Shooting Stars is based on the Pokémon ShootingStar version made by Administrator Silverblaze, please note that this Roleplay is not related to the Mystery Dungeon series because it relates the Trainer series


  • Cameron (Silver)
  • Cameron's Pokémon (Silver)
  • Max (Intrudgero98)
  • Max's Pokémon (Intrudgero98)
  • Rita (Intrudgero98)
  • Rita's Pokémon (Intrudgero98)
  • Vixell (Intrudgero98)
  • Meg (1LugiaLover)
  • Meg's Pokémon (1LugiaLover)
  • Zeke (1LugiaLover)

Zeke's Pokémon (1LugiaLover)

  • Micheal (Intrudgero98)
  • Micheal's Pokémon (Intrudgero98)
  • Pete (Intrudgero98)
  • Pete's Pokémon (Intrudgero98)
  • Various Pokémon (Anyone)
  • Grace (Mostly Intrudgero, partly Silver)


Solar: ..............

Solar's thoughts: 'That Vixell...whoa...'

[Solar takes a deep breath and exhales as he slides down the tree.]

Cameron: "Where do you think you're goin' Solar?"

Solar: "Erk!"

Cameron: "Spying on that lovely Vixell, aren't you?"

Solar: "Grr. Okay, you caught me."

[They catch sight of a young trainer walking through the woods with a Croconaw by his side]

Max: Hey Splash, where do you think we are? [He pulls out a map and turns it over, trying to locate himself]

Splash: Beats me!

Cameron: "Seems that kid affords Translators as well."

Splash: I'm getting hungry!

Max: We only have a little food left! If I knew where we were I could easily find some berries!

Splash: Mmmmm...Berries!!!!

[Solar goes back to looking at the Vixell, but is instead, pounced by her.]

(Intrudge, mind controlling the Vixell?)

Max: Now I wonder if we can ask anyone for directions?

(Not at all but does it speak?)

[The Vixell swiftly jumps up a tree]

(Yes, she does.)

Vixell: Sucker! Heh, heh..

Solar: "And I thought Vixells are--"

(Actually, this Vixell is a bit of a trickster, she gives Solar both love and pranks at the same time.)

Vixell: Come on! Get me!

Splash: I see food!

Max: Splash, no!

[It was too late, Splash had gone after the Vixell]

Splash: Come 'ere!

[Solar chases after the Vixell, later tackling her.]

Cameron: "Solius." ><'

Vixell: Ow! What was that for?

Splash: Yummy! [Tries to swallow Vixell]

Max: [Runs to Splash] Hey! Get here! [Bangs into Cameron] Ow!

Cameron: "Ow, Croconaw, stop trying to swallow the Vixell...."

[Solar shrugs.]

Solar: "You said catch you..."

[Solar's Ninetales Tail comes out of his body.]

Max: Get back here!

Splash: Aw, darn! [Slumps to his trainer]

Max: Sorry, he's a little wild! So I take it this is your Vixell?

Vixell: I don't belong to anybody!

Cameron: "She isn't mine."

[The Vixell notices Solar's tail.]

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(Yeah, I've got to go soon too)

Vixell: That tail?

Solar: .......

[It seems to be a Ninetales tail...]

Vixell: That's the tail of a Ninetales!

Max: According to my Pokejournal Vixell evolves from Ninetales!

Vixell: Yes I do!

Splash: I'm hungry!

Max: Be quite or your going in the Pokéball!

Splash: Then who will be your partner?

Max: [Grins]. Fists!

[Max throws a Pokéball and out comes an Aipom with a red headband and is clutching a dumbbell in his hand on his tail].

Fists: Someone call for me?

Solar: .....

[Before Solar knows it, the Vixell is pinning him down.]

Vixell: Hi Solar!

Fists: ......................

Solar: "How do you know my name?"

Vixell: I know a lot!

Solar: ._.

Solar's Thoughts: 'Sure, she's hot, but she's a trickster...I don't know what she's up to...'

[Vixell claps her teeth around Solar's chest before closing her eyes and leans in close. Solar can feel her body getting heavier on him]

'Max: 'What's up with your Pokémon?

Cameron: "Mental Insanity."

[Solar closes his eyes, thinking he's going to get killed.]

Vixell: [Leans in slightly closer as she closes her eyes, softly stroking his body]

Fists: 00

Solar: .....?

[Suddenly a gunshot is heard and Vixell disappears]

Max: Huh?

[Lunar comes in with his paws glowing with Shadow Explosion magic.]

Lunar: "Looks like I saved you Sunspot..."

Max's Thoughts: Weird....all of these people are crazy!

Cameron: "I heard that, kid..."

Solar: ......

Solar's thoughts: 'That Vixell...she was.......stroking me...'

Max: Er, I said nothing!

Cameron: .............

Max: Nothing at all!

[Solar wonders off somewhere.]

Cameron: "Okay then..."

Max (Quietly): Yep, totally crazy.

Cameron: "I heard that, again."


Splash: With pleasure! [Uses it]

Max: From now on, we're rivals! Got it?

Cameron: "You sure you want to be the rival of the Marros Champion?"

Max: I've been the champion of Sivex so I think I know what I'm doing!

(Meanwhile...where Solar was off to.)

[Solar wonders the forest, before being pounced by Vixell again.]

Vixell (Quietly): Happy Birthday, honey...

Solar: ._.

[He raises his eyebrow as he stares into her Red eyes.]

[Vixell licks him]


Max: You're going down!

Cameron: "Hmm? Go!"

