Name Spikehog
Japanese Name Supaikuhoggu
National dex number #509
Stage Stage 1
Evolves from Pinhog (Level 15)
Evolves to N/A
Species Spike Pokemon
Types Poison.gif
Abilities Poison Point

Spikehog is the evolved form of Pinhog. It evolves from Pinhog when Pinhog gets to level 15.

Special abilities

Spikehog has large spikes that it uses to catch prey such as Rattata and Critur. It uses it's menacing appearance to scare it's foe into forfeiting.


  • Scary face-Level 16
  • Crunch-Level 21
  • Slash-Level 28
  • Mean look-Level 34
  • Dark pulse-Level 37
  • Body slam-Level 42
  • Metal claw-Level 45
  • Hyper beam-Level 50

In the anime

The Toxican city gym leader Alan uses one in his battle against Ash.


Spikehog the spike pokemon. It attacks it's prey by using the spikes from it's back.

In the games

The Toxican city gym leader Alan will use a Level 17 Spikehog. They will also be rare to find near the city at levels 15-18.

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