "If my memory serves."

[He raises up the recently fainted Grovyle, Marowak, and Sandslash.]

Lunar: "Would these punks be responsible?"

[The Beldum soldiers surround them, while 2 of them continue pursuit]

[Hihg in the sky, above the Jungle, Tigeking flies with Espeon, two Flareon, a Skitty, and Flufkit on its back]

Beldum K2: "Force the amateur team to split into smaller groups. We can pick them off from there."

Beldum K6: "They'll at last be captured."

[They hit a wall, Lunar's using Shadow Force..!]

???: [Comlink] "Return to base at once!"

[The Beldum soldiers immediately retreat to Silent Chasm]

[Unfortunately, they find themselves trapped.]

Beldum K1: "Drat! We've been cut off!"

Lunar: "Now, excuse the little kids, bePsymeow:cause I believe this Marowak has something to do with the Bone."

Beldum K1: "Argh!!! They'll go for now, but if they desecrate another mystery dungeon, they will be arrested!"

Lunar (In his cold voice): "Good."

[Somehow, Lunar's voice even makes the mystery person's spine chill...]

[The Beldum soldiers flee]

Beldum K1: "We'll be back... can count on it."

Lunar: "You forgot these three." - -'

[He seems to have warped in front of them, holding the fainted Grovyle, Marowak, and Sandslash by the foot.]

Beldum K2: "We'll hold them in the cell." [they drag Grovyle, Marowak, and Sandslash away]

[Elsewhere, the Tigeking lands in front of the entrance to the Southeastern Islands, with Psymeow at its side]

[15 Beldum scouts patrol the islands]

Tigeking's Thoughts: It glares spitefully at the Beldum, it ignores them and walks to the entrance to the dungeon

Beldum SE43: "Block off the end of the dungeon."

[The Beldum scouts swarm right past Tigeking and toward the end of the dungeon]

Tigeking: Irritating little metalheads, aren't they?

Psymeow: So, what's your team's focus, anyhow?

Tigeking: Hunting criminals and hunting Gummis. That's what we're here for...two criminals and all teh gummis we can carry

Psymeow: Awesome!

Beldum SE42: "Sounds like they're up to something."

Tigeking: [Walks up to the entrance] It's tough in here, so be on guard

Psymeow: Don't worry, Sabreclaw. I rarely fail first time out on a new team.

???: [Watches the monitor] "And yet you will rarely succeed. Ckehehehehhh....."

Sabreclaw: [Enters the dungeon, Psymeow right on his tail]

???: "What fools. They'll never reach the end. Not until a certain Marowak is destroyed..."

Tigeking: [Sniffs the air] Keep your nose active...We have to sniff out those gummis on our way to the criminals

Espeon: [Sniffs the air]

[2 Metagross spy on them from the ceiling]

Tigeking: [Sniffing]...I...smell...

Psymeow: [Sniffing]...A...Gold Gummi! [Races for it]

Tigeking: [Follows]

Metagross LW57: [glares at them]

Psymeow: [Grabs and eats it] Oh, mmmmm.....^_^

Tigeking: ^_^

[A trip sensor is activated upon taking the Gummi, sounding the alarm]

Tigeking: Tiresome...It. Is. Just. A. Freaking. Gummi. [Sighs and shakes his head] Dungeons weren't meant to be like this...

Psymeow: [Still smiling and chewing on the gummi]

Beldum SE6: "There they are!"

[The Beldum scouts fly past them and tackle 2 others]

Tigeking: [Looks behind him to see what it was]

Beldum SE2: "2 outlaws... That's it. You're both under arrest!"

???: "Oh please y'guys, stop."

[Solar's tossing his Thunder Orb up and down. Leaning against the wall.]

Tigeking: Those outlaws aren't the ones we're after, Psymeow. Let us continue. [Walks]

Psymeow: [Walks with him]

Beldum SE6: "Fine. Help yourself to anything in this dungeon."

Beldum SE1: "Solar..."

Tigeking: [Sniffs] I think there's a Red Gummi nearby, Psymeow. Come. [Runs down a corridor]

Psymeow: [Follows excitedly]

[The Beldum scouts return to Silent Chasm]

[Upon reaching the Gummi, Tigeking spears it with a fang and then licks it up]

Tigeking: ^_^. Mmmm....

Psymeow: [Jumps on his back] What other stuff do you think we'll find?!

Tigeking: As long as we believe we can do it, we can do it. If we believe we can find treasure, we will.

???: "For now, you will remain on patrol at Silent Chasm."

Lieutenant Magneton: "You heard him. Remain on guard."

[Tigeking and Psymeow continue to walk through Southeastern Islands, picking up Gummi, Orbs, and some hold items, along with some Apples]

???: "Well this is rather entertaining." [Continues to watch the monitor]

Psymeow: OOH!

Tigeking: DON'T EAT THA-

Psymeow: [Eats Wander Gummi] ....Eh? i CAN'T SEE!

Tigeking: ...That...-_-' here...*guides her*

Lieutenant Magneton: [laughing]

Psymeow: ...Okay...I can see again. [Smiles] I had a vision of Spark while i was blinded.

Tigeking: Heh...good for you...[Shakes off his gloom] Anyway, let's keep looking!

Psymeow: Yay!

???: "Did you remember to replace the Wonder Gummi with a Wander Gummi in that treasure chest?"

Metang TZ35: "Yes, sir!"

Tigeking: [Looking around]....[Picks up a Doom Seed]....[Shows it to Espeon] Memorize what this looks llike. Lock it in your mind. NEVER EAT IT. It will drop your level.

Psymeow: Yes, sir.

Tigeking: [Nods] Good. [Puts it in bag] Now then...[Picks up a minichest (those things that drop from Pokémon)] Ooh..wonder what's in here.

Psymeow: We'll have to wait and let Xatu see.

Tigeking: [Grins] I love the anticipation.

???: "I love the anticipation of watching what happens when they open that chest at the end to find a Wander Gummi."

Psymeow: I leveled up!

Tigeking: Alright, good job!

Psymeow: [Sniffs the air, tail stands straight up]....You smell that?

Tigeking: [Sniffs]......Mmm...C'mon, let's see what it is.

Lieutenant Magneton: "Just a little further."

Tigeking: [Veers of to the side away from the chest, following a scent]

Psymeow: [Follows]

Lieutenant Magneton: "I don't think they're buying it."

Tigeking: [Sniffing] Either Golden Apple....or Wonder Gummi....or...

Psymeow: [Sniffing] Or...?

???: "Well, as long as they don't go to Blizzard Island, Destiny Tower, Silent Chasm, or the Zero Isles, it's all clear."

Lieutenant Magneton: "I'll be darned if they see right through the Wander Gummi ruse."

Tigeking: [Sniffing]....I think...Let's see...there's some strange food down this corridor..

Psymeow: [Glances at the chest] what about that? that smells good...

Tigeking: Eh? Oh, that's just another Wander Gummi. Trust me, I've eaten and smelled plenty in my time.

Lieutenant Magneton: "What?!!" [collapses]

Tigeking: C'mon, I wanna see what that food is.

Psymeow: Okay! [Follows]

???: "Funny. They know of the Wander Gummi, but they don't know what kind of food is up ahead."

Tigeking: [Pokes it upon reaching it]...It's red...and squishy....and cube shaped...

Psymeow: Coooooooool..

[4 Metang officers watch them closely from behind a boulder]

Tigeking: [Sniffs].....I don't know what it is, but...[Puts it in bag]....I don't like being spied on...

Psymeow: ?

[The Metang officers flee quickly]

Tigeking: C'mon, Psymeow. let's get the Wander Gummi and go.

Psymeow: Eh? Why?

Tigeking: [Smiles] It's not always about the treasure. It's about the thrill, excitement, and honest hard work.

Psymeow: [Smiles]

Lieutenant Magneton: "Well that turned out well."

???: "Like I said, Lieutenant: As long as they remain away from the 4 mentioned locations, it's all clear."

Tigeking: Let's rendezvous at home, get some other recruits, and see where we're going next.

(I'll be back later, CMDR! Seeya!)

[Solar sips his Al Lieu Tait.]

Roleplay Part 5

Meowth: That was close! Eh where's the treasure?

Eevee: I gave it to Mogyru!

Mogyru: Oops...


Mogyru: It was an accident!

(Watching behind some rocks.)

Seviper: Those idiots don't even have the treasure!

Gengar: Typical!

Weavile: They said they left it somewhere! So-

Seviper: If we follow their trail, we will find the treasure!

Gengar: Ingenious!

Seviper: Come on!

(Marowak's lair)

Marowak: Finally! We are free!

[The ice breaks]

Sandslash: Yes!

Marowak: [Grins] Welcome! New commander!

?: Thank you...

Marowak: Now Commander Sceptile! I would like you to find those medling Pokémon and bring me that treasure! If they don't have it look for Kabutops! Then...

Sceptile: Then?

Marowak: Kill him!

(Somewhere else)

Solar Happy PortraitSolar: "Really Lightnin'? Tryin' to fool people with Look-a-Likes? Aren't 'cha gettin' a bit predictable?" ^^


Weavile: We've been walking around for hours!

Seviper: And not a single spec!

[A Metang watches]

Genger: Wait! Guys! Look there's this weird fruit on the ground! Think I should eat it?

Seviper: It could be a trap!

Metang XX6: Affermative!

[Charges up a Flash Canonn]

Weavile: Take this boron brain!

[Weavile uses a Sjadow Claw on the Metang soldier, the soldier explodes]

Weavile: Yeah!

Seviper: Wait! It looks like there might be something in there!

[He rummages around the heap of metal till he pulls out a small black box and a tape, the box had a screen,]

Gengar: It looks like a video message!

Weavile: Put it in!

[Seviper pops the message in,]

Mystery Video Voice: If you have found this tape you have destroyed on of my stronger minions! You are worthy to know that there is a treasure buried deep underground! A fabolous treasure with the power to raise the dead! Long ago me and my minions buried it underground so another life wouldn't be taken, trying to find it. I am on my death bed and shall tell you who I am. I am none other than-

[The tape gets cut off by screaming and then becomes silent, Team Snag look at each other]

Gengar: I wonder who sent that message!

Weavile: And when we'll get the treasure! Come on!

[They keep on walking]


Mamepato: I've got find Flufkit!

[Flies away.]

Eevee: Wait Mamepato!

Charmeleon: He's following that Tigeking! And his marks go all the way over Mystery Jungle!

Meowth: We have to go through it!

Charmeleon: It will take too long! If only we had a Pokémon who knows Teleport!

Eevee: Hey! If I evolve I learn Teleport!

Charmeleon: The Water Stone! Right!

[Eevee get's the Water Stone from out of her bag and then evolves!]

Vapoureon: Teleport!

[The team ends up in Mystery Jungle where they watch Mew and the other Pokémon.]

???: "So this is their plot..." [Sends 10 Porygon soldiers]

(In Marowak's lair)

Marowak: Curses! It seems like everyone is trying to steal the treasure that is rightfully mine!

[Kabutops finally finds the bone but is confronted by Sceptile]

Sceptile: Now hand over the bone!

[Kabutops doesn't respond]

Sceptile: You incolent little bug! LEAF BLADE!

[Kabutops swiftly jumps up and dodges the attack then knocks Sceptile out with two super strong Slashes, he then quickly disappears through some rocks.]

Marowak: No! I underestimated Kabutops! He might be useful after all...

[Malicious laugh.]

???: [Views the event on the monitor] "Useful for only so long..."

[Kabutops reaches a rocky clearing and admires the bone, but suddenly the Porygon soldiers confrot him!]


Weavile: I can smell the treasure!

Genger: We're really close!

(Back in the clearing.)

Porygon ES40: "Stop where you are!"

Porygon2 ES46: "We'll take that." [snatches the bone]

Porygon ES40: "And now we will finish the job by disposing of you, assassin."

[The 10 Porygon soldiers prepare to attack Kabutops]

Porygon-Z ES52: "Any last words?"

[Elsewhere, at the dungeon World Abyss, Tigeking lands]

Tigeking: Time for more adventure!

[2 large black eyes with white pupils appear in the shadows of World Abyss for 3 seconds, and they disappear back into the shadows afterward]

Tigeking: Hrmmm...

Flareon: What is it, Tigeking?

Tigeking: I don't know...

Vaporeon: We can handle it...

Psymeow: Of course we can! LET US GO FORTH!

''T'igeking: [Smiles] Alright, alright. Forward! [Walks in]

???: [Views another monitor] "World Abyss, eh?"

Tigeking: Don't expect to find too many gummis here, unless we hit a monster house.

Flareon: Rats...

Vaporeon 2: That's okay.

Psymeow: Awwww...Oh well! At least we can go for treasure!

Tigeking: Indeed.

???: "If they can..."

Tigeking: [After walking through the dungeon a long time without much luck in treasure or fun].....[Yawns]....

Vaporeon 2: [Walking by his side] Could stand to have more action...

Flareon: [Draped on Tigeking's back] Yeah...

Psymeow: [Ssmiling and prancing along] C'mon, lighten up!

???: [Turns back to the other monitor] "And they managed to destroy a minion of a long dead individual, yet accomplish nothing..."

[Be the end of the dungeon, all the Pokémon are tired, and Tigeking is carrying the two Eons, Psymeow walking next to him]

Tigeking: [Yawns] Well, we made it.

Flareon: Finally!

Vaporeon: zZzzz..

Psymeow: ^_^ YAY!

[4 red colored Porygon shock troops drop down around them, holding Gold Thorn launchers]

Tigeking: Time for some action! [Roars]

Flareon: [Flips onto its legs and shoots Flamethrower]

Vaporeon: [Does the same as Flareon, and hits two of them with Surf]

Psymeow: [Hits another with its deadly Psychic]

???: "Gah. They're quick!"

[6 other Porygon of the same color approach the group from the back, pointing at them with pistols loaded with Iron Thorns]

Porygon SQ43: "Hands up!"

Tigeking: Fat chance. [Uses Eruption]

Flareon: [Shields Psymeow and Vaporeon from the attak]

[3 of them succumb to the attack, the rest of the Porygon shock troops fire their pistols]

[SFX: gunshots]

Tigeking: [Jumps in front of the rest of his team, taking the shots for them, then retaliates with Psychic]

Psymeow: [Also uses Psychic]

Porygon SQ41: "AGH!!!"

Tigeking: NekoFury is not a team to mess with, my friends.

Porygon SQ43: "Take whatever's at the end! But you'll pay for this!"

Tigeking:YOU attacked ME.