[Cameron throws an Ultra Ball.]

Cameron: "EonStorm!"

[It releases a Latios...!]

Max: If that's how you want to play it!

[Max throws an Ultra Ball]

Max: EonLight!

[It releases a Latias...!]

Cameron: "You caught her with an Ultra Ball....?"

EonStorm: "Rrrru...?"

[EonStorm raises his eyebrow, it's apparent that it's a shiny, seeing the Blue is replaced with Black.]

(But Latios' shiny form is turquoise!)

EonLight: Foooo...!

Max: Yep! You can't think all of my Pokémon are obsessed with food!

(That didn't stop Solar, now did it? X3)

EonStorm: .....

[EonStorm looks at EonLight.]

(I get the feeling Storm'll get charmed though..)

Max: Heh..

Cameron: ?

Splash: [Sees a Chillarmy and follows it, thinking it's food]

Cameron: "EonStorm, Draco Claw!"

[EonStorm rushes at EonLight, preparing Dragon Claw, but his claw is grabbed by EonLight.]

EonStorm: ?!

Max: Eonlight! Sesmic Toss!

Eonlight: !!!! [Attacks]

Cameron's Telepathy: "Keep it going.."

[EonStorm smiles and plunges down, letting his claw twist them both to the ground.]

Max's Telepathy: He thinks he's got it down does he...PULL UP!

[EonLight also smiles as she pulls up and then drops EonStorm]

[EonStorm himself then pulls up and uppercuts EonLight in the jaw.]

EonStorm: "Don't you levitate?"

EonLight: What kind of Latias would I be if I didn't levitate! Stay on guard! [Uses Rocket Boost, and knocks EonStorm out..]

[Or so she thought, EonStorm fires a Dragon Pulse at her, with his held Soul Dew he could take EonLight down in one hit.]

[EonLight's Focus Sash lets her hold on and then she uses Rocket Boost again]

[EonStorm responds with an ExtremeSpeed.]

Max: Full Restore! [Throws it to EonLight who catches it and eats it, restoring her health back to full]

[EonStorm fires yet another Dragon Pulse after the Restoration.]

[EonLight dodges it at Max smirks]

Max's Thoughts: Not only is this kid a powerful trainer, he's also a clever one! I might even hold some respect for him!

[The kid, actually seems to be Fourteen...]

[I knew he wasn't exactly a kid, that just what Max likes to say, Max himself is Sixteen]

(Back with Solar and the Vixell.)

Solar: "Did you just...?!"

[Vixell smiles at him]

Solar: ......

Solar's Thoughts: 'When I'm with others, she plays tricks on me, but when I'm alone....'

[Suddenly Splash comes out of nowhere and attacks Vixell]

Vixell: Eeeek! [Runs away]

Splash: [Chuckles]

Solar: "Hey..! That's no way to treat a Woman!"

[Solar steps in front of the fleeing Vixell, telling her to get behind him.]

[Vixell does it]

Splash: I'm going to her! And then eat you!

Solar: "Don't be so sure about that ya splasher!"

[Solar, amazingly, fires a Thunder Cannon at Splash.]

Splash: Think your mighty do ya?

[Splash, amazingly counter it with Dark Pulse]

[Suddenly, Solar's up in his face, spraying Splash with a shower of sparks.]

Solar: "I definitely am faster than you..."

[Suddenly, Splash punches Solar in the face making him fall to the ground.]

Splash: And I'm definitely stronger than you!

Solar: "You think?"

[Solar kicks Splash in the jaw, sending him flying off his feet.]

[Splash flips and then lands on his feet]

Splash: Don't underestimate me!

Solar: "Tch."

[Fists swings in]

Fists: What seems to be the problem here?

Solar: "This Croconaw's threatenin' to eat us."

Fists: [Shakes his head] Why'd Max ever choose you as his Starter Pokémon?

[A fifteen year old girl walk in on them, she's followed by a Bayleef]

Rita: Wow! A Vixell! [Goes over to stroke her]

Vixell: [Enjoys the attention]

Synthesis: Hey Rita! I'm over here you know!

Rita: Of course I know! [Goes back to her Starter]

Vixell: Ahem!

[Solar curls up near the Vixell.]

Synthesis: I don't see what's so special about her!

Rita: Someone's jeolous!

Syntheis: Am not!

Solar: .......

Vixell: Come on! Pet me!

Rita: [Goes to pet Vixell] You know I've never seen a Vixell before! [Takes out her camera and takes a picture]

[Vixell feels something on her foot...]

Vixell: Huh?

(Only five more edits till one thousand!)


[It appears to be Solar's tail.....]

Rita: Wow! And a Quilava! You're a handsome fellow aren't ya! [Strokes Solar before taking his picture]

Splash: Aint I special?

Rita: Oh Croconaw's are a dime a dozen! [She shows them the picture of a Croconaw]

Solar: ^^

Cameron [Heard from the distance.]: "Solius...? Solius....?"

(They ended in a tie.)

Part 2

Max: Good game kid!

Rita: Trainers? An opportunity to meet new Pokémon! Come on Synthesis! [She runs to where the voices are heard, her Bayleef following]

Fists: She seems nice!

Splash: [Goes in a huff]

Cameron: "Soooliuuus....."

[Solar's ears perk up.]

Vixell: See ya! [Runs away]

Solar: "H-Hey! Wait..!"

Splash: Ha! She wants nothing to do with you!

Solar: "Shut up ya know-it-all."

(Splash reminds me of Charmeleon.)

