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Sonia Magnolia
Sword Shield Sonia.png
Age 26
Gender Female
Eye color Green
Hair color Brown
Hometown Wedgehurst
Region Galar
Relatives Professor Magnolia (grandmother)
Trainer class Unknown
Generation Unknown
Games Unknown
Leader of Unknown
Badge Unknown
Elite Trainer of Unknown
Champion of Unknown
Specialty No Preference
Brain of Unknown
Symbol Unknown
Member of None
Rank None

Sonia Magnolia is a Pokémon trainer and Professor in training and the granddaughter of Professor Magnolia in Pokémon Ultra.


Sonia is shown to be a kind but quite tricky person, such as when she played a prank on Erick and Hop. However, she is also very apologetic for her grandmother’s sternness, believing she is “behind the times”.


The same as canon.



Fourteen years before the start of the series, Sonia participated in the Eighth Galar Gym Challenge. All that is known is that she was Leon’s rival at the time.

Galar Arc


Sonia first appeared in her grandmother’s lab in Wedgehurst after Magnolia had left. She apologized for her grandmother’s behaviour, and after upgrading Erick and Hop’s phones to Rotom Phones, she let them stay in the lab’s loft for the night.

Later, after pulling a prank on Erick and Hop and switching their Poké Balls, she appears with Leon at her grandmother’s house, asking Erick and Hop to battle to see if they are worthy of endorsement. After the battle, she stays at her grandmother’s house with Magnolia to continue their Dynamax research.

She is later seen with her grandmother on the train to Motostoke, on their way to a meeting with Chairman Rose in Motostoke. Later, she identifies the stones from the rock that blocked the track as Wishing Stars, and later helps Magnolia make Erick and Hop’s Dynamax Bands. The next day, after handing the two their Dynamax Bands, her and her grandmother part ways with them at Motostoke Station.

The Gym Challenge: Minor League

Sonia later appears on Route 3 in front of a Macro Cosmos refinement plant. After revealing to Hop that she’s there for a meeting with Rose, they go into the building after he decides to accompany her. During the meeting, her and Rose get into a loud argument about whether or not they should focus on ensuring Galar’s future prosperity, as Rose believes, or focus on learning about the past so they know not to repeat it, as Sonia believes. This eventually leads to Sonia storming out of the room. Later, her and Hop arrive at Galar Mine No. 1, where they encounter Bede. After holding back Hop from attacking Bede after the latter taunted him, her and Hop exit the mine, arriving on Route 4.

After reaching Turffield, she is later seen in the stands of Turffield Stadium watching Hop’s Gym Battle against Milo.


Sonia’s Yamper
Sonia’s Yamper is her partner and main Pokémon. She first appeared along with her trainer in Professor Magnolia’s lab in Wedgehurst.
Debut Beginnings


  • This Sonia is the Ultra canon counterpart to Sonia from the main series Pokémon games.