Tigeking: Don't think you're in control. Sometimes that's a team's worst msitake....[Walks on, the three others following]

(Back at the clearing)

[6 of the 10 Porygon soldiers attack Kabutops, while the other 4 abscond with the bone]

[Kabutops was left, all alone...]

Roleplay Part 6

Marowak: No! That imbosil!

Sandslash: Has Kabutops failed you, my lord?

Marowak: Where is that blasted Sceptile anyway?!

[Sceptile wanders, hoplessly]

Team Snag: zZzzzzzzz!

Porygon ES41: "The bone, sir."

???: "You will go and bury that wretched fossil and seal it off! FOREVER!!!"

Porygon ES41: "Yes sir!" [Flies off]

[Out of nowhere]

Marowak: NOOOOOO!

[Slams into the Porygon at break neck speed and strikes them mercilessly,]

Porygon ES41: "YAGH!!!" [Hits a cliff wall] "This bone is going back to where it belongs, treacherous pig." [Fires Spike Cannon]

[The gang reach them]

Mogyru: Who's the bone-head?

Marowak: [Snatches bone, dodges attacks and then starts to chant,]

Meowth: Look out!

[The ground began to quake..]

Vapoureon: It's the end of the world!

[Suddenly Sceptile crashes into Marowak and breaks his neck.]

Marowak: Sceptile! What are you doing?

Sceptile: Playing the hero!

[Kabutops tries to strike Sceptile but this time Sceptile gets the better of him and throws him into a pile of rocks where he is buried by a landslide,]

Meowth: Think he's dead?

Sceptile: Yep! And now it's your time!

Marowak: I get to be with MOTHER!

Mogyru: Yes!

Marowak: Kill me then you fools! Come on!

[Mamepato flies and finds Flufkit, he runs to embrace her and they are happy!]

(Back to the battle,)

Porygon ES41: [Pulls out a Luger P08 loaded with Gold Thorns] "With pleasure." [SFX: gunshot]

[Marowak was gone...]

Sceptile: There is something you should know! There is anothe revil! A greater evil! And he will be coming very soon! We all know!

Charmeleon: Another one!

[They all glance at Marowak's lifeless body and then at the pile of rocks where Kabutops had been crushed]

???: [Views the monitor] "What? Another threat?!!!"

Sceptile: I have to go and tell Team Snag not to bother with the treasure, and tell Igglybuff and Cleffa there free!

(Zooms off)

Meowth: Where's Mamepato?

Charmeleon: He said something about finding Flufkit!

[A face of a Spiritomb appears on ???'s monitor]

Spiritomb: I am the only member left of the Wise Old Ampharos' army! If you have heard the tape then you know what I'm talking about, if you haven't aske Team Snag! But I am here to warn you that I shall arise to be your new enemy! A stronger Pokémon with a much nobler purpose! Good day!

[Screen goes black]

Porygon ES41: "You there! Charmeleon! Come here!"

Charmeleon: Yes?

Porygon ES41: "What did Sceptile say? Is there truly a greater threat?"

Charmeleon: I don't know but I have a feeling that there is a corrupt maniacle mastermind not to far from here! In fact it feels like it's just underground! Can't you feel the vibrations?

Vapoureon: Yes! There is something down there and it's powerful! Yiu should get your troops to check that out! Mogyru will dig a hole for you!

Mogyru: You bet!

Porygon ES41: "Alright. We shall enjoy dispatching of whatever's down there."

Vapoureon: Good luck!


Spiritomb: I grow more powerful, every step they take increases my power! Every attack they launch will just make me stronger! I am invincible and nothing can stop me!

[10 Beldum soldiers and 10 Porygon soldiers from various floors and locations underground surround Spiritomb]

Spiritomb: Ooooh! What'shere then, a little training!

[Takes them all out in a single hit]

Spiritomb: You see!

???: "BLAST YOU!!!!!!!!!!"

[Thunder and lightning strike all around the spire at the top of Silent Chasm]

[Spiritomb vanishes from thin air leaving behind an eerie echo of a laugh]

???: "All of you in Division B, listen up! There's a Spiritomb that used to serve under a "Wise Old Ampharos". Kill him on sight!"


Mogyru: Think they've caught him?

Vapoureon: Bet not! How many villains do you know, who get caught on their first appearance?

Mogyru: Good point!

[A dark blue Magneton hovers over to them]

Lieutenant Magneton: "I can name a few, but I won't."

Vapoureon: I know you! You're that famous Magneton fella! How do you know we're here?

Lieutenant Magneton: "Well, I could hear the fight going on."


[We see Cyndaquil picking flowers for some reason..]

(Back to the main story)

Charmeleon: We think there's something much more evil than a Marowak down there!

Meowth: Wait guys! I'm glowing!

Vapoureon: Meowth! You're evolving!

Persian: I'm a Persain! And that's not all! I can't feel the vibrations!

Mogyru: We better go down the hole and see what's going on! Coming Lieutenant?

Lieutenant Magneton: "Of course I'm coming. I won't allow the threat to surface. That was Officer Magnezone's mistake."

[All go in the hole and see the dead bodies of Beldums]

Vapoureon: What happened here!?

Charmeleon: It looks like they've been-

Persian: KILLED!

Mogyru: What do you think Lieutenant?

Lieutenant Magneton: "No... that fiend won't get away with this!!!" [Holds the body of a fallen Beldum soldier] "I'll kill him on the next encounter!!!!!" [His 3 eyes glow light blue]

(In a cemetery somewhere)

Spiritomb: He won't be so brave once fighting my ARMY OF THE DEAD!

[Spiritomb begins chanting ome strange words and zombies come out of the ground, among them Micra, Marowak, Kabutops nd many dead soldiers]

Vapoureon: Where do you think he is?

Persian: In a cemetery!

Vapoureon: How do you know that?

Persian: It's written above XD!

Lieutenant Magneton: "How..." [Prepares to use Discharge]

Vapoureon: What?

Lieutenant Magneton: "He knows too much... Therefore, it's necessary we eliminate the threat!"

Vapoureon: I'll Teleport us to the cemetery!

[Vapoureon's eyes glow purple and the team find themselves in the cemetery, surrounded by ghouls]

Spiritomb: You like? It's my own evil army! Get them!

[Micra makes anaudible noises then jumos up for a Frost Bite attack]

Micra: BLARGH!

Persian: Shadow Claw!

[The Beldum soldiers came in for the kill followed by the Porygons]

Lieutenant Magneton: "Possessed maybe, but they're rusty." [Fires Water Pulse]

???: "Rusty you say, mister Lieutenant?~"

(Ooooh a slight truce, lawls.)

Lieutenant Magneton: "You've lost your luster since you were possessed and resurrected by the killer."

[A small, brown and white paw rubs on Magneton.]

Lopunny: "I don't have Luster, Darling."

Lieutenant Magneton: "Lopunny?"

Vapoureon: Uh, WE'RE IN A BATTLE HERE!

[Kabutops goes to attack but gets hit by Charmeleon]

Spiritomb: DAMN IT!

Lieutenant Magneton: "So you show yourself at last, Spiritomb..."

Roleplay Part 7

Sandslash: I'm still waiting...

(Back at the battle)

Lieutenant Magneton: "The only thing you'll gain is a demise!" [Uses Shadow Wave]

Spiritomb: [Disappears then reappears behind the Lieutenant], Ooops...Did you just miss...Willo-O-Wisp!

Vapoureon: Look out!

[Magneton splits into 3 Magnemite and they fly out of the way]

[Lopunny is hit instead!]

Lieutenant Magneton: [Reassembles] "I'll send you into oblivion!"

[Lopunny uses a Dark-powered Facade, hitting Spiritomb with twice the power.]

Lieutenant Magneton: "Perhaps I should pitch in." [Attacks with Ghost/Dark/Dark Tri-Attack against Spiritomb]

Spiritomb: Aaaah! Stop! I'm begging you!

(Not so far away)

Ninetales: Come on guys! I heard that there is something wrong with that cemetery up there and I'm gonna figure out!

Houndoom: Yeah, you do that, and let me get some slee, I mean look at Manectric!

[Manectric was fast asleep]

Ninetales: Oh come on guys! Arewe Team Kyubii or are we Team Kyubii?

Houndoom: [Sighs] We're Team Kyubii...

Ninetales: Than wake up Manectric and we'll start exploring!

[A whistle is heard.]

(Back on the battle field)

Lieutenant Magneton: "It's too late for that!" [Watches the 20 resurrected Beldum and Porygon soldiers self-destruct] "You should've surrendered when you had the chance!" [Rams Spiritomb with Shadow Blitz]

Lopunny: ._.

Lieutenant Magneton: "Your terror will never reign again..."

[Spiritomb explodes]

(Somewhere in Marowak's lair)

Sandslash: It's not the same without Marowak!

(Back on the battlefield)

Ninetales: Hey! We're ready for the action! Uh, where is the action?

???: "Ckeheheheheheheheh..." [Comlink] "Good work, Lieutenant. Now return to base at once."

Lieutenant Magneton: "Yes sir!" [Flies off to Silent Chasm]

Ninetales: Yeash! Can't he even give me an answer?

[Charmeleon giggles]

Charmeleon: You're kinda hot...

Ninetales: I know right, like this one time my friend was having a barbeque and-

Houndoom: I think he means the other hot!

Ninetales: Oh...Awe, thank you!

???: (((I would say a burnt out flame.)))

Vapoureon: So let me get this staright. You are a new team led by a Ninetales?

Manectric: Yep. What's so weird about that?

Vapoureon: It's just your team being led by a FEMALE!

Ninetales: And what's wrong with being female?

Vapoureon: Nothing! As you can see, I'm female!

Persian: Yeah! So um, LIEUTENANT WAIT FOR US!

[Runs after Lieutenant Magneton]

Lieutenant Magneton: "You are not to follow after me right now." [Flees to Silent Chasm]

Persian: Oh, so what do you guys wanna do all day?

Charmeleon: [Looks at Ninetales] Make out?

[Ninetales stares at him]

Charmeleon: What!?

Vapoureon: Looks like we're stuck here!

???: [Views monitor] "Stuck like the very stump that remains after a fire..."

Lieutenant Magneton: "I'm back."

???: "Excellent timing."

(A long, way away)

??: I listen, to every sound! I hear everything! I know every motive! I understand every intention and then reveal it to the world! Nothing can escape me...Nothing, not even death!

(Back at the current 2 locations)

???: (((Something troubles us. An unknown force...)))

[Inside ???'s mind]

??: I know all about you!

???: ((You... Just who do you think you are?!))

Ninetales: Ow...

Charmeleon: What happened?

Ninetales: My head! It's got ths weird blurred image of this weird Pokémon, I think I should know...

Houndoom: You feeling all right?

Ninetales: I need to...lie...down...

Mogyru: Don't worry I'll make a soft soil bed!

Ninetales: Ow...

[Ninetales fell asleep instantly]

[Ninetales' Dream]

??: That's right! Remember me! Rememeber my face! Remember my soul! Remember!

???: ((Remember our will, you evil intrusion on our minds!!!!)) [Mentally starts torturing the strange entity]

[Ninetales awoke with a sudden breath]

Ninetales: I remember...

Charmeleon: What's wrong?

Ninetales: I have to go!

Houndoom: Where?

Ninetales: Silent Chasm!

Persian: We'll come too!

Ninetales: No. I have to do this myself! [Whispers] I'm coming...

???: [Expels the entity from his mind] ((Now be gone, fool.))

??: Beware! I will be back!

Beldum 1: Um there's a Ninetales here should I tell her to get lost?

???: "An intruder... Get her out of here at once!"

[2 Beldum soldiers hover to the entrance of Silent Chasm]

Beldum A6: "You're in a restricted area! Leave or suffer the consequences!"

Ninetales: I know your master and I have valuable information to share with him!

Beldum B9: "What is this information you hold for him?"

Ninetales: The answer to ??!

???: [Comlink] "Bring her in here at once!"

Beldum A6: "Yes sir! Come with us..."

[Ninetales followed the Beldum until she reached the one she wanted to speak with]

Ninetales: As you know, you and me both had a starteling encounter with ?? but the truth behind him is that, he is an almighty being. one that can see everything and anything! You may barely remember him, and he's barely alive but we are a lot older than we look. He is Wise Old Ampharos! The most powerful and oldest of all Pokémon, even Arceus! Long ago we did something to offend Ampharos and know he's coming for us. There is only one way to destroy him and that is mysteries red orb. Identical to the ones on Ampharos' tail, we must find this orb tpgether then confront him in our dreams. Clear?

???: "The only problem is: we have to find the orb first..."

[Magneton looks at Ninetales questioningly]

???: "We'll do whatever we can. I expect you and your team to do the same."

(In Marowak's lair)

Sandslash: Wise King Ampharis...Hmmmmm.

Roleplay Part 8

Charmeleon: How did it go?

Ninetales: No time! Come on guys, we have to find a red orb that is identical to that of an Ampharos' tail!

Vapoureon: Why?

Ninetales: No time to explain!

[Beldum and Porygon soldiers swarm all over the place searching for the orb]

(Long way away)

??: Oh dear...They have found out my secret! No matter! I shall still emerge victorious!

(Back where the main story takes place)

Mamepato: So we're basically up against the wisest being in the universe!

Ninetales: Yep! Hey that narrow passageway could be hiding something, but it's only wide enough to fit three of us in! Who's coming with me?

Persian: I will!

Ninetales: Any of you Bledums or Porygons want to tag along?

Porygon FZ70: "We're already searching. We're under orders to find the orb immediately."

Ninetales: Suit yourself, come on Vapoureon, this will take good old girl power!

Vapoureon: Yeah!

[They search the crevises]

Persian: Ninetales! I found smething shiny in the rocks!

Ninetales: Vapoureon, you go tell the Porygons and Beldums and I'll get it out!

Vapoureon: Gotcha!

[Runs off to tell]

Ninetales: Fire Blast!

[The cannyon comes apart and the orb has been released, Ninetales and Persian rush out to show everyone else,]

Beldum SR30: "Let's hurry up and put it to use!"

Ninetales: [Hands them the orb] Give it to your master!

(Alright Commander, I've gotta go, but you'll see the RP will have improved tomorrow night, see ya!)

(Back with the figure and Solar)

Solar Happy PortraitSolar: "So they actually got it, yays."

[The Beldum and Porygon soldiers rush off to Silent Chasm with the orb]

???: "Good work. That team is also incredible. They can find a way to uncover the orb quickly." [Takes the orb] "It's best we put this to good use..."

Solar: "Mhm."

Lieutenant Magneton: "Solar? How did you get in here?"

Solar: "I can run Mach Seven."