(SPOILER!: He's not really like Charmeleon! That's just a front! Inside he's kind, caring and loyal but he does have a big appetite!)

(With Max, Cameron and Rita)

Rita: Hi! My name is Rita!


Cameron: "Hey, have you seen my Quilava?"

Rita: Oh was that the cute Pokémon I petted back there? You see I love Pokémon and taking pictures of them. I'm trying to take a picture of all Pokémon. Have you guys got any rare ones?

[His Latios floats in with EonLight.]

Rita: [Gasp] Oh excellent! Mind if I pet them? [Takes their picture]

Cameron: "Well, the Latias isn't mine, but Storm'll let you pet him if he wants."

Rita: Thanks! [Pets them]

Part 3

Max: Now where has Splash got to?

[Solar walks up to Cameron.]

Solar: "Your Splash tried to eat me and that Vixell.."

Max: I'm sorry fella. He's a good Pokémon really something just comes over him!

Rita: And there's the cutie!

Solar: .....

[Solar slightly blushes from the flattery.]

Splash: Oh it's that girl again!

Synthesis: Don't talk about Rita like that!

Solar: ......

Max: .....................

Cameron: "Is that....the Vixell...?"

Rita: Where?!

[Before Solar knows it, he's pinned down by the Vixell...and she seems to have eaten some Dry Poffins...]

Vixell: Sugar...

Solar: ._.

Max: ..............

Cameron: "Did that Vixell just call Solar....?'

Rita: Awww! Isn't that precious! [Takes a photo]

Solar: - -'

Max: Pokelove!

Solar: .......

[Solar blushes out of embarrassment.]

Vixell: 00

Cameron: ......

[A Ledian pops out of Rita's rucksack]

Rita: Hey Buzz, how's the nap coming?

Buzz: Who are these loons?

Rita: Don't talk about my new friends like that!

Buzz: Friends!?

Part 4

Lunar: - -'

Rita: Of course!

Buzz: [Shrugs]

Solar: "Did you really mean to call me Sugar?"

Vixell: I'm getting bored of you! I'm gonna go flirt with someone else!

Synthesis: Yeah! You go sister!

Solar's Thoughts; Blocked: 'The Vixell's a prostitute?!'

Buzz: Hey you! Quilava! You seen any nectar?

Solar: .......

[Solar has his jaw dropped in shock at Vixell, it becomes apparent to Buzz what he's thinking.]

Buzz: That must sting dude!

[Solar nods as he closes his jaw.]

Max: [Catches everyone's eye as he is know holding a rather large notebook and writing down all his thoughts on his new "friends"]

[Solar pushes Vixell off of him.]

[Vixell runs off]

Max (Mumbles): Yep..I'm the only sane one around here.

Cameron: "I heard that." - -'

Rita: Pokémon!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cameron: ._.

Rita: Have you any other Pokémon?

Max: Well the rest of mine are at Professor Maple's so I came to this region to get some more.

Rita: Oh! Can I travel with you?

Max: Er, sure...you brought your own tent right?


Cameron: - -'

Max: :)

Cameron: "I rarely go in tents."

Max: I was talking to Rita wise guy!

Cameron: "Watch what ya say Kid."

Max: I'm older than you!

Rita: I hate arguments!

Cameron: "I am older than you in maturity, however..."

Max: That's what you think, let's let Rita decide!

Rita: I have no idea! Why can't you two be friends?

Cameron: " 'Cause we're Rivals.."

Rita: Well why can't you be friendly rivlas?

Max: ' '...Let me guess, everyoone who knows you is your friend?

Cameron: "Not really." - -'

Rita: Yes! How did you know?

Max: Just a hunch.

Cameron: ..........

(Somewhere in a secret base)

Michael: This is getting interesting.......

(Back with Cameron, Max and the others..)

Cameron: ...................

[Cameron looks at his Dark Pokémon (Lunar, EonStorm) and his Light Pokémon (Solar).]

Buzz: I want an adventure!

Rita: Then come on boys! We're going on an adventure!

Cameron: - -'

Max: Now!?

Cameron: "We haven't had time to get anything except for our ridiculously high Rare Candy stack!" o o'

(Lawl. Action Replay reference.)

Rita: Okay we'll head off tonight then!

Max: You mean in two hours?

Rita: Yes!

Cameron: "Okay then."

[Cameron runs off, showing an inhuman speed.]

Max: You're not the only one! I was blessed by the king of flight himself! [Flies]

Rita: Amazing!

Cameron: "Hrmph."

[It turns out Cameron's using S-model Skates.]

Max: This is no illusion! This is real!

[But...his legs look like they're not even moving...]

Rita: Guys! Stop trying to out do each other!

[Solar then runs alongside Cameron on his hindpaws.]

[Splash is to busy checking out a Furret]

Rita: That is my Furret and I woud appreciate if you didn't try to eat it!

Furra: Yeah! Don't eat me!

[Solar dashes past Splash, doing a front flip over him.]

Furra: I wish I could do that!

Splash: So do I!

Solar: .....

[He lands down Elegantly.]

Part 5

Rita: Such an amazing Pokémon!!!!!!!!!!

Solar: "Quil..."

[Solar doesn't appear to have his translator on...]

Syntheis: One hour left!

[Solar leans against a tree as Cameron comes with the needed supplies.]

[Max comes back with his supplies]

Max: Let's go then!

Solar: "Quil!"

[Solar walks before bumping into a Nidorina.]

