Storrin is a region where Ash Ketchum currently is traveling in. It is surrounded by mountains, and the is dominated by Flying type. Multiple legendary Pokémon reside here, and the strongest legendary is located here. The residing Proffesor is Proffesor Tanoak. He has a strict rule of having the trainer randomly pick a starter Pokémon.

Storrin has no gyms, instead Trainer Rooms, and once you defeat all twenty of them, you earn a badge. You need eight badges to move on to the Red Plateau. There is an Elite Five, then a Champion.

Only trainers who have defeat the Elite Four in Kanto and Hoenn are allowed to enter Storrin.

Storrin is the main region in Pokemon Sunny and Cloudy and Pokemon Eclipse.


Storrin is surrounded by high mountains, and the only way to enter is a small cave, where Pokémon reside. Since the nvention of airplanes, trainers can travel there by using a TrainerPlane. You need 16 badges from Hoenn and Kanto to board that plane.

There are ten cites and three towns in Storrin.

Since it is so isolated, routes are renamed Roads.

Cities and Towns

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Storrin has 10 cities and 3 towns. 6 cities have Trainer Rooms and 2 towns have Trainer Rooms. The total population of Storrin(not counting tourists and trainers) is 453.

Native Pokemon

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The natives are mostly flying type. The Legendary Bird Trio used to live here, and Ho-Oh once visited there. The starter Pokémon all become non-flying types.

The legendaries live underwater, or in caves surrounded by crystal. One particular, Elementar, is the strongest legendary, and its cave is surrounded by thousands of Pokémon, who attack any trainers who aren't worthy or come near.

Starer Pokemon

The Grass Starter, Shranpriest, evolves into a Mushbishop, then into a Shroopope. It stays Grass throughout the evolution. Shroopope can learn moves such as Rant(move) that can only be learned by The Shroompriest family.

The Fire Starter, Candwick, evolves into a Gastflam, then into a Scarheat. When it evolves into a Gastflam, it becomes a Fire/Ghost. Its only special move is Ghostly Flame.

The Water Starter, Surfah, evolves into a Majahair, then into a Pengusarf. It is a distant relative to a Piblup. It is a Water/Flying type throughout the entire evolution.

People debate that the Water Starter is the strongest, since its Water/Flying type is perfect to fight Candwick and Shranpriest. However, Surfah ends up with a weak Attack and Defense, and the other two starters get either good attack or good defense.

Notable Trainers

Ash Ketchum

Ash appeared in the Storrin region with a brand new team, consisting of Pikachu, Torterra, Snorlax, Swellow, Charizard, and Buizel. He traveled with Ace Firred, May, and Max(now a trainer). Later, May and Ace went back to Hoenn, and Max, Brock, and Misty met up with them.

Ace Firred

Ace went to Storrin hoping to meet with Ash. He met up with Ash, and took an immediate liking to May. Later on, they began dating, and when he returned to Hoenn, May followed, but Max stayed.

Ace brought a team consisting of his old Pokémon. The team was Raichu, Blaziken, Charizard, Gyrardos, Salamence, and Metagross. Hs Metagross and Snorlax constantly switched out together.

Ace traveled with Ash because Ace won against him. In the final Pokémon they had, it was Raichu vs Pikachu, but Raichu won with a DynamicPunch.

May and Max

May came to Storrin to compete in the Storrin Grand Contest. She brought her Beautifly, Munchlax, and Blaziken. She later started dating Ace, and when he returned to Hoenn, she followed him there and left Max with Ash.

Max, who became a Trainer, was invited by Ash, who could invite four people. Max brought Pokémon he caught in Hoenn. He brought a Salamence, Swampert, Gardevoir, Slaking, Poliwag, and a Totodile.


Lance came to Storrin hoping to find a new dragon Pokémon. He found the strongest one, Beodra.