[They look at Solar skeptically]

?????: "That fast?" [A pair of large black eyes with white pupils looks at Solar and blinks twice out of confusiion]

[Within a blink of an eye, Solar's suddenly on Magneton doing a hand-stand with one hand.]

Solar: "Yep."

Lt. Magneton (alarmed)

Lieutenant Magneton: "What? But he was just over... and now he's on top..." [collapses]

[Solar emits a light grunt as he hits the ground.]

???: "You never told us about this until now."

Solar: "I am one of the fastest Pokemon in Treasure Town."

???: "We're dealing with a so-called "Wise Old Ampharos". He wants to destroy Ninetales and her team. I will not allow it. That old fossil has provoked what will be his own demise..."

Solar: "You do notice that Cyndaquil thinks that that Ninetales is Vulpix's Mother, right?"

???: "I can see that."

Solar: "Yeah....Cyndaquil has a deep burning desire for Vulpix. I don't know about Charmeleon."

[2 Octillery head over to them]

Latchgrip: "Half the time I can't even tell what Cyndaquil is thinking because his eyes are nearly always closed."

Solar: "Mhm."

Clinger: "Enh! Beh."

Solar: "I just know how he feels because I can sense Auras like a Lucario."

???: "Well, these 2 know how many Cyndaquil feel, except for that Cyndaquil, for some reason."

Solar: "If you don't know, my grandson's Aura is masked by mine."

???: "That explains it very well."

[Elsewhere, Tigeking lands in front of Silent Chasm]

Psymeow: [Looks around] where are we?

Tigeking: I honestly don't know.

???: "Looks like we have some unwanted guests..." [Presses switch which closes off the entrance]

Flufkit: You think I'll evolve here?

Tigeking: I don't know. I don't know if this is even a dungeon. Let's look around.

[Psymeow, Tigeking, Flufkit, and an Umbreon wander the area]

[8 red colored Porygon elite shock troops and 8 gray Metang officers surround them]

Porygon SQ41: "You are in serious trouble, intruders."

Tigeking: I'd love to know why you irritations pop up everywhere I go.

Flufkit: Wait...intruders?

Psymeow: What's he mean?

Umbreon: [Eerie monotone voice] I suspect this may be their territory or base. We are probably not welcome here and to try and stay could be considered invasion. We should leave and conserve our honor.


Tigeking: Umbray's right.

???: [Views monitor] "That's right. Leave."

Flufkit: That's alright! C'mon, let's go to the Xero Isles! Betcha we can make it all thhe way through!

Tigeking: [Smiels] Your energy is admirable. All right, come on.

[The other three Pokémon clamber onto Tigeking's back]

[2 Octillery guard Zero Isle South]

Clinger: "Geh!"

Latchgrip: "They're coming here! The treasures of Zero Isles cannot be touched!"

Tigeking:YAMANEKO! [Flies high into the sky]

Latchgrip: "There they are. And here they come."

Clinger: "Kaboom?"

Latchgrip: "Yes, Clinger. Kaboom."

(That sounds like a Penguins Of Madagascar line.)

(That's what the line is based on, and Clinger is a mute Octillery who rarely says anything. So Latchgrip, another Octillery, has to translate his cousin's babbling.)

[They fire a barrage of Octazookas]

Tigeking: Oh god, PSYMEOW!

Psymeow: Yra! [Uses her deadly Psychic to create a shield while Tigeking flies torward an isolated part of the isle]

Latchgrip: "Can't pinpoint their location. Drat!"

Tigeking: Alright, to the north. [Walks torward there]

Latchgrip: "We have to stop them!"

Clinger: "Yah."

[They get up and run on the tips of their tentacles toward Zero Isle North]

[As soon as they get there, Umbray is sitting there with a charged Dark Pulse, wich he releases. The others are waiting next to the entrance]

Clinger: "AAAAHHH!!!" [Takes the hit and falls to the ground]

Latchgrip: "Gah!" [Gets slammed to the ground as well]

Tigeking: Good shot, Umbray.

Umbray: [Monotone] They're rather strong for wild Octillery. Do you think they belong to a team, or do you think they're criminals?

Tigeking: I don't know. Leave them an Oran each and let's go.

Umbray: [Does so, and the four enter the dungeon]

[Clinger takes out a hidden comlink and babbles for backup]

[3 Beldum soldiers arrive]

Tigeking: [Walking through the dungeon] Ah, I love this place. You can find stat drinks on the ground, and all sorts of other rare goodies. [Deep breath] And the best part is it's really, really hard!

Flufkit: [Prancing] ^_^

Psymeow: Yep!


[A Beldum soldier and Metang officer are talking to each other nearby]

Beldum A3: "I know attacking 1 of them is bad, but 2 in 1 setting?"

Metang AA14: "Even someone with a brainstem would know not to tangle with anyone from Team StormBlitz."

Beldum A3: "They apparently weren't thinking when they attacked Clinger and Latchgrip."

Tigeking: Protein! [Snatches and puts in bag] Lucky us.

Psymeow: Yae!

Flufkit: Yae!

Umbray: [Half-smiel]

Metang AA14: [Turns around and looks at the group] "Speak of the devil. It's the savages that attacked Clinger and Latchgrip of Division A. Some nerve."

Tigeking: Clinger...Latchgrip...Oh. those two Octillery. My apologies, we did not know they belonged t your team.

Flufkit: [Staring at Metang] how is he floating like that?

Psymeow: Er...I think it's called levitation

Umbray: [Monotone] Or Magnet Rise.

Lieutenant Magneton: [Appears behind Flufkit with Clinger and Latchgrip backing him up] "Yes. We're... Team StormBlitz. Even the toughest outlaws fell at the first strike. And as for treasure hunters, we know where they can and can't hunt treasures. The treasures here are off limits."


Umbray: [Rolls his eyes]

Psymeow:Why is that? About the treasures?

Tigeking: Ditto, Psy.

Lieutenant Magneton: "The treasures at Zero Isles are not meant to be taken. They are to remain here. Observe them if you want to, but don't even touch them..."

Tigeking: And do you have a good reason for this?

Lieutenant Magneton: "Some of them are too dangerous to be taken or used."

[2 Metagross appear in front of them and form a Metagyro, larger with 4 eyes and 8 clawed arms]

Tigeking: Too dangerous. Okay, I can respect that reason. But we're just here for the normal stuff:Scarves, goggles, specs, gummis, drinks, and the like. We're not after anything special.

Flufkit: [At Metagyro] AWESOME!

Lieutenant Magneton: "Fine, but stay away from Zero Isle South, or else." [He and the Octillery cousins leave with the soldier and officer of Division B, Metagyro leaves too]

Tigeking:.......When will people learn that saying to stay away from an area piques the curiosity?

Psymeow: Does it matter? I hate the South.

Tigeking: Good point. Let's finish and head home.

Umbray: [Monotone] Yay.



Tigeking:...Okay, moving on.

???: [Watches monitor] "Looks like it's clear, but if they ever head to Blizzard Island, they'll regret it..."

[After clearing the dungeon, but leaving unique or strange treasures alone, the exhausted team returns home]

Tigeking: Nekofury....we've had a long day. Time to return home and get some well-earned rest.

Psymeow: Finally....Hey...Think I can have tomorrow free?

Tigeking: Sure, why not?

Psymeow: I wanna go see Spark...[Giggles]

Tigeking: do that...

Psymeow: You get so gloomy everytime I mention that...


[Magneton, Clinger, and Latchgrip return to the heart of Silent Chasm]

???: "Good work keeping them away, team."

[Tigeking lands in a rocky cave near the base of the cliff at Treasure Town]

Tigeking: To rest, everyone. Eat one gummi each according to type, you've earned it.

Psymeow: [Scarfs her gummi and immediately curls up to sleep]


[Cyndaquil seems to actually making his first bouquet of flowers......Violets and Roses....]

???: [Views Blizzard Island and the outside of Silent Chasm on the monitors] "There's something strange about that team of theirs. They're tough, and persistent to getting treasures...." [Pauses] "But wait... another team has already snatched the Grass Cornet in Mystery Jungle! GAAAAHHH!!!!"

[Nekofury wakes up very early in the morning, except the newer recruits. Psymeow instantly races out to treasure town]


???: "That Psymeow is really obsessed about Spark..."

Umbray: [Sitting on a totem pole, absolutely motionless]


[She sees Spark helping Cyndaquil with a bouquet....]

(Back with the figure)

???: "Solar, about the thieves that stole the Grass Cornet from Mew... it's a team that Vulpix is in."

Solar: "What.....? MY GRANDSON'S IN LOVE WITH A CRIMINAL?!! Thanks for notifying me Lightnin'."

(Back with Spark and Cyndaquil)

Psymeow: [Races to Spark] Hiya, whatcha two doing?

Cyndaquil [A bit lovestruck]: "Making a bouquet for Vulpix."

[He seems to have said Vulpix in a dreaming way.]

Psymeow: Oh, that's so sweet!

Cyndaquil: ^^

Psymeow: [Snuggles up to Spark] Hoep all goes well! ^_^

(Back with Lightning and Solar)

???: "Don't worry, Solar. We'll get those treasure plundering pigs..."

Solar Rage PortraitSolar: "NO! I'll deal with them...."

Solar [In his dark tone]: "Myself..."

VL Magnezone (sinister look) ???: "That works, too. In the meantime, shall I have Division B place Cyndaquil under arrest?"

Solar [Dark tone, sending shivers down his spine]: "What do you think?"

???: "I'll see to it immediately. Ckehehehehhh..." [Sends 8 Porygon secret police troopers]

Solar: "I MEANT NO!"

[His voice is so loud it knocks him off his seat, only viewing his Silhouette.]

(Lawl, Solar yells too much.)

???: "Okay. They're not going anywhere." [The Porygon troopers return to the Chasm]

Solar: "My Grandson's done nothing wrong, and I know him, once he learns Vulpix is a criminal, he'll change his thoughts of her drastically."

Lt. Magneton (lovestruck)

Lieutenant Magneton: "And perhaps we could send the bouquet off as a gift to someone else."

Solar Flat PortraitSolar: "Mag, you're thinkin' Blissey? Aren' 'cha?"

Lt. Magneton (flat)

Lieutenant Magneton: "Oh... how did you know?"

[Solar's intelligence level seems to scale to Hyper.]

[The strange Magnezone turns around and hovers off the chair, revealing to be Victor Lightning, leader of Team StormBlitz, and hovers over to Magneton]

Victor Lightning: "Well, Lieutenant, don't worry. You'll get a chance to do that."

Solar Blush PortraitSolar: "Unless you want to battle me for the bouquet, Cyndaquil's very good at making them. But, we all know that I'd own you with Dig." X3

[Solar blushes, noting the fact that his Dig can do massive damage to Magneton.]

Lieutenant Magneton: "There goes my chance of making Blissey smile again."

Solar: "Eh don't worry, I think Cynd can make a Bouquet for you to give to Aun' Blissey."

(The fact that Solar's Dig can deal over eight-hundred damage on a Probopass makes him hax!)

[At his cave, Tigeking and all teh recruits walk out, save for two mated Flareon]

Tigeking: Sure you two'll be alright alone?

Singe: We'll be fine.

Fyro: [Rubs on him] Yes we will...

Singe: [Blushes]

Tigeking: 'Kay, seeya. [Walks off with the others]

Victor Lightning: [Views the monitor] "Where are they going now?"

[Tigeking and his small band of recruits walk torward the guild]

Victor Lightning: "Solar, come here and look at this!" [Snickers] "I think they're going to see that pink goofball of a guildmaster!"

Tigeking: [As VL says, Tigeking goes to see Wigglytuff. He holds a quiet conversation with the guildmaster for hours on end.....]

Lieutenant Magneton: "They sure can talk alot."

Tigeking: [Eventually leaves] Alright recruits, thanks to the guildmaster, we have some new tricks to try out. Come on, let's test them out on Beach Cave.

Solar Flat PortraitSolar: "Victor, he was also my master."

Victor Lightning: "I know. But you have to admit, the Chatot that accompanies him is rather annoying."

Solar: "Chatot, that son of a ...."

VL Magnezone Angered Victor Lightning: "I had to repeat to him that we no longer operated under their restrictions to get it through his bird brain."

Solar: "Mhm."

Lieutenant Magneton: "He was mad, but he sucked it up and agreed."

Solar (Correcting Magneton): "Angry."

Lieutenant Magneton: "Okay. Angry."


Roleplay Part 9

Persain: So Mamepato, how did it go?

Mamepato: A Tigeking came and snatched her up before I could even talk to her!

Ninetales: Could you guys be quiet, I'm trying to sleep!

Vapoureon: Yeah, the dream thing...

(Far away in the land of the forgotten)

Wise Old Ampharos: Peekaboo! Remember that fateful night!? Remember how you cursed me, only for power!? I shall rise again my dear, I shall! And that Victor! Remember him! Remember!

[Ninetales murmerd the words "remember" inher sleep as she tossed and turned]

Houndoom: This getting a little out of hand!

Charmeleon: So what are you going to do about it?

Houndoom: You'll see [Runs off as quickly as possible]

Charmeleon: There's something wrong with his head!

[Manectric nods]

(On a dark hillside)

[Houndoom pants]

????: Hello half-type!

Houndoom: Don't call me a half-type!

????: I am merely spaeaking truthful!

Houndoom: Listen, it's about Ninetales!

????: Ah yes, one of my own. A full fire type! I shall help her, if you tell what her trouble is!

Houndoom: She's having nightmares about this Wise Old Ampharos!

????: An electric type! I can only help fire type problems!

Houndoom: Look, Entei, what is wrong with us half-types? Why do you hate the other types so much?

Entei: [Sighs] Many long years ago there was a war! All types fought each other in corageous combat! If you were a half-type you were considered an outlaw!

Houndoom: But what about Moltres! He was a half-type, still you excepted him into the clan!

Entei: I know your intentions are pur, just go to bother someone else!

Houndoom: No! Not until you stop her nightmares!

Entei: The Wise Old Ampharos, he can't be stopped, without an orb!

Houndoom: Victor Lightning has the orb!

Entei: Than Ninetales and he must enter one dream and finish him off!

Houndoom: We finished Spiritomb off!

Entei: Spiritomb was just a diversion! If he was really an antagonist you would be dead now! Why do you think only Beldums and Porygons attacked!

Houndoom: You must listen!

Entei: No! Begone! If you want to deal with electric type problems, go to Raikou!

Houndoom: He's just like you! The only reason you're talking to me is because I'm partly fire type! He would not let me even put a foot in his domain!

Entei: Go or I'll blast you away!

[Houndoom ran off]

(During the night....)