Rita: Ooooh! A Nidorina! I have never seen one in person! [Takes a picture]

Solar: "Qui, Lava..." (Uh, sorry...)

Splash: FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [Tries to eat the Nidorina]

[Solar protects the Nidorina by getting in front of Splash.]

Solar: "No, bad Splash."

Max: Yes! Bad Splash!

[The Nidorina takes note that Solar's protecting her...]

(Who's the Nidorina?)

(Suffice to admit, I suck at playing Females.)

Nidorina: Thanks for saving me!

Solar: "You're welcome..." - -'

Buzz: I love nectar!

Solar: "We all know...."

Splash: And I love food!

Solar: "You're not eating the voluptuous Nidorina though." - -'

Furra: Oooh! Shiny! [Sees a penny]

Solar: .......

Trainer 1: Hey! There's a bunch of old people!

[He appears to only be seven]

Cameron: ......

[Cameron raises his eyebrow and then remembers his white hair. (Yes, he appears to have brown, but in the current timeline, White Hair, Red and Blue eyes, very pale skin....)]

Trainer 1: Hey old people! I bet you're rubbish Pokémon trainers!

Max: We have no time for you!

Cameron: "Oh?"

[Cameron releases EonStorm again.]

[Max releases EonLight]

Trainer 1: AAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [Runs away screaming]

Cameron: .......

[Cameron then returns EonStorm as he lets off a sneer. (EonStorm lets off a sneer after he's returned).]

Rita: That was mean!!!!

Cameron: "Eh, I'm the Silver of the group."

(Cameron represents Blue, Silver, Ruby, Diamond, and Black.)

Max: Then I'm the Gold of the group.

Rita: Does that make me Crystal?

Cameron: "Yes..I'm also the Blue, Ruby, Diamond, and Black."

Max: Red, Saphire, Pearl and White?

Rita: Green, Emerald, Platinum and....Gray???

Cameron: "Right."


[Michael is watching them on a monitor]

Micheal: Let's see, should I kill them now or later?

(Back with them...)

Cameron: "Rita, I've got something for you..."

Rita: Yes?

[He hands her a Turquoise-White colored Pokéball.]

Rita: Thank you but what is this exactly?

Cameron: "You'll find out, there's a Pokemon inside."

[She opens the Pokéball]

[It releases a very beautiful Shaymin...Solar can be seen with his eyes widening.]

[She goes all starry eyes]

Rita: Amazing! Oh thank you, thank you, thank you! [She hugs Cameron]

Max: Cool.

Cameron: "Her name's Grace, her movements are with such grace and style...but she can be a bit of a flirt...Especially to Solar..."

[Rita starts snapping photographs]

[Solar's still eyeing Grace.....]

Splash: Mmmm salad!!!!!!!!! [Lunges at her]

[Solar punches Splash away.]

Solar: "No!"

[It is shown Solar's attracted to Grace.]

Splash: Let me at her!

Buzz: Let me of assistance [Stings him and makes him fall asleep]

Solar: "Thanks..." - -'

(Even though Shaymins are Genderless, Grace is considered female...her flinch rate on Air Slash can be annoying due to Serene Grace.)

[A Grizzer comes out of nowhere slashing at them with its clawed paws]

[Solar jumps up and Devastation Punches the Grizzer.]

Splash: [Wakes up] FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [Devours the Grizzer]

Solar: ._.

Cameron: - -'

Part 6

Max: Well now this takes me back! Remember the time you ate that Mamoswine?

Splash: Oh yeah, that was delicious!

Solar: ......

[Solar scoots a bit closer to Grace.]

Splash: Anyone seen any Wailords? They are great!

Solar: ._.

Rita: Let's eat!

Solar: .....


Solar: - -'

[Solar wanders off.]

Buzz: I'll come with! [Flies after Solar]

Solar: "Buzz, ya get the feeling that the prostitute (Vixell) is still around here?"

[Solar's sweating.]

Solar: " 'Cause I remember when Mister Silverblaze told me to protect Grace with my life..."

(I'm back)

Buzz: Most likely, but she's probably long gone, it's been, what, three hours?

Solar: "Hmm..But what if she gets jealous of Grace? I mean, that Shaymin IS beautiful."

(I have a feeling Grace'll overhear it.)

Buzz: Calm it Lover Boy! How many females already have charmed you?

Solar: ......... "Five."

Buzz: I know two, let's hear the other three!

Solar: "Latias (Lol), a Milotic, and another Quilava."

Buzz: Very nice!

[A cute little Teddiursa pokes his head out some grass]

Solar: - -'

Buzz: Oh hey Honeycomb!

Honeycomb: Come on Buzz! Rita and the others are leaving!

Buzz: I suppose she sent you to get me?

Honeycomb: Uh-huh.

Solar: "Well then...cya all there."

Buzz: Cya Solar. [Flies off with Honeycomb trailing behind]

Solar: "Well, let's just hope Grace didn--"

[He spots her in a tree.]

Solar: !! ..... "Oh...I'm dead."

Grace: Solar!

[He starts to back away.]

Grace: You little! [Leaps at him]

[He's tackled by the Shaymin.]

Solar: ><'

[Solar closes his eyes as he expects to get his throat clawed out by Grace.]

[Rita arrives just in time]

Rita: Grace?

Solar: .........


Solar's Thoughts: 'And I thought she was kind!'

[Solar prepares to get killed, Grace can feel his pulse race erratically.]

Part 7


Solar: "We aren't even in a relationship!" ><'

Grace: But we were going to be!

Solar: "Who said that? You?"

