Strength Comes In All Pokemon
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United States August 16, 2017
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Jon is in a Pokemon Center on the phone to his Dad.

Michael: Jon, good to hear from you.

Jon: Thanks Dad. How is everything?

Michael: Everything is doing well. Though your mum is thinking about extending the berry garden on the ranch but we don't have any strong enough Pokemon to move the plough. Your Pokemon and the other Pokemon are doing their best but by the time they finish, they fight.

Jon: They all disagree a lot then.

Michael: Yeah.

Jon: I can send you Mudsdale.

Michael: Mudsdale?

Jon: Mudbray evolved. I was wondering if you didn't mind sending me Minior.

Michael: That would be nice. I'll go and get Minior for you.

Michael leaves the computer and a few moments pass before he returns.

Michael: Got Minior here.

Jon: Cool, let's begin the trade.

Jon places Mudsdale's Pokeball on the trade machine and it gets sent to Michael and a Pokemon then pops to Jon. Jon grabs it.

Jon: Got Minior.

Michael: And I have Mudsdale. What are your plans?

Jon: We were all thinking of going to the Pokemon school on Melemele Island again. Kyle wants to go there to see Maria and Professor Sycamore.

Michael: Kyle and Maria, they are your friends from Kalos if I remember correctly.

Jon: Yeah they are. I best be going, they are all making lunch outside. I'll call you when I get to Melemele Island again.

Michael: Right, it was great hearing from you Jon.

Jon logs off and heads out of the Pokemon Center and heads to everyone else. They have just finished making lunch and have set places for everyone and the Pokemon.

Jon: Awesome.

Kyle: Did you get your business sorted?

Jon: Yep. Turns out Mudsdale is going to be a good help for the ranch as mum is planning on making an extension to the berry field.

Drake: Nice. So, shall we eat!

Jon: Yeah. Come on out everyone!

Jon sends out Popplio, Torracat, Steenee, Jangmo-o and Minior. Popplio, Steenee and Torracat look at Minior.

Jon: Right, I forgot you never met Minior. Say hi.

All of Jon's Pokemon say hi to Minior.

Minior: Minior!

Jon: Glad your happy. You'll be travelling with us for a while.

Minior moves around in happiness.

Drake: Minior is happy.

Jon: Yeah.

April: Let's send out our Pokemon!

April sends out Ribombee and Rockruff. Drake sends out Stufful, Dartrix, Drampa and Herdier. Mary sends out Litten, Vulpix and Pichu. Kyle sends out his Venusaur, Panpour, Ferroseed, Gourgeist and Oranguru.

Jon: Who is that Pokemon?

Rotom-Dex scans the Pokemon.

Rotom-Dex: Oranguru, the Sage Pokemon. Oranguru is a Normal and Psychic type. Known for its extreme intelligence, this Pokemon will look down on inexperienced Trainers, so it's best suited to veteran Trainers.

Drake: Oranguru trusts you a lot then.

Kyle: Not when we first met, but I gained his trust.

Jon: Nice.

Mary: Let's eat!

Everyone digs into their food and soon they are all finished.

Jon: That was lovely.

Mary: Sure was!

April: Considering we are near the sea, I'm going for a swim!

Popplio: Pop!

April: Come on then!

April and Popplio run into the sea. Rockruff follows them.

Mary: Most of your Pokemon have evolved now.

Kyle: Yeah.

Mary: You are going to have a powerhouse team soon. Considering Pokemon get more powerful when evolving.

Jangmo-o looks around and see he is the only one who hasn't evolved yet.

Jangmo-o: Jang! Jangmo-o Mo!

Jon: What?

Jangmo-o: Mo-o! Jang Jang!

Jon: That's--

Before Jon can finish Jangmo-o has run into the forest.

Drake: What's up with Jangmo-o?

Kyle: It has something to do with what Mary said.

Mary: What?

Jon: What Jangmo-o got from it was that he isn't stronger enough for my team.

Mary: That's not what I meant.

Jon: I know, but Jangmo-o doesn't. I'm going after him.

Jon walks into the forest. Further in the forest, Jangmo-o is walking around and stops near a lake and looks at his reflection and then sighs. A thin shadow goes over Jangmo-o. Jagnmo-o looks behind himself and sees an Alolan Exeggutor.

Exeggutor: Tor!

Jangmo-o: Jangmo-o.

Exeggutor then uses Dragon Hammer towards Jangmo-o and hits Jangmo-o into a nearby rock, smashing the rock into pieces.

Jangmo-o: Ja.

Jangmo-o staggers up.

Exeggutor: Tor, Exeggutor!

Jangmo-o: Mo!

