the Pokémon version of the roleplay on SFW of the same name.

The Takashi Legend-Ruin is a deadly place, floating magically in the clouds, made from dusty golden sandstone, and recently someone has reopened the passage to it! It's said that amazing treasures await within...Treasures beyond imagination. but this is offset by the hordes of monsters and hostile Pokédex waiting for the brave, stupid, or insane Trainer or Pokédex that sets foot in the Ruins...Who will face such a deadly place?

This can be played in BOTH Mystery Dungeon (play as Pokémon) or normal trainer version (play as trainer and owned Pokémon)


There are no real divisions of good or evil. Feel free to state your characters' intentions next to their name(s)

Max and Pokémon (An adventurous Pokémon trainer, good and wants the treasure to help his town survive the last winter) - Intrudge


As the KP-UC rules.