Team Protectorate is a good-oriented Pokémon team that fights for justice against the Combined forces of Giovanni from Team Rocket and Cyrus from Team Galactic. Against Team Devastator, the race for the Legendary Pokémon, Arcadius, is on. What they don't know is that another Legendary defends Tokyoto, and it is also preparing for the final battle.

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Un-aligned Legendary Pokemon

Pokemon not aligned with a Team

  • Icthioniv Swimmer (Dregus's comrade) - Anyone
  • Icthioniv Flish (Dregus's comrade) - Anyone
  • Serpus Slith (Dregus's comrade) - Anyone

Team Protectorate

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Team Devastator

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In the Distortion World, a small group of island floated in close proximety. Within this island cluster was a bunch of structures. This was one of the most secretive hideouts in Team Protectorate: Protectorate's own private residents, codenamed 'Cipher's Lair', after his Giratina. In the main structure, stood Protectorate, thinking.

Protectorate: Team Devastator is on the move. They head for Tokyoto. Our operations there are of average strength. Not a good move on their part.

Suddenly, a large Pokémon appeared: Giratina, or as Protectorate called him, 'Cipher.'

Cipher: Do not underestimate them. There must be something of value for them to head there.

Protectorate thought. Cipher clearified.

Cipher: The Balance. They may be going to disrupt the balance.

Protectorate came to a realization.

Protectorate: Arcadius.

Guardian of Light in the universe is Arcadius, an ancient Pokémon Scion, summoned by Arceus after the creation of the universe to keep the balance of Light and Dark in check, resided in Tri-Top Peak, in the Pillar of Light. This spire of Tri-Top Peak was bathed in sun-light and topped by a large cliff, on which Arcadius resided. It watches over Tokyoto. Watches the lives of people. Although not a social creature, the sight of honest people going about their day, made it at peace.

Part 1: Assembly

Magnolia: What is our next mission, Protectorate?

Protectorate: Reports indicate that Team Devastator is on the move. Apparently, they make for the Tokyoto Region.

Magnolia: Should we depart? (Are they already there?)

(No they aren't. HQ's in Unova, hidden in Challenger's Cave)

-(Actually, scratch that, their HQ in the 'Real World' is in Challenger's Cave, but their Prime HQ is Giratina's Domain of the Reverse World/Distortion World/Whatever you like to call it)

Protectorate: Soon. We have to wait for......

Just then, Natalie, Quint, and N enter the room. (N is a good guy in this RP.)

Protectorate: Nice of you to finally join use.

N: We were held up. So, what's happening?

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