Seperated In The Storm
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United States April 26, 2016
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It is the next day and Jon, Mary, Drake, April and Typhlosion are in the main part of the Pokemon Center. Nurse Joy wheels Drampa out to them on a bed with Typhlosion walking next to her.

Nurse Joy: Drampa has made a full recovery after a good nights rest and everyone’s help.

Drake: Great, thanks Nurse Joy.

Drampa: Pa!

Drake: You ready to go Drampa?

Drampa nods.

Jon: In all the rush to get Drampa to the Pokemon Center yesterday, you never actually caught it with the Pokeball given to you.

Drake: Oh right, I forgot.

Drake holds out a Pokeball and Drampa touches it, getting caught. Drake puts the Pokeball away.

Nurse Joy: I hope you all stay safe.

Mary: We will.

April: Thanks Nurse Joy.

Everyone leaves the Pokemon Center. Jon looks at the sky.

Jon: Considering Alola is meant to have the hottest climate and no rain, why are there rain clouds?

April: Alola still gets rain, but it is rare.

Mary: I doubt it’ll rain. The clouds will pass over us.

Everyone begins to walk along the path and soon rain begins to fall. Then some lightning strikes a tree and the tree falls and knocks Jon, Typhlosion and April off the path and down the hill.

Drake: Jon!

Mary: April!

At the bottom of the steep hill, Jon, April and Typhlosion are laying on their front. Jon and Typhlosion get up.

Jon: Are you okay buddy?

Typhlosion nods.

Drake (Yelling): Are you all okay?

Jon (Yelling): Yeah, we’ll meet you further down the path.

Mary and Drake on the path at the top of the hill nod and walk away. Jon wakes April up. April stands up but tumbles, with Jon catching her.

April: Thanks.

Jon: Let’s get into a sheltered place.

Jon, April and Typhlosion walk along the path and find a cave. They all go into it. April sits down on a smooth rock.

Jon: I think you may have injured your ankle.

April: Can you check for me?

Jon: Sure.

Jon rolls up April’s right trouser leg and takes off her shoe and sock.

Jon: Yeah, fully swollen.

April: Oh man.

Jon: We need to get some water.

Typhlosion: Phlo Typhlosion.

Jon: Yeah, the rain water will do.

Jon hands Typhlosion a flannel and Typhlosion hangs it out in the rain for a bit and then hands it back to Jon.

Jon: Thanks, Typhlosion.

April: Yeah, thank you.

Typhlosion smiles. Jon then proceeds to place the watered-down flannel on April’s ankle.

Jon: It will sting for a while.

April: Well we can rest until the rain stops.

The rain starts to become a downpour.

April: I’ve never seen it this bad.

Jon: I’ve seen a rain storm a lot worse.

April: Jon.

Jon: Yeah?

April: You never told me what your dream is.

Jon: Haven’t I? Well, my dream is to become a fire type gym leader. Flannery, the fire gym leader in Hoenn, has already said I can take over from her when I am ready.

April: That’s amazing.

Jon: What do you want to do?

April: I’m not sure yet.

Jon: I don’t think Mary or Drake do either.

April: I think Mary wants to become a Pokemon Doctor.

Jon: That’s interesting.

Jon sends out Popplio.

Jon: Since Popplio was your Pokemon and you two haven’t seen each other in a while.

Popplio jumps onto April’s lap.

April: Hey there Popplio.

Popplio: Pop Pop.

April: Have you been having fun with Jon Popplio?

Popplio nods and claps happily.

Jon: Popplio has been a lot of fun, and a lot of help with evening training.

April: I bet.

Jon: Also, has your hatched yet?

April: Oh yeah it has. Come on out Rockruff.

April sends out Rockruff.

Jon: Oh cool. Hey there Rockruff.

Rockruff: Ruff!

April: Rockruff hatched on the boat over to Akala Island.

Jon: Oh I see.

April: Has Mary’s egg hatched?

Jon: Yep.

April: So now all of our eggs have hatched.

The rain stops and the sunrays are beaming through the clouds.

