Speechless is a fanfiction written by PrimalFan. The story is a loose novelization of Pokémon Yellow and Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen, also taking inspiration from the Pokémon Adventures and Pokémon Zensho manga along with the anime.

It first released in December 2018 as a sneak peek and will release on, Fantendo, Pokémon Fanfiction, and BTFF EX wiki in January 2018.


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Red was born without a voice. His vocal cords were damaged before birth, resulting in his childhood spent being tormented by others due to this fact. He leaves at the age of 14 to go on a journey through the Kanto region with his Pikachu in order to become a Pokémon Champion, facing new challenges such as the criminal organization Team Rocket and his rival Blue along with the flirtatious thief Green.


Main Characters

  • Red - A 14-year-old trainer who can't speak due to damaged vocal cords. He plans on becoming the Indigo League Champion with his mischevious Pikachu.
  • Blue - Red's former best friend turned rival, aiming to become the Indigo League Champion and beat Red.
  • Green - A Pokémon trainer who stole Professor Oak's Pokémon and mistreats her Pokémon, believing that kindness is for the weak. She has a hatred towards Team Rocket.

Supporting Characters

  • Professor Oak - The Kanto region professor, specializing in genetics involving Pokémon. He's also the grandfather of Blue, giving him an Eevee at a young age.
  • Delia - Red's mother who taught him ASL. She calls him every once in a while to hear about his progress on his journey and talk to him.


Team Rocket

  • Giovanni - The boss of Team Rocket (which stands for "Raid On The City, Knock Out Evil Tusks"), and CEO of Geo Industries.
  • Dr. Sebastian - The main scientist seen in Team Rocket.
    • Three Beasts - A group of Giovanni's lieutenants and personal enforcers who often lead missions.
      • Sird - The leader of the Three Beasts.
      • Carr
      • Orm
  • Carl - Team Rocket's executive who plan out missions.
  • Sham - Another Team Rocket executive who plans out missions.
  • Team Rocket Admins - Giovanni's trusted admins of Team Rocket, who rarely battle but are on par with the Three Beasts.
    • Archer
    • Ariana
    • Proton
    • Petrel
  • Team Rocket Elite Trio - Another group of Team Rocket enforcers.
    • Ken - The leader of the Elite Trio.
    • Al
    • Henry
  • Team Rocket Trio
    • Jessie
    • James
    • Meowth - A talking Meowth.
  • Agent 007/Domino - An elite agent at Team Rocket, known for her ability to perform stealth missions and hide in plain sight.

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  • This fanfiction is based on the fan theory/headcanon that Red is a mute trainer, given his appearance in GSC and SM where he doesn't speak.
  • In the original draft, the story would've featured Ash and had a similar plot, minus a few differences such as Ash's team, the direction of the Team Rocket plot, and the Indigo League arc.
  • The working title for this was at first "Silent", "Silence", and then "Mute" (the author disliked the last one since it often implied generalizations of people who can't speak for any reason).
  • There is a reason why all of the main characters are named after colors.
    • The author was originally going to name Green, "Leaf", but then changed it last-minute due to coming up with the reason.
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