A prestigious school for trainers, and then came one boy, who would turn their world upside down.....



Daniel "Danny" Chroman: A 10-year-old student who's about to turn the school, AKA Sun Star Academy, upside down. Daniel's Pokémon: Smithy the Vulpix (partner), Lorelei the Lapras, Ammy the Mankey, Titan the Graveler. (Lore)

Alyssa "Alice/Ali" Illumina: A 10-year-old student who has a little crush on Daniel, but will never admit it. Ali's Pokémon: Orion the Machoke, Andromeda the Illumise (partner), Sirius the Growlithe, Cetus the Wailord. (Lore)

Benjamin "Ben" Starin: A 10-year-old prefect who has a slight rivalry with Danny. Ben's Pokémon: Clarence the Clefable, Infinity the Ditto, Splash the Squirtle, Omen the Duskull, Sonic the Zubat (partner). (Lore)

Henry Lerman: A 10-year-old student who always sticks to Danny, and is a brainy guy. Henry's Pokémon: Flame the Charmander, Green the Roselia, Color the Kecleon (partner), Lyra the Goldeen. (Lore)

Megan "Meg" Oruna: An 11-year-old trainer student who is sister of Zeke. Quickly changes from one mood to the other, so she is sometimes called "The Mood Kecleon". Meg's Pokémon: Yin the Espeon, Yang the Umbreon, Flasher the Luxray, Frost the Vulpix (partner). (1LugiaLover)

Ezekiel "Zeke" Oruna A 10-year-old student who is brother of Meg. A bit of a bookworm. Zeke's Pokémon: Spice the Bayleef (partner), Blueblaze the Ponyta, Fog the Vulpix, Ponder the Abra. (1LugiaLover)


Miss Titania: The headmaster's right-hand girl and the homeroom teacher for the main characters (except Meg, who's 1 year older.). Titania's Pokémon: Sonny the Sunflora (partner), Sunkern (x3), Ruin the Bronzong.

Mr. Dracait: The headmaster and a lover of all Dragon-type Pokémon, but only has one, who happens to be his partner. Dracait's Pokémon: Dare the Dragonite (partner), Celsius the Solrock, Dream the Mismagius.

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