[Cyndaquil's whimpering in his sleep.]

Cyndaquil (In his sleep): "No, she can' an....outlaw...."

(In Marowak's lair)

Sandslash: Little Pidgey, up a tree, I won't crush him but let him be...

(Where the Blue Adventure Squad was)

Ninetales: [Wakes up] It's still night, but I have this strange feeling! Vulpix! Vulpix! I have to get to Cyndaquil! Right now!

[She runs off to find Cyndaquil]

[After fifteen minutes, she finds him, awake and crying.]

Cyndaquil: "(Sobbing)"

Victor Lightning: "At last he realizes the truth." [Sighs] "But he feels bitter. There has to be some way to help him recover from the overwhelming shock." [Goes to press a switch, but upon touching it...] "Gaah..." [...Falls into a Dimensional Scream spell, then comes out of it] "The Wise Old Ampharos...... He still lurks around the western part of the continent of Aereonn..."

Solar Depressed PortraitSolar: ......

[Solar looks guilty.]

Victor Lightning: "Solar. I have disturbing news. The Wise Old Ampharos is returning to western Aereonn, tonight!"

Solar: "Victor, I have a confession....I'm a Render....and so is Cyndaquil."

Victor Lightning: "You mean you and Cyndaquil know the Dimensional Scream? Well, we're not so different after all, as far as the Scream goes."

Solar: "Not only the Scream, we also know the Dimensional Rend."

Victor Lightning: "You know that, too?! Impressive. Well, I have to confess something, too. Besides Palkia, I'm the only one who knows Spacial Rend."

Solar: "It's nothing like the Spacial Rend, Victor."

Victor Lightning: "It's not? Then why is it called Dimensional Rend?"

Ninetales: This is serious! The Wise Old Ampharos is going after our loved ones! Vulpix!

[Solar raises up his claw and takes his glove off, revealing it very bloody. He then disappears in a burst of light.]

(The Continent of Aereonn)

Wise Old Ampharos: Clever girl! Very clever! I shall crush you all! Without any fancy army, or anything! You shall be lost in time! Forgotten!

Wicked-sounding Voice: "Not on my watch!!!!" [A thick black fog appears, and a dark Mismagius appears with an elegant-looking staff, and a Murkrow follows, perching on the staff]

???: "Our watch..."

Wise Old Ampharos: Oh, I'm so scared! NOT! You think you can destroy the first render! Think again! That Ninetales, doesn't even know she's a render! I will have fun manupilating her but first I shall destroy you!

Sorceress Angst: "You think you can defeat me?!" [Cackling, casts a strong Will-O-Wisp at Wise Old Ampharos]

[The Wise Old Ampharos vanishes then reappears behind Sorceress Angst]

Wise Old Ampahros: YOU DARE ATTACK ME! [Sends an attack so strong, all renders get transported to Aereonn)

Ninetales: Huh! What am I doing here? I can't be a render!

[Sharp, Angst's Murkrow, goes to peck at the Wise Old Ampharos]

Wise Old Ampharos: [Shocks Murkrow and knocks him out] Mwahahahahahaha!

Ninetales: What! Wise Old Ampharos! But you don't like like a normal Ampharos!

Wise Old Ampharos: What gave it away, my black fur or the reason I DON'T HAVE AN ORB ON MY TAIL!

Ninetales: The orb!

[Suddenly, Ampharos is stricken by a sharp pain.]

Victor Lightning: [Appears via Spacial Rend] "Did someone say "orb"?"

Solar: "Ninetales did, but...why is Ampharos bleeding at the side...?"

Victor Lightning: [Points at Sorceress Angst] "You can thank her for that..."

Sorceress Angst: "It was my pleasure." [Sharp, Angst's Murkrow, caws]

[Wise Old Ampharos vanishes but before departing he speaks]

Wise Old Ampharos: You may have won the battle but the war rages on!

Ninetales: He's gone! And I'm a render!

???: "Both of you, are wrong."

[A blindfolded Quilava appears between them, holding a Katana stained with Ampharos' Blood.]

Victor Lightning: "You injured him with your eyes closed?"

???: "Of course I did....My Grandfather is a Master Swordsman.."

Sorceress Angst: "Very interesting..."

???: "And do you three even recognize me?"

Sorceress Angst: "Don't you mean "you four"?" [Looks at Sharp]

???: "So I didn't hear the Murkrow!" ><'

Ninetales: When do you think he'll be back?

VL Magnezone

Victor Lightning: "Very soon!"

Ninetales: Also Silver, I have a confession to make...

Victor Lightning: "That wretched black colored Ampharos must die!"

Silver: !!!

Silver's Thoughts: 'How did she know my true name...?!'

Victor Lightning: "Surprised? We all knew. We also knew about... you know..."

Silver: "Who?"

(Commander, permission to drag my Crack Pairing into the Roleplay?)

(Permission granted.)

Victor Lightning: [Whispers] "Solar, did you tell him?"

Solar: "Yes I di--"

[Solar's tackle-hugged by Lopunny!]

Lopunny: "Daaaarling..! I found you at last!" ♥♥♥

Solar's Spirit: 'Gack!'

Victor Lightning: (Disgusted) "Well aren't we present, "pretty", and punctual..."

Ninetales: You know Vulpix, my daughter. We are not of this world. Though she does not know, we are not dead or living. We are Wisemon, Pokemon in between. We also beleive Wise Old Ampharos to be the same!

Victor Lightning: "By the way, Ninetales, your daughter Vulpix, is a thief who stole the Grass Cornet from Mew in Mystery Jungle."

Solar: ><

Victor Lightning: [Turns to look at Solar] "What?"

Ninetales: What!? My daughter! It can't be so!

Roleplay Part 10

Ninetales: No!

Victor Lightning: "The team she's with is equally complicit!"

Sorceress Angst: "I'm actually quite distressed with the situation."

Sharp: [Cawing]

Ninetales: Tell me it isn't so! Please! I beg of you!

Victor Lightning: "You can believe what you want to believe, but it's the truth!" [Glaring with all 3 eyes]

[Ninetales' tails start growing bigger and the temperature gets warmer]

Ninetales: Tell me who this legendary is!

Victor Lightning: "Mew is the legendary PokéMon who was robbed of the Grass Cornet by those thieves!" [His eyes glow dark green]

Ninetales: Don't you dare call my daughter a thief!

Silver: "Miss Ninetales, calm down, please."

[Silver's fur turns a hue of Silver.]

[Ninetales sighs]

Ninetales: Your right, Silver...

Victor Lightning: "Now, that's better. Don't forget, I'm one of the keys to helping you take down the old bag Ampharos."

Ninetales: I suppose...

Victor Lightning: "First, we have to find the team that Vulpix is with and arrest them. I promise you Vulpix herself will be spared, providing she returns the Grass Cornet to Mew and lets her go."

Ninetales: I agree, but first a need a little word with Silver...

Sorceress Angst: "Ah yes. The precious Cyndaquil named Silver Flare."

Ninetales: A Vulpix matter.

Victor Lightning: "Yes. But know this: If Vulpix does not cooperate, we'll have to arrest her as well."

Ninetales: Oh I'll convince her!

Victor Lightning: "Good.......good..."

(In Marowak's lair)

Sandslash: Oooh. This is getting interesting! [Watching the renders and Victor talking]

(Back at the main scene)

Victor Lightning: "In the meantime, we'll scout everywhere, until we know where they are."

Ninetales: Good idea.

Sorceress Angst: "The Dark Guards will rat them out before they know it." [Vanishes in a black fog, cackling] [Sharp flies away and vanishes]

Ninetales: What's up with her?

Victor Lightning: "She's a dark and wicked sorceress, but she is very helpful on occasions, this being one of those occasions."

Ninetales: Oh...

(In a dark, dark cave)

Wise Old Ampharos: Yes! I have finally healed and I shall pumell those puny Pokémon!

(Zooms off back to Aereonn)

[Team BlastWave arrives to the scene, finding Lopunny on Solar. They then drag her off of Solar.]

Lopunny: "Hey! Get your hands off of me!"

Dark Wasteland

Jolt: "Why do we even bother?" - -'

Feraligatr and Absol: "Just for the Quilava's Sake...."

Solar Flat PortraitSolar: "Thanks.."

[Silver seems to be silent...]

Victor Lightning: "THERE HE IS!!!!" [Casts Force Lightning at Wise Old Ampharos]

Ninetales: Curse! [Wise Old Ampharos gets hit by both attacks but just grins]

Wise Old Ampharos: Ha! Idiot Pokémon!

Victor Lightning: [looks at Ninetales] ((Now?))

Solar: "Ninetales....Ready?"

[Solar gets out Blaze-Miracle.]

Victor Lightning: [Glares at Wise Old Ampharos]

Solar: "On three, Ninetales and Cynd...(Mutters incoherently) THREE!"

Victor Lightning: "Wait! Ninetales hasn't given the signal yet." [traps Wise Old Ampharos] "This'll contain him until Ninetales gives us the signal."

(Elsewhere, Tigeking and all his recruits are seen walking across teh lands with a giant bag of supplies)

Metang AA14: "These guys are crazy!"

Beldum A3: "I wonder where they're headed."

[Tigeking stops on a place on the map far from any mstery dungeon]

Tigeking:....Here. Right here.

Psymeow: Phew! Finally!

Umbray: [Monotone] Let it begin.

Beldum A3: "You remember the orders?"

Metang AA14: "Yes. We guard Blizzard Island..."

[The 2 soldiers head off to guard Blizzard Island]

Tigeking: All Sandtigero, you do the entrance!

[About five high level Sandtigero start manipulating the ground, rising up a grand roman-style entrance into the ground]

Beldum A3: [Looks at the entrance] "Son of a-"

Metang AA14: "LET'S GO!!!"

[They head off to Blizzard Island to guard it]

Tigeking: You five, keep digging. The rest of you, follow me and we'll refine at as we go. Forward!

[Their team does so, dragging the supplies in with them]

[Several long hours later, they exit with an empty supply bag, and Tigeking takes out what appears to be a spellbook of some sort]

(Back to Aereonn)

Ninetales: NOW!

Wise Old Ampharos: WHAT!?

(On a bright sunny beach somewhere)

Charmeleon: Ninetales hasn't been back for hours!

Vapoureon: I feel she's in grave danger...In Aereonn

Mogyru: Vapoureon, Teleport us there!

Vapoureon: Right!

[They Teleport into the dark region of Aereonn]

Persian: That must Wise Old Ampharos!

Victor Lightning: "Say goodbye to your life, and say hello to your demise." [Prepares to use the red orb against Wise Old Ampharos] "Now you'll never live to know anything again!"

Roleplay Part 11

Victor Lightning: "Ckehehehehehhh..."

[Suddely, a massive tremor rocks the ground!]

Victor Lightning: "What in the..."

[The tremor evenetually fades....nothing in the immediate area seems to have changed...]

Victor Lightning: "It'd be best to finish off that scum very quickly..."

Wise Old Ampharos: FOOLS! [Disappears]

Victor Lightning: "NO!!!!!!!!!!"

(Far away)

Scizor: [Looks through a crystal ball and spies the Pokémon] Oooh! A prize catch for a fine bounty hunter, like myself! I shal go slay these wretched urchins right away! [Flies off to Aereonn]

Persian: He's gome!

Victor Lightning: "Stay on your guard. There's still trouble."

Ninetales: I feel a strange force! Something red and covered in armour! Something evil!

Victor Lightning: "Sounds like a Scizor to me." [Glares around]

Scizor: You're correct! You get a gold star! Through your head! [Throws a golden ninja star at Victor]

Victor Lightning: "Ckehahahahahahaha!" [Force Pushes the star back at Scizor]

[The scar gives him a deep groove/scar in his eye]

Scizor: GAH! [Slaps his claw to his eye] You fool! You shall pay dearly for this! Hello gorgeous! [Stares at Ninetales, and then grabs her and tries to fly away]

Ninetales: You should know by now that both sttel and bug are weak against fire!

Scizor: Nice try, but I have disabled all you're attacks!

Ninetales: Help!

Scizor: And remember, you need Ninetales to defear Wise Old Ampharos! [Flies off, still carrying Ninetales]

Victor Lightning: "A bounty hunter who's working for Wise Old Ampharos... lowlife scum..."

Charmeleon: Shouldn't we go after him? I mean he has Ninetales?

(Back in Scizor's island)

[Scizor knocked Ninetales out with a strong Brick Break]

Scizor: Ha! That Victor, thinks I work for that old bag Ampharos! When will he learn that Scizor only works for himself?

Victor Lightning: "First off, he went to an uncharted location. I say we double our efforts. We'll begin a widespread search, while you and the rest of the team explore around for possible leads."

Vapoureon: Got it!

Persian: Wait a minute! I thought Scizor can't fly!

Charmeleon: That's right! So he must still be in Aereonn!

Vapoureon: Don't count on it! Bounty Hunters have all kinds of tricks, he might even have swam away!

Victor Lightning: "No. I saw him flying away." [Heads to Silent Chasm to organize Division B's search]

Vapoureon: Wait! I once read a book about special Pokémon, like normal ones only they have some extra abilities! If Scizor is one of them we need a strong attack to bring him down!

Persian: Who says we need an attack to kill him? Remember Kabutops?

Lieutenant Magneton: "Listen up. You must search every area on Aereonn. From Treasure Town, to Inferno Cave."

[Division B soldiers carry out their mission]

[One group of soldiers finds an uncharted, apparently new, dungeon]

Beldum N64: "This may be where he's hiding. Prepare to confront him."

[On the entrance, in an overhead carving, teh name of the dungeon is Coriolis Pit]

Beldum A49: "Coriolis Pit. Be careful."

[The first few floors of the dungeon consist mainly of ground, rock, and electric type Pokémon, with the odd normal type.]

[Division B's soldiers sneak through the first 2 floors]

[As they go on, particularly after 5th floor, PP-Zero, Seal, Mud, and Random traps become common]

Beldum B52: "Be careful now." [Turns on Goggle Specs]

[The Pokémon on the floors become increasingly varietable in types and more powerful as they go, and pitfall traps are now appearing as well]

Beldum O40: "Looks like there's nothing at the end here."

[Finally, on the fiftieth floor, the enter a dark room. A gate closes behind them]

[The soldiers take their positions]

?: "So....Visitors....Grahaha..."

Metang TO20: "Reveal yourself."

"So brave! And yet...So far..."

Metang ES06: "Watch your tone. We're asking the questions here."

Bladoom: [Reveals self] I think not.

Beldum A3: "What if I asked you where Scizor is hiding?"

Bladoom: Scizor...I know of no Scizor. Should one come here, I would eliminate it.

