This is an RP that is for anyone! I decided to take advantage of Pokémon Adventure being over, and starting another group RP!

So, come on in and join the party!

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Ike- Luxray- Kerauno

Zane- Zangoose- Kerauno

Eclipse Twins- Typhlosion and Quilava- Silver

Silver- Quilava- Silver

Team StormBlitz (as always)- Lightning

PorySquad - Lightning

Gray False Groudon - Lightning

Tyranitar Bodyguards 1 and 2 - Lightning

Roleplay Act 1: The Escape

The outside shadows were penetrated by the piercing lights of the helicopters hovering above. The wind on the ground pushed against plants and sod, as the machines descended.

Intercom: Scizor, give up now so we may apprehend you!

???: Heh...

Suddenly, one of the helicopter's blades was severed off, and it fell to the ground, falling into a split caused by the dry season. The ground started to crack even more, and a fissure opened wide in the ground. The helicopter fell sideways and was lodged in the crevice in the ground. The other helicopter hovered back into the air, and started to take off, but suddenly, all of the rotors were hacked away by an invicible force, and the helicopter plummeted ten feet below, denting it and tossing around the man in the cockpit.

???: See ya later, chumps!


Ike: You are an idiot...

Zane: What? It's my fault that he got away?

Ike: Yes, it is your fault!

(There is a loud explosion in the distance.)


Zane: Whoa... What was that?

Ike: I don't know, and I don't care...

Zane: Well, I'm gonna go check it out.

Ike: You think just because you heard it, you are obliged to see what it is?

Zane: Yup.

(Zane leaves Ike behind)

Ike: ... Wait for me!

(Ike runs after Zane)

Zane: Whoa... What the heck is THAT?

???: I would rather not be called a 'that' young sirs...*figures attacks Ike and Zane, leaving them fainted as he escapes* Shouldn't have stepped in my path...

The sun rises upon the horizon as the night's events fade away into light.


???: "We're friggin' lost."

??? 2: "You can say that again Sunspot."

Solar: "And I thought YOU were supposed to be the navigator."

??? 3: "Grandfathers Lunarus and Solius, stop arguing!"

Lunar: "You're not drivin' Cyn."

???: "It's Silver, now don't forget it!"

Solar: "We aren't driving anything ya kalutz!"


[They fall silent as Solar seems to be skating, as Lunar and Silver are on boards.]


In the desert, where the previous people were, Flagma, Aquaris and Jolts sat back to back.

Flagma: Hopelessness will never end in the drought eternity of dry hoplessness...

Jolts: Meh

Aquaris: GAH!


(Zane sits up, rubbing his head.)

Zane: Ugh, why were we attacked? I wasn't addressing the Pokémon... I was addressing this!

(Indicates the wasteland.)

Ike: I don't even care... Let's just leave.

Zane: But... Where would we go?

Ike: I don't know! Figure something out!

Zane: Sheesh... Bossy...


???: Heh...who're they? *spots the eeveelutions* Maybe I can rob them or something...

As he edges closer, Flagma notices him.

Flagma: Let's ask him for directions!

As Flagma and her group get closer to Scizor, he slides his claws together and runs forward.

Flagma: Whoa...Guys, look out!

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