With the invasion of an extraterrestrial force from Earth, the continent where Pokémon Mystery Red and Blue Dungeon took place is taken over the Rebel Forces. A special Pokémon resistance team is sent there to contain the situation, which is the following...


(Note: No godmodding/autohitting/instakills and instasolutions. Anyone is free to join o3o)

Rebel Army - MudkipSpark

Team HydroShock - Uni

Team Rockheart - Uni

Team StormBlitz - Commander Lightning

Part 1

[Two Rebel Soldiers are laughing at each other's jokes near a parked Bradley]

[Supply LandSeeks and Utility Trucks head north towards Mt. Thunder, carrying ammunition and food. Girada-O formations and MH-6J Masknell Helos guard the trucks]

[In one of the trucks are Rebel Soldiers armed with Kar98K rifles]

Rebel Soldier 1: Where do you think we're going

Rebel Soldier 2: Hopefully it's away from the front

[a green Beldum watches the trucks drive through from a distance, his eye adjusted to scope view]

Beldum Scout SF8: Looks really busy. Must be defense reinforcement. [comlink] This is Sharp Lens. I've spotted a Rebel convoy moving toward Mt Thunder.

Metang LF32: [comlink] Acknowledged. Details received, Sharp Lens.

[The convoy stops at Giant Chasm. There, a huge Rebel Base is seen, with weapons beyond imagination]

[The two Rebels jump off from the back of the Utility Truck. Unarmed, they jog at a pace towards the cave entrance. Two Rebel Guards salute to them as they run by. One of the guards have a pet Houndour attached to a leash.]

Beldum Scout SF8: [comlink] There's more to it. There's a Rebel Base at Giant Chasm. They've set up a base of operations there! They must be crazy!

Metang LF32: [comlink] They're either crazy, foolish, or both if they think they can do that. It's dangerous at Giant Chasm, especially for humans.

[Two Flying Taras fly over the Tiny Woods, escorts of the Kraken that follows along]

Beldum Scout SF8: [comlink] Well, whatever they're up to, they... [turns to scope Tiny Woods] ...they're packing heavy hardware in Tiny Woods, too.

Metang LF32: [comlink] Sounds tough. What do you see?

Beldum Scout SF8: [comlink] 2 low-wing fighter aircraft, and a huge airborne vehicle being escorted by them. It appears to be capable of land mobility, but how that's possible I have yet to find out.

Metang LF32: [comlink] If you're talking about that same land/air walker ship we heard about, then there may be a moderate problem in the way.

[The Kraken lands in the center of the forest, it's mechanical tentacles tunnel into the ground as it locks itself into place]

Beldum Scout SF8: [comlink] It is, and it has made itself stationary. Possibly it could be serving as a command post.

Metang LF32: [comlink] Get a scan done, and send the image to us.

Beldum Scout SF8: [comlink] Yes sir! [begins linear scan and transmits data back]

Metang LF32: [comlink] I received the data. Just as we thought.

[SF8 is spotted by a security drone, which eliminates it with a quick shot of a laser]

Beldum Scout SF8: Gaghh! [falls onto the ground, off a cliff and into the water below] [comlink] Ensign, come in. I am unable to continue reconnaissance...a drone interfered...and shot me...

Metang LF32: [comlink] Return to Outpost E03AC. I'll be there.

Beldum Scout SF8: [comlink] Understood...... [exhaustedly floats just above the water slowly back to Outpost E03AC, and faints upon reaching the sands]

Metang OP45: Report the situation.

Metang LF32: SF8 has been shot. He barely made it back here.

Metang OP45: Send a recovery crew at once.

[2 Beldum bring SF8 inside]

Metang OP45: He will recover, despite heavy injury.

Metang LF32: At least he'll recover. He risked his life to bring us this important information.

[A Rebel Soldier orders Claydol squads to cut down trees with Psychic]

Metang OP45: [presses a switch] This is OP45 to Headquarters.

[at Headquarters, urgent transmission indicator activates]

Metang OP50: [turns on viewing screen] This is Headquarters. Report your status.

Metang OP45: Scout SF8 has discovered information that must be examined. He cannot continue reconnaissance at the immediate moment due to injuries; however, he will recover.

Metang OP50: Transmit the data to us.

Metang OP45: Beginning transmission now. [presses a button]

Metang OP50: [looks at the information] These are images of a mobile fortress that they call the "Kraken".

Metang OP45: Affirmative.

Metang OP50: I will inform BM56 about this. Headquarters out. [screen shuts off]

Metang LF32: Corporal..

Beldum Scout SF8: (half awake) ...I'm sorry... ...I...

Metang LF32: You did very well on your mission. Not only did you find their base, but you discovered that weapon they sent into Tiny Woods. You did beyond your expectations today.

Beldum Scout SF8: ...You helped me out with the mission... ...and... [metallic cough] deserve..., too... [falls asleep]

Metang LF32: Now that we've sent them the images, what now?

Metang OP45: Headquarters is looking over the data. We are expecting to hear from them soon.

Metang LF32: Well, after what happened near the cliffside, I'm hoping that we hear from them soon. Because an incident like this...can only mean that this will not be an easy task.........

Rebel Soldier: Make sure you get all the energy our ships need before we leave this place [He has a Poke-Translator]

Claydol: YES SIR [Talking robotically]

[Back at Giant Chasm]

[A UFOs and Big Eyes (TIE Fighter variants) float about as another Dai-Manji takes off from the ground]

Metang BM56: (viewing screen) The data has been examined and analyzed. They are setting a picket outpost in Tiny Woods using the Kraken.

Metang LF32: The reconnaissance seems to have paid off with more results than I thought.

Metang BM56: (viewing screen) ER96 is explaining the situation to the highest in the division's command.

Metang LF32: Is he talking to-

Metang BM56: (viewing screen) Correct.

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