(Grace didn't know of Solar's crush on her at first btw.)

Grace: A certain little Croconaw....

Solar: "That Croconaw's my rival." - -'

Grace: I bribed him with food!

Solar: "He's obsessive about food, it's not like you to bribe, or to spout out in anger Grace."

Synthesis: Is she still "gorgeous"?

Solar: "She is on the outside...but on the inside is making me doubt now."

Splash: Mmmmmmmm, hey guys!

Solar: .........

Splash: Hey Solar baby! [Winks and then hiccups]

Solar: ..... "You gave him Alcohol?"

Grace: I had to, he was spouting out all kinds of rubbish like he didn't want to bail on his "friend".

Splash: Let's go cheese! [Hiccups once again]

Solar: - -' "And I'm not female." ><'

Splash: Who cares about that? Let's go Yaoi buddy!

Solar: .....

[Solar hits Splash with a rock, knocking him out cold.]

Buzz: That was cold brah....

Solar: "Gay." - -'

Rita: !

(He meant that against Splash.)

[Max arrives and sees Splash, he shakes his head before trapping him inside a Pokéball]

Solar: - -'

Rita: Ooooh.

Solar: ?

Grace: Sod.

Solar: "Who?"

Grace: That stupid Croconaw!

Max: Splash is not a stupid Croconaw!

Solar: "Grace, you're the one who gave him alcohol in the first place, I am disgusted by your words!"

Max: You are one sick Shaymin!

Solar: "I thought you were great Grace, I guess I was wrong." - -'

(Again somewhere)

Michael: Oh they wish...................................

(Back with everyone else)

Solar: "Why couldn't you have been good?"

[Solar walks off.]

Grace: Ochacha.

Solar: .....

Grace: Ochacha!

Solar: ...........

(What does she mean?)

(Oh it's something Insane Intrudge (Split persona) made up, it means "Pick me! Pick me! I will smell the boot!", yes I am going to a psychiatrist)

Solar: "No, I won't pick you."

[Too late she already smelled the boot]

Solar: - -'

[Solar starts to continue walking away before being pounced by Grace.]

Grace: Hikiki!

(It means "LICK MAH BUTTAH FOOL!!!" I'll tell you when I use the "Awesomisticly Insane Language")

Solar: "Okay, we should put you in an asylum."

Max: Hey! I know how to speak "Awesomisticly Insane Language"! [Clears his throat] Kiki Adoribible!

(Butter is even more adorible than the word adorible!)

[Solar scoots away from Grace.]

Grace: Koko!

(You look like milk boy!)

Solar: "You know what Grace, no, you know what, it's over, if you thought there was something, it's over now."

[Solar closes his eyes and slips under Grace, then walking away.]

Grace: You know! I was waiting for that you Oxoxo!

(Two-headed cow.)

Solar: "Do I really look like a two-headed Miltank? No, I used to be CRAZY about you Grace..."

Grace: Until I picked up this language from some weirdo on the internet and it is probably going to kill me some day!?

[Solar walks away.]

Grace: Come back here! I think you're adoribible!

Part 8

Solar: .....

[He stops...but then continues walking.]

Max: Don't be such a Dookii!

[A dog with the face of Lady GaGa amd the tail of Girafarig]

Solar: "I don't look like one..."

Grace: But you sure are acting like one!

Solar: "Yep I'm not coming back, case closed."

[He continues to walk off.]

Grace: Humph

Solar: "Hrmph!"

Buzz: ?

[Solar seems to be agitated at the moment...]

Rita: Poor Pokémon!

Meg: Hey guys! Wassup?

Max: Who's that?

Meg: oh! so sorry! forgot to introduce myself! my name's Meg! and this is Yin and Yang. my Espeon and Umbreon!


Yang: :D

Rita: WHAT CUTIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yin&Yang: ^_^"........ :D

[Splash comes out of his Pokeball]



Yin, Yang, and Meg: 0_0"...........

[A large explosion is heard, a weird red haired boy is at the scene of the crime]

Pete: So that's what that button was for!

Yin&Yang: *walk over to a tree and chat a little*

Yin:(translated 4 readers) i hope the others are ok...

Yang:(trans) you know how Bolt, Beach and Blaze are, they can take care of themselves.

Yin: yeah... i just hope we find Twig and Blizz soon. *sighs*

Yang: don't worry. we'll get this sorted out. it's just gonna take a while. we'll find your brothers and sisters.

Yin: i sure hope so.... *looks at the clouds, then jumps into the tree*

Max: ARE YOU CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????

Pete: Pretty much....

Rita: Where'd Yin and Yang go?

Meg: oh, they're just playing by those trees. *points at them and they se Yin and Yang running around and jumping up and down from the tree*

Rita: I just love it when Pokémon are happy.

Pete: Pokémon!

Michael: Indeed!

Max: Huh?

Michael: Go Scyther!

[He releases a Scyther]

Max: Splash! Hydro Pump!

Pete: I LIKE TO BURN STUFF!!!!!!!!!


Michael: You will all surrender your Pokémon!

Pete: [Stops laughing] Let me see, what was that word again? Ah yes, NO YOU STUPID LITTLE C***!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michael: What did you call me?

Meg: uh-oh... looks like there could be trouble.....

Michael: HOW DARY YOU?

[They see a shadow pass by]

Michael: You have released a monster!

[Zekrom appears behind him]

Pete: Didn't see that coming......

Meg: .....we meet again, Zekrom!