April: Cool, we can make our move again. Return Rockruff.

Rockruff: Ruff!

April returns Rockruff while Jon returns Popplio.

Jon: Are you okay to walk April?

April: Yeah.

April stands up and tries to walk but tumbles towards Jon, who catches her.

Jon: Lean on me.

Typhlosion grabs the wet flannel and gives it to Jon, who puts it in his pocket. April puts her left arm around Jon’s neck, while Jon has his right arm around April’s waist to give her balance. They begin to walk with Typhlosion behind them. Soon, they come across a cliff edge.

Jon: Looks like we’ll have to shimmy across.

April: I can try.

Jon: It would be easier if I had Talonflame or Noivern. They could carry you.

April: Well neither of us do, so let’s go one at a time.

Typhlosion moves along the cliff edge first, hugging the wall as he goes. Soon, he is at the other side.

April: I’ll go next.

April begins to shimmy across, but slips a little, scaring Jon and Typhlosion, but April is okay. She continues to shimmy across the cliff face and then reaches Typhlosion.

April: It’s just you now Jon.

Jon: Yeah. No biggie.

Jon begins to shimmy across the cliff edge but due to the rain, the ground is very weak and crumbles. Jon falls and grabs hold of the cliff ledge that he was walking along.

April: Jon!

Jon: I’m okay!

Jon loses his grip with his left hand, and he is now hanging by his right hand only.

April: He isn’t even halfway across yet.

Jon’s fingers begin to give way, and he is about to fall until his arm is being held by a Mudbray. Mudbray yanks Jon up and Jon lands on Mudbray, who then runs to the other side to where April and Typhlosion are.

Jon: Thanks Mudbray.

Jon gets off Mudbray and the cliff edge begins to avalanche with mud.

April: That was close.

Jon: Yeah.

Jon looks at Mudbray more.

Jon: You’re a Mudbray from Paniola Ranch!

Mudbray: Bray.

April: You all went to Paniola Ranch?

Jon: Yeah. Well we had no idea when you were returning did we.

April: I wonder why Mudbray is here.

Mudbray: Bray, Mudbray.

Jon: You’ve been ollowing me?

Mudbray nods.

April: I wonder why.

Mudbray: Mudbray Mud.

Jon: You want to travel with me?

Mudbray nods.

Jon: Cool. But let’s meet up with everyone first. Mudbray, do you mind carrying April, she has injured her ankle.

Mudbray: Bray.

Jon: Thank you.

April gets on Mudbray and the four of them continue down the path. Soon, they reach a town and see Mary and Drake in the middle of the town. Mary and Drake run over.

Drake: There you guys are!

Mary: We were worried sick!

Jon: Sorry.

April: We were slow because I hurt my ankle.

Mary: Oh no.

Drake: There’s a local Doctor here who can look at it for you.

April: Great.

Mary: Why are you on a Mudbray?

April gets off Mudbray.

Drake: Is it yours?

April: No, this Mudbray is from Paniola Ranch. That’s what Jon and Mudbray seemed to have said.

Jon: Mudbray has been following us ever since.

Drake: Whoa.

Mary: Awesome.

Jon: Right, you sure about this Mudbray?

Mudbray nods. Jon gets out a Pokeball and Mudbray taps it, getting sucked in and captured.

Mary: Jon has another Pokemon!

Jon: Yeah. Pokemon number 5!

Drake: Right, let’s get you to the Doctor’s April.

April: Yeah.

Everyone begins to walk through town heading to the Doctor’s.

Narrator: Due to a rain storm, and lightning hitting a tree, Jon, Typhlosion and April got separated from Drake and Mary. With April’s swollen ankle, Jon and Typhlosion helped her along the path to meet back up with Drake and Mary. While going along the cliff, Jon slipped but was saved from none other than Mudbray. Mudbray travelled with Jon and April till they met up with Drake and Mary in a town, and now Mudbray is one of Jon’s Pokemon.


Jon Spencer

Mary Potts

Drake Milford

April Cass

Nurse Joy






  • Mudbray (Now Jon's)