Metang ES06: "Fine. Then we'll be on our way. Troops, let's go!" [They begin to leave]

[Heavy iron gates glwoing with dark energy bar all way]

Bladoom: Not so fast...

Metang ES06: "I said: WE'LL BE LEAVING!!!!!" [Glares at Bladoom]

Bladoom: And I said: NOT SO FAST! [Returns the glare]

Metang TO20: "No one threatens an officer of Division B. Let us go, or suffer the consequences."

Bladoom: I believe you will be the one with consequences! Now hear me! Coriolis pit and the four Dark items belong to me! You traversed here, so by all rights, I should eliminate you....however..

Metang TO20: "So be it... ...Bladoom." [Fuses with 7 other Metang and becomes Metagyro TO21]

Bladoom: [Infuses self with Dark Flame] Entering here will be your last mistake!

Metagyro TO21: "We'll see about that..."

Bladoom: [Uses Fire Blast]

Metagyro TO21: [Falls back to the gate, and retaliates with Crush Claw]

Bladoom: Grah! [Takes a few steps back, then rears up on two blades, stretching higher than Lugia]

[10 Porygon soldiers take out their Gold Thorn launchers and open fire on Bladoom]

Bladoom: [With his six blades ready, he spins them like fans, delfecting the Gold Throns]

Metagyro TO21: "It's time to end this fight." [Grabs Bladoom]

Bladoom: Agreed! [Strikes repeatedly with flaming blades]

Metagyro TO21: "By the way, we have no interest in the treasures you guard. We were only looking for answers to Scizor's whereabouts."

Bladoom: If that were so, you would not have started the attack! I DID say, "however".

Metagyro TO21: "That doesn't matter. You made the first move, and deemed yourself hostile."

Bladoom: Of course I'm hostile. Ever since I claimed this dungeon, thieves are after my treasures!

Metagyro TO21: "We fend off those thieves left and right, despite their resistance."

Bladoom: I've a right to be hostile. Now. All you want is some Scizor?

Metagyro TO21: "That is correct."

Bladoom:....[Drops Metagyro, and walks over to a dark part of the cave. It illuminates, showing four items, all glowing with dark power. one's a flame, one's a soul, one's a scale, and one's aplate of metal. It walks past these]

Metagyro TO21: "It's a good thing no one touched them, as they require to be together to work."

Bladoom: For this purpose, yes...[Absorbs the darkness from all of them]

Porygon OC53: "That's their purpose?"

Bladoom: Not the only one. By themselves, I can use them to alter my type and learn moves to the type.

Metagyro TO21: "So are you sure you don't know where that Scizor is?"

Bladoom: I'm about to. [Dark explosion]

[The soldiers wince and turn away for a few seconds]

(Meanwhile, back at Scizor's Island...)

[A shadow passes through strangely.]

Scizor: Who's there! Show yourself! I'm warning ya! [Points his claw at the mysterious figure]

[After learning from Bladoom of the location, Lightning blasts Scizor from behind with Zap Cannon]

Scizor: OW! You'll pay for that! I'll hang you're head on the wall! You!

[Ninetales wakes up and does an extremely powerful Fire Blast as a sneak attack]

Scizor: NINETALES! [Scizor faints]

Ninetales: What should we do with him?

Victor Lightning: "We have him arrested, of course." [4 Beldum soldiers cuff Scizor]

Roleplay Part 12

[Scizor awakes in a jail cell]

Scizor: Where am I? Never mind that, I will soon be busting out of here! [Starts slashing the bars with his claws]

(SPOILER ALERT!!!: Scizor will escape in the next part, all you Scizor/Bounty Hunter fans!)

(In Marowak's lair)

Sandslash: Hmmmm. How very interesting...

(At Silent Chasm)

Lieutenant Magneton: "The minute he tries to break out, he'll be knocked out by security..."

(In the jail cell)

Scizor: Just try and stop me!

(In the eastern side of Aereonn)

Wise Old Ampharos: They shall all fall under my power! Just wait! JUst wait! Nothing can stand in my way! YOU HEAR ME!? NOTHING!

Victor Lightning: (((His screams of power do not frighten me. He can be defeated with just one key. At any rate, I wonder what Ninetales's team is up to.)))

Charmeleon: So when do you think the Wise Old Amoharos will die?

Vapoureon: I don't know, but certainly not in this part!

Persian: How'd you know?

Vapoureon: Trust me! Something, will go wrong!

[A Pikachu is seen walking, seemingly nearby toward the team]

Mogyru: Don't come any closer!

Persian: Yeah! How do we not know you're working for the Wise Old Ampharos?

[There's no response, and he's still walking toward them]

Vapoureon: Stop! Or we'll attack! Now tell us who you are! Pikachu!

[Upon closer inspection, now at this point he's actually close by, but he towers high over them, tremors are felt as he walks past, narrowly missing them in his path]

Vapoureon: We warned you! [Shoots Bubble Beam at Pikachu]

????: "What are you aiming at?!" [Smacks Vaporeon with his tail, straight into a rocky wall]

Vapoureon: Hey! What was that for!?

????: "Well, what was the Bubblebeam for? I didn't even attack you and you wildly fired at me!"

Vapoureon: When you didn't answer me I thought you were working for the Wise Old Ampharos!

????: "I don't work for the Wise Old Ampharos. I'm with Team StormBlitz. Division A."

Charmeleon: Team what, division what!?

????: [Looks at Charmeleon and speaks louder] "Team StormBlitz... Division A..."

Charmeleon: Oh...

Mamepato: We're the Blue Adventure Squad!

Vapoureon: And you might be?

Pikachu XXV: "Pikachu XXV (The 25th), but it's easier to just call me Pikachu. Anyways, I heard some stories about the Blue Adventure Squad."

Persain: Yeah..We're pretty infamous...

Mogyru: Hey! Can you help us look for Scizor, and possibly the Wise Old Ampharos?

Pikachu XXV: "I just heard that Scizor was captured, and as for the "Wise Old" Ampharos... I saw a glimpse of him and I came back this way to alert the team."

Mamepato: You did good! Out one last thing, have you seen Flufkit?

Pikachu XXV: "I told her to follow me, so she could alert her team, too, which I realized a few seconds ago is you. But she's still not back yet. She's still with Tigeking's team."

(Er, one, Flufkit is female, and two, she's with Tigeking and his team.)

Mamepato: How could she!? She's with a Tigeking!

Pikachu XXV: "Why are you alarmed?"

Mamepato: I need her back so I can tell her the truth!

Pikachu XXV: "I did notice the squads having a run in. So I'll come along with you. I think I know where they went."

Mamepato: Great!

Pikachu XXV: "Follow me!" [Heads to the location Tigeking and his team are at]

[At the cliffside cave with Nekofury's name, only Singe and Fyro, the two mated Flareon, are there. They're asleep in the etnrance]

Mamepato: Flufkit! Where's Flufkit? I have to tell her the truth!

Fyro: Ugghh...Who's there..?

Mamepato: Me, Mamepato and the Blue Adventure Squad! Now tell me where Flufkit is!

Fyro: Flufkit...?....oh...the new recruit....[Yawns] She and Tigeking and the others went...somewhere...

Pikachu XXV: "But where did they go?!"

Fyro: me your map..

[Pikachu hands Fyro the map]

Fyro: [Points at Coriolis Pit] there.

Pikachu XXV: "Coriolis Pit?!!! No!!!!! That can't be!! Mamepato, we have to stop him!"

Mamepato: What's there?

Pikachu XXV: "An extremely dangerous group of treasures. Tigeking is after them, I bet. And he's probably using Flufkit to protect himself."

Fyro: [Glares at Pikachu] I'm tempted to burn you for that. He's been nothing but nice to Flufkit. He's even been taking blows for her, just s he does for all of us. Now leave me and Singe our pprivacy...

Mamepato: You sick bas-

Persian: There mught be kids reading this!

Mameapato: Vapoureon! Teleport me and Pikchu into Coriolis Pit! And hurry!

Vapoureon: Okay! [Teleports then]

Pikachu XXV: "He can't burn me... Anyways, we must stop them! Let's go!"

[They now stand in the entrance to the dungeon. Tigeking's paw prints lead inside.]

Pikachu XXV: "Hurry! This way!" [Follows the paw prints]

[High-level hostile Pokémon quickly swarm Pikachu in a Monster House]

Mamepato: Back off! Wing attack! [The monsters get hit]

Rolepaly Part 13

Scizor: Yes! Finally, I have broken out of this prison! [Flies off into the night followed by one thousan Beldum soldiers]

[Pikachu shakes the Pokémon off, and blasts many of them away from him with a Blue Charge Beam]

Pikachu XXV: "Monster houses..."

Mamepato: Tell me about it! Hey I think I hear talking! Listen

[They listen and hear Tigeking speaking to Flufkit in the distance]

Mameapto: Quick! [Flies off]

[Pikachu follows after]

(For future reference, I think I will control my characters.)

[Tigeking and the rest of his team are on fiftieh flor, speaking to Bladoom!]

Pikachu XXV: [Whispers to Mamepato] "There they are."


Mamepato: I see them!

Pikachu XXV: "Listen." [Listens in]

(Yer not thre first.)
Bladoom: Of course the treasures are safe, You, after all, built the dungeon.

Tigeking: Indeed I did. I was ismpply concerned...You are injured.

Bladoom: I'll be fine.

Flufkit: This is so awesome!

Tigeking: If you sau so.

Bladoom: I will see you tomorrow, Architect?

Tigeking: You will, Bladoom. Come, team. Time to leave.

Pikachu XXV: "They're up to something..."

Mamepato: FLUFKIT! [Rushes in and nearly bumps into Tigeking]

Flufkit: Mamepato?

Tigeking: Who is..?

Flufkit: Someone from the new team I was in. Mamepato, I was told you were criminals by Stormblitz.

Pikachu XXV: "Flufkit. I saw you earlier. And Tigeking, I can say the same thing for you."

Tigeking: Hmm.

Bladoom: And they are...?

Tigeking: Don't worry yourself about them. I'll make sure they leave soon.

Bladoom: Hmm...

Mamepato: Flufkit! It was all a lie!


(Be backs oon, must get dinner)

Pikachu XXV: "Flufkit, we have to get you out of here. Tigeking is dangerous, just as dangerous as Vulpix's team is sneaky."

(Alright then, see you later)

Mamepato: What do you mean, Pikachu?

(Sorry Artemis, just had Flufkit on my mind)

Pikachu XXV: "Vulpix was caught up in this theft of Mew's Grass Cornet. Her team was responsible, and possibilities are that she could end up a scapegoat."

Mamepato: No. I mean, with Tigeking!

Pikachu XXV: "Tigeking is dangerous."

Mamepato: Then we have to evacuate Flufkit immediately!

Pikachu XXV: "Because if he's found out, he'll reveal his true nature."

Mamepato: But I won't let that happen!

Beldum A2: "Neither shall we!" [5 Beldum soldiers form behind him]

Tigeking: [Sighs] SO, just because I don't agree with you, I'm suddenly a criminal? Real mature.



Scizor: I finally escaped those made Beldums!

(In Marowak's lair)

Sandslash: Strange...I was thinking the Tigeking would be a hero...

(Back at Coriolis Pit)

Pikachu XXV: "Then I hope you stay out of trouble, okay? But in the meantime, Flufkit has to go home."

Mamepato: Yeah!
Flufkit: [Anger flash] I'm not a kid! You can't just tell me to go home!

Pikachu XXV: "Well, it's too dangerous here."

Mamepato: Come on Fluffy! It's only for you're own good!

Flufkit: TOo dangerous my foot. Tigeking built this place, I'm in no danger here.

Beldum A1: "Tigeking, did you ever construct this location with Flufkit in mind?"

Tigeking: Especially for Flufkit? no, but any member of Nekofury is safe here. Even with the wild Pokémon, I have a sort of agreement with them.

Pikachu XXV: "Then why did they suddenly jump up and attack me?"

Tigeking: Because you're a stranger. I don't know who you are either. I don't think so, anyway. [Peers at Pikachu] I remember most of Stormblitz, but not you..

Pikachu XXV: "My name is Pikachu XXV, but please, feel free to call me Pikachu."

Tigeking: [Carves Pikeachu's name into a large slab of stone. It has many names carved in it, among them the name "Team Nekofury" and "Mamepato"]

Pikachu XXV: "Sorry for the misunderstanding. Although, I get the feeling that Scizor is probably on the move as we speak."

Tigeking: Scizor...I've heard of him...and I don't like him....NEKOFURY! We hunt!

Pikachu XXV: "I don't like him either." [Growling] "And that Wise Old Ampharos...he's a bully who likes to pick fights... We'll take them both down!"

Tigeking: You'll have our team's support. We must return to our base and properly supply ourselves first, however.

[Most of Nekofury climbs on Tigeking's back]

Pikachu XXV: "You act as both the powerhouse and the carrier for the team, don't you?"

Tigeking: [Smiles] The more you can do for your team, the better.

Pikachu XXV: [Laughs] "That's true."

Tigeking: You look like you'd be teh same, if you went down on all fours. [Rest of Nekofury gets on, Flufkit on his head.]

Pikachu XXV: [Laughs again] "That's a good idea." [Leans down on all four legs, and allows the Beldum soldiers to get on] "You're right! It works!"

Tigeking: Just make sure to take plenty of Protein and Iron, keep your physical state up. Otherwise it'll break you back eventually.

Pikachu XXV: "Well it's a good thing we have plenty of that back at base. But still, for others, it's important to take it frequently."

Beldum A3: "Yes, sir."

Tigeking: Aye. [Spreads his large wings and launches into the air, Nekofury on his back]

Pikachu XXV: "Here we go! Hang on!" [Rides out of Coriolis Pit with the soldiers on his back, returning to Silent Chasm]

Victor Lightning: "Ah. Welcome back, Pikachu. Acting as an auxiliar transport today?"

Pikachu XXV: "Helps us get around faster."

Lieutenant Magneton: "So does splitting myself into 3 Magnemites."

[Clinger and Latchgrip laugh with the rest of the team]

Tigeking: [Flying just behind Pikachu] You have Nekofury's assistance in Ampharos and Scizor.

Victor Lightning: "Tigeking? How did you know where we are?"

Tigeking: I followed the giant Pikachu.

Victor Lightning: "I see. Perfectly understandable. Well, Team Nekofury, I'll be hoping that you'll intervene in the next 2 battles against Scizor and Ampharos, as per your word."

Tigeking: We certainly will if we can track them down.


Psymeow: ^_^

Umbray: [Monotone] They will fall.

