Stopping The Hunter From Johto
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Jon, Typhlosion, Drake, April, Mary, Rotom-Dex and Kukui are outside the Pokemon Center.

Kukui: I best show you how to use the Z-Move from the Waterium Z you got yesterday.

Jon: Yes please.

Kukui crosses his arm in front of him like you always do with a Z-Move. Then does a full loop from head to toe till his arms are in front of him again. He then uses some wave action for twice on his left-hand side and then moves his arms to his right-hand side and then leaves both arms and hands facing upwards.

Kukui: That is how you use the Water Z-Move.

Jon: Cool.

April: Try it out please!

Jon: Okay.

Jon equips his Z-Ring with the Waterium Z. Jon then sends out Popplio.

Jon: Popplio, let’s try our water type Z-Move.

Popplio: Pop.

Jon: Let’s aim for that big rock.

Jon crosses his arm in front of him like you always do with a Z-Move. Then does a full loop from head to toe till his arms are in front of him again. He then uses some wave action for twice on his left-hand side and then moves his arms to his right-hand side and then leaves both arms and hands facing upwards. Energy flows from Jon into Popplio. Popplio then sends a bit water bubble at the rock, surrounding it and then relentless attacks the rock after jumping in. The water bubble explodes and Popplio lands on the ground in front of Jon, facing him. The rock is in loads of tiny pieces.

Mary: Whoa!

Jon: That has a lot of power.

Popplio is panting.

Jon: That took a lot of energy out of you Popplio. Take a long rest.

Jon returns Popplio.

Drake: What is the water Z-Move called?

Kukui: Hydro Vortex.

April: Hydro Vortex. Cool.

Kukui: I best get back to the school. Got a few lessons I need to prepare for.

Kukui waves goodbye to everyone as he walks off.

Drake: Well, shall we continue.

Jon: Where too?

Mary: The next Island Trial is at Wela Volcano Park.

Jon: How do you know this?

Mary: Melody told me yesterday.

April: Oh, I see.

Suddenly everyone can hear a boy scream. They all run over and see the boy standing up and red and black striped cat like Pokemon in a cage, with a grey chest. Everyone goes over to the boy.

Jon: Who is that Pokemon?

Rotom-Dex: Incineroar, the Heel Pokemon, and the final form of Litten. Incineroar is a fire and dark type Pokemon. This Pokemon has a violent, selfish disposition. It it’s not in the mood to listen, it will ignore its Trainer’s orders with complete nonchalance.

Boy: Give me back my Incineroar!

A man is next to the cage.

Jon: Hunter M!

Typhlosion: Phlo!

M: Well, if it isn’t the Johto kid.

April: You know him?

Jon: Tyler and I encountered him a few times while travelling around Johto. The last time we met though, Officer Jenny arrested him.

M: Well, I got out and got my Pokemon back. I broke out.

Drake: You are just evil! Give the boy back his Pokemon!

M: Not a chance.

Hunter M sends out Tyranitar and Metagross.

Jon: Still have Tyranitar and Metagross then.

M: And your puny Quilava finally evolved into a Typhlosion I see.

Mary: We need to stop them.

Mary goes for a Pokeball but Jon stops her.

April: Why are you stopping her?

Jon: Hunter M is dangerous.

M: Took you long enough to realise.

Jon: But I never stood down from you.

M: Hyper Beam!

Tyranitar and Metagross both use Hyper Beam towards Jon, with Typhlosion using Shadow Claw to block the attack.

Jon: You still haven’t learnt.

M: I’ll take your Typhlosion as well and sell it.

Mary: Sell it?!

Jon: Hunter M goes for Pokemon who have special moves.

M: And your Quilava had Wild Charge, bet Typhlosion still has it.

Jon: Nope.

M: Then I’m not interested.

Boy: Use Darkest Lariat!

Incineroar hits the cage using Darkest Lariat but fails to do anything.

M: Thanks for showing me it’s signature move.

Jon: Release Incineroar now!

Officer Jenny arrives.