Max: Think your special eh? GO EONLIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[He releases Latias]

Meg: (in mind) i've gotta get to Zekrom! if it's any Pokémon, Zekrom should know where Yin's siblings are! he was the ne that caused the incident anyway! *clenches fists* Go! Flasher!

Flasher: Luxray!

Michael: So the weaklings want a battle?

Part 9

Rita: I'm against battling!

Pete: I have to do something! Go Reshiram! [He releases Reshiram]

Rita: Wow! [Takes pictures of all Pokémon on the battlefield]

Meg: Flasher! use Iron Tail then Static on Zekrom!

Flasher: LUX!!!! *hits Zekrom and Zekrom is now paralyzed*

Meg: Let's try it again! Go! Ultraball! *ball hits Zekrom and wobbles for a few minutes, then stops.* finally! now i can find out where the others are! *looks at Maichael* Flasher! Thunder!

Michael: Give Zekrom back!

Pete: Now! [Reshiram slases Micheal]

Flasher: LUXXXXXRAAAAAAAAY!!!!! *uses a charged thunder on Eonlight*

Max: What are you doing that for?

Meg:distracting him. i need to get to that Pokéball. Flasher! bite!!

Flasher" Lux! *runs twoard Eonlight*

Max: EonLight! Dodge!

[EonLight dodges as Michael dives for the Pokéball]

Meg: *runs and swerves through the Pokémon, grabbing the ball.* I'm calling you Shadow. you're silent and still as one... *looks at the ball with deep concern*

[Reshiram dives at the Pokéball, HE WANTS TO DESTROY ZEKROM!]


Michael: COME BACK HERE!!!!!!! [Chases after Meg]

???: Leaf! Leafe! (trans) Grass Knot! Razor Leaf! *attacks trip Michael and hits down Eonlight*

Yin: Could it be? Tw-Twig?

???: hi.... Yin..... it's been a while.....urghh.... *a scraped and scratched Leafeon steps ot from the forest*

Meg: *sees Twig* Twig! You're back! Return! *holds out Pokéball and Twig goes inside to rest*

???: "Tch, you all left me out."

[Cameron, looking a lot different, is sitting on a Tree Branch.]

Cameron: "Really guys?"

Rita: Oh hi!

Cameron: "Yes, hello."

[Solar pokes his head out of a bush.]

Solar: "Not really kind to leave us out of all the fun."

[Solar again, finds himself tackled and pinned down to the ground by Grace.]

Solar: "I said it's over! Even if you k--" ><'

Grace: Listen Gurgler!

(Eight faced Ariados who likes Mudkips)

Grace: I heard you like MUDKIPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Meg: *puts Twig and Shadow's Pokéballs in her bag*

Michael: THEIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some Random Kid: WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Meg: *faces Michael* i caught Zekrom fair and square. besides, i need him. *stares at Yin and Yang with a slight sorrowful look* he might know where Yin's siblings are... *looks back at michael with defiance* ......


Meg: The ball wouldn't have even got him inside if he was somebody elses.

Geechisu: Lying again Michael?

Michael: N-no masrer!!!!!!

Yang: *has a slight quizzical look* huh? master?

Yin: don't ask me. i don't read minds of rude people.

Max: I MEAN REALLY!!!!!!!!!!! I am the only sane one here!

Geechisu: Understatement of the century....

Yang: ok...........

Yin: .......why do you keep looking at me like that? just because you don't know what they mean doesn't mean i am goin to read their minds and tell you. T_T

Yang: ...*the weirded out sweat drop appears*

Pete: DOOOOOOOOOOOOKIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Max: You people are nuts! NUTS IS SAY, NUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yang: I don't think i'll ever understand any of this.....

Yin; it's probably better if you don't. >:P

Geechisu: Now let's get out here before they find out we're evil! ooops!

[They teleport]

Yang: ......now i am REALLY weirded out.

Yin; *jabs him* like you're never weirded out.

Rita: Can we go home now?

Meg: .....*looks at Shadow(Zekrom)'s Pokéball* *mutters* i just hope i can find them... they aren't just my Pokémon, they're my friends, my family. *a single tear rolls down her cheek*

Yin; *jabs Yang again*

Yang: What was that one for?!

Yin: nothing, i just like jabbing you. :P

???: [Mutters] She's a b*tch but she sure is sexy!

Yang: you know what, yin? you so annoying!

Yin: i know what you are, but what am i?

Yang; Grrrr.....>:/

???: I want to do very rude thins to her!

??: You shouldn't speak like that!

???: Shut up!

??: Lust is one of the seven deadly sins.

???: Do I have to remind you I came from Hell?

Part 10

Meg: *loks at Yin and Yang* Both of you stopitt. Yang, don't call people rude things. Yin, don't use that comeback.

???: Sooooooooo beautiful....

??: There's a bunch of kids!

???: Hide your you-know-what!

Yin: since when could you understand us?

Meg: *is a little shocked as well* i dun't know. i could just hear what you were saying ever since i caught Shadow.

[The naughty people appear to be handsome teenagers]

Greg (??): Hi!

Jake (???): Sooooooo hooottt.

Greg: Snap out of it!

Meg: *walks over to Max and the rest* Ok, well now that that is over, i guess you are wondering why i said i needed Zekrom.

Max: Yeah, you know I have a sister named Meg....

Greg: Let's scram!

Jake: With ya!