[The Beldum soldiers disembark and fall into formation]

Clinger: "Beh!"

Latchgrip: "Then we'll all get to it!"

Lieutenant Magneton: [Takes note of Umbray's voice] "Odd..."

Mamepato: What?


[We see Silver limping for some reason.]

Ninetales: Silver! What happened?

Porygon SQ60: "Silver was gashed by someone. Let's get him some medical assistance. STAT!"

Silver: "No one gashed me Porygon." - -'

Porygon SQ60: "Then what in the white blazes happened?"

[5 black Porygon soldiers rush over to Silver]

Roleplay Part 14

Wise Old Ampharos: They don't know what they're facing! I will crush those incolent little bugs!

(Back with Silver)

Silver: "A sprained leg?"

Porygon PS23: "But how did that happen? Tell us who did it, and the PorySquad will find them."

Ninetales: Yes Silv, tell su who did it! Oh they will wish they never were born when I CURSE THEM TO DEATH!

[Her tails grow again and the temperature becomes warmer, and her eyes start to shine]

Porygon PS21: "We'll crush them..."

Silver (Fearful): 0 0' "W-what if it was me during training..?!"

Sorceress Angst: [Cackling, appears] "Then we would have to call it a shocking coincidence. Ninetales, I can cast a death Curse, too, you know."

Ninetales: Well...[Blushes but it quickly disappears], Yes the death Curse. [Smiles Awkwardly]

Sorceress Angst: "Although I do question whether it was a coincidence or not."

Silver: ><'

Porygon PS21: "This is going to be tougher than I thought."

Ninetales: Yes...

(The Wise Old Ampharos appears out of nowhere, clapping his hands)

Wise Old Ampharos: Bravo!

[Ninetales goes into her attack posture]

Wise Old Ampharos: Oh, did I do something wrong?

Porygon PS21: "Destroy that fiend!!"

[The PorySquad Porygon soldiers attack Wise Old Ampharos]

Wise Old Ampharos: You think these pipsqueaks can destroy me!? Think again, Thunder Storm!

[He shocks the PorySquad]

[Scizor leaps up from behind and begins to strangle Wise Old Ampharos]


Wise Old Ampharos [In a choked voice]: You're just a side antagonist! Stay out of this!

[Blasts Scizor off him, Scizor falls to the ground, tempiraly paralyzed]

Wise Old Ampharos: Now where was I? Oh yes, YOU SHALL NEVER DEFEAT ME!

[Ninetales tries to attack but the Wise Old Ampharos quickly sees and strikes her]

Porygon PS21: [Gets up] "Scizor is here too?" [Pulls out his Walther PP pistol and fires a Silver Spike at Wise Old Ampharos]

Wise Old Ampharos: [Catches it and crushes it in his palm] See my power?!

Porygon PS21: "You're the reason we had to alter our squad's name! You framed us for the last incident! Soldiers! Get up!"

[2 of the PorySquad Porygon soldiers recover and join the attack]

[Silver, however, uses Ninetales as a distraction, thinking the situation out and Rending Ampharos' eyes, at a Mach five speed.]

Wise Old Ampharos: IDIOT! [Shcks Sillver]

Ninetales: SILV! You'll pay for that, you slug!

[Wise Old Ampharos gets struck by a purple lightning bolt, so powerful it creates a masive crater and the whole space time continuam froze for one milisecond!]

(High above the world Dialga and Palkia were having another tea party, ending in disaster)


Victor Lightning: [Appears via Spacial Rend] "And now..." [Uses the red orb against Wise Old Ampharos]

Wise Old Ampharos: No!!!

(But before Wise Old Ampharos could be destroyed Dialga and Palkia appear!)

Dialga: Who's been messing up time?

Palkia: And space?

Victor Lightning: [Points to Wise Old Ampharos] "You can blame him! I was just about to destroy him, too."

Palkia: Is that?

Dialga: I think it is! RUN PALKIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Palkia: I'm with ya!

[They run]

Scizor: [Leaps up an tries to attack Wise Old Ampharos who just realised what's going on and made a run for it]

Ninetales: Come back here you fiend! I'm not through with you yet!

[Chases after him]

[The PorySquad chases after Wise Old Ampharos]

Victor Lightning: [Looks at Scizor] "Truce?"

[The Tigeroan Blaze move arcs overhead and slams into Wise Old Ampharos]

Porygon PS24: "What the..."

Scizor: Strike a truce with you! But I'm a bounty hunter and you're a goody two shoes! We'll just call it a draw and move on. Deal?

Victor Lightning: "Since you're a bounty hunter, I'll agree to it. It's a deal. Now let's get that Ampharos!"

Wise Old Ampharos: Ooomph!

[Umbray and Psymeow rush at Wise Old Ampharos with Psychic and Dark Pulse]

[Silver on the other hand, is bleeding.]

[Magneton rushes to Silver, while the rest of Team StormBlitz Division A chases Wise Old Ampharos down]

Tigeking: [Slams down an Wise Old Ampharos whilst he's downn from the three attacks, pinning him]

[Silver, despite his injuries, rushes faster than everyone else, preparing a Dimensional Rend, he's going to exhaust himself to death if he does another one of those..!]

Victor Lightning: "Silver, don't do it! I'll do it!"

Wise Old Ampharos: You're puny attacks do nothing!

Ninetales: Oh Silv! Let me do it! I beg you not to!

[Sheds a tear]

[Lightning prepares to use a Dimensional Rend, much to the shock of Silver and Solar]

Tigeking: Finish it, Victor. [Has Ampharos pinned]

[Ninetales prepares to use it]

Wise Old Ampharos: [Kicks Tigeking off and jumps onto Victor's head and starts mauling it]

Ninetales: Vicotr!

Victor Lightning: "Trying to play dirty?" [Uses the orb against Wise Old Ampharos]

[Scizor snatches the orb!]

Scizor: He's mine!

[In all of this, Wise Old Ampharos vanishes]

Ninetales: Coward!

Victor Lightning: "I thought we had an agreement!" [Glares at Scizor] "He was about to be destroyed! YOU LET HIM GET AWAY!!!!! You double-crossed us!"

Scizor: If anyone kills him, it's gonna be me! I'll hold onto this, thank you! [Flies off with the orb]

Roleplay Part 15

Victor Lightning: "That pesky son of a-"

Porygon PS21: "Here's the combat report."

Victor Lightning: "Captain, I did not ask for a report. Scizor double-crossed us!"

[Silver uses prematurely Dimensional Rend in the air, The later, collapsing, exhausted and dying. The Rend's energy strangely going elsewhere...]

Lieutenant Magneton: "Silver, you were in no condition to use that!"

Silver: (Gasping for air)

Victor Lightning: "And now this... Oh, I'll kill Ampharos myself if I have to!"

Ninetales: Silv! You can't die Silv! Icare about you! I will murder that Ampharos!

Victor Lightning: "But first, I have a score to settle with Scizor..."

Pikachu XXV: "Wait!"

Victor Lightning: "I'll be back." [Spacial Rends away]

Ninetales: I'll come with you!

Lieutenant Magneton: "It's too late. He's already away. Besides, he wants to deal with Scizor alone."

Ninetales: Then I'll just look after Silver.


[Lightning appears via the Spacial Rend before Scizor]

VL Magnezone (sinister look)

Victor Lightning: (Sadistically) "Ckeheheheheh..."

[Thunder clap]

[Scizor arrives]

Scizor: What!? How did you get to my secret island you snivelling baboon!?

VL Magnezone Angered

Victor Lightning: "Easy for you to say after you double-crossed us. I was just about to deliver the final blow to Ampharos, and you stole the orb and let him get away. Do you even know what I do to traitors and double-dealers, Scizor?"

[Thunder clap]

VL Magnezone Enraged

Victor Lightning: "I have a score to settle with you..."

Scizor: Oooooh, I'm so scared! What can you do to me, weakling!?

Victor Lightning: "THIS!!!" [Blasts Scizor through the wall with a violent strike of Force Lightning]

[Rain begins to fall]

Scizor: First you give me a scar and then you blast me through a wall! You just love abusing innocent Pokémon, don't you? [Hits with a Brick Break]

Victor Lightning: [Gets up and recovers from the blow] "Agh... You can't call yourself innocent when you betray us and steal from us! Hand over the orb."

[Suddenly, Scizor is hit by the energy that Silver released earlier!]

Victor Lightning: "Hand over the orb now..."

Scizor: Gah! How did you get here! And Ninetales too!

Ninetales: That's right! Flame Thrower! [Attacks] Now hand over the orb!

[Scizor swiftly dodges and makes a run for it]

Scizor: As if!

Victor Lightning: "You're not getting away!" [pursues Scizor and fires a barrage of Zap Cannons]

[More energy strikes him!]

Victor Lightning: "Surrender the orb, or die..."

(Back with Silver...)

Silver: "(Hacking coughs)"

Lieutenant Magneton: "You have to stop wearing yourself out in your current state! You'll die!"

Silver: "I....don't...give...a damn..."

Pikachu XXV: "Well, we do."

Ninetales: Come on Silv!

Umbray: [Monotone] Indeed...

Psymeow: Poor little guy...

Latchgrip: "And Solar cares about you! Why else would he tell you about Vulpix?"

Clinger: "Anh!"

[Silver clenches his claws, making the energy going faster and faster when Latchgrip mentions Vulpix.]

Pikachu XXV: "Silver, stop!" [Pounds the ground with his tail]

Umbray: [Monotone] Vulpix is actually innocent...

Psymeow: Some treasures stay where they are. Coulda been less harsh in the telling, though.

Lieutenant Magneton: [Looks at Umbray] "However, her team is guilty of the heist!"

Ninetales: But not my little Vulpix! [Starts to sob]

Umbray: [Looks at VL with dull, emotionless eyes] [Monotone] they didn't even know, and besides, Mew joined them.

(Lightning is gone. He's pursuing Scizor.)

Team StormBlitz: "What?!!!"

Umbray: [Blinks] Yes...You're not very observant, are you?

Psymeow: You're just plain creepy, Umbray.

Lt. Magneton (rage)

Lieutenant Magneton: "Are you making fun of me just because I can be in 3 places at once?! You sound like a robot, Umbray."

Umbray:.........[Monotone] Indeed.....

Lieutenant Magneton: "Psymeow, is Umbray poking fun at me?"

[Silver is still continuing his energy boost.]

Psymeow: I have no idea. I wish I understood him just a little bit.

Pikachu XXV: "Silver, we care about you! We all do!"

Psymeow: So stay alive!

Lt. Magneton (alarmed)

Lieutenant Magneton: "Hang in there! Pull through!"

Ninetales: You can't die! We need you!

Psymeow: [Uses Morning Sun on him]

Latchgrip: "Hopefully that'll help."

Umbray: [Monotone] It usually does.

Lt. Magneton (mystified)

Lieutenant Magneton: [Looks at Umbray] "Okay..."

Umbray: [Stares at the Lieutenant]..........

Lt. Magneton (flat)

Lieutenant Magneton: "Do you have to stare at me?"

Umbray: [No answer].....

Psymeow:....[Pokes Umbray, to no response]....

Lieutenant Magneton: "This is really creepy..."


Psymeow: You're telling me....

[Magneton moves to the left]

Umbray: [His eyes follow the mvoement]

[Magneton moves to the right]

Umbray: [Follows the movement]

Lt. Magneton (alarmed)

Lieutenant Magneton: "Are you intentionally staring at me?!" [Splits into 3 Magnemite and moves left, right, and up]

Umbray: [His eyes seem to widen, and the feeling comes over Magneton that he's still following all three movements]

Lt. Magneton (neutral)

Lieutenant Magneton: "He knows how to do that?"

Lt. Magneton (alarmed)

Lieutenant Magneton: "This is not right!"

Psymeow: [Stares at Umbray in disbelief]

Umbray: [Staring at Magneton, unblinking]

Ninetales: How?

Lt. Magneton (rage)

Lieutenant Magneton: [Recombines into 1 Magneton] "STOP STARING AT ME, YOU LUNATIC!!!!"

Umbray: [Doesn't even flinch. He's compeltey motionless and....snoring.]

Psymeow:....He fell asleep.....with his eyes open....staring at you.

Lt. Magneton (neutral)

Lieutenant Magneton: "I'm creeped out..."

Umbray: Zzzz...


Pikachu XXV: "We have to help Silver."

[Magneton notices that, despite that he's asleep, Umbray's eyes still follow his movement]

Psymeow: Should I go get Tigeking? He has a Sitrus.

Pikachu XXV: "That works, Psymeow."

Ninetales: Yes! Quickly

Lt. Magneton (alarmed)

Lieutenant Magneton: "MAKE IT STOP!!!" [Fires 3 Water Gun attacks at Umbray]

Umbray: [The attacks hit, but Umbray doesn't move on inch]
Psymeow: [Runs off]

Latchgrip: "He's still standing. How does he endure the attack?"

Umbray: [Still staring at him, yet asleep]

[Magneton and Latchgrip ignore Umbray and look back at Silver]

Tigeking: [Walks in] I'm here.....[looks at Umbray]...what's he doing?

Psymeow: Got me.

Ninetales: Please! Help Silver!

Lieutenant Magneton: "You're here! We have to help Silver."

Tigeking: [Has a giant bag tied by ropes to his chest, much larger than normal treasure bags. he pulls out two Sitrus]

Latchgrip: "He sure does carry alot."

Clinger: "Enh."

Tigeking: [Puts them in Silver's mouth]

Pikachu XXV: "I hope you're right, Psymeow."

Silver: ....... <Hacking coughs>

Pikachu XXV: "Silver?"

Ninetales: SILVER!

Silver: "Kill the Ampharos..for me."

Roleplay Part 16

Scizor: I hold a grudge against that crack pot old fool too! Let me finish him off!

[Yet, even more energy pummels into Scizor...]

Scizor: [Groans] I will not give in! You shall never get the orb from me! You hear? Never!

[Uses Doom Desire on Victor]

Victor Lightning: [Grunts] "Egh... You stole victory from me back there... Fine! Take it! That orb is useless now, anyway. I hold its energy! I will destroy him as I meant to have done a while ago! You hear me?! Ckehahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!" [Teleports away via Spacial Rend]

(Back with Silver)

Ninetales: Silver! I will not rest till that Ampharis is dead! Till I cure you!

Silver: .......

Tigeking: I'm no medical expert...but he'll need rest, and probably something to dink and eat. Psymeow, leave him an Apple and a red Gummi, along with some ice water. then let him rest.

Ninetales: Is that really all we can do?

Tigeking: Besides Psymeow's Morning Sun, yes.


[A large energy comes out of nowhere and pierces Ampharos in the heart!]

