The year is 2011, multiple regions are starting to see the influence and power of the mysterious Teams Sunlight and Moonlight, otherwise known as Team Eclipse. The organization claims to be saving the world, however, it faced much opposition, sometimes, Team Eclipse members are attacked by various trainers and rangers when they try to set foot in towns.

The Team is said to have been lead by four figures, each going by the names of these.

Echo—The leader of Team Sunlight and the Prime Patriarch of Team Eclipse.

Whisper—The leader of Team Moonlight and Echo's valiant cohort.

Shine—The co-leader of Team Sunlight and the researcher of Team Eclipse

And Shade—The co-leader of Team Moonlight, being Shine's best friend.

Who will have the guts to either stand beside or against this Organization and try to unmask these figures? Or to stop possible deadly plans? We will find out.



Claire Champion of the Osaja region. She is a mysterious, paragon psychic with many powerful dragon Pokémon. She occasionally uses, her first Pokémon, an extremely high leveled Swampert. -Uni


If you do not wish to be spoiled, do not even HOVER YOUR MOUSE POINT over the Eclipse Leaders' names.

  • Echo—The leader of Team Eclipse, rarely says much but is shown to have a feministic voice. (Or does the person?)
  • Shine—The researcher of Team Eclipse, is well noticed for his sometimes shaking body and his cold as ice voice.
  • Whisper—The co-leader of Team Eclipse, in a sense, he wishes to help everyone but is usually turned down.
  • Shade—Shine's best bud, he will go far to progress up the ranks, despite the fact he partially leads Team Moonlight.
  • Draola A shady trainer from the Osaja region, her mian Pokémon is a Black Tyranitar. -Uni
  • Keirain Nite & Katia (mailjesuru2)


Bleth—A shady trainer with ambitions to take over the world. He specializes is scary, but powerful, Pokémon. -Universal Guardian1003Administrator Signature Image 03:07, February 28, 2011 (UTC)


(At the top of the Sinnoh Region; Mountain Coronet...)

???: "Just looking off of this mountain is so refreshing...It will be spectacular for our showdown against Arceus, isn't it Dialga..?"

???'s Dialga: "Groooh!"

[A voice erupts out.]

(I wonder who'll be the voice... x3)

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