Jenny: Hunter M! I got word from my sister in Johto that you’d broken out.

M: How lovely.

Jon: Let Incineroar go now, and I won’t have to use our full strength.

M: Ha. You don’t even have enough power.

Mary: You’re not going to Jon.

April: Are you going to access that form again?

M: What form?

Jon: This one! Let’s go, full power!

A fire vortex surrounds Typhlosion and then it forms a fire shuriken on Typhlosion’s back. Two mini volcanoes are on Typhlosion’s shoulders. Typhlosion has now become Jon-Typhlosion.

April: Jon-Typhlosion!

M: Jon-Typhlosion?

Jenny: What is Jon-Typhlosion?

M: Either way it mine! Hyper Beam!

Both Tyranitar and Metagross use Hyper Beam towards Jon-Typhlosion.

Jon: We are in sync. You think your attacks will work.

Jon and Jon-Typhlosion both slide left dodging the Hyper Beams.

M: Argh!

Jon (In mind): Since we are linked, can you hear me?

Typhlosion nods.

Jon (In mind): Then use dual Focus Blast!

Jon-Typhlosion uses dual Focus Blast and sends the moves at Tyranitar and Metagross, hitting them.

Jenny: Direct hits!

Drake: Jon didn’t tell Typhlosion to attack.

April: Maybe in this form they can communicate in their mind.

Jon (In mind): Shadow Claw, get Incineroar out the cage!

Jon-Typhlosion uses Shadow Claw on the cage in a blink of an eye, destroying it and setting Incineroar free. Incineroar then runs back to its trainer.

M: How dare you! Dark Pulse!

Tyranitar uses Dark Pulse on Jon-Typhlosion close range, hitting its mark. Jon-Typhlosion smashes into the ground, backflips and then skids on his feet. Jon holds his left arm.

Jenny: Are you okay?

Mary: In this form, from what Jon has told us, he feels the pain Typhlosion feels.

M: So, the more pain Typhlosion endures, Jon feels it. Getting hold of this power will be easy.

Jon: You can try, but Team Flare couldn’t! Flamethrower!

Jon-Typhlosion uses Flamethrower and hits Metagross, knocking it out.

M: Argh.

M returns Metagross.

M: Now, Stone Edge!

Tyranitar uses Stone Edge towards Jon-Typhlosion, sending lots of stones towards him. Jon-Typhlosion dodges them all gracefully.

M: You’re cheating! Focus Punch!

Tyranitar uses a barrage of Focus Punches towards Jon-Typhlosion, but nothing is working as Jon-Typhlosion dodges them all.

Jon (In mind): Now, Shuriken Blaze!

Jon and Jon-Typhlosion both reach for their backs with Jon-Typhlosion grabbing the fire Shuriken. They both thrust their arms forwards and Shuriken Blaze hits Tyranitar and sends it onto Hunter M. Jenny goes over and arrests Hunter M and returns Tyranitar to its Pokeball and then grabs it.

Jenny: Thank you for helping the arrest of Hunter M.

Jenny then leaves with Hunter M in the police car.

Boy: Thank you for saving Incineroar.

Jon: No problem.

The boy and Incineroar both walk off. Jon-Typhlosion gets covered in a fiery orb and then it disperses revealing that Jon-Typhlosion is now Typhlosion again.

April: Well, that was unexpected.

Jon: Yeah.

Drake: Shall we continue onto the next trial then?

Mary: Woo!

The screen freezes.

Narrator: After learning how to perform the Z-Move, Hydro Vortex, our heroes went over and helped a young boy who had his Incineroar taken from him by none other than Hunter M, who Jon hasn’t seen since Johto. With the help of Jon-Typhlosion, Officer Jenny was quickly able to re-arrest Hunter M. Now our heroes continue onto the next Island Trial location, which is Wela Volcano Park.


Jon Spencer

Drake Milford

April Cass

Mary Potts



Hunter M

Officer Jenny



Hunter M

  • Tyranitar
  • Metagross


  • Incineroar