Meg: well, it all started a year ago....i was training my eevee team so they could evolve. as soon as Yang had evolved into Umbreon, Zekrom appeared. i guess it was angry because i was in its territory, Sacred Shadows. He started to create this portal. and before i knew it, everyone except Yin had been teleported to different areas in this region. so far, i have found Twig aND Yang, but i still need to find the others. that's why i decided to catjh Zekrom. i think he might be able to help me find the others. i mean, he created the portal, so he should know where it lead.

Max: Well I gues your not crazy...

(You guys didn't wait for me! DX)

(Back with Grace and Solar)

Solar: .......

[The sickos arrive]

Jake: Awwwwwww.........

Greg: Still thinking about you-know-who?

Solar: .........

[Solar growls at the two.]

Greg: That little piece of crap growled at us!

Jake: Grab it!

[Greg grabs a sack plops Solar in, he then ties the sack and they drive away on a jeep]


[However, that's what she thinks, Solar's standing on the hood, grinning sets the Engine on fire, and hops off, the jeep explodes, presuming Greg and Jake dead.]

Grace: You killed them!

Solar: ..... "They have Flame Retardant Clothing Grace, why did you think my Sunthrower couldn't do a thing?"

Greg: Now is not the time Jake!

Jake: .......REVENGE!!!!!!!!!

Greg: I AGREE!!!!!!!!!! [They both send out two Pidgeys]

Grace: PIDGEYS??

[Solar strikes the Pidgeys down with Thunder Burst...he seems to be protective of Grace.]

Greg: Damn!

Jake: I told you Pidgeys weren't a good idea!

Part 11

Meg: so anyway, have any of you seen any "wild" eeveelutions that act domesticated?

Max: Hmmm, the only one is my Terreon, sorry!

Rita: A Terreon! That's the oinly eeveelution I haven't seen, PLEASE!!!!!!!!

Max: Go on then [releases a ground type eeveelution] Earthmound!

Meg: wow! i've never seen that eeveelution before! and i'm an eevee trainer! Yin: *stares at Earthmound for a second then says* Hi! i'm Yin! Yang: .....and i'm Yang.

Max: Well there's a squad of them behind you, Earthmound's siblings, you can capture one, Earthmound won't mind, he's one of the few from Sivex I'll jave prof Maple transfer some if you like Meg: ...ok, i guess. *turns around at Yin and Yang who are having a pinching fight* T-T....

Terreon: Terr!

Terreon: Terr, terr!

Yin and Yang: *start tumbling, and accidentally crash into Earthmound* Meg: *sees the wild Terreon and takes out a Quickball*

Terreon: Terr! [Capture successful] Meg: i think i'll nickname her... (it was a girl) Rumble

Max: Good capture

Yin: *after helping Earthmound and Yang up* sorry about that... Yang can can be obnoxious sometimes..l Yang: you started it! Yin: *jabs Yang again* Yang: OOWWWWW!!! quit it!

Earthmound: Quite al right

Yang: .....*glances at Rumble, who was just released from her Pokéball* Rumble: *walks over to the othrrs* hiya, Earthmound! i guess my name is Rumble now! :p

Earthmound: Hey sis!

Meg: *turns to Max and co.* so now what?

Max: We head off on an adventure.

[I think Silverblaze got a bit upset that we continued without him so maybe we could tone down our edits.]


(Thanks for rememberin' about me guys.)

(Back with Solar and Grace...)

Solar: "You alright Grace?"

(Grace would probably wonder why Solar's concerned, lawls.)


Grace: Oh why do you care?

Greg: Sec-

Jake: See.

Solar: "I WAS ordered to protect you....."

[Solar growls at Greg and Jake more aggressively as his Fire comes out of his head.]

Greg: Why is this little bast*rd growling at us?

???: "Fufufufufufufufu..."

[A Dark Void hits Greg and Jake.]

[They die]

Solar: ..... "That was random. Usually Dark Void causes Sleep." ._.

(I know, just wanted them to die)

Grace: ...........

  • they see a trainer with a Bayleef and a Blue Flamed Ponyta*

???: it's official. we're lost.

???: maybe if you hadn't listened to BlueBlaze, none of this would have happened!

BlueBlaze: oh, put a sock in it, Spice!

[Rita suddenly appears]

Rita: Oh you porr lost trainers with incredibly adorable Pokémon!

Synthesis: What the-ANOTHER BAYLEEF!!!!!!!!!!! LET'S BATTLE LOWER BAYLEEF!!!!!!!!!!

Rita: No don't! I think your Pokémon are absolutely adorable! [Snaps pictures and puts them in a scrap bok]

Solar: "But, as I was saying, I'm onl--"

[He's interrupted by a kiss from Grace.]

Solar: !!

Grace: DId that shut you up?

Part 12

Zeke: uh......,0_0

Spice: *glares at Synthesis* watch your mouth.

BlueBlaze: ok........ wth is going on here?

Synthesis: No!

Spice: ...ok then, well i was due to evolve about 5 min- *starts glowing* hahaha! here it comes! *glowing stops, and Spice is a Meganium* now who's the lesser Bayleef? >:D

Synthesis: Your not even a Bayleef, so I lost my interest in you, goodbye.

Rita: Oh phew!

BlueBlaze:....must you always act like that? you know Wish won't like that. neither will Romeo and Juliett.

Spice: who cares? i've evolved now!

Zeke: both of you are being stubborn, STOPPITT!

Synthesis: I'm glad that's over with because I never battle. Like at all!

(back with the others)

Meg: ....any of you know where Littlegale town is? i'm heading there to compete in a contest and a Gym battle.

Max: To telly you the truth I don't know where I am!

Meg: ok............. well, i'm gonna practice my routine.

