Sean is a Trainer from Driftveil City and is the childhood friend and rival of Mick and Glenn.

Age: 10

Gender: Male

Debut: Battling the Bully

Home: Driftveil City


He has a calm and analytic personality. He is a bit meek to forceful people, as shown in not being able to handle Glenn’s initial bullying demeanor, but is capable of breaking out of his shell and getting angry, as shown when he yelled at Glenn for his bad behavior. He is able to let bygones be bygones as shown by easily forgiving Glenn when given a sincere apology. He likes to use complex strategies, as opposed to Mick who battles on instinct, or Glenn who usually battles with power.


After reconciling with Glenn and Mike, he obtained a Snivy from Professor Juniper. He later used it to help catch Mike’s shiny Sandile. The trio later battled the Striaton gym together in a triple battle with Charmander, Sandile, and Snivy emerging victorious. He later battled in the Clubsplosion and lost in the first round to Mike’s newly evolved Krokorok. He later entered a fashion show with his newly caught Mawhile and won by giving its mouths flowers and ribbons with glitter. After this victory, he started to get an interest in Fashion. Though tempted to pursue a career in clothing and designing, he decided to first complete his Pokémon journey to avoid having regrets or letting his team down. During the Unova League, he easily defeated All his opponents using just his Electivire and Serperior, but lost to Glenn in the Top 8. Satisfied with his efforts, he decided to travel to Hoenn to learn more about Clothing, contests, and Mega Evolution.


Clubsplosion: N/A

Unova League Conference: Top 8

PokeFashion show: Winner


Trio Badge

7 unknown badges

Pokemon on hand

Jessie Yanmega.png

Shiny Onix.png
EP753 Heatmor de Marufuji.png
Marlon Jellicent.png

Skyla Unfezant Aerial Ace.png

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