Jangmo-o uses Dragon Breath but Exeggutor dodges. Exeggutor then laughs. Jangmo-o then uses Dragon Claw and hits Exeggutor.

Exeggutor: Exeggutor!

Exeggutor is very angry now and hits Jangmo-o with Dragon Tail, causing a lot of damage. Exeggutor then Flamethrower towards Jangmo-o, but a Pokemon jumps in the way and uses Protect. The Pokemon is revealed to be Hakamo-o. Jon and Rotom-Dex appear.

Jon: There you are Jangmo-o!

Jangmo-o: Jang!

Jon: And who is that Pokemon?

Rotom-Dex: Let's see.

Rotom-Dex scans Hakamo-o.

Rotom-Dex: Hakamo-o, the scaly Pokemon, and the evolved form of Jangmo-o. Hakamo-o is a Dragon and Fighting type. It leaps at its prey with a couragous shout. Its scaly punches tear its opponents to shreds.

Jon: Whoa.

Exeggutor uses Dragon Tail towards Jangmo-o, but Jon jumps in the way, taking the full force.

Jangmo-o: Jang!

Jangmo-o runs to Jon.

Jon: I'm okay, are you?

Jangmo-o: Mo, Jangmo-o.

Jon: You don't need to evolve to be strong. Your strength comes from in here.

Jon pets Jangmo-o's head.

Jon: Now, lets battle Exeggutor!

Hakamo-o: Haka.

Jangmo-o: Jang.

Hakamo-o uses Draco Meteor and the move hits Exeggutor.

Jangmo-o: Jang.

Hakamo-o: Mo-o, Haka.

Jangmo-o: Jangmo-o.

Jon: You can do it Jangmo-o. Concentrate all of your energy into one place and then aim in the air.

Exeggutor uses Leaf Storm towards Jangmo-o.

Jon: Jangmo-o use Dragon Breath!

Jangmo-o uses Dragon Breath and cancels out Leaf Storm. Hakamo-o then uses Sky Uppercut and hits Exeggutor into the air. Jangmo-o runs towards Exeggutor.

Jon: Dragon Claw!

Jangmo-o jumps into the air and hits Exeggutor, sending it flying out of sight. Jon catches Jangmo-o as he falls, and then place him on the floor.

Jon: You were awesome Jangmo-o.

Jon pets Jangmo-o again and Jangmo-o smiles.

Hakamo-o: Hakamo-o, Mo-o.

Jangmo-o: Mo-o?

Jon: You'd do that Hakamo-o?

Hakamo-o nods then shows Jangmo-o how to use Draco Meteor. Hakamo-o stores energy around its chest and then sends the energy into the air, where it breaks into pieces and meteors fall down to the ground.

Jon: Just like that Jangmo-o. Try it.

Jangmo-o stores energy in his chest and then sends the energy into the air, but it fizzles out.

Jangmo-o: Jangmo-o.

Jon: You're not going to get it straight off the bat. Draco Meteor is the strongest Dragon move and it will take time to master, like how Hakamo-o does it. We'll work on it together.

Jangmo-o nods and jumps onto Jon's shoulder.

Jon: Thanks for everything Hakamo-o.

Hakamo-o nods then walks off.

Jon: We best get to the others.

They all leave and soon rejoin everyone else.

Kyle: There you are, you took a long time.

Jon: Took some time finding this guy.

Mary: I'm sorry Jangmo-o. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings.

Jangmo-o jumps into Mary's arms, giving her a forgiving hug.

Drake: Jangmo-o forgives you.

Jon: Yep. So, why don't we work together and become stronger!

Jangmo-o :Jang!

Jangmo-o jumps out of Mary's arms and gives Jon a friendly Headbutt, which sends Jon to the floor.

Jon: She gets a hug, and I get a Headbutt.

Drake: It's how Jangmo-o met you and trusted you.

Jon: Yep, the Headbutting Jangmo-o.

Everyone laughs and the screen freezes.

Narrator: As our heroes continue to the port, they stopped by a local Pokemon Center and had lunch, but Mary accidentally hurt Jangmo-o's feelings, and Jangmo-o ran into the forest. Jon tracked Jangmo-o where he found Jangmo-o fighting an Alolan Exeggutor with the help of Hakamo-o. After beating Exeggutor, Hakamo-o taught Jangmo-o how to use Draco Meteor, however Jangmo-o hasn't perfected the move yet. Now, after rejoining the group, our heroes are enjoying their relaxation time.

Major Events

  • Mudsdale goes to the ranch and Jon gets Minior
  • Jangmo-o uses Draco Meteor for the first time, but hasn't mastered it


Jon Spencer

Drake Milford

Mary Potts

April Cass

Kyle Winterman