Wise Old Ampharos: NO!!! [Blood pumps out of the Wise Old Ampharos' chest] Simpletons! I cannot and will not die! [Ampharos explodes ina flash of brilliant light an Silver heals instantly!]

Ninetales: SIlver!

Silver: "Cheh, all part of my master plan..."

[Master Plan.....?!]

Ninetales: What!?

Silver: "The Ampharos thinks he cannot die, instead, I'm healed while that Dimensional Rend was tainted with an incurable Toxic."

Lieutenant Magneton: "Well, that's well thought out. Have we finally defeated him?"

Silver: "In hours. The poison will multiply, more, and more, feasting on his organs, then his brain..."

(Lawl, reference to the Boreworm in Splatterhouse 3)

Pikachu XXV: "Aye, Silver. Well, Solar is hoping you're still okay."

(In a dark, swirling vortex, of time and space, the Wise Old Ampharos survived! Just barely, but he still alive)

Wise Old Ampharos [In a scragly voice]: T-t-they w-w-w-will-l n-never defeat me-e-e.

Giratina: Wise you are, your heart is as black as your fur! You shall be doomed to spend the rest of your life here, unless you defeat me in battle!

Wise Old Ampharos [In his strong voice]: Certainly! [Attacks]

(On Scizor's island)

Scizor: Bullet Seed! [Shoots out attack]

Victor Lightning: [The Spacial Rend vanishes completely] ((I'll make sure your stay is very unpleasant...)) [Unleashes a torrential hail fall]

Scizor: (Screams the word "coward" as he curses Victor)

(Back with Silver and Ninetales and the rest)

Ninetales: Silv! You're really okay?

Latchgrip: "Maybe we should bring Silver back with us."

Silver: "Of course I'm okay, what does it look like?"

Pikachu XXV: "Good to hear. Why don't you come back with us if you ever have the chance?"

Silver: ..... "No thanks."

Lieutenant Magneton: "Well, there's Town Square at Southern Aereonn, and Treasure Town and the crossroads at Western Aereonn. We'll return, but right now, we're being called to another important announcement."

[Team StormBlitz returns to Silent Chasm]

(At Silent Chasm)

Victor Lightning: "Scizor can keep the orb for all I care, because I now hold the orb's energy and power. It's a useless souvenir now. Ckeheh..."

(On Scizor's islans)

Scizor: Wha! That idiot won't hear the last from me! I will crush him!

(In the space/time vortex)

Giratina: Please! Stop no more! I beg for mercy!

[Blood dripped from Giratina's chin]

Wise Old Ampharos: That's better! Now I claim my freedom!

[Teleports away]

Ninetales: I'll stay with you Silver

[Silver nods.]

Victor Lightning: "Okay. Now..." [Opens the storage room] "Mein Gott im Himmel! The room is empty! The HP Up, PP Up, Carbos, Protein, Iron, Calcium, Zinc, Ginseng, Sitrus Berries, Life Seeds, Violent Seeds, all gone..." [Looks around] "Wait." [Looks at Pikachu who is out cold, asleep] "I knew these items would come in handy someday."

Lt. Magneton (alarmed)

Lieutenant Magneton: "What happened?!"

Victor Lightning: "Nothing, Lieutenant. Just a preemptive preparation."

(Back with Silver and Ninetales)

Ninetales: [Sighs]

Porygon PS23: "We just received word that the Commander escaped Scizor's hideout, presumably with the orb in hand."

Ninetales: Oh, well that's great but I'm pretty sure Silver already defeated the crack-head!

Silver: "The Toxic will eat his Organs as of right ow..."

Porygon PS22: "I hope so."

[The Wise Old Ampharos watches from a tree]

Wise Old Ampharos: You hope so...

[Suddenly, the Toxic starts making effect!]

Roleplay Part 17

Scizor: Hello! [Flies in Silent Chasm] Anyone here by the name of Victor Lightning? I've got a little score to settle with him!

Beldum A45: "Intruder! You're under arrest!"

[Several Beldum soldiers surround Scizor]

Scizor: Bullet Seed, Brick Break, Doom Desire, Harden! [All of these attacks take effect and the three attacking moves make direct and critical hits] Now show yourself! Coward!

Victor Lightning: [Presses switch, and closes off the inner cavern] "You're no longer a concern. I have what I need..."

Scizor: Or do you!? I have knowledge of the being known as Wise Old Ampharos which you may find interesting! Along with how to stop him from teleporting! Don't you want to hear or will you just want him to disappear and reappear whenever needs are met?

Victor Lightning: "How do I know you're not lying? You bounty hunters are all alike."

Scizor: Why would I lie to you? I want the old bafoon dead as much as you do!

Victor Lightning: "I know what you were up to. You were trying to steal victory from me, and you were trying to look like the hero who ended the plot. If you really wanted him dead, you would've allowed me to use the orb against him and finish the job."

Scizor: I'm letting you now! Aren't I?

Victor Lightning: "Now that orb is as useless as your tricks. I hold its energy and power now."

(Question; Isn't Doom Desire Jirachi's Sig Move?)


(Yeah, but remember what Vapoureon said about Scizor being one of those special Pokémon)

Scizor: That's it! I had enough of you're cowardice! I will destroy this place once and for all! [Shoots powerful attacks everywhere]

Victor Lightning: "I'm not a coward, I'm simply avoiding any tricks you try."

Scizor: Come on out and defend your base! I dare ya! [Keeps on attacking]

Victor Lightning: "With pleasure." [Activates a loud siren, alerting all of Division B stationed in Silent Chasm to surround and attack Scizor]

Scizor: These weaklings! Really? I can destroy them all! Bullet Seed! [Attacks]

Metagross LW53: "Not a chance!" [Spins at Scizor in a Flame Wheel]

[Scizor blasts out of the base]

Scizor: Scizor's blasting off again! But he swears he'll be back! In the next part! And he will stop talking in the third person now!

Victor Lightning: "Next time, think over your decisions before trying to double-cross someone, scum..." [Deactivates siren] "Ckehehehahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!" [His cackling roars through the caverns of Silent Chasm]


[Silver's cloud-gazing.]

[Ninetales smiles]

Wise Old Ampharos: [In a secret cave, plotting his attack] So, I have a new trick up my sleeve! Welcome the four horsemen Pokémon! [Four Pokémon canter in] Persilience represents the white horse! Warovian represents the red horse! Familis represents the black horse and Deantarol represents the pale horse! Though these Pokémon cannot talk, the heroes must kill them before they can touch me! I will send Persilience after the Blue Adventure Squad! Warovian after Silver and Ninetales! Familis after Victor Lightning and his team and Deantrol after Tigeking and that lot! Now go! [The four strange Pokémon gallop out of the cave]

[4 Metagyro patrol the outer wall of Silent Chasm]

[Suddenly they hear snarling noises as a black centaur-like Pokémon approaches them]

Familis: BLAH!!! [Shoots a Poison Sting out of his mouth]

Metagyro AA49: [Feels nothing as Poison doesn't affect Steel] "Was that supposed to hurt?" [Attacks Familis with Zen Headbutt]

Familis: ARGH! OORGH! [Acts like a dying horse]

[The Wise Old Ampharos watches from above]

Wise Old Ampharos: Curses!


Metagyro AA25: "What's going on here? An intruder!" [The 2 Metagyro surround Familis]

Wise Old Ampharos: Get up!

[Familis gets up and makes some grunting noises before he uses Toxic, after he realizes it doesn't take effect he plays dead]

Wise Old Ampharos: Is Poison type moves all you know!?

Metagyro AA49: "Now it is finished." [Uses Psychic on Familis]

[Familis makes one last unaudiable noise before exploding in a brilliant black flash]

Wise Old Ampharos: No! Well look on the bright side! They still have three more to defeat!

[A white centaur Pokémon approaches the Blue Adventure Squad]

Persian: I bet he's working for the Wise Old Ampharos!

Charmeleon: Let's blast him!

[Persilience tried to attack with Inner Justice but was Stabbed by Charmeleon and like Familis exploded ina white flash!]

Vapoureon: Yes!

Wise Old Ampharos: There is still two more!

Victor Lightning: "Take a squad to scout the outer perimeter!"

Porygon ES12: "Yes sir!"

Wise Old Ampharos: You will never take down the last two!

(Back with Silver and Ninetales)

Silver: !

[Silver notices a cloud shaped like Vulpix, starting to fight back tears.]

Ninetales: Vulpx?!

[Just at that moment Warovian the red centaur Pokémon came in shooting a bunch of Flame Throwers]

Ninetales: Curse!

[He dodges it easily, Ninetales growls]

[2 Metagyro approach 5 seconds later]

[Silver, clenching his fist, pulls out Heartbreak, disappearing for a short moment's notice.]

[The fiend leaps at them, still attacking with his fierce fiery moves]

[1 of the Metagyro gets in the way, taking full brunt of the moves and collapsing, while the other counterattacks with Hydro Cannon]

Victor Lightning: ......... [Clenches magnets and looks away in sadness, still too stubborn to admit he was wrong about Vulpix and her team]

[Warovian explodes in a flash of red light, making the same unaudiable noises]

Wise Old Ampharos: AAAH! It cannot be! Well they still have one more to defeat! And that is the strongest of all!

Ninetales: That was amazing! Do you think anymore are out there?

Metagyro AA53: (Hollow voice) "It's only a matter of time before another arrives..."

Ninetales: But we'll be ready...

Roleplay Part 18

[The pale centaur Pokémon galloped through a cavern, Mamepato was the only one who saw it]

Mamepato: Guys! A weird Pokémon!

[The pale horseman Pokémon shook the ground with an earthquake]

Mamepato: AAAAH! We need help!

(Back with Ninetales, Silver and the Metagyro)

Ninetales: I think someone's calling for help!

[A shadow passes in front of them]

Metagyro MS34: "Then we must hurry!"

Scizor: Remember me! Hello gorgeous! [Smiles his wicked smile at Ninetales who growls in response]

Ninetales: Leave! Or we'll attack!

Scizor: I just came ot say hello! By ripping your hearts out! [Lunges at them]

Ninetales: Fire Spin! [The attack misses]

Scizor: [Chuckles]

Ninetales: [Growls]

Scizor: And what are these ugly *******'s doing here?! I better teach 'em a lesson! [Shoots a Bullet Seed at them]

Metagyro AA53: "Your worst mistake you ever made was intruding into the Commander's lair, bounty hunter..."

[The 2 Metagyro latch together, and fuse into something larger with 16 clawed arms and 8 eyes, something terrifying: a Metaplex]

Metaplex SA12: [Hollow laughing]

Scizor: Oooh...something even uglier! That's right! I will have fun decapatating this beast! [Flies up to the Metaplex's face and starts smashing it with his claw]

?????: Stop! Take this fiend! [Uses Gyro Ball on Scizor who flies off back to his island in pain, screaming] Nasty little bugger isn't he?

Ninetales: Sure is! Hey, who are you?

[A white Metagross with a gold face-cross approaches]

Metagross King: I am the Metagross King! I rule all over the Beldums, Metangs and Metagross'! I am distinct by my rare shine colour! Long ago an evil Pokémon known as the Wise Old Ampharos stole all my power and know I travel the world searching for him!

Ninetales: [Stares as Metaplex]

[Houndoom runs at them, panting]

Houndoom: Scizor! [Pants] He...killed...Manectric! [Fights back tears]

Ninetales: What?!

Houndoom: One powerful attack and Manectric was gone!

Ninetales: !

Houndoom: His last dying wish was for us to defeat Scizor!

Ninetales: We will! We will avenge Manectric's death!

Metagross King: And will destroy the two villains!

Metagyro AA53: "It will only be a matter of time before they strike again..."

Metagyro MS34: "We must hurry!"

Metagross King: I agree! I think I heard a cry of help from a canyon somewhere! Don't worry! I will find them!

Ninetales: Lead the way!

Metagross King: Certainly [Boosts off at lightning speed]

Ninetales: Wait!

Metagyro MS34: "Sometimes you just have to keep up."

[The 2 Metagyro get ready to speed off]

(At the top of Mt. Travail)

[Lightning is seen talking to Grovyle's spirit which is in the form of a cloud]

Victor Lightning: "I tried to get the word out that you and the Pokémon of the future came through, but no one will believe me, except for Pikachu. It's just too hard."

(Down in the canyon)

Mamepato: Hey...

[The strange Pokémon leaps but gets hit in the side by a Gyro Ball]

Metagross King: You will die! [Hits him with another Gyro Ball, finishing him off]

[The pale horseman Pokémon did the same as his brothers and exploded in pale light]

Wise Old Ampharos: No! I am vunrable once more!

Metagross King: Come on out! Foolish Old Ampharos!

Wise Old Ampharos: If you wish! [The Metagross King gets hit with a powerful Charge Beam]

Metagross King: [Groans in agony]

Metagyro MS34: "Your Highness! No!"

[Pikachu, Magneton, Clinger, and Latchgrip surround Wise Old Ampharos]

Wise Old Ampharos: Oh! So I get surrounded by strong Pokémon just for attacking my mortal enemy who you didn't know existed until one hour ago!

Ninetales: Pretty much! Now hand your power back to the Metagross King or we'll use the orb on you!

Wise Old Ampharos: You don't even have the orb! [Attacks the four surrounding Pokémon with Charge Beam]

[Clinger and Latchgrip fall against the wall of the canyon, while Pikachu absorbs the attack effortlessly]

Victor Lightning: "Don't get too comfortable!" [Dives at Ampharos and slams him]

Ninetales: The orb!

[At that moment the Blue Adventure Squad rushes in followed by Vulpix and her team and Mew]

Ninetales: Vulpix?!

Vapoureon: Vulpix will explain everything!

[Ninetales ran to embrace her daughter]

[A burst of yellow light came out of the Wise Old Ampharos's eyes and showered the Metagross King in light]

Metagross King: My power! It has returned!

Wise Old Ampharos: No! [Starts to age and wither]

Charmeleon: Use the orb! Quick!

Victor Lightning: "With pleasure." [Looks at Wise Old Ampharos] "This is going to hurt you more than it's going to hurt me." [Attacks Wise Old Ampharos with the energy of the orb, while Team StormBlitz looks on]

Wise Old Ampharos: No!!! [The same yellow light engulfs the Wise Old Ampharos and it was blinding! A few seconds later, they look back]

[Where there should have been the Wise Old Ampharos was now a red orb! Identical to the one in Victor's magnets]

Ninetales: Do you think we should touch it?

Lieutenant Magneton: "I don't think so."