(Back with Solar and Grace.)

[Seems so that the kiss did shut him up....]

???: hi, my name is Luke! *they see a Lucario by Zeke, but notice he's not talking to them*

Solar: .....

(Sorry im late)

Grace: Humph!

Solar: .... "But, why did you kiss me, Grace?"

Grace: To shut you up! [She kicks him in the chest]

[He catches her leg in his hand.]

Solar: "You know Grace, you're pretty horrible at lying..."

Splash: [Has a harp] Ah, lemoure (No idea how to spell that lol)

Grace: Shut it!

Splash: Can't, I'm a Croconaw!

[A side of Grace is screaming to admit it.]

[Another side wants to disembowl Solar, decapitate his head and mount it on her mantle peace and throw the body in the Pacific Ocean where it will be eaten by Sharoedos lawl]

(Solar can be seen glaring at Splash)

Spice: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAANOOOOOOOOIMMABAYLEEFAGAINAWWWWWW*bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep* BlueBlaze:oooooo you curseeeed....l Spice: SHUTITPRINCESS!

Solar: ........

[But, it seems the first side is winning.]

Synthesis: In your ugly distorted face!

Grace: Ah! Can't help but feel optimistic!!! Two strong! [A snapping sound is heard until a big grin spreads over Grace's ugly distorted face (just kidding, don't take it seriosly)]

Solar: ._.

Grace: Did it hurt when you fell from Heaven? No wait, um are from Tenesee casue your the only ten I see? Wait no wait, you have nice eyes, don't lose 'em. Um, if I could rearrange the alphabet I'd put U and I together. O wait what about-

Solar: "Grace...are you hitting on me...?"

Flasher: i think she's trying to say you're the apple of her eye! *snickers*

Synthesis: Pooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[He looks into her captivated blue eyes with his blue and golden ones.]

Solar: "Is this true?"

Grace: Yuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Solar: " 'kay then..."

[Solar walks off, Grace feels Butterfrees in her stomach.]

(It's an idiom, Intrudge, it means that she's either feeling nervous or guilty.)


[Grace feels guilt...]

Grace: Wait!

Solar: ?

Grace: I-I think you.............smell.

Solar: .........

[He walks off.]

Solar's thoughts: 'So she thinks I smell....'

Grace's Thoughts: He won't know what i really feel!

Solar: "I won't know what?"

Grace: That I love Fists!

Buzz: Oooh, hurts.

Solar: - -' "And you're telling me this, why?"

Grace: You asked!!!!!!!

Solar: .... "No I asked if it was true if I was the apple of your eye, but I didn't ask if Fists was."

(I do not see that.)

Grace: You asked me what you won't know and that's it!

Solar: .....

[He walks off.]

[Buzz follows]

[Solar has his fists clench, it's obvious that he is upset.]

(somewhere in the forest)

Meg: Ok! Rosa! Your Time To Shine!

  • a Glameow pops out of a ball and flowers fill the air*

Meg: Fury Swipes!

Rosa: RRow! *slashes the flowers, creating confetti out of the petals*

Meg: Now! Discharge!

Rosa: *starts crackling with energy*

Meg: Go!

Rosa: *extends tail and jumps in the air, sending sparks flying from the tail*

Meg: Finish it with Shadow Claw!

Rosa: *paw glows dark with shadow energy and swipes the electricity, creating a huge fireworks display*

Meg: Awsome! that's how ya do it!

Rosa: ooh, i think i broke a claw....

Meg:... you're always like this! it's one of our quickest routines yet! quit being a crybaby or i'll use Flasher this time!

Rosa: ok, ok. it was just a hangnail.

Meg: T_T

Max: .........

Rosa: wattaya lookin at, twerp? Meg: that's it, back in the Quickball you go. Rosa: fine. i'm to pretty to be gawked at by losers. *returns to Quickball* Meg: ....she's been like this since the last Wallace cup. i have no idea why she's acting so snobbish all of a sudden....

Max: Woah...

Meg: *takes a deep breath* the forest is so nice this time of year. the air smells.......huh? is it a fire Pokémon, or do i smell smoke?

Max: Smoke?

Meg: yesh, and now that i think abou- *they hear a roar and the scream of a girl* Somebody's in trouble! *Flasher appears and she jumps on, then they race deeper in the forest*

Meg: *they stop at a clearing, and see a Chrizard and a little girl, trying to avoid its flame attacks* Flasher, go get the girl, i'll handle the Charizard!

Flasher: kk. *runs and gets the girl, then jumps into the safety of a small cave*

Meg: Quartz! You're needed for action! *sends out a Psyduck* (in mind) wow. i think i should send one or two of my Pokémon to spend time with Professor Elm. i think i'll send Quartz and Twig when i'm done. 0-0

Quartz: awww.... why do i have to go?

Meg: Because you're my only water type!

Quartz: awwwww..... but i'm tired.......

Meg: you were in you Pokéball all day! now use Water Gun!

Quartz: awwwwwwwww *does it anyway*

Charizard: GRAAAHHH!!! *fires a Flamethrower*


Meg: You're a water type! fire won't affect you! remember?!

Quatz: *gets hit* hothothothothothothothot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Max: .........

Meg: finish it with Aqua Jet!

Quartz: HOTHOTHOOOOOOOOOTTTTT*uses Aqua Jet on the Charizard and knocks it out*

Max: That was weird...

Part 13

Meg: are you ok? did it hurt you?

little girl: no. but that was my brother's Charizard, and it never acts like that.

Max: ...........