Victor Lightning: "Patience, Lieutenant." [Looks at Vulpix, then turns away]

Metagross King: Well then there's one more villain to kill! Scizor!

Metagyro AA53: "Then we'll waste no time in finding him!"

Victor Lightning: ......... [Glances slightly at Vulpix, but makes no attempt to arrest her or her team, and turns away again, still too stubborn to admit he took the wrong action against the entire team]

Pikachu XXV: "What's wrong?"

Victor Lightning: ......

Umbray: [Walks up to them] [Monotone] Tigeking wanted to let you know he's hunting the Scizor.

Lieutenant Magneton: "At last we can destroy that monster of a bounty hunter!"

[A Silver Light shines down.]

[SFX: Chrrt!]

[It seems to be a Spacial-infused Silver. He walks to the orb, entirely ignoring Vulpix and her team.]

The great Spire

Latchgrip: "Silver, I don't think that's a good idea..."

Silver: "I know what I'm doing Latch."

Ninetales: Silv!!!

[He opens up a Spacial Rift and blasts the Orb inside, then closing the rift.]

Victor Lightning: "That's the end of that maniac..." [Sighs, but hesitates to say anything else]

[Silver then turns around and begins to walk off.]

Silver: "He'll lose his memory if he's released, seeing he was still blasted while inside the Spacial Rift."

[He passes Vulpix as if she never even existed in his life.]

Victor Lightning: "Before you go anywhere, how is it that you know Spacial Rend?"

Silver: "Grandfather Lunar."

Victor Lightning: "Strange... I thought I was the only one besides Palkia who knows Spacial Rend. I guess I was wrong about that, too..." [Slowly looks toward Vulpix] "...Just like last time..." [Darts into the caverns of Mt. Travail in anguish and guilt]

[Silver then turns around and walks off, again, completely ignoring Vulpix and Blue Adventure Squad.]

Victor Lightning: "What have I done?..."

???: "What's wrong Victor?"

[He finds Solar on top of him....but why does he look like a Shaymin...?]

Victor Lightning: "Solar? You look like a Shaymin. How is that possible?"

Metagross King: Very peculiar!

Victor Lightning: "I was wrong about Vulpix... ...about her team. Now it's too late. Even if I did tell Silver, I still wouldn't be able to take back my accusations..."

Ninetales: admitted your mistakes and that's all that really matters!

Roleplay Part 19

Sandslash: This is interesting...very interesting...

(On Scizor's island)

Scizor: They think they can defeat me! Ha! We'll see about that!

Victor Lightning: "The damage has already been done... ...I just pray that none of you ever make the same mistake I made..."

[Team StormBlitz heads off into the ocean, on a course to Scizor's island]

Ninetales: This will be a tough battle!

Persian: Nah! He's a minor villain! They tend to be weaker than your average ones!

Pikachu XXV: "There's the island up ahead."

Lieutenant Magneton: "We'll be ready..."

Scizor: Tresspassers! I'll teach you a lesson! Double Edge! [Attacks]

Victor Lightning: [Spins rapidly around from the impact] "There's nothing you can teach me, Scizor!"

Lieutenant Magneton: "Your days are over." [Spins like a wheel and uses Flame Wheel against Scizor]

Ninetales: I shall attack as well! [Shoots a Fire Spin at him]

Scizor: The first rule of a bounty hunter, always have an attack proof net! [Throws the net, it covers the attacking Pokémon]

Ninetales: Let us out! And we might spare your life!

Victor Lightning: "Ninetales, since the 3 of us are stuck in here, I might as well tell you that Grovyle and the Pokémon of the future... ...are still alive in the future world..."

Latchgrip: "Let them go!"

Ninetales: Great!

Scizor: (At Latchgrip) Let's[Smiles maliciously]

Charmeleon: Then I'll attack! [Tries to attack]

Scizor: Another bounty hunter rule is to always carry a spare! And I have much, much more! So if anyone tries anything funny they'll end up like these idiots! [Throws the net a Charmeleon and catches him]

[Pikachu swats Scizor into a wall of the hideout]

Pikachu XXV: "By "idiots", I hope you don't mean yourself!"

Scizor: How dare you! I am worth ten of you! Bullet Seed! [Tries to attack the net]

Metagross King: I think not! Draco Meteor!

[A massive blue ball of rock and ice came hurling out of the sky and made a massive impact on Scizor, Scizor was knocked out but not dead]

Palkia: [Comes down from Heaven] Well would you look at that! A giant crater on the Earth!

Dialga: [Also comes down from Heaven] I'd pay good money to see that!

Ninetales: Yeah! Guys! Could you get us out of here!

Dialga: Certainly!

Palkia: What nice manners!

[The net evapourates]

Ninetales: Thanks!

Mamepato: Now it's time to kill this meanie!

Mogyru: Meanie!? Is that the best you could come up with!?

Victor Lightning: "Let's do so right now!" [Prepares to unleash Force Lightning]

Lieutenant Magneton: "Let's get rid of him for good."

Houndoom: WAIT! [Runs at them, his horns lowered]

Ninetales: Houndoom!?

Houndoom: I'm a double-agent!

Ninetales: But what about Team Kyubii!?

Houndoom: Me and Scizor are partners in crime! I will not let you kill him!

Ninetales: Houndoom! [Chokes on her tears]

Houndoom: Save it!

Metagross King: Alright Houndoom! Let's see how you respond to a little Gyro Ball!

[The attack only knocks Houndoom backwards]

Houndoom: What!? Was that supposed to hurt!?

King Metagross: No! It was supposed to kill you!

[Houndoom realizes he's on the edge of a cliff]

Houndoom: You sick ba-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-t-t-t-t-t-u-u-u-u-u-u- [Gets cut off as he falls off the edge]

Ninetales: Houndoom...

Victor Lightning: "Criminals, eh? Well, that makes things easier. Say goodbye, Scizor."

[They find that Scizor is getting beat by Solar. (And Solar's using Nova Claw)]

Solar: "Nrgh Nrgh Nrgh! Take that you little b******!"

Lieutenant Magneton: "How did he get here?"

[Scizor awakes]

Scizor: Say goodnight! [Shoots Bullet Seed]

Victor Lightning: "Solar!"

Pikachu XXV: "Dodge it!"

[He actually counters it with Sunthrower, the Sunthrower then hits Scizor with intense force.]

Clinger: "Hanh?"

Latchgrip: "I've never seen such an attack before."

Ninetales: Solar! You are really strong!

Scizor: Not stronger than me! [Attacks in all direction]

Solar: "But definitely faster!"

[Solar uppercuts him using Sky Uppercut.]

Victor Lightning: "He knows where and when to strike..."

To prevent the Tower's collapse

[Solar then draws Palkia's Rend and Blaze-Miracle.]

Lieutenant Magneton: "This is it!"

[He Dimensional Rends Scizor in various places with his swords.]

Scizor: I will not go down like this! You hear me twerp!

Metagross King: Yes you will!

[Scizor bursts into flames and immediately the storms clear up]

Ninetales: The end?

Roleplay Part 20 (The Final Chapter)

Pikachu XXV: "That's it then."

[Clinger is in a pile of wreckage from Scizor's multi-directional attack, the tentacle that is seen from the wreckage isn't moving]

Latchgrip: "Clinger!" [Heads over by the wreckage] "He... ...can't have died..."

[Solar gets the rubble off using Novakinesis.]

Ninetales: [Sighs] Houndoom...I guess Team Kyubii's gone...[Chokes on her tears again]

Latchgrip: "Clinger..." [Cries near-silently] "He was... ...the... partner I had..."

[Pikachu and Magneton look at Clinger very sad]

[Solar doesn't seem sad at all, well, he DID experience some Criminal deaths, and he WAS the one who prevented the planet's paralysis with Grovyle, and Ryushu.]

Ninetales: Houndoom! Houndoom! [Sobs]

Persian: Ninetales?

Victor Lightning: (Despairingly) "...Let's..." [Struggles] "...go..."

[He hugs Ninetales to comfort her.]

[Ninetales stops, and smiles]

Lt. Magneton (sad)

Lieutenant Magneton: "Solar... ...did Ninetales tell you that... ...Grovyle and the others in the future are still alive?"

Solar: "Grovyle told me himself."

Lieutenant Magneton: "He told you?"

Solar: "When I disappeared in the past.."

Ninetales: Wow...

Charmeleon: So I guess our adventure is over!

Mogyru: It's far from over!

Ninetales: Yes! We have some loose ends to tie up!

Victor Lightning: "I...remember it, too. Let's... ...go home..."

Ninetales: You sound like your worried. Is there anything troubling you Victor?

???: "It's his death of his comrade...."

[Solar, still hugging Ninetales, realizes and lets go.]

Victor Lightning: "He already has the finest... ...resting place there is..."

[The unknown speaker, appears to be Silver.]

Silver (At Charmeleon): " 'Ey, Punk."

Charmeleon: Idiot!

Victor Lightning: "Silver......I was wrong... ...about Vulpix......and her team..."

Silver: ........ "Sorry, lost ya at About."

Ninetales: Yes you were!

Victor Lightning: "Umbray told me that Vulpix and the team are innocent. Mew joined them after receiving the Grass Cornet."

Silver: .....

Victor Lightning: "I was wrong to break your kinship apart. I began to regret it once I realized the truth. You don't have to forgive me. Just understand that Solar and I were concerned for you. Say whatever you have to say, Silver. I'm ready for it."

[Silver falls silent for ten minutes....]

Victor Lightning: "Nothing to say, I see... ...that's fine, too... ...the rest of us will go now..."

Tigeking: [On a nearby cliff]......I hate being late for the fight....But I'm glad to have made it in team to honor the passed....

Psymeow: Yeah...

Umbray: [Somehow holding a monotone silence].....


Victor Lightning: "At least you're here..... ...let's just go home now..."

Tigeking: [Pats Victor consolingly with his large wing] Everyone makes mistakes. Nobody's perfect, nobody ever will be.

Victor Lightning: "As Lieutenant Magneton said about Clinger: He's not the bravest of the team, but when it comes to blasting through obstacles or providing cover fire, he gets the job done. But, now he's gone."

Flufkit: He was awesome....

Umbray: [Mono-silence]....


Latchgrip: "I would take you for a brother any day, Clinger..." [Begins to walk off with the team, crying]

[A coughing sound is heard]

Clinger: "WAIT!!!!!!" [Gets up] "You're leaving without your friend Clinger?" [Smiles]

Latchgrip: "Clinger? You're okay!" [Runs over to Clinger and drags him along] "You're alive!!!"

Psymeow: [Rushes over and uses Morning Sun on Clinger]

Tigeking: [Smiles]

Flufkit: YAY! [Victory dance]

Lieutenant Magneton: "There's still hope after all!"

Ninetales: So I guess everyone is okay! Well except for Houndoom...

Clinger: "Tada!"

Lieutenant Magneton: "By the way, the Commander told us that Grovyle and the Pokémon of the future survived."

Pikachu XXV: "It's yet another light that shines for this day..."

Tigeking: [Grinning] May it shine even brighter.

(At the peak of Mt. Travail)

Victor Lightning: (((Clinger's okay.))) "I tried to spread the word of the continuing existence of you and the future Pokémon, Grovyle, but there are many that find the news too incredible to believe."

Grovyle: "And of Solius?"

Victor Lightning: "Solar knows, too. I...I tried to fulfill your last wish as you told us through time, but I can't prove it to anyone else. It's just too difficult..." [Looks back at the cloud-like spirit of Grovyle] "I'll... ...I'll never be able to prove your continuing existence to the rest of the world..."

Grovyle: "My spirit lives on, in Ryushu and Solar."

Pikachu XXV: "So not all hope is lost then... There's still a chance?"

Grovyle: "Basically."

Victor Lightning: [Goes to reach for the Violet Bow, but finds it missing] "Where's my violet bowtie?"

Pikachu XXV: "You left it in the future at Temporal Tower..."

Victor Lightning: "Oh, great...... That's another thing I'll never see again..."

???: "Think again."

[Victor finds Solar on top of him.]

Victor Lightning: "Once more you stand on me as if I were a dance floor. How do I never see this coming?" [looks up] "So how did you know we were here?"

Solar: "I tracked your aura."

Grovyle: "Once again my partner never ceases to amaze me."

Victor Lightning: "But my aura is invisible."

Pikachu XXV: "Maybe he tracked my aura?"

Victor Lightning: "Most likely."

Solar: "NOTHING hides from my sight, actually."

Victor Lightning: "But the Violet Bow is gone. None of us will be able to retrieve it..."

Solar: "Oh...So THAT was the purple thing I found in the Tower, looked like grimy food at first."


Victor Lightning: "You found it?" [Notices the Violet Bow, which light from the cloud begins to shine on it, and spreads all the way throughout the continent of Aereonn] "Proof of their continued existence... I can't believe it." [Holds back tears] "...It's actually happened!" [Heads closer and holds the Violet Bow] "Thank you, Solar."

Pikachu XXV: "Silver!! Ninetales!! Vapoureon!!! Tigeking!! Flufkit!! Vulpix!! Everyone!!! Come over here!!!!" [Every hero team in the story can hear the shouting from the foot of Mt. Travail and is brought there]

(Last lines in the story)

Lieutenant Magneton: "A day that was long awaited for..."

Clinger: "Hoorah!!"

Latchgrip: "At last the world will know..."

Victor Lightning: "Now we'll always be together, Grovyle. In spirit or directly, we'll always be together. Thank you, and thank you Solar for finding my Violet Bow."

Pikachu XXV: "We all did it... ...together, thanks to all of you."

Victor Lightning: "We have you to thank as well, Blue Adventure Squad." (He's crediting the main characters of the story, in the Blue Adventure Squad.) "You and Ninetales, as well as the Flares, are the reason we all could stop the evil forces that went against us... ...and now that word has spread that the future Pokémon continue to exist in the future, we owe you our gratitude. This couldn't have been done without any of you."

Ninetales: Yes! This was a fabulous adventure!

Mogyru: And let it live on!

Metagross King: In Everyone of us!

Solar: Life will go on!

Silver: "Even memories!"

Lunar: "And there is no stopping what goes on!"

Persian: And let that be!

Vapoureon: So I guess this is...

The Blue Adventure Squad: THE END!!!

Let's Give A Moment To The Dead...

This section is to show you missed the characters that died...

We have listed them in no particular order

Vinesmear: RIP

Smokin: RIP

Nauticas: RIP

Marowak: RIP

Kabutops: RIP

Houndoom: RIP

Scizor: RIP

Manectric: RIP

Wise Old Ampharos: RIP

Micra: RIP

WE SHALL MISS YOU! (Not so much the evil Pokémon but still...)

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